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Reader Mailbag: Only Men Can Know Honor


A story of honor from Iwo Jima

Some of our best ideas come from you guys, those hearty Red Pill souls who make up our loyal readership. Here’s a particularly interesting commentary from a MGTOW reader of TNMM. As you read it, remember that only men can know honor. Women are incapable of the altruism that men are capable of, except in the case of their own children. (And as a direct result, their own genetic survival!)

Here’s what he had to say:

On Iwo Jima, 22 Marines and four Navy Corpsman who went in with the Marines were awarded (it is not won) the Medal of Honor, 14 posthumously. Many were awarded to Marines who jumped on Japanese grenades to smother the blast and absorb the lethal shrapnel, willingly sacrificing their bodies and their lives for their fellow Marines.

Seventeen year old Jacklyn H. Lucas jumped on not one but two grenades thrown into the trench he and three others were fighting in. One exploded, the other didn’t. His body was so mangled he was left for dead. Miraculously, he was later discovered alive and survived. He left this world on September 18, 2016.

The son of one of the three flag raisers to survive the battle interviewed Lucas for the book Flags of Our Fathers. When asked why he did it his reply was simple; “I did it to save my buddies.” Even 17 year old men (boys?) understand it.

Such love and devotion men can have for one another, in one case the game of golf and another the bloodiest battle in the history the United States Marine Corps, is unknown to women. Such higher plane character does not even enter their consciousness for the simple reason it can’t. Her DNA programmed instincts do not allow such love, devotion, and selflessness.

Her ideal of love is self-love. Her only devotion is to herself. For her, there is no such thing as selflessness. She can’t help any of this. It is what her DNA tells her to do.

Women don’t know what love is. Only men do. Women prove their DNA instinct every day in family court. Men prove their DNA instinct every day with love, devotion, and provisioning often forgoing their own needs and dreams, until the hammer is dropped in betrayal.

Sad, but true. The evidence is everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Third wave feminism proudly displayed innate female instinct and successfully demanded it get its way. A man must either react or be consumed, and the only reaction that makes sense is MGTOW. Think about it.

What a tale, laced with Red Pill truth about women and men from start to finish. Any MGTOW, PUA, or man who is experienced with females knows they only love themselves. TNMM even postulated women can never truly love men (even men they spend their entire lives with) in an article covering the 5,000 year history of marriage.

The masculine sense of honor is an interesting development in our species’ history. Many men indeed behave just as Shakespeare wrote:

I love the name of honor more than I fear death.

How loudly those words ring true when looking at a stunning sacrifice like the on that played out in battle on a tiny island in the Pacific. But, as our reader points out, it often puts men at a disadvantage in a world ruled by more primitive reptilian instincts.

Indeed, feminism and the predatory female instinct have exploited the male sense of honor, duty, and loyalty for a half century. The Western female has shown no love, sense of respect, or sense of honor to her men during that time. It’s been a shit show featuring a “take what you can get off them” mentality once the hounds of hell were let loose by the cultural imposition of feminism.

And finally, men have had enough. Things are changing. You can feel it in the air. Women know it, and are starting to backpeddle  to try and keep men laboring away on the tax farm they benefit from. Women who are In The Know are diluting their venom and bile more and more. Our narratives are dripping into mainstream dialogue, trickle by trickle.

Here’s the catch: In addition to a sense of altruism and honor, men also have a sense of justice. Many men are ready to see women sleep in the bed they’ve made for themselves, rather than exploiting by coming to the rescue for aging damsels in distress once again. Why? Because women deserve it. You can only kick a dog so many times before he turns on you.

And off the plantation we run.

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Be the Man Who Strives for Greatness


Be the man who endeavours to fullfill his dreams, whether they be of bedding women all over the world, escaping the corporate plantation, or finding financial freedom

This quote from President Theodore Roosevelt encompasses the often tragic, sometimes heroic striving of those souls determined to live a life worth living. A self-directed life that leaves the flock of sheeple behind, striving to turn our lives into a self-creating masterpiece rather than another carbon copy, dime bin facsimile.

