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The Curse of the Cat Lady: SMV Tables Turn as Women Age


The number of cat ladies will increase sharply in the coming years

Women are dealt all the best cards in the poker game when they’re young. They have an enormous amount of power over the lives of men, and since feminism appeared on the landscape like a plague our supposed social betters have used it use it to walk all over us. But, take note ladies. Nothing lasts forever. The shins you kick on your way up may be attached to the ass you have to kiss on your way back down.

The tables turn. SMV (Sexual Market Value) flips as people age: Men’s increases and women’s decreases. As women age and their power over men evaporates because nobody wants old, decrepit ass with cobwebs and HPV inside, men have the chance to even the score.

The coming spinster bubble has been highlighted before, as the average age of white women nationwide is now 43 and rising. (White women abandoning family to become job slaves means they literally are killing the entire race – white population decline is only accelerating.) They shafted men when we were young by refusing to reproduce in numbers sufficient to sustain the population, tormented us with their newfound right to be hyper-hypergamous, and decimated the nation by voting for far left wingers.

But, they’re getting old. They’re childless like never before. There won’t be anyone to care for them in their old age. While they love to chant the Don’t Need a Man™ mantra when they’re young, Anglobitches will be needing a utility object (i.e. a man) to come save the day as a bankrupt U.S. government is forced to reduce retirement bennies. Especially after their spendthrift lives have led them to insolvency in their old age. (Women spend $100,000 more than they earn over the course of their lives. In the past, men have made up the deficit.)

Will you be ready to sacrifice your quality of life so that an Anglobitch might have it easier during her golden years? Or, will you relegate her to the same lonely existence she sentenced you to when she had power over you?

To me, it’s time to exact vengeance as the women who rejected good, decent men when we were young are will soon be rejected in their own time of need. Personally, there’s nothing I’ll enjoy more than watching the YouGoGrrl, career girl lifestyle go down in flames as huge swaths of women end up poor and lonely in their old age while I’m banging women half my age abroad.

What will you do when aging women start crying out for men to help them in the near future? Or, cry out for government overlords to forcibly take money from men to pay for the short sightedness of women?

Third wave feminism now ushers in the age of the cat ladies. Coming soon to a dystopia near you.

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Man Sues Syracuse University Over “Victim-Centered” Sexual Misconduct Policy


Syracuse University is being sued over its sexual misconduct policy

If you don’t already know, women are perfect, asexual goddesses in the eyes of the Anglo legal system. They’re also seen as such culturally, polar opposites of supposed knuckle-dragging men who harbor “nasty” sexual urges that must be “purified” by an increasingly Puritanical culture. This bias in favor of women extends onto college campuses nationwide.

In another case of a woman’s word meaning more than a man’s, Syracuse University recently kicked a student out after a sexual assault charge was leveled against him. has been covering the matter:

A former Syracuse University student was kicked out of school for a sexual assault he says he didn’t commit. John Noakes, who is black, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit saying a female student, who is white, misidentified him months after the attack in a Marshall Street alley.

The good news is the school is getting sued over its biased sexual assault policy. The bad news is all it took was a report of drunken grab-assing to get Noakes kicked out of school while his accuser didn’t even have to show up at his witch trial. Noakes was never charged by police.

Anglobitch privilege strikes again, it would seem. Call it the curse of the pale tail. The incident stems from Noakes and his unnamed (of course!) accuser both getting drunk one night at Orange Crate bar then making out in an alley behind the establishment.

The woman, who was not named in the lawsuit, says she was pulled into the alley next to Breugger’s Bagels around 1 a.m.

The [woman states the] assailant tried to kiss her, but when the student turned away, he put his hands down her pants and touched her private areas, according to the police report. A witness pulled the woman away. The attacker — a stranger — was not caught that night.

In my opinion, it sounds like the “attacker” grabbed her ass as a continuation of what had already been happening in the bar.

