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Prostate Cancer Kills More Than Breast Cancer, But Receives Half the Funding


Prostate cancer is overtaking breast cancer in annual deaths – will another men’s issue go ignored?

The flood of pink we see each October reminds us of the tragedy that is breast cancer. Pink ribbons, wear it pink, pink everything. Breast cancer awareness is a worthy cause. However, another deadly disease – prostate cancer  – curiously doesn’t receive near the same amount of attention. This, even though prostate cancer is now killing more people each year. Some new medical data suggest we might need to instruct women to be a little more “inclusive” about men’s issues.

Illustrating Anglo culture’s gynocentrism and innate misandry, we don’t see nearly as many blue ribbons fluttering each Blue September. (Did you even know that’s what Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is called?) This needs to change in order to adhere to the much ballyhooed doctrine of “equality” in Anglo culture.

The script has flipped as prostate cancer is now deadlier than breast cancer, so we need to see Blue September elevated in a such a way it becomes more prominent than pink October. New statistics published in The Guardian show the doleful details:

New figures reveal that 11,819 men died in the UK from prostate cancer in 2015, overtaking breast cancer, which resulted in the deaths of 11,442 women.

These are long-term trends, and the number of prostate cancer deaths is likely to rise not only in the UK, but in other Western nations.

However, breast cancer receives more than twice as much research funding despite declining death rates.  The Daily Caller reported the lack of funding for men’s cancers a few years back:

In fiscal year 2009, breast cancer research received $872 million worth of federal funding, while prostate cancer received $390 million. It is estimated that fiscal year 2010 will end similarly, with breast cancer research getting $891 million and prostate cancer research receiving $399 million.

Prostate cancer researchers only wish they received the attention and financing breast cancer researchers do. From The Guardian:

Angela Culhane, chief executive of the charity Prostate Cancer UK which collated the figures, said the number of prostate cancer deaths had risen as a result of an ageing population, while improvements in research and screening meant the same effect was not seen for breast cancer.

“We want to learn from what they have been able to achieve [for breast cancer] and we can see the correlation between that investment in research and the progress that then follows in terms of reducing the number of deaths,” said Culhane.


Judging by the illustrations, breast cancer groups seem to think all nipples are pink

Surely, we wouldn’t be in a culture that actively discriminates against men, would we? A culture that is frequently the opposite of the patriarchal “hell” for women we’re told by the media it is? A culture that offers little sympathy or even acknowledgement for men who lead women in combat deaths, industrial deaths and accidents, homicide deaths, homelessness, length of jail terms, and now sex-specific cancer issues, among other unflattering statistics.

Further, holding modern women and feminists to their own standards, we might offer the criticism that pink ribbons for breast cancer are “inappropriate” in this day and age, the age of über political correctness. Pink has been traditionally associated with femininity, but that color association might be out of date in today’s “gender neutral” culture. Worse, it gives the impression that all nipples are pink, when only the pastiest Anglobitches have pink nipples.

It’s time for men to take a page out of the feminist playbook, put on some penis hats and go march in the streets demanding more funding for prostate cancer research. All exaggeration and righteous indignation aside, Anglo culture can never truly claim “equality” until serious men’s issues like prostate cancer are acknowledged and funded on par with women’s issues.

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Anti-Hooker Lawmaker Uses Taxpayer Money for a Hooker


A Utah Republican paid $250 an hour for her – some might say he got ripped off

The hypocrisy of American lawmakers is astounding. Particularly in their neo-Puritan crusades against heterosexuality. Continuing their “Do as I say, not as I do” strategy, a Utah Republican who has been vocal about his opposition to prostitution has admitted to availing himself of the services of a prostitute himself. Rep. Joe Stanard of Utah is the latest man to go down in the unending stream of sex scandals that plague the American cultural landscape.