We awakened men might fail in our effort to escape the bondage of The Anglo-American Matrix, but it’s far better to be the man who strives for greatness rather than another defeated, bitter corporate Beta male drone living vicariously through the confections of Hollyweird film, boilerplate sitcoms, and online porn.

Those pandering to less than feminine Anglobitches for some attention and a dispassionate roll in the hay. Those forever driving their $40,000 sports car or pickup truck (that they’re in debt for) in a continuous circuit from home to work without ever seizing the possibilities for adventure and discovery that await the imaginative, bold, creative man. Those forever waiting on Friday and the weekend as they enrich someone else’s life at the expense of not living their own. Those forever waiting on two weeks of vacation each year while the other 50 are spent in chains.

These people relish attacking men who step outside the lines. It seems the weak and envious were common even a century ago. Indeed, America has become a Culture of Critique, a culture that discourages originality and encourages groupthink. From Roosevelt’s speech The Man in the Arena:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Failure is always a possibility, but so is success. The takeaway lesson is most men never even try to live their own lives. They follow the herd, take orders from their master, follow the preordained life script foisted upon them, then look back on lives of nothing but wasted time and potential after it’s too late to do anything about it.

I was one of those people, before I broke away and started running as hard as I can. I haven’t tripped and fallen yet. I may face-plant tomorrow, but at least I can shut my eyes for the last time someday knowing I gave it hell. I tried. I didn’t accept having my life and potential stolen from me lying down.

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The Gender Tax Gap: Men Pay 200% More Taxes than Women


It’s time for women to stop leeching off male productivity

It’s time once again to bring up the sordid subject of female privilege. The blog Judgy Bitch dug up some devilishly delicious statistics which prove Strong, Independent Women™ are a monstrous drain on government revenue over the course of their selfish, carousel-riding, barren, materialistic lives.

It turns out “I Don’t Need a Man!” is quite an inaccurate statement. Ladies, without men you’d be bankrupt. The tab is shocking. Rampant female privilege in the Anglosphere costs society $100,000 per female during each YouGoGrrl’s lifetime. The bill, of course, footed by the legions of Beta males women hate. Here’s how Judgy Bitch accurately phrased it:

Economically, women cost more to the state than they benefit. The government is literally paying women to be alive.

Without the monstrous, gynocentric governments now plaguing the West robbing men of our productivity, women would be in dire financial straits because the simple fact is women don’t produce much of anything (statistically speaking) except drama. That’s not an empty claim, it’s an economic fact.

Even in these post-feminism days, now that the red carpet has been rolled out with female hiring preferences in just about any field, women still can’t keep up with the juggernaut of male productivity. Female materialism also results in spending that is 4 times higher than male spending.

selfie with many money

Women create a drain of $100,000 on society’s purse over the course of their lives

The Gender Tax Gap

The mythical “gender wage gap” is touted by feminists and politicians as the gospel. But, never is the “gender tax gap” given the time of day. Let’s take a look at it.

Rather than assuming traditional female roles, feminism and its clandestine use of Penis Envy pushes chicks into jobs and men out of jobs. The result? A poorer, less productive society overall. Try as they might to imagine biology doesn’t matter, leftism, that plagues the West like a cancer hasn’t blended the sexes into an androgynous glob yet. The fact that women consume more than they earn remains unchanged.

What’s even more astonishing is the fact feminists and America’s ultra-corrupt political establishment have the audacity to continue to tout a Big Lie about “poor, downtrodden women” suffering a wage gap. Even Donald Trump’s liberal daughter Ivanka pushed the same, Marxist pay gap narratives we’ve heard for 50 years at The Don’s RNC coronation last year. Here’s the truth of the matter when examining who pays the taxes and who gets the benefit of taxes:

While the 77¢ for a dollar wage gap has been under the spotlight for the past years, the 200¢ for a dollar tax gap has, to my knowledge never been mentioned, at least not by our supreme feminist leaders Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau. A quick glimpse at the data reveals a massive difference in taxes paid by men and women.