But, never are important questions asked. Why would a supposedly upstanding young woman get drunk and wander out into a back alley with someone she didn’t know? Crucially, was she flirting with her “attacker” before he made his move? Was he chasing after her like a maniac or was she leading him on? Had they been dancing together and/or rubbing up against each other on the dance floor? It’s funny how important details like this never surface. Also, is petting enough to destroy a man’s life?

Personally, I remember how slutty white chicks get in a bar when they’ve been drinking it up. This goes all the way back to my college days over 15 years ago. Even then I would see them all over men in the bar. And they would act the sluttiest around black guys.

Noakes’ accuser had a witness with her, and the duo later picked him out from a lineup of photos months later. But, even the female witness commented on the so-called victim’s drunkenness.

“There is definitely a chance she could have pointed out a different person from the person that she was in the alleyway with,” she said.

That didn’t stop Syracuse University from taking immediate, politically correct action, even though Noakes wasn’t prosecuted by police and the “victim” wasn’t made to appear at the institution’s kangaroo court.

Noakes was found responsible for the assault after a Title IX hearing process that is being hotly debated around the country. The federal government recently lightened the pressure on colleges to police non-criminal sexual conduct. Critics say the process used by universities favors accusers; supporters say it keeps colleges safe.

If you haven’t noticed, the “safety” racket is reguarly used to strip what liberty is left from Americans’ lives. Whether or not Noakes made the grab-assing move the school’s policy favors false sexual assault claims from women. Noake’s attorney writes:

Syracuse has adopted a biased, ‘victim centered’ approach aimed at always believing and supporting the victim without regard to the results of any investigation or adjudicatory process. Students like Noakes are effectively presumed guilty and schools apply the very lowest standard of of proof — just more than 50 percent of the evidence. That’s far lower than the legal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

So, once again we see these days all it takes is a girl calling a man is a “witch” before he is promptly burned at the stake in a #MeToo world. Circumstances don’t matter, and women’s drunken behavior doesn’t matter.

Syracuse University won’t comment on the pending lawsuit, and changes to its sexual misconduct policy are unlikely. The supposed victim will remain unnamed atop her pedestal, never made to face the man she accused. Nor will the concept of personal responsibility ever surface in the world of total female domination of both rights and privilege.

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The Modern Day Anglobitch, Defined

CH recently posted a provactive writeup on the manliness of modern women. It caught my attention because the blonde haired, blue eyed, predatory female he featured is the poster child for the modern Anglobitch. Most interesting, the critique comes from the WN corner of the manosphere who are understandably concerned about their self-interest in a nation that has been turned against them.

This particular specimen is representative of many if not most Anglobitches in leadership roles in modern, dystopian ‘Murica. Its name is Elizabeth Holmes, and in typical female fashion she just financially raped a large tech company with massive accounting fraud. (I suppose when women aren’t financially raping men, they’re financially raping large corporations. YouGoGrrls!) Maybe women displacing men from the workforce will accelerate the collapse. We can only hope.

CH perfectly sums up why Yours Truly and so many other men avoid modern white women like the plague. (Incidentally, with their newfound Empowerment™ to become men sans penis, Anglo women have become practically invisible automatons to me. Annoying, chattering drones that take up space and spend inordinate amounts of money.) The following paragraphs might as well be a textbook definition of the Anglobitch. The description applies not only corporate career girls, but the majority of paleface women in a society with terminal cultural illness:

Wew. The Strange.

Under the skin of every female CEO you’ll find high T, manjawdibles, phallic clits, an excitable infidelity-cuckoldry neural feedback loop, a deep ocean vocal register, and quite often a leftover kippah from her bitch mitzvah.

In other words, a man. Parenthetically speaking.

PS Gaze into the technicolor funhouse abyss of her eyes. Crazy is as crazy glares. We live in the era of autistic psychocunts. #LOSING

But, it’s not just female CEOs that are transforming into this bleak manifestation of humanity. It’s white women in the culture at large. They might as well be men, as TNMM has lamented in the past.

