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“I’m Not Interested in Sex”


Let the light shine on you by totally ignoring shit tests like this one

“I’m not interested in sex.”

I love hearing that line from women who are talking to me. Because it usually means I’m about to get laid.

Just last week, when I was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico enjoying myself, I met a hot ass Mexican girl (light skinned Castiza, SMV 8 or 9, seriously this girl was put together) who immediately dropped that line as soon as we started talking. I just looked her right in the eye and smiled. Didn’t say a word.

I knew sex was on her mind.

It wasn’t long, after a couple of excellent margaritas on Quinta Avenue and my well-rehearsed cocky/funny act I moved her seat closer to me. Told her I wanted to sit closer to her. Didn’t ASK her. TOLD her.

Remember guys, so much of attracting a female depends on your frame.

Next thing I knew she was telling me how much she loved my blue eyes. Then she said she wanted to kiss me. Less than five minutes later we were sucking face. Then she was kissing my neck and ear. I push/pulled her for a little while. We walked around.

Of course, when I invited her back to the apartment I had rented for the week it wasn’t long before was was on top of me riding me like a vaquero (cowboy). We had an encore the next night, and the second time I made sure I bred that pussy good. It’s my signature move. I enjoy dropping a load of vanilla cream in a bitch.

I know, I know about the risks and all that. You do what excites you. I’ll do what excites me.

I told you all that to tell you this. If we’ve said it once in the manosphere, we’ve said it a thousand times. Never listen to what a girl says, watch what she does. Have frame. Be strong. Be bold. Be daring. Be an asshole.

And watch those panties drop.

I really outdid myself on this mini-vacation of a week in Mexico. I mean this chick was top notch, and that’s not including the other 3 or 4 girls I banged that week. The more women you go through, the better you’ll get with them.

But the less you’ll like them once you see what their psychology is made of. Just so you know.

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How To Have Women On Your Own Terms


Redheads are fiery in bed, so why not have one on your terms

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

When I first started learning about this thing called “Game”, it was all about getting the lay.  The all important f-close is the reason most men undertake the the arts of seduction.

Since we live in a culture which is hostile to male heterosexuality, most grow up with a drug induced haze of images from faggot made movies like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other assorted dog shit which indoctrinates a young boy’s mind into a form of psychological slavery.  This form of bondage is collectively known as white knighting or male thirst.

Growing into young adulthood I seemed to have this idea that a girl who loved me dearly, fanatically devoted to my every need was the end all-be all of life’s journey.  As a young brainwashed fucktard I romanticized endlessly about how that scenario would play out or just how amazing I would feel with my very own pretty pretty princess.  This only served to raise that pedestal up even higher in my mind, putting women in the clouds while I gazed up worshipful from the unclean floor where all sinful males have to be.

Just a pathetic, unworthy chump who somehow deserves a miracle because I’m such a good guy at heart.  I would see girls at school with other guys and think, “He doesn’t deserve her.  I could treat her so much better”.

At some point I’m not sure when, this idea took over my entire thought process.  Converting to Christianity at age 21 after being a manic depressive for years was the nail in the coffin for me.  Now my beta bitch boy mentality received a monster steroid dose of delusion.  Attending churches and hearing all the spineless pastors praise women constantly was a lethal injection of poison into my highly contaminated mind and spirit.  What modern culture did to me was only exacerbated tenfold by embracing Christianity and the weak males who proliferate it’s fagged out congregations.

It was a constant struggle to wrest my mind and spirit from Medusa’s gaze.  The whole time I sensed this internal battle going on within me.  I couldn’t quite articulate it then but the struggle was between sincere belief in the paper thin facade of lies and the primal instinct in my gut screaming DANGER DANGER!

Enough is Enough

After 6 long years of spiritual slavery and cognitive dissonance I’d had enough.  I finally grabbed my nuts and said a big fuck you to the church and every fag within it.  I finally stopped believing in the lies which only caused me to bash my head against a wall constantly while every weak bitch around insisted I was on the oh so righteous path.  These “godly” men would always say things like “God has a special plan for you and He has the right woman already picked out and just around the corner” as the church tried to pawn off single mothers and used up whores as some kind of “blessing” to its lovesick, piss weak males.

I had all this pent up frustration for so long and I was so angry that I went in the complete opposite direction.  I became the biggest shitlord I could possibly imagine in a very short period of time.

So what does this have to do with having women on your own terms you ask?

Well the answer is very simple.  To have women on your own terms you simply must not care about them anymore. You must lay to rest in a shallow and forgotten grave the entire notion of romantic love. Now I know this is easier said than done but there is a plan of action to achieve these results but only if you are willing to go all the way and not hold back one bit.

Are you truly ready for that?


You, too can tap dat ass with this sage advice

Find Your Nuts Again

In order to regain control of your mind, your life and become the tantalizing delight of the female hindbrain one must completely abandon all pretensions of care towards women and act in 100% complete and total selfishness.

“But Jack, I’m just not that kind of person.”

Well if a female’s petty love is something you truly want you had better change yourself and do it goddamn quick.  One of the best ways to become a master of pussy is having the inner power to turn down a piece of ass even when you have no other options.

“WTF Jack! Isn’t the purpose of learning game to get laid?”

While that may be the impetus which spurred you down this path, the destination is much much greater.  Now a lot of playa playa’s and guys in the manosphere might disagree with me here but the purpose of learning game isn’t just to get pussy.

The purpose of game and self improvement is to become a SUPERIOR man.  One whose thoughts, words and deeds are in a frightening, mystical alignment.

Pussy is simply a side effect of becoming a superior man.  When you the reach the point of total ZFG, women will find you irresistibly arousing.  Having been on the wrong side of those tracks for so long you will feel like you now have magical powers and your relationships with women will seem like one big hilarious joke which you entertain yourself with.  If you are like me you will maniacally laugh inside every time you see some retard female’s eyes light up with attraction when you are an arrogant, uncaring prick.

