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The Need For The Mentorship of Young Men

Disposable dads are the new norm in today’s dystopia

Titanium Vulture is an author, filmmaker, and contributor to The New Modern Man.

Sons need their dads.  Despite what many single independent woman that don’t need no man” moms might say.

I was real lucky.  When my mom left my biological dad we moved to the Bronx from New Jersey.  Around that time I had several “father” figures in my life.

Starting with my step-dad.  He hooked up with my mom after we left NJ and they made my beautiful baby sister.  The princess of princesses!  Although the parents had a rocky relationship, at least HE was around, unlike my biological dad who did not put up much of a fight to be in my life.

Aside from step-pops, I also had two of my uncles living close by…and I spent a lot of time with these younger brothers of mama-eagle.  She would plop me in their laps and put them on baby sitting duty.

So many positive childhood memories involved being around these men and learning things like how to shave, work on a car, and the proper way to hold a New York slice of pizza.  I never thought much of it as a child….I just was hanging out with pop and Tio’s (Spanish for “uncle”).

To this day I still look to these men as mentors and advisors.  As far as I am concerned, I won the damn lottery.

Growing in NYC in the 80’s and 90’s, there were thousands of kids running around the streets without ANY adult supervision.  Many instances I observed the mom leaving the apartment to go work because dad left them, then the older brother or sister had to play parent and watch over the younger siblings.

These were kids raising kids….before that term became synonymous with teen pregnancy.

When kids are unsupervised and BORED they do dumb shit.  Running from roof top to roof top.  Fighting.  Stealing.  Making babies.

In today’s age fathers are repeatedly bullied by the media and population at large.  It has come to my attention that the idea of being a dad is now a bumbling fool who must be rescued by the all knowing super mom.

Meanwhile, young men are going through childhood without positive male figures.  Certainly there are dead beat dads, but a lot of good men are being ripped from their son’s lives by the pro-mom court systems.

I have countless acquaintances that are not allowed to spend time with their sons.  This shit is fucking barbaric!  

I’ve resigned to opt out of marriage already.  And given the state of affairs here in the Matrix, I probably won’t have kids either.  However I still feel a responsibility to pass on my knowledge to the next generation.

Last year, I volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.  It was fun.  I mentored this young man whose dad split up with the mom.  I took him to the movies, fishing and we played video games in my apartment.

He was only 11 at the time, but I managed to nudge a couple of red-pill traits into his mind.  It’s never too early to learn a fundamental truth.

If you’re like me and don’t have hell-spawn of your own….perhaps consider bringing a young man under your wing.  We are fortunate to have survived this long in life and we can take the lessons we’ve learned the hard way and help someone avoid the BS in the first place.

The job of the new generation is to surpass the previous generation…but these young men won’t make it if they don’t get help.  Even if you’re just making youtube videos and sharing it with the world you’re doing more than so many shit-bags in this country can account for!

Consider being a mentor.  Peace and stay focused!

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Why Young Men are Lucky to have the Manosphere

The manosphere helps educate young men on the dangers of dealing with The Predatory Female

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

When Gen X males were growing up, we had only Baby Boomer myths from the post-War era to guide us in our relations with women. These myths invariably presented women as semi-divine creatures endowed with boundless intellects, progressive attitudes and warm, giving hearts in slim, comely bodies. Oh, and let’s not forget they also wanted sex with everyone.

The reality of course bore no relation whatsoever to this ideal. The women we actually met were intolerant, moronic landwhales with loud mouths, basilisk eyes and the social graces of a warthog. The very few not comically obese and ugly were invariably toxic, entitled harridans spayed with the female Dark Triad: malignant narcissism, plus the borderline and histrionic personality disorders. The most sexually attractive were often psychopathic as well.

This led us into a haze of cognitive dissonance and internal doubt. At first, we were certain something was wrong with us. Were we crazy? Were we emotional cripples? Why couldn’t we find one of these flawless angels to redeem us? Because the Anglo-American media routinely represents women as goddesses on pedestals, this response was entirely natural. We might have harboured a few doubts about these false representations, but usually wrote them off as lame self-justification exercises.

