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Robert De Niro: Anglocuck Supreme

Robert De Niro

Another Hollywood faker – Robert De Niro – is exposed as another Anglocuck who has lost all his dinero to a predatory female and is now about to be put through the frivorce meat grinder

I was doing my daily Red Pill reading when I happened across an entertaining factoid about Robert De Niro. This washed up Hollyweird pretender/has been still likes to act like a tough guy, especially when he blasts Donald Trump (who he’s apparently jealous of) but the reality is De Niro is no tough guy Italian. De Niro has been fully assimilated into man hating Anglo culture and has lived for 20 years as a human ATM machine for his exploitative wife, who is kicking him to the curb now that his career has met with diminishing returns.

Proving correct the thought crimes purveyed here at TNMM and other heretical outposts of truth this henpecked Beta male, De Niro just got dumped by his money grubbing wife after she sucked his marrow out like a black widow spider eating the male post mating ritual. The proof is in the pudding:

Sources don’t say why they split again, but I’ll be the shady one to point back to a story from February 2017, in which Robert allegedly got into a fight with Grace at a bar over her coffee company, Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda. Robert hissed that he wouldn’t have to make “shitty movies” if she didn’t blow through all his money.

I laughed and laughed and laughed after reading that snippet. Yes, Bob you wouldn’t have to make shitty movies if you were a man and not a walking wallet for your wife. It seems his wife, Grace Hightower has taken all De Niro’s dinero, and now it’s splitsville. A process any MGTOW who has been used and abused by predatory females is well acquainted with.

That single line Bob dropped about making shitty movies eclipses anything he’s said during his film career for me. Why? Because that line is reality. The tough guy facade De Niro is just more Hollyweird fakery. His ethnic wife certainly learned the Anglobitch game well, which is why this diseased culture is such a danger to the world.

Here’s how any woman assimilated to Anglo culture plays the game: Milk the son of a bitch for all you can get out of him, then cast his consumed husk aside.

Not even a movie star can keep up with the pace of the Hedonic Treadmill that sexually challenged, solipsistic, avaricious, consummate materialists i.e. Anglobitches place their men on. Unfortunately, this culture of misandry – spurred on by the very liberalism De Niro spouts – tells men that unless they become supplicating chumps who write checks until they’re bankrupt they don’t get a taste of the pussy pie. And they’re evil, to boot.

What a revelation. De Niro is no tough guy. He’s just another henpecked Beta bitch paying through the nose for a wrinkled ASSet. How marriage isn’t just sophisticated prostitution, I still don’t understand.

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The Mainstream Media Project: Social Engineering and the Subjugation of Humanity


Rocket launches aren’t the only thing that have been engineered by Faustian (Western) machine culture – your mind has been socially engineered for at least 50 years by Big Media

As the cloistered, mental myopia created by a half century of the dominance of mainstream mierda that controlled the hearts and minds of America gets shattered by the light of day emanating from Realtalk on the Internet, it’s becoming more obvious that television, radio, and film “programming” were intended to do just that. Program the populace, to behave just as the self-appointed masters of humanity want them to.

But, like a break in the storm comparable to the passing of the eye of a Category 5 hurricane, we’ve caught a break in the propaganda onslaught and our masters have been sent scrambling to find new ways of thought control. A replacement for the centralized communication model. Some few see the entirety of the facade for what it is. And our duty is to alert those who can see but don’t to the danger they face.

There are some very smart men in the manosphere. Like this gentleman, who whimsically calls himself “Vagina Dominator”. He gives perhaps the most succinct description of social engineering via mainstream media one can find anywhere.

My point is that these things have *not* been enabled simply by faceless and historically neutral “forces” such as “science” or “technology” or “economics” or “changes in values”.

On the contrary, very great resources have been directed to obtaining exactly these outcomes.

By outcomes, he means single mommery becoming worshiped rather than reviled by society due to social engineering. Men becoming outcasts. Women being told the way to be “good” is to emulate the behavior of men. Men being told the way to be “good” is by transforming themselves into weak bitches. Speaking of outcomes, YouGoGrrl career chicks were unleashed to finish destroying male spaces and male roles in society while destroying themselves at the same time (winding up barren and alone). Gender is to be reduced from a genetic fact to a “social construct” allowing it to be manipulated by propagandists in all sorts of creative ways.