Not only do Anglobitches start out with less sexual dimorphism than any other type of woman (a higher proportion possess flat behinds, flat chests, boyish figures, and chronic Penis Envy than women from other backgrounds) but the combined, dark forces of social engineering and the Anglo-American Androgyny Agenda are transforming them from from wannabe men into half-men.

Of course, the eventual goal is making women indistinguishable from men. Net result: Work force doubled. Humanity reduced to compliant service animals of the elite who don’t breed with each other anymore.

This claim – that women are being turned into men – is so obvious to anyone with their finger on the pulse of America it rises to self-evident truth. Eliminating sexual dimorphism is an agenda item of the New World Order, and has long been a goal of Marxists in their quest to eliminate all that makes us human: destroying tradition, morality, family, religion, race, sex, class, and identity.

Holmes is only the beginning of the transition. As scary as Holmes is, women WILL get even manlier thanks to evolutionary pressure similar to that which led to the domestication of animals now being applied to humans by the powers that be. What we have with its (Holmes’) frightful example is a portent of things to come if Western culture doesn’t implode before it assimilates the rest of the world into its matrix.

Here are the Cliffs Notes on the philosophy behind this insanity. We’ve mentioned it before that Faustian culture, in its death throes now seeks to turn the entire world into a machine according to a prescient book published by Oswald Spengler a century ago. What could be more mechanical than a sexless human with no identity? What we are witnessing is why Orwell tried to warn us: If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever. Those warnings were unheeded, and now here we are smack in the middle of dystopia.

This is why I live for the day, and enjoy exotic women on foreign shores. True delicacies compared to the manjawed, mean-faced, clipped hair cunts back home. But only while supplies last.

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McDonald’s Bows to Puss Pedestalization


This isn’t a McDonald’s in distress symbol – it’s more Anglosphere pussy worship

It seems the world really is upside down post-feminism. Just in time for a fake holiday known as International Women’s Day, McDonald’s is turning its iconic Golden Arches upside down to show its McMisandrist brand is in on the McPussy pedestalization bandwagon. Symbolically changing the big “M” to “W” is a supposed to be a bold statement in an Anglo culture that is increasingly bloodthirsty and lunging at the collective jugulars of its men. (But how will McFatasses celebrate the other hundreds of fake genders?!)

The ultimate goal of social engineering schemes like this – vaunting women while crushing men under a high heel – is part of the plan to drive pesky men out of the only roles in society that give them value in women’s eyes. We all know without leadership roles and big salaries men are dead in the eyes of hypergamous women.

How’s that for sexism? Women won’t even look at a guy unless they think they can use him for something or benefit from association with him. (Read: Briffault’s Law)

As if you needed another reason to avoid poorly made, mystery meat burgers, now you have a brand new reason. Beyond the pink slime. McDonald’s is joining the rest of corporate America in sending subliminal messages that say McFUCK YOU, MEN. It’s two legs good, four legs bad on today’s modern Animal Farm. (Women good, men bad.)

Let’s see what flowery spin they put on their new McMisandrist campaign. From Business Insider:

This isn’t a bizarre prank or a careless mistake. The upside-down arches are in “celebration of women everywhere,” a McDonald’s representative told Business Insider in an email. Patricia Williams, the location’s franchisee, flipped her restaurant’s sign in honor of International Women’s Day on Thursday.

Wow! What a genius! I wonder what hardworking employee’s raise they had to shitcan in order to hire someone to come flip a sign upside down? The trash food giant said they couldn’t believe they hadn’t had the idea to virtue signal in the past.

“In celebration of women everywhere, and for the first time in our brand history, we flipped our iconic arches for International Women’s Day in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants,” McDonald’s global chief diversity officer, Wendy Lewis, said in a statement.

Yep. GloboWorldCorp now has “diversity officers” posted to show us men who’s boss. Especially if we’re white men, the most reviled creatures in the Western world. But, it’s not just one wayward franchisee doing the stunt.

