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America is Not a Nation Anymore, It’s a Business


It’s the battle of culture vs. consumption. Currently, consumption is winning

There’s no culture anymore. It was sold out in a clearance sale last week.

There’s no fun or wonder about life anymore, either. Sure, people put on pretenses that they’re happy and having fun. But one only need visit any town in America (I’ve been to nearly every state) and the illusion is quickly destroyed.

People just grunt when you greet them on the street as they mindlessly work 40, 50, or 60 hours a week to line the walls of their own personal, materialistic prisons.

Families are breaking down. The government is becoming tyrannical. Politicians betray their voters every election cycle. Women become faker by the year with everything from Cloroxed hair to ass implants to well-practiced personalities. Feminized manlets are almost as into gossip and intrigue as the women at your local hair salon. The national obsession is the next gadget or overpriced meal.

It seems the Holy Bible was right. Money is the root of all evil. If a culture shifts to worshipping it, that is. TNMM commenter Tony200 puts it this way: As for America; it is like Seinfeld – a show about nothing. Except Seinfeld was funny.

What else is there in dystopian America other than consumption? Shopping for shit we don’t need and eating excessive amounts of food – that’s making us the fattest sons of bitches in the history of the human race. And yet we are told by the media how lucky we are to be living here on a daily basis.


What about those of us who crave culture, female companionship, and personal freedom? Those of us who don’t want to be job slaves? Those of us who want to live in a community and a nation rather than a business?

This sellout culture is literally selling out its humanity so it can produce more crap. Never is a thought given to judging quality of life in non-economic terms. This is due in part to the foundation of Western society being the Faustian quest for infinity, as explained by Spengler in TNMM’s Decline of the West series. The West is pursuing an infinity of money and material goods, and that is killing it.

Nothing matters except the Puritan-derived work ethic, sexlessness, and cyclical consumption. A man comes to realize America is not so much a nation anymore as it is a 24/7 business. One might say all nations are businesses at the end of the day, and that opinion has some validity to it.  The problem is America is making every interaction between humans more and more transactional as each year passes by.

Want lettuce and tomato on that burger? It will cost you extra. Want to drive on the Interstate your tax money supposedly pays for? Those are electronic toll roads now. Coming soon…want to have a child? You have to get a permit for that.


The concept of “enough” money doesn’t exist in an avaricious culture


Greed and its cousin materialism are destroying the nation and the Caucasian race. Primarily because of female lust for material goods and gutless men refusing to tell them to stop acting like children, stomping their feet on the floor demanding material goods now, now, now!

The New Modern Man logo represents the ongoing battle between Justice and Greed. As described by Carl Sagan, this sculpture inside the Royal Palace of Amsterdam has a deeper meaning.

It depicts Justice flanked by Death and Punishment triumphing over Greed and Envy, the gods of the merchants; the unrestrained pursuit of profit poses serious threats to the soul of a nation.

America has no soul anymore. It is a profit producing machine that’s putting humanity through the meat grinder. Of course, major problems arise when a nation is unduly imbalanced on the greed side of the equation.

By the way, when it comes to materialistic women, don’t hold your breath for men to grow a backbone. If there’s one thing the trucking world has taught me, it’s that white men like to act tough but most of them are quite weak these days.

The solution for the man who wants out of the madhouse before it takes them to hell along with the rest of the sheeple? Thoughtful men should shift to the margins of society. When a man shifts from a life of consumption to a life of minimalism, life transforms from a mind-boggling ordeal to a fulfilling journey. Happiness and satisfaction with life will increase. Charles Bukowski said it best:

The less I needed, the better I felt.

Thoughtful men should also travel to experience the world untainted by a century of mass consumerism and get their share of femininity while supplies last. There’s at least a chance the beast of materialism will take over the world and put the very survival of the human race into doubt as there’s never enough money or power for the psychopaths who brought us to these dire straits we now find ourselves in as a nation.

Trashing the illusions society has programmed into men from birth is not a simple thing to do. In fact, most sheeple will never reach this plateau of existence. However, for those men who do, their lives will be given back to them. This begins with trashing the illusions the Anglo media gives us about the fat, bitchy, and materialistic women in our nation.

TNMM commenter Erik gives us an eyewithness report from the Rockies:

I had to go downtown for business today. Denver area. Ran into you-go-grrrrls, a fattie who scowled when I said hello, old post-menopausal women cackling amongst themselves, and one particularly manly woman who whistled nonstop. Dystopian nightmare. Gods…

As has been said before, feminism has made modern women worthless beyond their anatomy. And greed has consumed the average American’s humanity and dignity.

