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The Single Greatest Factor Holding You Back


The quick fix society wants to eat this while losing weight – not going to happen

People in the west want the quick fix. The lose 30 pounds in 7 days or make six figures in a month. All are common tropes appealing to those with no patience and no desire to work hard.  In a society of instant gratification is it any surprise that common civility and politeness have devolved to the lowest common denominator?

No one wants to put the extra effort into something and everyone “feels” like they deserve more just for getting squeezed out of their whore of a mother’s womb.

Your Biggest Problem

The greatest factor which holds you back from success and achievement is not some foreign strain of disease or debilitating mental sickness.

It’s You.

That’s right.  The greatest thing to hold you back from crushing victory and non stop winning is you.  It’s the fact that you are mentally and spiritually a total weakling.  Your plans fail and your ideas never come to fruition because you don ‘t have the willpower and the work ethic to see them through.  You don’t have the broad vision to see beyond the here and now.  Nor do you have the discipline to do what is necessary to accomplish your goals.

So how do you change this?

Well the first step is to recognize this very alarming truth.  You are the problem.  You are the STOP sign and the giant red light preventing you from moving further in life.

Everything else is playing second fiddle to this fantasy crumbling real talk.  The first thing you must do is accept this fact without self deception.  You must face the black hole inside yourself which swallows all your hopes and dreams.


Lack of self-discipline makes self-improvement impossible

You Lack Discipline

One of the greatest factors in all of this is the fact that you lack discipline.  The man who is naturally gifted may not have to work as hard in life because his natural talents seem to offer up the spoils of the world with little to no effort on his part.

This can actually be the undoing of these types of men because not having to put any real effort into anything will have the natural beaten by the man who is more disciplined 9 times out of 10.

The man who has little if any natural ability will have to work twice as hard and persevere to the very end in order to achieve success.  Because of this, the disciplined man will have spent years and years developing a self determination which cannot be matched by the natural.  A fearless self determination and relentless work ethic will be the foundation pillars of his temple of achievement.

If you are reading this and realize that you lack discipline, you are probably wondering how to gain it effectively.  I will offer a few options which you can begin working on today in order to cultivate and grow your discipline into a well oiled machine of efficiency and purpose.

Practice Meditation

One of the best practices to regain control of your mind and willpower is the practice of meditation.  What this does is force yourself to focus intently while controlling your breathing.  This is very important for the individual.  Controlling your breath or life force is essential in regulating your mental state.

Consider the many neuroses common in the modern world.  Most people are beleaguered with anxiety, depression and many other paralyzing mental problems because they are not in control of their thoughts and their breathing patterns.  Practicing meditation is the key here to remedy that.  Your breath is your life force or “chi” and it is something you should treat with respect.  Have you ever noticed someone with high levels of stress suffer from an anxiety attack?  Their breathing becomes quick and labored as they begin to hyperventilate.  This in turn causes their heart to beat faster which further induces stress and anxiety.  The downward spiral continues and the individual loses all control of themselves.

It’s very simple what happens here.  They are not controlling their breath!

I recommend you start with just 15-20 minutes a day to practice meditation.  I prefer to do so seated in the lotus position on the ground with my back against a wall.  I prefer a room with the least sensory input which feels the most relaxing.  I breathe in through my nose on a 3 count and push the oxygen down below my navel into the lower abdomen as it expands.  There is a slight pause before I exhale through my mouth on a count of 2.  I focus on exhaling the oxygen slowly from the lower abdomen through my mouth.  Do this for a few minutes and fill your brain with oxygen.  Sometimes this even gives a feeling of euphoria.

At first you may want to focus only on your breathing until all other distractions are out of your mind.  Eventually you will want to clear your mind completely and find the serene calm which comes from a mind unburdened with life’s banalities.  This sharpens the will also.  As you gain control of your essential life force(breath) you will gain control over your life’s direction.  Mediation is an


Mean what you say and say what you mean.

essential tool for the individual to Master himself.

