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Red Pill Money: Saving a Fuck You Fund


You can do whatever you want for a year if you save up a big enough Fuck You Fund

Anyone with corporate experience knows what miserable, micromanaging cretins most bosses can be. It doesn’t take long for a man to start to get fed up with an atmosphere like today’s estrogen-rich office. To add insult to injury, HR harridans are ready to lay the smack down for the tiniest thoughtcrime offense in today’s hellish world of political correctness.

The final straw for me was when the pencil-necked geek of a boss I had told me my college degree and all my certifications didn’t matter because college graduates are a dime a dozen these days. As true as that statement may be in the economic world, you just don’t talk to your employees that way. He was a condescending know-it-all jerk off in many other ways, so that lit a fire in my belly to save as much money as I could. And you should do the same. Especially in today’s sellout economy, in which workers’ lives are as interchangeable as pogs (milk cap and soda cap games) to sociopathic corporate management.

As durable an employee as you may be, ready to withstand the storms of life in the modern Office Space hell, the day might, nay WILL come you wish to tell your boss or the HR harridan to fuck off. A day when they’ve simply gone to far in their unrealistic demands. Or, even a day when you’ve decided that taking a cross country trip with your buddies is more important than toiling away at some nonsensical job. With the right amount of money saved up, it will be your Take this job and shove it moment.

It is for this reason every Red Pill man must have a Fuck You Fund ready at his disposal. If you’ve read the other articles in The New Modern Man Minimalism and Money section and followed their advice, you’ve already set a budget, you’ve already started adopting the principles of minimalism, and you’re either on your way out of debt or already out. Beyond a minimal emergency fund of at least one month’s worth of expenses, your goal should be to build up six to twelve months of expenses. This means you can go at least half a year up to an entire year without having a job and not have your quality of life affected.


Money talks and bullshit walks, so make sure you have a nest egg

Buffer Zone

Once you know you have $10,000 or more saved up, your entire outlook on work will start to change. Your boss won’t seem quite so powerful. You will always have the comfort of knowing you are not one paycheck away from living under a bridge like the poor bastards known as Beta providers who are chained to their job by the sow the likely have living at home. You’ll begin to look at money differently too, once realizing it buys freedom.

Building up a Fuck You Fund is one of the most empowering things the career man can do. Here’s how to do it:

Once you get to the point of saving half or more of your income, for each month you work you’ve earned a month of freedom in which you do not have to work! Work a year, and you can take a year off finding a better job and finding yourself, rather than putting up with Fuck Face & Co. every day of your short life. Moreover, once you’ve got a fat bank account, you won’t be prone to taking abuse from a boss, you won’t find yourself stuck in a desperate situation without making changes, you’ll have greater confidence, and you’ll be better choices about life and your career.

Dave Ramsey often stresses the importance of building up your emergency fund. His web site says:

The reason to have an emergency fund is simple: You don’t know what’s going to happen in life. Money magazine states that 78% of us will have a major negative financial event in any given 10-year period. You need to have cash ready to help you survive if you lose your job or your heater breaks in the dead of winter.

Your emergency fund should be liquid, meaning you need to keep it in a place where you can get to it easily and quickly. The best option is a simple checking account or money market account that comes with a debit card or check-writing privileges. That way, you can pay that doctor or wrecker service with the swipe of a card or stroke of a pen.

The only difference I have with Dave’s recommendation is that beyond 1 to 2 months of expenses I would never leave a ton of money sitting in a bank account not working for me. Most mutual funds only have a 30 day window in which their is either a penalty or you cannot withdraw your money. Beyond 1 to 2 months of expenses, I’d leave the other 10-11 months in a mutual fund.

Case in point: I recently needed money from one of my mutual funds to cover unexpected expenses. I called Fidelity and within a day the money was direct deposited into my bank account.