McDonald’s says it will turn its logo upside down on all its digital channels, such as Twitter and Instagram, on Thursday, while 100 restaurants will have special “packaging, crew shirts and hats, and bag stuffers” to celebrate.

That said, as societal shit tests have gone nuclear International Men’s Day came and went with no such fanfare just last November. Proving its sexism McDonald’s did absolutely nothing to celebrate that other fake holiday.

At least when the “W” turns back into an “M” the symbolism will echo the truth of the matter in that 364 days out of the year it’s men doing the hard work for society and one day out of the year women come in, steal men’s thunder, shit all over our backs, claim all the glory, and prance around like they’re morally superior and more virtuous human beings because of their anatomy.

Is there really anything worth saving in the West?

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John Galt Gets Noticed: Feminist Media Complains About Men Not Working


The loss of male productivity to leech off of has disturbed feminists as men drop out of the workforce

In this world, if you have a penis it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This certainly applies to the topic of work. Feminists bitch and moan when men dominate workspaces, and they are now bitching and moaning because we’re leaving these vaunted “jobs” to let YouGoGrrls run everything.

Frankly, without women spending all our money on stupid shit men can live on much less. I’ve illustrated this with a world-roaming, minimalistic lifestyle over the past two years. Work becomes a secondary concern for men when we return to our spartan natures. The frugal man with a healthy dose of self-discipline can virtually free himself of the banality of the American sleep-work-spend cycle if he applies himself and stays away from predatory Anglobitches.

We John Galts and MGTOWs of the world are now being noticed by the bean counters, who are jealous of our newfound freedom perhaps, and who depend on our productivity to feed the corrupt system they oppress us with. As reported by The Globe and Mail in an article entitled America’s Hidden Crisis: Men Not at Work, Canadian propaganda spinner Margaret Wente writes:

Millions of able-bodied men have dropped out of society – out of working life, of civic life, of family life. Many of these men belong to the Trumpenproletariat. How to re-engage them may be the biggest domestic challenge the country faces.

Yes, we have dropped out of society, Marge. And many of us don’t plan on being re-engaged (re-enslaved is a better term) by coming back to the Anglobitch plantation. In fact, I’m settling into my post-corporate life quite nicely. Just to recap, since leaving corporate wage slavery two years ago I have:

Imagine, if I had a bitch tying me down and nagging in my ear all the time about her wants, I’d never have done any of that. I’d have spent all my cash on her addictions to materialism, consumerism, and eating out. And still ended up in debt paying for a giant house or apartment and some flavor of the month sedan I don’t need.

Best of all, this lifestyle is only costing me about $20,000 a year thanks to the power of minimalism. That success story doesn’t stop feminists like Marge for chastising men, even as our stake in society has been taken away from us. The long and short of the matter is the system can’t function without extracting male tax dollars, because women spend more than they earn over the course of their lives. Naturally, this alarms women who are only able to treat men so poorly because the government tit has historically been full of male-produced milk and honey for them to suckle. She writes:

Political economist Nicholas Eberstadt calls these men “the unworking,” to distinguish them from people who want work but can’t find it. “America is now home to a vast army of jobless men who are no longer even looking for work,” he writes.

Men throwing their sabots into the machine in a symbolic act of sabotage is what happens when incentives for men to work are taken away, men are pushed aside by government policy that targets them for displacement from their jobs, and hiring and promotions are based on diversity quotas and not talent. And now, in a #MeToo world one malicious cunt making a false sex charge can destroy a lifetime of work. Pretty soon, men figure out the toil isn’t worth the reward and start walking out.

I know that’s what I did as soon as I figured out how badly I had been fucked by the Anglo-American system. And you know what? I don’t miss the corporate life. In fact, I consider returning to one of those Office Space “jobs” women fall over themselves for to be my worst nightmare. So, how many more are bailing out on a rigged system?

“Roughly seven million of them age 25 to 54, the traditional prime of working life.” His new book, Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis, is essential reading for this election cycle. “For every prime-age man who is unemployed today,” he writes, “another three are neither working nor looking for work.”