The Words Of Your Mouth

Second is the actual words of your mouth or your spoken breath.  How often do your words betray your deepest thoughts, fears and hopes to total strangers?  How often do you blab away about  nonsense giving potential enemies the keys to your kingdom?

You must begin to be conscious of these times and work towards saying less.  Much less to other people until that time you have more control over yourself.  The ego rages, cries and twists about.  Beckoning us like a child to play it’s game.  You must begin to check yourself whenever you become aware of your ego taking control of your thoughts and words.

Likewise always be aware when dealing with other people, their desire for the ego to be validated.  It is this weakness which will reveal treasures of personal information about potential threats or marks you have pinpointed for fleecing.

The general rule of thumb is that you should be revealing much much less about yourself when interacting with other people.  Ideally they should reveal everything while you have managed to reveal nothing but empty talk or red herrings.

How often has a man’s undoing been the words out of his mouth?

Open The Gates Of Success

Begin today in the diligent practice of meditation(breath control) and the conscious application of the will in revealing(speaking) less to others.  Many times it is much better to listen than to speak.  It is much more profitable to ask a question of someone than reveal something about yourself.

The mind is very powerful.  Gaining control of the mind and the breath allows one to open doors which were previously locked.  You may begin to realize that the padlock wrapped around the gates of success were your own hands and your own words preventing you from achieving beyond your imagination.  The ego and it’s desire for validation have been holding you back all this time.  Break those chains through the methods I have outlined and become the Master of your destiny.

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Why You Must Think Like An Outlaw


Behaving like an outlaw will give you a stronger position in life

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

The problem with kindness is it should be used like salt.  That is to say, just a pinch here, a dash there.  No wasteful ejaculations of overeager altruism.  In the realm of power and influence as well as seduction, too much kindness will mark you as the biggest sucker in the room.

To be fair, none at all surely will cause problems as well.  The answer lies in cultivating the ability to use calculated kindness.  This can only be found by asserting yourself out there in the world specifically with this in mind.  To form and utilize scenarios through conversation or what have you to practice calculated kindness as a means to achieve your own ends by gaining the affections of others, their trust as well as respect, etc.  But I digress.

The Social Contract And You

First things first.  Every male today living in the west needs to realize one essential earth shaking truth.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, grab your fucking nuts and listen up.

The social contract is BROKEN.

Doneso. Toast. Arrividerci.

Tear that thing to shreds and toss it in the snarky face of the closest New World Faggot.  Then spit all over them both!  Because that’s what the government and society at large has been doing to you for your entire god damn lives.  Most of you have just dropped trough, taken the govt cock and the programming like a good little cuck.

Don’t you think it’s time to finally live on your own terms? 

Do you know what that is?

No.  It’s not merely behaving in a reactionary, defensive manner either.  It’s not time to turtle up or look with soft, dreamy eyes at distant shores.  With that mentality I guarantee you will land on those far away banks only to have the relentless rain of all your previous problems find your punk ass there too.

Don’t you think it’s time to start acting with aggression?

You may have heard it farted out the mouths of slobbering cucks to turn the other cheek.  But I tell you this.  If a man strikes you with his fist, grab a baseball bat and strike him back.

If a man insults you in front of others, blind side him unawares and strip him naked.


Protect yourself and your livelihood rather than worrying about risk

But Jack I Might Get In Trouble!

If this was your first thought then you need to realize one thing right now.  You desperately need a paradigm shift in your thought process to ever become a self aware man.  Lemme put it to you this way.

If someone were to try and break into your home, vandalize your property or steal from you.  What is the first thing most anyone would think to do?  That’s right.

Call the police!

Now think about that a second.  Especially for all you guys who know the score and claim to be doing your own thing.  You know the government is against you.  You know the system is designed to break you.  Yet you can’t help yourselves from appealing to a higher authority.  That is to say you, little johnny fuck boy need the real men to come handle your problems and clean up your messes.

