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There are Four Lights But the Matrix Says There are Five

YouTube and Facebook are now trying to censor Diamond and Silk, the Trump supporting, middle-aged black women whose videos often go viral. It’s amazing how badly the establishment wants to shut up those who don’t spew media “approved” narratives from their lips. It also illustrates how the establishment doesn’t want to hear from black people unless they’re saying what they’re told to say by leftists.

Silicon Valley overlords told Diamond and Silk their views were unsafe, and the duo have had their traffic throttled as a result. But I’ll tell you what’s really unsafe – adherence to one narrative and making everything else a thought crime. As Paul Joseph Watson puts it: If two jovial, humorous middle-aged Trump supporting black women are “unsafe” for the Facebook community, who isn’t?

As the specter of Soviet-style censorship looms, I keep thinking of this scene from TNG. It’s a good dramatization of an attempt to mentally break a man who’s resisting a false reality. I apply this scene featuring two fine Shakespearean actors to resisting the narratives the matrix is now trying to shove down our throats by censoring us and burying us in fake news. Trying to break those of us who are exposing the lies of the matrix, so we will start saying we see five lights when there are only four.

P.S. As we warned you was about to happen, the American police state recently made another bold move against free speech by taking Backpage, Craigslist and a number of other web sites featuring legit personals as well as escorts and other adult sexual providers offline. As TNMM reader DatGuy put it: Now, everyday men can’t get female companionship the regular way or the paying way. 

I don’t know what America is, anymore. But it’s not my home. I only come here for money. For now.

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Where Was CNN On Obama’s Alleged Gay, Coke-Fueled Affair


Obama’s alleged gay, coke-fueled love affair has been out in the open for a decade, but few have ever heard of Larry Sinclair

Left-leaning propaganda outlet CNN recently became very hot and bothered over an alleged bombshell interview between Anderson Blooper and porn star Stormy Daniels. In their minds, finally they’d have a classic Anglo-American sex scandal with which to hang the current straight, white male president they hate so much. The cherry on top was an openly gay interviewer persecuting a heterosexual president for banging a floozy before an audience of millions.

But, the ruse backfired. As the interview came and went it only further cemented the Clown News Network’s image as a fake news outlet. That said, isn’t one decades-old, alleged sex scandal as good as another?

Showing CNN’s extreme bias, a comparable story with just as much (or more) evidence was almost totally ignored. Larry Sinclair has claimed since 2008 that he and then Senator Obama had a coke-fueled gay love affair together. But, it never became a major issue during Obama’s presidential campaign or during his regime. In the press conference video linked above, Sinclair told reporters Obama’s gay affair (which happened while he was married to Michelle) began at a bar called Alibi’s:

I mentioned I could use a line or two to wake up. Senator Obama asked me if I was referring to coke and I stated that I was. After stating that I was Obama stated he could purchase cocaine for me and then made a telephone call. Senator Obama and I then departed the bar in a limousine and proceeded to an unknown location where Senator Obama exited the limousine with $250 which was provided to him by me, returned a short while later with an eight ball of cocaine which he then gave to me.

This is where Obama’s purported gay lover drops a graphic, detailed sex scandal in the lap of the anti-sex, scandal-hungry press. But, since it’s gay sex and not straight sex it seems they decided to keep it hush hush. Sinclair continues:

I did ingest a couple of lines of cocaine and shortly thereafter and shortly thereafter Senator Obama produced a glass pipe and packet of crack cocaine from his pocket. Obama then smoked the cocaine. I performed fellatio on Senator Obama in the limousine during the time Senator Obama was smoking crack cocaine. After which, I had the driver take me to my hotel at the Comfort Suites, Gurnee, Illinois. The following day, November 7, 1999 Senator Obama appeared at my hotel room unannounced, uninvited where we again ingested cocaine and I again performed fellatio on Senator Obama. Significantly, both the driver’s telephone call to Senator Obama and his telephone call to the drug dealer should appear on the driver’s and Senator Obama’s cell phone billing statements.

Why wasn’t Anderson Blooper sent down to blow (heh) this story wide open in a much-ballyhooed 60 Minutes interview? Does the subject matter hit too close to home? (I personally knew a gay anchor who loved coke-fueled sex parties.) Importantly, Sinclair resurfaced during the Stormy Daniels news coverage to claim he had much more evidence (credit card receipts, cell phone records connecting Obama to a drug dealer, etc.) than the former porn star. But, Anglo media wouldn’t give him the time of day.

