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Be Desireless, Be Excellent, Be Gone

Young and beautiful savage girl in jungle

Learn these secrets to have women pursuing you

Most men are totally invisible to women. What most incels don’t know is women are extraordinarily simple creatures. They have short attention spans and are desensitized to men trying to put on heirs of being daring and original while, in reality, bowing down to their master, jumping in their Toyota and winging their way down to Office Space to lick the corporate boot 70 hours a week.

Guys like that are all hat, and no cattle. Chicks see right through these preening Beta males. In fact, they see so far through them they become totally invisible. Don’t be those guys.

Women don’t actually “see” a man unless there’s something they feel they can gain by association with him. There’s nothing women can gain by association with a hardworking Beta male in these days of Big Daddy Government looking after them. But, she can gain social status and feels by association with a vagabond, daredevil, or world-roaming charmer.

All women really want is a man who will be the envy of her frenemies, like a showpiece of jewelry.

That line is the heart of pick-up artistry. Once a man learns the art of PUA, it’s amazing to take this skill off the shelf once in a while, then stand back in bewilderment as he goes from being the invisible man to the man of the hour. It’s like permeating a membrane an entering a parallel universe.


It’s simpler than most men realize to charm the cobra

Charming the Cobra

If you are a regular reader of the humble outpost of sanity in an insane world, you know women behave like predators of male utility value.

How does a man charm the cobra long enough to get her out on a date or to invite him over for a NSA bang? It’s really quite simple to catch The Predatory Female‘s attention. Think of seducing women as being the equivalent of playing a figurative flute to raise the cobra from her wicker basket. Take this line from The Tao of Steve, a cult classic film about a fat slob named Dex who manages to bag primo pussy after learning the crimson arts. Here’s how the flute is played:

You have to do something excellent in her presence thus demonstrating your sexual worthiness.

Yes, it really is that simple. However, there are important corollaries when developing this skill, so one doesn’t come off looking emotionally needy. Dex also says:

Be desireless. Be excellent. Be gone.

Ergo, don’t have any ulterior motives in mind. Be excellent because that’s just who you are as a man since learning the lessons of masculinity and PUA here at TNMM. And then, do a disappearing act. As Dex knows:

We pursue that which retreats from us.

Then, create scarcity value.

Act like a woman can’t join your club and she’ll do almost anything to get in.

Master these simple steps and you’ll go from chasing women to women chasing you. Women will be relentless in chasing you if you pull this act off well.

There are many ways of following these general guidelines. In my case, I’ve noticed something simple that gets me instant female attention: Posting photos of me on social media from exotic locations, whether they be on an island, in a bar in Asia, or in a National Park stateside.

Immediately afterwards, I can expect at least half a dozen unsolicited messages on social media from women I already know who never paid me any mind before I posted the photos, and/or I’ll have strangers sending me friend requests and instant messages under the guise of “getting to know me.” Women can’t help themselves. They really are that superficial.

It’s amazing (and disappointing) to witness them going from totally ignoring me to practically throwing themselves me, like a predator in search of its next meal all because I did something they see as excellent. They don’t see me as a human being, they see me as something to consume. Dex continues:

Look chicks are like hunters, man. They want to bag a lion or a bear, something really hard to catch. And along comes Dave, you know, and you’re like this affectionate little puppy. You’re cute, but you’re way too easy to catch and that bores them and with chicks, boredom equals death, man. You can’t bore them.

Puppy dogs are an allusion to Beta males. Among the legions of boring Betas, catching a daring Alpha or Sigma is indeed like catching a lion or bear. You want to be the lion or bear – the challenging asshole. Not the puppy dog nice guy.

By merely accommodating these general guidelines into your behavioral repertoire, and practicing them until they become rote knowledge, you can vastly improve your notch count and potential with all kinds of chicks, from average-looking, flat-ass Anglo girls to hourglass ethnic hotties. But, be warned. To know women well is, in many ways a disappointment unto itself.

Once you know what makes the female psyche tick, you can never look at such a vain, shallow, solipsistic, if physically beautiful creature the same way ever again.

