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Do Americans Fuck Food Rather than Each Other?

Does repressing the human sexual appetite mean people double their pleasure with food?

Before we get started, the headline is a bit of a joke. But, all good humor contains at least a grain of truth at its nucleus. We all know Americans don’t literally have sex with food. But, do they glean some sort of subconscious sexual fulfillment from it? Are we witnessing transference of sublimated sexual desire emerging as a raging lust for food?

After all, in America food flows like water and there’s no shame in being a fatass. But the sexual landscape is a dry, dry desert for many men, and there’s plenty of shame for being a horny, lonely man.

Have you listened to how Americans talk about and experience food? The passion they have for eating is disturbing to those who aren’t obsessed with figuratively fucking their next meal. This is, after all, already the fattest and most-food obsessed nation on the planet. Despite people being fat as horses,”excess” doesn’t seem to enter the American lexicon when it comes to food cravings.

One of the only reliable, “safe” conversation topics across diverse crowds centers around comparing and contrasting cheeseburgers, ribs, steaks, pancakes, and other eats as if eating is the sole source of sensual pleasure in otherwise bleak lives spent toiling on the corporate plantation. The obesity epidemic and health crisis brought on by excessive eating doesn’t deter or even slow Americans down at the lunch counter or dinner table.

Food advertising is everywhere, tempting people to whet their appetite with new and novel (and mostly crappy) creations. There are fast food restaurants on every corner, but nowhere to find a quickie since prostitution is illegal. For those looking for non-pros, prudish women turn sex into a hidden, hush-hush commodity, a cultural taboo for most men (the infamous 80/20 rule applies) rather than a psychological need and recreational activity that’s considered a normal part of life.

People don’t eat to live, they live to eat in America. Food delights them. It satisfies a “craving” deep inside. Comedian George Carlin famously told audiences:

If you were selling sautéed raccon’s assholes on a stick, Americans would buy them, and eat them. They’ll eat anything! Anything! Anything!

Indeed, there are 620,000 restaurants in the U.S. alone, but only a few dozen brothels in Nevada. “Johns” are treated like subhuman animals by the police state for wanting a screw, and yet fat acceptance has made it politically incorrect to criticize Bertha for weighing 350 lbs even as she crams corn dogs, french fries, and lemon creme pies into her mouth. Poorly made hamburgers and fries are cultural icons. But, why do Americans get so turned on by food?

One can at least propose the idea that decadent meals have become a means of gratifying the Freudian id, the pleasure-seeking compenent of human psychology. Because actually seeking sex and having sex has become taboo, especially for heterosexuals, eating has been transformed into a pseudo-sexual experience in a culture that has made sex itself something to be ashamed of. (When it comes to actually having sex, not watching it on TV or making jokes about it. Big difference.)

Americans use sensual language in food descriptions and in food advertising, and even go so far as to mix sexual and culinary terms in common parlance. Such words and phrases are used to describe food, but contain erotic overtones. “Foodgasm” and “food porn” are only two such examples. Ooooh, mmmm, aaaah. The classic NBC series Seinfeld even touched on the sexual nature of food in one of its episodes, The Mango. Elaine appears to have an orgasm as she finishes dessert. Of course, Jerry wonders if she’s faking it or not.

Ironically, EatNorth columnist (and white girl) Mallory Frayn brought up this very topic on the popular food web site. She focuses on Freudian psychology in her article, particularly oral fixation.

Take our fascination with food porn, for example. How does eating – or even simply looking at food – become such an intimate activity? Maybe we are all stuck in the first — the oral — stage, causing food to be the primary focus.

She then admits to obsessing over food, as pretty much every office drone I ever worked with in corporate America did. One only need bring up the topic of food in a crowd of Americans, and stand back in disbelief at the pleasure people would take talking about fulfilling their deepest, darkest desires by fucking…er…eating. Frayn writes a line that is typical of many in Anglo culture, describing what one would hear in a typical food-inspired conversation:

I am always thinking about food, whether it be making it or eating it.

