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Nearly Half of Adult Singles in Japan Virgins – Is It Hypergamy?


Nearly half of Japanese women in the prime of their lives – up to age 34 – report being virgins

Just when one thinks the sexual jungle in the Western world is bad with the number of incel men growing rapidly, out comes news from the Land of the Rising Sun that an incredible 42-44% of adult singles in Japan have never been laid! Wow. Even more amazingly these statistics apply to both men and women in the prime of their lives. Unlike the West, in which women will spread their legs unendingly for bad boys while refusing a tepid kiss for Beta males, Japanese women seem to be very chaste. (At least when they’re being questioned about their sexual proclivities. Note: Women have been known to lie.)

In any case, here’s how the numbers break down for the only real sexes that exist (fuck off, leftists) aged 18-34 years:

  • 42% of men are virgins
  • 44% of women are virgins

Japan, unashamed to promote their people’s identity and self-interest, unlike suicidal Caucasians in Europe, has been working to stop its population from dying off. It is encouraging people to start fucking again. But monetary incentives don’t seem to be helping, which can be seen as further evidence that something more than Western feminism is at play when it comes to frigid relations between the sexes across cultures. The Telegraph reports:

The country’s government has worked hard to boost the birthrate in recent years, providing incentives such as support for child care and tax breaks. The new data however indicates, that, if anything Japanese men and women are growing apart.

As damaging as feminism has been in the West, possible contributing factors to sex lives that have been reduced to hand jobs and sex robots include:

Working too much and obsessing over career too much to enjoy any type of social life; an interesting proposal by economist John McMurtry that GDP rise correlates with social decay leading to a nation of estranged individuals as a culture has to increasingly sell itself out to keep GDPs rising; and a sociological shift towards extrinsic life goals (i.e. materialism) rather than intrinsic life goals (i.e. having a family) which do not actually provide happiness – only the illusion of it.

Futoshi Ishii, head researcher for the Japanese National Institute of Population and Social Security told the press he thinks individualism and people chasing fantasies are helping drive the sex drought and resulting demographic decline.

They want to tie the knot eventually. But they tend to put it off as they have gaps between their ideals and the reality. That’s why people marry later or stay single for life, contributing to the nation’s low birthrate.

As the birth rate declines, fewer young people have to work harder and harder to support larger numbers of old people in what is termed by demographers as an inverted population pyramid.


Marry up or die seems to be the rule worldwide, even in Japan


One of the key pieces of evidence that helps solve this demographic riddle is buried at the very bottom of The Telegraph’s piece on people practically going to their grave as virgins in Japan – female hypergamy. Put simply, hypergamy is the driving instinct in female mating choice. It is the instinct to fuck and marry up in social status, not across or down. One has to get all  the way to the bottom of the article to find this nugget of information:

But recent years have seen a shift in traditional family structures, and a protracted economic slowdown as a global powerhouse, which has reportedly resulted in many men struggling to hold down secure, full-time jobs.

Boom. There you have it. Women don’t want to fuck men of lower social status. It might as well be a law of the universe. Social equality or men with no secure income means an end to sex lives. Perhaps this is the real reason the wage gap myth is pushed so hard (even by Ivanka Trump!) in the United States. Because social engineers know Briffault’s Law well:

Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

If a man can provide no benefits the female can harvest from him, or gain by association with him, either social status or material wealth, or power (which usually results from social status and material wealth), he is a good as dead in a woman’s eyes. Importantly, Briffault’s Law is not just applicable to human mating, but to other animal species.

It seems women will literally let a nation and their family lineage die off if they cannot find a man who provides some sort of economic or social benefit to them. Now who’s objectifying who? Give me some benefit or I’ll stay a virgin until I die and your nation can die with you seems to be the early warning to the West coming out of Japan.

Could the sexless fiasco get even worse in the West, following Japan’s lead? A man can either make fun of this story, or look at it as a canary in the coal mine for what’s to come as men’s earning capacity and leadership roles in society are diminished by the insane leftist doctrine of equalism.

It’s hard to look at what’s going on in the world and not see the invisible hand of social engineers using science to reshape the human species into sexless worker drones. But that’s all crazy talk, right? In any case, it seems man’s biggest mistake is giving woman what she wants. The Bible talked about that sort of thing.