Rep. Joe Stanard: Using your tax dollars to pay for the very hookers he forbids you to use

The story only came to light as his call girl threw him to the wolves by ringing up a mainstream mierda propaganda rag and dishing on the self-righteous Republican.

The Beta, even Omega countenance of the Republican might explain his sexual desperation. But, there’s another side to this story. If a Congressman can’t get laid without using a rent-a-hole, what hope do the masses of working men have? If powerful men are using hookers, isn’t this a testament to the fact an extremely sexually repressed Anglo culture is leaving its men intolerably hard up, high and dry? That Puritan sexual mores should be eased up a bit?

Not in the minds of lawmakers. As corrupt politicians lock the masses into extreme sexual chastity by empowering law enforcement to go round up Johns and hookers, and the power structure genuflects on what models of morality they are – American lawmakers are renting the very whores they outlaw. (Stanard is not the first to do so. There’s Barney Frank, Bob Menendez, Eliot Spitzer, David Vitter and countless others.)

Lawmakers are even ratcheting up penalties for this victimless crime. Further illustrating their cognitive dissonance on the matter, they often use your tax money to pay for whores forbidden by their own laws. There’s that slight detail. From the NY Post:

A Utah lawmaker who voted for tougher penalties for prostitution has resigned amid allegations that he used taxpayer dough to pay for hotel rooms to hook up with an online escort, according to reports.

[Call girl] Brie Taylor [states] former GOP Rep. Jon Stanard paid her $250 for sex twice at the Fairfield Inn in Salt Lake City. Taylor claimed he paid her $250 for each of the one-hour sessions in June and August 2017 during which she said she performed oral sex on him and that they had intercourse.

This is an interesting plot twist, as call girls usually don’t throw their clients under the bus. Is that a new strategy in the ongoing Anglo-American War on Men? Or was she just pissed at his hypocrisy?

Of course, TNMM has absolutely no objections to two willing adults doing whatever they want to pleasure themselves with their own bodies, including sex for hire. But, sanctimonious lawmakers continue hypocritically imposing ever-harsher penalties for the world’s oldest profession:

Last year, Stanard voted in favor of stricter laws on prostitution, including hiking the penalty for soliciting sex to $2,500.

That’s a hefty fine for fucking. Not to mention the public shaming, probable job loss, and criminal record that comes with the so-called crime of having sex and leaving money on the nightstand. Why good, decent American men put up with this state of affairs is anyone’s guess.

Before resigning his office, typical GOP pablum could be found on Stanard’s web site. We’ve all heard this before, even as both parties work to do the opposite:

“I am a strong advocate for conservative family values. I am pro-life, as well as for traditional marriage.”


A Facebook meme showcases the gullibility of the American taxpayer

Wouldn’t things be easier for everyone if the prohibition on sex for hire was lifted? And the 1950s ruse about family values ended if the GOP isn’t practicing it?

Ultimately, this is the problem with politics in modern America. The left wants to run your financial life while the right wants to run your personal life. Ever-diminishing liberty is occurring not as a result of the left vs. the right but the state vs. you.

With so many laws governing so many areas of daily life – even minute details of the sex lives of the citizenry, like how they can pleasure themselves and how they can’t –  America has become the epitome of Tacitus’ famous maxim: The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

In many ways, America is even worse than a banana republic, as banana republics don’t destroy the lives of working men for getting their sexual needs taken care of. Numerous nations don’t bother themselves criminalizing prostitution, and those that do don’t enforce it in the jack-booted thug fashion America does. Not to mention, the nation that markets its “freedom” to the world is actually the world’s biggest prison state, with more men in prison than India and China combined despite having a fraction of those nations’ population. Many men are locked up for petty, nonviolent drug offenses and failure to pay their dues to Anglobitch masters, i.e. for child support and alimony arrears.

So, will Utah taxpayers get their money back? The press asked Utah Speaker of the House Greg Hughes:

Hughes said he didn’t yet know if the House would ask Stanard to return the money, adding that officials had not had any contact from Stanard.