In sum, awakened Anglo-American males growing up prior to the Internet had to struggle with their relationship disappointments alone and unaided. Although fulfilled in other ways, their romantic lives were a yawning void. As each loveless decade came and went, nothing changed. Many toyed with thoughts of self-harm or even suicide.

And then the Internet came. The old media narratives that once ruled our lives were blasted apart. We were crouching in darkened rooms: then someone yanked open the shuttered windows, kicked in the doors and let the sunshine in. Everything changed. No, I mean really changed – it wasn’t like the 60’s white suburban pseudo-revolution: this was the real deal. And nowhere was our conceptual revolution greater than in the sphere of gender relations. Anti-feminists appeared, pointing out that feminists only want equality on their own terms, not true gender equality. PUAs appeared, revealing that the whole ‘beta provider’ persona extolled by the traditional media was fit only for stooges.

Neo-Masculinists like Roosh arose, striving to reclaim the manhood that had been stolen from them. And of course cultural dissidents like myself arose, who linked the worst excesses of post-feminist Anglo-American society to pre-existing Anglo values like Puritanism and sexual repression. The next manosphere wave is already in formation, re-forging the best ‘first wave’ ideas into weapons of conceptual war for use in the ongoing Kulturkampf.

When the Internet came, Generation X men who had been ‘put through the wringer’ of militant Anglo-American feminism began to lay our insight and experience on the table. It wasn’t always pretty. Truth seldom is. And we did not always agree: hence the emergence of different ‘schools’ of manosphere thought. But the point was, our views matched the real-world experiences of millennial males in the Anglosphere far more accurately than the stale Baby Boomer narratives they received from the legacy media, schools, parents and other authorities. And so they flocked to us in droves.

Online demographic studies reveal the bulk of manosphere readers are males under thirty, not embittered divorcees in trailer parks. This makes a lot of sense: as well as being severely oppressed by modern feminism, millennial males have grown up relatively free of the pro-feminist bullshit laid on Generation X by the post-War authorities.

But the manosphere gives men far more than knowledge and insight. It may also provide men with better long term physical and mental health. Robert Sapolsky, who studies the physical effects of stress in baboons and humans, suggests that the negative effects of social stress – premature ageing, depression and physical illness – can be greatly reduced by strong communal associations.

That is, if we are experiencing a problem it is better to face it as part of a community rather than alone. Sapolsky has shown that poor countries with a strong sense of community such as Greece have better health demographics than wealthier Anglo-American countries where people are more isolated. This set me thinking. Could the explosive rise of the manosphere in Anglo-American countries have been partly driven by an untapped need for honest male communalism?

My guess is yes. When Generation X was growing up, all we had were unsecured myths about Anglo women being perfect saints and sex goddesses to guide us. Pop music, TV shows and films rammed these fictions down our throats with Stalinist zeal, permitting no dissident perspective. Indeed, anyone who did not pay lip service to these absurd narratives was ridiculed and denied a voice. Now, an online community of truth exists where any man can share his experiences of women, however negative these might be.

And such freedom is healthy, not just liberating. For it is obvious that manosphere involvement has an addictive quality. This is not the lame, dutiful communalism extolled by Marxism or organized religion but rather a sense of finding long-lost brothers and long concealed truths. If Sapolsky is right, men sharing the problem of toxic Anglo-American women in this way can only enhance their lives both mentally and physically. And millennial males will reap these benefits much earlier, in their prime years.

What’s not to like?

Perhaps if mainstream Anglo-American institutions had been more honest about women this eruption of online male communalism might never have occurred. But then, if the socio-cultural mainstream had been more honest, men would never have needed a vibrant manosphere in the first place.

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Being Successful Makes Men Lose Friends


Become successful with women and at life at your own risk – your Blue Pill friends will abandon you

There’s another dark side to taking the Red Pill beyond having a man’s sugar-coated illusions and fantasies about life destroyed. After a man awakens to the real life horrors of women and the world, adapting to these realities as a successful PUA, MGTOW, and/or minimalistic nomad there comes another blow.