Frayn then attempts to marginalize Freud in typical white girl fashion (they always heap scorn upon intellectuals and creative men), either willfully ignorant or oblivious to the fact his school of psychology is used to manipulate and control hundreds of millions, if not billions of people the world over. The following statement is about at SWPL as it gets.

I am not so sure that the obsession stems from a conflict with breast feeding, which is how Freud saw it. This guy was crazy, I’m telling you!

Since it’s easier to eat to excess than it is to get laid in Anglo culture, could it be that Americans have developed a collective oral neurosis as living in a sexually repressive culture causes them to get stuck in the oral stage of Freudian development, never quite advancing past the oral stage and certainly never advancing past the genital stage?

Interestingly, only around half of Americans get laid once a week, which means their sublimated sexual desires are either disappearing (not likely) or coming out in other ways. America is near the bottom of the list of nations in the percentage of people who have sex at least once a week, according to a Harris Interactive study done for Durex brand condoms. Not surprisingly, people aren’t going without in Latin America and the Mediterranean. (But even the U.S. isn’t doing as poorly as Japan when it comes to the horizontal mambo.)

  • Greece 87%
  • Brazil 82%
  • Russia 80%
  • China 78%
  • Italy 76%
  • Poland 76%
  • Malaysia 74%
  • Switzerland 72%
  • Spain 72%
  • Mexico 71%
  • South Africa 71%
  • France 70%
  • Austria 70%
  • Germany 68%
  • India 68%
  • Thailand 65%
  • New Zealand 63%
  • Netherlands 63%
  • Hong Kong 62%
  • Singapore 62%
  • Australia 60%
  • Canada 59%
  • United Kingdom 55%
  • Nigeria 53%
  • United States 53%
  • Japan 34%

Those are some bleak statistics for the Anglosphere. Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US are all near the bottom of the list when it comes to getting some regular nookie.

But, Americans manage to eat out an average of 4.5 times per week with an average tab of $36, according to Zagat. What’s more, 69% of Americans are overweight and 36% are obese, but that doesn’t slow them down when it comes to getting off at dinner.

The blurry lines between culinary delights and sexual delights can be found virtually anywhere one looks in America. As an example, food critic Trevor M. on Yelp! touched on the sexual component of food as he compiled a list, not of his favorite bangs but the most “satisfying” places to have a meal.

Food and Sex have been linked into our sub-conscious since the dawn of time. When we eat we are immediately gratifying the pleasure center of our brain. This list is my favorite places not to be sexy, but to explore how food can be sexy and how it should heighten your culinary pleasure center in your brain, soul and body. Food is more than just nutrition: It should awaken your senses. It should make you want to rub, to engorge, to saute…yes, even saute.

Cooking terms as sexual references. Kinsey would be so proud of me.

Here’s the list…The only other thing I can state is that these can all be finger foods. They should be finger foods. Now eat and get your mind into the gutter…this time it’s appropriate. Just remember to practice safe food.

Yikes. I like a good meal as much as the next guy, but eating doesn’t rise to the level of sex in my mind. Yet another reason to believe sexual repression, especially the unusual, severe sexual repression one finds in Anglo America only throws other parts of the human psyche out of balance. Namely, the appetites of hungry, hungry hippos grazing the landscape from sea to shining sea.

Presto! The fattest nation in the history of the planet. And, on a related note, one of the least sexually gratified. Deny the id one of the most powerful human instincts, and watch people do strange things. Like eat until they literally develop diabetes and heart disease.

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Abundance Mentality: Turning Down Free Sex


Women aren’t as alluring once you know their psychology

I am turning down some 20-year old pussy.

