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Boston Dynamics Continues Developing Real-Life Terminators

While the power structure distracts us with endless arguments over the Second Amendment, real-life terminators being developed by Boston Dynamics might just render gunpowder obsolete. TNMM first revealed the dystopian robots Boston Dynamics has been manufacturing at the request of the Defense Department with a lengthy writeup back in 2016. Google briefly acquired Boston Dynamics before selling it to SoftBank Group for an undisclosed sum last year.

The capability, portability, and intelligence of the robot creatures continues to advance by leaps and bounds with each passing year. Only two years ago, many Boston Dynamics “terminator” models looked clumsy and lacking refinement. That’s becoming less the case with each passing revision.

The new and improved “Spot Mini” model as demonstrated by the company in the above promotional video is nothing short of nightmare fuel. Biological dogs have long been used by man for defense, but it appears Faustian machine culture is well on its way to replacing biological dogs with much scarier tech equivalents. The machines can now summon their “friends” for help and open doors all by themselves.

If you think these machines are slow and weak, one Boston Dynamics model called Cheetah has already been tested that can run at speeds of 28 miles per hour, faster than the fastest human. If that’s not scary take a look at what’s on the drawing board for future iterations of the Cheetah model. Imagine a corrupt government strapping weapons onto “Spot Mini” or “Cheetah” then unleashing them with A.I. as enforcers without conscience. One would be facing quite the formidable foes.

Laughably, Boston Dynamics PR flacks have said these robots are being made to assist the elderly and infirm along with other flowery smokescreens. That certainly doesn’t explain the Defense Department funding. And the mainstream media doesn’t report on the dangers of these machines, being the propagandists of the power structure that they are. Surely, they’re not being manufactured to help a sociopathic elite tighten their lock grip on humanity with unquestioning, unthinking, amoral machines that will do their bidding without the pesky guilt that accompanies human minds.

Much as drones now kill American citizens with impunity, one might envision a future in which these robot sentries patrol the landscape making sure everyone is behaving the way the elite want us to. But, that’s all just crazy talk. Right?

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Cultural Static: The Anglo-Feminist Cult of Foreign Interference

The Anglo-American goddess cult regularly interjects itself into the affairs of other cultures

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Anglosphere countries have a persistent habit of interfering in the affairs of foreign lands. This is not just in the military sphere, but also in the fields of culture, economics and even law. Not a day goes by without the Anglosphere threatening sanctions or military action against some sovereign state and its people. Where does this cultural arrogance originate?

The assumption that corrupt, repressive, divided, racist countries like the US, UK and Australia occupy some lofty plane of moral perfection goes largely unchallenged in the world.  The elitist Anglosphere media are primarily responsible for maintaining these delusions; by focusing on the rosy lives of unrepresentative economic elites, they hide inequality, injustice and repression behind a cloak of dreams. This is why visitors to Anglo-American nations are invariably astonished by the vast gulf dividing real life from the media’s carefully-crafted illusions: divided lands, with the Blue Pill simulation completely at odds with the Red Pill reality.

While the Anglosphere nations continually excoriate foreign cultures, it never occurs to them that Anglo culture is in itself riddled with dysfunction. Aside from a few private schools and elite universities, most Anglo-Americans remain resolutely anti-intellectual, lost in narcissistic fantasies of self-aggrandisement and largely unfit to make any socio-economic contribution. As is also well known, the Anglosphere contains a large, uneducable underclass prone to crime, Welfare dependency and drug addiction; a costly burden in social, legal and economic terms.

However, it is in the area of gender-relations where Anglo-American self-delusion reigns almost totally supreme. We could immediately point out the massive rates of singleness, childlessness and divorce that define the Anglo world (certainly the white majority within that world). Instead of blonde, lissom cheerleaders giving free sex to everybody, foreigners find the frosty Anglobitch in all her borderline, entitled glory; a misandrist legal system; high levels of male school failure, homelessness and suicide; and an endless torrent of false abuse allegations directed at men for the ‘crime’ of having a sex drive. In some ways, seeing the real Anglosphere is like Neo awakening from the Matrix to find his real body immersed in a vat of chemicals.