The modern man should purge the toxicity of both plagues from his life. By cleansing the dead weight of women (beyond casual sex) and materialism from life, a man regains his dignity. If enough men do this, we can return to having a nation rather than a coast to coast shopping mall.

Women will never be able to do the heavy lifting of the economy (in male-dominated fields like mining, etc.) because they only want jobs in which they can wear fancy clothes and have unwarranted authority. Without men willingly turning themselves into slaves by buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like, the plantation system will fall apart.

And we might just have a nation again.

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In A Broken America, Only The Dishonorable Are Rewarded


When a man supports the system but gets fucked by it rather than rewarded, he either Goes Galt or turns into Walter White

John Edwards, the disgraced, slack-jawed lawyer turned Senator was fond of telling his populist “Two Americas” story before his life imploded with – you guessed it – another classically Anglo-American sex scandal. Squeamish about all things sex as this overly repressed culture is (when people actually have sex rather than looking at it on a screen or advertisement), and as worshipful as it is of women, how many men have we seen brought down in the last generation by sex scandals? That’s a story in and of itself, but we’ll discuss that another time.

Edwards’ story did have some merit to it:

During the campaign, I spoke often of the two Americas: the America of the privileged and the wealthy, and the America of those who lived from paycheck to paycheck. I spoke of the difference in the schools, the difference in the loan rates, the difference in opportunity.

It needs to be revised, however.

Let’s tell a tale of two Americas. A story that is never told in the lamestream media and by lying politicians. The story of what happens to a man who makes a solid effort to pull himself up by the bootstraps and earn himself a slot in the middle class, and the story of a guy who mooches or government dibsmedat programs, fucks hoes and enjoys recreational drugs. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you can pay for it yourself!)


Metallica said it best: New blood joins this earth, and quickly he’s subdued, through constant pained disgrace, the young boy learns their rules

Beta Provider Guy

Meet Contestant #1. He was instilled with a solid work ethic from youth. He’s worked since he was old enough to be of use to anyone, and started “official” employment at age 16. All while earning top grades in school and prepping himself for college. Totally ignored by women in his teens, he is assured that if he “does the right thing” there will be a reward waiting for him at the end of his long road.

He endures liberalism in the public education system and suppresses all his natural male instincts to fit into the female-favoring education environment. He spends the best years of his life studying rather than partying, staying out of trouble rather than enjoying the rowdy lives boys want to live, and graduates college 4 years later with a rubber stamp and an average of $30,000 in debt. Not to worry, with his newfound credentials, he’ll be able to pay off his debt and earn his place in the middle class.

Well, not so fast. The industrious, give 100% go-getter WILL BE punished with today’s Socialist schemes.

The more he earns, the less he gets to keep thanks to a progressive income tax scheme. Even with his median $43,000 a year salary, he finds himself nothing more than an indebted rat in a wheel, spinning as fast as he can only to watch money come in and money go out each pay period. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your student loan guarantor. It’s time to start making $300 a month student loan payments. He soon discovers he is trapped by rather than freed by his education and J-O-B.

He still can’t get laid without making Herculean efforts since women find him BORING because he works 70 hours a week and has no free time on the side to do anything except sleep. Bitches don’t realize Betas are boring because they have to be to keep the world they enjoy functioning.

It doesn’t take too many years before he has a Walter White moment, realizing the system he faithfully supported has fucked him, and at the same time turned him into a villain because of his “success” in the economy. His job is soon off-shored to India and he finds himself filing bankruptcy.


Who’s smarter? The hard-working Beta who gets taken advantage of by the system, or the layabout who takes advantage of the system

Total Loser Guy

Meet Contestant #2. Total loser guy does whatever the fuck he wants from boyhood through adolescence into adulthood. Of course, women find this irresistible. Total loser guy spends his teens in and out of trouble with the law. He can’t keep women off him because every girl loves a bad boy. He knocks one up. Then another. Then another.

He can’t pay his child support, though. That’s okay, the tax money from the try-hard dupe will cover his kids’ expenses. And his exes don’t pursue him for back child support in the court system because he doesn’t have any money for them to take. He’s in and out of different jobs until he “gets injured” on the job, sues, and then fakes a disability and goes on Social Security Disability.

Even though he does nothing but lay around and smoke weed, he doesn’t go without women because they come offer and offer themselves to him to get into some of his stash. He scams tax-free money on the side selling dope, paying no taxes on what he earns.

