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Why I Decided To Become A Big Rig Truck Driver 6 Months a Year


In search of work-life balance for the average guy

I may be the only Emmy-award winning newscaster who also holds a Class A Commercial Driver’s License and speaks Spanish fluently in the United States. Hot off Big Daddy Government’s press, I just got my CDL.

Earning my CDL was one of the most difficult endeavors I have attempted in my life, far more intense than the college degree I earned that I now loathe. The three-week courses aimed at finding fresh meat for the corporate meat grinder aren’t sufficient to train a man to drive a big rig with authority.

But I held on. I suffered training pay and all the growing pains. And now I feel like I can manage an 80,000 lb driving machine.

In any case, I’m back in The Matrix until June (other than taking March off to travel internationally) to investigate the practicality of a new lifestyle design for men that would allow them to work 6 months a year while traveling abroad 6 months, enjoying libertine cultures and women who have not yet been taught to hate men.

Sure I could stay on my island and enjoy life to the fullest. But there’s a lot of life to be lived and world to be seen. And this is about much more than just me. It’s about taking a stand and showing men how to live a life of financial and sexual freedom. Women had their liberation, now it’s time for ours.

English scholar Rookh Kshatriya eloquently detailed why modern men must learn to live for themselves and their own pleasure, until the “reset” button is pressed on male-female relations in the West, and especially Anglo-America – the mother of feminism:

For normal men, Anglo-Saxon culture is an inherently flawed creation. Everything about it from the ground up is designed to exalt women and denigrate men. There is nothing male-friendly in the existing Anglosphere; it has declared war on men politically, economically, conceptually and legally. There is nothing there of interest to men at all. The situation has deteriorated beyond tinkering with minutiae or putting the clock back – only complete rejection of pan-Anglosphere civilization and all its institutions, root and branch, can now serve the enlightened man effectively.

I’ve always been one to put my money where my mouth is. Before recommending this design to other men who want to escape a hateful Anglo culture but don’t know how, I want to live the life I’m going to be recommending to other men.

I can use my mental powers for the good of my masters or for my own good. I was so shit on by the great system everybody is supposed to worship I turned on it. In many ways, I am pumping and dumping the United States economy, since it no longer serves men’s interests.


Make fat stacks fast with virtually NO LIVING EXPENSES when you become an OTR trucker

Goal 1: $20,000 A Year, Earned in Only 4-6 Months

By American standards, $20,000 a year may sound like a paltry sum. But I know from experience living expenses abroad are most often $500 a month or less for a comfortable lifestyle. I’ve been living abroad in the Caribbean for nearly a year and a half, living a swinging, sexually fulfilled, dancing, drinking, happy existence with housing, food, Internet, utilities, and phone all covered by that amount.

Beyond that, anything I have leftover means its party time.

But why just $20,000? Because this is the point at which a man can both avoid paying a lot of income taxes and if he chooses, get on IBD (income-based deferment) for student loans he got ripped off on so he doesn’t have to pay them back. Moreover, $20,000 a year is enough that a man could live very well abroad on $10,000 for 6 months, invest the other $10,000 in growth stock mutual funds, and come back to The Matrix the following year to earn $20,000 more.

Don’t let anyone convince you a life of sex, drugs, and Salsa music won’t leave you fulfilled. Contrasted with the life of a run of the mill Beta male slave, it’s a fantastic way to enjoy one’s prime.


Any money you earn in the U.S. is multiplied 2x or 3x abroad

Goal 2: Travel The World the Other 6 Months

A slave never dreams to be FREE, a slave only dreams to be king of the ant hill most people spend their lives trying to climb. Stop being a slave and start living the life of a free man.

With $20,000 I will have more than enough money to travel to four continents this year. This is above and beyond visiting virtually every major American city in my big rig, enjoying everything from the Bunny Ranch to random (and free!) hookups with strippers that I use PUA techniques on. (Oh, and before the haters pile on, I dated daughters of executives, daughters of well-connected families and the like when I was a mainstream media guy back in the day. I was so horrified of the “good girls” and the slavery they expected of me by virtue of their association with me I defected and decided to live a life as a free man until the cultural situation changes.)

How does a man live an awesome life on that amount? First off, any money you make in the states can be multiplied by taking it abroad. Second, once a man purges his mind of the materialism and consumerism he has been indoctrinated with from childhood and instead chooses to live a life of minimalism, he will discover the fact his money buys freedom.

