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New Censorship and Surveillance Technology Will Make Orwell’s Big Brother Seem Tame


Searching for articles on how to hit that? Big Brother says you should instead look at these articles telling you what an evil misogynist you are

Do you really like sexy women like the one in the photo above? Are you sure? Big Brother Google says “Why don’t you look at this story about alternative lifestyles about men who have realized what terrible misogynists they are for having sexual desires?” rather than searching for articles on for pick-up artistry.

Sooner rather than later, all Internet roads will lead to the same New World Order Socialist philosophy.

As profiling of Internet users becomes more prolific and the algorithms more sophisticated in the coming years, the news and information we search for will be tailored to slowly “nudge” us one way or the other politically, one small step at a time.

The management of the information we get to read is already in its infancy.

Why do you think that “free” app on your phone that only performs a few functions swells in size with each “update” that is released? Do you really think they give a damn about your privacy and are plugging security holes? Hell no. The apps we download are moving from useful, low-resource using services to resource hogs (necessitating an upgrade in processing power every year or two) because they only provide us with a “free” service in order to hook us so the apps can gather information about everything we’ve ever written on our devices for social engineers and marketing flacks. The apps are becoming more sophisticated in the way they monitor everything we do – which is why the apps need all that memory size.

And soon, apps will be gathering information about everything we’ve ever said aloud by using the built in microphones on each device and speech recognition technology. CIA agents confirm microphones can easily be activated even when a device is switched completely off.

This type of information will be collected in giant databases such as the Utah Data Center, with the ultimate goal being the corporate-government complex knowing more about us than we know about ourselves.


Your entire digital history is mined by corporations and the government

Big Brother Was So Yesterday

Today’s information technology has put Big Brother on steroids.

The Waking Times details this frightful world that is already emerging as anyone who pays attention knows search engines are already tailoring information to what we search for and even what we text people about.

“Mr. X, we’ve studied the little virtual bubble you live in, and now we can sell you your own special brand of truth.”

Most of the time, the information one will see in this Internet bubble will be customized to suit a person’s interests. This is why Facebook relentlessly pushes the “Like a page or product” portion of its web site. This information is used to build a profile of a person that ultimately will be able to accurately predict the color of their next bowel movement.

If a man is interested in non-GMO foods advertising and “news” stories will be tailored to inform him of grocers who sell organics and about news from “approved” outlets with stories written on the topic. Most of the time, this will be insidious advertising and ads disguised as information.

“Hello, audience. We’re going to pitch you on becoming full-fledged obsessed consumers, as if there is no other worthy goal in life—and then we’re going to profile you from top to bottom, to find out exactly what kind of obsessed consumer you are, so we can hit you and trigger you with information that uniquely stimulates your adrenal glands…”

As another example: Okay, we know you are interested in traditional gender roles. We (the information managers like Facebook and Google) will now to find news stories and customize the information you get to read online in order to cause you to doubt the validity of your beliefs. The ultimate goal is to slowly but steadily move you away from believing in traditional gender roles to believing in militant feminism without you realizing what we have done.

This type of information management is even more insidious than outright censorship, as it will be designed to steer everyone towards what the controllers of society want us to think and buy, no matter how far from the ideal consumer and fellow traveler we may be.

Think of it as a game of Plinko on The Price is Right, in which all chips ultimately fall into the “perfect, braindead consumer” slot at the bottom of the maze. The social engineers’ dream is a world of nothing but sexless consumers who perform mindless work in meaningless jobs, whose only outlets for pleasure are shopping and eating out and other State-approved activities.

Think that’s hyperbole? Travel around the world for six months to a year, then come back to the United States and tell me what you think.


Customized brainwashing works better than one size fits all brainwashing

Little Information Bubbles Merge Into Big Information Bubbles

Once we have you believing a certain way or questioning your established beliefs, the key comes when it is time to steer public perception one way or the other. This is where the “rubber meets the road” in the realm of managing the populace like so many sheeple.

