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The Puritan Roots of American Feminism


Conservative groups like the Puritans are at the root of feminism and other blights on modern American society

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Bob writes The New Modern Man:

I would like to see a deconstruction of American conservatism and conservative feminism. American liberalism and liberal feminism have been beaten to death on this part of the Internet. In order for the fight against gynocentrism to proceed further, I think the right-wing Christian Puritan roots of American feminism need to be explored more and to receive the same beat down.

Many conservative white-knight men consider themselves to be “real patriarchs” and are the men who really enforce the anti-male gynocentric status quo. Conservative American women, with their frigidity and extremely manipulative natures, are far more dangerous than their liberal counterparts IMO. In short, I think that an analytic beat down of conservative American feminism would benefit some American men.

Thanks for your question and your donation, Bob. This is a topic worthy of serious academic study.

It’s true conservative men can be some of the worst offenders when it comes to pedestalizing women. Conservative feminism, much like its liberal counterpart also vaunts women while denigrating men. This group includes the vocal White Knight brigade, who regularly defend the Anglo women that enslave, sexually disenfranchise, and mock them.

The White Knights are continuing a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, and is deeply embedded in and interwoven with Anglo culture. Today’s rabid feminism actually has its roots in Puritanism, the Puritans being those reformed Christians who sought to “purify” the Church of England of its Catholic practices by resettling on a new continent.

From there Puritan roots grew into the soil and yielded today’s society, one rife with female manipulation, prudish legal and cultural stances on sexuality, strident declarations that men who crave sex are evil, and the belief that laboring one’s life away for no other reason than to be a good worker drone and producer of wealth for female benefit is the best way to live.

Conservatives relentlessly push these cultural norms down the throats of freethinkers and outsiders who aren’t part of their flock.

Both liberal feminists and conservatives share these views because both came from a culture founded on Puritanism way back in the days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. As Bob noted, the liberal side of this equation has been beat to death. Let’s take a look at the conservative side of sexual repression.


Conservative women manipulate to get their way in much the same way Puritan women did

Female Manipulation

Conservative women claim to uphold a belief in traditional sex roles and family, although most are very sheepish about it when in the company of shitlibs. This is nothing but a new twist on a very old game. Conservative women use traditional sex roles in much the same way Puritan women did.

Back in Puritan days this is how women played it. From Gettysburg College:

Women were considered to be “the weaker vessel in both body and mind” and [promulgated the belief that] “her husband ought not to expect too much from her.” The second feature was the way that women manipulated their born roles in order to fulfill their own aspirations and goals.

Sound familiar? Female empowerment, lauded by conservatives with almost as much fervor as libs, for all its braggadocio, really means very little beyond women claiming they want to be Strong and Independent™ but they also want to retain their privileged role in society. This is how women get what they want to this da: all the privileges of being female while gaining the right to force men out of their job because they want to play common laborer, too.

But, even though she’s “strong” she’s also weak, so you can’t criticize her. Modern Anglo women play it from both sides, just like their Puritan ancestors.

It’s been said Anglo women are trying to be the Alpha males they love so much. Today’s women want to be powerful but they don’t want society to expect to much of them as they don’t want to be held accountable for their shortcomings and failures in the same way men are.

They want to play career girl, but only until they get tired of it and something else catches their fancy. Then men have to come along and clean up the messes chicks left behind as they bail out of work to have families or just decide to sit around the house and complain as so many do.

Of course, manipulation goes much farther than playing victim to gain advantage. Sex is thoroughly manipulated in America, and has been for at least 500 years.


Women control sex and men are evil for wanting it outside of marriage is the cultural more descended from Puritanism

Sex is Evil

Modern America has a love/hate relationship with sex. Liberals love degeneracy while conservatives are scared to death by sexuality and hate its name. Sex is everywhere, but you better not have any of it! It’s a sin! The devil is tempting you!