Most of the world lives on a fraction of what Americans live on. A little money extracted from here goes a long way somewhere else. Corporations aren’t the only entities that can outsource. I just consider this my way of evening the score.


Surveying the cultural Titanic as it sinks is another goal of this venture

Goal 3: Survey The Ship

Captains of sailing vessels in the past used to survey the ship before a hopeless battle. In many ways, my trek across America is my way of surveying nearly every state and every major city to make sure I haven’t missed anything when it comes to women and the Anglo cultural obsessions with shopping and eating out.

So far, in the 40+ states I’ve visited while driving and while working with the media, I’ve seen only fleeting, exceedingly rare exceptions to the poor relations between the sexes. Most of the time, women adhere to the feminist script we discuss in the manosphere.

As an example for what passes as a “date” these days, I am in and out of Utah hauling freight and recently stopped by a SWPL restaurant. I was treated to this episode going on at the table beside me. I saw one of the “good Mormon girls” thoroughly de-balling her dinner date as she talked to him in a condescending manner, as if he was a job applicant rather than a potential boyfriend or husband. I felt bad for the guy, and would have refused to pay for this woman’s dinner as I walked out the door and left her sitting there. But he paid for it, took the verbal badgering, and walked out with a defeated look on his face. Why in HELL do men put up with this? This guy is well on his way to frivorce rape by virtue of his association with this harridan.

When I dated the “high class” girls I always felt like a pawn in their stupid little games. So I learned to bypass all the ridiculous sophistry and go straight for the red (or is it pink? – heh) meat of the matter.


Teaching others to fly the coop of misandry and sexual repression is a worthy aim

Lifestyle Design

Beyond the personal goals of fattening my bank account, traveling the world, and surveying the ship, the core purpose of this venture is to help design a solid plan for men who want to work part time and travel part time.

Men often give up and resign to the fact they’ll always be doing someone else’s bidding rather than living a personally fulfilling lifestyle. I nearly succumbed to this myopia myself in my late 20s, before I got angry and decided to extricate myself from a system that was abusing me at any cost. The goal is to allow men to give the finger to a system that hates them and villainizes them in all its narratives.

Becoming a part-time trucker ticks a number of check marks on the lifestyle design page.

  • A near perfect lifestyle for the single man who wants to be a roaming nomad instead of a nester
  • Avoids paying excessive income taxes into the beast
  • Allows men to dodge student loans if they wish
  • Provides an excellent income if spent abroad
  • Allows a man to work half the time and live half the time
  • CDL drivers are in such demand a driver with a clean record can fall ass backwards into a job
  • A man doesn’t need to pay rent or other expenses beyond what he eats as he can live in the sleeper of the truck
  • A man becomes in effect, a migrant worker who only comes to the U.S. to earn cash

I’ve personally found this move to be much more personally rewarding than being a “TV star” ever was, as I know I’m doing this for me and I know it keeps me out of the system.

For now, that’s the latest from Relampago on the road. I’ll be in the air the second half of the year enjoying myself. This is a cause much greater than oneself. This is a project in creating a Renaissance of male freedom.

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Give Your Worst To The Modern Woman

Ameriwhores deserve to be treated like the sluts they are

Ameriwhores deserve to be treated like the sluts they are

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Today’s man who wishes to indulge or parlay with the modern woman should do so by giving her what she deserves. The absolute worst of you.  By any objective standard of measurement, women today simply don’t measure up.  Not only are they piss poor examples of potential mates to produce healthy offspring.  They are actually strong liabilities for men who naturally want to produce Family and Legacy.

I have written about the horribly damaging effects to children that single mothers gluttonously provide here.

However I have not been shy in saying that ultimately it falls on us men to change the culture.  We do this by neglecting to support the cultural norms foisted upon us by a parasitic class of international elitists.  This means leaving single mothers, skanks, and the variety of worthless women out in the bitter cold and chilling consequences of their terrible decisions.

This means standing strong and firm beside other unapologetic men who hate the modern zeitgeist with a furious passion.  This means aggressively punishing weak males who behave as white knights and enablers of reckless women gone pathetically crude and irredeemably wild.