Becoming a self-made success story will almost always cause a man’s Blue Pill friends to abandon him. My own experience makes me think of this quote from Morpheus in The Matrix:

You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

Indeed, most men aren’t ready to be unplugged from the saccharine delusions force fed to them by the matrix from youth. I have been shunned by most of my friends the past two years since leaving the corporate plantation, bedding hot foreign women around the globe, and working only when I need to. One even called me a “drifter” among other insults, even though I have a fat bank account, 750ish credit score, a paid for classic hot rod and motorcycle, regularly rent apartments by the sea when I’m abroad, a “Golden Ticket” CDL that allows me to work when I want, and sleep with women who are both thin and pretty on a regular basis.

I guess my former friends can’t handle the fact I’ve abandoned everything they delude themselves with and am happier doing so. I’ve just resigned to the fact most men can’t handle the truth about women and the world, and are comfortable on the human farm subsisting off whatever pittance their masters give them. Always trying to satiate themselves with materialism in ways that will never curb the hunger in their souls. These men have also bowed their heads and accepted the third-class citizen status Anglobitches have foisted upon them. Not me.

You’d think learning to live a better life abroad – and on a shoestring budget at that –  while seeing the entire United States in less than a year (well, 47 states) would turn me into a role model for them. A folk hero. A success story. “Hey, look. Rel made it out of the miserable existence we complain about every day. And he’s got a few bucks in the bank, to boot. And he gets more hot, nubile ass than a toilet seat.” But, you’d be wrong. Once again, being ahead of the curve gets me the gift of being a social pariah among “normal” people. (Luckily, I’m used to it. I’ve been a social pariah for much of my life among normopaths as I’ll detail in my upcoming book.)

I noticed a wedge forming between early on, right after I quit my regular GloboWorldCorp media job. There were a lot of curiosity seekers who thought I was destined to fail. I didn’t, though. As soon as I didn’t fail, I these fair weather friends (and men who I thought were my real friends) started distancing themselves from me. I shared photos of my early poon hunting exploits with close friends when I began my adventures. But now, I just keep those pics to myself. My success with women only seems to create friction between me and my Blue Pill buddies. (This, even though I have repeatedly invited my friends to come with me and share in the bounty. They won’t budge.)

I told my friends about how I had figured out a way to live debt-free and work only when I needed to at a job I enjoyed, driving a semi. Their posture became even colder towards me. It got to the point many of them won’t return my phone calls or text messages anymore, or infrequently if they do, even though I always try to balance talking about things that interest them along with things that interest me. I never tried to show off, just share my enthusiasm for my newfound lifestyle freedom. Are men really that shallow? Jealous, even? It would seem that they are.

A couple of these guys were friends I held in close confidence for over 20 years. It stings a bit that they’ve abandoned me. But, ultimately I have to live my life the way I see fit, not the way others think I should live it. Just be aware that if you follow the Red Pill path, it matters not you try to show your friends the way out. The vast majority of men who are Blue Pill won’t be ready to be unplugged from The Matrix. And they will cut ties with you.

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Balls Voyage: A New Social Media Trend in a Misandrist Society


It’s the latest craze – destroying your fertility for likes on Facebook

The self-imposed, willing cuckoldry of the modern Anglo American man continues to shock and disgust. Illustrating the ongoing decline of masculinity, a new social media trend is making the rounds called “Balls Voyage” that features gleeful Anglobitches crowing as they force their partners to self-immolate their fertility in front of the world.

This domineering wife cheered, “Nobody is more excited about this than me!” The symbolism – women de-balling their partners for the entertainment of other ball-busting cunts – illustrates how far gone Anglo America is.

The way Anglobitches totally dominate weakling men like tyrants is truly a sight to behold, literally ordering them around like gelded servants. These are men whose ancestors conquered the entire world, now allowing themselves to be humiliated for female amusement on social media. (As society becomes more r-selected, women will become even more brazen and bold in the decades ahead.)

At least this guy got two kids out of his enslavement, which is more than most white men get these days as the white race has literally been dying off since the Pandora’s Box of feminism was opened. But he will have no more kids, even if his cocksure wife decides to leave him and he finds himself abroad in the company of superior women someday. The biological male strategy of having a lifetime to go forth and multiply cucked by ever-crazier women.