BUT when a Big One comes along, like the 2016 national election in the US, the separate tunes come together and ring as one. Then the overriding need to extend Globalism’s goals (in the person of Hillary Clinton) blot out every other priority. Then the major media twist whatever they need to twist. Then it’s the same bubble for everyone.

Soon, just like the mainstream media on television and in print, everything you see online will be directed at making you think, behave and vote a certain way. The micromanagement and control of information just hasn’t become that sophisticated – yet.

Obama already hinted that only “official” information should be linked up by the corporate interests of Facebook, Google, etc. Thankfully, The Bitch (Hillary) was not whisked into the Oval Office in which case these nefarious censorship techniques would be accelerated. But that doesn’t mean efforts at censorship by the elite will come to an end.

An Internet security “crisis” will likely be engineered in the near future in which—you guessed it—Big Daddy Government needs to step in and take control of the web. From there on out we will be back to corporate-government propaganda instead of the Libertarian’s dream the current iteration of the Internet is.

So, the awakening we have seen from the brainwashing of the corporate media will be a temporary one if the elite have anything to do with it. The groundwork of this new, Socialist system of micromanaging information is already being laid. You already see it every time you do a search.

Someday soon the only information we’ll be able to find online will be from sources the corporate-government complex approves of. Of course, there will be renegades and rebels like us who resist, but most of the braindead sheeple out there will go along to get along just as has been happening since time immemorial.

Our options will be to get off the grid or to move to a new Internet. Neither move will be peacefully tolerated by the powers that be.

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As Big Brother Closes In, We Can Choose Dangerous Freedom Or Comfortable Slavery


Big Brother from Orwell’s novel 1984 has arrived

Every day, I open the news headlines hoping for some break in the barrage of bad news befalling our society. And every day, I am disappointed as things get worse, not better. At times it is like waking up in the middle of some awful dream that won’t end. At times I feel despair as the odds are stacked against those who value freedom, masculinity, femininity, and self-determination.

The propaganda ministers are so smooth, duplicitous and efficient they have brainwashed millions. An elite controls all the money and all the weapons. Americans think the Second Amendment will protect them from the specter of abject tyranny, and while it offers some modicum of protection, with the advanced weaponry the government has access any opposition will most likely be very bloody, and ineffective when the clock strikes midnight and a false flag pretext to martial law signals the end of the Old World Order.

Warnings about the world we have awakened to have fallen on deaf ears for half a century. Bellies are full but souls are empty. People are busy licking their chops and loosening their belts to accommodate expanding waistlines as they eat like pigs at the corporate feedbag rather than paying attention to the noose quietly being slipped around their necks. As evidence, total sales of food at restaurants just surpassed sales of food bought at grocery stores for the first time in history. Much of the binging out (eating out) is driven by millennials, who view dining at as a social event, as cooking becomes a lost art since feminists turned the kitchen into the vortex of hell in the female mind.

America in the 21st century has morphed into the Land of Cockaigne, as depicted by Dutch Renaissance artist Breugel the Elder:

In medieval times, Cockaigne was a mythical land of plenty, but Bruegel’s depiction of Cockaigne and its residents is not meant to be a flattering one. He chooses rather a comic illustration of the spiritual emptiness believed to derive from gluttony and sloth, two of the seven deadly sins.

The sheeple are also impulse buying their way into $733 billion of credit card bondage, as eating out and shopping are essentially the only government-approved outlets for their Freudian ids. As further evidence of how enslaved people are by over-consumption:

  • $8.25 trillion is owed on mortgages (mortgage literally means pay until death)
  • $1.06 trillion is owed on car loans
  • $1.23 trillion is owed on student loans

But, it gets worse. As if being debt slaves addicted to the greasy, slow death of fast food, and lifestyles of buying crap we don’t need to impress people we don’t like wasn’t enough, a more insidious type of slavery, electronic slavery, is closing in on us.