A New Standard

For men who still have the brazen will to create the vision inside their hearts.  We must establish a new standard for acceptable behaviors.  The only way to do this is by forming small communities or tribes which are patriarchal, detached from the system and opposed to it.

What is patriarchy if not men coming together for the best benefit to themselves and their families?  If every man goes off by himself and never returns.  All we have done is become atomized, individualistic and rootless wanderers.  This may be necessary for a time but it is not the end destination.

The king must return to stake his claim.  We must reconquer our own lands.  There is a natural evolution which I have seen occur within myself and as well as other men who take the red pill.

I will use Roosh as an example here.  A man who started out just to get laid and pick up skanks has been transformed in a matter of years into a wiser more future-time oriented man who knows about the biological power of Family and Legacy.

Abandoning Dead Ideals

Part of the red pill man’s journey is realizing that the notion of post Victorian romantic love is nothing but a fairy tale illusion to weaken you immeasurably.  This delusion damage has seeped into our psyche and we must rid ourselves of it’s poison to obtain freedom.

I have written about this before.  Macchiavelli said that while to be both feared and loved is ideal.  If one had to choose between the two, it is best to be feared.

Love is transient and fickle.  People love their cars, their tv shows, their shoes.  The fuck does it matter if someone says they love you?  Especially coming from a fickle female.

Why did we ever as men give a rat’s ass about that?

The answer is simple.  We have accepted the lies constantly force fed down our open gullets since childhood.  You must spit the poison out.  Obnoxiously vomit up all this garbage right onto the faces of every New World Faggot.

This is what I mean by giving them your worst.

Fear however is not some lofty ideal we wax poetic about.  Not some warm fuzzies we feel with increased dopamine and seratonin levels in our bodies.  It is the biological reaction to the violent smash of a pistol butt upside your fucking skull.  The unconscious expulsion of urination in your pants to immediate and soul shattering realities which threaten your oh so precious life.

Only a weak man lets his bitch boss him around, don't be that guy, be this one

Only a weak man lets his bitch boss him around, don’t be that guy, be this one

Enforcing Your Own Rules

Once you have just a few strong men covering your flanks and your six, you have a powerful force which can then exert it’s own rules within the immediate surroundings.  Masculine men instinctively know what must be done and who must be punished when the immutable laws of Men are transgressed.

When men form these kinds of groups, it is of prime importance that weaker males be excluded or forced to achieve an acceptable level of personal grit, integrity and machismo.  These can be established through initiatory forms and rituals designed to kindle the flames of righteous anger in the initiate.  An anger that will motivate and propel one towards aggressive achievement and rapid self overcoming.

To build and maintain these tribes is the first essential step towards becoming the Rule.  Women will gravitate towards strength and force.  Especially when economic or social conditions deteriorate.  These facts are easily witnessed through a cursory study of history.  That many fail to see or do not even wish to see the great darkness looming behind their colorful draperies is blind delusion.

The World They Asked For

The masses, thoroughly manipulated have been clamoring for a dark dark world.  A selfish, atomized, soulless borg which thinks not for their care bear rainbows and pretty little pony shows.

I for one hope they receive this world.  By all means they deserve it.

Which is why I make sure to do my part in giving to those who’ve asked it, the absolute WORST I can possibly give to them.  The most selfish me.  The most obnoxiously arrogant, belligerent and disdainful bastard is what I’m giving back to the dead eyes of these New World Zombies.

It’s all so hilarious isn’t it?

To see people so pathetically domesticated and disgustingly servile.  No will to power in their hearts whatsoever!

Let the slaves serve I say!

Aristotle said the natural state of man is slavery.

What then is it for such slaves to be your slaves?  Food for thought.

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The Sublime Beauty Of The Housewife


Few things are more beautiful than housewives

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Much has been said about the sorry state of western women.  Many men are turning off and tuning out from a system designed to demonize them.  While I support starving the system and otherwise withdrawing any hands of provision to the western whore.  I also support anything which serves to uplift women into the best roles for themselves, their families and society as a whole.  As men we know that female behavior is dependent on the males who are the real culture creators and lawgivers.  We cannot have an upright and upward striving people if we do not FORCE our women to follow the roles best suited for them.  For any red pilled man we know beyond any shadow of doubt that female bad behavior will never rectify itself on it’s own.