That is the point when your life will become something you live just for you.  Whether that be for your own entertainment or something more, all that matters is that your life and your destiny are now in your hands alone.

Violently Destroy Your Barriers

If you have never turned pussy away you should force yourself to do it on a regular basis until you don’t give a fuck.

Shortly after I made my exodus from fagged out Cucktianity I ran through sluts like a freight train and I got addicted to the momentum and the action.  For me getting the f-close was cool and all but the hilarious shit I said and did to get me there was the juice I began to crave.  Every time I did some crazy asshole shit I would tell myself

“Alright Jack, this time you gotta one up yourself.”

From making out with girls in front of their boyfriends, choking girls within 20 secs of meeting them and grabbing sluts out of groups of chodes to take them to the dance floor make out and finger them while the chumps stood by completely bewildered.  I was on a fucking rampage.

I remember this one blond I fucked and she must have thought that I really liked her or something because I enjoyed the sex.  She told a friend of mine that I was in love with her.  So the next time she called I made it a point to plan a meetup in which I stood her up.  After a bunch of missed calls and texts I finally simply told her, “Guess what babe?  No dick for you!”

Even though I didn’t have any other options for pussy that night I felt like a fucking boss telling some whore to get fucked (by someone else).  If you’ve never done this before, the mental and spiritual power it will give you cannot be understated.


Make women obey your commands rather than vice versa

Feed The Fire

When you get momentum like this it is essential to go harder and harder pushing yourself into the stratosphere.


Not for the faint of heart! 

This is the path to forge a man out of steel.  Ironically my entire attitude and ZFG mentality ended up attracting a girl 10yrs younger than me who ticked off a majority of all indicators to be girlfriend material.  She quickly fell madly in love with me and honestly it was fucking funny to watch.

All this time I had been led to believe what I now had was the absolute pinnacle of a male’s existence.  I remember thinking after a lengthy period with this girl, “Fuck. This is it? Goddamn. I was happier single!”

Serious relationships in my experience just bring a man down, kill his ZFG attitude and obliterate his freedom.  The path of a superior man is one of climbing ever upward.  The only caveat is this.

When you ascend to the heights no one else dares go, you might find yourself all alone.  This is not a bad thing however.

Just takes some serious introspection and honesty with oneself to assess whether or not you have the fucking cajones to handle it.

This is Jack Ronin signing off.

P.S. Do your part and punch a white knight in the face!

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My First 130 Women: What I’ve Learned


The more women I go through, the more I see they’re all the same

As I approach the big 4-0 in the coming years, I look back on half a lifetime of relationships and sex with women and what it has taught me about them. It has been a quest to find out what every man wants to know about women – what makes them tick. Those experiences are the fuel for the Truth About Women half of this blog. I started keeping a list of women I had sexual relations with about 10 years ago when the list of names of my conquests started getting too big for me to remember. At that time, as an attractive but clueless guy, my count was about 30.

The list just clicked over to 130 women this month, 100 new lays marking a new milestone a few short years after learning the principles of Game from RooshV and Heartiste, among many other fabulous men’s blogs. So, I would say by mere dint of experience as both a Beta and a Sigma male I am more qualified than most men to draw a few conclusions about the most manipulative of the two sexes. You could describe this new chapter in my life as me delving in, getting my hands dirty, conducting hands-on research in the quest to find what really motivates women – and to see if there are indeed any of those fabled NAWALT unicorns out there.

I’ve had them all. “Good girls” like the daughter of an executive who I wouldn’t marry even though it would have (at least temporarily) meant a better financial future for me. (Seeing so many men wasted in the divorce meat grinder was the motivation behind that decision). Then there was the Army sergeant who turned out to have a secret boyfriend in prison she was waiting for while we shared some good times fucking around, and the hardworking Mexican girl I dated for a number of years who was probably the highlight of my entire dating life, and not so good girls like a coke whore who I really enjoyed hanging out with just because she was so laid back and we had fun getting high together. Then there were the threesomes, with me and two girls 7 different times. (You have to instruct women what to do in a threesome, as they’re lost most of the time. That’s coming up in a future article.)

Then there was the cheating girlfriend, cleverly hiding her tracks from her Beta provider after I came over to visit her. One of the standouts was a girl I met online and drove to Miami to spend an afternoon in a hotel with having some of the nastiest, best sex of my entire life with. I got off three times in a row with her in only a few short hours. I had a girlfriend at the time but was able to keep the incident on the DL. Since putting the power of pick up artistry and hypergamy to work for me, I’ve been having more sex with more women than I care to think about. About the only thing I haven’t had a lot of is fat girls. Somewhat ugly girls, yes, there have been a few. But fat I cannot abide by. I take care of myself and so should you.

As I look back at “The List” of bangs, there are memories of big titties, little titties, saggy titties, firm titties, big asses, little asses, tight pussies, loose pussies, dark skin, light skin, women that are good in bed, women that suck in bed, women with rythym, women with no rythym, dead fishes, live wires…all encompassed in the journal I’ve kept detailing my experiences with each one.

Most of the girls on “The List” have been aged 20-30 years old, but there are exceptions like the 46-year old, stacked, black hotel manager (who incidentally had a sister in the WNBA) when I was in college and working on the road who told me “I just love white guys like you.” Next thing you knew we were getting down and dirty in the conference room after midnight. I later met her boyfriend by accident as I was a frequent guest at the hotel, the man I just cucked who was very good to her from what I could gather. Then I met her son who was only a few years younger than me, also by accident. Little did I know, I was just getting started with experiences in reality that were sometimes stranger than fiction.

My sexual experiences have spanned several races and ethnicities – black, Latina, Asian, and white – and I draw on my experiences with them and the experiences of my friends in dating and marriage as “research” for this blog. I also paid attention to what happened to other “good guys” and “bad boys” my entire life amongst colleagues at work. In almost all circumstances, the relationship script adheres to the great work of Rev. Lawrence Shannon and his book The Predatory Female. The one constant among all these women, whether “good girls” or “bad girls” was dissimulation, a concept brilliantly detailed by the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer over century ago:

For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so Nature has provided woman for her protection and defense with the faculty of dissimulation, and all the power which Nature has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form. Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility.

