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Meet Mr. Alpha and Mr. Beta President


Pick out the Alpha and Beta male in this photo

One man looks like a self-assured lion who just pulled off a stunning upset and rebuke of 8 years of Communist policy. The other man looks like he was just pantsed in the locker room.

Make no mistake about it, the surprise election of Donald Trump with a solid win (over 300 electoral votes)  is a symbolic, giant FUCK YOU to Obama and his globalist minions who thought their agenda was unstoppable.

Trump has promised to reverse everything Obama has done during this tenure in office. With Republican majorities in the House and Senate he has a chance to do so, that is if the Cucklicans don’t mutiny and obey the mandate of their corporate bosses rather than the mandate from We The People. This will be the biggest possible caveat to Trumps ascendancy to power, as the Cucklicans have proven time and time again they’re state-worshiping Democrats Lite and not Conservatives or Libertarians by any means.

As we await for the coming transfer of power, look for Obama and other globalist interests to stir the pot as much as possible as they try to fuck with the results of a democratic election by creating riots and a narrative that Trump is “divisive” or some other focus group-derived nonsense.

We must not let Trump be marginalized by these evil people.

In the Grand Scheme of things, Obama will more than likely end up being little more than a shit stain on the underwear of history. He really has been a terrible and divisive President, and living through his reign of terror has been no cakewalk. But that photo reveals he knows his presidency is about to pass into obsolescence.

The look on his face is priceless as he must now realize the jig is up and he’s been called out on his Marxism by Tuesday’s election results. As one radio commentator said earlier this week, God’s hand is all over this election. Even if you’re not religious, you have to admit the victory of the nationalist Trump over Clinton, Inc. and the globalists is the secular equivalent of the biblical victory of David over Goliath.

It doesn’t stop here. Trump has his work cut out for him. While we all heave a collective sigh of relief about this 11th hour reprieve from the total destruction of the United States of America, we must realize our fight has only just begun. Trump will be opposed by some of the most calculating and evil forces imaginable before and after he is sworn into office, and his life will be in danger at the hands of people who will stop at nothing to turn us all into serfs toeing the line painted by New World Order interests.

The Marxist media is already hard at work constructing a narrative to try and debase Trump, thereby debasing the collective decision we all just made at the ballot box in favor of what THEY want for America rather than what YOU want. Look for political betrayals from the Cucklicans and a bitter four years as the globalists fight tooth and nail to regain their stranglehold over our republic.

Meantime, let’s enjoy our well-deserved victory, as for the first time in a long time the Silenced Majority’s voice has been heard.

If nothing else, it is beyond enjoyable and satisfying to see the stunned look on Obama’s face as the bastard thought he was going to get by with everything he’s done to “Whitey” and the other groups he and his racist backers hate so much. The real racists are the ones who hide behind the cloak of racism all the time.

Trump’s election could ultimately be one of the most crucial turning points in the history of the nation. Let’s not squander what we’ve achieved. Let’s do everything we can to Make America Great Again, while realizing the gravity and reality of the situation we are in means we shouldn’t expect any miracles.

Trump is America’s Hail Mary pass. Let’s hope he makes the touchdown when he’s in office.

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First Time Threesomes: Tell Women What to Do


You have to take the reigns and lead women when having a threesome

The menage a trois can be one of the most thrilling of sexual experiences for the heterosexual male. Historically, in man’s wilder days, it meant the chance for him to pass on his genes with not one but two women at the same time. Today, it usually doesn’t represent the same potential for genetic success but it’s still the pinnacle of male success in the mating market. Banging two women (or more) at the same time does come with its share of complications, though. Most often, I have found that women are confused about what to do or are shy and reticent once the party is about to get started. As the ZFG Alpha or Sigma, you can instruct them in what you want done so as to maximize pleasure for yourself.

I noticed the need to lead women after I started having threesomes. Girls were often trash talking and excited about having the threesome until we got to the bedroom. Then, there would be awkward looks and uncomfortable laughter and reluctance to begin the festivities once the rubber was about to meet the road. So, I quickly learned I would have to take charge of the situation and tell the girls what to do.