Modern day Westerners have become the oafs portrayed in Bruegel the Elder’s famous painting the Land of Cockaigne

The End of Free Speech and Anonymity

Last week offered quite a number of disturbing stories to anyone paying attention and concerned about the loss of freedom in the world. First, the EU proposed requiring government ID to log on to the internet. This would effectively end freedom of expression and anonymity online. Indeed, governments are good at taking rights away from people then selling them back under the guise of “licensing.” Following the frequently used and abused Hegelian dialectic, which clueless media talking heads in America are now using to tell people to accept getting microchips implanted into their children, because chip implants are just as harmless as bar codes, the Soviet… er… European Union released this statement, selling tyranny under the guise of keeping people safe:

It is recognized that a multitude of username and password combinations is both inconvenient and a security risk. In order to keep identification simple and secure, consumers should be able to choose the credentials by which they want to identify or authenticate themselves. In particular, online platforms should only accept credentials issued or recognized by national public authorities, such as electronic or mobile IDs, national identity cards, or bank cards.

Already, EU member Estonia, a former Communist country boasts how wonderful its mandatory electronic ID card has been. The blueprint for centralized control of all human activity is evident in how the card is used:

  • For “legal travel” [there’s such a thing as illegal travel now?]
  • As the national health insurance card [didn’t get your mandated vaccine last year?]
  • As proof of identification when logging into bank accounts from a home computer [no access to cash means corrupt banksters and politicians have total control over lives as money buys freedom]
  • As a public transport ticket [no ticky, no laundry]
  • For digital signatures
  • For i-voting
  • For accessing government databases to check one’s medical records, file taxes, etc.
  • For picking up e-Prescriptions

In other words, the intent of electronic ID is to make it so people cannot go take a shit without government permission, and for them to pay a tax each time they do.

Beyond implementing government control and censorship of the Internet, freedom of movement is threatened by growing electronic tyranny. There is the newly introduced, unbelievable concept of illegal travel as evidenced above. Adding to the mess, a new app is tracking the movements of people around the world using their faces, according to MarketWatch.

A new app called FindFace, recently released in Russia, gives us a glimpse into what this future might look like. FindFace allows anybody to snap a photo of a passerby and discover their real name — already with 70% reliability.

Nearly 250 million video surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the world, and chances are you’ve been seen by several of them today. Soon anybody with a high-resolution camera and the right software will be able to determine your identity. Recognition algorithms have become far more accurate, the devices we carry can process huge amounts of data, and there’s massive databases of faces now available on social media that are tied to our real names.

Here’s an example of how this software could be used: Say you show up on the streets of Kolkota with a legal prostitute in your young and stupid years, and a FindFace image of you gets uploaded into a government database at oh, let’s say the Utah Data Center. The government uses the image, as it already uses red light cameras, to fine you for becoming a signed risk in its socialist healthcare system, even though the CDC’s own statistics tell us even if you had unprotected vaginal sex with someone known to have the HIV virus you only have a 1 in 10,000 chance of contracting the virus. No worries, the doubled premium will be deducted out with your next Shared Responsibility Payment.

By the way, you can’t refuse to pay because all money has been made electronic. Oops…had a Coca-Cola with dinner? No worries, the soda tax was automatically deducted. But wait, you’ve had 7 sodas this month, which puts you at a higher risk for Type II diabetes. The limit is 6 sodas per month. Your Shared Responsibility Payment will have to be increased again. Oh, and it seems you’ve been hanging out a lot outside of town. Sorry, but we are going to have to restrict your area of travel as your carbon emissions are too high. Your car will automatically shut off if you drive outside the restricted area. Your electronic ID will also not allow you to make any purchases in that area code. See how insidious this can get?

These stories came on the heels of another report showing arrests once again have surged in Merry Old England for social media posts that violated Orwellian “online crimes of speech” and a hypocritical crackdown on online “hate speech” by Faceberg and other majors in the social media world. As Paul Joseph Watson reported, Facebook refused to take pages like “I Fucking Want to Kill Donald Trump” down despite numerous reports that it violated their “Community Standards,” while it removed posts remotely critical of one of the protected classes on the modern day Animal Farm. Read: If you are Caucasian, and especially if you are a Caucasian male, you are NOT a protected class.