This is where we find ourselves in the War on Sex in America. Even legislators can’t live up to their own self-righteous legislation enforcing a 21st century version of Victorian morality on the public.

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Male Uber Drivers Earn More Than Female Competitors


Even in a gender-blind environment, men earn more than women

Feminists love to gnash and wail about the supposed wage gap between the genders. But what happens in a completely gender-blind environment? From Dangerous:

Male Uber drivers are earning more than female Uber drivers, despite the equal paying field, according to a new study. Is it discrimination? Is the gender wage gap real after all? Is the patriarchy alive and kicking?

Not at all. Men are just better drivers than women.

The study was released by Stanford University, the University of Chicago and Uber itself. Uber pays its drivers based on a gender-blind fare algorithm that factors in how long the drive is in both time and miles. After analyzing data from more than 1.8 million Uber trips, researchers discovered that male drivers earn 7% more per hour than women on average.

So why did the Stanford study find men earned more than women?

  • Men drive more than women
  • Men drive faster
  • Men drive in areas with worse traffic

To put this more succinctly, men work harder. We aren’t accustomed to society bending to our whims when we flip a bitch about things. As is the case in the society at large, we find men also take on more difficult tasks than women do, like driving in heavily congested areas. This is why women are grossly “underrepresented” in dangerous and dirty jobs they avoid like the plague (they don’t want to do them) instead opting for jobs that allow them to wear fancy clothes, sit on their asses, and gossip.

The Uber stats are only one of many ways scratching the surface of popular progressive myths yields massive truth bombs lurking underneath the powdered and lipsticked surface. Like the “Gender Pay Gap” myth ultimately being an effort to recoup the deficits women’s reckless, spendthrift lives create.

Of course, the feminist state will find some way to twist the Uber wage gap around and make it men’s fault. Why, we need Uber income redistribution and female preference rather than merit-based pay. That’s the only way women can earn the same as men while doing less work. They deserve it, because ya know, the Golden Vagina and all.

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Are Virtually All Women Sociopaths?


A deep examination of female behavior yields some frightening facts about them

The more experience a man has with women, the more disillusioned he will become with deranged Anglo cultural narratives painting them as sugar, spice, and everything nice. In fact, to those compiling a thorough dossier on the behavior of women, one glaring fact leaps out. A TNMM reader sums up this interesting conclusion with a recent comment:

The older I get the more I am convinced that (virtually) all women are sociopaths.

Women certainly seem to fit the bill. After having slept with somewhere between 150-200 women, suffering both high and low status chicks, sampling the poon buffet on several continents, I feel I’m quite knowledgeable about their character. I’m fit to draw a few conclusions, as unflattering as they may be.

The idea that women are sociopaths indeed connects quite a few dots. Let’s examine the traits of sociopaths as defined by Psychology Today, juxtaposing them alongside wisdom gleaned from my writing and in-depth, often personal research into the opposite sex. Here goes:

  • Superficial charm and good intelligence: Think of this as when you take cupcake out on a date, and she acts sweet and charming, playing with your emotions throughout the relationshit until she has your nuts in a legal vice. (Becomes pregnant, pulls a #MeToo, or gets you to marry her.) Snaring a male prey item indeed requires a modicum of intelligence to manipulate him into acquiescence. As another example, check out this story about an Anglobitch who used charm, acting “interested” in a guy she gave a “superlike” on Tinder before trying to scam a $150 dinner out of him.
  • Unreliability: Women are notoriously unreliable in relationshits. I once had a girlfriend who acted like everything was fine and dandy on Christmas Day, then pulled a surprise breakup the very next day, only to beg me back around New Year’s Day. Needless to say, I could never fully trust her again after she pulled the rug out from under me. Beyond this personal anecdote, more women than men are initiators of breakups, and women initiate or are responsible for 4 out of 5 frivorces. Usually, for the most trivial and irrational of reasons.
  • Untruthfulness and insincerity: Schopenhauer called it dissimulation in his discussions female psychology, and indeed women are truly gifted liars. Schopenhauer wrote: This [the female talent for deceit] arises from their deficiency in the power of reasoning already referred to, and reflection, but is also partly due to the fact that Nature has not destined them, as the weaker sex, to be dependent on strength but on cunning; this is why they are instinctively crafty, and have an ineradicable tendency to lie. One of the biggest reasons women don’t like each other is the fact they know how untruthful and insincere other women are.
  • Lack of remorse and shame: Think of this as that moment an Anglobitch cleans out her prey item in frivorce court, and leaves him broken, destitute, and enslaved without the slightest tinge of guilt or remorse so she can go do blow with her ex’s money. Then jokes about it with her friends as they run to the teller at a bank on a tropical island. (True stories on both accounts. Reference the links.)
  • Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior: Anglo America has morphed from a culture based on the principles of Praise the Lord to a dystopia that chants Praise Abort, a bloody, abortion-worshipping culture that’s responsible for the deadly equivalent of five Vietnams in abortion clinics each year – all thanks to the feminist movement. Killing the unborn en masse is the epitome of antisocial behavior. Feminists are some of the most antisocial people you’ll ever meet, and their motivations are based on the idea of men as the epitome of evil. These are the very men who created the material world they now enjoy – i.e. proving Anglobitches have inadequate motivation with their irrational hatred of men.
  • Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience: Women exhibit extremely poor skills in choosing men, especially when they’re young. (This is why their families do the choosing in many societies.) Women often chase after abusers or deadbeats who treat them like shit. The Rationalization Hamster prevents women from realizing the folly that is spending their youth spreading eagle for bad boys as they ride the cock carousel. Only as their SMV starts to fall into inexorable, permanent decline do today’s women start looking for a reliable Beta male mate to financially exploit.
  • Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love: Today’s women take 100 selfies each time they go to the bathroom – proving their egocentrism. Further, Anglobitches complain about being “oppressed” even though they’re the most coddled caste in the history of our species with the best standard of living ever seen. TNMM has also written extensively on the female incapacity to love men as human beings – only male wealth, status, and power.
  • General poverty in major affective reactions: Women almost always show no affection to men who are down on their luck in life.
  • Specific loss of insight: In other words, “The sociopath has no ability to see herself as others see her.” This description of a sociopath is textbook female solipsism. Even though men regularly criticize the Anglobitch, she is unable to take any of this criticism in a constructive manner because she believes herself to be perfect. (As does gynocentric Anglo culture at large.)
  • Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations: This trait exposes itself once a woman has spotted the bigger, better deal and is about to monkey branch to a more appetizing male prey item. This bullet point defines the moment a woman becomes unresponsive, quarrelsome, and cruel in a relationshit.
  • Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without: Ever seen a drunk Anglobitch? Or, heaven forbid, a room full of them? Or, a room full of triggered feminists?
  • Suicide threats rarely carried out: Women are more likely to threaten suicide, while men carry through on their threats far more often. Suicide rates remain around 80% male, and 20% female even though women often use the threat of offing themselves as a sympathy ploy.
  • Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated: How else to describe the cock carousel and “That guy I fucked doesn’t count!” phenomenons? And half a dozen different baby daddies?
  • Failure to follow any life plan: Even career women expect prince charming and/or Big Daddy Government to bail them out of the circumstances brought on by their lifelong mistreatment of men and shitty choices. Case in point: The coming spinster bubble. Additionally, Anglobitches frequently screech about reaching for careers, only to abandon them once they realize there’s real work and sacrifice involved. (Usually in their 30s.)

After reading all that it certainly seems we have quite the damning case against women. Maybe they are all innate sociopaths, which would certainly explain a lot of their odd behavior. It’s quite an interesting picture to look at when all the jigsaw pieces are fit together.