So, get started building your Fuck You Fund today. Businesses count on having a supply of workers who depend on them and can’t make it a single paycheck without them. This is at least part of the why corporations are becoming so abusive to their employees these days. When the day comes they want to push you over the edge, you can stand up straight, look them in the eye, and tell them: You know what? Fuck You, Charlie. That’s what having a Fuck You Fund is all about.

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Red Pill Money: Saving Half Your Income


Saving half your income allows you to take time off work with no change in standard of living

Saving half your income is perhaps the most Red Pill money decision a man can make. It forces a man to abandon the prescribed lifestyle of being a consumerism-driven slave and to take control of his life and his finances, and to be very self-disciplined about both. As you may already know, having a woman in your life will often, if not always make this level of financial achievement nearly impossible because women drive 80% of spending in the American economy. They are materialistic creatures who statistically spend more money than they make.

Keeping women out of your wallet is of vital importance to this goal. Moreover, the concept of the Hedonic Treadmill means you will never satisfy her wants, no matter how much money you spend.

Here’s what’s great about saving half or more of your income. Each month you save 50% of your income, you can go a month without working and still maintain your standard of living. You can live abroad and go even longer without working since living expenses are much lower outside Europe and America. More importantly, the longer save half your income the more freedom you will have. Save half your income for a year, and you can take a year off work to travel the world or to write a novel or to roam around the country on a motorcycle with no change in the amount of money you have to spend each month.

This is not even assuming return on investment, as a large enough nest egg and low enough expenses mean you never have to touch the principal!

Extreme saving like this is sometimes called a “Fuck You Fund” as once a man has accumulated enough money he can tell an overbearing or abusive boss to fuck off. Much more than giving you leverage at work, having a large amount of money saved with low monthly overhead expenses allows you to  experience freedom as money buys freedom. Debt is bondage, which is why it should be avoided like the plague.

Here’s a novel idea for the hard-assed among us who want to be free but don’t know how.


Truckers are in demand and allow a man to become an extreme saver if he chooses

The Trucker Plan

The top excuse I hear from men when giving them this advice is “I don’t make enough money to do that.” Realize, I saved 50% of my income – making only $40,000 to $50,000 a year – which is nothing special, as it’s near and just above the median income in the United States. Trust me, it takes discipline to save when you make that amount and have bills. It takes saying “no” a lot. Your broke friends and co-workers who will spend their lives in debt bondage will make fun of you the entire time you are living this way.

But, their jaws will drop when you tell them, bye, I’m leaving to spend several years traveling the world. As Dave Ramsey often says:

That’s why, when you’re trying to move toward financial peace, listening to your broke friends is one of the worst things you can do. It’s only common sense that one of quickest ways to go broke (or stay broke) is to listen to advice from broke people—you know, like Uncle Earl and your old friend Pete. Listen to those guys and, before you know it, you’ll be invested in a pyramid scheme, leasing a BMW, and taking out a home equity loan to finance that Civil War figurine collection you just had to get.

To really make your friends’ heads explode, I have devised the “Trucker Plan” for extreme savings, designed to buy you a lot of freedom in only 5 years. Truckers are in high demand now and the job pays very well, and grtting the hired requires little more than a clean driving record and a CDL license. Swift Trucking will even give you free truck driving school. The industry is begging for drivers. A hard worker who doesn’t complain and who is willing to make the necessary sacrifices can save MORE than 50% of his income, and be making $45,000 to $50,000 a year very quickly.

My best friend has a CDL license and told me when he was driving as an OTR trucker he had virtually no expenses. He made $45,000 his first year. Imagine most of that money going into investments!

Truckers often spend 2 weeks out driving with 2 days at home at the end of each venture, so it’s a busy but adventurous lifestyle in which you are making money and not spending it. Taking this concept to the extreme, since you are home only 4 or 5 days a month while conducting your “Trucker Plan” for extreme savings, live with family or a close friend who won’t charge you much (if any) rent. Rent is obviously the biggest deduction from a monthly budget. Instantly, you have a huge boost to your overall savings potential because you spend most of your time sleeping in a truck rather than paying a ridiculous sum for an apartment that will never be yours. Again, this won’t be easy. It will be worth it.