Purveyors of media and movies love shoving sex appeal in an audience’s face but then go on to communicate the message of look, don’t touch. Touch, don’t taste. Taste, don’t swallow. These contradictions create an enormous amount of sexual friction which is then diverted by marketing gurus into getting people to purchase products that are supposed to boost their sex appeal.

Lisa Wade, PhD writes about the Puritans’ stolid views on sex, which stand in stark contrast to the sunnier, more libertine cultures south of the British Isles. Of course, they brought this prudishness to a new continent.

When the Puritans landed on the rocky east coast of America in the 1600s, they brought with them the belief that sex should be restricted to intercourse in marriage.

To this day, sex outside of marriage, and heterosexual sex in general is viewed as “dirty” and otherwise undesirable because of this cultural more. But it goes farther than that. Anglo America also frowns upon other types of sexual satisfaction due to is Puritan roots.

All non-marital and non-reproductive sexual activities were forbidden, including pre- and extra-marital sex, homosexual sex, masturbation, and oral or anal sex – even if married.

Only since the inception of hardcore (pardon the pun) social engineering have we seen homosexuality shoehorned into acceptance. The bottom line is sex for fun was a no-no back then as much as it is today.

In other cultures, men having affairs is frowned on, but infidelity isn’t met with the same vitriol it is in America. Perhaps other cultures understand it is the evolutionary and biological imperative of men to “spread their seed” and that male infidelity means very little to men emotionally. It almost never means he doesn’t love his wife. However, when women cheat it almost always means she doesn’t love her husband.

Of course, selling sex is the horror to end all horrors in deeply sexually repressed Anglo America. Much in the same way Johns are shamed for renting some tension-relieving sexual activity by the hour from another willing adult, penalties back then echo those of today.

Violations of the rules were punished by fines, whipping, public shaming (yes, with “scarlet letters”), ostracism, or even death.

Public shaming is a big part of controlling sexuality to this day. In many ways, very little has changed about Puritanism and the conservative interpretation of it other than window dressing.

But what about the uniquely American obsession with hard work?


Men exist to be laborers and produce wealth for women to exploit is another more of this culture

Hard Work for Hard Work’s Sake

The average work week has crept up to 47 hours a week, and is on the rise in America. No matter how much people work, its never quite enough. The obsession with work has destroyed the culture of America (there’s nothing going on beyond shopping, eating out, competitive consumption, and football) and has completely taken over people’s lives as there’s no time for the nuclear family anymore.

What time is it? It’s ALWAYS time to go to work.

The work obsession in Anglo American stems from Puritanism, and on a deeper level from Calvinism. Of course, conservatives uphold their work ethic with religious fervor even though it has dismantled other important areas of life. Here’s the official definition of this work ethic.

The Protestant work ethic, the Calvinist work ethic or the Puritan work ethic is a concept in theology, sociology, economics and history which emphasizes that hard work, discipline and frugality are a result of a person’s subscription to the values espoused by the Protestant faith, particularly Calvinism.

Calvinism emphasizes the doctrine of predestination. In other words, don’t step out of line, obey your masters and soldier on through a life of labor that benefits others far more than it does you. It is your destiny to work hard and serve your masters well.

The vaunted status being a wage slave has in Anglo America has its roots in religion, something that has been thoroughly exploited by the corporate-government complex as it lifts up work and shames leisure.

The Protestant work ethic was the belief that hard work was an honor to God which would lead to a prosperous reward. Any deviations from the normal way of Puritan life met with strict disapproval and discipline. Since the church elders were also political leaders, any church infraction was also a social one. There was no margin for error.

People won’t even take their vacations anymore. Last year Americans left 658 million unused paid vacation days sitting on the table. This is insanity, something one might realize if they spent any time outside America in different, more human and humane cultures.

Many parts of Latin America offer 2-hour lunch breaks/naps called siestas in the middle of the day. There’s dancing every night in the discotecas. Sex is freely available day or night. All that would be considered a “sin” in Anglo America.