In fact said behavior is a direct reflection of the society and the males they grow up around.  So, the only way to change this malignant strain of inferior specimens is to first cut off all support from undesirables(weak males and carousel riding career skanks).  Then we must at the same time offer the right way for them to behave and encourage and guide them into the roles to which biology and God has created them for.

The Housewife

I am fortunate that even before I was thoroughly red pilled I still made it a point to surround myself with the types of men who were similar to me or even further along the path.  Because of this I have direct observational experience at witnessing the sublime beauty of the Housewife and her happiness at making home and hearth her dwelling place.  A labor of love she endures in giving birth to her husband’s children and also making the home an inviting and nurturing place for her little ones.  While the husband is off to do the work of his calling she keeps herself busy aiding him in clerical duties and the immense work of  caring for their future.

The housewife is truly a role only fit for women who bear the most regal standard in their hearts.  The highest calling to which her biology agrees.  Her womb is the future of her and her husband’s genetic legacy, as well as their people as a whole.  To treat her body and the fruit of her womb with the kind of disdain we see from women today is only fit for the most retrograde and recalcitrant death cult mutants.  I have seen with my own eyes the joy of the housewife in preparing dinner for her family.  We as men must reinforce this role with any suitable women we may find and also aggressively encourage our friends and family to do the same.


Slut shaming was one of the ways society effectively controlled wild female sexuality in the past

Bringing Back Shame

One of the largest motivating factors to shape female behavior is societal shame.  As men it is our duty to bring back the social stigma attached to loose women along with the abusive mockery and debasement suited for these types of sewer rats.  Yes we must shame them relentlessly!

Before we direct our ire towards these wayward women, we must first target our anger and our contempt at the weak males who enable this sort of behavior in women.  That means as a man you must with horrifying aggression attack the white knight faggot wherever you may find him.  I have written about this recently in my piece about punching a white knight in the face.

Everywhere we look today there seems to be an endless throng of “nasty” women screeching from their bullhorns their great delight in attaining the status of a wretched harridan.  We must point, laugh and sneer with open disgust at them.  When the grotesque blob of low t males come to her defense we must unleash all of our rage and anger upon every last one.  Do not let these punks escape your wrath!  For the great black hole of terrible female behavior is a direct result of these types of males.  They must never be allowed to escape judgement.

A Man Brings Judgement

The masculine principle is Order.  That is what we bring to the world.  When said world is completely out of balance and lacking in order we must bring down fiery judgement on all the sinners.  We must cast them to the hell of their terrible decisions without remorse.  No one is going to change our world except for us.  Sitting by hoping and praying that one day women will see the light and repent of their behavior is the want of the weakling.  If we see that something in our world needs to change it is on US to make it happen!

If we have seen the orderly and righteous house that belongs to a man and his loving housewife.  We must with all our strength work tirelessly to bring it to realization in our own lives and the world around us.  We simply cannot wait for anyone else to do it for us.

For modern women I am sure that many if not all you have witnessed the abject fear and revulsion that is caused in the modern harlot anytime that word JUDGEMENT is used on her.  The wicked witches of the west recoil like hideous ghouls to such ego obliterating truths.

We must aim this weapon like Poseidon rising up from the depths, hurling a Trident of Truth right through their mother fucking skulls.

If you don’t have the balls to smash a white knight’s face in or publicly point and shame a ho then don’t you ever open that mouth to complain.  You are either the hand of reckoning to bring down ruthless judgement on a twisted world full of human insects.  Or you’re just another fuckboy awaiting your day of annihilation.  Either way.

Judgement is coming!

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Nature Saves Heredities That Work, Rejects Those That Don’t


Shielding any organism from reality only makes it weak

If there is one constant on this 4.5 billion year old rock we find ourselves inhabiting, it’s that nature saves those heredities that work, and rejects those that don’t. The game we are playing is one of survival. If one is searching for the meaning of life, this is about as real as it gets. Survival is what our entire lives are about, for life exists to propagate life.

This is why modern liberalism and feminism are a blight and abomination on the human species. They’re both suicidal. These ideologies push the insane ideals that life isn’t worth living, that certain ethnic groups are evil while others possess superior virtue, and that babies are nasty stumbling blocks on the road to living a gluttonous and avaricious lifestyle.

Remember, gluttony and avarice are two of the seven deadlies in Western myth and religion for a reason. Together with other so-called “deadly sins” they’re killing the West. Incidentally, the West also has pride and sloth in spades.