I can’t believe I just said that. But it’s true. I have a girl in St. Louis sending me nude photos of herself, and the offer for a NSA tryst is on the table if only I swing by and hit it. She’s not even asking for dinner. She has awesome tits. She has a pretty puss. What’s more strange about this situation is my route takes me through St. Louis, and I have extra time on my hands. It’s very nearly the perfect setup.

But, it’s a tricky situation. First off, this chick still lives with her parents. Second, she has a great body butterface knocks her down to about a SMV 6½ or so. Third, I know from talking to her she’s been around the block a couple of times. Fourth, I’m spoiled with frankly superior women abroad. American chicks just don’t do it for me anymore. I know they’re an inferior product that typically comes at a very high price. They’re aggravating, unfeminine, and awkward compared to the primo cuts I enjoy abroad. (They’re also usually fat, but this chick isn’t fat.)

One of the main issues is, once a man knows the twisted psychology of women, sex becomes something of a novelty because you know what the ass you’re banging is attached to. A predator and a dissimulator. And as all PUA For Life guys know the more success a man has with women, the less impressive getting laid is. It’s abundance mentality.

I also know I will more than make up for it once I finish earning my freedom money, and flee the states to live abroad again in just two short months. So, I’ll let this one slide. But at least I know I’ve still got it. I’m pushing 40 and can get pussy half my age pretty much anytime I want it. What a difference the manosphere can make in a dude’s life.

Have you turned down some free ass recently? Did it put your mind into a pickle…asking yourself, at least for a minute, “What the hell am I doing, turning down sex?”

What a change, from being sexually needy to having more sex and more women than a man cares to handle. That’s about all the personal satisfaction a man can ask for. Perhaps there is something to Maslow’s Hierarchy, after all. With a man’s sexual desires filled, he’s able to move on to nobler pursuits rather than focusing on hedonism all the time. (Although, there’s nothing wrong with some regular hedonism!)

As as side note, for those interested in my trucking adventures…I just grossed over $1,000 this week. I’m fattening up that freedom fund quite nicely. I’ll be delving into some good old-fashioned womanizing, hellraising fun soon enough. I think I just want out of America and this cultural cesspool at this point. I’ve been here long enough, and need a breather in saner, happier places.

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Never Trust a Woman


No matter how well a man thinks he’s tamed the female flame, at some point he will be burned

What skilled liars and deceivers.

When a man makes the mistake of letting a bitch get too close, his mind is fogged and his judgment altered. Deception is her innate, truest talent, and a man will never truly know her mind until it is suddenly and inexplicably revealed. The revelations always come after she has consumed him and is ready to monkey branch to a more exciting ticket.

Not all men have the ability to see through women. Four and a half billion years of evolutionary drive tricks most men. But if you are here, chances are you do.

And what you’ve witnessed nobody can cleanse from your mind. Except maybe a more skilled female liar, who, if she sees something in you she thinks she can profit from or take advantage of, will do her Cobra dance before moving in for the kill.

A man can go through hundreds of women and not find an exception. That is, if he pays attention and doesn’t allow the predator to put his mind into a trance. Only moments when his biology betrays his mind and he allows the predator to get too close does he find himself at risk of losing his freedom, money, and property.

Never trust a woman, for that trust will always be betrayed.

As she spends your money and secretly slides under other men, she will have no remorse for having used Beta Bucks guy. Her infidelities and crimes will always be distorted so the man is to blame. Lies, treachery, and deceit are her province.

You are playing with fire, and no matter how well you think you’ve tamed the flame, at some point in time you’re going to get burned.

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Male Dominance: Most Women Like Rough Sex


Women like dominant men, in more ways than one

If there’s one commonality among the nearly 150 women I’ve bedded so far, among all nationalities and ethnicities, it’s that the vast majority of them got off on rough sex. They were most excited when being manhandled and ridden hard. They got off more intensely when I treated them like a dirty whore in bed.

