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The Tables Have Turned: My Transition from Beta Bucks to Alpha Fucks Guy


Just closed out a week which ended as me being the Alpha Fucks guy while another guy pays my hot Thai friend’s bills

For all the scorn heaped upon those of us in the manosphere, the more I live the Red Pill truth the more I know how right we are when we write The Truth About Women and the World. Few may know I take no pleasure in writing about the topics I write about, and wish relations between the sexes weren’t so fucked up in the Anglosphere.

But I gotta call ’em like I see ’em.

Otherwise I’d be as worthless as the “nice” boys and girls in cheap suits with pancake makeup and egg on their faces who work at CNN down in Atlanta, and other institutions of mythmaking in the Machiavellian world we live in.

But I’m into truth-telling rather than sophistry so here it is: Chicks dig jerks. And they can’t resist assholes.

By studying and applying the romantic arts for several years, I have lived an amazing transformation. I’ve gone from a Beta nice guy in my 20s who constantly got used and abused by women to a guy who often goes through 4 or 5 different chicks in a week. It’s amazing what a man can pull off once he discovers what makes women tick.

My latest success has been becoming the Alpha Fucks guy for a hot Asian girl while Beta Bucks guy pays her bills. Here are two stories illustrating my transformation.


Don’t be Free Dinner Guy, be Uninhibited Sex guy

A Decade Ago: Free Dinner Guy

Yep, I was that guy. I would work so hard to get a woman to go out on a dinner date with me, and spend money I didn’t have on nice meals in restaurants and movies and other entertainment.

My goal was to show women what a great guy I was. And I was the textbook definition of a great guy: attractive, well-studied, liberal (at the time), hard-working, and respectful of women. I was the type of guy women would go on Oprah and claim they wanted while secretly riding the cock carousel with bad boys.

I followed the script of what women say they want in a man: a nice guy who treats them like a princess and caters to their every whim. Opening doors, talking about “safe” topics, not rushing them for sex or commitment.

After dropping $50 to $75 of money I didn’t really have as a poor as fuck, first generation college student with two jobs and a broken down car, I then would have to go home alone and have to rub one out a good 75% or more of the time.

Meantime, a degenerate would end up tapping for free what I was trying to woo with entertainments I couldn’t afford. I wasn’t completely incel, but I paid for a lot of dates for women who were frigid with me, and was the epitome of the AFC (average frustrated chump) in my college years.

Do not be this guy!

I’ve seen it go on my entire life. I know Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks is what women do. It’s just as natural for the human female to behave this way as it is for the female Black Widow to kill and consume the male once she’s finished extracting his sperm for the next generation of little baby spiders.

Don’t question it. Just accept it for what it is, lamentable as it may be.


The tables have turned, now I hit that instead of paying for that

Today: Alpha Fucks Guy

Now, as a man who can’t stand liberals or anything they stand for, a guy who does what he wants when he wants, I can’t keep women off me.

I started last week off banging a black stripper in Chicago who was enraptured by my zero fucks given attitude, travel stories from all over America and different parts of the world, and the fact I was straight up with her from the get go that I wanted nothing but no strings attached fun. She also loved the fact I only work half the time and spend the rest of my time partying my ass off.

I was blunt as a spoon, alternating between being and asshole and Mr. Carefree.

I looked this girl in the eye and told her I’m not like the typical men that come in your strip club, empty their wallet and get nothing in return. We talked for hours that night as she abandoned the very Beta acting clients who inhabited the club. I felt bad for these guys as they were reeking of sexual thirst.

Long story short, we ended up at her place and she started the festivities off by giving me oral delights most men dare not dream of. For free, I might add. This girl had a mouth that might as well have been cocaine. It was incredible. We then banged in every position imaginable (her on top first) before I left her worn out and with a cooch full of seed.

That’s only the warm-up. Since Chicago, I’ve been in Thailand the rest of the week enjoying the company of two Thai girls: one who was stuck on me like white on rice from the time we met, and a second party girl who had a boyfriend but let me hit it anyway.

But even that’s not the best I have to offer.