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Women and Monkey Branching

J'Adore Endless Summer Photos

We might love women but men have to use their wits when dealing with them

Women are consummate manipulators who have impressive natural talents allowing them to extract resources from men and society. Hypergamy, the parasitic, even predatory nature of women, and The Hedonic Treadmill, which powers the consumer waste machine, are the main manifestations of the desire of women to “marry up” and maintain a steady stream of material resources flowing their way. In addition to these important concepts, women are constantly on the lookout for the “bigger, better deal” when it comes to money, status and power. Monkey branching is a creative way of describing the concept of women reaching onward and upward to higher status men.

Here’s how monkey branching works. A woman will reach out for a new branch (a new guy) when her old branch (the old guy) gets “boring” or she’s not “happy” any longer or has located a bigger, better meal ticket to exploit. Sometimes, it’s just the desire to have an adventure or try something different. No matter how good the old guy is, society tells women they can never do any wrong and different equals better.

She will not let go of the old branch until she has a grasp on the new one. This is why women will offer their attention and/or sex up for a dominant Alpha male in a moment’s notice, while holding on to the Beta bucks provider as Mr. Backup until it’s safe to either dump him or divorce rape him. Women know it is hard to get an Alpha male to commit, because unlike the Beta male the Alpha has many options, so she has to “test” her chances of successfully reaching to the new branch without falling off the tree.

Once she has felt her way through and the Rationalization Hamster tells her its safe to leap, she’ll often leave the hapless and clueless Beta male behind, his head swimming as to what just took place. Most men never figure this cruel process out, and even if someone tells them what just happened, they will perform the most impressive mental gymnastics to avoid admitting the truth to themselves. Weak men will let her come back even if her attempt at monkey branching to the higher status male fails. Sometimes women reach back to their old branch if the new branch only wants to pump and dump them and take them for an emotional ride.


Men often enable bad behavior because of their lust for sex

Enabling Bad Behavior

One of the biggest problems is today’s culture allow women to keep swinging and monkey branching from man to man in the quest for the perfect guy. Thus ensues years or decades of carousel riding, only for her to one day wake up and realize men age like wine and women age like milk, and her sexual market value has clabbered. Dating and sex apps, White Knights, feminists, and puss pedestalizers enable this behavior to continue perpetually until she winds up a ball of human wreckage with 20 cats as she hits The Wall.

Because eggs are more valuable than sperm in nature, women will always have more options than men, and thus unless culturally constrained the compulsion to monkey branch and carousel ride will always come out.

I have a personal monkey branching story to share. In a remarkable show of duplicity and cunning, a girl I once dated for 2 years dumped me for a bad boy because I wanted to go to college and she refused to wait for me to visit her. I almost quit school to try and patch things up with her but she only used me to “loan” her money, then sent me away after she got what she wanted from me. As I went back to college, broken hearted and alone she stayed with the bad boy who soon got her pregnant. Almost 10 years later, she wanted to monkey branch back to me when I was in my 30s, after she had two kids from the bad boy. He had turned into a drug addict and apparently the relationship was so bad she once jumped off a building trying to commit suicide. Long story short, she would post status updates on Facebook describing how happy she was with the bad boy, how much she loved him, and how lucky she was to have her family, all while feeling me out minutes later with private messages to see if should could monkey branch back to me with all her baggage. She offered sex to me while praising her then husband online with status updates at the same time. I rejected both her worn out vagina and her.

I refused to be her enabler. Other men should also refuse to enable this type of behavior. It was totally disrespectful towards both me and her husband.


The female urges to monkey branch, carousel, and have children with different partners while society foots the bill has to be curbed

Moving Up

There is a biological reason women exhibit this behavior, however civilized society requires that it be mediated. Women want to increase the chance of survival of their offspring by mating with only the “best” men, and this strategy makes sense in the wild. However, in a civilized society it can be damaging.

Since feminism, women have been free to indulge animal instincts once again. Women of today often have children from two, three, or more fathers. This does create genetic diversity for her offspring however it reduces the incentive for male investment in the family. The gold standard for civilized children is the two-parent household.

In short, women got to indulge their cravings for Alpha men and numerous sexual partners, while good, stable men and families were abandoned for female sexual adventurism. Governments now force Beta males to pay into a system that encourages this type of irresponsible behavior, and even condemns men who speak out against the damage it is doing to society as “sexists” or “misogynists” when in fact those who empowered women to destroy society are more misogynistic than those who want the best for both women and society.

In the ultimate irony, rather than feminism representing progress it represents regress back into a hunter-gatherer type of human society. Allowing women to monkey branch and carousel again means men will not make the necessary investments in stable families to keep the fragile, and new concept of civilization running.