When I treated them like a lady in bed, eh…not so much as far as these girls enjoying intense pleasure and throbbing orgasms. It was never whips and chains and other BDSM nonsense that turned them on. It was just spanking, pushing them around, manhandling them, a little biting, and hard pumping that excited them the most. Ravaging the girls I was with is the best way to put it.

So, if you’re a guy who tries to make love slowly and delicately, you might just be placing yourself at a disadvantage. Most women crave something dirtier and more intense than the flowery lovemaking scenes we see in media and Hollyweird movies. The desire women have to be dominated in bed is true now more than ever in cock-carouseling Anglo America and the current mating jungle unleashed by the sexual devolution. Women have more experience with more men than ever before, and the guys who are the biggest assholes and who fuck them the hardest are the ones who make lasting impressions inside the female limbic brain.

I can say from personal experience the desire women have to be ridden hard is also true in Latin America, where a topic of conversation among women (especially when they think men aren’t listening) is “me gusta cuando me da duro” or “I like it when my man gives it to me hard.” In Asia, not as much. At least, based on my experience with Asian women. But I do hear stories about Asian women that like it rough, too.

This fact about female sexuality is yet another reason to believe feminism is a colossal societal shit test men have miserably failed. Even Cosmopolitan magazine broached the subject recently:

In the era of fourth-wave feminism, equal rights, and Leaning In, it can be tricky for some women to admit that when the lights go off, they want to be dominated and pushed around a little, even in the context of consensual play.

What? Women like to be dominated? Quelle surprise! The key is realizing they like to be dominated in both bed and in their relationships, no matter how much hamstering they do to try and act like they don’t. If only we didn’t have toxic latent Puritanism sending mixed messages about women. Continuing from Cosmo:

Many women (as many as 57% according to a University of North Texas study) are turned on by the idea of forceful sex, as un-PC as it might be. “This is not a fringe desire,” says sex researcher Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D., an adjunct professor of psychology at New York University and founder of the Casual Sex Project blog. “This is much more common.”

This study seems conservative with the numbers. Based on my experience, I’d say it’s more like 75% to 80% of women like rough sex, even though most of them will never tell a man they like to be ridden like a bucking bronco.

cover_promoLike so many aspects of male-female relations, it’s something men are “just supposed to know” as if we are all born with ESP and a laser beam into the convoluted machinations of the female soul. The banishing of fathers and the shaming of masculinity, which has reached new heights in the misandrist Anglo-American kingdom over the last couple of generations has no doubt helped to starve a couple of generations of boys of this critical wisdom about women. It’s something a man experienced with women would know.

If you didn’t know before, now you do. A bit of a disclaimer of sorts: This conversation is obviously about consensual sex. Moving on…

Cosmo then goes on to touch on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, in which a central plot device was rough sex, which made it the first book to reach a million copies sold on Amazon Kindle. The long-running woman’s magazine then trots out “Nicole” who confesses to her desire to be treated like a rag doll, rode hard and put up wet:

I had a partner who choked me a little bit, and I liked it. We talked about it afterward, and things progressed from there — slapping, spanking, degrading sex talk. Since then, it’s been a part of my sex life.

Spanking is number one on the list of what turns women on, in my experience. Some like to be spanked hard, others like gentle spanking. Depends on the girl.

Also, the plainer the girl acts, the more of a freak she often is.

So why do women like to mix pleasure and pain? It’s all about male power, say psychologists. Which, as any man who has a lot of sexual experience will tell you, is what turns women on more than anything else. Any PUA knows women hate boring and weak men. They love powerful, brooding assholes on the street and in bed.

“Most women who are into rough sex are into it for a very simple reason: It turns them on,” explains sex and relationship therapist Stephen Snyder, M.D., associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in NYC.

It all goes back to the limbic brain, as Freud knew and TNMM has pointed out on countless occasions. The limbic brain and its libininal desires are the dominant force behind human sexuality. This is doubly true for females, who are more emotional and less rational than men.