So the same guys who rail against the system with such fervor should never ever be calling on that system or that authority to solve your bitch ass problems either.  I’m not going to explain why that would  make you a pathetic hypocrite.

Most every male in the west who works a regular job, pays taxes and has been college educated thinks along these lines.  They are the perfect little sheep to keep inside their little pens.  If you are this male you need to with the shock of a fucking lightning bolt snap out of your stupor.

Yes it is daunting.  I have been there.  We all have.  Life is fucking tough and men have always been expendable.  Get over it and handle your god damn business.

You need to realize this is your future and your freedom here.  Do you need a governing authority to tell you that you’re free?  Do you need a regulating body to give their stamp of approval for your every fucking breath?

No.  You fucking don’t.

Freedom Borne In The Mind

Freedom begins in your mind and heart.  First the mind must with courage accept the cold truth of things.  No matter the immediate pain or the soul crushing bleakness.  The pain is good and necessary.  For you must be cleansed of the lies.  The candy coated turds that society has force fed you since birth.

The conscious and willful expression of disgust must form in the mind.  The desire and mental effort must be exercised in purging these elements from within you.  Learn to recognize the inputs and cut them all off.

To live free my friends means that you must live dangerously.

Society wants slaves.  They don’t want free men.  Why?  Because a free man is a fucking dangerous man.

There is no freedom without danger. 

You want to be safe?  Live within the west.  Accept it’s laws, it’s prescriptions, it’s regulations and the endless litany of offenses we must answer for.

Live safe and comfortable.  Within the turd vagina of the Matriarch who squeezes out New World Faggots like the Brood Queen shits out those parasite eggs in Aliens.


New role models are needed to stop the decay of the West

Outlaw’s Freedom

The broken males of the west need to turn their eyes to a new kind of hero.  A better archetype to aspire to.  Not the dutiful cuck, the responsible and caring man who heaves the weight of the world over his slowly slouching shoulders.

Now he must look to the Outlaw.  The man who lives by his own rules, has his own ways and can’t be bothered to save the stupid.  Oh no.  Instead he gazes upon the weak and willfully ignorant with the eyes of a falcon about to swoop down talons ripping apart a hare.

The system has lied to us, cheated us, belittled us.

You owe NOTHING to that system.

Not even the acknowledgement of it’s power.  For the free man has smashed his shackles and torn asunder his chains.  He has a wild fire burning bright inside of him this world may not contain.

The punk, the bitch and the weakling fear the unknown.  Who fear to be cast off all alone from the herd.  They must not be reasoned with.  They must be ruled over. 

Remember this.  In order for the system to own you, there must be it’s tacit consent from you.

In order for you to be a slave you must consent to your slavery.

People do this every day in so many ways.  Just think about it for a second.

Become The Rule

A man does not need a government to tell him he’s right or wrong.  We know intrinsically what’s right.

Survival is good and Might is Right.

Our instincts are there for a reason and listening to them, trusting them is the way you rise to the top of the food chain.

Trust yourself.

People who go against their instincts live defeated lives.  Their unhappiness and painful bitterness stand out in their nasty faces and crippled body language with muffled speech and terrible posture.  Some are happy to be slaves and that is fine.  It’s not your job to change anyone.  For most it is a fools errand.

You must re establish the way you go about your life.  The way you think and act are conditioned responses that have been programmed within you for decades or more.

Start searching these out within yourself.

Dare to uncover who you really are and what you truly can be. 

In order to do this you must accept your life as outside the bounds of common(tranny,gay,fuck boy,AIDS) society.  Besides as men, we have already been given this status by our culture.

They’ve already declared us public enemy number fucking one.

You must become the ultimate Rule for your life and your reality.  To do so in today’s world means that as a man you must unashamedly become the Villain.  The savage Outlaw grown wild and hungry off the range.  Furiously ready to take umbrage at any attempts to constrain him.  Yes.