Most of the threesomes I have had have been with two women who are not experienced in orgies, so naturally as a man I had to guide them. Contrary to what feminists will tell you a man who makes demands rather than asks for things goes a lot farther with women. Here are 5 simple steps to help make a better threesome as you boss your lovers around.


As with many things in life, threesomes get better with experience

A Better Threesome

Discuss what you want to do before hand. So the girls are not surprised when you get to the bedroom, talk with them about what you will all do before you get started. This is best done when setting up the threesome. If it’s two girls you have met in a bar, find out beforehand if the two girls you are with will be screwing each other in addition to screwing you, or if it will just be a “straight” threesome in which the girls won’t be doing anything sexual with each other, i.e. only pleasuring you and not each other. I’ve had threesomes that went both ways, sometimes the women would do each other, although most of the time they just focus on me. It is good to know this so there’s no surprises.

Drink a little to take the edge off and have some sexy music ready to go. It’s always a good idea to have some alcoholic beverages (or even some recreational drugs if that’s your bag) once everyone arrives in the bedroom. Whether it’s as simple as a beer in a hotel room or red wine or champagne, drinking always helps get everyone in the right frame of mind and releases social inhibitions. Some sexy times music and the right lightning also helps set the mood. One of my musical favorites for threesomes is High for This by TheWeeknd.

When in the bedroom, sit in between them hugging both and talk to both of them. As the man, you have to be the ringleader of the operation. Sit in between them on the bed, put your arms around both of them and be the ZFG overconfident jerk that allowed you to land in this situation in the first place. Don’t pull back and start acting Beta just because you have two hot women about to get naked with you. Once everyone is ready, tell them to take their clothes off – don’t ask them to. Chicks get lost easily, and believe me two girls will be looking for you to take charge though they’ll never admit it.

Decide which girl you want to screw first and which to finish with. This is an issue that never really occurs in the minds of many men until they have two naked women in front of them and the women are looking at him not knowing what to do. Again, your leadership qualities will be called upon so once they’re naked decide which girl you want grinding you and which you want sitting on your face and wriggling.

Let go of inhibitions. The first few threesomes may seem a bit awkward. This will lessen as you gain experience banging multiple women at the same time. Alcohol or recreational drugs will help curb some of the natural inhibitions you might have as a member of a sexual party of three, or just having the right attitude will do the same thing. The wilder and more exciting things get the more likely you and the girls are to enjoy it and to want an encore. Personally, I’ve gotten to the point having a threesome doesn’t phase me anymore. This is after I was inhibited and a little nervous the first few times I banged two chicks at the same time.


My threesomes usually involve two black or brown women, I get to be the cream filling in the Oreo

Final Thoughts

Personally, I am not fond of using a condom with my regular sex partners which is why I will look for sex partners who I feel comfortable banging without protection. I will say that if there’s any doubt about a girl I will strap on a jimmy before entering the love cave. But through personal experience I have come to the opinion that STDs are not as common as we are led to believe. (Note: This is a personal opinion.)

Note that some women form emotional attachments easily so banging another woman in front of a regular sex partner may cause a jealous woman to do crazy things. If possible, it’s best to have threesomes with women who you have no emotional investment in and who likewise have no emotional investment in you. This keeps things from getting messy.

These are some common sense, introductory ideas that will help you enjoy a more exciting and sexually fulfilling threesome next time you set one up. Threesomes are exciting and fun diversions from the normal sexual routine, and I recommend all men try one at least once just for the personal satisfaction of knowing they’ve done it.

Any other questions? Email me and I’ll feature them in an upcoming reader mailbag segment here on The New Modern Man.

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Women Have No Loyalty to Men


Women’s loyalty to most men extends only to their ability to be a provider of shiny things, in other words “my vagina bought me this”

Betas and Blue Pill men everywhere never seem to grasp the fact you can’t buy a woman’s love, and women (even their wives) have absolutely no loyalty to them other than words and empty promises. (Actions speak otherwise!) Believing women “love” them when in fact women only love the resources or status their Beta herb is providing, these men are often used and taken advantage of in marriage and the thoroughly rigged divorce court system.