Oh, the horrors! Men not wanting to drive themselves into an early grave to keep big retail in business. I’ll tell you why I left work, and adopted a corporate strategy in my personal life. Because it’s a rigged system. It’s designed to trap people in a cycle of debt and keep them beholden to their “boss” until he decides they’re no longer useful or profitable enough.

What’s more, doesn’t my exit from the male-dominated world of work help out with the pay gap, ladies? Why not focus on the positive? But no, Marge and her ilk go on to blame dropouts like me for the appearance of nationalists on the political scene in America and Europe.

A society where many adults are without vocation is prone to embrace toxic populist politics.

We’re supposed to just shut up and take the abuse. Marge, I didn’t vote for Trump (or Killary or anyone else) and have been one of his biggest critics. It’s the entire system I hate, not just one side of the corrupt political aisle that steadily takes all my liberty away and sends me the bill for it.

It does seem the central planners who dreamed up philosophies like feminism that have all but destroyed the West are finally taking note of the destruction it has wrought upon the landscape, but true to Anglosphere form they blame men for the problems.

At its root, the collapse of the working class isn’t so much economic as it is social, moral and spiritual. This means that economic remedies will only take us so far. Marriage rates for less-educated men have plunged – and unmarried men are far more likely to opt for unwork. The percentage of babies born to unmarried parents has soared. Working-class whites have largely abandoned church (while church attendance among higher-income whites has stayed relatively high). Family and community networks have dissolved.

Isn’t this aforementioned litany what leftists worked so hard to bring about for half a century? Now, they want all that patriarchal stuff back? Marge expounds on the moribund state of Anglo culture, a nation in which whites are quickly dying off post-feminism.

Meanwhile, opiate addictions are ripping through the Rust Belt like a plague. For the first time in history, death rates among white, less educated, middle-aged Americans are actually going up – mostly because of drug and alcohol poisoning, suicides and liver disease. Angus Deaton, the Nobel-winning economist who documented the phenomenon with his wife and fellow Princeton economist Anne Case, calls them “deaths of despair.”

Indeed they are deaths of despair in a society that has completely disposed of its men. My marginalization nearly got the best of me as I gained weight and become very bitter during my corporate years. It was only the Red Pill of truth that saved me.

Of course, nobody gives a shit when men are dropping like flies. But when Anglobitches succumb to their own vices, everyone stop the presses!

Women are not spared. “Across the country, middle-aged white women are dying at staggeringly higher rates, particularly from drug overdoses, suicides and excessive drinking,” reports The Washington Post in a harrowing investigative series. One reason: Women have gained a social license to drink and smoke like men.

But isn’t the fact women are drinking like fish, popping pills, cussing like sailors and sliding themselves under more men than a public toilet a sign of their sexual liberation? Marge’s confusing writeup reads like typical emotional hamster-wheeling from a woman who can see the destruction feminism has caused, but doesn’t want to admit her precious doctrine is at fault. We see female mental gymnastics on display once again.

This man is not working for this reason. Once I saw I was working 70 hours a week only to help the government dig my own grave, I dropped out of a system I once had worked so hard to gain access to. What makes kicking men out of their jobs particularly evil is the practice strips men of the only value we have in women’s eyes: utility value.

I don’t want anything to do with a rent-seeking system that implores me to give my best when the best things in life have been taken away from me by that very system. And with that, fuck off feminists. You will get no free lunch from me.

P.S. As with most empires that crumble and fall away to dust, greed will be the primary cause of death when historians do a post-mortem on Faustian (European and American) society. White women already had the most priviliged, coddled lives in the world when they began to think they could get more themselves and less for men by taking jobs away from men and becoming Alpha males themselves. But, they only killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Now, men rightfully don’t give a fuck what happens to women or the society at large. Women continue to be as avaricious as ever, but their feminist scheme is steadily yielding fading returns with each passing year. It’s a system disorder. And the disorder appears to be fatal to the system. Nice work, ladies!