No doubt, the poor bastard had no options as men have no power in marriages, anymore. The rules for Beta males basically boil down to this: “I have the vagina. I make the rules! Do what I say, when I say it and I might stay around. Snip that vas deferens now! Or I’ll call the lawyers! Disobey me, and I’ll take everything you have including our kids.” Apparently, that ultimatum now includes men figuratively chopping their own balls off with women forcing men into sterilization procedures.

Still see no problem with this? Ask yourself would women be offering the same praise if a man planned a “Spaying Party” for his wife? ” Then made a cake that said “No more eggs will be laid.” Or, “Time to retire the incubator.” Yeah, probably not. Worse, where does this trend end? Sure, now it’s a Beta male that already has two kids, but you know how things go. Soon, women will be demanding young guys who don’t have kids start doing it for their amusement.

I feel bad for this guy. I’d never let a bitch do this to me.

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Embracing Male Disposability


See ya later, snitchy bitches. I’ve decided to embrace the male disposability you enjoy shoving in men’s faces at every turn

It’s clear to any man who has suffered the injustice of living in English-speaking countries these declining nations don’t give a flying fuck about men. It loathes us, persecutes us when possible, and yet it expects our full and unquestioning cooperation when it comes time to make money off our labor. Unlike women, however, we don’t cry victim and run to the administrative state expecting it to behave like a mommy or daddy and “spank” bitches for not doing what we want them to.

Helen smith discussed this fundamental difference in male and female psychology in her book Men on Strike:

Women’s groups follow a double standard: When women lag behind men, that is an injustice that must be aggressively targeted. But when men are lagging behind women, that is a triumph of equity to be celebrated.

Hypocrisy strikes again. But the crucial behavioral difference (one men can use to their advantage) is women whine until they get their way and men take action. We don’t wait on someone else to do our bidding like women do. We can do it silently. Or stridently if you prefer. But, incentives matter. We have none. So we proceed to dispense with that which is bringing us down.

Once I discovered I had no incentives, I began to see my life quite differently from the way the matrix told me to see it. It is for that reason that New Modern Men should embrace male disposability. Society doesn’t give a damn about us, so why should we give a damn about it? We now face the looming possibility of sexual assault witch trials for “incidents” with no proof that happened decades ago. Some Anglo nations are literally making flirting a crime. Women have all the power in the court system. What’s in it for us to deal with women or society at large? A meager paycheck and a meager, often lonely existence. Exiled even though we are surrounded by women.

MGTOW and Going Galt have both been discussed at some length on this blog. But embracing male disposability beyond those entry-level philosophies is actually empowering for a man. It allows him to start taking chances he would have otherwise not dreamed of when behaving in the “civilized” or cucked manner a gynocentric society expects him to.

Otherwise, I would have never left the corporate plantation – wildcat starting a couple of businesses including this blog, taken a chance on driving a big rig, and jumped into the raging (and exciting) torrent of world exploration on the cheap without embracing my disposability. One might say, there comes a point when a man stops caring what happens to him – up to a point.

I’m not insane. In fact, I feel more sane and alive inside than I ever have before. But I am at a point in my life that I’m taking risks, and enjoying every minute of it. The alternative would be to “pickle” myself as the system suggests, saving for the “oasis” of retirement when the system already showed me it will fill my mind with obscene lies, spurring me on to chase fantasies like the college degree that turned into an albatross around my neck rather than an asset. I don’t trust the motherfuckers who spin these lies anymore is what it boils down to.

Let’s call it the male version of Mahatma Ghandi’s civil disobedience. Society expects us to work long hours and give up our entire lives to support a wealth redistributing state that heavily favors women, since Anglobitches rack up a whopping $100,000 to $250,000 deficit over the course of their vainglorious, sanctimonious lives? We adopt minimalism and skate by, happier than we ever would have been living lives of materialism trapped inside the sleep-work-spend cycle. Society expects us to contribute to 401k plans, Social Security, and other ponzi schemes that will leave most men chasing a carrot they’ll never capture? We become self-sufficient. So self sufficient we can work a few months a year and live the rest of the year doing what we want. That we can support ourselves in our old age with or without bankrupt Social Security and the bubble-prone stock market.