A Thai girl I’ve been friends with for years currently has a man from Australia paying for her every expense, and is not giving him any sex in return! I know this is a fact, as I am quite familiar with this girl’s entire sexual history.

This chick knows I bang other girls and that I am “in demand” so to speak. She practically came running to my door once she knew I was back in town.

I didn’t even have to ask and she started getting naked for me after we talked for a few minutes in my room. Bear in mind this girl is at least a SMV 8 and can have any farang she wants. And these guys will pay her for the experience while I will not.

But she chooses me, and is letting me be the Alpha Fucks guy tapping for free what the other guy can’t get even though he’s paying for it. Best of all, she’s not the typical bar girl as she is a kept woman, and I know from friends or “spies” she doesn’t go out partying. She stays home and is one of the more traditional Thai girls.

Which makes the conquest all the better.


Don’t let the haters throw you off your Game

Final Thoughts

So, when detractors, haters, and other sorts of miscreants come into the manosphere and onto The New Modern Man trying to muddy the waters and negate the inconvenient truths we are writing here, I can confidently say they’re entirely full of shit.

I have lived the transformation from Beta Bucks to Alpha Fucks guy. And my goal is to make other men slayers of poon with little life lessons like this one.

Guys, the most important thing you can do is focus completely and entirely on yourself and your wants. This, more than anything else is an intoxicating musk to the female psyche as I’ve seen with the small harem I’ve went through just in the past week. It pays to be the opposite of everything women say they want in a man.

The alternative would be to go back and live life as a Nice Guy. I did that already. Now I’m living life as the bad guy. And it’s just divine.

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Stop Buying Things for Women


Putting yourself in the subservient role of gift provider weakens you in the subconscious mind of women

Women are consummate materialists, and statistics prove it (beyond the song Material Girl that made Madonna’s entire career 30 years ago). More than half of women in Anglo America would dump the man they “love” if he didn’t deliver a gift on a birthday or for Valentine’s Day. Attention Betas: A stuffed animal or a box of chocolates literally has more value than your presence in the majority of women’s lives. Let that sink in the next time you break your back and your bank account to run like a rat on The Hedonic Treadmill.

Even a female relationship coach calls women out on these warped statistics. Rachel DeAlto threw up a flag on this play, criticizing women for expecting constant gifting no matter what benefits men provide to them.

I think it’s a little irrational. I understand being emotional, and obviously there’s some expectations involved, but talk about it before you make any irrational decision.

Expectations? Sounds like lot like female entitlement mentality to me. I’m worthy of gifts because I have the vagina and you do not! Nothing says “you’re a disposable meal ticket” than irrational ultimatums on useless consumer items that will either be dead in three days (i.e. flowers) or thrown into the garbage or closet. The money must be spent or you don’t love her!

Much like the classic Simpsons episode Trash of the Titans, marketers are constantly pushing for this type of wasteful holiday spending, even for made up holidays. All they have to do it get “x” number of women to participate in or expect gifts because of the holiday, and then social forces drive everyone to conform to the new ideal. Marketers have been using this playbook, pioneered by Edward Bernays for over a century. Trash of the Titans beautifully illustrates the insanity of making people spend billions on “assorted gougeables” and other crap:

Costingtons Manager: Okay, people, we need to cook up a new holiday for the summer. Something with gifts, cards, assorted gougeables.

Costingtons Woman: How about something religious? We had great penetration last spring with Christmas Two.

Costingtons Man: Oh, I know. Spendover, like Passover, less talk, more presents.

Costingtons Manager: No, no, no! No, it’s gotta be warm and fuzzy. Something like, um, “Love Day”, but not so lame.

Marge Simpson: Happy Love Day, everyone!

Think of Valentine’s Day as the real-world equivalent of Love Day. Never mind the fact women already receive 80% of the benefits of the consumer waste machine economy in the United States since they drive 4 out of 5 purchasing decisions, that’s just not enough. Men also pay 70% of all income taxes but the vast majority of government handouts benefit women. Yet paradoxically, Anlgo women claim to be Strong and Independent™ but they would be powerless without a massive government propping them up. Real Sexism presents more shocking statistics that show women spend, on average, 90% more than they earn. Women have it made at male expense but like the consummate gatherer (or hoarder – there’s an entire A&E TV series about it) there’s always something else that makes her eye sparkle. And, there’s never enough.