Judgments used to be rendered by ministers, now they’re rendered by talking heads in the media

Fire and Brimstone

Of course, the Puritans believed fire and brimstone would be the punishments of those who didn’t follow their narrow, myopic view of life on earth. From Duke University:

The devil was behind every evil deed. Constant watch needed to be kept in order to stay away from his clutches. Words of hell fire and brimstone flowed from the mouths of eloquent ministers as they warned of the persuasiveness of the devil’s power. The sermons of Jonathan Edwards, a Puritan minister, show that delivery of these sermons became an art form.

The media deliver sermons of this type every day as they shame those who don’t follow the prescribed life plan commanded of them from the age of 5 as they start kindergarten. They effectively label as “un-American” any lifestyles that:

  • Don’t revolve around shunning sex (tonight we’ll play voyeur as we bring you an undercover sting operation showing people trying to fuck…for money!)
  • Aren’t based on working hard at getting brainwashed and submitting yourself to the control of your superiors (tell your kids to go to college and get a good job!)
  • Don’t put women up on a pedestal (here’s how you can “fight back” against “sexual harassment” and put those evil men in their place!

Much like sermons delivered from up on high, the media tell people what to think, how to act, and who’s good and bad. This has precedent with Edwards and other preachers:

They were elegant, well formed, exegetical renditions of scriptures… with a healthy dose of fear woven throughout the fabric of the literary construction.

The media run on selling fear, just as unscrupulous priests always have. So, conservatives are as much to blame for the sorry state of culture almost as much as shitlibs and other miscreants.


Conservatives regularly wage war on porn and open expression of heterosexuality


Today, Anglo America is trying to completely divorce itself from sexuality. It’s figuratively neutering itself as blurs the lines between male and female with everything from confusion over which bathroom to use, to decrying “toxic” masculinity, to women overtly proving Freud’s Penis Envy theory on a daily basis as they become YouGoGrrls. Conservatives have de facto accepted each twisted agenda item as discussing sexual issues terrifies them, and they’d just as soon sexual issues go away.

Social engineers are now coming after pornography as another way to desexualize people. Just look at what England is up to. As reported by The Telegraph in an editorial:

And now, David Cameron is at it – with today’s news that he is declaring war on Internet porn. We’re living in the era of the ‘New Puritans’ and censorship has become a core component of their cause. The demands are varied; at one end of the spectrum there’s UK Feminista and Object, two of Britain’s biggest feminist groups, joining forces to demand supermarkets stop selling lads’ mags.

Yep. Now they want to take Playboy and Hustler magazines out of the hands of men, and ultimately censor porn online. This is yet another expression of Puritanism, one conservatives like Cameron are guilty of. But this mentality goes beyond censoring fap videos.

Prostitution, legal in many parts of the world is viewed with great disdain and shame in America. Only one state allows its practice, Nevada, and even there its legal only because of a legal quirk and only at a couple dozen brothels around the state. Try buying sex in other states and you may find yourself slapped with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony. Then there’s the fallacious “human trafficking” scare currently being pushed by the media.

Police are even going as far as using cameras in hotel rooms to combat this phantom problem. Even the mainstream Washington Post called out the chicanery behind “human trafficking” statistics:

Many of those who represent themselves as sex work researchers don’t even try to get good data. They simply present their opinions as fact, occasionally bolstered by pseudo-studies designed to produce pre-determined results. Well-known and easily-contacted sex workers are rarely consulted. There’s no peer review. And when sex workers are consulted at all, they’re recruited from jails and substance abuse programs, resulting in a sample skewed heavily toward the desperate, the disadvantaged and the marginalized.

Why deal with all these problems brought on by modern day expressions of Puritanism? This can be fuel for the fire burning inside many men’s hearts to leave a decadent, and quite honestly insane (in many ways) society for greener pastures.

As we’ve seen, conservatives are in many ways as bad if not worse than overt, liberal feminists. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Author Exposes The Androgyny Agenda


Feminism was about much more than turning women into common laborers and office drones; it now aims to completely eliminate biological sex differences

Kudos to Ashley McGuire, author. She’s a true rarity in this day and age, an American woman shunning the flocks of indoctrinated sheeple, daring to strike out in a bold new direction using the power of the pen.