Think it can’t be done? Watch this YouTube video! We adapt by refusing a crappy deal. Here are a few ideas about how:

  • Purchase affordable housing (like the $10,000 tiny house plan, or a plan of your own) that doesn’t leave us neck deep in debt with a mortgage.
  • Start riding motorcycles (I personally own a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 which costs practically nothing to operate, gets 52 mpg, and costs $9 a month for insurance).
  • For those who have issues with bikes, start riding used cars (I personally own a 2001 Pontiac Firebird that I purchased in 2009 and have maintained immaculately – not only is it turning into a classic it’s saving me a boatload of money on transportation since the only time I ride it is due to inclement weather – when it’s too rainy to ride my bike).
  • Cook your own meals for better health and to save several hundred dollars a month over what it would cost to eat poorly prepared slop from the corporate trough.
  • Adopt hobbies that cost little to no money. Like mountain climbing, hiking, motorcycle road trips (or in a beat up pickup if you’re averse to bikes).
  • Refuse any long-term, legal commitments to women (including common law marriage) since paying later (i.e. after a frivorce) results in yet another wealth redistribution con game.
  • Start taking risks by doing things you want to do rather than by doing things the system says you “should” do or that women say you “should” do.
  • Travel extensively to see for yourself what a raw deal the Anglobitch and her enablers in the state have given you.

And on embracing male disposability, here are a few tentative ideas I have in mind for the next couple of years:

  • Climbing a major mountain peak (or peaks)
  • Skydiving
  • Spending time in India and Africa backpacking
  • Driving a big rig when I need money
  • Learning to hunt and fish
  • Becoming proficient with firearms
  • Learning survivalist strategies

In case you haven’t seen what I’ve accomplished already, I’ve done all this in just the past two years since telling the fake news industry to go fuck itself.

The long and short of the matter is men build up society for women’s benefit, but women have become so solipsistic in modern times they refuse to treat us like human beings. They only want the golden egg, while strangling the goose that lays it. This goose has decided to fly the coop rather than laying golden eggs. Women wanted the Have It All™ lifestyle. Now, they can truly have it all. All the responsibility, work, and sacrifice that goes along with running a well-functioning society.

I’ll be enjoying my life without the crushing weight of a woman and her problems and wastefulness tying me down.

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The “Official” Motorcycle of The New Modern Man: 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650


Speed, durability, economy: The trifecta that makes a Kawasaki Ninja 650 such a great choice

Motorcycles are perfect for minimalists.

Before getting started, I constantly hear about how dangerous motorcycles are. I know they’re dangerous. I guess I’m just a dangerous motherfucker then. Still, I enjoy riding them. In fact, I’d go as far as saying I prefer riding a bike over riding in a car. I’ve been riding for 4 years, and wish I started riding long before that. I don’t drive like a maniac, so I’ve been safe thus far. May I continue to have the same luck in the future.

Motorcycles are a fantastic way for the minimalist to save on transportation costs. My first bike, a $2,000 Ninja 250 – was a great investment and a hoot to drive. I sold it for what I paid for it: $2,000. So, it was like a got a free ride for two years and saved not only on wear and tear on my hot rod but also fuel costs.

Japanese bikes are especially good choices, because they’re practically bulletproof, parts are everywhere, and they’re super affordable. Proving my point, I just purchased this black and silver “The New Modern Man” themed 2012 Kawasaki Ninja at a local dealer in the States for $3,999 plus taxes, tags, and fees. I was out the door for less than $5,000 for a high quality, zippy, and very fun albeit practical bike with a scant 7,000 miles on the odometer.

About the only problem I encountered with the bike was needing to clean grease off the cogs and chain, as the previous owner thought greasing them was a good idea. It wasn’t. It created a huge mess and the grease was attracting dust and road grime, which would have prematurely worn these fast-moving parts out. Fortunately, a silicone-based lubricant melted off most of the grease while simultaneously lubing the O-rings in the chain.

