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A Week of Hookers and Drugs


Results from a week-long experiment in personal pleasure

Recently, I decided to take a walk on the wild side with some hookers and drugs to see what the undercurrent of that subculture is really like. I experimented with both in a location in which prostitution is legal, and where small amounts of cocaine and marijuana have been decriminalized. Night after night, for a week, I went out in search of female company. I was nothing short of surprised at what I found.

I never purchased drugs. But if I was offered free use of them, I didn’t refuse. The women I met (many of them very attractive and clean) destroyed popular myths about ladies of the night. There were some honest to goodness 7s, 8s, and 9s in my bedroom each night. Popular culture paints them as nothing more than rancid skanks who fuck anything that walks.

Here’s the truth. Many of them just like to party. Many of them just like to fuck. Many of them don’t want to work at GloboWorldCorp jobs with shit pay and the torture that is endless office courtiership. Many of them turn down potential Johns. I saw it happen right in front of me where they work. Most of them are not helplessly addicted to drugs. (Though most will have some in their possession.) None of them were forced into the trade by pimps, or blackmailed into being “sex slaves”, destroying the “human trafficking” narrative Anglo America is spinning. None of them felt victimized by men, nor did they make me feel like what we were doing was “oppressing” them.

I must say, dealing with whores is perhaps the best way for the inexperienced man to learn about female nature. The unvarnished truth about women comes out when you deal with hookers on a regular basis.

Women want money, period. All women. Including that one you think you have locked down in a relationshit or sham of a marriage right now. (Reference my article on the topic of all men paying for sex – not just those who rent a whore.) But that’s the nature of the beast. The good thing about hookers is they don’t hide female nature from you. Money for sex is the transaction, up front, and when it’s over both parties go their separate ways. You don’t have to lose your life savings in a frivorce to learn female nature. Just rent a whore once in a while, observe, and you’ll get the gist of what women are inside.

Most women try to hide their true intentions behind layers of well-practiced sophistry, but a man who is well-experienced with women of both high and low socioeconomic status knows that deep down he’s nothing but a meal ticket to the predatory female. I actually appreciated the honesty of most of the hookers, and the fact they fucked better than the “high-class” women I had to deal with when I wore a suit and a tie in my previous career.

The recreational drugs were an added bonus. Far from destroying my life and turning me into an instant addict, they only enhanced my experience as I took a walk on the wild side. The sex and drugs were good, in soul-satisfying way. I remember becoming very pissed off that Anglo culture robs men of the experience of recreational drugs and recreational sex, instead telling them a career in a corporate job will satisfy every desire they have.

After I had my fill of pussy, blow, and grass, I remember walking away totally satisfied, and not at all remorseful for having conducted my experiment.  I came away with a new appreciation for hookers and occasional use of recreational drugs. The key is balance. Being starved of both is probably why most guys go completely crazy and destroy their lives when they encounter cheap pussy and cheap drugs.

One important footnote: Dealing with ladies like this isn’t risk-free. Far from being “victims” some women let their predatory nature roam wild and free when they work as whores. One night during my experiment, I came across two hookers who wanted to drug me into passing out and then rob me. One of the two kept dropping massive amounts of blow into my nose with a straw she had. I caught on to their game fast, and got the fuck out of there. Yes, that’s a risk of dealing with this subculture. If you want to be completely safe, stay at home beating off is my view.

All in all, I never felt more alive inside than I did during my week-long experiment. I certainly felt happier than I ever did in my decade toiling in the fake news business, trawling the bottom of the pond to see what kind of “date” I could find. Why these passing pleasures are made “immoral” and taboo in a deeply sexually repressed culture is still beyond my comprehension. Why men put up with having their basest desires shamed is amazing to me.

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Looking for Love


Women fake love to get what they want from men

As I sit around my hotel room and reminisce about my notch count which now sits somewhere between 150 and 200 women, and having gone through a dozen or so hotties (and a couple of ugly but fuckables) in the past few weeks I’ve come to realize much of the reason I become a cad was the fact I wanted one, just one woman to love me. I have yet to find that.