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Two Easy Ways to Raise Your Notch Count Using Social Media


Cultivate an aura of intrigue and excitement to lure women online

Most guys are totally invisible to women. This is especially true on social media, as women quickly become desensitized to digitized male preening for female attention. It doesn’t help that the average American guys today are boring corporate drones who have invested their entire lives into GloboWorldCorp jobs and cultivated personas as PC nice guys.

Knowing this, there are two simple ways to raise your profile (and your notch count) whether you wish to network your way into some snatch using Zuckerberg’s Ghetto or a dating app. To see what direction to head in, let’s take a look at two quotes from the timeless classic The Predatory Female by Rev. Lawrence Shannon. First up, the cobra metaphor:

Q. Beyond herself and her status with other women, does anything else pique her interest?

A. Yes, any combination of money, romance, and excitement. The scent of these accommodations will have her rising like a cobra in a wicker basket. The provider of such diversions occupies center stage in her life, but his identity is unimportant to her, and it’s a temporary position. Nobody can amuse her forever. All pied pipers eventually fade into the past.

And second, the “heroes aren’t Beta Bucks guys” lesson:

How would Superman, The Lone Ranger, James Bond, or even Jesus Christ have come off as a married man? The answer is: terrible. Married men are hard to sell as heroes. A picture of James Bond trying to placate a shrieking wife while she threatens to have his wages garnished doesn’t fit the hero image. A married man is a cornered man. He is a man who has lost something, and this makes it hard for him to be the classic, free thinking, and independent hero.

Good stuff, eh?

So, using this knowledge, here’s how you can garner some almost immediate attention online and some panty dropping offline.

First, as an enlightened man, you should be traveling often and having adventures because it suits you, not some bitch. New and novel destinations and experiences that are photogenic work best. Personally, I enjoy posting photos of me with landmarks (like the Space Needle or the Big Buddha) on social media. After about half a dozen such photos women literally start coming to me. They want to “get to know me” or “catch up on old times” whereas before I posted such photos I could have been on fire in the street and they wouldn’t have noticed. I am most often approached by women who have never spoken to me in the past or who have ignored me for 10 or 20 years.

Showcase your own exciting lifestyle. The Cobra will indeed rise from the wicker basket, and will dance to your tune as long as she senses excitement, risk, and/or danger. Just don’t let her get close enough to you emotionally or financially to sink her fangs into you.

Second, cultivate an image as an independent, freethinking, freewheeling man. Post memes and jokes that push PC boundaries and transform you into a likeable asshole. Don’t get bogged down with relationshits. I personally like echoing Jerry Seinfeld on his eponymous sitcom, in which he quipped about having a different girlfriend every week. I post pictures of me with different hotties (usually ones that I’ve banged) ever so often just to keep the intrigue flowing. Women love a man who’s in demand and who gets a lot of ass, no matter what they say. (Always remember – watch what women do, never listen to what they say!)

If you master both these methods well enough, getting lays will become as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Yes, women really are that superficial and shallow. Rather than complaining about that fact, the PUA can exploit it to his advantage.

Pump and dump, my friends. Pump and dump.

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The Wild Man: Women Love Men They Can’t Control


Women are drawn to the man they can’t control

An Alpha or Sigma never lets himself be totally manipulated and controlled by pussycat. The men that really stir women’s juices are the ones they can’t control. Women are not only drawn to men who flout society’s conventions, they will make it their mission in life to get to know such a man. And of course, try to tame him by putting those vagina lips over his head, suffocating this critical thinking capability and using his productivity for their own ends.

The Wild Man phenomenon is, in part, why criminals now average 3.0 children per lifetime in a suicidal culture in which the birth rate among whites is about 1.7 children per lifetime. (Blacks and Asians don’t fare much better in Anglo culture, as they’re also below the replacement level of 2.1 children.) Women love assholes who don’t cow before other men, and who aren’t scared to take risks. These are the men they breed with.

Case in point: The remarkable turn in my own affairs since I took off my business suit, quit my soul-sucking GloboWorldCorp job and became a digital vagabond and road warrior. Women I literally haven’t talked to in 20 years, that paid me no attention whatsoever in high school, have started looking me up out of the blue to see what I’m into. Of course, I don’t want their expired goods as I regularly date women almost half my age, but it’s something remarkable to witness. I was totally invisible to these women when I studied hard and followed the rules in my youth.