You must not fall into the trap: Stop buying her things! Or best of all, never start buying her things (even drinks) so there’s no expectation set. Buying women things puts you as a man in a submissive role! She is your master and your are her slave with this type of arrangement. It’s basic economics and psychology.


You’ll never make enough to keep up with her expectations, don’t even try

Spend Less, Earn More Respect

Save yourself the expensive lesson rather than trying to buy love, save and invest your money, and learn how to manipulate women’s emotions rather than letting them into your wallet. Use the money to invest in yourself instead and you’ll attract women like moth to a flame. If you look great with nice clothes, a nice car, trips to exotic locations, and money to burn there will be women orbiting you just as they orbit other high-status men. The trick is, never let them into your wallet. Use your money for you own self-aggrandizement, not theirs.

Importantly, realize women will never return the favor of buying things to you. It’s a one way street. As radio host Tom Leykis says, women are the cheapest creatures on earth, but only when it comes to their own money. Yet, they expect exorbitance from men in their lives.

The funny thing is, the less you spend on women the more respect you will earn from them. (Remember – are you the master or the slave in the relationship?) Spending and respect from women are inversely proportional. Don’t try to make sense out of the matter. Women’s behavior when it comes to gifting makes no logical sense whatsoever because women are not logical creatures, they’re emotional ones. You would think women would be grateful to men who go out of their way to please them – but they’re not. An astute manosphere commenter who calls himself John Doe sums up the play by play:

Women are adult children, read Schopenhauer, when you give everything to a child they become spoiled and uncontrollable. The reason a women loses respect for a man who gives them everything is just like a spoiled child who always gets their way, they feel like they have outsmarted their parents, and someone she can outsmart on a regular basis is deemed as inferior, thus they lose respect for them. In fact this can be applied to relationships with females in general. Married men who give into his wife’s demands trying to keep the peace are eventually deemed as inferior, followed by the wife losing respect for him. There’s no logic in this situation, it’s all about perceived feelings.

So, to summarize, spend your money on yourself and on your real friends, not strangers who you hope to bed, and not in ways that make you subservient or “pussy-whipped” to use a old maxim. Always consider any money you spend on women a loss, because that’s exactly what it will be someday, unless you have found a NAWALT magical unicorn. Gifts and spending will only curry short term favor with women, and in the long run being a “provider” puts you in a subservient role. With women, it’s never what have you done for me it’s always what have you done for me lately? Don’t fall into the trap. Stop buying things for women, and start buying them for yourself.

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Women Have No Loyalty to Men


Women’s loyalty to most men extends only to their ability to be a provider of shiny things, in other words “my vagina bought me this”

Betas and Blue Pill men everywhere never seem to grasp the fact you can’t buy a woman’s love, and women (even their wives) have absolutely no loyalty to them other than words and empty promises. (Actions speak otherwise!) Believing women “love” them when in fact women only love the resources or status their Beta herb is providing, these men are often used and taken advantage of in marriage and the thoroughly rigged divorce court system.

Johnny Depp recently fell victim to the predatory nature of women this way, illustrating the urgent need for divorce reform in Anglo America. If being a Super Alpha is no guarantee of female loyalty, why play the marriage game when these women extracted this much money from these men by nothing more than virtue of the fact they had a vagina these men once used:

  • Mel Gibson’s divorce from Robyn Moore Gibson; estimated at $425 million
  • Michael Jordan’s divorce from Juanita Jordan, $168 million
  • Steven Spielberg’s divorce from Amy Irving; estimated at $100 million
  • Ted Danson’s divorce from Casey Coats; estimated at $30 million
  • Donald Trump’s divorce from Ivana Trump; estimated at $25 million

Unlike men who will sometimes stand by a brother in need, women will exit stage right whenever it is politically and financially prudent for them to do so. They don’t care if the man they formerly “loved” is drinking puddle water and living under a bridge after the relationship is over, unlike men who will often harbor sentiments towards women even after being used. But, women are only loyal to their biological and psychological needs, and as Briffault’s Law so eloquently states, if a male is of no benefit to a female no association with the male takes place. This is the rule not just in our species but most others.