Hopefully, after seeing this behavior laid out and examined it will save you some stress and grief when you see it in action. The skilled player will know to manipulate the situation to stop monkey branching before it starts. Dominance is key. If your partner sees you as dominant, she will be much less likely to stray. Even then, the risk is always there. Never let your guard down or never trust what women say, watch what they do.

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Women Will Do Anything for an Alpha – Including Having Sex with Other Women


No fantasy is too outlandish when women are trying to please an Alpha male

A sexual jungle has been unleashed on America and Europe by feminism. A new study gives us another example of what it’s like to live in this jungle: the Alpha male gets a harem and women are willing to have sex with each other to keep him satisfied. Beta males and those lower on the totem poll don’t fare so well when this is the situation. As pointed out before here at TNMM, this causes society to de-civilize.

The new study which is dissected in this article compliments another study published last year which also found that women are either bisexual or gay but never straight. This confirms selection pressure on women in the history of the human species to get along with, and even sexually pleasure other women in the harem of Alpha males. The University of Essex found:

In tests, those [women] saying they were only interested in men were strongly sexually aroused by videos of naked men — and women.

The media responded by writing headlines slanting the story towards the gay agenda, headlines such as: Women ‘all bi or gay’. This shows us those who control the narrative in the West want the sexual market to skew even farther away from any sort of common sense. What these studies actually reveal are facts about women which have historically led to cultural enforcement of monogamy and restrictions on the wild, base natures of women, in order to build up society instead of tearing it down.

After all, what man wants to work hard if there is no cultural or sexual incentive for him to do so? Most men are minimalists by nature and can get by without the McMansion, luxury sedan, and other wasteful consumerism women cherish.


The left consistently pushes a gay agenda while relentlessly suppressing heterosexuality

Exposing the Agenda

While the left-leaning newspaper The Sun used the studies of male and female sexuality to push the LGBT bacon cheeseburger agenda, the truth of the matter is it reveals politically incorrect, harsh facts about women we in the manosphere discuss all the time. From the article:

Psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa believes that evolution has led to women becoming open to intimacy with both genders. He claims that sexual fluidity is a means of “reducing conflict and tension among co-wives in polygynous marriages.”

In short, women are hypergamous and would rather screw a Machiavellian, narcissistic, psychopathic bad boy who gets what he wants, even if that means being part of his harem and, what the hell I’ll even have threesomes or orgies with other women to make him happy. Meanwhile, Johnny 9-to-5, who may be a really, really nice guy, good provider, and potentially good father gets no action other than that provided by Rosy Palm.

Dr. Kanazawa, from the London School of Economics and Political Science, explained: “The theory suggests that women may not have sexual orientations in the same sense as men do. Rather than being straight or gay, to whom women are sexually attracted may depend largely on the particular partner, their reproductive status, and other circumstances.”

Women want to screw and attach themselves to a winner. As Anglo American culture has completely released constraints on female sexuality, crushed Beta males under its heel with an oppressive government that enslaves them with child support and alimony payments (after all, the sweet little lady couldn’t help it that she tripped and fell on another man’s Johnson) and prevents them from seeking any sexual gratification thanks to Puritanical laws on prostitution, men subjected to this cultural insanity are disenfranchised sexually. Since the sexual market is the granddaddy of all human markets, droves of men have no reason to participate when female sexuality is monopolized by a small minority of men.

Learning Game is a solution to the problem of incel these men are subjected to, however it will ultimately lead to an “arms race” among those in the know. The men who know Game, over time, will have to work harder and harder for less and less return.


Female sexual orientation has evolved to be looser than male sexual orientation

Women’s Sexual Orientation Looser than Men’s

Men show much lower tendencies to stray into homosexuality than women do. Women are, after all, much more susceptible to persuasion and control than men are. Women continue to skew more and more bisexual since the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Experts collected data over ten years focusing on the sexual orientation of Americans, grouping them into different ‘waves’. Participants were asked to categorize themselves as: 100 per cent straight, mostly straight, bisexual, mostly gay or 100 per cent gay. Analyzing the data allowed researchers to compare how flexible men and women were when it came to sexual attraction.

Using pupil dilation tests, which reveal if a subject is sexually aroused by imagery, men and women were subjected to a series of erotic photography. The findings showed men are generally not sexually aroused by other men, however women were aroused by both men and women.

Of course, since women can never be blamed for anything in Anglo America, perfect angels that they are, the article bent over backward trying to lay the blame on men. As is typical, the fact women choose sex partners and it is men who are chosen is completely forgotten.