Along the way, there are things I’ve seen that can’t be unseen. Like the divorce of my best friend from a domineering tyrant who ended up being a bitch who cheated and destroyed the marriage, the divorce of my uncle from a useless gossip and subsequent award of his home to his ex-wife, the home he spent a lifetime at a blue-collar job paying for, the divorce of a clueless (about women) co-worker of mine, a brawny Hispanic guy willingly letting himself be cucked by his Anglo wife, and the miserable marriage of another professional colleague that’s currently in separation because he got fed up with her bullshit and denigration. In all of these cases, these men are the “good guys” of society who do not deserve the treatment they get from women.

The conclusion I’ve drawn after a lifetime of experimentation with and observation of women both of high and low socioeconomic status: everywhere I turn there are women using men as utilities and not treating them as human beings worthy of love and respect. They may feign love and respect, but only when the man she is with is providing a benefit to her and a better meal ticket has not yet presented itself. Call it the advantage of having the Golden Vagina, nature’s credit card that women use to the maximum that their figurative credit limit of youth, beauty and fertility will allow.

That’s Life

In my lifetime of ups and downs and sideways, I tried the Beta “nice guy” thing from high school on through most of my 20s only to be repeatedly used. Up through around age 30 I had bedded about 30 women and played by all the rules of society. Since I adopted many of the ideals discussed on this blog and amongst MGTOWs, PUAs, MRAs, and others, and stopped approval seeking, becoming my natural self, a Sigma male I’ve seen my count shoot up by 100 women in that short period of time.

Perhaps what has been most interesting about my writing and blogging experience so far is the unadulterated hate Realtalk generates from certain corners of society for things I see as nothing more than inconvenient truths. It has been said that truth undergoes three stages: first it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed (we are currently between the first and second stages in the manosphere) and then it is recognized as being self-evident.

When we tell the truth about women as we see it, it’s bound to piss a lot of people off. As Aldous Huxley said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.” Reinhold Niebuhr knew, the masses of people need potent myths, potent oversimplifications and illusions to keep them on track. In the case of Anglo society, the myth we in the manosphere are assailing is women are all perfect goddesses and men are all evil oppressors narrative, as well as the careerism makes women happy gnome. (It doesn’t and I have been documenting that fact.)

There are those of us who can’t live a life based on a myth, and for whom only the harsh truth will do. Philosopher and historian Oswald Spengler wrote at the end of his great work Man and Technics: Optimism is cowardice. Indeed, it is the brave man who dares think outside the box, not becoming a pessimist but a realist. I find reality is neither optimistic nor pessimistic – it just is, and as I grow older I truly see life as one big cosmic joke being played on all of us. We take it far too seriously. And we overanalyze life, just as most late stage, declining societies do.

No matter what political and popularity contest costs, there are those of us who insist on searching for truth and sharing our findings with other men who can handle the truth. My experiences with such a large and growing number of women have taught me more than any feminist lecture or high minded ideals and societal myths ever could. I share one man’s opinion about my experiences with women from virtually all backgrounds so other men perhaps can learn from my lifetime of experience and “research” dating and bedding women. When dealing with women, aloofness and caution is advised. Don’t get tricked by the fleeting emotion of love only to end up being used.

I have yet to find the “unicorn” even though I’ve been all over the map in my life. Frank Sinatra illustrated the type of diverse life experience I’ve had in his classic hit “That’s Life.” I’ve lived in areas with black majorities, Hispanic majorities, and white majorities in addition to having spent time living in two foreign countries (and counting). I’ve been in the so-called “high class” social circles (which always made me cringe because of their sophistry and courtier game playing) and in the ghettos having a good time with people there who were suspicious of me at first but later said, “This white boy is cool as fuck.” I have been all of these things in Sinatra’s That’s Life:

I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king
I’ve been up and down and over and out and I know one thing
Each time I find myself flat on my face
I pick myself up and get back in the race

To paraphrase Errol Flynn, if I have any genius at all it is a genius for living. And I’m here to share those experiences with you and create a dialogue for the uncowed and awakening men who are an endangered species in the early 21st century. Experiencing my first 130 women has been one of the best and worst experiences in my life. I’ve learned a lot about women, and none of it was what I expected. But, I’ve been having a good time. Here’s to 130 more, and the ups and downs and life lessons they will bring.

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Why You Should Ignore Women


Women crave male attention, you decide whether you give it to them or they earn it

Women love male attention whether they admit it or not. In fact, women get upset when men don’t notice them, especially if they have spent a lot of time on putting their war paint (makeup) on and bought some sort of new garment or shoes from the store. If men who women think should be noticing them aren’t, women will start acting childish. From giving men who ignore them dirty looks to seething about it in the bathroom with their girlfriends, women cannot stand being invisible to men. If men only knew the power of this tactic, intentionally withholding attention from women on a regular basis rather than giving it to them for nothing, they could affect real change in the way women act and treat men.

The Red Pill man uses aloof behavior to his advantage when dealing with females. An aloof attitude is one of the best qualities a man can develop: cool, calm, collected, uncaring, indifferent. Women want attention and approval from their peers as well as men they find desirable. When they don’t get this attention, the hamster hops on the wheel and spins very quickly, often until it falls off the wheel. Women who don’t get the proper level of attention will do everything from accusing men who ignore them of being gay to hurling personal insults at them. How many times have we seen women throw around the “loser” insult? Whenever you hear this word, her ego has been pinpricked by something you did to her.