Despite this grim reality, the Anglosphere countries unthinkingly assume they have a right to ‘correct’ other nations and show them the way on every issue. Quite how the Anglo-American elite feel they have a right to impose their toxic values around the world only becomes clear when we examine the underlying pillars of Anglo-Saxon civilization. The most important of these is the extreme class distinction that characterizes the Anglo-American world, which has comparatively limited social mobility despite endlessly bleating about ‘equality’, ‘rights’ and ‘justice’. Simply put, Anglo social elites never encounter the uneducable underclass, falsely-imprisoned men and fatherless children their repressive culture creates, and consequently believe that culture must be perfect. The British sociologist Anthony Giddens calls this Anglo tendency ‘structuration’, a kind of social apartheid that cuts across every area of social life. Briefly put, if the Anglosphere elite had even the most rudimentary knowledge of their own societies, they would never assume an attitude of cultural superiority.

Another factor in play is the dominance of the empirical tradition in Anglo-Saxon intellectual life. While the concise rationality of philosophical movements such as American pragmatism or British logical positivism is intellectually admirable, the dominance of such empirical movements indicates a certain lack of self-awareness among the Anglo-American intelligentsia – and by extension, Anglo-American civilization in general. When analysis is one’s sole intellectual and cultural recourse, it inevitably leads a culture away from healthy self-awareness. For example, contrast the deep German shame over the Holocaust with the glib glossing of Britain’s pivotal role in the slave trade – whole cities like Liverpool and Bristol grew fat on this vile trade, yet Britain’s guilt about its complicity remains disturbingly negligible. In modern times, the same lack of Anglo self-awareness characterizes not only politicians and thought-leaders but Angloskanks themselves – how can men not be attracted to their borderline personalities, overbearing sense of entitlement and landwhale dimensions? No, guys that flee (or want to flee) the Plantation must be mad, blind or gay.

As a former newsman, RF talks a lot about the mainstream media’s abuse of Hegelian dialectic in the cultural war that engulfs us. Create a false flag threat of some kind – then concoct repressive measures to ‘counter’ and ‘protect’ the masses from it. By this means, the masses gleefully accept the terms of their own coercion; a good example being the recent ‘sex abuse’ hysteria. However, the same method can be deployed strategically: for example, the Anglosphere has used the Holocaust to deflect criticism of its own historical misdeeds for many decades now.  Yes, the Holocaust happened and it was wrong; but the Anglosphere nations have gleefully seized on it as the ‘greatest evil’ in history to hide their own crimes against blacks, Indians, Scots, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. A whole conceptual climate has been cleverly built on Anglo-Saxon opposition to Nazi Germany, which gives underhand legitimacy to modern Anglo-American imperialism and its warped mission to impose repressive Anglo-feminism across the globe.

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Exporting Frustration – War and Repression in Anglo America

The military-industrial complex is powered by men it views only as Matrix-style batteries

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

RF’s recent essay, ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy and the Marginalization of Sex in Anglo America’, was one of the most interesting pieces of manosphere writing I have read in many a year. His thesis cleverly linked Anglo-American sexual repression to our culture’s fatal obsession with consumerism and debt slavery. And yes, it is obvious that blue-pilled males slave their pointless lives away for branded commodities assembled in Third World sweat shops to ‘win’ (or try to win) some frosty Anglobitch tail.  Of course, both women and the Matrix have vested interests in maintaining this situation. Women get raised onto marble pedestals by their beta lackeys and the system at large; and by selling debt and dross to pussy-starved betas, the Matrix secures its existence for the foreseeable future. A win-win situation for both parties.

However, sexual repression in the Anglosphere serves an additional purpose: it creates a ready supply of frustrated cannon fodder useful for imposing Anglo matriarchy of other parts of the world. As well as making these deluded Gammas more reckless, prolonged sexual deprivation makes them exalt women as goddesses worth fighting and dying for. In sum, withholding sex from Anglo-American males not only serves the Matrix within the nation state; it helps the Matrix expand its gynocentric agenda beyond the Anglosphere.