As evolved as we’ve become, some aspects of sexual attraction are, well, primal. “Physical size and strength and muscularity are essential differences between men and women,” says Dr. Snyder, “and those kinds of differences are going to be erotic.”

So, effeminate men aren’t going to be partaking in the cornucopia of vagina anytime soon. Leave that to the guys who look and act the part of a domineering tyrant when it comes to dealing with women. If you want to keep your woman around, here’s some sage advice from a SMV 9 I screwed around with for a while in Latin America. She told me, “Me gusta ser una dama en la calle, y una puta en la cama.” Translated, that means, “I like to be a lady in the street and a whore in bed.”

Knowing this raw truth about female sexuality can help the shameless playa slay more ass than he ever dreamed possible. Because when a man knows how to dominate a woman in bed, word gets around. And your main dish will be reluctant to ever let you go.

So, smack dat ass, my friends. Smack it hard.

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Trading Sexual Satisfaction for Materialism

Beautiful slender blonde at the sea. Summer travel photos

A crash course on sublimating sexual desire and turning it into consumer purchases, Freudian style

A century ago, Sigmund Freud laid down his theories about the human mind using psychoanalysis. Even today, his findings are controversial in Western culture, perhaps because they tell people things about themselves they’d rather not know. It’s psychological knowledge that doesn’t conveniently fit into the Overton Window of what people are willing to accept as a topic of discussion.

Little do people know, Freud’s theories work. And they work damn well. His sexual and psychological discoveries are used daily by corporations and governments to manipulate and control consumers and oligarchical subjects alike. Freud’s findings have been used to develop a method of social control that has been successful for a century.

Let’s jump back to the 1920s. Using Uncle Siggy’s discoveries gleaned through psychoanalysis, Freud’s American nephew Edward Bernays started the manipulation of the emotion driven, subconcious mass mind with a totally new approach to marketing and public relations. Bernays created what would become a wildly successful campaign – totally based on Freud’s Penis Envy theory – that got women to start smoking in large numbers.

As the campaign became a success, Bernays knew how his campaign really worked even though he had put a pretty face on it through the use of sophistry and flowery pleasantries. It worked because Anglo women (who seem to have a higher dose of Penis Envy than any other ethnic group of women) were subconciously displaying their own penises when they lit up. This satsified an emotional need they had to be just like men. Working for Philip Morris, Bernays twisted what he knew was the subconscious display of women holding their own penises in their hand into a more palatable phrase. These wannabe men were lighting up “Torches of Freedom.”

Marketers and manipulators of the mass mind were then off to the races to get what they wanted out of people by manipulating their subconscious emotions rather than appealing to their intellect. It was the first time an endeavor like this had been attempted on a wide scale using the then-new Freudian school of psychology.

Manipulating the more primitive human brain rather than the cortex created billions in profits for corporations and gave government bureaucrats power they never thought possible, even in their wildest dreams.

Decades later secular feminism arose, a product of both a Puritanical culture and of course, Penis Envy. Feminism, guided by social engineers, morphed into today’s androgyny agenda, in which women try to be just like men rather than just like women used to be. Every narrative we hear from feminists focuses on berating men even though women try to be just like them, all the way down to emulating male dress, behavior, social roles, and distancing themselves from nurturing and childrearing. This is obviously envious behavior. (Feminine qualities like following the male lead, being good caregivers, and staying at home with children embarass the modern woman, encouraged to indulge her innate, largely subconscious Penis Envy desires by popular culture!)

Of course, today’s banal consumer orgy also ensued as a result of Freud’s school of psychology becoming so successful. Creator of the Anglobitch theory and blog Rookh Kshatriya touched on the Freudian aspect of the consumer orgy yesterday.