The sad fact is, many men will never be able to fathom the depths of hell that represent the female pysche, bravely staring into the abyss – seeing it for what it really is – before mentally checking out with the most impressive mental gymnastics imaginable. Blue Pill men will utterly go into denial, while Red Pill men will nod their head in mournful acknowledgement.

But, it is what it is.

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Puritanism on Parade: Kansas Legislature Calls Porn and Masturbation “Health Hazard”


Kansas just condemned porn in a sideways attack on masturbation

Sexuality absolutely terrifies Anglo America. Nothing shakes this prudish society to its core more than its primal fear of sex, fueling a regular rotation of ridiculous media sex scandals and gossip about who’s fucking who. Whereas other societies have taken a “live and let live” approach to sexuality, Anglo America’s collective asshole puckers at the mere mention of cocks, cunts, and intercourse. Anglobitches especially love lording their bleach blonde, pasty-behind sexuality over men’s heads like a figurative Sword of Damocles, and a gynocentric government helps them tighten their grasp on this society’s testes in any way it can.

As an erotophobic society since its inception at the Massachusetts Bay Colony hundreds of years ago, Anglo culture has never really come up with a cogent way of dealing with sexuality in a lucid manner. Bans, shaming, and forced celibacy are the cultural norms.

We see latent Puritanism echoing throughout feminist doctrine, prostitution (a “crime” in this repressed culture) now being conflated with a mostly fake human trafficking scare in a lame attempt to drive away customers and close the legs of spread eagle service providers, and worst of all, men are open to slavery and/or imprisonment either way they go when it comes to pursuing sex.

If marriage doesn’t render a man bankrupt and literally enslaved by the state, hiring a whore will destroy him as a voyeuristic police state keeps tabs on his sex life.

And now, there’s another move in the War on Sex coming out of Kansas. Not only can men not approach women or have casual sex in a #MeToo world or hire a professional to ease sexual tension, Police State USA now wants to eliminate fapping. Kansas just took a serious move towards banning porn and masturbation. From mainstream mierda affiliate KSNT:

The Kansas Senate passed a resolution denouncing pornography as a public health hazard Tuesday. The resolution said porn leads to health impacts and societal  harms. It states porn can lead to body image disorders, sexual performance issues and a normalization of violence and abuse. The resolution passed 35 to 4.

This is the first step towards passing a ban on pornography – and therefore, an indirect effort at banning masturbation. (Anglo America rarely pursues the targets of social engineers directly. It always attacks in a sideways manner in order to maintain plausible deniability.)

It’s simply astonishing that this Puritan culture can’t come to terms with the fact adults need a sexual release now and then. While there’s no doubt fapping does lead to performance issues and other problems, government meddling with sexuality through passing endless regulations, laws, and codifying sex acts as “crimes” is part of why sex is so “fucked up” (pun intended) in America. (TNMM has linked this lack of sexual gratification with the obesity epidemic in one hypothesis that claims sexually unfulfilled Americans figuratively “fuck” their food.)

Let’s take score of what this latest government incursion into private lives means for heterosexual men. Men can’t approach women. Men can’t fuck women without massive legal and social risks (or have to ask for consent every few minutes as in the case of California’s insane affirmative consent law). And now, the cornfield state of Kansas is moving to curb porn so men can’t rub one out.

It seems nobody in Puritanland remembers how powerful a drive sex is, especially for men. There will soon literally be no way to legally satisfy sexual cravings in America if this insanity continues apace.

Only four lawmakers voted against the resolution, including state senator David Haley. Haley told the press:

“It’s almost laughable, but it’s kind of sad that any particular state government would waste its time and its energy on having this kind of legislation brought forward, but we’re in Kansas so nothing is beyond the pale.”