Female self esteem is based on what others think of them. This is why women exhibit pack and herd behavior. Marketing flacks know this which is why they push their wares on women instead of men. The majority of consumer marketing is directed at women, not men, and for good reason. Women make up 80% of consumerism in America, and much of that money is spent on making themselves more beautiful and desirable. Going back to pack and herd behavior, if a female who is revered by other women (such as an actress or pop star) adopts a new hairstyle, we have all seen that style trickle down through society as women copy first the actress and then other women who have the hairstyle. I first noticed it as a teenager with the Jennifer Aniston hairstyle when Friends came out in the 1990s. Soon after, every other girl had the “Jennifer Aniston” look.

Hilariously, female attention-seeking behavior now powers a gigantic trophy industry in Anglo America. Women are getting trophies for everything from good work at their jobs to beauty contests. While they tell men to lower their standards (do not look for a trophy wife), women are doing everything they can to become a trophy themselves, including rewarding themselves with faux trophies for doing little more than existing. Yes, their egos are that fragile.


Women’s attitudes change when have to do more for male attention than just looking pretty

Deflate the Female Ego

The neg. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s one of the most important concepts of Game. A neg is a backhanded compliment, impeccably timed and delivered. Something along the lines of: That blouse is nice, my mother has one just like it. As petty as the neg sounds, it is actually a great tactic for catching women off guard instead of the usual Beta male butt kissing that helps inflate their egos.

One of the reasons women are so arrogant today is because of a sexual market that has shifted towards the Pareto Principle. With most men figuratively (and sometimes literally) begging for sex, women receive constant attention from thirsty, incel Betas. The last thing she wants is another Beta to kiss her behind and orbit her in hopes he’ll get a few sexual crumbs off the table. The neg can be an important way to demonstrate higher value, letting her know subconsciously you are not an thirsty Beta, you are a man that other women desire. As mentioned above, women are pack and herd creatures, so a man other women want is a man your target is going to want.

If you already have a woman, keeping her ego in check is essential if you want to keep her around. There are several tips to assist you in managing her. To the uninitiated, the tips will seem counterintuitive to everything you have been told by society. But to the experienced, the tips will be common sense. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to avoid becoming a Beta male in the female mind, all based the power of ignoring:

  • Ignore what women want
  • Don’t do what they demand you do
  • Do not listen to what they say they want
  • Be aloof, ignoring her insults and having impeccably delivered comebacks to each of them


  • Develop yourself; never make a female your main priority
  • Do not become a walking wallet
  • Always have backups (side dishes) ready to go

By ignoring women and refusing to cave to their whims, you are demonstrating subconsciously that you are a man of high value. A man with options does not jump when a girl squawks, because he doesn’t have to. Staying cool and distant demonstrates that you are the prize, and she is seeking you. Women chase what retreats. Make yourself the sought after prize rather than turning her into the sought after prize.

Developing your own productive hobbies and interests will increase your personal happiness as well as your value in her mind. Avoid becoming a walking wallet at all costs, you will never be able to keep pace on The Hedonic Treadmill and will either fall off or have a heart attack trying. And of course, the Red Pill man always has more than one female plate spinning, which is a good insurance policy against one-itis and acts as an overall confidence booster.


Men putting themselves first makes them the pursued rather than the pursuer

You Are the Prize

The biggest mistake men make is becoming trained monkeys for women, inflating their egos (as they desire men to do) with constant attention and doing what women want them to do, essentially turning themselves into doormats. Then, these men act surprised when they get walked on.

Men must remember they spend a lifetime becoming something of value while women just are women, there’s no becoming. Nature endows women with sexual market value that men have to spend a lifetime acquiring: gaining money, status, and power to even show up on the female radar.

Women, as the gatekeepers of sex hold the power to what men want. However, men also are gatekeepers. Men are the gatekeepers of commitment. Ignoring women and ignoring what they want shows you do not give your commitment away for nothing. In the male mind, a woman that gives sex away easily is a whore. In the female mind, a man that gives away his attention and commitment easily is a Beta.

Remember: Stay aloof, neg, ignore wishes, demands, and female attention seeking, and look out for number one. Playing with women’s emotions by ignoring them most of the time, while occasionally throwing their egos a bone with a halfhearted compliment, and not doing things for them like trained puppy dogs might seem cold to the uninitiated in the romantic arts, but the man who learns the correct behavior wields an enormous amount of power in today’s sexual jungle.

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The Quick and Dirty 7-Step Guide to Game


A quick and dirty guide to picking up chicks, condensed into 7 steps

Volumes have been written on Game and pick-up artistry since the inception of the web. It takes time to sift through all the wisdom and develop a strategy for bedding women. Those reams of writing and countless tips, while containing a cornucopia of knowledge for the Red Pill man can take a lot of time and determination to develop into a workable strategy. Much of this information can be condensed into a Quick and Dirty 7-Step Guide to memorize when out on the prowl.

Before proceeding, know that no method is 100% foolproof. Go into pickup artistry with the mindset of an apprentice. Most men (except naturals) do not have success right away. The biggest stumbling block is becoming discouraged by failure, regressing to adherence to political correctness and what females say they want from men. Take all that information and throw it into the trash. The real world does not operate the way society’s myths say it does.

A woman simply is, a man must become. Becoming a man who is successful with women takes a lot of work, especially in an r-selected sexual market. Salesmen are often told they will be told “no” by prospective clients 99 times out of 100, but the 1% of people who say “yes” will make their fortunes. Wolves, when hunting, only score a kill 1 out of 5 times. Do salesmen give up and go crawl in the corner and give up? Do wolves starve because most hunts end in failure? Certainly not. Similarly, lions on the savannah only enjoy a successful hunt 1 out of 5 times. In today’s sexual jungle in Anglo America a man must either hone his hunting skills, do without or leave a degenerating nation for greener pastures.

Here are 7 Quick and Dirty PUA steps for the newly minted poon hunter who has decided to proceed into the jungle that is today’s sexual market.


