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Sex Workers Confirm Anglo Women Don’t Know How to Treat Men


Sex workers confirm men are starved for basic human decency from women in the Anglo world

Here’s yet another sad, sad commentary on the mercenary state of relations between the sexes in the frigid Anglosphere. Some say Australian women are a special kind of crazy, even when compared to their demented Anglo sisters in America and England. This story published on an Australian news site would seem to confirm that.

Sex workers are asking Anglo women to treat their men a little better as Australian men pay exorbitant amounts not to have sex; often they pay just for basic female companionship. These guys need a hug, dammit!

This is yet another shovel full of female bullshit heaped on a mountain of evidence confirming both Rookh Kshatriya’s Anglobitch Thesis and the oft-cited claim here at TNMM that Anglo women are the worst in the world. Just look at what men are paying hundreds of dollars an hour for in Australia. A working girl named “Ms. Robinson” told reporters what her clients want.

It’s not this wild, crazy, hang-from-the-chandeliers porn star experience they want. They just want to be with a girlfriend for an hour. Cuddling, being together, talking, having that intimacy with somebody. I’ve got clients in their 20s who want that. It’s pretty amazing. I’m still in shock over how many young guys are into me. It’s bizarre.

These poor bastards just want a little female warmth and kindness!

How evil the media are for portraying men like this, so-called “Johns” as sexual deviants in the American media. We’ll say it yet again, prostitution needs to be legalized in all of America, not just in Nevadan brothels.

This phenomenon, men paying for female intimacy rather than sex, is symptomatic of a sexual market in which quality men have been rendered worthless by the resource cuckolding of the modern welfare state, gynocentrism, and a culture that encourages women to shame and heap scorn upon men. It would seem basic human decency to men is beyond the purview of women in the English-speaking world. No wonder I saw the streets crawling with Australian men on my recent trip to Thailand.

It’s just sex, ladies. Stop treating it as something to be kept in a bank vault if you so freely dole it out for bad boys. Even putting a ring on it and assuming the massive dead weight most women represent these days is no guarantee of affection for would-be Beta males. Ms. Robinson continues:

I do see a lot of married men and they’re not getting that intimacy at home, at all. Men are looking to be understood and be heard. They’re looking for that bit of love that they’re obviously missing. I could open up a school to teach women how to be intimate because there are so many out there that are not giving intimacy to their husbands.

Ms. Robinson’s comments help explain why a gay acquaintance of mine in the States told me most of the men he has relations with are married men. Gayness has a long and sordid history in the Anglosphere, and has been lurking underneath the surface until modern times when women trashed any pretenses of being feminine and chaste post-feminism.

What’s even more amazing is how much these men pay for these services.

The 58-year-old woman said that 90% of her clients, ranging in age from 20-45, pay $350 for half an hour to engage in a heightened degree of emotional intimacy. In some cases, they engage in reciprocal sexual pleasure (girlfriend experiences), but in other cases, they won’t have sex at all (companionship experiences).

Beta thirst is real, my friends. This is why land whales think they can behave like princesses.

Imagine, a 20 year old man, in the prime of his life, paying $350 for an infertile, well worn piece of ass. And many of these guys don’t even bang her even after they’ve paid!

I can’t tell you the number of times a client and I haven’t had sex. We may have just sit there and talk, we may have dinner. There’s so many times that you will not have sex. Sometimes… I think… ‘wow’.

Wow, indeed.

This story illustrates just how bad the average man now has it in the English-speaking world. America is no better, and by many accounts England is even worse with its treatment of men, as hard as that is to believe. (Recent legal moves have been made to outlaw flirting, calling it “sexual harassment” in England and Wales.)

Any wonder those of us who left The Matrix will fight tooth and nail to stay gone, not returning to the insanity of a male-hating culture swirling the toilet bowl?

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End the War Sex and the War on Drugs


Why should something you can give away for free be illegal to sell? It makes no sense

It is time to end the War on Sex and the War on Drugs in America. Both are colossal failures in regards to their effectiveness at stopping the world’s oldest profession and eliminating drug seeking behavior.

