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Valuable Lessons About Female Nature from the Elizabeth Warren DNA Fiasco


Senator Elizabeth Warren continues to lie about her heritage even in the face of DNA evidence

Senator Elizabeth Warren has shown us yet another reason why having women take over the reigns of the political sphere from men is a bad idea. The are no facts to the female rationalization hamster. Only emotions. Feels. “I feeeel this way so it must be true.”

The shitlib Senator pretty much torpedoed any chance she might have at running for president in 2020 by releasing the results of a DNA test she had done. There are so many valuable lessons to take away about female nature and liberal hypocrisy from this public relations disaster.

Despite the results of Senator Warren’s DNA test which show she’s whiter than the average white American with anywhere from 1/64 to 1/1024 (0.1% to 1.6%) Native American heritage, Warren is still playing the role of Pocahontas.

However, after publishing the results it seems she lost her “superior virtue of the oppressed” membership card. Senator Warren was disavowed by the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma where she claimed heritage, who issued this statement:

Warren’s announcement makes a mockery out of DNA testing and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.

Even Warren’s own Demonic party turned against her after the release. Yet, true to female form Warren continued lying about her heritage and playing the victim.

After the PR stunt blew up in her face, Warren went on a late night, hamster wheel spinning Twitter session which included some 20 plus tweets aimed at portraying herself as the innocent, perfect female victim (in true Anglobitch fashion, which is what she actually is). That big, mean old man Donald Trump with his truth bombs was of course, her so-called oppressor.

Any man who is a regular reader of TNMM or who understands women would not be surprised by Warren’s emotional tirades that fly in the face of genetic, scientific fact.

One of the most important lessons about female nature: Women will lie and play the victim even in the face of irrefutable truth. Another lesson: An emotionally driven government led by women and their “feels” will led to abject tyranny and the enslavement of the common man.

Freidrich Nietzsche, one of the greatest philosophers in history would most certainly be banned from Facebook or Twitter for his insights on the female predilection for lying if he posted them today:

From the beginning, nothing has been more alien, repugnant, and hostile to woman than truth—her great art is the lie, her highest concern is mere appearance and beauty.

A century later, Nietzsche’s wisdom still rings true.

Another great philosopher would also be blacklisted for his opinions (however astute they might be) in this era of American censorship. Arthur Schopenhauer wrote:

The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice. This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflexion but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies.

Senator Warren certainly fits the bill when it comes to lying. The sooner you understand women lie and manipulate to get what they want as these two famous philosophers knew, the better off you’ll be as a man.

Women lie about everything. Even their interest in you. (They just want your resources. If you don’t have something they want, you’re dead in their eyes. Reference Briffault’s Law and the way women treat men in America now that shitty, corporate YouGoGrrl jobs and the welfare state have destroyed traditional male provisioning roles.)

Warren has long been profiting from the lie about her heritage. Harvard University touted her as a “person of color” and diversity hire. She received affirmative action scholarships. The Senator even told reporters her dad’s family was “racist” against her mom in a bid to prop up her political career. (Mom was actually Lily White just like her daughter Lizzy based on Warren’s own DNA test.)

This has long been the tried and true tactic of the left: Profiting from a white male boogerman that doesn’t exist. Apparently, we all hold secret meetings on how to keep everyone down. Even those of us who have been shit on by America and its hatred of men.

To his credit, President Trump let Senator Warren have it. From Breitbart:

“She took a bogus DNA test and it showed that she may be 1/1024, far less than the average American,” Trump wrote on Twitter, derisively calling the Massachusetts Senator “Pocahontas.”

The president pointed to the Cherokee Nation’s statement calling Warren’s DNA test “inappropriate” and a “mockery.”

“Even they don’t want her,” Trump wrote. “Phony!”

Trump also praised the Cherokee Nation for calling Warren out.

“Thank you to the Cherokee Nation for revealing that Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is a complete and total Fraud!” he wrote.

The fraud didn’t stop there. Warren doubled down on her victim status by claiming Trump was somehow threatening her safety, another totally made up lie:

[Trump] makes creepy physical threats about me.

Warren might have never been busted if alternative media hadn’t taken her to task, as the predictably dishonest mainstream media initially took Warren’s side demanding Trump pay a $1 million ransom he offered if the Senator proved she had Native American heritage. That narrative lasted hours before being destroyed by online Realtalk.