Practice makes perfect, don’t expect success right away when honing your skills

The Steps

Before heading out: Sartorial choices are extremely important. The old maxim the clothes make the man are words to live by, especially when hunting women. If you look like every other douche in the bar or club, you are not going to stand out. The importance of peacocking can’t be overstated – but dress in a way that makes you stand out without becoming a parody of yourself. Personally, I like to dress up in white. A nice white dress shirt, white pants, nice white shoes, and white fedora with just a little silver and black jewelry/bling. Men who are dressed in white get noticed, in my experience. Clothing color is not as important as communicating a sense of style and getting noticed. Hair style and weight are also important to your success. Find a style that looks good and stay in shape physically. Go on a diet if necessary.

7. Pick a girl. The hunt begins. Like a hunter out on the savannah, you are a figurative lion looking for his next romantic meal. Leave self-doubt at the door. If introverted, it may help if you have a few drinks before cold approaching so as to loosen up socially, but do not become a stumble bum before approaching. Wingmen are a major confidence booster and also help get a man into a social mood. If the girl you approach turns out to be undesirable, i.e. she has that “far-away look” but once you see her up close you lose interest, a wingman also makes a convenient way to abort the mission and refocus on a new girl. I have to go over here, my friend needs something.

Once you have isolated a sexy girl, it’s time to swoop in. Before swooping in, pick out some foible about her (large nose, large ears, weird clothing, etc.) and keep her faults mind – the girl you are approaching is not perfect, she is not a princess, she is just another girl. Taking her off the pedestal in your mind helps boost confidence, and helps you shake off any failure you might have.

6. Approach with a cocky but humorous attitude and a 1,000 watt smile. The importance of smiling while playing the mating game is underrated. It communicates self-confidence, and women will subconsciously think, wow this guy really has it going on if he’s that happy. Remember: Abundance mentality and you are the prize! Approach with a witty, backhanded compliment. One possibility is: Wow, that’s a nice dress. My mom has one just like it. The idea is to give her a compliment that’s a bit of an insult, but with plausible deniability. This move dethrones her psychologically from being Little Miss Princess to just another girl. Do not expect her to show interest after dropping a backhanded compliment, in fact the bitch shields will probably be set at maximum if you are in Anglo America. (Abroad, women haven’t yet been taught to hate men, so the approach is slightly different.)

5. Neg. Expect her to shit test you after you have dropped the backhanded compliment. She will insult you, challenge your masculinity, tease or taunt you. Have witty, short answers to her insults ready to go. Do not back off from the original, witty remark or comment you made. Neg her, which means to once again verbally knock her down a few notches. (Important: This must be done in a humorous, self-confident way!) Tailor your negs to the Sexual Market Value of the girl you are approaching. For 6s to 8s, generic negs will do. Here are a few example negs to sarcastically drop when responding to teases, taunts and insults:

  • Wow, you are very modest.
  • You are certainly above it all aren’t you.
  • Yikes, you are judgmental.
  • Um, you are the happiest person I’ve met today.
  • You are straight-laced, etc.

For 9s and 10s, stronger, in-her-face negs must be used because these women are constantly approached by men and are used to the Game. The ability to drop quality negs will increase with experience and observing the reactions of women as you drop them.

4. Make her laugh. Remember: cocky, funny. Be an asshole. Make fun of others as you people watch (women love men who criticize others, as odd as this will be if you are a nice person). Making fun of others also displays narcissism, which is one trait women love (no matter what they tell you!) in men. Also, do not talk too much! Talking too much sends Beta male signals to her limbic brain. Law 4 from the 48 Laws of Power is vital: Always Say Less Than Necessary. Let her initiate the topics of discussion, then respond in an aloof, humorous manner with as few words as possible.

3. Initiate kino. Kino is light touching intended to put her in the mood. It also communicates dominance. Betas will not initiate touching as they’re too shy. But, tonight you are an Alpha! Even if you have to fake it ’til you make it. For instance: start by touching her arm to emphasize a point in your conversation. When she says something uncool, pat her on the back and shake your head. This progresses to hugging, a hand on her leg, dancing or touch that is a bit more intimate if she is receptive. Otherwise, drop her and look for another girl, as avoiding the development of one-itis is crucial. Betas make the mistake of having a scarcity mentality. Remember, she is only a girl. In late kino, the goal is to have her sitting on your lap, kissing you, having her head on your shoulder or lap, or giving you fellatio in a dark corner.

2. Make her chase you. Women chase what recedes. Do not turn into a pile of jelly or become a Beta who talks too much or clings to her after she has shown interest. Give the impression you are not an easy man to tame. Once she is responding to you, corny role reversal jokes like Don’t think you can take me back to your apartment and take advantage, I’m not that easy! not only subconsciously communicate you are a man who is sought after by other women, but get her rationalization hamster thinking about sex at the same time. By toying with her emotions, you can turn her into putty in your hands. While executing step 2, push-pull her: Seem uninterested one minute, then interested the next.

Women communicate using emotion, and do not respond to men who use logic. Emotion is the language of love: First, aloofness when approaching, then cocky funny, then strong and unbending to her shit tests, later remaining a mystery by not saying too much, followed by light touching to give her tingles, finishing by making her chase you once she has emotionally invested in the pick-up approach. Next up is the happiest part, the close.

1. Close. If you have executed the previous steps properly, luring her into a romantic tryst should be easy at this point. If she agrees, do not go all Beta. She’ll back off. Remain aloof, cool, calm, and collected. Remain the strong, confident jerk that sparked her interest. Be assertive and instruct her as to where you both are headed. Do not ask her what she wants to do! That’s a fatal mistake. Lead, and she will follow. If you have done your job properly, she will follow you back and you’ll wake up with her in your arms the next morning after a wild night rolling in the hay.


Most of today’s women are not worth the investment entailed by a relationship

Pump and Dumps

Beyond enjoying sexual closes with hot girls, here are a few tips to keep you safe in today’s legalistic, male-hating culture. Quite frankly, most women you are meet in today’s degenerate culture are only good for having fun. Don’t get sucked into a relationship because 99 times out of 100 it is going to cost you much more than it is worth.