This guy gets taken care of for life, because he’s “disabled.” It’s not his fault the system failed him.


This is why we can’t have nice things

More than Hyperbole

This is exactly how our government works in America. People who are industrious, give 110% go-getters are punished for their industriousness while those who contribute nothing to society are rewarded with free money. Well, as we all know, nothing is truly free as the government steals tax dollars from the contributors to society and “redistributes” it to those who are “less fortunate.”

This story might sound like a farce but it’s about half autobiographical. I’ve personally lived and seen much of what is written here.

It goes without saying women also avail themselves of the industriousness of Contestant #1 as most government spending benefits women. This system is unsupportable, and an abomination on free men. Politicians do not care that the oblivious Beta Provider Guy is being screwed over by their system, because his tax money is how they maintain their power. As long as they can buy Total Loser Guy’s vote, and Beta Provider Guy stays quiet, politicians and other miscreants can continue to ride the gravy train.

That is, until a man gets fed up and decides to work only to support himself and his interests, to starve the beast of the lifeblood it needs – his industriousness and tax dollars. Here’s a revelation: It’s doesn’t take much for a man to live on. Through the evangel of minimalism, men can turn this system on its ear. Find yourself enslaved by the economic system? Take a page from the corporate playbook and downsize what they’re selling out of your life. You don’t need ANY of what they’re selling beyond food to eat, clothes on your back, and a modest roof over your head.

All it takes is a critical mass of John Galts and Walter Whites to emerge and it’s Game Over for abusing the productive men in society. Just like the mooches, CEOs, princesses, and government larcenists, former hard-working, tax-paying, honest men who have been shit on will start to fist fuck what they want out of this economy. When a critical mass of former worker bees starts behaving like everyone else, the best laid plans of mice and men and government officials will go awry.

I’ve already made my fist with my trucking and living abroad half the year plan. Have you?

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Liberal Men More Likely to Be Cucks


Liberal men are much more likely to be willing cucks

Weakness and degeneracy. That describes the left, in a nutshell. No surprise then that a study just found liberal men are more likely to be willing cucks. As reported by Milo:

A new French study has found that left-wingers are more likely to engage in partner swapping and group sex while right-wingers are typically more dominant in relationships.

Here’s the data from polling organization IFOP.

The number of swingers among leftists (23%) is more than double the number of swingers in the average population (9%). The survey goes on to state that other sexual activities popular among leftists include polyamorous relationships and “encounters which lack any emotional dimension.”

That already high number is likely higher when one considers those are the number of men who admitted OVER THE PHONE to strangers they lend their wife out to other men. The study also suggests what many of us innately know, that leftist are emotionally defective and don’t attach any value to sex beyond getting off.

Sharing your girlfriend or wife with other men is the ultimate act of submission and weakness. The biological premise around human sexual relations is for a male to dominate his wife’s sexuality, not encourage other men to leave their seed and the results of their seed, i.e. children, in her womb.

Men who behave this way soon won’t be in the human gene pool, period. Leftism is more than just an ideology of weakness and degeneracy, however. It’s culturally, and now it appears, biologically suicidal.

The leftists I know are nihilists, and hate themselves almost as much as they hate other people who don’t subscribe to their narrow view of the world. No surprise their lives revolve around trying to not only wipe their host society off the planet, but also eliminate themselves from the gene pool completely.

Talk radio host Michael Savage has put it this way for over 20 years: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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The Sigma Male:Become A King Slayer


The pawn becomes the king

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

The proliferation within the manosphere of socio-sexual status markers has been around for awhile.  There may be slight differences in definitions between what comprises the Alpha male, Beta, etc.  Yet the general consensus is the same.  You want to be the “Alpha” male and not the “Beta” male or lower.  Personally I rarely use these terms as it has become a way for morons to status signal behind their keyboards.

While the Alpha and Beta categories have seen a lot of commentary and dissemination.  There is very little exegesis on the Sigma male.  Our gracious host Relampago has done a bang up job in further breaking down what and who this archetype is.  His article here does a splendid job in defining the Sigma male.  I would like to further add commentary on this topic.

Drifters And Villains

If you don’t know anything about the Sigma.  Please read the linked article first to get some knowledge on the topic.  I have been saying for awhile now that the modern male needs to out group himself from the society in which he hails from(if he lives in the west).  He needs to become the antithesis of all the pozzed Fag-O-Trons holding hands and singing Kumbaya.  This rebellious shunning of the masses and their drugged out delirium of group think fits perfectly in line with becoming the Sigma male.