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Fox News Host Jesse Watters Eats Steak as He Debates Feminist Vegan


Jesse Watters eats a thick steak in front of a self-righteous, feminist vegan

Ever notice that like feminists, their sickly cohorts – vegans – enjoy loudly passing judgment on supposedly inferior, knuckle-dragging men who not only like sex, but (gasp!) also enjoy eating meat?

Our latest foray into the land of deranged women comes from the normally irrelevant, plain vanilla MSM. A feminist vegan (who looked pale, sickly, and yellow, in her Fox News interview like most vegans) recently descended from her perch inside the moldering halls of an institution of higher learning institution of lower living to blame – you guessed it – meat eaters for fostering the evil, evil patriarchy. From Meninist:

Over the weekend, Fox News host Jesse Watters decided to troll a Penn State University doctoral candidate who he invited on his show. This specific young woman was arguing the point that her studies in Argentina showed that the presence of meat reinforces gender stereotypes.

Let’s examine some of Anne DeLessio-Parson’s academic gobbledygook she espoused during the interview.

In patriarchal societies where hegemonic masculinity implies an imperative to eat meat, vegetarianism disrupts food culture, raising questions about how vegetarians do, re-do, and rework gender. Analyzing 23 interviews in La Plata, Argentina, I find that the narratives of conversion and social pushback reported by women and men expose gender enactment and social reinforcement of the binary. At times, vegetarians compensate by drawing on scripts of femininities and masculinities that uphold difference, e.g. women cook meat and reassure meat-eaters; men make rationality-based claims and demonstrate strength.

What? Eating meat is associated with masculinity? Hmm. Sounds pretty sexist to me, Anne. I know a lot of women who enjoy eating meat, too. If this doesn’t illustrate how far Western academia has fallen, nothing will. Also, notice the important subtext: Anglo feminists are doing their best to infect Latin America with their cultural degeneracy and misandry. She did her research in Argentina for a reason.

Anne goes on. Grab some Excedrin before trying to untwist this hamster-wheeling, logical pretzel she twists:

Yet in other moments, vegetarians defy attempts to hold them accountable to gendered social expectations. Women, for example, assert authority over their diets; men embody rejection of the meat-masculinity nexus by adopting a worldview that also rejects sexism and racism. I contend that in such a context, we cannot separate the ways people ‘do vegetarianism’ from how they ‘do gender.’ Doing vegetarianism in interactions drives social change, contributing to the de-linking of meat from gender hegemony and revealing the resisting and reworking of gender in food spaces.

Gender stereotypes evolved for reasons that have little to do with meat. Women are better at some things than men; and vice versa. Feminists never realize that trying to turn themselves into the very men they hate rather than embracing their female qualities is the height of irony. Feminism is, at its core about women trying to be men rather than trying to be women. How’s that for a gender study?

So, where does feminism and veganism lead? If the priests of these liberal creeds have their way, we’ll all be reduced to herbivores. Those who know biology know men are meat-eaters, and we always have been meat eaters. Our anatomy helps prove the fact man and meat are inseparable because top-level predators have forward-facing eyes rather than side-facing eyes. Forward-facing eyes give men the depth perception necessary to hunt and kill animals for food. (Cows and other herbivores have eyes on the sides of their heads to help them see all around – scanning the landscape for predators.) Meat-eating gave us the nutrition we needed to become a successful species.

It seems women marinated (pun intended) in toxic, man-hating Anglo culture want to drag the entire human species down to prey status. Deranged feminists want us to become cud-chewers rather than meat eaters. Their lack of understanding of biology is also plain to see in other ways, as it confuses them about penises, vaginas, and gender.

Luckily, Fox News host Jesse Watters had producers bring out a nice, thick steak laid that he proceeded to enjoy in front of the haggard-looking harradin. The interview ends with Anne calling for universal healthcare for animals (mind you – this is a doctoral candidate at a once-respected American university) and Watters asking how America can afford it now that the nation is $20 trillion in debt and sinking faster than the Titanic after hitting ice in the North Atlantic.