Johnny Depp recently fell victim to the predatory nature of women this way, illustrating the urgent need for divorce reform in Anglo America. If being a Super Alpha is no guarantee of female loyalty, why play the marriage game when these women extracted this much money from these men by nothing more than virtue of the fact they had a vagina these men once used:

  • Mel Gibson’s divorce from Robyn Moore Gibson; estimated at $425 million
  • Michael Jordan’s divorce from Juanita Jordan, $168 million
  • Steven Spielberg’s divorce from Amy Irving; estimated at $100 million
  • Ted Danson’s divorce from Casey Coats; estimated at $30 million
  • Donald Trump’s divorce from Ivana Trump; estimated at $25 million

Unlike men who will sometimes stand by a brother in need, women will exit stage right whenever it is politically and financially prudent for them to do so. They don’t care if the man they formerly “loved” is drinking puddle water and living under a bridge after the relationship is over, unlike men who will often harbor sentiments towards women even after being used. But, women are only loyal to their biological and psychological needs, and as Briffault’s Law so eloquently states, if a male is of no benefit to a female no association with the male takes place. This is the rule not just in our species but most others.

Males have to prove their “worthiness” by performing fitness demonstrations and passing tests. This ranges from a peacocks doing mating dance showing off their impressive plumes, to walruses having bloody fights with other males to see who gets the booty, to humans demonstrating the capacity to buy a McMansion and box cutter SUV that’s better than the one Becky’s Husband bought her. After the test has been passed, the male gets to mate but the woman remains loyal only insofar as the male is able to demonstrate his value to her. Slip up, and she’s out the door.

One Red Pill commenter summarizes well this lack of loyalty among women. The male is as good as muerte once his value as a meal ticket or dominant azzhole has been consumed.

As many men on this sub can attest, you can be with a woman for months or years, give her everything, and at the first sign of weakness, she will bail on you and then wipe your name from her memory banks as if you never existed. She can feel NO GUILT whatsoever about not answering your calls and texts. For all general purposes you are dead to her.

He’s absolutely right. Weakness will get you eliminated from a woman’s life faster than just about anything else. A woman’s loyalty works like this: For Betas, her loyalty extends only as far as your ability to resource provision, and for Alphas/Sigmas, her loyalty extends beyond reason because she sees you as dominant. Very important difference. Betas are weak but resourceful in the female mind, and Alphas are strong but may or may not be resourceful. Either way, weakness gets a man eliminated sooner or later. For Betas, it’s once the bigger, better deal comes along.

As pointed out in one of our Hamster Rationalization articles, women will even pursue sexual trysts with thugs and serial killers while Beta males are left to hand crank their sexual desires.

Consequently, criminals have a higher number of children than the rest of the population. Bad boys average around 3.0 offspring in their lifetimes, while in America the average for whites is 1.75 children, well below the 2.1 needed avoid demographic disappearance.

Once again we have both eyewitness and statistical evidence that women are loyal only to their biological and psychological needs. To the female, good guys don’t deserve loyalty, or even the propagation of their genes into the next generation.


Men: Always keep your options open and never give your commitment away easily no matter what a harlot she turns into

Don’t Give Your Loyalty Away

Well beyond the average Beta male (and even a Super Alpha actor) giving his life and fortune to a woman who is only using him as a meal ticket, always remember women will seek your loyalty only as a means of extracting what value she sees in you and keeping other women from realizing its promise. The man that gives his loyalty away easily is a weak man in the female mind. For the uncommitted man, women will be in a constant state of worry because he has many appealing options and she must compete with these other women in order to gain his favor. Once she has secured your commitment expect betrayal.

Importantly, once your loyalty is rewarded to a woman it will no longer be valued. Your loyalty to her means you have either lost your appeal to other women or she is the best one you can get out of the group. Either way – this is not good in her limbic brain.

The best thing you can do for a woman who expect loyalty (especially your wife) is to make sure she knows that you are fine on your own without her. I’m not saying replacing her for a better model, but just that you can live on your own without anyone’s help. As long as she knows that her actions are merely a comparative advantage in your life, she will stick around and remain loyal. This is because she knows that if she ever royally screws up, she’s out the door.