The economic inequality fostered by every Anglo-Saxon nation produces a large, alienated underclass defined by low intelligence, limited horizons and cynical conformity. In the UK for example, one third of the population cannot divided 65 by 5 with pencil and paper and almost 20% are functionally illiterate. RF continually shows how clueless most Americans are about the wider world; only 1 in 3 Americans can find Great Britain on a map, for instance. With illiterate mobs coexisting alongside privileged elites, the major Anglosphere nations are more like Third World countries than progressive states such as Norway, Germany or Japan. However, this retarded Anglo underclass does serve one useful purpose: as willing fodder for the military-industrial complex.

For these bone-headed clowns join the military in droves – what other career, apart from criminality, is available to them? And this is where good ol’ Anglo sexual repression kicks in. Sexually disenfranchised males are far more likely to risk life or limb than males with a reproductive stake in the future. Widespread sexual repression not only makes the rabble take risks; it transforms women into semi-divine beings worthy of worship and self-sacrifice. Together, these factors create the perfect background noise to Anglo-American campaigns in ‘patriarchal’ regions.

And these ugly clowns are perfect cannon fodder, if nothing else. Blue collar males in the Anglosphere are deeply damaged by institutional misandry and gynocentric discrimination; they commit suicide in droves; almost 40% die single and childless; their lives are holes of self-loathing concealed by sexual false consciousness and infantile bluster. Largely deprived of the basic human need for sex, they constitute a reserve army of lemmings desperate to escape their tortuous celibacy; even a sniper’s bullet is preferable to that walking death.

Keeping these gammas in a constant state of sexual thirst thus serves the Matrix not only in economic terms (as RF so ably described) but in military terms, too. Being rabbit-brained shills and incapable of rational thought, Anglo women effortlessly conflate their own role in the military-industrial complex with the trendy liberal pacifism they picked up in college (perhaps it should be renamed the military-industrial-sexual complex – an interesting concept indeed).

MSM talking heads foist Anglosphere narratives onto the world

Enter The Talking Heads

Meanwhile, the lamestream media skews all international news with explicit feminist and misandrist narratives, further exciting our incel White Knights with chivalrous indignation. A good example would be Boko Haram, the African Islamist outfit whose massacres of boys are conveniently omitted in most western reportage. Instead we are treated to endless ‘Find Our Girls’ headlines calculated to stir the average Anglochump’s ‘protective’ instincts towards stainless damsels. And so we are left with an ignorant, sexually frustrated horde of unemployable dolts fired up by feminist propaganda to support whatever illegal invasion the Matrix dreams up next.

Truly, the Anglosphere sets all standards of economic, educational and social progress.

I am well-known for my cynicism about Men’s Right’s Activism. Not that their views are wrong – they are not – I just don’t think they can change anything. The reason is not wholly biological, although gender biology plays a role; it is rather that the Anglo-American Matrix is too resilient and well-organized, too integrated and efficient a system to be easily overthrown by AVfM and ‘gender justice’ groups of that ilk.

The Matrix can be compared to an organism which has successfully weathered centuries of evolutionary and environmental pressure and has developed countless defensive mechanisms to secure its own existence. It utilizes gender biology, mass psychology, media, technology, education, money and language to defend itself in ways that are beyond any individual human consciousness (including mine) to completely unravel.

So we in the manosphere need to transcend outmoded narratives of ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’, or the notion that being intellectually ‘right’ makes victory inevitable. We can be proven ‘right’ a thousand times but if nothing ever changes – and it never does – none of it matters. A more effective course for the enlightened man surely lies in self-development (separatism, minimalism, personal growth) and building a new life outside the Anglo-American Matrix.

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Manufactured Terrorism: Is Las Vegas Another Chapter in State Sponsored Terror?


