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The “What I Had to Put Up With” Memory Trap


That time you didn’t pull her chair out in 1994 still festers underneath her dissimulating smiley face

If there’s one feature of today’s women in Anglo culture I genuinely can’t stand, it’s the “What I had to put up with” memory trap. It is truly astonishing to witness this purge of pent up hatred surge forth from the mouth of a woman who, like a black widow, is going in for the metaphorical kill of a male who is no longer a worthy utility object or meal ticket in her mind and must be disposed of.

Here’s a personal anecdote about the memory trap.

I was dating the daughter of an executive back in my “hollow man” television newscaster days, and the relationship seemed to be going swimmingly. Or, at least that’s what I thought. She was talking about marriage and such, and almost had me lulled into a sense of false security.

Then, it happened.

The day after Christmas, a holiday in which we enjoyed what I thought was a wonderful time, she suddenly decided to break up with me because I wore a pair of jeans that didn’t fit the way she thought they should fit to her parents’ house. I “embarrassed” her. Her friends and family were there. Why didn’t I wear another pair? Why did I have to exercise so much? Blah, blah, blah.

Indeed, the jeans were slightly too big on me, because I had lost a few pounds from bicycling around 100 miles a week. Mind you, they weren’t sagging off my ass and I didn’t look like a thug. They just fit loosely. I had never been dumped because of misfit jeans before.

But, as we all know, in America if the woman in the relationship isn’t happy it’s fine for her do whatever it takes to make herself happy, even if that means destroying lives and livelihoods. But if a man isn’t happy with his goddess… er… lady he’s supposed to suck it up, buckle down, and take whatever she’s dishing out. That’s the insanity of this Puritan-based culture.

When I didn’t beg her back (I immediately drove out of town, into Mexico and started spreading my seed with other women as life experience has taught me to never let a bitch get you down) she finally let go of the pent up hate she had been saving up, and out of her mouth came the recounting of all the perceived slights she “had to put up with” since we started dating. I had no idea what vitriol she had sublimated under her cheery exterior until that moment.

The things she ranted about were so insignificant I forgot what most of it was about. Seriously. I just remember as it happened the distinct feeling her beefs were things I would have never thought a woman would get so upset about and harbor such feelings of resentment over.

But then, I realized this is something I had seen women do since I was a youngster. The playbook went like this. Women would play along with men who they perceived had value, until the men no longer provided said value. These bitches would then let loose the hounds of hell of female psychology, spitting the most foul vitriol one could imagine when the time came for the poor bastard to be cut loose from his provider or sexual entertainer role.

I’ve heard women recount slights from years, or even decades or generations ago that amount to nothing more than a passel of minutiae. He didn’t buy some bauble she wanted. He didn’t offer her dessert at restaurant. He didn’t prostrate himself before her when she was in a bad mood or PMSing or some other bullshit.

It never mattered what sacrifices he made and how much he had put up with from her. It was typical, nauseating female solipsism taken to the Nth degree each and every time. This reinforces the TNMM idea that men are nothing more than utility and success objects in the female mind.

What sins have you committed in your girl’s mind? You’ll find out when she wants to dispose of you

The Dark World Inside the Female Mind

If it’s been said once, it needs to be said a thousand times, the more you know about female psychology the less you will like women. I’ve gone through nearly 150 women myself and I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t work, what they like, what they don’t like, what they think, and what they don’t think.

It’s a strange and dark world inside the female brain. Once you know women well, you will NEVER see them the same way again. They’re definitely NOT sugar, spice, and everything nice. You are dealing with a creature that sees you as nothing more than something it can consume. This culture has a way of amplifying negative female traits, on top of it all.

Make no mistake, if you have a woman in your life she has your slights and foibles catalogued in her nuerons, often with time and date stamps. They’re ammo, ready to character assassinate you at her will.

Making matters worse, when it comes to the “What I had to put up with” memory trap is a man never actually knows he’s “stepped in it” until either the relationship ends or his woman wants to throw a nuclear shit test his way. Actual, or most often, perceived slights fester and boil, hidden under the surface like toxins in a witch’s cauldron. Then one day, they boil over and burn the man psychologically, and financially if he’s made the unfortunate mistake of attaching himself to her legally.

Women enjoy telling men how we can do better. Ladies, here’s a way you can do better. Let shit go. Especially insignificant shit.¬†Get over yourselves, and stop filling your memories with the victimization inherent in the “What I had to put up with” mentality.

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“I’m Not Interested in Sex”


Let the light shine on you by totally ignoring shit tests like this one

“I’m not interested in sex.”

I love hearing that line from women who are talking to me. Because it usually means I’m about to get laid.

Just last week, when I was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico enjoying myself, I met a hot ass Mexican girl (light skinned Castiza, SMV 8 or 9, seriously this girl was put together) who immediately dropped that line as soon as we started talking. I just looked her right in the eye and smiled. Didn’t say a word.

I knew sex was on her mind.

It wasn’t long, after a couple of excellent margaritas on Quinta Avenue and my well-rehearsed cocky/funny act I moved her seat closer to me. Told her I wanted to sit closer to her. Didn’t ASK her. TOLD her.

Remember guys, so much of attracting a female depends on your frame.

Next thing I knew she was telling me how much she loved my blue eyes. Then she said she wanted to kiss me. Less than five minutes later we were sucking face. Then she was kissing my neck and ear. I push/pulled her for a little while. We walked around.

Of course, when I invited her back to the apartment I had rented for the week it wasn’t long before was was on top of me riding me like a vaquero (cowboy). We had an encore the next night, and the second time I made sure I bred that pussy good. It’s my signature move. I enjoy dropping a load of vanilla cream in a bitch.

I know, I know about the risks and all that. You do what excites you. I’ll do what excites me.

I told you all that to tell you this. If we’ve said it once in the manosphere, we’ve said it a thousand times. Never listen to what a girl says, watch what she does. Have frame. Be strong. Be bold. Be daring. Be an asshole.

And watch those panties drop.

I really outdid myself on this mini-vacation of a week in Mexico. I mean this chick was top notch, and that’s not including the other 3 or 4 girls I banged that week. The more women you go through, the better you’ll get with them.

But the less you’ll like them once you see what their psychology is made of. Just so you know.

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