Psychologically, women will expect some sort of recompense for rewarding you with sex. Don’t fall into the trap. You are the Alpha that gives her a good time sexually, not the Beta who pays her bills until he goes bankrupt. Also, remember the importance of not getting a girl pregnant in today’s culture of male slavery/child support. This could be the ultimate disaster for your finances and freedom.

The basics listed above are a simplified introduction to pickup up chicks and getting laid. You can fine-tune your hunting skills based on your experiences, the social environment of the city you live in, and what gives you the most success. Some men will have better physical attributes than others, and will not have to work as hard because of it. Others will be better at negs and humor than they are with physical attractiveness. Appearance, while important, is not as important as attitude.

There are a lot of ways the 7 steps can be personalized to suit the individual practicing them. Just as every hunter must be gently guided as he begins his first hunt, every aspiring pick-up artist must be pointed in the right direction, free to make mistakes and learn from his own experiences while adhering to a set of generalities such as these. Forget the indoctrination you’ve been given, these are the realities of dating in the 21st century.

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The Law of the Jungle Rules Today’s Sexual Market


The Law of the Jungle describes today’s degenerate sexual market in the West

Since feminism, the sexual market in the West has been shifting to operate on an r-selected Law of the Jungle. If you are looking for a mate or just trying to get laid in this market, this is why the whole balance seems thrown off. In the jungle, a woman would rather be part of the harem of a leader rather than tied to a subservient follower. Dominance is what it takes to survive the jungle, and the pecking order is everything to female psychology. A Guns N’ Roses classic rock hit illustrates the concept:

Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here everyday, learn to live like an animal in the jungle world we play…

If you are doing things for women looking for their approval, or trying to be Mr. Nice Guy you are going to be disposed of or flat out used. It’s all tied into the dual mating strategy of women: Alpha fux, Beta bux. Do not find yourself in the position of being the reserve. And do not believe women when they tell you they are different than other women. Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer elegantly explains this concept:

For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so Nature has provided woman for her protection and defence with the faculty of dissimulation, and all the power which Nature has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form.

Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility.

This is why they see through dissimulation in others so easily; therefore it is not advisable to attempt it with them. From the fundamental defect that has been stated, and all that it involves, spring falseness, faithlessness, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on.

Know this, and always remember it: Women will screw dominant men while keeping a boyfriend in reserve and will never, ever admit it. Sex is a woman’s way of trying to lock a dominant man into a commitment before dumping the cuckolded boyfriend, and dissimulation (lying) is her way of maintaining an advantage on the sexual playing field. What she really wants is a bad boy: subconsciously this is for the protection he offers and increased chances of survival for any offspring he might sire with her in a dog eat dog world.

It all boils down to the economics of sex. Sperm is cheap, and eggs are expensive. Women want the best of the best sperm since they have a short window (as compared to men) in which they can reproduce. And, for most of human history placing a wager on a bad boy has been the best bet. Civilization has changed this, but the human genome is still coded with the old instincts.

Even though Western culture has suppressed many of our animal instincts, we still instinctually behave the way we did before collectively finding ourselves on today’s government tax farm. Like it or not, man is a predatory animal. Our predatory nature goes down to our very physiology and anatomy: Our eyes are placed at the front of our heads instead of on the side as in prey animals. We prey not only on other animals, but on each other. We (usually) do not kill each other, but our winner take all instincts reach down into the very core of who we are. A nice guy is going to be prey and an asshole is going to be the predator. The asshole gets the egg, while the nice guy gets used and abused.


When in the jungle, it’s every man for himself so don’t be taken advantage of by women

Don’t Be Her Walking, Talking Wallet

A nice guy who acquiesces to women is a man who women instinctually know has few options. They will keep him around if he is a provider of resources for them, but they will subconsciously look for the sperm of a dominant man to impregnate them. Even a woman’s biology is set up to exploit Alpha Fux, Beta Bux, as pointed out in the wonderfully controversial Sperm Wars by Robin Baker. As an aside, the truth is never politically correct, nor is it popular. As Plato told us 2,000 years ago:

None is more hated than he who speaks the truth.

Getting back to Sperm Wars, its findings reveal deception and trickery in women goes past their innate deceptiveness and all the way down to their biology:

  • Ten percent of children are not fathered by their “fathers”
  • Less than one percent of a man’s sperm is capable of fertilizing anything (the rest is there to fight off all other men’s sperm)
  • Vaginal mucus encourages some sperm but blocks others
  • A woman is far more likely to conceive through a casual fling than through sex with her regular partner because her body allows the sperm from the fling to pass through faster than that of her regular partner

After conception, if the dominant man has pumped her and dumped her she will need someone to stay and help raise the child. This is where you come in as her resource provider! So…how do women test to see who is dominant and who is  the resource provider?


Do you have what it takes answer the call of the wild, and do you want to continue to live this way?

Shit Testing

Since sperm (and men who provide it) are so abundant, women begin weeding out process right away. Shit testing is how they weed out weak men. The Disposable Male explains how this process works:

Initially, she can simply watch him in competition with other males. … But finally, the only real test a woman can set is whether a man can negotiate and overcome her own defenses. To test this, she has to resist first verbally, then physically. The stronger and more realistic her resistance, the better the test.

In other words, women want a man who not only win out and control other men but a man who will stand up to her, and put her in the subservient role nature designed women for. How else can one explain the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon?

Do you have what it takes? Or will you sulk away or cave in to her? Unfortunately, her shit tests only begin with the initial test to see if you are good enough for her to take a chance on. They will continue throughout any relationship with her, and in the Western world this poses dangerous risks because of a predatory legal and family court system. Fail too many shit tests and you could find yourself getting divorce raped or turned into a slave of the court.

Fail shit tests and you may also find yourself being the Beta bucks provider. As pointed out earlier, the cruel world of the sexual market extends down from the macroscopic world we live in to the microscopic world of the biology of women and men. Michael Gilbert’s book The Disposable Male explains:

Bang! They’re off! Like a rocket!