Operating costs of a modern bike are negligible. Insurance costs me roughly $9 a month. Fuel costs are negligible. It costs me $7 to fill up my ride. I no longer fret short trips the way I used to in my car.

The riding position is comfortable, the Ninja has plenty enough power for my needs, as it does 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds, and has been getting around 52 mpg according to the digital dash. It also handles great on the curvy country roads near where I will be building a tiny house in a couple of years.

Of course, there are faster, fancier, and bigger bikes. But, this one meets my needs perfectly and is a blast to drive. Sport bikes are a great choice for minimalists who like to have some fun. That’s why it this gently used, low cost Ninja is the official bike of The New Modern Man. It’s a great bike, it’s affordable, it’s a good choice for the minimalist, and it offers free surges of testosterone with each flick of the throttle. Check out this video of a test ride of a Ninja 650 like mine if you’re interested in purchasing a bike yourself.

I plan on taking a road trip on the Ninja next time I’m in the States. Do you ride? Are you considering riding? Have you been using a motorcycle as part of your minimalist strategy?

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Is MGTOW the Ultimate Destination for Successful PUAs?


Is PUA a stepping stone to becoming a MGTOW?

Regular visitors to TNMM will know I’ve gone through a lot of women in the past few years since learning female nature, writing about it, and becoming a successful PUA. I really should have a turnstile installed in my bedroom to keep track of all the tail that’s in and out of there.

Before learning the crimson arts, I managed to get about 30 women into bed by the time I was 30 years old. But in the last few years, I’ve been getting more ass than a toilet seat. I got to a notch count of around 150 women before I stopped counting and writing them in on my list.

The latest development is I have become bored with women and the Game. Sex is still fun, and appealing, but I need less of it. Once a man has climbed the mountain, realized a cornucopia of sensual delights and how to make females feign attention in him, he realizes success can often be a stale finale.

My success with women – and staring into the toxic abyss that is female nature with each successful pick-up – has caused me to lean more towards living a MGTOW lifestyle lately.  I won’t reach the level of a MGTOW monk and I’ll still go through about a dozen women a year by my estimation (about one a month), but my interest in women continues to wane after gaining extensive experience with them. Women are empty souls. The writings of Schopenhauer first clued me in on female nature, and later I found the writings of J.D. Unwin as well as Briffault’s Law:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

  • Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.
  • Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit.
  • A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male.

From Briffault’s Law and the fact bad boys have higher notch counts than good guys, a man can glean that the essence of Game is this: If women don’t want to use men for resources (Betas) they want to try and tame them (Alphas and Sigmas). In short, Game is based on using innate female desire to manipulate and control men against them.

Once you realize women don’t see you as anything except something they can consume, try to tame, or exploit, the allure of sexual encounters with them starts to slip and the scales tip in favor of just avoiding them. The only thing most of them have to offer is sex. (And of course, children. But who wants to have children with Anglobitches dangling the Sword of Damocles i.e. state enslavement over a man’s head?) A man who is thoroughly experienced with women begins to see through every dissimulation, every trick, every game they play before they even make the attempt to move you like a pawn on the chessboard.

He knows how to short circuit the hamster. He even develops a sense of whether a chick is going to be a hot mamacita or a cold fish in bed before the encounter takes place. This man has even developed a sense of resentment towards women…but at the same time realizes he shouldn’t get mad at a predator for being a predator. Why would he get mad at a jaguar for being a jaguar?

But, he might be better off to just avoid the jaguar most of the time. (It’s always good to keep those PUA instincts honed, however, hence the most of the time reference.)

So, this conundrum does pose an interesting question. Do many, if not most successful PUAs eventually become MGTOWs once they’ve realized enormous success with women, and seen chicks for what they really are? I know I don’t want them in my life beyond occasional hook-ups. I’d much rather focus on activities and pursuits that make move me towards self-actualization on Maslow’s pyramid.

Sex is an important part of a man’s lifestyle. But sex and women should never be his final destination. Chicks are merely hedonistic, passing pleasures along the way.

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