Learn to think like the Outlaw and become a little wild again.

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Why Modern Men Need To Develop A Passion For Living


Climb the mountains you choose in life, not the ones society chooses for you

I see them every time I go out. Men who look as though they’ve been defeated by life and who are just going through the motions. This is the case for men even in their 20s in America. There is anger and despair in the eyes of these men, who have the countenance of a slave when I look into their faces. They’re quite common in all the business ventures I’ve pursued in life, from the average Joe truck driver to the lofty heights of the crumbling mass media ivory tower.

I know the look because I was once one of those men.

You see them online as well. Dripping with sarcasm, contempt, and bitterness as they attack anyone or anything that doesn’t conform to their myopic ideals.

Stefan Molyneux has accurately described what we’re living on as a human farm, full of human livestock. From The Handbook of Human Ownership:

The reality of political power is very simple: bad farmers own crops and livestock – good farmers own human beings.

So how does it work?

Anyhoo, the basic reality of human ownership is this:

1. First, you must first subdue the masses through force

2. Then, you maintain that subjugation through the psychological power of ethics.

People think that ethics were invented to make people good, but that’s like saying that chastity belts were invented to spread STDs. No, no – ethics were invented to bind the minds of the slaves, and to create the only true shackles we rulers need: guilt, self-attack and a fear of the tyranny of ethics. Whoever teaches ethics rules the herd, because everyone is afraid of bad opinions, mostly from themselves. If you do it right, no judgment will be as evil or endless as the one coming from the mirror.

What happens when people are treated like livestock? They get fat, listless, and bitter. Take a look around America and tell me that’s not the case.

The life is sucked right out of them, because their souls have already been consumed by a vicious cycle of debt servitude and corporate drudgery. They willingly put themselves into massive amounts of debt for car payments, giant houses, and tons of things they don’t really need to fill the empty space.


The human farm is no place for the man who must have autonomy

Mass Brainwashing

Seldom do men ever ask this simple question: Why are we doing what we’re doing?

The truth is a century of mass marketing, propaganda, and thought control have yielded a populace enslaved by their own materialistic desires. Starting with Freud a century ago, and using principles refined by his nephew Edward Bernays people are locked in a cycle of competitive consumption but don’t know why they’re living lives in which they would slit someone’s throat for a new iPhone.

Today, marketing gurus such as Clotaire Rapaille, who works for many Fortune 500 companies know the American mind set well as men like him push men to give up their lives, sacrificing to power the female Hedonic Treadmill:

My experience is that most of the time, people have no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing. They have no idea, so they’re going to try to make up something that makes sense. Why do you need a Hummer to go shopping? “Well, you see, because in case there is a snowstorm.” No. Why do you buy four wheel drive? “Well, you know, in case I need to go off-road.” Well, you live in Manhattan; why do you need four wheel drive in Manhattan? “Well, you know, sometimes I go out, and I go—” You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is disconnected. This is nothing to do with what the real reason is for people to do what they do.

Long story short, marketers learned to exploit people’s subconscious sexual desires, turning them into an orgy of consumerism a century ago.

Realizing this truth was an absolute horror as I began the process of awakening in my late 20s. I was at the intersection of what George Carlin called Bullshit Central: the intersection of advertising, Hollywood, and the news media. Even though I was a media spinmeister, I also had found myself enslaved by the very messages of fear and consumption we doled out on our airwaves each day.

It was a hell like no other for a man whose personality type demands autonomy and independence. Money came in and money went out each month, and I was the rat in the wheel making it all spin around.

What a difference a not giving a fuck anymore makes.


Make the leap, my friends

Feeling Alive

Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright and novelist sums up the transition I made from another animal on the farm to an “empowered” man, to borrow a phrase from the feminists:

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

Alive is exactly how I would summarize what has been the happiest period of my entire life, the period since I quit my job and struck out on my own.