Ultimately, the interview makes for a cutesy challenge to feminist doxy, but TNMM would have liked to see Watters getting in Anne’s face a little bit more. He did do a nice job making a mockery out of her. At least feminists are now getting some pushback from mainstream media outlets.

In a related story, millions of college graduates like Anne can’t repay their student loans because they can’t find real jobs after creating nonsensical narratives like “meat-eating fosters the evil patriarchy”. The implosion of the education bubble looms.

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MSM Lists Reasons Women Get Divorced, But We Tell You The Real Reason


Everything is just fine and dandy in a relationshit or marriage – as long as you’re literally paying your dues to the female

The MSM loves to come up with clever, psuedo-explanations for just about everything. It’s an industry that runs on pretty lies.

Low-paid, gynocentric propagandists recently compiled a nice and tidy, hamster-wheel inspired listing of why women divorce men, and published the results in Business Insider. TNMM decided to peruse the claims and come up with our own, Red Pill conclusions rather than trusting those who have turned deception into an art form to tell us why divorces happen.

Right away, we can glean bias in the article by merely scratching the surface. The first mistake the story makes is assuming “couples” get divorced, when the plain truth is women initiate or are directly responsible for three-quarters or more of divorces. The report about why “couples” get divorced (as if men have any say in the matter) was driven by research conducted by Psychology Today:

When it comes to studying divorce, social scientists have two options. They can observe different couples and try to figure out on their own what predicts the end of a marriage, or they can simply ask people why their marriage ended.

Enter Hamster Rationalizations to taint the results. Asking women why they got divorced isn’t scientific, as females can effortlessly come up with a pocket full of excuses to hide their ulterior motives. Further, henpecked, Blue Pill men often go along with what women say was the cause of divorce without sticking up for their own interests. In any case, here’s the study’s methodology:

Researchers either ask participants to choose from a list of potential reasons for divorce, or they ask participants to answer an open-ended question about why they divorced.

Here are the reasons listed by this non-scientific study of divorce, based on research from psychologist Scott M. Stanley:

  • Infidelity: Predictably, this is blamed on men. The study highlighted this response: “He cheated on me … Then I met somebody else and did the same thing. And when he found out about it we both essentially agreed that it wasn’t worth trying to make it work anymore because it just hurt too bad.” Maybe he started cheating because she sucked in bed. (I just wrote an article discussing good sex vs. bad sex.) Maybe she could have used some pointers on how to be better in bed. (Women always enjoy giving men pointers on how we can do… everything… better. Why not return the favor?) Maybe she, like most women, turned into an ice cube when she didn’t get something she wanted (like $$$) out of him.
  • Substance Abuse: Also, blamed on men. From the study: “I said ‘absolutely no more bars’ and as soon as I found out he was back in them, I asked for [a divorce].” Never is the idea that maybe a bitch who is hell on wheels drives a man to drink. In my Beta days, I had several Anglobitches that made me want to drown my problems with tequila.
  • Lack of commitment: You guessed it. The man’s fault. Do you see a trend emerging from the gynocentric media? “It became insurmountable. It got to a point where it seemed like he was no longer really willing to work [on the relationship]. All of the stresses together and then what seemed to be to be an unwillingness to work through it any longer was the last straw for me.”
  • Too much conflict and arguing: I’m sure the belligerant tone we’ve already seen from women who chimed in on this study has nothing to do with conflict. Hell, I can barely stand to be in the same room as two loud-mouthed, entitled Anglobitches clucking around like hens laying an egg. Moreover, lock me in a room with a woman who treats me like I’m her man slave, and there will be arguments.
  • Growing apart: A female favorite. We’ll translate this hamster rationalization for you – Beta bucks guy isn’t thrilling her with the emotional ups and downs she grew accustomed to while riding Alphas on the cock carousel. So, cupcake feels herself growing apartNever to women seem to grasp the fact Betas are boring because they have to be.
  • Getting married too young: Actually, getting married young is how our grandparents managed to stay together 50+ years. What man wants to marry scratch and dent merchandise at age 35? But, here comes another neat rationalization spun off the hamster wheel: “The main reason [we divorced] was because of our age. I think that being 19 at the time we got married, it just didn’t take. I think that we didn’t take anything as seriously as we should have.”
  • Financial problems: This excuse means wifey has pushed her Beta Bucks husband to the very edge of a financial cliff with her wasteful, spendthrift lifestyle. Now that she can no longer extract any value from him, Briffault’s Law kicks in and she doesn’t want anything to do with the used-up bastard. She pushes him into the chasm.