Yes, the privileged white American woman brigade are drunk on their own power. Men have given them free reign over Anglo society, and they’re destroying it as a result.

Warren’s faux-victimhood is only the tip of the iceberg. Warren’s claim to be a person of color to garner even more special treatment than her golden vagina already affords her isn’t the first bout of such deceit from Anglobitches. Rachel Dolezal – another white woman – successfully convinced others she was black by tanning and perming her hair to make it frizzy before being outed.

There’s apparently a contest to see who can be the most oppressed.

How tragic it is Bronze Age lessons about female nature have been lobotomized from the Western mind by liberalism. It’s going to be painful as America relearns those lessons on its way down.

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Police State USA Hits Nevada Brothels with False Charges


Police State USA needs to arrest itself – not Dennis Hof

The new gynarcho-tyranny formerly known as America continues to expand its utterly insane War on Sex. Two of its “heroic” Police State USA units have hit three Nevada brothels (all owned by charismatic pimp Dennis Hof) with what basically amounts to false charges.

Cockblocking cops from Lyon County Sherriff’s Office and Immigration and Customs Enforcement claim immigration violations are occurring at Hof’s brothels, even though they’re the very agencies responsible for conducting background checks on the prostitutes who work in the brothels when sex work cards are issued by government officials.

It’s truly one of the most astonishing cases of the fox guarding the hen house ever heard of. Nonetheless, a heterosexual hating press chimed with glee:

An investigation of three legal Nevada brothels owned by a reality TV star and candidate for the state legislature found immigration violations and indications of possible human trafficking, the county sheriff said.

Thus said Reuters, member of the propaganda wing of the Deep State establishment. (You know, the people who constantly screw with your psychology through advertising, public relations, and fake news operations.) Surely, this hit couldn’t have anything to do with Hof running for office, and being the favored candidate to win a Nevada assembly seat? To ask the question is to answer it.

What the press and the police fail to plainly tell you in their convoluted story is that the responsibility of screening for immigration violations and human trafficking falls on the shoulders of the very police officials making the trumped up charges. Maybe it bears repeating: THE GOVERNMENT ISSUES THE VERY WORK CARDS THEY CLAIM HAVE IMMIGRATION VIOLATIONS.

This case is obviously a shakedown. The police should be arresting themselves, not telling the press to go sic Mr. Hof.

Hof denied any immigration violations or trafficking at the brothel and said the sheriff’s department was responsible for screening prospective employees.

“It’s on the county, not us,” Hof told Reuters.

Sheriff Al McNeil of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office distanced himself and police officials from responsibility in the incident with some good old-fashioned boilerplate:

“The ability to coerce, exploit and traffic non-US citizens into Lyon County by foreign criminal enterprises is going to be difficult to detect and deter by our limited capabilities and resources of foreign born applicants, which has caused us to develop better working partnerships with federal agencies to combat human trafficking efforts,” he said.

Blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard it all before. As TNMM has previously documented, human trafficking “busts” usually net nada. The human trafficking narrative is a smoke screen intended to keep men sexually unfulfilled by providing a pretext to spend public resources on conducting run of the mill prostitution arrests in the vast majority of cases, which sound much more nefarious when they have the bogus “human trafficking” moniker slapped on them.

What we have here is another example of The Hegelian Dialectic at work. The American government looks for problems, finds problems whether there are any or not, and applies preconceived Draconian solutions to clamp down on liberty. It’s how the monster operates.

What’s going on here at the cultural level? Another attempt at expanding the most extreme form of sexual repression ever documented. Anglo men, already so hard up that they’ll pay hundreds of dollars per hour for a simple tryst with one of the ladies in Nevada brothels are seeing yet another state-derived damnation of one of the most basic human drives there is.

Rookh Kshatriya knocked it out of the park when he wrote of this push to desexualize the culture at large:

Anyone with the most perfunctory grasp of psychotherapy and classical psychology in general knows that its founding fathers insisted on the importance of a healthy sex life for robust mental health. Freud, Maslow and Reich were all absolutely insistent on this: and modern Anglo-American psychology demonstrates total ignorance of its own foundations in promoting ‘adjustment’ to an asexual, denatured condition.