As a result of the total disregard for the importance of family and the continuity of the human species it represents, the West has devolved into a death cult in that it believes acquisition of useless material possessions and conspicuous consumption of everything from meals in a restaurant to box cutter sedans to iPhones is the be-all, end all of human existence.

Meantime, the flower of procreation wilts and dies away, like the eggs in so many Anglobitchs’ wombs. White people are literally fading away, dying off the planet. Let that be a warning to other ethnic groups who would follow in West’s vaingloriousness.

Feminism is destined to go extinct, and it will take all those who practice it or even tolerate it along with it. Designed as a population control technique in the 1960s, it has morphed into a metastasizing cancer.

Only the fittest will survive this latest shit test of nature.


Every animal on the planet has the will to survive, except modern day Westerners who are willingly committing suicide

Survival of the Fittest

Rather than follow the rest of society into destruction, some of us realize the intrinsic happiness family will bring and the biological imperative reproduction is.

The real reason feminists are marching in the street in the Trump era has more to do with mass female hysteria brought on by childlessness than it does any grievances that have merit. The Anglobitch is among the coddled individuals in human history, and her exorbitant, Empowered™ lifestyle means she now has the power to destroy not only herself but the very family her mother and grandmother cherished.

And that is exactly what she is doing, for in no country on the planet where there is a historical white majority are there enough babies being born to sustain the population.

This is the root of her misery. For women exist to create and nourish the next generation of human beings, not to mindlessly shuffle bureaucratic paperwork around or labor in vain like a man for resources. She knows not why she is miserable and unfulfilled with the things the world told her would make her happy. But this is why. She is missing the glory of motherhood.

That said, rather than try to save them from themselves, we must let the fools’ gene pools die with them, and be content with the fact we are the men who will survive this latest shit test from nature. We will find the women who have not succumbed to the sicknesses of the West to be the propagators of our genes.

The future belongs to those whose children will be in it. The future belongs to us. Herbert Spencer, who coined the phrase “Survival of the Fittest” knew the game well:

The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future. The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools.

Spencer would no doubt be mortified at mass scale cuckoldry being placed on the backs of literally millions of would-be fathers, and the propagation of fools and weaklings the ensuing welfare state causes.

Disturbingly, the mindless blob of protoplasm that makes up most of America, the unthinking and unquestioning Beta males who are the tax base the slave masters at the apex of the corporate-government complex depend on, trudge on through mediocre, increasingly sexless, and statistically sterile lives.

The gynocracy gorges itself on the largesse created by these unwanted men. Spencer knew what this system really represents.

All socialism involves slavery. That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labours under coercion to satisfy another’s desires.

Indeed, the modern Beta male labors to satisfy the demands of a massively bloated government, of feminists who benefit from his labor and the tax money a gynocentric beast steals from him, and yet he lives an existence as a loathed individual. He is the subject of contempt of those who exploit him.

For no one respects a slave.


Throw off the chains that would make you a lesser man than your ancestors

Be Bold, Be Bold, and Everywhere be Bold

Let no one tell you having a family and having continuity is outdated or no longer important. Those are words sold to slaves.

A man without posterity is a man who lives a dead-end lifestyle, and he betrays the death-defying survival instincts of better men than him who found a way to survive and thrive in such catastrophes as wars, plagues, famine, natural disaster, and heartless women of centuries and millenia past.

The modern man is much too coddled, and perhaps that is the problem to begin with. His survival instincts have been dulled by his success in the battle with nature. He has plenty of eat and a plethora of comfort maximizing gadgets, but his spirit is empty. He’s lost his mojo. He must realize this is a battle that never ends. He not only must fight the bitch known as Mother Nature, he must also fight other men who only see him as a tool to use for their own self-aggrandizement and glory. Being an obedient slave, although one that is treated decently, is not the life of a real man.

What a shame it truly is that a magnificent 4.5 billion year old epic of genetic survival ends with weak men and brainwashed women. But the strong amongst us will survive, and even thrive in this environment.

The new modern man must never succumb to the wishes of his masters, but remain loyal to his wishes and to the only constant that ever mattered on planet Earth. That constant is survival.

Men have moved heaven and earth in the past to ensure their genetic legacy does not die with them, a failure that would be totally disrespectful of his ancestors who survived the worst the universe had to throw at them with aplomb.