Surging forward in a frantic fight for the lead, racers jostle one another on the crowded track. Skirmishes flare up. Some are roughly bumped aside. Others fall and are nearly trampled by the herd of charging marathoners behind them. The strongest an most clever bolt to the front. Pacing themselves, the focused leaders dash along the obstacle course toward their goal.

By the final lap, the contenders are reduced to a handful – just the hardiest, best-prepared specimens with the most robust builds and the sleekest lines.

As they dash for home, the racers in the lead pack dig for every last drop of strength, pushing themselves beyond all measure, pulsating with exertion. Second place wont cut it. Its winner take all.

Suddenly, a scintillating ball of light a million miles high illuminates the horizon. The finish line is just a tantalizing sprint a way. Diving like Superguppy, the exhausted winner hangs on for dear life.

The egg is joined! Outperforming a few hundred million competitors, one triumphant microscopic sperm has won the seminal race of life.

Male competition extends all the way down to sperm fighting their way towards the jackpot of all jackpots, an egg waiting to be fertilized. By dissimulating (lying) and having biology that is primed for you to be cuckolded and your resources taken advantage of by another man’s offspring, failing any of her litany of lifelong shit tests is the equivalent of getting eaten in the jungle.


Traditions like marriage survive the test of time for a reason; discarding them is playing with fire

Escaping the Jungle

Living in a sexual jungle certainly does pose risks. The only way for Western civilization to escape the Law of the Jungle is to return to a sexual market that does not cater to women’s destructive (for civilized society) instincts.

In the past, behaving the way women in the West now do would have been so disastrous the situation would have corrected itself. However, the tax farm we now live on subsidizes this type of behavior with – you guessed it – Beta bucks of hardworking taxpayers. The r-selection paradigm creates an unstable environment (i.e. uncivilized one) and leads to the following:

  • Single parenting
  • Women with children with many different fathers
  • Early sexual maturity in children
  • Short generation time (children having children)
  • Lack of male participation in society

The natural balance that would have put an end to this, women finding themselves outcast from society or destitute for making childish, irresponsible or fickle choices won’t return unless the system subsidizing it fails. Failure of the system is certainly a long-term likelihood as men either go MGTOW and check out of the system completely or revolt and demand change.

Marriage has been instituted worldwide across all different cultures for a reason. These are the reasons it is important to a civilized society, laid down in a 1955 article by social anthropologist Edmund Leach:

  1. To establish a legal father of a woman’s children.
  2. To establish a legal mother of a man’s children.
  3. To give the husband a monopoly in the wife’s sexuality.
  4. To give the wife a monopoly in the husband’s sexuality.
  5. To give the husband partial or monopolistic rights to the wife’s domestic and other labor services.
  6. To give the wife partial or monopolistic rights to the husband’s domestic and other labor services.
  7. To give the husband partial or total control over property belonging or potentially accruing to the wife.
  8. To give the wife partial or total control over property belonging or potentially accruing to the husband.
  9. To establish a joint fund of property – a partnership – for the benefit of the children of the marriage.
  10. To establish a socially significant ‘relationship of affinity’ between the husband and his wife’s brothers

A man’s monopoly over a woman’s sexuality and the promise of paternity is the linchpin of the entire deal. Without it, there is really not much benefit to marriage for a man. For the monopoly over her sexuality, a man basically pledges everything he produces in life to her and his children. The importance of marriage as the bedrock of civilization cannot be understated. Once lost, an inevitable turn towards the sexual market we have today begins. The situation only gets wilder with time.

Accepting the Law of the Jungle or doing the unthinkable, growing a set and going back to a model of enforcing monogamy is perhaps the ultimate societal shit test for men. Are Western men still man enough to put animal instincts back under the restraints of patriarchy and enforce monogamy? If not, expect society to continue to degenerate under r-selected sexual forces.

Welcome to the Jungle.

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The 10 Laws of the Mating Game


The Ten Laws of Game help protect you from the risks of dealing with women

Men and women play games with each other on a regular basis. Men try to secure easy sex from women without commitment, and women try to score financial and emotional commitment without giving sex to men. That’s just the way things are, and they way they will always be. In short, this is the mating game. Manipulating the rules to your favor is collectively known as learning Game in men’s circles.

Knowing the foundational principles of tight Game will get not only get you laid, they will give you an advantage over other men in your dealings with women. They will also help minimize the risks of dealing with a partner evolutionarily designed to exploit male utility value to the fullest.

Having sexual choice and avoiding the doldrums of incel (involuntary celibacy) are probably the biggest motivators men have to learn Game. Game techniques are designed to successfully short circuit the wiring in the primitive, limbic brain (unaffectionately referred to as the Rationalization Hamster in manosphere circles) women use to justify their often horrible life and sexual partner making decisions.

Using Game towards this end is a fantastic choice for a pleasure seeking, pussy pounding lifestyle. In many ways, learning how to successfully pull off pump and dumps is the best bet for the awakened man in today’s Law of the Jungle sexual market, as the predatory nature of women and half a century of feminism make dealing with them in any other way foolhardy.

Game is also essential even if your intentions are just to learn what women really want, because the chasm between what they say they want and what they actually want is a mile wide.

However, be advised using Game is a very risky proposition for forming a family in today’s legal and cultural climate. Lose frame or violate the Laws of Game one too many times and you may just find yourself getting divorce raped and turned into a child support slave, especially in America. And remember gents, 4 out of 5 divorces are initiated or caused by women. You are playing with fire until the legal and cultural climate drastically changes.

Whether a man’s aims are living a life of hedonism or nobler purposes, here are Ten Laws of The Mating Game to keep in mind at all times.