As usual, Anglo-Saxon culture lapses into insane puritanical denial of normal human needs when confronted with the detritus of its failed gynocentric agendas. Here we are in the early twenty first century, seriously expecting healthy young males to live like monks or ‘transition’ into sterile females because the Anglo-American cultural establishment failed to predict the social fallout of promoting misandrist feminism in a culture defined by residual puritanism, female entitlement and institutional misandry. It truly seems as if the Anglosphere has returned to Victorian times – if indeed it ever left them.

Not only is the Anglo-American world sexually and socially primitive, its increasing detachment from the canonical roots of western thought was never more obvious. The modern Anglosphere represents an evolutionary dead-end on the tree of occidental culture, severed by centuries of dehumanizing repression from the well-springs of psycho-sexual health and normality. It no longer even knows its own sources; clear proof of its fractured and degenerate nature.

He’s right. This tangential form of sexual repression will lead to cultural extinction.

This is undoubtedly one of the strangest chapters in human history. We now have a nation – America – pushing for its men to either become sexless monks or to chop their manhood off entirely rather than fulfilling their sexual deires as every other culture and virtually every other animal species on the planet does – by having male-female intercourse.

Why straight, lonely, good men put up with a government and a police force that persecutes them in this manner is beyond my comprehension.

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“Why Don’t We Dunk Him in Water and See if He Floats?” – An Allusion to Modern American Witch Trials

Where did this Senator Lindsey Graham come from? In this clip featuring a hysterical mainstream media and a pasty granny, Senator Graham echoes the sentiments elucidated here at TNMM and at Anglobitch – that the Anglosphere has sunk to an all time low as a culture with the Kavanaugh and #MeToo witch trials.

Graham bluntly asks the “journalist” working for More Snotty Nonsense By Chicks (MSNBC) “Why don’t we dunk him in the water and see if he floats?” This is an obvious allusion to the way Anglo culture used to practice corporal punishment for witches:

Dunking is a form of corporal punishment used in the medieval and Early Modern period associated with the witch hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries: an accused who sank was considered innocent, while floating indicated witchcraft.

It’s quite true and quite scary that men are being persecuted as modern day “witches” for the crimes of being a man and having a libido simply because this is a culture that, at its core hates men and is terrified of sexuality.

America as we once knew and loved her is dead. I don’t know what this new country is other than an emerging totalitarian oligarchy. Are Graham’s comments and Kavanaugh’s ascendence to the court signs the ship of state is about to turn around? Or are they tantamount to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

In any case, it was nice to hear the talking points we’ve long been screaming into the wilderness finally come out of a senator’s mouth. This clown show surrounding Kavanaugh should have been enough to convince even moderate men that the left intends to destroy you if you are a heterosexual man, and more importantly that Anglo culture has gone mad.

All I want is out of this madness. I don’t want any of the fake freedom this country is falsely advertising to the world nor any of the wares it is selling with debt bondage. This isn’t my home anymore. In many ways, I am a man without a country since America has disinherited its native sons and now persecutes them.

I don’t want any of its women who have turned betrayal into an art form as they use their sex and fertility like weapons to control and destroy men’s lives. American men gave American women the most freedom and the richest lives on the planet, and we are all witnessing how this is being repaid. They hate us.

What I have left is a mercenary relationship with this declining empire to extract the resources I need until such time as my plan to escape the matrix is realized.

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Cultural Castration


Men have already been culturally castrated in America

Anglo culture, now in its death throes has been singularly successful in culturally castrating its men. In the last 20 years as the pace of social engineering has accelerated in a tangential fashion, America has culturally castrated men of all races with political correctness, man shaming, and by destroying male utility value after tricking gullible women into becoming merry YouGoGrrl wage slaves + giving them government checks funded by legions of sexless Betas.

But anyone knows it reserves particular hatred for the men that comprise its founding stock, i.e. white men. It may be the first time in history a nation has moved to commit genocide against its founding population.

Recently, the ambitions of those designing the new gynarcho tyranny were laid out here on TNMM. I received some emails and comments stating this increasingly evil nation once known as America will never be able to reduce men to 10% of the population. But, in many ways it already has through a phenomenon I call cultural castration. Men aren’t literally de-balled, but they might as well be. Because most men are getting far more affection from Rosy Palm than an actual girl. Even hambeasts are inaccessible to the average guy.