Males have to prove their “worthiness” by performing fitness demonstrations and passing tests. This ranges from a peacocks doing mating dance showing off their impressive plumes, to walruses having bloody fights with other males to see who gets the booty, to humans demonstrating the capacity to buy a McMansion and box cutter SUV that’s better than the one Becky’s Husband bought her. After the test has been passed, the male gets to mate but the woman remains loyal only insofar as the male is able to demonstrate his value to her. Slip up, and she’s out the door.

One Red Pill commenter summarizes well this lack of loyalty among women. The male is as good as muerte once his value as a meal ticket or dominant azzhole has been consumed.

As many men on this sub can attest, you can be with a woman for months or years, give her everything, and at the first sign of weakness, she will bail on you and then wipe your name from her memory banks as if you never existed. She can feel NO GUILT whatsoever about not answering your calls and texts. For all general purposes you are dead to her.

He’s absolutely right. Weakness will get you eliminated from a woman’s life faster than just about anything else. A woman’s loyalty works like this: For Betas, her loyalty extends only as far as your ability to resource provision, and for Alphas/Sigmas, her loyalty extends beyond reason because she sees you as dominant. Very important difference. Betas are weak but resourceful in the female mind, and Alphas are strong but may or may not be resourceful. Either way, weakness gets a man eliminated sooner or later. For Betas, it’s once the bigger, better deal comes along.

As pointed out in one of our Hamster Rationalization articles, women will even pursue sexual trysts with thugs and serial killers while Beta males are left to hand crank their sexual desires.

Consequently, criminals have a higher number of children than the rest of the population. Bad boys average around 3.0 offspring in their lifetimes, while in America the average for whites is 1.75 children, well below the 2.1 needed avoid demographic disappearance.

Once again we have both eyewitness and statistical evidence that women are loyal only to their biological and psychological needs. To the female, good guys don’t deserve loyalty, or even the propagation of their genes into the next generation.


Men: Always keep your options open and never give your commitment away easily no matter what a harlot she turns into

Don’t Give Your Loyalty Away

Well beyond the average Beta male (and even a Super Alpha actor) giving his life and fortune to a woman who is only using him as a meal ticket, always remember women will seek your loyalty only as a means of extracting what value she sees in you and keeping other women from realizing its promise. The man that gives his loyalty away easily is a weak man in the female mind. For the uncommitted man, women will be in a constant state of worry because he has many appealing options and she must compete with these other women in order to gain his favor. Once she has secured your commitment expect betrayal.

Importantly, once your loyalty is rewarded to a woman it will no longer be valued. Your loyalty to her means you have either lost your appeal to other women or she is the best one you can get out of the group. Either way – this is not good in her limbic brain.

The best thing you can do for a woman who expect loyalty (especially your wife) is to make sure she knows that you are fine on your own without her. I’m not saying replacing her for a better model, but just that you can live on your own without anyone’s help. As long as she knows that her actions are merely a comparative advantage in your life, she will stick around and remain loyal. This is because she knows that if she ever royally screws up, she’s out the door.

Now that we have seen women are loyal only to themselves, and once a man shows loyalty to a woman that which she seeks becomes a liability, we see there’s really no way to be the “nice guy” in a society that doesn’t have strictly enforced mores designed to keep female flightiness and predatory instincts under control.

It is heresy to say this in today’s gynocentric culture, but if women display no loyalty to men then men should display no loyalty to women. Ironically, the victory of feminism means men have no incentives to see women as anything other than sex objects and luxury expenses since women spend 90% more money than men do. Rather than go through the ruse pretending relationships and marriage are anything but legalized prostitution, let’s just get the transaction out in the open, legalize it, and save countless money in wealth transfers going from men to women in an abusive court system.