McGuire just penned a fantastic, highly rated book revealing the truth about where the primrose path of feminism leads. As we in the manosphere know, feminism ultimately leads to misandry, androgyny and the sexes competing with each other rather than cooperating with each other.

But there’s much more to the issue of where feminism is leading the West than the aforementioned unholy trinity. McGuire comments on why she wrote Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female.

I saw just how unhinged women’s actual lived experience of the sexual revolution was. I am actually motivated by equality and empowerment for women. But I think that is a futile enterprise when you are going to start off with the premise that women and men are no different.


Ashley McGuire’s 2017 book details the androgyny agenda

Unhinged is a great word. Because that is exactly what Anglo women are becoming since they decided to divest themselves of children and a husband so they could become common laborers, and decided to try and be just like men rather than just like their grandmothers.

Imagine, women fighting so they could become common office drones rather than moms with loving children and an adoring husband. That’s exactly what feminism has done to women. While feminists don’t realize they’ve actually been dethroned rather than lifted up, some women are starting to notice The Grand Canyon between what they were promised and what they actually got for jumping on the careerism bandwagon.

Feminism, and its stepchild careerism are having disastrous consequences. Here are a few. 70 hour work weeks. Crushing student loan debt. Empty homes. Dried up wombs. Jaded lives after retiring from a life riding the cock carousel at age 35. Loving fathers relegated to financial slavery because mommy “got bored” with the relationship. Rising delinquency with the absence of hard-assed, Red Foreman style fathers in the house. Rising rates of antidepressant use, especially among women, when the truth is housewives are happier than career women. A coming spinster bubble of crazy cat ladies.

All this to power an economy of wasteful consumerism since feminism increased the labor force, lowered wages, but doubled the tax base for Big Daddy Government and the number of households for GloboWorldCorp.

McGuire goes on to reveal the elephant in the room, the media blackout of voices like those from the authors of this humble blog. The current social engineering paradigm goes as far as the verbiage used by media talking heads and other puppets of those in power who are the “agenda setters” in America.

Whoever controls the language of the debate has a lot of power. Even the fact we are using the word gender instead of sex is very important, because gender means basically nothing and sex has a very concrete definition.

Manipulating the language people use includes inserting the Don’t Need a Man™ mantra into the public psyche. Manipulating language is only the beginning. This agenda ultimately results in the erasure of women and their vital sex roles in a functioning society.

Feminists, Ms. McGuire is more of a woman than you ever will be. Why? Because she is not ashamed of being female, and she doesn’t try to become one of the boys. She embraces her natural biological strengths. She speaks out against what you’re doing to society rather than jumping on the politically correct bandwagon.

No man can give life to another human being after nurturing a child in his womb for 9 months. Studies show both sexes are happier in traditional sex roles, as the sexes have evolved to compliment one another rather than engage in a corporate survival of the fittest operation.

How did innate female strengths become something to be ashamed of? Who decided women need to emulate men, taking on roles that are quite frankly beneath them, shuffling pointless bureaucratic paperwork around and licking the corporate boot for a paycheck when they could be loving on their own son or daughter rather than petting a cat?

McGuire knows the price of continuing on the suicidal course feminism has charted for the decaying and declining Western world.

If people think that we are not going to see major ramifications, they are totally wrong.

Indeed, ignoring Bronze Age wisdom about the sexes was the blunder of all time. Pretending the sexes are not polar opposites is the height of insanity. And it is both biologically and demographically unsustainable.

Not to mention, where’s the fun if both sexes blend into one gelatinous glob of asexuality? Yuck.