For introverted types, this way of living comes natural to them.  Never the less anyone can choose to say “fuck these faggots” and become the maniacal Outlaw set against the west and her hordes of androgynous mutants.

The Sigma gives zero fucks about fitting in.  Zero fucks about playing ball with a cadre of inferiors.  Often he lurks in the shadows and picks off his prey without having to make a huge show of it.  For this reason alone the Sigma male will cause the Alpha types to feel very threatened.  One has to be careful just how brash and brazen you want to swoop down into enemy territory and pick off the sheep.  You don’t want to rustle up every Alpha and his lackeys to come against you at once.  It’s much better as the Sigma to isolate your targets than it is to go in like Rambo.

That being said it can be seriously fun to obliterate social scenes and make enemies.  It is a rockin good time to cause fear and terror in the hearts of weaklings.  Sometimes you just gotta fuck shit up.  For the Sigma this comes much easier.  Since he plants no roots in social scenes and has voluntarily out grouped himself.  It is much easier for him to move between varying social circles and drop some fuckin bombs.


The Sigma is beholden to no man

Meet The King Slayer

The Sigma male is the natural Villain to the zeitgeist.  The dangerous man in the shadows who at any time can strike like lightning on some fuck boy Alpha types.  One of the best and most lethal traits of the Sigma is his unpredictability.  Because he does not care to be very social, most people are alarmed whenever he inserts himself in their group.  The brazen Sigma can absolutely destroy social groups and situations where there is a conformist mind set.

To become the Sigma you must not fear this power but embrace it.  When people come against you it should cause great joy and eager anticipation to swell inside.  There is most definitely a lot of entertainment to be had annihilating people’s little circle jerks.  The Sigma HATES to be considered part of the group.  He stalks outside judging and discerning how he will strike.  Sometimes he has a specific reason for blowing up the party.  Sometimes he just wants to entertain himself at the expense of others.

The Alpha’s will always look with concern, anger, threat and even fear at the Sigma.  The Alpha is established within his group.  He has been resting on his laurels.  Leaning on his social status with no threats from outsiders.  Then along comes the Sigma and flips his shit upside down.  You have to expect this and even welcome it.  We hate to be social in the way that most people behave.

Lets face it. 

Most people are extremely weak and passive.  They cave at the plastic displays of machismo from the cardboard Alpha.  In strolls the Sigma tossing a mother fucking molotov on the whole god damn thing.

Fuck yo couch!

Calculated Aggression

For Sigma types you need to embrace and harness your aggression.  You will need it in strong measure if you rile up entire social groups against you.  Do not fear your power but embrace the dark ability to cause chaos.  The only caveat being that you must cultivate attacking with calculated aggression.

While the Alpha is swimming in his small pond.  The Sigma rolls up and drains the whole god damn thing.  While the lone big fish squirms and putters out along with his little fish groupies.  The Villain Sigma rides off in the sunset for the next score and the next party to plunder.  Get fucked.

If you are a natural rebel who hates to be “one of the guys”.  You may find your ideal archetype in the Sigma male.  He is truly a man apart and a unique individual.  He knows the taste of boundless freedom and is loathe to relinquish it for anyone or anything.  However you should know that with this freedom also welcomes the accompanying danger.  Be prepared to deal with aggressive alpha behaviors from those who feel alarmingly threatened by your very presence.  Be ready to strike in a moments notice at the whiff of weakness and then vanish back into the shadows.  We don’t need any pats on the back, faceborg likes or gay boy shout outs.

To all the sycophants, social butterflies and piss weak status whores.  We smile a devious and dark grin watching your faggot pony show go up in flames.  Now kiss my ass and suck my dick. 


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The Single Greatest Factor Holding You Back


The quick fix society wants to eat this while losing weight – not going to happen

People in the west want the quick fix. The lose 30 pounds in 7 days or make six figures in a month. All are common tropes appealing to those with no patience and no desire to work hard.  In a society of instant gratification is it any surprise that common civility and politeness have devolved to the lowest common denominator?

No one wants to put the extra effort into something and everyone “feels” like they deserve more just for getting squeezed out of their whore of a mother’s womb.

Your Biggest Problem

The greatest factor which holds you back from success and achievement is not some foreign strain of disease or debilitating mental sickness.

It’s You.

That’s right.  The greatest thing to hold you back from crushing victory and non stop winning is you.  It’s the fact that you are mentally and spiritually a total weakling.  Your plans fail and your ideas never come to fruition because you don ‘t have the willpower and the work ethic to see them through.  You don’t have the broad vision to see beyond the here and now.  Nor do you have the discipline to do what is necessary to accomplish your goals.