There are also reports Obama had quite a few gay flings like this one. So, the former president seems to have a history of cheating on Michelle.

If the fact few people know the name Larry Sinclair but everyone in America knows the name Stormy Daniels doesn’t prove the gross extent of Anglo media bias, and outright vitriol fake news presenters have towards heterosexuals, libertarians, and conservatives nothing will. The talking heads in cheap suits completely glossed over a ready-made sex scandal, subject matter they normally salivate over. But, the sexual orientation and the political leanings of the subjects were part of the in-group rather than the out-group. So, no media circus resulted.

Have you destroyed your TV yet?

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Video: Looks Like These News Anchors Need Parrot Feed

You know you’re living in a truly Orwellian world when news anchors all across the country are denouncing fake news and biased narratives while becoming shining examples of fake news and bias themselves by parroting the same lines nationwide.

This creepy video showcases how the Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column. Note the vomit-inducing pretense their version of events and selection of topics are the holy grail. That they’re the only unbiased news sources out there, fearful cubicle drones making shit pay with student loan, car and mortgage payments that they are. We little people don’t need to be talking amongst ourselves is the message. These vacuous presenters will do our thinking for us.

Here’s some reality. Before I left the news industry for good things got so bad we were scripting stories before shooting them rather than reporting on reality as it happened. That is nothing short of utter betrayal of what journalism is supposed to be. There are many other betrayals of the public trust beyond setting up literal fake news stories. Not the least of which is the echo chamber seen in this video, as news agencies across the nation read off a script prepared for them by one of about half a dozen corporate conglomerates that control all the information distributed on these tarnished, legacy outlets.

It shows us how centralized communication is such an epic fail. One keyboard literally controls so many channels in so many cities.

Just like Ron Burgundy these talking heads in cheap suits standing in front of plexiglass will read anything that’s written on the teleprompter. Anything. And the irony is this video intended to attack so-called fake news on the Internet has become a shining example of what fake news really is.

You stay classy, MFers.

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End Sex Scandal Sensationalism: Start Snooping in TV Anchors’ Sex Lives

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1

What dirty laundry can we find in Anderson Cooper’s sex life?

The incessant pace of sexual voyeurism infesting Anglo media is aggravating and counterproductive, to say the least. The public has been conditioned to stand back in horror when “incidents” surface revealing that 12 years ago a sitting president might have banged a side chick who happens to be a porn star, or another one got a BJ in the Oval Office, or some other public official makes a pass at a supposedly asexual goddess at the office.

It’s latent Anglo-American Puritanism at its worst.

The latest example of this twisted obsession with public figure sex lives came and went with a recent CBS interview featuring Stormy Daniels, a buxom, siliconed, bleached blonde porn star Trump the faker reportedly banged one time. The duplicity of the media was astounding as 60 Minutes tried to turn a kiss and tell tryst into the crime of the century, while it was hosted by none other than out of the closet CNN mouthpiece Anderson Blooper. This odd juxtaposition representing the MSM’s unquestioning acceptance of all forms of sexuality except heterosexuality in modern times.

Blooper tried to dig for as many graphic details as he could. However, as reported by Nick Nolte at Breitbart, the interview turned out to be another Al Capone’s Vault style embarrassment:

The dirt came from interviewer Anderson Cooper, who found it “newsworthy” to include salacious details, such as Stormy playfully swatting Trump with a magazine. The only news value there is just how desperate the far-left Cooper is to embarrass the president.

Going for the Humiliation Gold, Cooper even asked the former porn star, “Did he use a condom?”

Note the low level of the modern media with Blooper’s odd preceding question. Putting aside Blooper’s curiosity about the minute details regarding how Trump reportedly humped Stormy, the much-hyped expose turned out to be another Van Jones-style nothingburger. Nolte writes:

So basically, after all of the anti-Trump establishment media’s Barnum Bailey Bravado, here we are on Monday morning, right back to square one after Sunday’s night’s massive misfire.

In other words, we are right back to Trump Might Have Had Consensual Sex With a Porn Star 12 Freakin’ Years Ago If Anyone Cares. And nobody cares.

There’s a quick way to bring an end to all this vampirish, fanged mouth sexual intrigue. Start watching the watchers. Fish around for lurid details from media personalities’ sex lives. There’s a lot of dirty laundry there – take it from someone who was on the inside.