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The End of Child Support Annuities? North Dakota Shared Parenting Bill Passes Senate


North Dakota has been debating whether or not to treat men as equal parents rather than making them legally subordinate to women

Tiny North Dakota (population wise, anyway) almost made a big move when it comes to ending the 18-year child support annuities Anglo women currently enjoy. House Bill 1392, the “shared parenting bill” just passed the North Dakota Senate. That’s the good news. The bad news is the bill was revised and doesn’t really do anything of importance.

Don’t get your hopes up yet for real reform. Inforum reports:

Advocates for the shared parenting bill feel the Senate gutted the legislation this week, while the opposing parties are not entirely satisfied either.

Indeed, men are always fighting an uphill legal battle when it comes to battling the self-proclaimed eternal victims, women. It’s hard to beat the master of victim card playing in a society that pedestalizes females from birth. Even when men are saddled with severe legal and financial disadvantages in a nation that’s supposed to worship “equality” under the law. Arnold Fleck, attorney and advocate for the bill explains how courts currently walk all over men when they award child custody to women and award financial slavery to men:

What social scientists tell us is that shared parenting should be in the vast majority, we’re talking 90-plus percent of the cases, and we’re not even close to that.

The exact opposite occurs, as women are awarded custody 84% of the time. Men also pay the lion’s share of child support payments, and fall behind on those payments less often than women. That’s something you won’t hear from the lamestream media, who love to sound the “deadbeat dad” trumpet whenever possible.

Fleck went on to tell us the government has once again failed North Dakotans in that the bill received a tepid “do-pass” recommendation from the judiciary committee but it fails to bring true reform.

I am not quite sure that the language that came out of the Senate is going to create an atmosphere that isn’t a little bit more confusing for the courts and parents versus what I had suggested.

In other words, lawmakers want to act like they’re doing something but they’re really not doing anything as the bill is bogged down in what is essentially a legal swamp. The real takeaway is attorneys who profit from breaking up families and enslaving men don’t want their livelihoods messed up, and they have a lot of influence in state capitols.

It’s just a nasty game of politics, and apparently money and political careers are put above the needs of our children. That’s the way I’m seeing it. It’s just really sad, really sad. The Legislature just keeps failing us in a big way here.

Indeed, assailing The Predatory Female is tricky politically. The good news is at least the issue is coming up for a vote, even if sackless lawmakers continue to uphold the misandrist status quo. Fleck continues:

From what we’re hearing, the public is becoming more and more on our side, so we’ll just take it to the public again.

Attention Anglobitches: The pendulum is preparing to swing away from feminism.

But, it may be a generation or more before we see true reform, in what remains of the rapidly swirling the toilet bowl West after that time. Meantime, dads need to keep writing those checks to totally unaccountable women.

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Cheating Women Are Good, Cheating Men Are Bad in the Matriarchy


“It’s not my fault I cucked you with the football team, blame evolution…”

Ah, Anglo-Saxon culture and its slavish pedestalization of women.

This cultural quirk is evident even in the mainstream newspapers of our day. The latest double standards of a culture in decline become evident with a recent lamestream media article which literally defends cheating hussies. It uses hamster rationalizations and manipulation of science (without telling the whole story) to make women feel good about the affairs they have on Beta providers.

The narrative is cheating women are good, and cheating men are bad in today’s matriarchy. No surprise, the following screed was written by an Anglobitch by the name of Rachel Moss. She writes:

If you’re ever been cheated on by a woman, blame evolution. According to a new research paper, women have genetically evolved to be unfaithful so they end up with the best possible relationship for themselves.

That’s a bold opener and quite a hamster rationalization. Now, when you find out your girl has been taking on more sausage than an Oscar Meyer truck, it’s not her fault. It’s evolution. She’s just looking for the best possible relationship.

That’s what I was doing, too, Rachel, when I installed a turnstile in my bedroom to keep track of all the women who are in and out of there. Just looking for the best possible relationship.

There is no doubt this article would not have looked so favorably upon infidelity if the tables were turned.

Putting that aside, these are scientific findings, even though they’ve been cleverly manipulated by the press to defend the wanton harlots that skulk about the modern, Western dystopia. The findings really should come as no surprise to a regular reader of TNMM.