Of course, all of the above are divorce excuses that sound good on the surface, but any man who has been through the frivorce meat grinder knows any and all of these rationalizations really come down to money. Financial problems are the real cause of divorce. But how many? It’s hard to put a figure on the number that are caused by money because the conflating factors provide convenient cover storys. In any case, from CNBC:

Finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship, according to a survey of people in a relationship or partnership released by SunTrust Bank. Some 35% of all respondents experiencing relationship stress said money was the primary cause of friction. Among respondents with relationship stress aged 44 to 54, 44% said money was the primary cause.

The numbers are likely much higher than one-third and one-half, since money is clandestinely connected to the other listed problems as we will later explain.


If you haven’t figured it out, marriage is legalized prostitution

Saving Face

The New York Times confirms money fights and money problems accurately predict divorce rates. An important study helps us go beyond the divorce factors listed above:

A new study, by Jeffrey Dew at Utah State University, attempts to quantify that risk. His finding: Couples who reported disagreeing about finance once a week were over 30 percent more likely to get divorced than couples who reported disagreeing about finances a few times a month.

Professor Dew looked at responses from about 2,800 couples surveyed by the National Survey of Families and Households. In this survey, both husbands and wives were asked, separately, about how often they disagreed with their spouse over chores, in-laws, spending time together, sex and money.  These same respondents were then contacted again several years later, and asked if they were still married.

Of all these common things couples fight about, money disputes were the best harbingers of divorce. For wives, disagreements over finances and sex were good predictors of divorce, but finance disputes were much stronger predictors. For husbands, financial disagreements were the only type of common disagreement that predicted whether they would get a divorce.

Here’s the takeaway from that study. No matter how many neat excuses women and their enablers in the media make up, the simple fact is women only see men as walking wallets. Women make up other excuses for divorce so they don’t come out “looking bad” when all is said and done. Face is very important to a predatory female – she doesn’t want to look like the savage solipsist she is.

Once a woman has extracted the valuable marrow from one man’s bones, just as any predator move she moves on to the next kill. In our species, that means a call to the frivorce lawyer. Indeed, family courts have ballooned into a $50 billion a year industry in Anglo America as lawyers have turned innate female behavior into big business.

Here’s how divorces ultimately come down to money. A woman who feels she can no longer get money out of her boyfriend or husband, or feels she can monkey branch to a more profitable man, will often cut off sex and become quarrelsome and emotionally detach herself from the relationship – leading to the aforementioned infidelity, substance abuse, lack of commitment, conflict and arguing, and growing apart problems. An otherwise loyal, well-behaved hubby is going to screw around, get drunk, not be committed, argue with, and grow apart from a mean ass woman. How neat for this woman that by turning into a frigid cunt, thereby estranging her husband she now has ready-made excuses to ditch him in a court of law. She’s saved face, and she’s conveniently attached the blame for the divorce to her ex – even though she spurred his bad behavior with her own. How’s that for female manipulation?

It all comes back to Briffault’s Law: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place. Benefit = money and resources.

It hurts to know women don’t see you as a human being worthy of love and respect unless they feel you can bring some benefit to them in the form of financial or other types of resources. But, it’s far better to know the truth about women than to persist living inside the candy-coated cultural delusions that create the suffering of so many millions of well-intentioned men.

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