Why don’t we ask Anderson Blooper about his sex life? About relationships he’s had that have gone wrong? About improper relationships he might have had. About what kinks he has in the bedroom. If he uses a condom. Does Blooper run trains with other men? Does he worry about HIV since he is in a risk group for contracting the disease? When Blooper answers, we will need to find inconsistencies in his statements and grill him on those, presenting him as untrustworthy and trying to hide something. Surely, knowing these facts about the anchor’s sex life relate to his credibility as a public figure and news presenter if the same standards are applied to Blooper that he applies to others.

Self-righteous talking heads might not be so keen to pass judgment once the lurid details of their own sexual dalliances start becoming public. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Right, Anderson?

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Dump ZuckerFace


Why give this weakling so much power over your digital life?

It’s time to leave Facebook for personal use if you haven’t done so already. I deactivated my personal account weeks ago, and I’m not missing anything. In fact, I’m glad I left that digital ghetto. Here are three important reasons those of us in the manosphere should limit our interaction with ZuckerFace’s panopticon in the making.

1. Shadow banning of conservative and libertarian media is well underway. Numerous web sites not adhering to the dictates of the leftist thought control police have seen a marked reduction in traffic since ZuckerFace unveiled a new algorithm. The new Facebook algorithm released to much fanfare earlier this year was purportedly designed to enhance “meaningful social interaction” but has caused inbound traffic to sites like Breitbart to crash 27%. Meanwhile, CNN – the lowest of the low propaganda channels – saw its traffic increase 43% after the algorithm change.

2. Your data is being carelessly thrown around. The current Cambridge Analytica fiasco is a drop in the bucket compared the other seedy ways the details of your personal life are distributed to companies, political operatives, and social engineers by ZuckerFace. Of course, the corrupt media are crowing about the FTC probing Facebook and threatening to fine them $40,000 a day per violation of so-called “consent decrees.” This is legal speak for one group of criminals shaking down another group of criminals, i.e. the U.S. gubmint shaking down Silicon Valley data lords. Don’t expect anything more than show trials and massive fines (i.e. shakedowns) from this so-called investigation. The government doesn’t have your back, but it might just stick a knife in it.

3. Facebook is becoming a forum for social engineering, and recently tested user acceptance of pedophilia. Earlier this month, Facebook circulated a survey to carefully selected users wanting to know their opinions about pedophilia. The chilling survey read: In thinking about an ideal world where you could set Facebook’s policies, how would you handle the following: a private message in which an adult man asks a 14-year-old girl for sexual pictures. One of the multiple choice options read: [This] content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.

Of course, mainstreaming pedophilia has long been an agenda item of the American left, and TNMM has reported on early attempts at mainstreaming this twisted form of sexuality by such propaganda outlets as Salon. Salon championed wannabe pedophile Todd Nickerson with a series of articles before dropping him and deleting Nickerson’s articles after a public outcry. Shadow banning combined with monkeying around with different algorithms are designed to filter what you can and cannot see online, and forces are at work to get you to accept even more Anglosphere sexual perversion while heterosexuals are marginalized.

These are only three of the biggest reasons men should leave Facebook. There are many others, not the least of which is what a waste of time and energy it is.

In short, stop giving this little twit and his company so much power. The only power he has is the power billions voluntarily hand over to him by typing in, photographing, or videoing every detail of their lives. Hell, go one better and dump Goolag (Google) for DuckDuckGo or another search engine that doesn’t make billions of your personal data. It’s time to push back against the Silicon Valley monopolies, and stop feeding these monsters with free information about us.

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The Importance of Cleansing Mass Media and Social Media from a Man’s Life


The psychological manipulation of television is indeed a horror show to the awakened man

As all but the most blind have seen in recent years, mass media is a social engineering project built upon a mountain of lies. The advent of the Internet and the Wisdom of Crowds phenomenon have been ill winds blowing over once-dominant television’s fantasy land, with Realtalk exposing mainstream news and entertainment for what they are – propaganda and palliatives.

As someone who hasn’t owned a television since leaving a career in the news industry two and a half years ago to go live in the real world, I can’t overstate the importance of turning off your television permanently and relegating it to the ash heap of history. Even casual television watching manipulates your mind in ways most men don’t even imagine.

Here’s an easy way to see this for yourself.