For I can tell you from experience there is nothing that lights a fire inside a man as looking into the eyes of his son or daughter, a new human being ready to take on all the possibilities and the pitfalls of existence anew. Knowing that he not only survived the test, but he passed it with flying colors as he captured a sexy woman of his choosing and she willingly carried his legacy in her womb for nine months.

That is a heredity that works. The ones that don’t will lay by the wayside of death. Creating beautiful and strong progeny is the most satisfying thing a mentally and physically healthy man and woman can ever accomplish in life.

There is nothing quite so beautiful in life, gentlemen, as your own children. Material possessions, money, and power are empty accolades if you have no posterity to look you in the eye with respect and love when you fade away into the blackness that pervades this entire universe.

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I Just Don’t Give a Fuck: Doing the Opposite


Today I openly enjoy threesomes, but in my Beta “nice guy” days I was a One Woman Man

The biggest change of my life occurred when I decided to stop giving a fuck. I have good reasons for not giving a fuck, and good reasons to be angry. (Incidentally, I vent my anger with my writing. I’m actually a very happy individual.)

First off, I sold out the first half of my life chasing the myths and fantasies put into my head from childhood about the wonders of the vaunted college degree and how it would change my life, and how following the system’s advice would make me healthy, wealthy and wise.


Society’s myths are sold to credulous simps it seeks to mold into profit-producing slaves, chained by the fear of losing everything they worked for if and when they ever wake up to the reality of the nightmare we are all in.

It was a good decade or so after completing all the hoop-jumping the system told me to do before I realized the exact opposite of their feted commands was what I needed to be doing with my life. The inner rebel finally appeared. I am now preaching the evangel to men everywhere, in hopes it might save them from being exploited by the corporate-government complex and bitches everywhere. I’m preaching male empowerment and personal freedom.

Here’s some background on my journey from nice guy Beta to ZFG Sigma. Maybe it can help you.


Wearing a business suit making $28,000 a year, my life in the media

Lied to About Work

Rather than partying and fucking everything that walked in my college years, I spent my time being responsible and “studying” while working at least one and often two jobs to finance myself.  Later, when I landed the “good job” everyone thought I had, I made shit pay.

Here I was, a local TV star making $28,000 a year with $25,000 in student loans. Through perseverance, a highly rated news program and an Emmy Award which made us #1 in a highly competitive market, I had managed to climb to the astonishing salary of $39,000 a year after “only” 5 years. That’s less than the median salary nationwide. School teachers made more than me. Truckers made more than me. I felt like such an imposter getting up there on TV and acting like all was well in my world everyday, when in reality I could barely pay for a meager existence.

Then I committed the cardinal sin. I asked for $50,000 a year after I found out a subordinate was making that much. My contract was not renewed, the management didn’t tell me until the last minute and the next thing I knew my ass was in bankruptcy court. Ironically, I got the $50,000 at the next station in a larger city, but by then I didn’t care anymore.

Things began to change inside me. After being used and abused I moved to my next stop on the TV star tour with an eye on escaping this existence. As an added incentive for me to GTFO, the Racial Bolshevism the media have become famous for incessantly drove home the point that I was an evil son of a bitch for being white and having a dick, in drive-by news hit piece after hit piece. I spent the next few years paying off my bankruptcy (I never got anything for free in life) while devising a plan to extricate myself from the web of lies that had turned me into a farm animal rather than a man.

I was fed up with the cage I was in, and decided to break out at any cost. I did, and the result is this blog, my sex-filled new life on a tropical island, occasional indulgence in cocaine, frequent indulgence in wine and cigar, working on my terms rather than theirs, happier than I would have ever been following the life script we are all told to go by.

Never again will I return to the complete disaster that is the television news industry, an industry in which there is an epidemic of suicide once other poor bastards like me realize the pulp fiction it subsists on is nothing but a facade. Here’s a short list of the suicides that have occurred in the past few years:

  • Nick Wiltgen, The Weather Channel
  • John Winter, WLFA meteorologist
  • Don Harman, Fox 4 Kansas City News
  • Bob Richards, KDSK-TV
  • Russel Bird, KTVZ-TV

There are 57 other suicides of journalists here.

I had some realizations along the way as I awakened to realize the cage I had been placed into with my wonderful college degree and “you’re lucky to have it” job.