You will be living in your truck most of the time, but you will be saving money like a fiend if you can focus and be really intense for a few years. This is a five-year plan, but it will allow a man to live abroad for a very long period of time (or in the U.S. for five years assuming 50% monthly income saved) without working at all! If a man makes an average of $50,000 a year over 5 years ($45,000 to start and $55,000 by the end) and lives very frugally an average monthly investment of $2,500 can be made.

Assuming the growth in a good growth stock mutual fund (or several mutual funds) is 12% look at what that type of money can turn into. It can be nearly $200,000 in only five years. With living expenses in Mexico, the Caribbean, and much of SE Asia at only $500 a month, a man can live very well indeed taking $1,000 a month out of his account for 200 months, which is over 16 years! This is assuming he touches the principal…which generally shouldn’t be done. At only an 8% rate of return on investment, he will have $1,300 a month before tax income! That’s a lot of money in those countries, trust me!

This idealized example is meant to illustrate two concepts.

First, early sacrifices make awesome later rewards. Financial freedom will never be achieved if a man lets women control what he spends or lusts after new cars (the worst financial decision ever) and material garbage that becomes its own special prison, as possessions are indeed a prison.

Second, with or without the Trucker Plan, a man’s goal should be to save at least 50% if not more of his income. It will afford him opportunities to do much more meaningful things with his life – write a novel, travel the world, bang hot bitches on every continent, etc. The alternative being exploited by the system with life as an interest-paying slave to female consumerism one’s entire life. I’ll pass.

I’ll take the sacrifice and the freedom-maximizing minimalism required to achieve this goal any day. The goal is to get men thinking outside the box and in original ways to maximize their lives – not to maximize the amount they spend at the mall or paying interest to a fatass banker. Do whatever it takes to save half your income. Contrary to the brainwashing of marketing flacks, it doesn’t take much for a man to live on and be happy.

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Red Pill Money: Simplifying Your Finances


Getting and staying debt free is of critical importance to the Red Pill man or MGTOW

Minimalism can help your financial life in many ways. By minimizing expenses, a man’s investment potential and freedom are maximized. The simplest truth is a man must control his money or his money will control him. As Charles Dickens wrote in David Copperfield: Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery. Unlike government, a man must balance his budget and keep it balanced.

A man must put his self-interest above all others in order to win with money. Here are several ways you can maintain a balanced budget by cutting down on the clutter and minimizing overhead. Perhaps the most important concept illustrated by all these tips is the power of the word “no.” These steps also help reduce stress and waste of the most valuable wealth building tool a man has – his income.

1. Get out of debt and stay out of debt. Remember, debt is slavery. With no payments and no due dates a man has much less to worry about. A lot of debt is a serious source of stress. After eliminating debt, the money that was going to service interest and payments every month can then be stockpiled in bank accounts and invested in everything from mutual funds to bonds. Cash can then be paid for large purchases. Additionally, men are much more careful when they spend money they spent time saving rather than money they borrow. There is nothing more important than staying out of debt to retain control over your financial life.

2. Pay cash. This doesn’t mean walk around with a wad of $100 bills in your wallet. But, studies have shown people have emotional attachments to cash they don’t have with debit and credit cards, and spend less when they’re spending cash! A debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo works exactly the same as a credit card. When making purchases, press “credit” even though it is a debit card and you will receive the same protection against fraud as credit card holders since the transaction will be processed through the Visa or MasterCard network.

3. Purge monthly subscriptions. Be ruthless, as monthly subscriptions can be real money suckers. Tally up how much is outgoing each month on things like music app memberships, Netflix, and other “vampire” expenses that are slowly sucking the life blood out of your finances.