So how do you change this?

Well the first step is to recognize this very alarming truth.  You are the problem.  You are the STOP sign and the giant red light preventing you from moving further in life.

Everything else is playing second fiddle to this fantasy crumbling real talk.  The first thing you must do is accept this fact without self deception.  You must face the black hole inside yourself which swallows all your hopes and dreams.


Lack of self-discipline makes self-improvement impossible

You Lack Discipline

One of the greatest factors in all of this is the fact that you lack discipline.  The man who is naturally gifted may not have to work as hard in life because his natural talents seem to offer up the spoils of the world with little to no effort on his part.

This can actually be the undoing of these types of men because not having to put any real effort into anything will have the natural beaten by the man who is more disciplined 9 times out of 10.

The man who has little if any natural ability will have to work twice as hard and persevere to the very end in order to achieve success.  Because of this, the disciplined man will have spent years and years developing a self determination which cannot be matched by the natural.  A fearless self determination and relentless work ethic will be the foundation pillars of his temple of achievement.

If you are reading this and realize that you lack discipline, you are probably wondering how to gain it effectively.  I will offer a few options which you can begin working on today in order to cultivate and grow your discipline into a well oiled machine of efficiency and purpose.

Practice Meditation

One of the best practices to regain control of your mind and willpower is the practice of meditation.  What this does is force yourself to focus intently while controlling your breathing.  This is very important for the individual.  Controlling your breath or life force is essential in regulating your mental state.

Consider the many neuroses common in the modern world.  Most people are beleaguered with anxiety, depression and many other paralyzing mental problems because they are not in control of their thoughts and their breathing patterns.  Practicing meditation is the key here to remedy that.  Your breath is your life force or “chi” and it is something you should treat with respect.  Have you ever noticed someone with high levels of stress suffer from an anxiety attack?  Their breathing becomes quick and labored as they begin to hyperventilate.  This in turn causes their heart to beat faster which further induces stress and anxiety.  The downward spiral continues and the individual loses all control of themselves.

It’s very simple what happens here.  They are not controlling their breath!

I recommend you start with just 15-20 minutes a day to practice meditation.  I prefer to do so seated in the lotus position on the ground with my back against a wall.  I prefer a room with the least sensory input which feels the most relaxing.  I breathe in through my nose on a 3 count and push the oxygen down below my navel into the lower abdomen as it expands.  There is a slight pause before I exhale through my mouth on a count of 2.  I focus on exhaling the oxygen slowly from the lower abdomen through my mouth.  Do this for a few minutes and fill your brain with oxygen.  Sometimes this even gives a feeling of euphoria.

At first you may want to focus only on your breathing until all other distractions are out of your mind.  Eventually you will want to clear your mind completely and find the serene calm which comes from a mind unburdened with life’s banalities.  This sharpens the will also.  As you gain control of your essential life force(breath) you will gain control over your life’s direction.  Mediation is an


Mean what you say and say what you mean.

essential tool for the individual to Master himself.

The Words Of Your Mouth

Second is the actual words of your mouth or your spoken breath.  How often do your words betray your deepest thoughts, fears and hopes to total strangers?  How often do you blab away about  nonsense giving potential enemies the keys to your kingdom?

You must begin to be conscious of these times and work towards saying less.  Much less to other people until that time you have more control over yourself.  The ego rages, cries and twists about.  Beckoning us like a child to play it’s game.  You must begin to check yourself whenever you become aware of your ego taking control of your thoughts and words.

Likewise always be aware when dealing with other people, their desire for the ego to be validated.  It is this weakness which will reveal treasures of personal information about potential threats or marks you have pinpointed for fleecing.

The general rule of thumb is that you should be revealing much much less about yourself when interacting with other people.  Ideally they should reveal everything while you have managed to reveal nothing but empty talk or red herrings.

How often has a man’s undoing been the words out of his mouth?

Open The Gates Of Success

Begin today in the diligent practice of meditation(breath control) and the conscious application of the will in revealing(speaking) less to others.  Many times it is much better to listen than to speak.  It is much more profitable to ask a question of someone than reveal something about yourself.

The mind is very powerful.  Gaining control of the mind and the breath allows one to open doors which were previously locked.  You may begin to realize that the padlock wrapped around the gates of success were your own hands and your own words preventing you from achieving beyond your imagination.  The ego and it’s desire for validation have been holding you back all this time.  Break those chains through the methods I have outlined and become the Master of your destiny.

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