Are Western powers manufacturing terror events to strip civil liberties and keep sheeple in a state of panic?

It seems Western shadow governments, often referred to as the Deep State are ramping up the frequency and intensity of their psyop assaults on the Western populace. The latest mass shooting tragedy comes out of Las Vegas, and it happened during a country music concert. This crisis comes right on the heels of government-paid thugs in blue attacking Catalonians in Spain for having a referendum that would give them independence from globalist, EU-linked Spain. From The Daily Mail:

Police say 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock used automatic weapons to rain down gunfire on a crowd of 22,000 people attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival Sunday night, from his room across the street in the Mandalay Bay hotel.

How did Paddock get automatic weapons into a casino in the first place? And, did the weapons have the range to inflict the death and injury reported by American media? Infowars brings up this interesting point:

What weapon was he using? That is important in deciding whether Paddock could, from a significant distance, inflict the reported destruction of life. Or whether, as earlier reports/rumors suggested, there was more than one shooter.

The “lone nut gunman who committed suicide or was killed” narrative is a well-worn plot device of The Corrupt Media and the power mad U.S. government going all the way back to the days of Lee Harvey Oswald, used to explain away nearly every mass shooting of recent years. Continuing from the Daily Mail:

[Police] used explosives to blow the door off his room, but by then it was too late – Paddock had shot himself dead. Inside the room they found an ‘arsenal’ including 10 rifles.

No motive has surfaced. By some accounts, Paddock just liked to gamble and waste time at the slots in Vegas with his Asian wife. Infowars reports:

In an interview, Paddock’s brother said he was absolutely shocked, and his brother, Stephen, was “just a guy.” No motive, no reason to go on a rampage.

Then, the New York Post reveals – perhaps unsurprisingly to those acquainted with false flag terror models – Paddock is indirectly linked to the FBI since his father was on the agency’s most wanted list, which according to Global Research is connected to every major terror event going back to 2001:

Lurking behind the shadowy armies of would-be jihadis in the popular imagination is the sober reality that every single major terror bust in the U.S. since 9/11 has been sourced back to the same group. A single entity that is in every single case, funded, equipped, and even incited the would-be terrorists into action: the FBI.


Webster Tarpley’s State Sponsored False Flag Terrorism model (click to enlarge)

Enter Webster Tarpley’s insightful model of State Sponsored False Flag terrorism. Tarpley uses it to convincingly show how the events of 9/11 were in all probability conducted by shadow elements within the U.S. government.

Other research shows Tim Osman, later known as Osama bin Laden, was trained and equipped by the CIA, and labeled a “freedom fighter” before the U.S. government decided it wanted to destroy one of the last patriarchal societies on the planet and hung Osman out to dry. In essence, Tim Osman/Osama bin Laden was a patsy blamed for the crimes of 9/11 who actually died in 2001.

TNMM has previously revealed how the official story of how Osama bin Laden was killed a decade later by Seal Team Six, his body mysteriously buried at sea without any evidence, and then Seal Team Six themselves later dying in a helicopter crash a short time after is so farcical it is beyond belief. Yet another stunning account of events the government expects the public to chew on like so much cud.


Why are two windows blown out at the Mandalay Bay if the shooter was a lone gunman?

Was Paddock a Patsy?


Paddock, the purported mass shooter, pictured with his wife

Could Paddock, like Osman, also have been a Patsy in yet another state-sponsored false flag terror event? It’s easy to imagine the CIA or FBI feeling out, then setting up Paddock to scapegoat him as a patsy, moving in with surgical precision to murder him with the very professional killers, technicians, and special forces (from Tarpley’s model) who then proceed to conduct a mass shooting from not one but two windows of the Mandalay Bay casino. The deed done, the professional killers then pin the crime on him.

A married, hard-drinking, gambling 64-year old retiree with no criminal record seems an unlikely terrorist mastermind. Of course, the above photo of not one but two blown out windows at Mandalay Bay lends credence to the idea there were at least two guns being used at the time of the mass shooting. How did a big oaf like this manage to shoot thousands of rounds out of two windows of the casino? Moreover, how did he even get access to military weapons, which are illegal for the public to buy?