Yep, you read that right. Men pay at least twice as much taxes over the course of our lives than women do. Yet, the vast majority of public spending benefits women.

Women almost never contribute any surplus to the tax system they avail themselves of, as they’re provided with everything from free baby-killing abortions to WIC to food stamps to government mandated hiring quotas designed to knock yet more males out of their jobs. Women are a net deficit from cradle to grave, with the exception of a short period in their lives:

With the exception of the age group between 45-59 (a 15 year span) years old, women cost more to the state than the tax they provide. In contrast, men generate more tax revenue than they cost between 23 and 65 (a 43 year span). In the brief period in which women generate more or as much tax money than they consume, men outscore them by at least 3 times.

Of course, barren Anglobitches can’t hide behind the fact they produce less than men because they take care of children. Women are not having families anymore and that is killing the West, as birth rates among whites (and other ethnic groups assimilated into Anglo culture) remain well below replacement fertility. Women only work slightly less at GloboWorldCorp jobs than men do these days:

The workforce participation rate gap between men and women doesn’t exceed 10% in either age group.

Once again, we find the lies of feminism have put women and society in quite the conundrum. Men have no incentive to support a system run by and for women who hate them, and women can’t carry the load when it comes to running society.


It’s time to let women take care of their own financial problems

Go Galt, Become a MGTOW, or Become a Layabout PUA

In conclusion, we find female frivolousness, covetousness, solipsism, and irrationality will ultimately bankrupt any government that disenfranchises men and “empowers” women. Women spend so much and cost so much they can’t collectively pull their own financial weight.

After perusing these statistics, men should realize both the corporate-government complex and women are leeching off our productivity whilst giving us shit sandwiches in return. Anglo women are insufferable, fat hags. Men are treated like pariahs in this culture. Yet, we’re expected to labor and worry until we drop into early graves trying to feed a monster that does nothing but exploit us.

At the very least, in the interest of “equality” women’s tax rates should be much higher than men’s to make up for the drain they create on society’s purse.

When the stats are examined, a Red Pill truth leaps out of the numbers. Women will suffer much more than men if each sex is forced to support their own Strong, Independent™ lifestyles, and women are not allowed to leech off male productivity any longer.

Or, put another way: We’re not your slaves, anymore, hoes. Support your own damned lives. And we men will support our own and no one else’s.

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The Wild Man: Women Love Men They Can’t Control


Women are drawn to the man they can’t control

An Alpha or Sigma never lets himself be totally manipulated and controlled by pussycat. The men that really stir women’s juices are the ones they can’t control. Women are not only drawn to men who flout society’s conventions, they will make it their mission in life to get to know such a man. And of course, try to tame him by putting those vagina lips over his head, suffocating this critical thinking capability and using his productivity for their own ends.

The Wild Man phenomenon is, in part, why criminals now average 3.0 children per lifetime in a suicidal culture in which the birth rate among whites is about 1.7 children per lifetime. (Blacks and Asians don’t fare much better in Anglo culture, as they’re also below the replacement level of 2.1 children.) Women love assholes who don’t cow before other men, and who aren’t scared to take risks. These are the men they breed with.

Case in point: The remarkable turn in my own affairs since I took off my business suit, quit my soul-sucking GloboWorldCorp job and became a digital vagabond and road warrior. Women I literally haven’t talked to in 20 years, that paid me no attention whatsoever in high school, have started looking me up out of the blue to see what I’m into. Of course, I don’t want their expired goods as I regularly date women almost half my age, but it’s something remarkable to witness. I was totally invisible to these women when I studied hard and followed the rules in my youth.