Now that we have seen women are loyal only to themselves, and once a man shows loyalty to a woman that which she seeks becomes a liability, we see there’s really no way to be the “nice guy” in a society that doesn’t have strictly enforced mores designed to keep female flightiness and predatory instincts under control.

It is heresy to say this in today’s gynocentric culture, but if women display no loyalty to men then men should display no loyalty to women. Ironically, the victory of feminism means men have no incentives to see women as anything other than sex objects and luxury expenses since women spend 90% more money than men do. Rather than go through the ruse pretending relationships and marriage are anything but legalized prostitution, let’s just get the transaction out in the open, legalize it, and save countless money in wealth transfers going from men to women in an abusive court system.

Think about it. Are we doing all these mental gymnastics in service of a myth that the sexual act between men and women is anything but a financial transaction when everywhere we turn that’s exactly what is involved? One might call that insanity. No wonder so many men are going MGTOW.

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Women Will Do Anything for an Alpha – Including Having Sex with Other Women


No fantasy is too outlandish when women are trying to please an Alpha male

A sexual jungle has been unleashed on America and Europe by feminism. A new study gives us another example of what it’s like to live in this jungle: the Alpha male gets a harem and women are willing to have sex with each other to keep him satisfied. Beta males and those lower on the totem poll don’t fare so well when this is the situation. As pointed out before here at TNMM, this causes society to de-civilize.

The new study which is dissected in this article compliments another study published last year which also found that women are either bisexual or gay but never straight. This confirms selection pressure on women in the history of the human species to get along with, and even sexually pleasure other women in the harem of Alpha males. The University of Essex found:

In tests, those [women] saying they were only interested in men were strongly sexually aroused by videos of naked men — and women.

The media responded by writing headlines slanting the story towards the gay agenda, headlines such as: Women ‘all bi or gay’. This shows us those who control the narrative in the West want the sexual market to skew even farther away from any sort of common sense. What these studies actually reveal are facts about women which have historically led to cultural enforcement of monogamy and restrictions on the wild, base natures of women, in order to build up society instead of tearing it down.

After all, what man wants to work hard if there is no cultural or sexual incentive for him to do so? Most men are minimalists by nature and can get by without the McMansion, luxury sedan, and other wasteful consumerism women cherish.


The left consistently pushes a gay agenda while relentlessly suppressing heterosexuality

Exposing the Agenda

While the left-leaning newspaper The Sun used the studies of male and female sexuality to push the LGBT bacon cheeseburger agenda, the truth of the matter is it reveals politically incorrect, harsh facts about women we in the manosphere discuss all the time. From the article:

Psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa believes that evolution has led to women becoming open to intimacy with both genders. He claims that sexual fluidity is a means of “reducing conflict and tension among co-wives in polygynous marriages.”

In short, women are hypergamous and would rather screw a Machiavellian, narcissistic, psychopathic bad boy who gets what he wants, even if that means being part of his harem and, what the hell I’ll even have threesomes or orgies with other women to make him happy. Meanwhile, Johnny 9-to-5, who may be a really, really nice guy, good provider, and potentially good father gets no action other than that provided by Rosy Palm.

Dr. Kanazawa, from the London School of Economics and Political Science, explained: “The theory suggests that women may not have sexual orientations in the same sense as men do. Rather than being straight or gay, to whom women are sexually attracted may depend largely on the particular partner, their reproductive status, and other circumstances.”

Women want to screw and attach themselves to a winner. As Anglo American culture has completely released constraints on female sexuality, crushed Beta males under its heel with an oppressive government that enslaves them with child support and alimony payments (after all, the sweet little lady couldn’t help it that she tripped and fell on another man’s Johnson) and prevents them from seeking any sexual gratification thanks to Puritanical laws on prostitution, men subjected to this cultural insanity are disenfranchised sexually. Since the sexual market is the granddaddy of all human markets, droves of men have no reason to participate when female sexuality is monopolized by a small minority of men.

Learning Game is a solution to the problem of incel these men are subjected to, however it will ultimately lead to an “arms race” among those in the know. The men who know Game, over time, will have to work harder and harder for less and less return.