The don’t give a fuck is, indeed, strong in me since I wasted half a lifetime playing the system’s game only to ultimately figure out the only way to win is not to play. But these chicks just can’t get enough of the trips I take, the pictures I post of me on social media with a different woman every time I turn around, and the fact I only work half the time then spend the rest of the time smoking cigars drinking wine, carousing around with Latinas and Asians, and lounging on beautiful beaches.

And that’s what women are most attracted to. A man who says and does what he wants. An increasingly difficult feat to pull off in this era of micromanagement of male behavior, debasement of male earning capability by a Socialist state, and downright assaults on male biology with estrogen laced food. (Is that the real reason soy is in everything?)

So, the key to both being personally happy and plundering an endless supply of poon is to developing a life that is based on your wants and your dreams as a man. Following the prescriptions of the system will only lead to disaster, as one of my former colleagues illustrated the other day when he let his wife throw out a recliner he had since our college days. He was emotional about losing it, and it did look like a big, comfy recliner in the photos he posted on social media. But, like most men he cowed to the power of pussy and let her do what she wanted. I would have told that cunt where to get off. His testicles are now locked safely in her purse.

Women don’t respect nor do they get all hot and bothered about men who follow orders and become regular old Beta drones in black and white monotone. No, they crave the men who live life in brilliant, eye-popping color. The rulebreakers. The vagabonds. The layabouts. The men who give the finger to the entire ruse, the tissue of lies, lies, lies, foisted upon them by society since their youth. Perhaps that is the ultimate test of a man. Will he dedicate his entire life to being exploited by others, and be thankful for the opportunity? Or will he go create his own sandbox to play in?

The irony is the more a man sees what women are all about, the less he cares about them. I used to pedestalize women and go months (or in one case, years) between relationshits and lays. Now, I pedestalize myself and women can’t get enough of me.

Use my experience to enhance your own life, and your own chances with women. The rulebreaking asshole always goes farther, and has more legs ready to spread for him than an office bitch following orders and trying to swim the murky waters of debt slavery, McMansion payments, and all the other accoutrement of modern life designed to tame men.

Don’t fall for it. Be the wild man. Not the tame man.

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PUA Man of the Hour: Man Arrested for Banging Hot Blonde on Golf Course


A man truly hit a hole in one at a South Carolina golf course

There are still signs of life left in the American male. Just when you think the next generation is filled with nothing but weak, metrosexual losers, a 19-year old man pulls off this impressive stunt. He nails a hot blonde right on the putting green of a South Carolina golf course! While this typically isn’t something to be recommended, if the mood strikes and she’s asking for it, why not? It’s not like there were a lot of people around.

News reports state distant voyeurs thought the amorous couple were deer before busting out binoculars then phoning the local pigs in blue. Unfortunately, MSM headlines state the young (straight!) couple were arrested for doing the nasty on the golf course. Too bad we live in a police state.


A nice catch for the golfer

I’d personally like to buy this guy a beer, and if I had the cash hire him a good lawyer. If the judge in this case is reading this, dismiss this case immediately. Heterosexuals have been persecuted enough by the media and court system.

Who wouldn’t want to lick and then bend this chick over doggy style, as press reports state the South Carolina golfer did? While my forays into sex in public places have been limited, I would have done the exact same thing this guy did if the opportunity arose when I was his age. That said, I banged a chick on a public beach behind some sand dunes during the middle of the afternoon one time, and banged another in a public park at night. We didn’t get caught. Would I do it again? Damn straight. Those are two moments of passion I’ll never forget as long as I live.


Dude must have some tight game to have pulled off this caper

But getting back to the issue at hand, Police State USA recently brought 19-year old Dakota Payne, our man of the hour, and 24-year old Kiernan Hennessey, a hot blonde in on indecent exposure charges for getting it on in public view. If it had been a gay couple getting it on, they’d probably be praised by today’s injustice system and LGBTQ-worshiping media. But, they now face misdemeanor charges.

Really, this is such a non-issue legally it doesn’t deserve to be prosecuted. If Anglo culture wasn’t so squeamish about sex and worshipful of legalism, this incident would have been laughed off by any cop with a functioning brain and set of testicles.