Think about it. Are we doing all these mental gymnastics in service of a myth that the sexual act between men and women is anything but a financial transaction when everywhere we turn that’s exactly what is involved? One might call that insanity. No wonder so many men are going MGTOW.

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Netflix Star Brags About Killing Her Offspring, Proves Manosphere Talking Points Correct

Chelsea Handler illustrates several important Red Pill principles including Alpha Fux, Beta Bux and Hamster Rationalizations all in one article!

Chelsea Handler illustrates several important Red Pill principles including Alpha Fux, Beta Bux, Women Age Like Milk, and Hamster Rationalizations all in one article!

Chelsea Handler, who plays pretend for a living, recently bragged about killing two unborn children via abortion in a Playboy essay. Predictably, like many white women in the 21st century she has no children of her own and the sand has run out of her biological hourglass. The liberal press celebrated her as an awesome role model for young women and a symbol of female empowerment. YouGoGrrl! In reality, she is a case study in proving correct many of the themes discussed about on truth-seeking Red Pill blogs like this one. Rather than claim responsibility for her behavior, as women often do, she projects the blame of her irresponsibility onto others. In this case, her parents made her get pregnant and have not one but two abortions back to back. Chelsea recounts the experience with some hamster wheel spinning.

I hated my parents and I was having unprotected sex with my boyfriend.

She then talks about how relieved she was once her babies were dead, sucked out of her womb through a vacuum hose or otherwise dismembered so she wouldn’t have to live with the consequences of her sexual irresponsibility.

And when it was over, I was relieved in every possible way.

Despite having adoption, one of the most generous welfare states the planet has ever known, child support, and other government gibsmedats at her disposal, she lives up to the solipsistic “it’s all about me” mantra that is the norm in today’s statistically sterile Anglo society.

I’m grateful that I came to my senses and was able to get an abortion legally without risking my health or bankrupting myself or my family.

Money and materialism are the obsessions of the modern American woman, after all. Chelsea’s personal experience with Alpha fux, Hamster rationalizations, and blame projection aside, she then goes on to politicize the abortion issue which is why this case needs to be taken to task.

It’s infuriating to hear politicians make bogus promises about overturning this ruling that has protected us for more than 40 years. I don’t buy that Roe v. Wade is in danger.

You know what else is infuriating, Chelsea? Hearing this pablum spoonfed into the heads of young girls not by virtue of the fact your arguments make sense, but because you are a marionette who is good at acting like someone else in front of a television camera. It’s infuriating that another human being (in this case two) had to be destroyed because you were pissed off at your parents. It’s infuriating you think the law should be more about protecting you than the little human being you created by being a whore. It’s infuriating that this attitude is causing the demographic suicide of your own tribe.

Handler even links the right to kill a defenseless human being, who was created because of her own sexual depravity to racism and sexism. As we all know, “-isms” of every type are to blame for all the ills in the world to deranged leftists.

As she smacks face first into The Wall, predictably, she now offers an olive branch to the Beta males of society. At age 40, she told People magazine she’s finally ready to get married. Hahahahahahahaha.

Great guys exist. They may not be in the package you think you like, and they may not come when you feel you deserve them the most, but they’re there. I believe it.

Her used up anatomy – that she gave away so freely when she was young – can now be purchased by a suitor for the right price. Of course, the poor bastard that falls for this ruse may end up like Johnny Depp, who is paying millions in a frivorce rape settlement.

Now that The Wall is exacting its revenge, Handler seems more open to the prospect of Beta $$$$

Now that The Wall is exacting its revenge, Handler seems more open to the prospect of Beta $$$$


It seems the public is growing tired of women killing their offspring, bragging about it, playing the victim when their own piss-poor decisions get them in a jam, then Hamster Rationalizing the whole thing for a nudity magazine. This type of game doesn’t work anymore, feminists. Check out the top-rated comments from a news article highlighting Handler giving young girls the message that it’s okay to go out, fuck around because you are mad at your parents, then have the resulting pregnancy sucked down a tube and the heartbeat of the little person inside you stopped because you’re a Strong, Independent Woman™! And racism and sexism! Yeah!