If you’ve been away from television long enough, then sit down with a crowd of Americans you’ll notice their conversations mimic bad sitcoms and bad movies. It could be because these people spend more time with their televisions than they do other people. As reported by the Waking Times in an expose on social engineering via television:

Westerners spend four plus hours a day, the equivalent of two months a year, or nine years in a lifetime, being hypnotized by a television screen without being conscious of the effects this activity has on them. Their free time is spent in imaginary relationships with fictitious characters on the screen.

That could be why I felt like I was caught in an episode of Friends the last time I sat down at an open-air cafe here in the Caribbean and had the unfortunate circumstance of having some Americans sit down beside me.

Regular people parroting sitcoms is actually a frightful illustration of just how powerful a medium television is. As fictional newsman Howard Beale warned us 40 years ago in the classic film Network, the biggest threat TV poses is the almost invisible way it reprograms our minds.

You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here, you’re beginning to believe that the tube is reality and your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the tube tells you. You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even think like the tube. This is mass madness, you maniacs. In God’s name, you people are the real thing, WE are the illusion.

Media critic Hal Baker confirms Beale’s statement, commenting on just how virulent television is.

I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television… You put something on the television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the TV set contradicts the images, people start trying to change the world to make it like the TV set images.

That was certainly the case for me as I chased the illusions of television. I couldn’t figure out why the world didn’t match the images I saw on television. I thought television was a reflection of the real world only to later find out it was a reflection of leftist social engineers’ thought control matrix. After a decade inside the belly of the beast I resolved to start living my own exciting life rather than living vicariously through fakers on TV and in film.

What mass media ultimately represents is early experimentation in putting humans into controlled environments, designed to influence the speech and thought patterns of billions. Waking Times references L. Wolfe, who reportedly specializes in mass brainwashing. Wolfe goes all the way back to the inception of television and the earliest research into the medium at Tavistock Institute, “which became the center for the study of human behavior, mind control, propaganda, and social manipulation” in the 1920s:

As Tavistock’s researchers showed, it was important that the victims  of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control.

Indeed, most Americans weren’t aware the messages broadcast into their homes were being designed to manipulate them until the past decade.

Wolfe’s claim also fits my own observations from my years in the media. Most reporters don’t even know they’re living in a controlled environment, parroting the messages they hear from agenda setters in New York. This is why conspiracy claims are always laughed at. The mind control is so insidious those reading the news don’t know how to see the world in any other way but through the leftist myopia that has been foisted upon them.

Perhaps the elite’s confidence in the power of mass media is best illustrated by former CIA director William Casey’s statement back in 1981:

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

Just look how close our rulers got to achieving this nefarious aim before the Internet burst the centralized communication bubble. Looking back only a decade ago the mainstream media had enormous influence over the minds of the masses as they shoehorned Barack Obama into the presidency immediately after a treacherous 8 years under another conman named Bush. These days, the MSM has become nothing but a laughingstock because the public are aware TV programming is designed as part of an agenda.

Eliminating television for my life was an important part of my personal liberation that set me on the path to a better life. But, what about another insidious form of thought control – social media?


Facebook is now embarking on social engineering schemes – including testing acceptance of pedophilia on the network

Eliminating Fakebook

More recently, I’ve begun experimenting with eliminating social media from my life. Particularly, Facebook. In my now week-old experiment, I’ve found that I don’t miss the contrived dramas, humble bragging, virtue signaling, and social preening of Facebook.

Importantly, in what was long the purview of television Facebook has now embarked on a program of social engineering. It recently tested users’ tolerance to pedophilia in a survey that has wrought ire from many users. Fox News reported:

“In thinking about an ideal world where you could set Facebook’s policies, how would you handle the following: a private message in which an adult man asks a 14-year-old girl for sexual pictures,” one question in the survey reads.

The disgusting multiple-choice poll gave users the option to condone the sick behavior, allowing them to vote that the “content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.”

Another possible, nausea-inducing response was that “the content should be allowed on Facebook, but I don’t want to see it.”

As a result of not only the fiasco brought on by Zuckerberg’s network testing the waters for pedophilia but a concerted effort to silence both conservative and libertarian voices, Facebook has reported its first ever decline. From KTLA:

Facebook reported on Wednesday its first-ever decline in daily users in the U.S. and Canada. It had 184 million daily users in this region in the quarter, down from 185 million in the prior quarter.

As always, the decline was spinned by those who will never admit they fucked up as something they desired.

Mark Zuckerberg told investors that tweaks made to the content Facebook shows users has led to a 5 percent drop in the total amount of time users spend on the social network.