“Don’t do it again, guys.” See how simple that was?

We should be patting this guy on the back for having what it takes to get this chick’s clothes off in the middle of a public venue. Even more stunning, she actually looks quite wholesome in this pic released to the press. Dakota should get a double pat on the back for finding a chick in modern Anglo America that’s not tatted up and either fat or sickly looking. He must have some pretty tight game to bend a hottie like this to his will, getting her to bend over and let him slide on in right in the middle of a golf course.

Hell, let’s give him a third pat on the back for banging a chick that’s 5 years older than him. (Harder to do when you’re young.) It’s stories like these that give me hope that maybe, just maybe we’ll see a culture shift before the ship of state completely sinks under murky waters of social engineering and The Anglo-American Androgyny Agenda.

Could it be that boys are being boys and men are being men in some places again? It does this man’s heart good to see a guy capable of pulling off this caper in this day and age.

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Why Men Cheat


Women are unreliable partners, and they demonstrably have no qualms about having Beta Bucks guy raise Alpha Fucks guy’s seed

It always amuses me when today’s road-worn women expect 110% fidelity from their Beta meal tickets. They just can’t put on the faux-disgusted face quickly enough at even the mere insinuation their man is flirting with another woman or sliding up inside a strange coochie. They’re (supposedly) miffed at why men cheat. “They’re all dogs!” Well, not quite. There are two simple explanations, ladies.

  1. Women are notoriously flighty and unreliable in relationships (this is why culturally enforced monogamy was written into the Bronze Age texts that are the foundation of the world’s Big Three religions)
  2. Genetic and other biological evidence points to a high rate (10% by some estimates) of Beta cucks unknowingly raising children that aren’t their own

That’s the nice way of saying it. Here’s the non-PC way of saying it.

  1. These hoes ain’t loyal
  2. Women cheat as much (or more) than men, but are better at hiding it, plus in Anglo culture women always frame any breakups as his (the Beta cuckee’s) fault, and since feminism females have cultural impunity to do so

Biologically speaking, males of all species (not just H. Sapiens) have evolved strategies to spread their seed far and wide. Call it the buckshot strategy, when the Law of the Jungle rules as it currently does in a post-feminist, increasingly degenerate and r-selected culture. In other words, men have instincts to cheat that evolved in a world where females aren’t culturally and/or religiously expected to stay with males. That’s most of human history, and it seems we are regressing to that lower standard of living.  Just like most of the animal kingdom!

Thus, in a world where women do what they want, by cheating the male ensures his evolutionary Prime Directive is achieved. In a world of here today, gone tomorrow women who keep only men around until the money or social laurels run out, a man wagering the farm (i.e. his genetic survival) on one woman is a pretty risky bet. She has a mood swing, and it’s back to square one. Mr. Wiggly is back on bread and water, and Mr. One Woman Man has his confidence shot, to boot. So, it’s simply good biological game playing to have a main dish, and a couple of side dishes when – not if – the main dish splits.

Additionally, evolution proves human females are so…um…slutty that the majority of male sperm in each ejaculation has evolved to destroy other sperm that somehow finds its way into the vaginal receptacle. That’s right, most of the billions of male sperm are there for combat and not to fertilize anything. (You know how women just trip and fall on other men’s dicks by accident. Happens all the time.) Female infidelity is a given, so no man can be sure of the paternity of what is supposedly “his” child. As a result of women who 1) don’t give a damn about men personally, and 2) are demonstrably not loyal, the male thirst for sexual variety is a deeply rooted biological instinct.

It’s quite a conundrum that women aren’t shamed for their biological instincts, like shameless hypergamy and wiping her ass on dad at the child support slave court so she can hop back on the cock carousel, but men are scorned for pursing their biological instincts. That alone speaks volumes about Anglo culture.

The takeaway lesson is never to let yourself be guilted into getting one-itis. Not only will you become less attractive to your main dish, but you’ll be a sitting duck when she decides to launch torpedoes of celibacy at you as she whisks herself away into the arms of another guy. That will happen in today’s culture that openly encourages women to be hoes.

When it happens to me, I just move one of my backups into the #1 slot. It’s amazing how fast a man can forget a woman when he’s got some fresh juice to squeeze.

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