The bottom 80-90% of men are effectively castrated because they’ve been eliminated from a sexual marketplace that has seen hypergamy rise to the Nth degree. The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) is widely called upon to describe this imbalance in the dating market, a culture in which the best men for maintaining civilization (hard workers, honest, reliable, good fathers, etc.) are relentlessly punished with involuntary celibacy and TFL or true forced loneliness.

To illustrate cultural castration goes well beyond creating large numbers of men for whom the intimate relationship they crave is a pipe dream, consider this conundrum: Dare speak out about your situation? Think you should be treated a little better by women? That’s toxic masculinity! You’re attacking women! You’re a misogynist! Shame on you! You should always believe women!

Add to the already imbalanced sexual marketplace a government adding estrogen to the water supply, creating a generation of soy boys by lacing genetically modified food with soy additives, socially engineering young men to become willing cucks, destroying male spaces, and using The Hegelian Dialectic to further atomize maleness in the culture a la the #MeToo witch trials, and what you have is an already hateful culture (now run by elites who are using the innate flaws in Anglo culture to wrest control of government from men) desperately trying to destroy its men in any way it can.

Who needs literal castration when cultural castration has been so effective? Women are being eased into positions of power while men are pushed out. These dethroned men aren’t just becoming sexless wonders as a result – they’re also effectively being turned into geldings.

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“The Future is Female” – A World of Female Masters and Male Slaves


Imagine a future with a female aristocracy and in which men are reduced to 10% of the population – feminists are openly calling for it

When our elite overlords tell us “The Future is Female” they’re giving us a hint at the hell they have planned for the common man on this planet.

A 5,000 year old social contract giving men dominion over women, placing men at the center of the human family and of human society at large isn’t just being rescinded, it’s being ripped to shreds and the tatters burned.

The largely automated, electronically enforced tyranny of the New World Order will put elites at the top issuing orders, women in the middle following orders and a tiny minority men on the bottom being subjected to orders.

(As this monumental tranformation of human society occurs before our eyes, notice how Judge Kavanaugh is being villainized for daring to even question the baseless claims of his female accuser at his Senate witch trial. This cultural precedent isn’t happening by accident. Men can no longer question the words of their new masters.)

We are getting but a mere a taste of this new, emotionally-driven type of society with the Kavanaugh witch trial and the embedding of #MeToo hysteria in the culture. The West has so long been based on male characteristics – namely the search for rationality in jurisprudence and balance in running the institutions of society – most men can’t imagine what a world increasingly run by women (doing the bidding of elites) will look like.

Just think of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem The Female of the Species. Indeed, the female of the species is deadlier than the male and the elite know this. It’s why they want to put women into positions of power from corporate boards to seats in the legislature to heading up the executive and judicial branches.

Women are much more prone to emotional hysteria, emotional manipulation and submission to authority than men. And, they are much more ruthless. Anyone who has learned well the crimson arts of seduction and pick-up artistry knows that once the benefits are extracted from the male and he is of no further benefit to the female, he is dead in her eyes. This is the premise of Briffault’s Law, after all.

Men have already been rendered largely worthless in the eyes of women. How many generations before the nightmare vision of some feminists is implemented? A world in which men aren’t just child support and alimony slaves, but slaves altogether. As we are already seeing with the skewing of the sexual marketplace, a society in which 80% of men are invisible in women’s eyes, men are worthless (and as good as dead) to women unless they provide some benefit. The benefit men have traditionally provided to women and the family has been stripped from them by their own governments.

Once women have been given total power in the West by the elite puppet masters currently managing our Western pseudo-democracies, The Hegelian Dialectic schema of manipulating the decision makers in society becomes much more effective. The elite only need introduce emotionally-driven issues into the national narrative to get what they want. Women behave and respond emotionally, so hysteria will be the norm in the future whenever the elite want to create change. The template for a society that’s run this way is already being laid down with today’s mainstream media.

Here’s how the model works: Introduce an emotionally driven (if totally illogical) narrative into the female hivemind, who will then hamster rationalize any new, Draconian policies introduced by the elite.

This model is much more effective in a world where men have no voice. Once today’s soy boys are tomorrow’s capons, chemically if not literally castrated for the sin of toxic masculinity the new gynarcho tyranny will move to cement male subordination.