It occurs to me that the Anglo-American fixation on consuming manufactured goods arises from their lack of a healthy sex life. Wilhelm Reich suggested that the Nazis exploited the sexual repression of petit-bourgeois Germans when building their political cult (for example, he argued that rhythmic marching allowed ‘sinful’ sexual tensions to be expressed). Being less militaristic, the Anglo nations have instead displaced their sexual urges into a pointless consumption of food and electronic toys. Indeed, the US in particular seems firmly stuck at the ‘oral’ stage of psycho-sexual development (consider the popularity of TV shows like Adam Richman’s Man Versus Food).

Those who have studied Freud and how successful his nephew became using his theories to create empires for corporations and government know just how right Rookh is. And indeed, everywhere you go in America people are orally fixated on food and recreational eating. It’s all you hear about in most circles, especially politically correct office spaces in which the only politically correct topic people can enjoy stroking their ids with is constant restaurant and food talk.

Let’s delve into oral fixation a little deeper to see what’s really motivating the current food-obsessed culture. Oral fixation is the first in Freud’s 5 stages of psychosexual development. From the health and fitness site Verywell:

Freud believed that personality developed through a series of childhood stages in which the pleasure-seeking energies of the id become focused on certain erogenous areas. This psychosexual energy, or libido, was described as the driving force behind behavior.

The idea of libido motivating people is so apparent it rises to the level of a self-evident truth. It means that the sexual market is the preeminent one over all other human markets. Everything humans do is about getting sex (nubile females for men, Alpha males for women) at a subconscious level. No surprise there. Continuing from Verywell:

If certain issues are not resolved at the appropriate stage, fixations can occur. A fixation is a persistent focus on an earlier psychosexual stage. Until this conflict is resolved, the individual will remain “stuck” in this stage. For example, a person who is fixated at the oral stage may be over-dependent on others and may seek oral stimulation through smoking, drinking, or eating.

Reading that gives us a true “Eureka!” moment. Thanks to manipulation of the mass mind through constant marketing and social engineering, Americans have been reduced to the oral fixation stage, and haven’t psychologically progressed to the higher levels. This adds a new dimension to the obesity epidemic and the restaurant obsession. Trust me, I’ve been all over the country and everywhere I go Americans are fat, overworked, and miserable. The one pleasure they derive is through eating like horses. Could it be because they are stuck in the oral fixation stage?

During the oral stage, the infant’s primary source of interaction occurs through the mouth, so the rooting and sucking reflex is especially important. The mouth is vital for eating, and the infant derives pleasure from oral stimulation through gratifying activities such as tasting and sucking.

Indeed, travel to any city in America to find nothing but activities geared towards tasting novel new dishes and sucking on newfangled smoothies and shakes, and of course sublimating those awful sexual desires and turning them into a consumer purchase.

Here’s a little more info on Freud and how his ideas on sexuality, emotions, and the subconscious are used to turn people into pliable consumers, as I replied to Rookh:

So much of marketing is based on harvesting the pent up energy stolid Anglo American sexual repression creates. Two quick examples: Men buying pickups represents males trying to display their sexual prowess on a subconscious level; women spending billions on clothes and cosmetics represent their effort to attract Alpha males.

I’ve written a couple of articles on now Freud’s nephew Bernays used his uncle’s ideas about human sexuality and psychology to create today’s consumer orgy. It’s a devious masterpiece. Only it’s progressed to the point people can’t even get off anymore, and everyone is miserable, trying to buy their way to that sexual fulfillment they’ll never find in a store or with consumer purchases.

In short, if people want to be happier they need to stop shopping and start fucking.

Sublimating sexual desires and turning them into consumer purchases powers the economy up to a certain point. But problems arise when the masses become so manipulated by Freud’s theories they morph into sexually dissatisfied land whales. This is where we find ourselves in modern Anglo America.

There you have it, a crash course in how that Austrian guy you might have heard of in school is influencing your life in ways you never even imagined. Knowing how marketers and PR flacks use this information to manipulate millions provides a new, and disturbing perspective into the world’s biggest consumer economies.

In short, the money men discovered a way to get humans to sell out their sexuality for material goods. And they were successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

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