Being nice doesn’t help, it makes it worse. In fact, the more of a jerk I am the more women want to stay around until they solve the mystery of what makes me a jerk.

But, knowing what I now know about women I just don’t think it’s possible for them to love men the way we love them. Many if not most are adept at faking emotion, and faking love, but by virtue of having been through so many of them my senses have become keen. I can now see through each and every female facade that used to trick me.

Women can love what a man represents, his social status, finances, and power, but never the man himself because if he loses those things he ceases to exist in a woman’s eyes.

This is precisely what makes the equal pay myth, female “empowerment” and the diminishment of men in Anglo America so evil. Without holding something for women to reach upwards to, men cease to exist in the eyes of women. For they will never reach down to lift us up the way we have done for them since time immemorial. Men built the entire world for women, and our thanks will be repaid with women taking over the levers of control of the world we built and casting men into lives of abject bondage once feminism and its evil stepsister Socialism become the de facto social order.

Women have never loved men. And they never will. They only feign love to get what they want until the Hedonic Treadmill can’t spin any faster. Then, they treat men as the slaves and utility objects they’ve always seen us as.

Only a fool expects love from a woman.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The New Modern Man


Don’t know about you guys, but this makes me happy, as long as it’s no strings attached. Heh. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The New Modern Man. Thanks for your support in 2017.

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Random Thoughts


Random thoughts as I make my way across New England

One of my favorite aspects of being a part-time long haul trucker, part-time expat is the fact this moneymaking scheme lends itself well to the thinking man. There’s nothing but you, the hum of the diesel engine, the highway, and if you’re lucky, lots of scenery. There aren’t many distractions other than the sometimes maddening Qualcomm barking commands at you.

The driver’s seat is a great place to cleanse the programming of social engineers, the media, and the edumacation system from one’s mind. Here are some random thoughts I had while driving through New England today.

  • Men should make personal policies that are just as anal retentive as corporate policies. For example, at a TA truck stop I made a $500 fillup in my truck today. So I figured that, like at Pilot, I could get a discount on two hot dogs from the points I earned buying more fuel than I’ll be getting paid for the day. Suffice it to say they wouldn’t discount me without sending me to a remote part of the building to print a coupon. What it amounted to was hoop jumping over $0.35 of ingredients, two wieners and two stale buns. Fuck that shit. So, I left the hot dogs sitting there and told them I don’t have time for games. My policy is I don’t jump through silly hoops for crappy roller grill items.
  • A TV station (my old connections in the media still thinking I’d play their games, perhaps) wanted to use me for an interview. I told them to fuck off. I need to do a full article about this, but the public needs to get wise to the fact their tragedies are being exploited by the media to generate revenue. Since corporations don’t do anything for free for the public, or even treat people with a modicum of respect rather than as expendable line items on a spreadsheet, neither should the public do anything free for corporations. People need to start demanding to be paid to fill airtime, since nothing goes out on a TV broadcast that isn’t making money for the station. They’re adamant about every second being used to generate revenue in some way. Trust me, as someone who has been there, done that with the talking heads. In other words, the media use the fuck out of people to generate billions of dollars a year, and they need to start giving some of that back to the people they interview for stories. No more free revenue on the public’s back, bitches.
  • I often wonder if the Drudge Report isn’t controlled opposition. It seems to be just as drama-centric as the rest of the MSM. Drudge seems to specialize in apocalyptic headlines, like the ones he’s been running about hurricanes recently. It’s as if he’s trying to create the narrative that the world as we know it is coming to an end. The apocalyptic narratives also permeate other news topics, not just natural disasters. Why would he do this? Is it a subconscious way of manipulating the public into accepting the implosion of freedom and American democracy as the country lurches towards Socialism? One might imagine John Q. Public saying, “Ah, Martha it doesn’t matter that the CIA has a wiretap in our living room and a camera in our bedroom. The world’s gonna end soon, anyway.” Meantime, the world doesn’t end, it just gets shittier to live in.
  • Pussy no longer has the power over me it once did. I think that is partly due to the fact I have gone through so many women in my life, looking for the unicorn that didn’t exist. The irony is now that I don’t give a fuck about women I have a veritable pussy buffet laid out before me. But I’m just not interested in it like I was when I was younger. Now that I know “how they work” (women) they’re not that interesting to me. In fact, they’re pretty sad creatures. It’s amazing what a man can accomplish when he makes women nothing more than occasional entertainment in his life rather than a goal unto themselves. Don’t try to be a snake charmer and keep one around.
  • Family centers us. The lack of family and friendship has made for a very isolating Anglo-American culture. This country is perhaps the saddest place I visit in all my travels. The lack of family has made us more susceptible to manipulation and control from those who want to make money off our backs. Unhappy, lonely people will spend more money than a society full of contented citizens. The media’s image of America as a happy, prosperous place is a mirage. I don’t see happy people when I travel around the country. I see a nation of sad, overworked slaves.