Your success in the mating game depends on learning hard truths about women

The Laws

10. Do not fall in love. Falling in love will leave you in a compromised position with women, ready to be taken advantage of. Women do not love men the way men love women. This is based on both a 5,000 year history of marriage and Briffault’s Law which studied male-female relations cross culturally and across human history. A woman will be in love with your money, social status or power, but not you as a person.

Also, love is a fickle emotion, and people fall out of love all the time. The hottie you think you are in love with now may not be so lovable 10 years from now when she is older, bitchier, wrinklier, saggier, and fatter.

Additionally, author Charles Bukowski also provides us with these cautionary words:

The male, for all his bravado and exploration, is the loyal one, the one who generally feels love. The female is skilled at betrayal and torture and damnation.

These words helps us segue into the fact the human female is a skilled predator, and men are her prey as pointed out by Rev. Lawrence Shannon is his classic The Predatory Female. This is why she is skilled at the personality traits elucidated above by Bukowski. You must keep your wits when dealing with women!

9. Be calculating. Women are very calculating in relationships. If there is nothing for a woman to gain, she will not associate with a man. Women will never admit this and will go through great lengths to hide it, but it is the golden rule governing all sexual and romantic relations.

Remember, as an awakened man you have to learn to start looking out for number one and learn to maneuver for what you want out of any romantic entanglement (sex) for she will be maneuvering to get what she wants out of the arrangement: resources, feels, and status.

8. Women do not think like men. Women put emotions before logic. They’re also extremely cunning, manipulative, and deceptive.

Men often make the mistake of thinking women are rational and logical, when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth. Something can make perfect, logical sense to you, but because she feels a certain way she will never accept it.  You have to learn to communicate with the language of emotion, and to be dominant in your dealings with women rather than submissive.

Women are also extremely talented at lying and deceiving, a fact the philosopher Schopenhauer went into great detail explaining. This is in many ways like entering a parallel universe for the male mind. Do not expect reason nor truth from women.

7. Do not let women separate you from your money. This is the biggest mistake of today’s Western man. He thinks his wallet will buy him access to the female amusement park, and wastes much of his life on a treadmill trying to appease women with more and more shiny things.

The ugly truth is women are shameless exploiters of male utility value and resources, and will suck the lifeblood right out of a man before tossing him in the garbage without a wit to the destruction she brought upon him.

Beta males are nothing but walking wallets to be exploited in today’s sexual market. Women have absolutely no qualms about spending the money of a Beta male while letting an Alpha male breed them.

Again, the concept of The Predatory Female comes into play.

6. Women shit test. Get used to it. Shit tests are nature’s way of women testing male boundaries to see what kind of man you are, and what kind of crap you will put up with. She will try to get under your skin in myriad ways and shit tests never really end, even aftera man has successfully completed his sexual conquest of a woman.

Do not bend to female shit tests and emotional vacillation. When she challenges you or insults you, you must put her in her place even if it is in front of her friends but you also must do it in an endearing, and preferably humorous way.

A show of strength, self-assurance, and a strong frame are the orders of the day when dealing with unrelenting shit tests.

On a related topic, when picking up women, learn how to neg and learn how to deliver backhanded compliments with ease and aplomb. This will deflate her ego a bit, and make her more malleable. Negs takes practice and experience, but nobody ever said being a man was easy.

5. Maintain yourself mentally and physically. Put bluntly, don’t be a dumbass or a fatass. Workout both your mind and body on a regular basis, and do not let women stop you from pursuing your own ambitions and goals in life.

Read, exercise, and eat well.

Cut down on television watching (eliminate it if possible) and find work in a career that satisfies you, not her. The key here is being sharper mentally and physically than men around you, and being in charge of your own life rather than sheepishly following orders of women.

4. Always have options. Oneitis is a fatal disease for your love life. A man who is desired by women has options, and lots of them.

Never be the first to commit, and always leave her with the assumption that you might just walk out the door at any time. Never admit to infidelity, but make her suspicious without making your intentions obvious.

Keep multiple plates spinning, as practice makes perfect when it comes to dealing with women. Develop an abundance mentality rather than letting the scarcity mentality sabotage your love life.

3. A cocky/funny asshole attitude holds the keys to the cave of love. A devil-may-care confident air is an intoxicating musk to the human female. It communicates success in professional and sexual matters.

Cultivate a cool, calm, confident, and aloof attitude. Give the impression that nothing bothers you, and that you are on top of the world, even if the world is on top of you.

Women do not like introspective, self-doubting, or weak willed men. But, they absolutely love bad boys of every stripe. Nice guys really do finish last.

2. Always remember women’s dual mating strategy. Do not be the Beta provider or ever become the Beta provider in her life. You are the Alpha Fucks guy, and she is lucky that you stay around.

This is the mentality you must develop to have success with women. Alpha fucks, Beta bucks is not just a phrase, it is a Red Pill fact that ranks right up there with Newton’s Law of Gravity.

Women will spend one man’s money while walking around with a cooch full of seed from another man. Which one do you want to be?

1. Your self-interest is paramount. This one is difficult for most men, but your have to put your interest over hers. Failure to do this will get you burned every time. Never, ever expect loyalty from a woman.

With women, it’s never what have you done for me. It’s what have you done for me lately.

Rationally look at the decisions you are making with women. Are you doing what is best for you, or best for her? If you stopped providing benefit to her, would she leave you? Who is gaining more from the relationship? An Alpha does what is best for himself, not for women.


Society will become less civilized the longer feminism rules

What to Expect From Game

These succinct and sage laws provide a foundation for a new philosophy that will yield incalculable rewards in your love life. While they stand in opposition to the myths society tells men, it behooves the Red Pill man to throw away everything the media, society, and the public education system told him about women.

You came here looking for truth, and you have found it.

Ultimately, Game is male adaptation to a drastically altered sexual market. It is a response to a society that foolishly removed all constraints on female sexuality.

Another option men have to increase their successful plunder of poon is to leave a declining culture for another culture that has not yet abandoned monogamy and “empowered” women to destroy themselves and society.

How to make hypergamy your bitch is explained here.

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