Proving the metastasizing totalitarian government in America is ultimately not about left vs. right but the state vs. you, Republicans came up with the no-fap initiative. KSNT reports:

Republican Senator Molly Baumgardner co-sponsored the resolution. She said the resolution codified lawmaker’s concerns about the effects of wide-spread porn usage.

“To ignore addressing that pornography, and all of the excessive exposure to it, impacts our society, impacts our children, impacts our families is folly,” Baumgardner said.

No word on what the next chess move is by these geniuses. But, you can bet if state legislatures are passing resolutions like this one, there are forces at work behind the curtain driving the War on Sex as erotica is attacked from all sides.

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Girl Tries to Scam $150 Dinner from Tinder Date – But He Outfoxes Her


An Anglobitch’s plan to use her date and score a free $150 dinner epically backfired

An awakened man knows women often compartmentalize relationshits with men. They friendzone guys who Beta orbit them, throw themselves under thugs and bad boys, and consciously choose to flat out use “good guys” who treat women they way feminists say women want to be treated. (Word to the wise: They don’t really want to be treated good by guys they bang.)

Anglobitches in particular have no qualms about using one guy for dinner while running off with another for a sexual escapade the same night. We call this the Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks theory here in the manosphere.

It’s heartening to see that men are wising up to the cruel, calculating games of women. Case in point, check out this hilarious dine and dash story making the rounds. After an underdressed Anglobitch with a frigid persona ran up a $150 tab she expected Dinner Guy to pay for, he walked out and left her ass with the bill. This tale of a date set up by a woman under false pretenses even made the Daily Mail:

A man who plucked up the courage to go on his first ever Tinder date after being ‘superliked’ by a seemingly-eager woman has told how the evening ended in total misery after the unnamed lady behaved so rudely that he ran away without telling her. After talking for a few days, the Imgur user, known only as Minilogo37, shared that despite their chemistry prior, the date took a turn when the girl arrived to the fancy restaurant in sweatpants, did not look at him once, and ordered the most expensive items on the menu.

Heh. Excellent. Women choose their targets wisely, in true Predatory Female fashion. She probably saw him on Twitter and thought he’d be so thrilled to have been “picked” she could get a night of free fine dining out of him. And he would scurry off after the date, rub one out, and she would lie and say she was “going home” while no doubt hopping on the cock carousel that night with a full belly. But Dinner Guy caught on to her game quickly, especially when she came to their “date” dressed for the gym. Dinner Guy writes:

We met up tonight at a restaurant I’d picked out. She didn’t look at me, wore sweatpants, and immediately ordered a $13 appetizer. Okay, not a deal-breaker. I tried starting a conversation a few times, but she only gave one word answers. Then, she orders a $25 steak and $22 crab legs. She drank four $9 glasses of wine.

I actually suffered this quite often in my Nice Guy days back in college. Women would feign interest in me, use me for food and entertainment for the night, then turn cold as the night prematurely drew to a close. The next day, phone calls would go unanswered. Dinner Guy recounts a similar scenario:

“She talked more to the waiter.”

It’s at this point a man should know he’s being played. It seems Dinner Guy knew well, and played the chess game appropriately:

I got the steak, and a few drinks myself. Right about the time our main courses arrived, I’d pretty much given up. As we were finishing, I excused myself and went to the restroom. While I was in there, a light bulb went off. I left the bathroom, headed out the door, got in my car, and drove home. Now, here I am. She messaged me a few times, called me a “fucker” about twelve times. Heh.

I’d seriously like to buy this guy a drink. Excellent execution. The fact she messaged him and called him a fucker scores him bonus points. Bring this guy another round. The irony is, she’s probably more likely to fuck him now that he’s shown her he’s not the Beta target she thought he was. Chicks dig jerks.

It seems she spent a good amount of time buttering him up beforehand for the $150 dinner. The innate female talent for what Schopenhauer called dissimulation means women effortlessly play mind games with men up until the time they go in for the kill.