This was the top rated comment with 1911 up votes at press time.

You must be so proud. You have mentioned this in countless other articles. I respect our rights as women, but I would never go around telling how many abortions I had because of being sexually irresponsible.

Following with 1613 up votes was this zinger.

Attention seeker. Can’t stand this woman.

And, it’s always enjoyable to see the moment the Rationals chime in on any online discussion.

Oh Chelsea – that is the worst excuse for abortion that I ever heard. if you were truly exercising control over your body you would have been using birth control.

And here’s a little common sense advice Chelsea neglected in her celebration of degeneracy and murder.

Wow, is she irresponsible or what? Ever heard of a condom?

For those who still believe abortion is not murder, it’s recommended you click on over to this article we ran at TNMM in which an abortion doctor illustrates the procedures, and explains why he’s no longer willing to help women kill their offspring to clean up messes in their lives. You either believe in the sanctity of life, or you don’t. Obviously, Chelsea doesn’t because it was more important to her to be able to be pissed at her parents and do what she wanted while riding the cock carousel.

Chelsea represents everything wrong with modern Anglo women, from Hamster rationalizing the death of unborn children right down to her burned up hair and use of the infamous “isms” to deflect any notion of personal responsibility. What? We’re supposed to feel sorry for her? Any man ready to take on this walking pile of human wreckage as she passes her expiration date?

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Betas Are Boring Because They Have to Be


She’s bored but Betas get the excitement sucked out of them when they’re responsible contributors to society

Women often cast aside “boring” men just as they would throw out last night’s garbage. It doesn’t matter what a Beta has done for her as much as what he’s done for her lately. So, he got his leg blown off in war protecting against invaders. But, Becky’s husband just bought her a new Lexus. If Beta boy doesn’t deliver, she’ll drop his dismembered ass like a hot potato. To be a successful Beta, a man has to not only bring home the bacon and give his money away freely and without reservation, he also has to be the equivalent of a comedy channel on cable TV. He must be entertaining, engaging, and eternally fun to be around.

Unfortunately, in order to become successful and productive member of society a Beta must do boring things, and he must do them well. It is a lot of work to become a Beta, even though society and women will never thank you, they will just demand more and more as The Hedonic Treadmill accelerates out of control. This prevents the Beta from developing the devil may care attitude and ready to go anywhere and do anything on a moment’s notice disposition of the carefree Alpha or Sigma.

This is a partial listing of the things that make Beta males so terribly boring to emotionally driven women. It’s easy to see how these list items suck the energy, life, and entertainment value out of Betas, as they must dedicate 40 to 60 hours a week of themselves to their jobs alone. (The average full time employee now puts in 47 hours a week!) To be a successful provider drone, men must dutifully do the following with their lives:

  • Get an education
  • Get a job
  • Keep a job
  • Maintain good credit
  • Develop a trustworthy reputation
  • Spend time supporting the community
  • Become kitchen bitches

Let’s delve into the life script of a Beta Bux provider and see if it’s appealing to you. To me, the life of a slave and becoming the human equivalent of a pack mule is repellant, so from the onset you’ll know why I ran away from this existence after figuring out the ruse thanks to the Red Pill Enlightenment of the early 21st century.


All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy

Put on Your Beta Boy Pants

So, you want to become a Beta provider and gamble your entire life and fortune on a feckless and fickle female? Here’s the road to a lifetime of thankless labor and submission to females and bosses. It all begins with that most vaunted and worshipped of institutions, the magic education.

Study hard! While other young men are out plowing promiscuous girls after school, drinking and partying it up, and acting irresponsibly, it’s straight home for you to crack some books and earn those A’s (and occasional B’s). Teachers ensure you your hard work will pay off someday and you believe them. After all, even though as an adult man you will need comparatively little monetary resources to live a happy and fulfilling life, you aren’t going to be living for yourself as much as living to power a lifestyle of wasteful female consumerism. Therefore, you must dedicate yourself to earning the highest salary in the neighborhood for your future female master to exploit, otherwise you will be cast aside with the other incel Betas who live a life of porn and masturbation.