Notice how the truth is garbled with public relations pleasantries in that statement. Facebook tweaked their content in a move to start censoring thought criminals, i.e. conservatives and libertarians which caused a decrease in use on the site. That’s the truth hidden between the lines.

This particular user has almost eliminated Facebook completely.

I regularly deactivate my personal account – which makes my profile invisible to other users and eliminates the urge to click on the “f” on my smartphone. As I wean myself from the platform, my eventual goal is to delete my account.

Perhaps the most important result of eliminating both mass media and social media from my life is the inner sense of peace I have. If I want news, there are a million places to find it. If I want to be social, I seek people out rather than having a digital mediary between that person and myself.

When it comes down to it, I just don’t need to surround myself with make believe. Nor do I need to have all the details of my life data mined by Faceboom. There’s really no place for corporate media, most social media, and most Hollyweird film in an awakened man’s life.

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Beware of Friends Bearing Gifts: Jordan Peterson Calls MGTOW “Pathetic Weasels”

There’s an age old maxim that advises men to “Beware of friends bearing gifts.” And Jordan Peterson’s sudden ascendance to the throne as the unofficial spokesman for the men’s movement, who is assumed to speak for all disaffected men in the Anglosphere has certainly seemed like a gift to many. Finally, our voices are being heard in the mainstream media.

While I have initially given him the benefit of the doubt and accepted Peterson at face value, at the back of my mind I puzzled over what the calculation is. Why is he there? Why hasn’t his reputation been destroyed by feminists and the corrupt media? Until now, men have been persecuted for saying the things Peterson says out in the open.

In the case of one particular man, Roosh V of Return of Kings fame has suffered both defamation and a witch hunt which have had him blacklisted in true Soviet fashion. The Washington Post libeled him, and he has been kicked off of virtually every digital platform from Paypal to Disqus. Why the sudden about face by the corrupt media? Ryu dropped by TNMM to offer this explanation:

There are many, who insist that the current media coverage of Red Pill truths is due to a portion of the population awakening.

The power structure must be worried that so many of us have awakened from our Blue Pill slumber. This was my reply to Ryu:

This does seem to be all too convenient. I, too am suspicious whenever something too good to be true like this happens. I worked a decade in the bowels of the MSM so I am familiar with how corrupt it is.

The thought has crossed my mind that this could be an attempt by the power structure to subvert and take control of the men’s movement, steering us in a direction amenable to their desires.

Notice how carefully it’s being handled now. But the takeaway message most sheeple will get from watching Carlson’s report is that modern men are weak and can’t deal with women being empowered. This serves the purpose of making men even less attractive in women’s eyes while convincing us we finally have a proponent. (We may not.)

Peterson has criticized MGTOW and most of his messaging seems to be directed at getting men back into the workforce en masse.

Just a thought. I’m always skeptical of anyone in media or government.

What makes Peterson most troubling as an unofficial spokesman for the manosphere are recent comments he made in his classrooom about MGTOW. He called men who have dropped out because they’ve been pushed to the margins of society by a deeply gynocentric culture and misandrist legal system “pathetic weasels” before issuing a carefully worded apology. Peterson lectured his psychology class saying men need to let women tell them what’s wrong with them, which is what the Anglo power structure has been doing for decades – letting women tell “defective” men how to “fix” themselves.

One of the top-rated rebuttals to Peterson in the comments section following the YouTube video exposing him certainly makes sense:

Peterson completely ignores the fact that it is the legal system that stacks the deck against men. The legal system gives ALL women an inordinate amount of power over the man in an intimate relationship. This fact alone is enough to dismiss Peterson’s point almost entirely.

Is this really the man we want speaking for us? I’m not a MGTOW personally although I do have sympathies for that movement because I know how marginalized men are in Anglo America. But I certainly am a Ghost and a John Galt, and this trio of dissidents is troubling to a corporate-government complex that profits from exploiting men.

Peterson makes William Shakespeare’s famous monologue come to mind, especially when analyzing any of the tripe broadcasted by the MSM:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.

As I alluded to in my response to Ryu, Peterson’s narratives always boil down to getting men to participate in the economy again. It’s as if he’s trying to direct men back onto the plantation. Herding them to participate in a society that exploits them as expendable revenue producers for the Socialist state. Is Peterson a fake? Is he a plant by the power structure? Or is he the genuine article? We’ll be watching. And so should you, with a skeptical eye.

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