Dr. Kanazawa believes that women have had to evolve to deal with the experience of men having more than one partner. He claimed: “Even though humans have been mildly polygynous throughout evolutionary history, polygynous marriages are often characterized by conflict and tension among co-wives. I propose that occasional sex among co-wives may have reduced such conflict and tension, and increased their reproductive success. Female sexual fluidity may have evolved as an adaptation to facilitate it.”

SpermWarsIt would be more accurate to say: Because of female hypergamy and refusal to settle for anything less than a man who gives them bragging rights to their female friends, women’s instincts have led them to deal with, and happily accept the experience of top Alpha men they are attracted to having more than one partner.

Women will persecute a Beta male for the same infidelity. Nature is not kind to the nice guy.

Indeed, along with other wonderfully controversial facts, the book Sperm Wars by Robin Baker lends credence to the concept that women have adapted to have fluid sexual orientation.

Modern evidence suggests that, more often than not…bisexuals are born, not made.

It is not hard to see how this tendency in women led to the mythical Sodom and Gomorrah, which was later destroyed by God. Societies that do not practice restraint and allow women to orbit Alpha males while neglecting all other males do not stay civilized long.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the story is a telling summation of the societal cost of unleashing primitive instincts on society rather than trying to constrain them. The instincts lead to temporary sexual satisfaction, but will ultimately negate the long-term fulfillment a family will bring.


Women choose and men get chosen, the only power men have is manipulating the choosing process

Adapt or Die

This study reveals one of the most in your face realities about the sexual and psychological nature of women yet.

Imagine, women evolving to be bisexual in nature only because in the feral history of the human species, before civilization tried to harness these primitive sexual forces, only so they could please the top male who subjugated and dominated all the other males in society. After all, dominance hierarchies are the norm in our species. Winner take all, including all the puss.

The choices left for the man who does not wish to become a genetic dead end are either to go to the dark side and develop Dark Triad traits of Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy, or become a master at Game, or leave for a more traditional culture in which hypergamy and an ability to resource provision will be of benefit.

Adapt to the de-civilizing society you are in or die – genetically, anyway. That, or clean house politically, purging the leaders that did this to you.

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The 10 Laws of Hypergamy


The 10 Laws of Hypergamy will help protect you from the risks of dealing with women

In addition to Game which is a topic regularly discussed across the manosphere, there is another option for men to use to their advantage when dealing with women. It’s called hypergamy, and works almost effortlessly outside the borders of The Matrix since all women have hypergamous instincts. What is hypergamy?

Hypergamy is a term used in social science for the act or practice of [women] marrying someone who is wealthier or of higher caste or social status.

Translation: You are a tasty morsel of a meal ticket to women outside the borders of Anglo-America and Western Europe.

In short, in societies that don’t cuck Beta resource providers with a social welfare state, hardworking Western men still have a lot of bargaining power with women and can often find better sexual and life partners since cultural constraints on female sexuality are still in place. Unlike in Anglo-America and Western Europe, Western men are not looked upon with scorn in much of the rest of the world. In fact, we are seen as the Gold Standard in many a culture and nation.

Since feminism and social engineering have all but destroyed hypergamy as an option for average working men in Anglo America, the best option for the man who wishes to make hypergamy work in his favor is to expatriate to a location in which he still retains his rightful, respected social status as a productive, useful member of society. He can then use this as a bargaining chip with women, who are genetically coded to seek out men of higher status than themselves.

For the man who wishes to make hypergamy work for him, here are the 10 Laws of Hypergamy.


Your success in using hypergamy to your benefit depends on learning hard truths about women

The Laws

10. Even though it will seem like the women you meet abroad are interested in you as a person, always remember they are just like any other women you meet. Women the world over love male utility and not men. Like women at home, women abroad are interested in your social status and resources you bring to the table. The deal is, as a man your bargaining power has not been stripped from you by a social welfare state in much of the world as is the case in a gynocentric America and Europe.

So, while you will have a veritable cornucopia of women abroad who are ready to do your bidding and will seem like they love you, dissimulation comes naturally to the female sex so buyer beware. Women are innately cunning and deceptive, and a man must not let himself be fooled into placing himself into a bad financial or legal position with his new hypergamous love interest.

9. You must not take the woman you meet abroad out of her native culture. Women are like water in many ways, they fit the cultural container which they’re placed into. Taking your new love out of her native culture will no doubt be a huge mistake.