The camera needs to be turned around on the mountainous, steaming pile of garbage this industry is. The social predators who inhabit news rooms love airing out the disgraces and dirty laundry of others, now it’s time for their dirty laundry to be aired out. And there’s plenty of it, believe me. News personalities are some of the most duplicitous game players you’ll ever meet, but they carry around a lot of deep, dark secrets. I would enjoy nothing more than seeing the cruel light of reality turned around on the vermin in the media, just to show the world what imposters most of them are.

After clawing my way out of this industry and the bankruptcy it foisted on me, I just don’t give a fuck about playing the career game anymore.


It’s not your fault you’re no good with women, you’ve been lied to about their nature your entire life

Lied to About Women

I wasn’t always the womanizing asshole I’ve turned into. No, in my younger days I played things straight, held women up on a pedestal, treated them better than I treated myself. All I wanted was a good wife and a couple of beautiful kids. Was that really so much to fucking ask of the Anglobitch?

How was I repaid after putting forth my best effort with women? With loneliness, financial abuse, and emotional torment.

It took a good 10-15 years after high school for me to realize the script men are given about women is totally screwed up. I often wondered when I was in college why women would just walk over top of an attractive, good guy like me. I wanted to be good to them! Why wouldn’t they notice me?

Then I noticed attractive young college girls going back to the dorm with guys that looked like thugs and listening to the sounds of them moaning as they fucked each others brains out. I wasn’t totally left out, I did manage to bang several cute girls in college but my sex life in my Beta college days was overall a dry, dry desert.

Along came the manosphere. It wasn’t long before I realized, yet again, everything I had been told was a lie.

My own research yielded the following bombshells. I frequently touch on the knowledge of Freud, Unwin, Briffault, and Tesla, as these men give the wisdom we discuss in the manosphere some scientific and psychological gravitas. The topics we discuss and the complaints we have about women aren’t just a bunch of guys sitting around making things up. These men proved women bring this to the table of any relationshit:

Once I realized the setup of this cruel game, I started exploiting it to my advantage. Being an asshole has paid dividends. Since becoming a player in the game, I’ve bedded over 100 women, most of them under age 30.

I’m happier because I don’t put up with the manipulation, emotional drama, and cheating other men put up with. I have my freedom, and accept the fact the Anglobitch has turned herself into a sex object of her own volition. It’s not my fault. I just pump and dump. So should you. Well, that or run off the Anglobitch’s plantation altogether.

So, I ended saying again, “I just don’t give a fuck” about being the nice guy and the disposable meal ticket.


Doing the opposite worked for George Costanza, and it’s working for me

Moving On

I just don’t give a fuck as become my new motto, just like Eminem. Meantime, Bukowski’s idea to “Drink, write, and fuck” has become my new creed.

I am sick to death with the system that stole half my life. I’m reserving the other half to do what I want. What do I want to do? Chase skirts, travel the world, live well on nothing, avoid paying as much money into the system as I can by earning a low income (by American standards, which incidentally gives me a great life abroad) and write.

I feel like my life is finally coming together in a meaningful and badass way. Like I’m on the verge of realizing something truly great in the next few years. I’m so glad I abandoned the life script that would have kept me in someone else’s cage and embraced a life of zero fucks given risk taking, pushing myself to do new things rather than accepting a subpar existence. All the experiences, the hard knocks, and of course the sexy ladies will be in my writings, and later a novel. I also want to be the champion of other men who have been shafted by this setup.

Comically, the wisdom of George Costanza applies, that if I do the very opposite of what the system tells me to do I’ll be a happier man.

Jerry Seinfeld: If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.

George Costanza: Yes, I will do the opposite. I used to sit here and do nothing, and regret it for the rest of the day, so now I will do the opposite, and I will do something.

George Costanza: [He goes over to the woman] Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice that you were looking in my direction.

Victoria: Oh, yes I was. You just ordered the same exact lunch as me.

George Costanza: [Takes a deep breath] My name is George. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.

Victoria: I’m Victoria. [In a sexy tone of voice] Hi!

Indeed, doing the opposite has markedly improved my life. I believe it can do the same for millions of other men. Rather than giving a fuck, we should stop giving a fuck and do whatever makes us happy. Like having threesomes on a tropical island. That shit makes me happy.

It might make a social justice warrior’s head explode, though. Bonus.

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