Dinner Guy’s method of dealing with a predatory Anglobitch won him some praise from those who read the article. Well, praise from men who know what it’s like to be used by entitled women, and scorn from women who like using men. As the Daily Mail writes:

One user wrote, ‘You played the player at her own game and won,’ while others said things like, ‘I would’ve looked her in the eyes as I ask for separate checks,’ ‘I agree, this guy knows how to play,’ and ‘You handled that like a champ. Enough said.’

Another man wrote:

A lot of women have admitted to using Tinder for that very reason, good on you for turning it around on her.

Gentleman, if a woman is helping herself to the most expensive items on the menu while acting like a total bitch, she’s not interested. Part of being a good PUA and practicing good Game is knowing when to walk out on a bitch. Don’t be a typical Dinner Guy. Be this guy, and leave her ass sitting.

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The Face of Sex Offenders in America’s Public Schools

These are mug shots from some of the most well-known cases of predatory females sexually assaulting young male students while entrusted with educating them in public schools. Notice anything about all the teachers arrested for sexual misconduct in America’s schools?

All of those arrested in some of the most prominent sexual assault and/or rape cases (except for three by our admittedly hasty count) are Anglobitches i.e. white females, the supposedly asexual, sacred cows who comprise part of the “protected class” mainstream mierda, academia, and law enforcement regularly go to bat for. The very women #MeToo purports need saving from that awful, awful sex.

What to make of this? This thought crime fact, that women have sexual urges and can be just as rotten as men when it comes to gratifying themselves – with adolescents, no less – goes against the carefully constructed, feminist narrative that only men can be evil sexual predators. Statistics only further complicate the picture. A Department of Education research paper on educator sexual misconduct found some interesting facts:

  • 42.8% of sex offenders are female (American Association of University Women analysis)
  • 44% of victims are male
  • Average age of sex offenders is 28
  • Black and Latino children are more likely to be targeted

Interestingly, race/ethnicity of the offenders was not included in the Department of Education report. (But, we can glean from press reports many if not most of them are white females.)

What makes this deconstruction of the “only men can be evil sexual deviants” narrative all the more interesting is the fact culturally sanctified women are conducting sexual assaults on par with culturally villainized men. But, as always, Anglo culture turns a blind eye to sexual misdeeds conducted by women, since they have been the cultural “owners of sex” since Puritan days.

As one men’s rights organization puts it: “We are stuck in a generation where glorifying women and denigrating men is what people consider equality.” Even mainstream mierda rag USA Today reported on the hypocrisy of Anglo culture a few years back:

It’s a double standard brought by society, experts say, to female sex offenders — one that not only minimizes the victimization of young boys, who are left with lifelong emotional scars, but contributes to lighter sentences for the women involved.

Yep. The good old pussy pass means women only serve a fraction of the time men do when they have sex with minors. Even USA Today’s cherry-picked statistics say women commit 1 out of 5 sexual assaults, a whopping 20% of all cases. But, only men are serving hard time:

According to the Center for Sex Offender Management, a Department of Justice project, less than 1% of incarcerated rape and sexual assault offenders were females, or fewer than 800. By 2006, however, the FBI reported that females accounted for nearly 10% of sex crimes. And studies indicate that women commit approximately 20% of sex offenses against children.

There are a number of conclusions to be drawn. First, if your child is molested at school there’s a good chance the offender is a white female. Next, contrary to Anglo cultural narratives women are just as sexualized (and horny) as men are. They’re also quite capable of sexual deviancy and predatory behavior. And finally, we live in a culture that almost always turns a blind eye to the real sufferings of men to placate the imagined sufferings of women.

Worse, the corrupt media will often go to bat for women convicted of sexually assaulting young boys, as in the case of Mary Kay Letourneau. When is the last time we saw the media defending a male coach who diddled one of his female students?

Where’s a #HeToo movement directed at saving our boys? Don’t expect it in a misandrist culture. Where’s the “equality” in that?

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