There is precedent for this hypothesis. Judge Napolitano revealed on national television that in the case of the Orlando mass shooting nobody actually died at the Pulse nightclub until SWAT teams started entering at 5:13 a.m.! This astonishing revelation is not a matter of conjecture, but of the official police record! It is, of course, a strong insinuation that SWAT teams were responsible for the deaths at the nightclub, not the incompetent “lone nut” gunman blamed for the incident.

Then, there’s the bad acting from supposed eyewitnesses in the mainstream media that add another layer of fishiness to the “official” accounts of the events in Las Vegas. Check out possible Crisis Actor #1 and Crisis Actor #2. The women they picked for these interviews are terrible actresses.

In any case, George Carlin said it best when listening to “official” accounts of anything issued by the U.S. government and its puppets in the mainstream media:

I have certain rules I live by. My first rule I don’t believe anything the government tells me. And I don’t take very seriously the media, or the press, in this country. Most of the time their function is kind of an unofficial public relations agency for the United States government, so I don’t listen to them.

Indeed, in the Orwellian world we now find ourselves living in all “official” sources seem to be playing both sides for the One World Government, globalist cabal. Both right and left leaning news sources are not to be trusted. As Bernie Suarez for The Waking Times put it:

Anyone can step back and see that the only beneficiary of ALL of these shooting events is … government. More than ever in the history of humankind there is an urgent need for you the individual to think on your own; and not doing so means you will die or be permanently enslaved.

The sheeple may just drag all of us down with them with their inability to see the cold, hard truth of reality. The U.S. government has gone rogue.

No matter what happened in Las Vegas, the takeaway message is we should all be questioning our masters, their motives, and what they hope to accomplish after this tragedy, i.e. what liberties they want to strip away from us after this and every coming crisis looming on the horizon.

We live in interesting, and dangerous times.

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Never Forget: Rumsfeld Said $2.3 Trillion Was Missing the Day Before 9/11


Donald Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillion was missing from the Defense Department the day before 9/11

The day before the generation-long march to abject tyranny began in earnest in America, Neoconservative Donald Rumsfeld, who specialized in deceiving the American public for over 30 years in administrations spanning Ford to Bush (his lies and fantasies revealed in Adam Curtis’ documentary The Power of Nightmares) dropped a bombshell. The American government had “misplaced” $2.3 trillion dollars.


You can watch the lamestream media story about the incident, filed by CBS News no less, here. Not long after Rummy’s announcement, World Trade Center towers 1 and 2 came crumbling down in New York, as did WTC 7 which was never hit by an aircraft and had minor fires burning inside it. No steel skyscraper has ever collapsed from fire before or since, even after such buildings have been consumed by flames from top to bottom. Moreover, engineers designed WTC 1 and 2 to withstand impacts from aircraft larger than the 757s that impacted them. But that day, history was made three times as all three fell.

Even worse, the accounting offices at the Pentagon were destroyed by a 757 that (initially) left a curiously tiny hole in the side of the building, with pilot Hani Hanjour (described by his instructors as a terrible pilot who couldn’t fly a Cessna) performing acrobatics veteran pilots can’t perform with this type of aircraft. Evidence of where the money went disappeared, and the story was forgotten as the Osama Bin Laden narrative began its long arc before the world’s worst enemy died under mysterious circumstances, then was quickly buried at sea. A body or even credible photographic evidence of Bin Laden’s death was never produced, and the Navy Seal team that killed Bin Laden soon wound up dead themselves. Victims of an unfortunate “accident” flying over the poppy fields of Afghanistan.

At least, that’s what your government expects you to believe. They’re self-described angels among us, as honest as truth itself and as pure as the snows in winter, and that $2.3 trillion was spent on noble causes. But aww shucks, they just can’t account for it. To illustrate the government’s stunning hypocrisy, if you short the government $50 on your tax return the IRS will be all over you like stink on shit. However, they can lose trillions and sweep the incident under the rug.