These topics may well be fodder for future articles. In any case, writing helps me get my angst out, as I suffer through the last weeks of working in the U.S. before fleeing this dystopia again soon. Your thoughts on these topics and others are always welcome. And with that, I’m headed back to the sleeper to crash.

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The Chrysler Turbine Car Reflects Bygone Era of American Greatness

Chrysler achieved the feat of putting a jet turbine engine in a car in the 1960s

Chrysler achieved the feat of putting a jet turbine engine in a car in the 1960s

Imagine, a jet-powered car. Chrysler made it a reality back in the 1960s, even though the idea was unfortunately short lived. The Chrysler Turbine is just what the name says – a jet turbine powered car. It’s quite a remarkable engineering feat, and not only reflects an era when not only the chrome was thick and the women were straight (Michael Savage’s great line) but an era when American car companies were fearless instead of gutless.

Jay Leno has one of the last surviving Turbines. You can watch Leno driving his Turbine around as well as demonstrating a cool, vintage technical video about how the Turbine works on YouTube. It sounds like a jet sitting on the tarmac when he fires it up and whisks away in it. Leno says of the Turbine:

Most were destroyed by Chrysler for tax and liability reasons, which is a shame, because to this day everyone who rides in a Turbine says, “Whoa, this feels like the future!” You turn the key and there’s a big whoosh and a complete absence of vibration… I think it’s the most collectible American car—it was so different. Most of all, the Chrysler Turbine is a reminder that all the cool stuff used to be made in the U.S. I hope it will be again.

The jet engine theme carries over to the rear of the Chrysler Turbine

The jet engine theme carries over to the rear of the Chrysler Turbine

Other than a couple handfuls of survivors (nine in total), all Chrysler Turbines were recalled and crushed. Perhaps because a turbine engine, once realized and after a few generations of engineering could likely eliminate the need for most mechanics. The turbine engine only used 1/5 of the number of moving parts as a regular car engine, and turbines are dead reliable as they power jet aircraft all over the world. Of the 1.1 million miles of driving accumulated by testers, downtime on the cars stood at only 4% and was the result of owners incorrectly using leaded gas. The Chrysler Turbine could also use just about any type of fuel, an engineering feat that surely upset the Seven Sister oil companies of the day. Gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, vegetable oil, and even Tequila – as demonstrated by Mexico’s then-President Adolfo Lopez-Mateos – could power the Turbine.

The Turbine is all the more impressive since Chrysler engineers worked hard to have cool exhaust coming out of the back of a very hot engine, and succeeded as exhaust gas temperatures were LOWER than other automobiles of the day. Also in the “cool” department, the Turbine does not have a traditional “coolant temp” gauge, it has an inlet temp gauge which reads 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Performance and fuel economy from the engine was good for its day, and continued refinement of the design would have no doubt advanced the design.

Other than the engine, everything else about the Turbine is pretty much stock 1960s Chrysler, except the body of the car which was manufactured in Italy. Its design is not gaudy but elegant, another impressive achievement in an era in which automotive styling could in your face. The project was totally abandoned by 1977.