As soon as she is exposed to the hemlock that is misandry and Cultural Marxism in America everything you love about her will die. She will adapt to America’s toxic culture, and your entire purpose will have been defeated. She must remain in the patriarchal culture she grew up in, and you must stay with her.

8. Remember that women often monkey branch. Here’s how monkey branching works. The metaphor goes like this. A woman clings to a man just as a monkey clings to a branch on a tree as long as he is useful in some way. She will then let go and reach out for a new branch when she has located a bigger, better meal ticket to exploit. Thus, the term monkey branching.

Abroad, a woman will be interested in you initially because you represent a ready made opportunity for her to raise her social or financial status. But, if she meets friends of yours who have higher status she will often “monkey branch” and swing across and become property of the other man.

Bottom line, just because she “loves”you now doesn’t mean she won’t love a richer guy later.

7. Long distance relationships are strongly discouraged. Women are experts at deception. Often, women will have a man who provides them with resources while having another that provides them with sexual satisfaction.  Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks still applies.

The trick is, to never become the Beta Bucks guy as so many clueless Western men do when they find a foreign girl that fucks them a few times. Here in the Caribbean, this Beta Bucks provider often is a gringo and the lady will have a “Papi Chulo” on the side fucking her when the gringo is not around.

Remember, women are not loyal and this especially true when they are unattended.

6. Beware the Green Card seeker. While this is not as big of a risk as some make it out to be, there are women who will play along and “simulate” a relationship with you until you take her home to your country.

I have seldom run into this problem, as most foreign women only want a man who can provide them utility value and have no desire to leave their family and friends behind to go live in the West. Yet another myth America has been able to promulgate is that the entire world wants to live inside its borders. This is simply not true.

However, if you do happen across a green card seeker, once she finds out you are staying in her country for the long haul, you will be disposed of. She is doing you a favor, as you don’t need her in your life anyway.

5. Pros are not recommended for LTRs. There are generally two types of women in cultures where hypergamy still works: whores and the best girl you will ever find. There’s very little in the middle when it comes to this rule in my experience.

Whores can be great fun to screw around with and hang out with, but they make poor long term prospects and are bad financial investments. Western men often confuse whores with good women, simply because even whores treat men with respect in many cultures.

It pays to hold out, date around, and learn what different types of women are available before jumping into a relationship if an LTR is your goal. Which brings us to our next point.

4. Play the field. You will likely have more options than you have ever had in your life by virtue of your social status, especially if you are from America or Western Europe. Do not settle for the first piece of ass that comes along. Out of pure thirst, many men will take the first piece of tail that comes their way.

My recommendation would be to go through at least half a dozen women to gain experience with them and to be able to judge the characters of different women better, once the rose-colored glasses effect subsides a bit.

3. Adapt to the culture you are in. Rather than bringing the nihilism, anti-religiousness and materialism of Anglo America with you, adapt to the culture you are in. Abroad, the good girls often still attend church (this is a good thing) and often are very family-oriented.

They often enjoy traditional feminine activities like cooking and cleaning. Do not stop them from doing this, and do not try to Westernize them. You left all that feminist bullshit behind for a reason, right?

2.  Maintain frame and Game at all times. Foreign women get tired of clingy and needy Beta males, too. Do not become soft and Beta just because a woman has submitted to you and hypergamy has netted you a new lease on life. If you want to keep her, you still must maintain an aloof attitude.

Also, foreign women can require a firm attitude as many will start to shit test men who are not of strong character.

In short, stand up and be a man. Don’t let the cultural indoctrination you received in the West keep you from assuming a more dominant role with your new love interest.

1. Remember you are the prize and keep your self interest paramount at all times. The same rule applies with hypergamy that applies with Game. Keep in mind the sacrifices you’ve already made just in order to have this kind of selection of prime pussy available to you.

Look out for number one at all times. Do what you want to do with your life, not what she wants. Merely inform her of your decision after it has been made.

This one is difficult for most men, but your have to put your self-interest over that of your woman. Failure to do this will get you burned every time. Never, ever expect loyalty from a female as it is not in their nature to be loyal.


Utilizing hypergamy arguably makes society more civilized than Pick Up Artistry

What to Expect When Using Hypergamy

Hypergamy can be a wonderful thing.

A relationship based on hypergamy feels more natural to the average man since it is natural for women to submit to men who are dominant and/or good resource providers. This has been the case throughout the evolution of our species.