Using data from previous research, scientists and psychologists from the University of Texas and California State University use the term “mate-switching hypothesis” to describe their observations.  They say heterosexual women in relationships seek out alternative males in order to test their current situation and look for better long-term partners. This “switching” also enables them to have a backup if their relationship fails.

In this paragraph, we see evidence of the following Red Pill concepts embraced by PuffHo (our colorful colloquialism for Huffington Post). Here they are, conveniently translated for you:

  • “Mate switching” really means Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks and Monkey Branching
  • “Seeking out alternative males” really means Cock Carouseling
  • “Better long term partners” really means a fatter meal ticket to exploit, not a better human being
  • Backup guy needs no further translation

These are instincts all women have, but that society wisely constrained until the insanity of feminism came along and plunged the West into inexorable decline.

Rachel goes on with gusto.

Lifelong monogamy does not characterize the primary mating pattern of humans,” the paper states, according to The Times. “Breaking up with one partner and re-mating with another — mate switching — may more accurately characterize the common, perhaps the primary, mating strategy of humans.

It is absolutely correct that lifelong monogamy is not the norm. It has only been the norm in civilized societies, which regularly undergo cycles of birth, growth, decline and death. Decline is intimately linked with relinquishing control of female sexual instinct, as both Unwin and Huxley knew. Let women follow their whorish instincts if you want to tear society down. Make them chaste and control the instinct to spread their legs for every random thug that walks by with religious and cultural norms if you want to build society up.

Additionally, harems have been the norm in our species for a long, long time. But this leads to an unstable society as men who have no sexual or reproductive access aren’t as keen to go along with society’s insane schemes which benefit women far more than men.

Rachel did at least throw men a small crumb, even if the bulk of her article was dedicated to defending whorish Western women.

Of course, it’s not just women who cheat on their partners. While the paper focuses on women, it acknowledges that men can also be adulterers. It says that when men stray from home, it is likely to do with the primal instinct to obtain “reproductive success” by mating with multiple fertile women.

We get a paragraph, and women get the rest of the article.

What we see here is a feminist press manipulating science to defend cock carouseling women by telling us about the history of our species and what our natural instincts are. However, PuffHo fails to follow up by revealing the fact our raw instincts lead to a cultural Law of the Jungle and not a stable society.

That’s sort of why myth and religion hhace always tried to direct this raw energy in a productive manner, a lesson atheistic leftists have a hard time understanding.

We are relearning lessons of the Bronze Age in the “advanced” era of today. Someone telegraph that to the powers that be.

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When Sex Loses Its Mystical Quality


Women profit by keeping sex in front of men, but always tantalizingly just out of reach

In the West, women and social engineers profit by keeping sex shrouded in mystery, awe, and fascination. Sex is everywhere, but there’s none to be had for the average man.

But what happens when a man is getting more ass than a toilet seat? Sex loses its mystical quality, and female power over him evaporates. Unlike innumerable chumps, he is pussy-whipped no more. He quickly stops caring what women think, doesn’t listen to anything they say, breaks all the rules and plays all the fools. What happens? Rather than reducing his prospects, even more women come his way. (Some guys humorously say women have picked up the scent when this happens.)

It’s really quite like a cascade effect. Women who know he has a main dish, want to be his side dish – in my case a chick named Rosangela explicitly telling me so as she sent video of herself masturbating to my instant messaging account. A sexual bounty is truly quite an experience for a man, as women have to work to keep a man’s attention rather than the other way around.

I’ve already gone through so many women this year I’m having trouble keeping track of them all in my own personal Little Black Book of statistics, names, and star ratings. Jack Ronin of The Savage Lifestyle describes own his transition into the world of zero fucks given.

For me getting the f-close was cool and all but the hilarious shit I said and did to get me there was the juice I began to crave. Every time I did some crazy asshole shit I would tell myself, “Alright Jack, this time you gotta one up yourself.”