The Chrysler Turbine is a symbol of time when America was self-confident in its ability to do just about anything, like put a man on the moon, and the car reflects that pride. It also reflects the ballsy nature of men who ran corporations back then. They were fearless and willing to try new ideas instead of rehashing old ideas in pursuit of quarterly profits. How unfortunate for us the micromanagers and bean counters took over.

The fear of failure is worse than failure itself. Something we should remember as men and as a nation. While the car was never a commercial success, perhaps because it was so costly, the idea was sound and continued development of the Turbine should have continued. The shelving of this idea by Chrysler means the dominance of a 100-year old design, the internal combustion engine continues to this day. How many more great ideas were shelved because of the influence of big oil companies?

For now, all we can do is enjoy this little slice of history and wonder about what might have been.

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That’s It? First Impressions of Cocaine


Yes, I’ve done this, except I was smiling

Before getting started, I was a “good guy” the first 30 years or so of my life. I went to school, got good grades, avoided those “bad influences” like drugs and alcohol and fast women. (Well, I still fooled around and got some in high school and during college. I wasn’t a total derelict. But I could have had a LOT more fun than I did.) I smoked marijuana once when I was 18 years old with some guys from the local fast food joint I worked at. But other than isolated incidents, my life was dull as fuck most of the time because all I ever did was work and study. There wasn’t much time for anything else for the blue collar kid from Nowheresville, USA. I wasn’t a trust fund baby, I was a Pell Grant baby. I had to be responsible while other kids didn’t. It sucks, but hey, that’s the breaks in life.

And then, after years of nothing but study and work, I broke. Long story short I got fucked by the system and said to hell with it, having been a successful on-air news personality for 15 years only to be treated badly and increasingly growing to hate the lying, duplicitous motherfuckers I worked with more by the day. Before I left America for the Caribbean, I would head to the rough parts of town on my days off and get involved with things I had denied myself my entire life, because “good guys” don’t do those things. Well, the goodness had run out of me.

I can still remember the night I was in a hotel with two girls and they offered me cocaine. I was tired of saying no all the time and tired of being afraid. So, one of the girls gave me a little bit of blow. I inhaled it. It felt great. Kinda burned a little. Made my nose stop up. Created a drip in the back of my throat. I got happy. But I distinctly remember the thought running through my mind – that’s it? People are addicted to this and go to jail for it? The government outlaws this? Why are they putting people in prison over this? I will say that combined with sex, it is one of the best experiences of my entire life. Those girls and I got it on at about 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. The inhibitions leave when somebody is high. But the fear instilled into me and the rest of the population about this drug didn’t match my experience. I immediately knew I had been scammed by the propagandists once again.

Even Sigmund Freud was fond of the White Lady. He details the experience:

Exhilaration and lasting euphoria, which in no way differs from the normal euphoria of the healthy person. You perceive an increase of self-control and possess more vitality and capacity for work. In other words, you are simply normal, and it is soon hard to believe you are under the influence of any drug. Long intensive physical work is performed without any fatigue. This result is enjoyed without any of the unpleasant after-effects that follow exhilaration brought about by alcoholic beverages. No craving for the further use of cocaine appears after the first, or even after repeated taking of the drug.

Arguments and lectures about cocaine and addiction aside, I’ve only ever used it recreationally. I think I just do not have an addictive personality. Maybe I’m lucky. Because I can pick up and throw down both tobacco and the “coca” without any desire to do it again. I write this to tell you nothing else than that the two drugs I’ve ever used – pot and cocaine – are such a non issue to me, and no worse than alcohol that I can’t believe our government imprisons the tiny minority of people – 1-3% – who regularly use it.

This was yet another area of life in which I saw our government exists solely to create problems to create profit and to take the joy out of our lives wherever it can. Whether it be booze, mild, recreational drugs, or sex, they call it vice and try to turn us all into drones. That’s my first impressions of doing things I’ve never done before, it’s like learning to actually live and be alive instead of obsessing over the things we are told are important in life, but really aren’t.

Experiences. That’s where life is at for me. That’s one man’s opinion. Take it for what it’s worth. Most nights I just have red wine or a beer. But if a man wants to take a walk on the wild side once in a while and can keep his shit under control, why are we persecuting him for it?

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