Female sexual orientation has evolved to be looser than male sexual orientation

Women’s Sexual Orientation Looser than Men’s

Men show much lower tendencies to stray into homosexuality than women do. Women are, after all, much more susceptible to persuasion and control than men are. Women continue to skew more and more bisexual since the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Experts collected data over ten years focusing on the sexual orientation of Americans, grouping them into different ‘waves’. Participants were asked to categorize themselves as: 100 per cent straight, mostly straight, bisexual, mostly gay or 100 per cent gay. Analyzing the data allowed researchers to compare how flexible men and women were when it came to sexual attraction.

Using pupil dilation tests, which reveal if a subject is sexually aroused by imagery, men and women were subjected to a series of erotic photography. The findings showed men are generally not sexually aroused by other men, however women were aroused by both men and women.

Of course, since women can never be blamed for anything in Anglo America, perfect angels that they are, the article bent over backward trying to lay the blame on men. As is typical, the fact women choose sex partners and it is men who are chosen is completely forgotten.

Dr. Kanazawa believes that women have had to evolve to deal with the experience of men having more than one partner. He claimed: “Even though humans have been mildly polygynous throughout evolutionary history, polygynous marriages are often characterized by conflict and tension among co-wives. I propose that occasional sex among co-wives may have reduced such conflict and tension, and increased their reproductive success. Female sexual fluidity may have evolved as an adaptation to facilitate it.”

SpermWarsIt would be more accurate to say: Because of female hypergamy and refusal to settle for anything less than a man who gives them bragging rights to their female friends, women’s instincts have led them to deal with, and happily accept the experience of top Alpha men they are attracted to having more than one partner.

Women will persecute a Beta male for the same infidelity. Nature is not kind to the nice guy.

Indeed, along with other wonderfully controversial facts, the book Sperm Wars by Robin Baker lends credence to the concept that women have adapted to have fluid sexual orientation.

Modern evidence suggests that, more often than not…bisexuals are born, not made.

It is not hard to see how this tendency in women led to the mythical Sodom and Gomorrah, which was later destroyed by God. Societies that do not practice restraint and allow women to orbit Alpha males while neglecting all other males do not stay civilized long.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the story is a telling summation of the societal cost of unleashing primitive instincts on society rather than trying to constrain them. The instincts lead to temporary sexual satisfaction, but will ultimately negate the long-term fulfillment a family will bring.


Women choose and men get chosen, the only power men have is manipulating the choosing process

Adapt or Die

This study reveals one of the most in your face realities about the sexual and psychological nature of women yet.

Imagine, women evolving to be bisexual in nature only because in the feral history of the human species, before civilization tried to harness these primitive sexual forces, only so they could please the top male who subjugated and dominated all the other males in society. After all, dominance hierarchies are the norm in our species. Winner take all, including all the puss.

The choices left for the man who does not wish to become a genetic dead end are either to go to the dark side and develop Dark Triad traits of Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy, or become a master at Game, or leave for a more traditional culture in which hypergamy and an ability to resource provision will be of benefit.

Adapt to the de-civilizing society you are in or die – genetically, anyway. That, or clean house politically, purging the leaders that did this to you.

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Where Do You Stand in the Sexual Hierarchy


What are your chances of hitting that? Improve your standing in the sexual hierarchy by learning about how males are subconsciously ranked by females

In nature, hierarchies are everywhere. They have been a part of history since we crawled out of the slime. In a woman’s subconscious hindbrain, she ranks men according to their social and sexual status before deciding if any of them are worthy of a visit to the love cave.

That is why learning about the Social-Sexual Hierarchy is important. Not knowing the hierarchy, then adapting accordingly to the Red Pill realities of the world will leave you in a disadvantaged position in The Mating Game. Neitzsche wrote on the importance of changing one’s opinions when faced with unpleasant facts:

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be minds.

Adaptation is key in the sexual market. The r-selected modern sexual market and its resultant hierarchy explains why 20% of the men currently monopolize 80% of the attention and affection of women. After social restraints were lifted from women’s sexuality, Betas were abandoned in the same way Jack Dawson was abandoned by Rose, cast off to sink into the cold water after his usefulness had expired keeping her afloat in the film Titanic. Women naturally only want to pursue the very top of the sexual hierarchy when the law of the jungle returns.