From making out with girls in front of their boyfriends, choking girls within 20 secs of meeting them and grabbing sluts out of groups of chodes to take them to the dance floor make out and finger them while the chumps stood by completely bewildered. I was on a fucking rampage.

All this resulted as many of us started out as men who originally wanted nothing more than a nice, humble family and chased that carrot for 30 years or more before realizing there was no way to win and we embarked on a new Going Galt lifestyle. Unlike eat, pray, love, this lifestyle has a philosophical foundation. It’s about bringing down the remaining vestiges of a corrupt, gynocentric system, refusing to play along in a subordinate role, and having fun while doing so.

But wait, there’s more. Here are some findings that resulted in sex losing its mystical quality for me. I’ve been having so much of it since taking the Red Pill and learning what really makes women tick, I am able to think more clearly about it.


The long, sordid and cross-cultural history of harems in our species is central to understanding women and how they view men and sex

Troubling Findings: The Holy Trinity of Human Sexual Behavior

My hands-on, fingers in research has yielded quite a number of disturbing findings about human sexuality. I take no pleasure in writing the things I write at times, but I am dedicated to personal integrity and telling the truth about all men’s matters. These sage words from astrophysicist Carl Sagan are my guiding light:

When he found that his long cherished beliefs did not agree with the most precise observations, he accepted the uncomfortable facts, he preferred the hard truth to his dearest illusions. That is the heart of science.

Incidentally, preferring the hard truth is also the heart of masculinity. In this case, dumping long-cherished beliefs that women are damsels and goddesses and better than men.

Give me a fucking break.

Here’s the reality. My sexual bounty has assisted me in formulating several ideas about human sexuality which are supported by reems of underground research. Ideas like harems being the norm in our species rather than the exception.

1. Harems are the norm in our species. Get used to it. From my article The History of Harems, Women Orbit, Too which details how women also display “Beta” orbiting behavior around dominant men:

The University of Wisconsin showed the practice of maintaining harems is far from unusual in history. It surveyed 1,000 historical societies to find out how common polygyny has been, and the findings are astonishing: Just 18% of historical societies were monogamous. Half of rest of the 82% had occasional polygyny and the other half had it all the time. If nothing else, this historical fact helps show why women have such contempt for Beta males – they are not as valuable for providing material things as high status men.

2. Every woman has her price. They just have different asking prices and demands for access to sex. This is based not just on human behavior, but the behavior of females in the animal kingdom who regularly trade sex for resources. These are some of my preliminary findings detailed in Transactional Sex: Every Woman Has Her Price.

Generally, female relationships with men break down into these four categories:

  • The rare and short-lived freebie: A woman develops a temporary infatuation with a new man, but her lust for him quickly wears off as she returns to her predatory instincts. The male is disposed of as his novelty value wears off and she gets “bored” with the relationship.
  • The honest and direct pay for play: A woman straight up sells sex to the male.
  • The pay as you go: Beta males rely on this tactic to keep women in their lives; women tolerate men who provide dependable financial resources while often enjoying the company (and sperm) of Alpha bad boys on the side.
  • The balloon payment: Female predatory instincts come into play in this type of relationship, as a woman fakes love for a man until such time as she can “cash in” on him and dispose of him in the court system. This is the human equivalent of the female “eating” the male as in Black Widows and Preying Mantises.

3. Anglo women are so bad they literally drive men to faggotry en masse. Incidentally, related to sexual bounty, one English scholar (Rookh Kshatriya) believes a stolid culture is why homosexuality has become so prevalent in Anglo countries across the world. Western women (especially those in English-speaking countries) are so frigid and so stingy with sex men have resorted to taking care of each other’s own sexual needs for centuries.

Biological explanations of homosexuality are currently in vogue. While they hold some truth, they do not really explain why homosexuality is more prevalent in Anglo-American countries than, for example, the Hispanic world (where it is viewed with horror). After all, if homosexuality were entirely biological in origin, it should not be culturally specific. The fact that it is implies that culture plays a decisive role in shaping homosexuality in men.