“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” -Voltaire

Moral Relativism And The End Of Freedom

Americans and Europeans thought they won the Cold War only to wake up a generation later and find themselves in the midst of a socialist revolution. The tenets of Marxism are steadily being implemented in the U.S. and Europe. Pat Buchanan sounded the alarm in an interview about Cultural Marxism:

The United States has undergone a cultural, moral and religious revolution. A militant secularism has arisen in this country. It has always had a hold on the intellectual and academic elites, but in the 1960s it captured the young in the universities and the colleges. This is the basis of the great cultural war we’re undergoing… We are two countries now. We are two countries morally, culturally, socially, and theologically. Cultural wars do not lend themselves to peaceful co-existence. One side prevails, or the other prevails. The truth is that while conservatives won the Cold War with political and economic Communism, we’ve lost the cultural war with cultural Marxism, which I think has prevailed pretty much in the United States. It is now the dominant culture. Whereas those of us who are traditionalists, we are, if you will, the counterculture.

The coming end to free speech and anonymity are only the latest chapters in the socialist revolution saga. Laying the groundwork, Marxists have fulfilled many of the tenets of the Communist Manifesto in varying degrees, including centralization of both communication and transportation. Already, 6 corporations own 90% of the media and the EU openly dreams of requiring government issued ID to use the internet. (A similar proposal is in the pipeline in America.) Then we have the ever-expanding and intrusive TSA. By the way, in recent years the TSA has been expanding its grasp onto America’s roads with VIPR checkpoints, which subject people to searches on the highway that are similar to those at airports.

A handful of corporations now control 90% of the purchases we make at the supermarket, fulfilling another tenet of the Communist Manifesto: centralization of the means of production. Free government education for the masses, expatriation fines for people who try to leave the country (currently $2,350 to officially renounce citizenship), centralization of the money supply, a progressive income tax, and government control of private property through property taxes—in which people never really own their property as much as they rent it from the government—are other tenets of the Communist Manifesto that have been implemented. In fact, America has already completed 8 out of 10 of the tenets in the Manifesto to varying degrees!

Marxists are coming out the woodwork with even more evil designs, openly discussing new items on their checklist they want to implement once the masses are under complete, centralized control. Government bureaucrats, including one of the architects of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emmanuel (Rahm’s brother), are openly discussing age 75 as the politically correct time for people to die, suggesting a scheme of government euthanization could ultimately come about as people should not let themselves become “burdens” after they have lived out their usefulness to society. Eugenics, anyone?

Marxists are also pushing the implementation of 1,000 new, micromanaging bureaucracies, carbon “sin” wealth transfers from America and Europe to the rest of the world, and giving rights of legal personality Mother Earth to sue and bankrupt Western nations in a world climate court at annual global warming conferences. (No, they’re not discussing sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows as the media would have you believe.)

Without giving their subjects time to recover from the last shock to their system, social engineers are now busy turning pedophiles the next protected class. The ultimate goal is a world of moral relativism and top-down bureaucratic control in which no human behavior can be judged, and people have to get government permission to breathe. (We all exhale carbon, which is now classified a pollutant even though all life on earth is made of it and cannot live without it!)


The battle between those who want to be free and those who want to micromanage lives stretches back to Ancient China

Libertarianism vs. Authoritarianism

The battle we find ourselves in the middle of today between live and let live people and the authoritarians is unending in the history of civilization. In Ancient China, a similar battle played out between the Legalists, Confucians and Taoists, with Murray Rothbard calling the Taoists “the world’s first libertarians.” Mises Daily details the philosophy of each group, and this excerpt makes it obvious the type of battle we are fighting today stretches back thousands of years.

Roughly, the Legalists, the latest of the three broad schools, simply believed in maximal power to the state, and advised rulers how to increase that power. The Taoists were the world’s first libertarians, who believed in virtually no interference by the state in economy or society, and the Confucians were middle-of-the-roaders on this critical issue.