To be honest, there are times not having the security of a Joe job scares the living daylights out of me. But that is the impetus to make me accomplish new things in life. It leads to some of the most breathtaking moments in this man’s life, when he looks back and realizes, “It’s already been that long since I left it all behind? Damn. I’m not doing so bad after all.”

I’m now closing in on my two-year anniversary since walking away from everything I spent my entire life building. Not many people would just walk away from a cushy (if cutthroat) job reading news headlines each day. And I’ve never felt more alive. It is amazing what a man is capable of when he takes control of his own destiny, rather than living the prescribed plan his masters have laid out for him.

Without the pressure to find something constructive to do with all the time I had since leaving the workaday world, I would have never come to write for Return of Kings and started building my blog and writing career. I would have never been one of only two men out of a class of 15 who earned their CDL in the barn burner three-week “trucker boot camp” I attended. (Yes, CDL school was that hard. People were dropping out like flies and failing the school. But I had a fire in my belly because trucking was so central to my financial plan to travel the world.)

I would have never had the freedom to spend a full year in the Caribbean and now be writing this to you from my month-long sojourn in Thailand, where I just woke up beside one of the sexiest, sweetest, and most feminine women I’ve ever met in my life.

There is still beauty in this world if you look for it.

Plus, badass travel stories and risk taking behavior make women moist in their nether regions. The legs spread easier with my stories about what I’m doing with my life than they ever did when I was another predictable, reliable Beta male slave.

I used to pass out at night dreading the next day, consistently exhausted from waking up at 3:30 a.m. each day, rushing down to the news station to deliver the daily propaganda with a vacuous, forced smile. Now, I sometimes have trouble sleeping at night because I am daydreaming about all the possibilities of what I could do with my newfound freedom.

I knew there had to be a way out. Turns out it was simpler than I ever imagined. All it took was walking away. Making the leap. Stop giving a fuck.

Men, if the corporate-government complex has given you such a shabby deal, why deal with it? Formulate a plan to get yourself out of debt and free from the other shackles, mental and financial, that have been placed upon you.

Maybe it’s time to come out and play – or LIVE – a little. This is my message for you. Rediscover a passion for living. Live life on your terms. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done. It’s okay to live for yourselves in a day in age in which society has thrown you overboard.

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In 2017 Become A Fucking Savage


A new year, a new you

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Horror Of The Civilized

Today to be civilized means embracing weakness, degeneracy and suicide.  To get along within the puss dripping vagina of the cucked west a male must “disavow” his penis.  He must grab that flaccid little fucker, hold it with sincere and visible contempt.  Then lop it off with snarky pride at the altar of androgynous equality.

The equalized number of the lowest common denominator.  Spinning like a turd down the toilet bowl.  Swirling, decaying, ingloriously dying.  Down, down, down to the mother fucking BOTTOM.

Who knows, maybe they will just call it the new circumcision?

As the modern male cuck watches his bloody penis burn away in the unholy fires, he pays homage to the real leaders now, the females.  At the dead baby skull temple he stands proud showing his great respect for the matriarchs who in their great wisdom decided to sacrifice all their children to their cannibalistic, child molesting death god and feed their blood to the rancid witch called equality.  As hordes and hordes of foreigners come crashing in, the cucks must make sure to keep their little bitch boy mouths shut and not offend anyone.

Merrily I say, swing open the doors of your homes to strangers and take after your daughters.  Whose gates have been flung wide since middle school.  For the whores of the west have declared that pussy schengen territory long ago.

Now on your fucking knees little bitch boys.  She cometh.  Tremble before the Matriarch!

She’s gonna pull out her golden phallus which she lecherously lusts after and seethes malicious with black envy.   She straps it’s leather around her perspiring pig flesh. In a hellish gaze of death and misery she fucks your little boy butts one at a time while the fapping masses cheer.  Hooray!  Progress!