4. Turn off your TV. Those who watch a lot of TV are statistically proven to spend more money on consumerism and more money eating out. Why? Because that’s all television is, a clothesline to hang up consumer and restaurant advertising in between poorly produced, culturally degenerate programming. Few people realize the insidiousness of television, and many think they’re immune to its effects. But, television is a powerful medium and it puts fantasies into people’s minds that make men spend money or it wouldn’t be in business.

5. Eliminate credit cards. This is a controversial one for some, but I have been living without credit cards since 2010 while traveling the world and have never had a problem. Many men try to justify keeping a credit card in their wallet for the rewards, but as Dave Ramsey says, when is the last time you met a millionaire who said they got all they have through rewards programs? Moreover, the concept behind rewards programs is the bean counters who designed them did a cost-benefit analysis for the credit card companies and they know people spend more money with rewards credit cards than they do with others. This defeats the entire purpose of having “rewards” if it makes a man spend more money chasing a carrot at the end of a stick. Debit cards now do everything credit cards do, except putting men into debt bondage.

6. Watch little expenses. A daily trip to Fivebucks for a coffee-themed milkshake might not seem like a big deal, but if a man buys a $5 cup of coffee every day that little splurge soon turns into a fat $180 a month expense. Similarly, app purchases and other little dings to your bank account can quickly turn into huge dents when going over income and outgo each month. Eating at home rather than eating out all the time is another way little expenses can be throttled back so a man has more of the one thing that buys freedom in this world – his money.

7. Sign up to stop receiving unsolicited credit offers. Keep business out of your credit report and from sending you tempting offers to take on debt slavery by visiting OptOutPreScreen.com to opt out for five years online. You can also opt out permanently by printing, signing, and mailing a form available on their web site. This will stop those endless and annoying credit card offers as well as other solicitations to move a man in the wrong direction – away from building wealth and towards building debt.


Staying out of Fivebucks and other corporate food and drink joints can save a man big money

Be in Control

These steps give a man seven concrete ways to make positive financial changes in his MGTOW or Red Pill life, beyond eliminating or vastly reducing the amount of money spent on women. (Usually cheaper to rent than to own when it comes to women, or Game her if you like playing the role of the clown.) Remember, the system that has been buttering you up with advertising and hyperbole your entire life is only a parasite wanting to take advantage of you and put chains of bondage on you with endless monthly payments. It wants you to power its profits no matter the personal cost to you. Remember this sage wisdom from Dave Ramsey:

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you. When you think short term, you always set yourself up for being ripped off by a predatory lender. If the Red-Faced Kid – I want it, and I want it now! – rules your life, you will stay broke!

Don’t be one of the 2/3 of Americans acting like the Red-Faced Kid, living paycheck to paycheck with no plan and no idea about what is being done to them. Get in control and stay in control of your finances. The rewards will far outweigh the sacrifices.

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Minimalism Actually Maximizes Your Wallet


“I always wanted to move up in society…but the higher I go the crookeder it gets.” -Michael Corleone in The Godfather series

Everybody wants to be rich when they’re young. However, as a man ages he begins to notice, as Michael Corleone said in The Godfather III the higher I go, the crookeder it becomes. At some point, it may began to weigh on one’s conscience as to whether stepping on others to rise higher up in a corporate hierarchy and constantly creating problems to create profit are the lesser of evils, just to power a lifestyle of buying things at Walmart and the mall. This is especially true when one realizes most of the money produced by these means is:

  • Shifted up the pyramid into the bank account of a CEO.
  • Materialism and consumerism are not the source of happiness.

Additionally, cutting back on consumption maximizes the potential of any money earned rather than it being continuously tied up in a cycle of getting and spending which benefits others far more than it benefits the person earning the money. You may even go so far as I have, to a complete change in mentality in which one no longer desires to be wealthy, just free. Everything we buy is paid for with hours from our lives. That powerful realization can lead to positive change. A simple yet powerful word can be your best ally in the art of becoming a minimalist. Learn to say no, and say it often. Here are some ways saying no will allow you to say yes to things that really matter.