Kiss ass. Now that you have the rubber stamp from State U or some other institution of liberal indoctrination, it’s time to begin kissing ass, playing office politics, supplicating to female HR directors, and all sorts of fun at your new office space. Soon, you will be a real life Peter Gibbons from Office Space.

We don’t have a lot of time on this earth! We weren’t meant to spend it this way! Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about mission statements.

Don’t rebel against the machine like Peter did, though. To keep those paychecks coming for your lady to spend, you have to brown nose and play the game. Don’t challenge authority. Just accept it. Remember, you’re here forever. (Or until another corporate merger or new “-ism” law of some type pushes you into the unemployment line.)

Worship the FICO. As a newly minted Beta drone, your objective in life now is to get and spend as much money as you can. Rather than living inexpensively for a decade or so to save up as much money as you can, and then invest that money for a life of future freedom, you will be catering to your wife’s whims. These whims will change each time a new fashion designer makes a splash, a new cookie-cutter SUV box on wheels comes out, she sees something on TV, or her friend Becky remodels her house. Therefore, you must maintain sterling credit, paying interest into the system rather than earning interest out of it as an investor. You must be ready to whip out the American Express or a car loan at a moment’s notice, depending on the tastes of your master/wife.

Be the nice guy. Feel like punching the shit out of that smart ass that just insulted you? No can do. As a Beta provider, you must learn to sublimate your emotions, hiding them deep within. You must learn to allow men, and especially women to walk all over you because you are the coolheaded nice guy in the community. Without this sterling reputation, such as if someone posts negative stories about you on social media, you aren’t bankable on the cubicle farm. The role model for Beta providers like yourself is Ned Flanders, minus the religion in the New America’s Christophobic culture. When you aren’t putting in 50 hours a week or more for thankless bosses, you’ll need to go to functions that “serve the community” i.e. those that allow your superiors to preen and polish their public image at your expense.

Be a kitchen bitch. Cooking may be oppression for women, but not for you, lowly male! While she texts Alpha affair guy, you must be in the kitchen whipping up gourmet meals for her, and if you’re lucky, the progeny she has now given you which may or may not be yours biologically. Put on your apron, tuck your scrotum neatly between your legs, and smile as you have completed the qualifications for becoming a completely gelded, used up husk of a man who benefits everyone else and their happiness instead of his own. After you finish cooking dinner, remember, a good kitchen bitch always cleans up and does the dishes afterwards.

Or, Go Your Own Way

If that lifestyle sounds abhorrent to you, you have the option to go your own way. It’s not politically correct to declare your freedom from being exploited like this, but the choice is either to live for yourself or live for everyone else. If there was a reasonable payoff for this sacrifice, as there was under patriarchy and over the course of 5,000 years of marriage worldwide, it would be understandable. But the current arrangement is nothing but male labor and resource provisioning exploitation.

It is worth adding if you behave like a Beta provider you will not be respected by women. She will get more demanding and you will get more desperate to jump through her hoops as time goes on. Just look at how many demands have already been placed on men, detailed in the above listing, enough to consume all the Beta’s waking hours from his youth on through his death. As long as the checks are clearing and she is receiving benefits for associating with you, she’ll hang around although she’ll probably be lusting after stronger men and assholes (i.e. the romance novel genre proves this) or acting on her desires for Alpha Fux as more and more women do these days.

This life is the height of ridiculousness, to me, to pay for a bunch of junk people really don’t need. Better to not participate than play in a game that has been shamlessly tilted. It’s a sad commentary on the misandry in our society when it takes so little to make men happy, yet women refuse to do anything that might bring some life into a worker drone’s life, unless he has some money she wishes to extract from him. So, our choice is to be the boring Beta who gets crumbs off the sexual table if he’s lucky, or the asshole Alpha who gets puss thrown at him. As has been said before here at TNMM, there is no nice way of dealing with women if you want to keep one around.

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