The Last Boat Is Here

This is for the ones who yet can feel that dim light smolder within.  Where boundless love runs hot like a torrent of flame.  Where endless hate and furious violence await the the awakening of your soul.

Those glowing embers you can’t seem to rid your grief stricken conscience of.  The light is low and distant.  Listen closely and you might hear.  A thousand beats inside a savage heart still pumps the spark of life throughout your veins,

The blood.   The blood is the life.

It is not only your own life force but with it runs wild generation after generation of motherfucking barbarians.  MEN who lived wild and free.  Men who took risks and paid the prices.  They survived.  They slaughtered their enemies.  They raised up glittering thrones atop mounds of corpses and crowned themselves in the Sky.

You owe EVERYTHING to them! 

Your blood is a bright river coursing through time.  Screaming out of the past and blasting forward with vengeful power into a dark and savage night.

You must smile O man!  For with  treacherous terrors and unspeakable horrors there is frightening power to be obtained.  Glory awaits the brave and fearless!

A thousand trumpets sound from the horns of your ancestors calling out within your psyche.  A million tears from ten million sorrows.  A thousand hearts beating as one.  In triumph, tragedy and overcoming.

Hear their cries rise like mists from the earth. From dust and bones and blood and soil.  Lay yourself down in the tombs of their sorrows.   Weep for their struggles and loss.  Then lift yourself up to the glories of their victories and shining light of legacy.  What they gave to you is a beautiful and terrible gift.



Become a savage man, free from the oppression of the matriarchy

The Elixir Of The Gods

If masculinity could be whittled down to a biochemical essence.  It is the hormone testosterone.  Males have less and less these days.  Our society has been starving us of this vital hormone so that we may be more easily controlled.  You need to make sure yours is as high as motherfucking possible AT ALL TIMES.

For guys under 30, working out, eating lots of whole food and generally staying active can be enough.  If you feel that your test levels are low you should get them checked.  If so you can easily get a prescription for testosterone and do it the legal way.  There is also the black market to find what you need(really not that hard to find info on).  Supplementing your hormones with exogenous testosterone may be the only answer for a lot of males to make them men again.  From personal experience I can tell you that this kind of supplementation was probably the single smartest thing I ever did for my body and mind.  We have the technology available.  It’s on you to do your due diligence.

Do not delude yourself with some flaccid  moral argument about how it is cheating.  Cheating at what?  Life?  Well that means I’m a fucking winner.  I’m getting that trophy motherfucker.  No trophies for losers.

This is a game of life and death.  I will do absolutely EVERYTHING to rise to the top.  To crown my sons with history’s remembrance while your aborted babies cry out from graves never dug and sterile incompetents are my heir’s competition.

You don’t need a lot either.  This isn’t about being a “roid head”.  It’s about evening the odds.  Tipping the scales so you can come out on top.  That you may know the fire of your ancestors.

Testosterone regulates focus and critical thinking.  I never felt as alive than when having loads of testosterone roar through me like a wild bull.  My focus became like a laser.  My already instinctual cues seemed to go into overdrive.  Even my skin glows.  It’s like being born again.  Seeing the world with savage eyes.  The neon draperies of the fagged out hive melt away and you hear the pulsating fury of your heart open the valves of ectoplasmic fuel and violently spill out.

Powering an altered god damn BEAST.

Ascend The Throne Of The Beast God

Within the savage man’s heart of darkness, the vast tributaries, flowing red streams and crimson rivers converge at the center.  This is the throne of the Beast God.  The savage man of old.  Resurrected for new life in a world of pathetic weakness and plastic conformity.  Feel him breathe and burn within you!

Hear the world tremble.

The Reaper sits with his scythe ready to cull the weak from the earth.  Rivers and rivers of blood cascade down forming pools of red.  From those crimson lakes he rises.  Vicious, beautiful and free.  Hearts aflame with savage fire.

Ready to rip this motherfucker apart.


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