Here’s an alternative view.

Dropping a bombshell like this, the announcement that trillions were missing from the defense budget is what’s known in the PR business as a “news dump” or a clever, calculated, Machiavellian revelation of a potentially devastating news story just before an even bigger event comes along to eclipse coverage of the first story. In this case, 9/11 eclipsed the story of the American government “losing” such an enormous sum of money. It’s almost as if Rumsfeld knew an even bigger story was on the way the next day, as he made the announcement to the press September 10, 2001. Maybe he’s got ESP.

Surely, it’s all just one big coincidence. We know how honest the American government is. And the unending assault on the Bill of Rights, privacy, and personal liberty that picked up steam based on the pretext of 9/11 and the terr, terr, terr, (terror, terror, terror) narrative was also just a big coincidence. They have to turn us into slaves to protect us. And if you’ll buy that, I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona. Cheap!

This is what we need to remember every September 11th. That our government could have attacked its own citizens that day in order to bring about the changes necessary to roll out the New World Order currently engulfing this once free society.

Could the truth of the matter be the U.S. fought the Cold War just so it could be the first to institute worldwide Socialism rather than its former rival the USSR? It sure seems that way from this vantage point. One main problems of Soviet-era Socialism was the fact no bureaucracy could plan production well enough to keep the economy of the nation running efficiently. But, in the computer age, that hurdle is now arguably surpassed. And thus, the USA re-brands itself the USSA, and institutes worldwide Socialism in sections. Freedom dies of a thousand tiny cuts.

Looking back, 9/11 was the crucial event that enabled the American government to make the power grabs it has, stripping personal freedom, liberty, and choice, as it shifts to a collectivist model. That model is now being rolled out month by month and year by year.

What’s most amazing is that the public never figured this alternative version of events out on their own. Truly, the Christian metaphor of the public being comprised of sheep plays out before our eyes once again. Unfortunately, in this day and age the wolves are not only cunning and evil, they’re virtually omnipotent thanks to the power of the atom and the computer chip.

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Video: Webster Tarpley Analyzes Bush’s Behavior on 9/11

Historian and author Webster Tarpley may be onto something. As the official account of 9/11 seems more and more unlikely in the increasingly tyrannical world the events of that fateful day helped create, the Red Pill man searches for answers. We already know the U.S. government lies about everything to the common man. Proponents of this ideology of mass deception call it “Managed Democracy” or a world in which the elite manage public perception just as they manage any other ad campaign for a new car or cell phone.

The biggest question of our age that lingers in the air is this: Did the U.S. government or agents within the CIA/Deep State/secret government create the events of that day, then drop them into the lap of a puppet president to manage? Did they threaten him with being liquidated if he did not comply with their wishes to begin a global War on Terror, which has really amounted to nothing more than a quest to feed the military-industrial complex with fresh blood and push the expansion of American Empire into far-reaching corners of the globe? (Like the opium-generating poppy fields of Afghanistan, where Trump is now re-engaging the U.S. military.)

In this video, Tarpley delivers a bombshell revelation about George W. “My Pet Goat” Bush, carefully observing his actions in the Florida classroom as the tragic events unfolded the morning of September 11, 2001. He then blends them with research gleaned for his highly-rated book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror. Tarpley says Bush looks like he’s about to shit himself because he simply doesn’t know what to do once the events of that day are dropped into his lap by those who really run the U.S. government. That’s why he sat there rather than taking charge that morning.

Bush then flew all over America that day as cryptic messages like “Angel is next” were delivered to Air Force One. (Angel was the code name for Air Force One.) When Bush finally appeared to make a statement, terror, terror, terror, and Bin Laden, Bin Laden, Bin Laden were the words that continuously spewed from his administration. Once the “bad guy” narrative had run its course, Bin Laden would later be “killed” and mysteriously buried at sea with no photographic evidence by Navy Seal Team Six operating under direct orders from the Obama administration. Seal Team Six would later mysteriously die themselves after taking on enemy fire in a ridiculously slow-moving Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan. Fishy as hell, all of it.