Women who see you as someone to “date up” or “marry up” to will treat you totally different than women who have their lifestyles financed by Big Daddy Government and have been socially conditioned to heap scorn upon you, as is the case in the modern West.

Even with an average salary and average wealth, Western men will find they enjoy high social and financial status among literally 90-95% of the world’s population. That’s pretty much any woman living outside the borders of The Matrix.

Remember, women’s hypergamous instincts are not going away and you did not create hypergamy, all you can do is take advantage of it. Hypergamy can bring you opportunities with women you never expected to have but you have to leave Western culture to take advantage, and be cautious and calculating as you do so.

Learning Game is also a good idea as it will amplify the effects of exploiting hypergamy.

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What the Real-World Matrix Is


As Morpheus said, “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

In the politically incorrect, Realtalk manosphere the term The Matrix comes up often. While it derives its name and general concept from the 1999 film, in the real world it refers to the current dominant system of social engineering and human tax farming that originated in Anglo America. This system of managed democracy and inverted totalitarianism now aims to consolidate its power around the globe.

As my third grade teacher always said, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. These concepts are not for everyone. But if you came here looking for harsh truths, you have come to the right place.

Here are what each of the terms used in the above infographic mean, and how they apply to the larger Red Pill hypothesis. It all starts with the corporate-government complex, as defined by The New Modern Man:

Large corporations (of which there are 16 that control over 90% of the products you consume and information you get to see or hear) fund political campaigns and lobby for the government to have more power; in turn the government enacts laws favorable to large corporations. The left blames corporations while the right blames the government, when in reality the two interests work together to subvert the will of the people.

The military-industrial complex is a term used since Eisenhower’s farewell address in 1961. Here is what it means:

The military–industrial complex is an informal alliance between a nation’s military and the defense industry which supplies it, seen together as a vested interest which influences public policy.

Of course, the education system is the next step in this system of social control. (Affectionately reffered to as the “edumacation system” here at TNMM.) This education system not only saddles college graduates with an average of $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt, but serves as a massive indoctrination compound for leftism, feminism, and Cultural Marxism. Whistle-blower and former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education Charlotte Thomson-Iserbyt exposes the true objectives of this system:

They’re looking at [your child] as a cog in the wheel to be trained, not educated.

The Corrupt Media then manipulate the masses with campaigns of fear and consumption, while always appealing to government authority as a sort of god that will solve all the world’s problems. It also helps promote the medical-pharmaceutical complex with constant drug advertising and spurious news reports that give people the notion the solution to all their health problems is a trip to the doctor and a pill. All the while, as Tom Naughton has proven, the government promotes a food pyramid that leads to a heart disease and obesity epidemic.

A growing police and surveillance state in America is a product of what Ron Paul has called the “biggest and most intrusive government in the history of mankind.” The United States imprisons more people per capita (as a percentage of the population) than any other nation in the history of mankind, mainly for drug crimes in a failed War on Drugs that has cost one trillion dollars and yet has not reduced drug use. It has led to people seeking prescription drugs from the medical-pharmaceutical complex, however. In that regard, it lets an institution the government regulates control the supply.

Politicians then knowingly create or misrepresent problems by sewing division on every possible difference they can find in people – everything from race to sex to religion (among other differences). The Political Game and its vivisection of the public into squabbling factions that can’t stand each other lives up to the age old concept of divide and conquer.

Feminism, promoted since the 1960s has worked hand in hand with Cultural Marxism to break up the nuclear family, the foundation of any civilized society. Anthropologist J.D. Unwin studied history and found that no society on earth has ever remained civilized once restrictions on female sexuality have been lifted, 30 years before feminism was unleashed on the public by the CIA via Gloria Steinem.

Another product of The Political Game is Racial Bolshevism, which scapegoats whites and particularly white males as the villains behind all the world’s problems. (Which in truth, these problems are mostly created by politicians.)

The Global Warming Religion is then preached and becomes a creed for those who then have no religion, after Cultural Marxism has purged traditional religion from their lives. It not only serves this purpose, but more importantly is leading to the creation of a global carbon tax and therefore global government, since a body that has the power to tax every nation is a de facto world government.

When the objectives of each of the pieces of this puzzle are put together, the objective of eliminating the nation-state and emergence of a Communist New World Order comes into plain view. This centralized power will be ruthlessly enforced by stringent economic and social controls once the two halves of Western Civilization, Europe and the United States are reduced as threats to the consolidation of power by ongoing demographic replacement. The rest of the world will fall like dominoes once the most powerful countries in the world fall under the new world government.


Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more

Hard to Swallow

Not everyone will have the capacity to take the Red Pill and see this truth as well as many other inconvenient truths about the way our world really works. The finer details are debatable of course, but this chart provides a good overall outline and shows what the end goal of the puppetmasters in the powerful world of business and government elites is and what they want for the world.

The Red Pill also refers to facing the hard truths about women. Many men after learning these concepts then go on to either become PUAs (Pick-Up Artists) or MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way). Some of the rest of us learn to put the power of hypergamy to work for us. Our 10 Laws of the Mating Game and 10 Laws of Exploiting Hypergamy go into more detail on this aspect of the Red Pill Hypothesis.

It is up to you whether you will do as the majority does and take the Blue Pill, or join us and take the Red Pill. The character of Morpheus explains this choice in the film.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

In the real world, taking the Blue Pill equates with believing the myths that the mythmakers in politics, public relations flacks, and advertisers spin. Taking the Red Pill equates with dispensing of all these myths and learning to accept the harsh realities of the world in which we live.

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The 10 Laws of the Mating Game


The Ten Laws of Game help protect you from the risks of dealing with women

Men and women play games with each other on a regular basis. Men try to secure easy sex from women without commitment, and women try to score financial and emotional commitment without giving sex to men. That’s just the way things are, and they way they will always be. In short, this is the mating game. Manipulating the rules to your favor is collectively known as learning Game in men’s circles.

Knowing the foundational principles of tight Game will get not only get you laid, they will give you an advantage over other men in your dealings with women. They will also help minimize the risks of dealing with a partner evolutionarily designed to exploit male utility value to the fullest.

Having sexual choice and avoiding the doldrums of incel (involuntary celibacy) are probably the biggest motivators men have to learn Game. Game techniques are designed to successfully short circuit the wiring in the primitive, limbic brain (unaffectionately referred to as the Rationalization Hamster in manosphere circles) women use to justify their often horrible life and sexual partner making decisions.

Using Game towards this end is a fantastic choice for a pleasure seeking, pussy pounding lifestyle. In many ways, learning how to successfully pull off pump and dumps is the best bet for the awakened man in today’s Law of the Jungle sexual market, as the predatory nature of women and half a century of feminism make dealing with them in any other way foolhardy.

Game is also essential even if your intentions are just to learn what women really want, because the chasm between what they say they want and what they actually want is a mile wide.

However, be advised using Game is a very risky proposition for forming a family in today’s legal and cultural climate. Lose frame or violate the Laws of Game one too many times and you may just find yourself getting divorce raped and turned into a child support slave, especially in America. And remember gents, 4 out of 5 divorces are initiated or caused by women. You are playing with fire until the legal and cultural climate drastically changes.

Whether a man’s aims are living a life of hedonism or nobler purposes, here are Ten Laws of The Mating Game to keep in mind at all times.


Your success in the mating game depends on learning hard truths about women

The Laws

10. Do not fall in love. Falling in love will leave you in a compromised position with women, ready to be taken advantage of. Women do not love men the way men love women. This is based on both a 5,000 year history of marriage and Briffault’s Law which studied male-female relations cross culturally and across human history. A woman will be in love with your money, social status or power, but not you as a person.

Also, love is a fickle emotion, and people fall out of love all the time. The hottie you think you are in love with now may not be so lovable 10 years from now when she is older, bitchier, wrinklier, saggier, and fatter.

Additionally, author Charles Bukowski also provides us with these cautionary words:

The male, for all his bravado and exploration, is the loyal one, the one who generally feels love. The female is skilled at betrayal and torture and damnation.

These words helps us segue into the fact the human female is a skilled predator, and men are her prey as pointed out by Rev. Lawrence Shannon is his classic The Predatory Female. This is why she is skilled at the personality traits elucidated above by Bukowski. You must keep your wits when dealing with women!

9. Be calculating. Women are very calculating in relationships. If there is nothing for a woman to gain, she will not associate with a man. Women will never admit this and will go through great lengths to hide it, but it is the golden rule governing all sexual and romantic relations.

Remember, as an awakened man you have to learn to start looking out for number one and learn to maneuver for what you want out of any romantic entanglement (sex) for she will be maneuvering to get what she wants out of the arrangement: resources, feels, and status.

8. Women do not think like men. Women put emotions before logic. They’re also extremely cunning, manipulative, and deceptive.

Men often make the mistake of thinking women are rational and logical, when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth. Something can make perfect, logical sense to you, but because she feels a certain way she will never accept it.  You have to learn to communicate with the language of emotion, and to be dominant in your dealings with women rather than submissive.