These massive social changes are all part of the Anglo American Androgyny Agenda, and War on Sex, etc. that TNMM so often laments. In the past, we’ve explained how these dystopian effects aren’t happening as a result of “conspiracy” as much as oligarchy, psychopathy, and greed. Vagina Dominator agrees:

The garden variety normie always responds with the phrase “conspiracy theory” when it is suggested that there has been some kind of centrally-directed program of social engineering. This is not just because normies are dumb but because they don’t understand in how many areas they are dumb.

I am not a maths and technology guy, but I do understand that some people are, and they far outstrip me in those areas. They are so good at maths and engineering that they have put satellites circling the earth and so on. Amazing feats of engineering that were achieved because the right people and the right resources were aimed to get those results.

In the same way – and this is something no normie can ever accept – there are people who are very clever at language and storytelling, at under-standing human psychology and at generally framing and re-framing ideas. These clever people have now captured and control Mr. Normie’s (and Ms. Normie’s especially) mind.

If you have a television in your house, you are being manipulated in ways you can’t even fathom. (Women, due to their childlike nature, even more so.) Take it from someone who used to sit behind a camera.

Worse, the insidiousness of the mind-programming is such that it is largely invisible, even though the effects are nothing short of the achievements of the space program – except aimed at domesticating man in such a way he can be subjugated by the elite. And, as Huxley warned, the transformation pulled off with such a deft hand man would ultimately love his servitude.

Here’s how they accomplished this feat.

Just like for the space program, these very clever word-people were brought together with masses of resources behind them – in the media and in politics and the institutions of all kinds (and coincidentally (?) in the same timeline as the space programs) and were assigned their own full-effort “Apollo” program, to entirely change the minds and values of nations.

And they have done it.

And just as there are satellites up there above the earth, put there by an incredible, planned and centralized assignment of talent and expense of wealth, so too what we are seeing now *socially* is the apotheosis of the same kind of an incredible, expensive, and un-natural project.

But this is a secret project that no normie can get his mind around, because he is too stupid to know that he is as stupid at language and psychology as he is at maths and engineering.

As someone with over a decade of experience in the mainstream media before jumping ship because I saw the evil the box was foisting onto the populace, I can attest to the fact this essay is right on the money.

We are in dire straits as a society. Hell, humanity itself is in dire straits if the Anglo American propaganda model comes to dominate the entire world. Worse, the attacks being leveled upon masculinity, femininity, and ultimately humanity have been largely invisible and will remain invisible because they’ve been engineered so well. (One method: Heavy use of the Hegelian Dialectic. You’ll find it EVERYWHERE in modern American politics and media.)

In the meantime, until there’s some sort of upheaval (if ever, considering how passive and docile the American public has become) the best thing those who know they’re being manipulated can do is to follow the wisdom of Howard Beale: Turn off your television sets! Turn them off right now! Turn them off in the middle of the sentence I’m speaking to you now! Turn them off!

Stop the medium of mind control in its tracks.

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Modern American women are drunk on their own power, as men are crushed under their high heels. Not only do they want to flaunt their sexuality, but they only want to share it with men at the very top of the socioeconomic pyramid. Other men are not even to look at it, let alone make sexual advances towards them. Additionally, Anglobitches want to be able to destroy the few men they do fuck and suck on a whim once they have shared the Golden Vagina with them, in true Predatory Female fashion.

#MeToo was an illustration of this predatory disposition.

This is why women have been known as destroyers of civilization since the Bronze Age (and probably before that – but that’s when their propensities were codified in the foundation of the world’s three major religions).

Above is a photo collage that illustrates the odd “look but don’t touch” nature of sexuality in Anglo culture. The same Hollywood that denounces sexual advances also dresses like this, with legs, thighs, breasts, and buttocks exposed, and in one case, a chick’s vagina literally flapping in the breeze. Rihanna’s nipples and crack are exposed in her dress. Of course, this makes the #Hypocrisy of the #MeToo movement all the more astounding. Why would women dress like this if they’re so averse to sexuality?

It’s as if women want to rub their sex in men’s faces in a sadistic fashion, then deny them the sexual release they both crave and need biologically and psychologically. Only a society that has allowed women carte blanche and totally gelded men will see them behaving in this fashion.

We know sex sells, but why must this culture always tempt with sexuality then stolidly refuse to whet the appetite created by its displays? Quite frankly, it’s just cruel.

And, it won’t be long before a society like this implodes, as the vast majority of men realize they’re to be given no incentives for their participation in society other than a tempting whiff of the Golden Vagina, but never a taste. Women’s natural propensities lead to a society of male slaves for 80% (or more) of the populace, and brief sexual dalliances with the top 20% (or less) of men.

This is where we’re headed. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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