Women are also much more susceptible to following unjust rules simply because they come from dictates issued on high. Used to bowing to authority throughout the history of humanity, they will unquestioningly follow dictates issued by their superiors. Since the State and the Corporation have supplanted traditional male roles in society, men are increasingly becoming utility objects without utility in women’s eyes. Women don’t answer to husbands or even their fathers, anymore. They answer to their new husbands and fathers, the State and the Corporation.

One might envision a world in which the dream of some prominent feminists – to reduce the male population to 10% of the human species – is realized. They’re even openly calling for ideas like International Castration Day and aren’t being censored by the far left tech overlords. This well-publicized desire of women like The Femitheist to commit genocide against men and enslave the remaining 10% of the male population echoes the thinking of feminists like Sally Miller Gearheart:

In her early career, Gearhart took part in a series of seminars at San Francisco State University, where feminist scholars were critically discussed issues of rape, slavery, and the possibility of nuclear annihilation. Gearhart outlines and justifies a three-step proposal for female-led social change:

I) Every culture must begin to affirm a female future.
II) Species responsibility must be returned to women in every culture.
III) The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.

Gearhart does not base this radical proposal on the idea that men are innately violent or oppressive, but rather on the “real danger is in the phenomenon of male-bonding, that commitment of groups of men to each other whether in an army, a gang, a service club, a lodge, a monastic order, a corporation, or a competitive sport.” Gearhart identifies the self-perpetuating, male-exclusive reinforcement of power within these groups as corrosive to female-led social change.

Thus, if “men were reduced in number, the threat would not be so great and the placement of species responsibility with the female would be assured.” Gearhart, a dedicated pacifist, recognized that this kind of change could not be achieved through mass violence. On the critical question of how women could achieve this, Gearhart argues that it is by women’s own capacity for reproduction that the ratio of men to women can be changed though the technologies of cloning or ovular merging, both of which would only produce female births. She argues that as women take advantage of these reproductive technologies, the sex ratio would change over generations.

It doesn’t take a genius to see Gearhart’s plan is being implemented piece by piece in America and Europe.

Of course, this is all music to a totalitarian elite’s ears. What better way to run a tyrannical society where they give orders and the rest of society takes them than to put women in charge of the levers of control and reduce men to nothing more than a new slave class? Now you know why male spaces are being destroyed, men are being marginalized, and men are being pushed out of the institutions they created with the keys to the castle being forcibly handed over to women.

It’s the mother of all shit tests. And Western men are failing miserably. Something so grotesque could only come from the hearts and minds of of women in male and sex-hating Anglo culture. Truly, this once great culture has become a blight on humanity.

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Beware The Hegelian Dialectic


Every issue the mainstream media trawls up is designed to get you to take a side to advance elite agendas

It’s my belief The Hegelian Dialectic should be taught in high school. Why? Because it’s how the ruling class manipulates the masses in a managed democracy to get what they want. Any time you feel the urge to “take a side” on an issue that gets paraded around endlessly on the fake news channels, make no mistake you have fallen into your master’s trap.

Once you learn to see the dialectic at work, you’ll find the American press is rife with it.

Also known as the problem-reaction-solution cycle, the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination fiasco is a prime example of just how insidious – and dangerous – this form of psychological fuckery is.

How does it work?

First the elite set an agenda item. One can almost imagine a room of sociopaths discussing ways they can 1) Drive yet another wedge between man and woman, 2) Push men towards homosexuality since that’s the only hope many will have of getting their innate sexual needs fulfilled as men become scared to even talk to their female masters, 3) Further turn white, heterosexual, Christian men into laughingstocks and cucks, and 4) Promote the proliferation of the surveillance state.

Sounds ambitious, doesn’t it. In comes The Hegelian Dialectic.

A woman pops up out of the woodwork making totally baseless, unprovable claims against Kavanaugh. (Michael Savage reported Dr. Fraud, er… Dr. Ford is connected with the CIA and even runs one of their internship programs. Of course, most people have never even heard that nor will the media ever allow it to be reported.) Rather than allowing her claims to be looked at rationally, the mainstream media kicks into overdrive ramping up emotional hysteria. Americans, trained to freak out and go into hysterics on command immediately obsess over the issue, vicariously fighting it out with others on social media.