Saying no to waste means saying yes to more important things

The Art of Saying “No”

Refuse to be overwhelmed by consumption. Accumulating things not only fills up our homes with junk and takes up our spare time organizing, cleaning, and maintaining stuff but it also makes us spend the best years of our lives working at jobs (an average of 47 hours a week now!) we don’t really like in order to stay in place on the treadmill.

Refuse to be defined by what you own or drive. The high that comes from a new purchase and thinking what will the neighbors think of me now wears off quickly and the dreary reality of having sunk money into a frivolous purchase will follow you around. Conspicuous consumption, practically the new religion in America was first written about by Thorstein Veblen, a Norwegian sociologist in the early part of the 20th century.

As increased industrial efficiency makes it possible to procure the means of livelihood with less labor, the energies of the industrious members of the community are bent to the compassing of a higher result in conspicuous expenditure, rather than slackened to a more comfortable pace.

Basically, Veblen is saying that as production methods become more efficient, society must become more decadent to keep the economic machine running. Females demonstrably crave decadence more than males, as the oft-cited statistic that 80% of consumer purchases are driven by women proves.

Refuse to buy things because of “great deals” but because of necessity. A great deal is not a deal at all if it makes you spend money that could have been saved or spent on something else. There’s 100% off every purchase that you do not make. People are chained by their desires, and kept on a leash with debt, which drives most Americans into a hole they spend their whole lives trying to get out of.

Refuse to give up on personal goals to buy things. For each purchase you make, there are hours out of your life given to that purchase. For example, the average new car costs 1,150 hours of life assuming a $20 an hour salary. It costs 2,300 hours on a $10 an hour salary. That’s a lot of time. If you begin to look at all purchases this way, this mentality will begin to guide and change your behavior. Focus your time and energy on more worthy pursuits and goals that are intrinsically rewarding.

Refuse to subscribe to the idea material things buy happiness. Beyond meeting basic needs, more money does not buy happiness. Study after study shows this to be true, but people still dedicate their entire lives to being efficient, compulsive consumers. Intrinsic things, like family, friends, a sense of community, and free time bring happiness. Even it is considered antiquated or even anti-American if one does not wish to spend their life making someone else rich in a corporate serf job, refusing to worship at the altar of consumerism brings more happiness than lusting after that next big purchase then trying to pay it off and hang on to it once its bought.

business millionaire

Money piles up when you don’t participate in the rat race

“Yes” to More Money, More Time, More Freedom

Needless to say, money buys flexibility with time and flexibility with time rewards us with more freedom. Once turning our backs on ideology that tells we need to consume, we are what we drive, we can’t pass up a so-called great deal, we need to give up our personal goals to earn a paycheck, and that the only happiness is acquisition, the veil of a century of mass marketing and brainwashing can be tossed aside.

Even in 1899, in The Theory of the Leisure Class, Veblen saw the trends of people giving up leisure pursuits and other important parts of life so they could compete with others with consumer purchases:

Leisure held the first place at the start, and came to hold a rank very much above wasteful consumption of goods. From that point onward, consumption has gained ground, until, at present, it unquestionably holds the primacy. It frequently happens that an element of the standard of living which set out with being primarily wasteful, ends with becoming, in the apprehension of the consumer, a necessary of life. It is much more difficult to recede from a scale of expenditure once adopted than it is to extend the accustomed scale in response to an accession of wealth.

Using Veblen’s model, and as we see happen time and again in a culture that worships stuff, luxuries quickly turn into necessities and one purchase leads to another until people don’t know what they’re doing anymore. Before long, the idea of cutting back, eliminating waste, and simplfying seems preposterous to average sheeple. But minimalists know things are better on our side of the fence. We might not have as much junk lying around, but we also don’t have to spend our time worrying about and taking care of junk, and end up with a lot more money and freedom. Giving up on the rat race may be the most Red Pill money tip there is.

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