What Anglo-American cultural features dispose men to homosexuality? The answer is very simple: poor relations between the sexes. Interaction between the sexes is so unpleasant and mercenary in the Anglo-American bloc that many men derive more from relations with their own sex rather than women. This leads to exceptionally high incidences of homosexuality among Anglo-Americans.

In a crude sense, homosexuality is the best way to experience plenty of sex in a repressed society where women are taught to commodify themselves from infancy. For men of low socio-economic status, whom Anglo women automatically strike off as potential mates, homosexuality is simply the only way to get bountiful supplies of free sex.

This latent homosexuality has been hidden until the last few decades, until social engineers perhaps decided mainstreaming it might be a way to ease mounting tension (no pun intended) in a culture that has shifted to the 80/20 rule since feminism.

A gay acquaintance of mine confirms with his own first hand accounts that many of the men who have gay sex on the side are indeed upstanding members of the community and “manly men” married to Anglo wives in sexless marriages. In short, they gotta get their rocks off some way, even if it’s on the down low. I was stunned by this revelation when he dropped the beans years ago. Today, I’m not surprised at all.

No matter what people say about these truths, the simple fact is using this knowledge yields results. Knowing women orbit and even form harems around dominant men while using and abusing good guys, that relationships broadly fall into one of four groups above, and that women are so bad in Anglo nations they literally drive men to queerness, a man is able to make decisions that result in rains falling on a sexual desert.


Keeping sex shrouded in mystery and mysticism makes men do just about anything to “get to the other side” inside a woman

When Sex Isn’t Mystical Anymore

When sex loses its mystical quality for men, women lose their bargaining chip. If women don’t control sex, they don’t control anything.

Sexual scarcity in the West is how women (and social engineers) keep men “under control.” Take it from someone who’s been there and been on both sides of this equation. Western women literally treat Betas like dogs. Be a good boy and bring me a material reward, and I might pet you and reward you with sex. Now wag your tail. Off to the grind you go!

In the West, sex is strictly controlled under a “seller’s market.” However, leave the insanity of a declining civilization and suddenly sex becomes a figurative “buyer’s market.” Women don’t seem to realize the cultural tightrope they keep men on only works inside specific little geographic areas. When a man has a surfeit of taut, nubile ass everywhere he turns, he’s less likely to put his entire life’s labor on the line for a depreciating asset. (As we all know, women are depreciating assets, with sharp declines in SMV after age 30.)

One might add that Americans only make up 5% of the world population. Among the 95% of the world’s population outside its borders, Anglo men are cherished and rare commodities for hypergamous women worldwide. The more men who discover just how badly they’re getting treated by women and those doing their bidding in the corporate-government complex, the more men are likely to Go Galt. It’s the metaphor of killing the goose that lays the golden egg playing out in real life.

All it takes to keep the goose laying the golden egg is for women to treat men like men. It won’t happen for a few different reasons. What stops the cult of feminism from utterly and completely collapsing? Men defending the status quo.

Latent Puritanism resurfaces in all kinds of areas of life in Anglo countries, from the gynocentric legal system to the deification of women and villainization of men in the media, to the White Knight effect. We still see a “goddess cult” revealing itself in many areas of life. “Alpha signalers” will come in and defend the honor of the goddesses, as so cleverly stated by a commenter at TNMM last week:

Saying that you’re done with fat, pussyhat wearing American nightmares is red meat because they get to shrug and say, “I haven’t had any problems with American women dude. I must be better than you, I guess. Go motorcycling through North Dakota. Pussy everywhere. Every truckstop is just filled with ass bro.”

That’s an emotional counterbalance to the stunning and often painful truths elucidated above.

Meantime, it behooves all men to become better PUAs or to let hypergamy work for them by “flying up out this bitch” and putting their intrinsic male value to work for them somewhere else. Once a man has the culturally-specific mirage of sexual mysticism lifted from his eyes, he never quite sees the world the same way again.

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