As Freidrich Hegel, the father of the Hegelian Dialectic himself wrote: The synthetic solution to these conflicts can’t be introduced unless those being manipulated take a side that will advance the predetermined agenda. By taking a side rather than questioning where this issue came from in the first place, the masses have taken the bait.

As usual, with the Kavanaugh nomination taking sides has basically happened along party lines. Democrats have been trained to take the side of women, and Republicans (used to being whipping boy losers by suffering what has been effectively a 50-year rout in the culture war) reluctantly take the side of Kavanaugh and find themselves on the defense once again. (Notice how conservatives NEVER go on the offense against leftists!)

So we have the problem: A Supreme Court nominee is accused of fooling around with a woman in a forceful way 35 years ago. Crucially, he didn’t even have sex with her! But, it’s still called rape to conflate the issue and cast aspersions on all men in the culture at large. The reaction comes as both sides of the political aisle dig in and fight to exhaustion on social media about the problem.

And, waiting in the wings is the preconceived solution, already planned out by the elite and penned into law by legislative prostitutes in Congress. The only way for men to defend themselves against unprovable claims is either to avoid women altogether or to start wearing body cams and agree to allow themselves be surveilled in some fashion whenever they’re with a woman. All four of the agenda items mentioned above get a check mark beside of them as the ensuing fight completes them.

After the dust settles, conservatives rack up another loss, men get pushed farther to the margins of society, women further tighten their grasp over the nation, and the surveillance state gets another pretext to push its Big Brother agenda, it’s on to the next manufactured crisis. And people fall for the ruse, take a side, and fight it out EVERY SINGLE TIME. While our masters laugh it all the way to the offshore bank.

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1 in 5 Millennials Identify as LGBTQ


If the media told you to jump, would you? It seems the answer is “Yes!” for many in our society

A constant barrage of media propaganda is having effects on the society at large as more people than ever have moved out of the “straight” sexual orientation column. A record number of millennials (those born in the early 1980s to early 2000s) now identify as LGBTQ. Straight from the mouthpiece of the elite ruling class, NBC Fake News reports:

GLAAD’s third annual Accelerating Acceptance report surveyed 2,037 U.S. adults ages 18 and over last November in partnership with Harris Poll. The report revealed 20 percent of the youngest respondents (18-34) identify as LGBTQ, a notable increase from 12 percent of Generation X (ages 35-53) and 7 percent of the baby boomer generation (52-71).

That’s 1 in 5 millennials now identifying as something other than hetero, a figure that has nearly tripled from their grandparents’ generation. One might wonder would the figure be that high if: 1) Fathers hadn’t been removed from homes by the welfare state and Draconian child support debt slavery system, 2) That generation hadn’t been taught in school and by the media that LGBTQ is virtuous while heteros are evil oppressors, and 3) Millennials weren’t the least sexed generation on record because of poor male-female relations?

On a related note, TNMM has explored the relationship between the obesity epidemic and rising rates of involuntary heterosexual celibacy or “incel”, all three topics (a sexually repressive culture for straight people, obesity, and rising rates of homosexuality) being closely related.

When asked whether she expects the percentage of people who identify as LGBTQ to continue to rise in future generations, [GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate] Ellis said “absolutely.”

The number will almost definitely increase because women have become as inaccessible as Kilimanjaro to the average guy as a result of a post-feminist world in which they’re taught to hate men. Worse, TNMM regularly reveals the myriad ways social engineers and legislators lay legal and cultural mine fields for heterosexual men.

Both men and women will be pushed towards sexual experimentation since relations between straight men and women in the Anglo world have become so mercenary – and even downright dangerous for men to pursue in a #MeToo culture.

Oh, the number identifying as “trans” has doubled in a generation, too.

According to the report, 12 percent of millennials identify as either transgender or gender-nonconforming, compared to 6 percent in Generation X.

Social engineering works. That’s almost one-third of an entire generation identifying as either gay or trans.

While TNMM generally adopts a libertarian view of sexuality – do what you want but leave us out of how your pleasure yourself, the success social engineers have had at reprogramming an entire generation prompts questions. How long before other sexualities are mainstreamed by our rulers? Detrimental ones? Like bestiality and pedophilia?

How long can this biologically and culturally unsustainable course last, in that whites are already dying off en masse in America and Europe? Say what you will about our overlords, evil they may be but stupid they are not.

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