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5 Things I Love About Latin America


Some experiences can’t be unexperienced

I knew there was more to Latin America than meets the eye and more than the propagandists in the media tell us from the first time I set foot on its soil. From the minute I saw the reality of what’s on the ground from Mexico to the Caribbean, there was a splinter left in my mind that I never could quite forget.

I felt ALIVE inside every time I went. It soon became like a drug I never could quite quit, no matter how hard I tried to “do the right thing” and find an Anglo chick to settle down with and have a family. That, simply, is not in the fucking cards anymore for many reasons we discuss in the manosphere.

Little did I know a decade later I’d be running away from Anglo America, a refugee from a culture that has little to offer besides overworking until a man drops dead, micromanagement of virtually every aspect of a man’s life by an oppressive corporate-government complex, shopping, eating out and football.

I’ve been out of Anglo America a year, and a recent visit home was jarring to say the least. I saw a sad, sad place culturally. I did NOT want to stay long. Here are 5 things I love about my new home that I never would have had if I stayed put.


I never experienced a “real woman” until I came here

The List

5. A culture oriented towards family and friends. You can live beside someone for a decade back home and never know anything about them. It’s simply not like that in Latin America. First of all, most towns are laid out so that you WILL run into people you know in the course of the day. Human interaction is commonplace, rather than the constant isolation people suffer in Anglo America.

People are isolated from one another from the time they wake up until the time they drive to work in their car to the time they play one-upmanship at work, afraid to trust anyone until the time they come home and microwave their food. Anglo culture is a very isolating culture, in contrast to the family and friends oriented culture of Latin America. Family is still central to life in Latin America, and this is a VERY good thing. A walk through town is more than just exercise, it’s fun because you always meet someone interesting and you always run into friendly and sexy women along the way.

4. Dancing and drinking. Any night of the week, you can go out and see people drinking and dancing and having a good time in contrast to a horde of zombies waddling their way in and out of Target, Walmart and Starbucks trying to buy some happiness. Any decent looking guy can grab a chica and start dancing Salsa or Bachata with her, and before you know it your worries and problems fade away. Some of the happiest moments of my adult life have been spent drinking and dancing with a group of Latinas all night until early the next morning. I consider it therapy for the soul. I have literally been at the point of tears of happiness sometimes just thinking about how lonely my life was and how full and rich it now seems in comparison.

3. Laid back work ethic. The media likes to portray Latinos as little elves that keep America running. That is true on some level, as they do all the hard work in the nation in which white people have become too effete to even reproduce. But in many Latin countries, there is still a two-hour long siesta. The work ethic is still strong but it is much more laid back than the here and now demands that have become inhuman in modern day America. Schools let the kids out for two hours, parents come pick them up, and mami has a nice meal made for everyone when they get home. There’s time to eat, take a nap, and relax a little before heading back to work. In contrast to the gotta do it right here and right now! Puritan work ethic that has made people very productive but miserable back home, people still have an Old World view of labor here. Whatever needs to be done will get done in its own time. It’s PEOPLE before THINGS. A very important differentiation.

2. Freedom. I always laugh at the U.S. calling itself the bastion of freedom in the world. Nothing is farther from the truth. I never experienced freedom until I left the so-called “freest nation on earth.” Fewer things are illegal here and those that are illegal aren’t enforced with an iron fist and a stiff cock up your ass. There is nothing like the feeling of having unfettered possibilities laid out before you each day.

The contrast between the Caribbean life of freedom I enjoy and the creepy police state I felt the weight of when I lived in and visited America are as stark as the contrast between night and day. It’s been said when people fear their government there is tyranny, and when the government fears the people there is liberty. Who fears who in America?

1. The Chicas. I am a spoiled man since leaving. Very spoiled. Traditional women who are fit, not fat and love to “be good to their man” abound. I never experienced a “real woman” until I came to Latin America. Frankly, they make their Anglo sisters look sick by comparison. By no means are Latinas pushovers – they’re just confident in their sexuality and their femininity unlike Anglo women who constantly try to be like men and displace men from their traditional roles in society. I find Latinas very sexy on many levels, and there is nothing like a confident but feminine women who also has a plump (not fat!) ass and pair of tits.

It’s gotten to the point I am generally repulsed by the sad, sad disposition of Anglo chicks. They’re truly some of the most lost souls I have encountered in my travels.


Competitive consumption is not the life for me

Keep My Ass Outta The Matrix

So, it’s needless to say I do not want to come back. Leaving repeatedly over the past decade and then becoming emboldened enough to take the big leap and try to build a life here has been the most risky and yet rewarding move I have ever made.

Little did I know the college classes I complained about so much – Spanish I through IV would be more life-changing than the degree I was awarded. Those classes and my later experiences in Latin America literally changed the entire course of my life.

I imagine I would be just like many of the men I now feel sorry for when I go home if that hadn’t happened to me. They’re working their asses off, most of them are lonely, and most of them have never experienced a real woman in their lives.

For that, I will always be grateful to this part of the world for giving me a life I would never have had in Anglo America.

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