Of course, Tarpley’s rational, plausible explanation of the events of 9/11 which led to the War on Terror reign of terror is just one man’s opinion. But, keep in mind Tarpley wrote a bombshell biography about NWO accomplice George H.W. Bush back in the 1990s, a book the Clinton campaign obviously held in high regard because DNC operatives Stephanopoulous and Carville were filmed reading it in the war room.

Tarpley’s arguments carry weight since he is a Princeton graduate, has an encyclopedic mind, speaks several languages fluently, and is one of the reddest of Red Pill historians one can find anywhere. Tarpley’s version of events sounds so much more plausible to these ears than the pablum the U.S. government expects the sheeple to swallow. What are your thoughts after hearing him out?

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YouGoGrrl Squads Don’t Measure Up in Marine Combat Tests


Male Marines were pitted against female Marines in combat. Guess who came out on top?

The Anglosphere’s hatred of masculinity continues to produce oddities the likes of which the world has never seen. Even the military is not immune to the gender-bending, role-reversing, sex-confusing agendas of Neo-Puritan feminists and their ilk.

Under Comrade Barack Insane Obama, ‘Murica lifted its ban on women serving in combat. It was hailed as a watershed moment in women’s rights by raving lunatics who want to go back to the drawing board and reverse millions of years of evolution that have created unique talents meant to reinforce and strengthen the sexes when they cooperate, not compete, with each other.

But, The Anglo American Matrix will hear none of that. Leftists screech that women need to be on the battlefield, too. So, in response to the cultural insanity of a society that’s imploding, the military was forced to waste time and resources on another Utopian social experiment that tested the effectiveness of women in combat. The hilarious, and predictable results follow. The U.S. Marines pitted two combat teams – one all male combat team and a second populated with men and YouGoGrrls – against each other in simulated life and death situations and guess which one came out on top? The Federalist Papers writes:

The Corps’ summary of the experiment concludes that combat teams were less effective when they included women.

Yeah, the all male team creamed the team populated with women. Here’s how the test was set up.

[The test] took the form of a year-long experiment called the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, in which 400 Marines — 100 of them female — trained for combat together and then undertook a simulated deployment, with every aspect of their experience measured and scrutinized.

Not surprisingly, men, who have evolved to work as a team and put drama aside when on the battlefield did better than women, who have in the last half-century let their Penis Envy get the best of them. The competition wasn’t even close.

Overall, the report says, all-male teams and crews outperformed mixed-gender ones on 69% of tasks evaluated (93 out of 134). All-male teams were universally faster “in each tactical movement.”

Women are also demonstrably more delicate and not as robust as men on the battefield, proving to be a liability to any fighting force.

The report also says that female Marines had higher rates of injury throughout the experiment.

Personally, I say let’s give the YouGoGrrls all the dangerous and dirty jobs men have done for millennia if they really want so-called gender equality, but let’s put that sentiment aside for one moment.

How long is this insanity going to go on? Why must Anglo America constantly try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to men and women and sex roles? Sex roles that have come about for a reason, because they play to the innate strengths of both man and woman. What the hell is wrong with this nation? Why is it trying to foist this insanity upon its citizens while comically labeling gender-bending “progress” even as the nation itself demographically, culturally, and socially crumbles?

Ladies, why on earth does having a family and taking care of children and making a house into a home repulse you so? Are social engineering and the confections you see in media (that have nothing to do with reality) really dominating your mind to such an extent that you won’t be happy until you’ve completely disgraced the legacies your ancestors (better women than you) left behind?

At this point, there’s really nothing a man can do but sit back and watch the toilet bowl swirl, as the diarrhea known as social engineering fills up the commode. The androgyny agenda is one of the myriad gateways to hell thrown open by liberalism, and the lava is already flowing like rivers of fire through Rome as it burns.

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