Rearview Retrospective – The Best of 2017 from The New Modern Man


Rearview Retrospective, The Best of 2017 from The New Modern Man
125 page PDF eBook | 20 of Our Best Articles | $7 

Now available…a compendium of our best articles from The New Modern Man for 2017! Included are 20 articles and 125 pages in total in this new eBook. Download a free sample of the eBook here. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • The Top 10 Most Popular Articles of the year
  • The Top 5 Most Commented On Articles of the year
  • An additional 5 Editor’s Pick Articles – Hand selected by Rel

Here’s the TNMM reading material the eBook has to offer:

  • The Rationalization Hamster: 10 Ways It Affects Women and Society
  • My Visit to Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Carson City, NV
  • Wine and Milk: Male and Female Sexual Market Values
  • Women Will Do Anything for an Alpha – Including Having Sex with Other Women
  • Female Expiration Dates: Women Only Offer Baggage After Age 35
  • Women and Monkey Branching
  • Feminists Want Beta Males to Pay for the Upcoming Spinster Bubble
  • Defining the Sigma Male
  • Why You Should Ignore Women
  • Even Women Are Now Saying Feminism Has Gone Too Far
  • True Ice Queens: Why High Numbers of Anglo Women Have No Libidos
  • How Does She Benefit Me?
  • Matt Lauer Taken Down as Sexual Witch Trials Continue
  • Is MGTOW the Ultimate Destination for Successful PUAs?
  • Sleeping, Drinking, Playing Pool, and Screwing in Thailand
  • 4 Interesting Situations I Saw on Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand
  • When I Die, I Want to Remember How This Felt
  • Can a MGTOW or John Galt Build a Tiny House for $10,000?
  • The Gender Tax Gap: Men Pay 200% of the Taxes Women Do

All available for only a lucky $7, and ready for immediate download. These top shelf articles will be good reading for years to come. Your support helps us continue writing and raising hell!