In this regard, patriarchy and the nuclear family are the essential building blocks of civilization. But in the modern day free-for-all, not exploiting every advantage will leave you sexless and hopeless in Anglo America. Humans are becoming increasingly feral in this feminized environment. The bottom four-fifths of men are either angry, involuntarily celibate, or checking out of a system that treats them as little more than worker bees and subjects to extract taxes from. This is a shame, because it takes very little to make most men happy.

Where do you currently fall in the hierarchy? This infographic introduces the concept of the Social and Sexual Hierarchy.


Listed in order of sexual success with women

The Five Male Archetypes

Roughly, 20% of men are Alphas, Sigmas and top tier Betas, while the bottom 80% are other Betas, Gammas, and Omegas. We see the 80/20 rule time and time again in nature and the world, in business it is known as the Pareto Principle, and it applies to the Social-Sexual Hierarchy, too. Let’s elaborate a little more on the hierarchy.


Alphas cannot walk outside without falling into puss. The Alpha is the center of male and female attention. Women are uncontrollably drawn to the Alpha primarily because of his social status. Women would rather be part of the harem of an Alpha than the one and only of a Johnny 9-to-5 Beta or lower male in the hierarchy. Women justify the selfish and often horrible decisions they make when in the company of Alphas with their built-in Rationalization Hamster. Estimates vary widely, but the Alpha has at least 30-40, if not hundreds of sexual partners over his lifetime.


The introverted version of the Alpha. Sigmas are also very successful with women even though the idea of being the center of attention repulses them. They are Lone Wolfs and bad boys who do not play along with the usual, ridiculous social games. Estimates vary, but the Sigma has at least 30-40 sexual partners over his lifetime, but Greater Sigma notch counts can easily reach over 100 as well.


Betas tend to fumble when it comes to dealing with women. They are underappreciated and make up the majority hardworking and honest men in society. Betas do all the important work of the society but are not valued by their government or women. Betas are the source of most of the tax money used to power Uncle Sugar’s gynocentric welfare state. They can be attractive and charming, sometimes not. But as we all know social or financial status, not physical attractiveness, is everything to the female. Betas are usually kept around by women for their resources, which is why their power is diminishing in today’s sexual market. Often, a woman will have a Beta so she can spend his money while fucking an Alpha or Sigma on the side. Betas are also used and abused as well as enslaved by the family court system in America. When dating, Betas often have long dry spells in which they get no sexual action. Over their lifetime, a rough estimate is they will end up with 5-15 sexual partners.


Gammas either have no idea how vicious the sexual market is, or they become embittered by it. Gammas are either emotionally needy or do not know how to stand up to women. They can be infested with a severe case of pedestalization syndrome. Rather than adapting to harsh realities, they blame the Game for their unhappiness instead of becoming a player in it. Gammas get lucky with maybe a handful of women in their lives. Women would rather end up as the Cat Lady than marry or pursue a Long Term Relationship with a Gamma.


Omega males tend to be very awkward with women. They have little to no social status, so they are completely invisible to women. Their powerlessness in the sexual market often leads to psychological problems and indeed many of the recent mass shootings can be tied to men who were of this lowest status, as well as the medical establishment’s attempts to profit off their misery by drugging them. Needless to say, Rosy Palm and porn are their best friends. Women are repulsed by the Omega. Lifetime notch counts are in the single digits, if that.


Just because you are a Beta now doesn’t mean you have to stay one

Upward Mobility

Just because a man is born one type does not mean he has to stay that type. Improvement begins with I. Learning the Laws of Game and Laws of Hypergamy will help enormously. Realize women do not love men the way men love women. Even an Omega can adapt his mind to exploit the biology and psychology of women and become more successful in plundering poon. Likewise, a Beta can stop being a walking wallet when he learns either how to play the Game or to let women’s hypergamous instincts work for him.

These concepts are not for everyone. If you haven’t already, make the decision as to whether you want to take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill. The New Modern Man and the rest of the manosphere is written by and for those who swallow the jagged little pill of reality.

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