Anyone who loves freedom and liberty knows we are currently on the losing side of this eternal struggle, and electronics offer a chance for “Legalist” authoritarians to realize social and political control that goes beyond their wildest dreams. The battle is not Democrat vs. Republican. It is libertarianism vs. authoritarianism, plain and simple. Both major American political parties have become authoritarian. (And the fake Gary Johnson is a liberal wolf in Libertarian sheep’s clothing, as he said he agrees with Bernie Sanders on 73% of the issues.)

What is most disheartening is even though great numbers of people seem to be awakening, the masses seem content to scratch their bellies, lick their lips, drool, and wait for a government check to arrive, oblivious to their ongoing enslavement. It is time for men to throw off their cultural indoctrination, stop with the meekness, stand up, and say hell no to the chains that are being forged around us day by day. Electronic tyranny is the new method of authoritarianism, and the creep of it into all aspects of our lives must be stopped.

If we fail as guardians of society, we have only ourselves to blame. As men, no one is going to come help us out. We should have never let ourselves boxed so far into a corner. No, better to adapt this mindset, as so brilliantly laid out by The Savage Lifestyle:

Then the paltry crumbs of self righteous virtue signaling become yours to parade around to other simps all competing in a pathetic clown act. Stepping on and over one another in wanton displays of who is the weakest and loudest crybaby. In a race to to the ABSOLUTE BOTTOM. To mock these detestable caricatures is to establish a clear boundary. You will not stand for that shit. Contrarily in the glorious and unmolested expanses of still wild Nature we observe plainly which values are most important to a given species. At the foundation of the natural and savage earth is this: Survival of the species. The strong survive. The weak perish. No amount of millennial tears, hashtags, online petitions, and circle jerk slacktivism will change this brutal truth. The impish weakling of the modern world does not stop slaking his overwhelming thirst for consumption at this manure trough of cultural and personal suicide.

Those are our choices: Continue to consume ourselves to death on the path to suicide or stand up for survival. We have several options available right now. Peaceful civil disobedience, downshifting to a lifestyle of minimalism to “starve the beast” of tax money, and most importantly, no longer staying silent and hoping for the best.

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Speed Enforcement Cameras: Big Brother Encroaches


Big Brother has been watching you at intersections, now he is watching your speed

Red light enforcement cameras have been deployed nationwide, and the move has not without a measure of controversy. Red light cameras received their first serious push in the 1980s in the U.S. and now 26 states employ them.

The argument for traffic enforcement cameras is always the typical government ploy, “It’s for your own good.” But thanks to revenue-hungry districts gaming the cameras to maximize revenue, there have been cases where traffic light cameras have increased accidents by as much as one-third.

As recently as 2001, a judge in San Diego ruled traffic light camera evidence as inadmissible because of a “total lack of oversight” and an inherent conflict of interest because of the method of compensation.

Before the dust clears on the first debate, here comes the overbearing State with speed enforcement cameras. The surveillance state has found another way to bully motorists. The city of Baltimore is pressing on full speed ahead (no pun intended) with it’s program of filching the taxpayer by sending speeding tickets in the mail.

Speed cameras are laden with problems, just like red light cameras. There’s been one proven case in which someone received a ticket for speeding even though they were at a dead stop. Worse, in some areas of Baltimore 1 in 20 tickets issued by the cameras have been proven to be erroneous.

Both types of cameras use automatic number plate recognition, which can also be used to track the movements of people (even though the government claims it doesn’t currently do that.)

In some cases, the cameras has led to a windfall of over $1 million dollars a year per camera for money-hungry cities that install them.

Fines in one California district amount to $100 for running a light, while the company that installed the camera, Redflex Traffic Systems receives a kickback of $20 for each ticket.

Other than the obvious issues like revenue generation becoming the primary concern vs. public safety, there are also Orwellian implications as these cameras become more common.

It’s not a society I want to live in. I don’t want to live in a surveillance state. I want to live in a high-trust, free society that obviates the need for such government intrusion, and yet another government War on Something, like the failed War on Drugs, War on Poverty, the War on Terror, and now, the War on You.

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