Women are also extremely talented at lying and deceiving, a fact the philosopher Schopenhauer went into great detail explaining. This is in many ways like entering a parallel universe for the male mind. Do not expect reason nor truth from women.

7. Do not let women separate you from your money. This is the biggest mistake of today’s Western man. He thinks his wallet will buy him access to the female amusement park, and wastes much of his life on a treadmill trying to appease women with more and more shiny things.

The ugly truth is women are shameless exploiters of male utility value and resources, and will suck the lifeblood right out of a man before tossing him in the garbage without a wit to the destruction she brought upon him.

Beta males are nothing but walking wallets to be exploited in today’s sexual market. Women have absolutely no qualms about spending the money of a Beta male while letting an Alpha male breed them.

Again, the concept of The Predatory Female comes into play.

6. Women shit test. Get used to it. Shit tests are nature’s way of women testing male boundaries to see what kind of man you are, and what kind of crap you will put up with. She will try to get under your skin in myriad ways and shit tests never really end, even aftera man has successfully completed his sexual conquest of a woman.

Do not bend to female shit tests and emotional vacillation. When she challenges you or insults you, you must put her in her place even if it is in front of her friends but you also must do it in an endearing, and preferably humorous way.

A show of strength, self-assurance, and a strong frame are the orders of the day when dealing with unrelenting shit tests.

On a related topic, when picking up women, learn how to neg and learn how to deliver backhanded compliments with ease and aplomb. This will deflate her ego a bit, and make her more malleable. Negs takes practice and experience, but nobody ever said being a man was easy.

5. Maintain yourself mentally and physically. Put bluntly, don’t be a dumbass or a fatass. Workout both your mind and body on a regular basis, and do not let women stop you from pursuing your own ambitions and goals in life.

Read, exercise, and eat well.

Cut down on television watching (eliminate it if possible) and find work in a career that satisfies you, not her. The key here is being sharper mentally and physically than men around you, and being in charge of your own life rather than sheepishly following orders of women.

4. Always have options. Oneitis is a fatal disease for your love life. A man who is desired by women has options, and lots of them.

Never be the first to commit, and always leave her with the assumption that you might just walk out the door at any time. Never admit to infidelity, but make her suspicious without making your intentions obvious.

Keep multiple plates spinning, as practice makes perfect when it comes to dealing with women. Develop an abundance mentality rather than letting the scarcity mentality sabotage your love life.

3. A cocky/funny asshole attitude holds the keys to the cave of love. A devil-may-care confident air is an intoxicating musk to the human female. It communicates success in professional and sexual matters.

Cultivate a cool, calm, confident, and aloof attitude. Give the impression that nothing bothers you, and that you are on top of the world, even if the world is on top of you.

Women do not like introspective, self-doubting, or weak willed men. But, they absolutely love bad boys of every stripe. Nice guys really do finish last.

2. Always remember women’s dual mating strategy. Do not be the Beta provider or ever become the Beta provider in her life. You are the Alpha Fucks guy, and she is lucky that you stay around.

This is the mentality you must develop to have success with women. Alpha fucks, Beta bucks is not just a phrase, it is a Red Pill fact that ranks right up there with Newton’s Law of Gravity.

Women will spend one man’s money while walking around with a cooch full of seed from another man. Which one do you want to be?

1. Your self-interest is paramount. This one is difficult for most men, but your have to put your interest over hers. Failure to do this will get you burned every time. Never, ever expect loyalty from a woman.

With women, it’s never what have you done for me. It’s what have you done for me lately.

Rationally look at the decisions you are making with women. Are you doing what is best for you, or best for her? If you stopped providing benefit to her, would she leave you? Who is gaining more from the relationship? An Alpha does what is best for himself, not for women.


Society will become less civilized the longer feminism rules

What to Expect From Game

These succinct and sage laws provide a foundation for a new philosophy that will yield incalculable rewards in your love life. While they stand in opposition to the myths society tells men, it behooves the Red Pill man to throw away everything the media, society, and the public education system told him about women.

You came here looking for truth, and you have found it.

Ultimately, Game is male adaptation to a drastically altered sexual market. It is a response to a society that foolishly removed all constraints on female sexuality.

Another option men have to increase their successful plunder of poon is to leave a declining culture for another culture that has not yet abandoned monogamy and “empowered” women to destroy themselves and society.

How to make hypergamy your bitch is explained here.

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