The don’t give a fuck is, indeed, strong in me since I wasted half a lifetime playing the system’s game only to ultimately figure out the only way to win is not to play. But these chicks just can’t get enough of the trips I take, the pictures I post of me on social media with a different woman every time I turn around, and the fact I only work half the time then spend the rest of the time smoking cigars drinking wine, carousing around with Latinas and Asians, and lounging on beautiful beaches.

And that’s what women are most attracted to. A man who says and does what he wants. An increasingly difficult feat to pull off in this era of micromanagement of male behavior, debasement of male earning capability by a Socialist state, and downright assaults on male biology with estrogen laced food. (Is that the real reason soy is in everything?)

So, the key to both being personally happy and plundering an endless supply of poon is to developing a life that is based on your wants and your dreams as a man. Following the prescriptions of the system will only lead to disaster, as one of my former colleagues illustrated the other day when he let his wife throw out a recliner he had since our college days. He was emotional about losing it, and it did look like a big, comfy recliner in the photos he posted on social media. But, like most men he cowed to the power of pussy and let her do what she wanted. I would have told that cunt where to get off. His testicles are now locked safely in her purse.

Women don’t respect nor do they get all hot and bothered about men who follow orders and become regular old Beta drones in black and white monotone. No, they crave the men who live life in brilliant, eye-popping color. The rulebreakers. The vagabonds. The layabouts. The men who give the finger to the entire ruse, the tissue of lies, lies, lies, foisted upon them by society since their youth. Perhaps that is the ultimate test of a man. Will he dedicate his entire life to being exploited by others, and be thankful for the opportunity? Or will he go create his own sandbox to play in?

The irony is the more a man sees what women are all about, the less he cares about them. I used to pedestalize women and go months (or in one case, years) between relationshits and lays. Now, I pedestalize myself and women can’t get enough of me.

Use my experience to enhance your own life, and your own chances with women. The rulebreaking asshole always goes farther, and has more legs ready to spread for him than an office bitch following orders and trying to swim the murky waters of debt slavery, McMansion payments, and all the other accoutrement of modern life designed to tame men.

Don’t fall for it. Be the wild man. Not the tame man.

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Enlightened Men Don’t Owe Everyone the Truth

Not every man has the ability to be enlightened by Red Pill wisdom

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

If you had a hot share tip for the NYSE or FTSE, would you wander the streets offering it to everyone? If you were a scientist and had just discovered some Nobel Prize winning law, would you start telling the local bums in the subway about it? If you were a freelance engineer, would you give your latest invention to someone who might patent it? If you discovered a secret island full of comely women offering free sex, would you share its location with anyone but trusted friends?  Of course not; important knowledge should only be shared with those who can appreciate it – and, more important, people who will not compromise it. Similarly, we enlightened men are not obliged to share our truths about Anglo-American women, minimalist living (or anything else) with the broad masses of humanity.

If we consider powerful people like the Rothschilds, it becomes immediately apparent that they possess knowledge of finance that most people do not possess; and more, that this esoteric knowledge is the source of their power. While there is a deeply-ingrained Western instinct to resent those who hoard knowledge, it must be conceded that secrecy can be a highly effective life-strategy. In ancient Greece, for example, the various Pankration moves were jealously guarded by clans and families: in a fight, why risk being killed by one’s own techniques?  Similarly, duelling masters in Renaissance Europe only imparted their lethal fencing moves to the wealthiest clients. In Maritime England, sailors would only reveal the secret of an obscure knot if their students first swore never to share it without permission. In feudal Japan, the secrets of Ninjutsu were never divulged to anyone outside a tiny circle of adepts. Even today lawyers only dispense their expertise in exchange for lucrative fees, never for free. Above all, the story of Jesus shows the danger of freely imparting esoteric knowledge to the broad masses – betrayal by a fickle mob, followed by torture and execution.

The last example is the most powerful of all. Whatever the objective ‘truth’ of Christianity, it is a forest of instruction for the enlightened man. The Average Frustrated Chump is an AFC because that is his natural state, more often than not; the condition he deserves. Like the mob which betrayed Jesus, he will not thank the man who attempts to alleviate his misery and ignorance. Ultimately, such a poltroon has no wish to be shown his true condition and no desire to change it; he prefers to wallow unchallenged in his Never-Never Land of self-delusion and sexual false consciousness. In short, he is beyond redemption.

The astute reader can sense where this is going. There is a certain current in the Anglo-American Manosphere which tries to rouse ‘all men’ to resist their benighted state: a kind of gendered communism, if you will. For the reasons outlined above, I despise this tendency. The average Anglo-American male is a deluded White Knight chump who wants to be ‘saved’ by an Anglobitch; he truly believes that the ‘sacrament’ of poor-quality sex with an ugly, overweight woman will redeem all his misfortunes and transform his life. Why should such an oaf be ‘rescued’ from himself? Why offer him options, therapy or counselling? Why not let him simply pay the price for his own stupidity?

W B Yeats’s poem ‘To a wealthy man who promised a second subscription to the Dublin Municipal Gallery if it were proved the people wanted pictures’, shows the scathing attitude of Renaissance gentlemen to mass opinion:

What cared Duke Ercole, that bid
His mummers to the market place,
What th’ onion-sellers thought or did
So that his Plautus set the pace
For the Italian comedies?
And Guidobaldo, when he made
That grammar school of courtesies
Where wit and beauty learned their trade
Upon Urbino’s windy hill,
Had sent no runners to and fro
That he might learn the shepherds’ will.
And when they drove out Cosimo,
Indifferent how the rancour ran,
He gave the hours they had set free
To Michelozzo’s latest plan
For the San Marco Library,
Whence turbulent Italy should draw
Delight in Art whose end is peace,
In logic and in natural law
By sucking at the dugs of Greece.

Similarly, we enlightened men should remain resolutely indifferent to the plight of divorced White Knights, AFCs and other Blue-Pilled Anglo-American males. They are weak-minded onion-sellers, nothing more. Indeed, we should take a certain perverse pleasure in their various predicaments – a man should pay for the choices he makes. By extension, we should deliberately keep our valuable knowledge from them – for that knowledge gives us a decisive edge. Besides, courting the average Anglo male will only sully our riches: as Nietzsche said, ‘Life is a well of delight; but where the rabble also drink, there all fountains are poisoned’.

For example, the fact that women outside the Anglosphere are generally thinner, more pleasant and attractive than their Anglo-American counterparts should only be shared with enlightened men on fora like this: men self-selected for self-awareness and intelligence. Proclaiming these facts from the rooftops will only lead to an exodus of frustrated White Knights and ugly incels to our chosen lands, poisoning their wells of pleasure. The Caribbean, Latin America, Eastern and Southern Europe: these are erotic playgrounds for men who truly deserve them, not drooling neckbeards seeking ‘traditional’ wives to take back to Idaho. At its worse, drawing public attention to our message might lead to legal persecution for ‘hate speech’ or some other absurd charge. It is far wiser to keep ‘this thing of ours’ an elusive sanctum for men who can truly profit by it.

The Savage Pilgrimage, Pan-Anglosphere Dissidence, The Savage Lifestyle – call it what you will – has more in common with some eastern philosophies than contemporary western thought. Properly pursued, it presumes a certain disinterest in the ‘plight’ of the unenlightened even as it shuns commitment to people, possessions and institutions. The existential chains of Anglo-American civilization – marriage, children, careers, houses and material goods – are consciously discarded for a life of maximized experience. The journey becomes the goal, not arrival; the present moment is all; and personal knowledge supplants received opinion as the touchstone of decision. By definition, only an elite minority of self-aware and intelligent males can understand such concepts; while saving (or trying to save) the sheeple is fraught with thankless peril.

You owe them nothing, least of all truth. Be water, my friends.

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