Trading sex for material wealth or higher social status is the very essence of what being a woman is. They do it all the time, day in and day out whether they realize it or not. This behavior is not going away, as it is ingrained in the human genome.

Men ALWAYS pay for sex one way or the other. If you think a woman is interested in you because you are such a fine human being you are a Beta or Omega who’s got another thing coming. Females are strategic about their sexual and mating practices and the oft-quoted Briffault’s Law sums the transaction up best, whether it involves leaving a Benjamin on the night stand or signing over the deed on your home after a frivorce:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

That’s not a hypothesis. That’s not a theory. It’s a LAW. Sadistic lawmakers should let that one sink in before they destroy men’s lives for paying up front for sex instead of making a balloon payment at the end. Because those are the options if a man plays around with the fire known as marriage in Anglo America, or instead wisely avoids that legal cesspool altogether.

America continues to wage one of its insane Wars on Normal Human Activity with the War on Sex. There needs to be a cease fire in this culture war.


The War on Drugs creates more crime and more dead people than legalizing drugs would

War on Drugs

Ah, the War on Drugs. Started by Nixon and now totally overblown into a full scale paramilitary force terrorizing a man growing a pot plant in his own home.

At the very least the last three Presidents are known to have used either marijuana or cocaine, both or worse drugs at some point (and possibly many points) in their lives. Bush II was rumored to have a raging coke habit at one point in his life. Clinton’s brother reportedly told DEA agents Billy Jeff “had a nose like a vacuum cleaner.”

So, moral authorities they are not.

The same leaders also have dirty drug running laundry stretching back to the administration of Poppy Bush, as both that family and the Clinton crime family are implicated in the transportation of cocaine through Mena, AR in the late 80s and early 90s.

Then there’s Afghanistan. As reported by Common Dreams:

The cultivation of opium poppy in Afghanistan—a nation under the military control of US and NATO forces for more than twelve years—has risen to an all-time high, according to the 2013 Afghanistan Opium Survey released Wednesday by the United Nations.

According to the report, cultivation of poppy across the war-torn nation rose 36 per cent in 2013 and total opium production amounted to 5,500 tons, up by almost a half since 2012.

“This has never been witnessed before in the history of Afghanistan,” said Jean-Luc Lemahieu, the outgoing leader of the Afghanistan office of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which produced the report.

Here’s how the game works if you haven’t figured it out.

With all prohibitions on everything from alcohol to sex to drugs, banning things just sends the activity into the underground and creates crime and gangs, i.e. Al Capone who arose during the prohibition on alcohol.

Alcohol was legalized, and unsurprisingly the gangs went away!

Politicians know this. Which is why their motto is, “Pass a law, create a business.” In this case, a “business” of government thugs arresting people for things at least the past three Presidents did including snorting cocaine, if not being fully involved in the full scale transportation and distribution of the drug while killing anyone who found out about the government’s dirty little secret in Mena.


The first rule of politics is accuse others of your misdeeds to deflect from your own guilt

Hypocrisy and Control

Ron Paul seems to be the only politician willing to give us Realtalk on the Drug War, rather than the normal mushroom treatment the American sheeple get in which politicians feed us figurative manure and leave us in the dark. Paul tells us what’s up:

I don’t like the drugs, but I’ll tell you what… As much as I don’t like those drugs, I really don’t like the drug war. I think it’s much more dangerous. A lot more people have died in the drug wars than have died from the drugs. In fact, more people have died from prescription drugs than they do from the illegal drugs.

He’s absolutely right. The War on Drugs has shifted drug seeking behavior from street corner drug dealers to doctors, pharmacists and drug companies who have gladly filled the vacuum with prescription opioids. Prescription drugs now kill FAR more people than street drugs. The new Prohibitions have also created dangerous black markets for drugs (and sex, too) just like the aforementioned black market that developed during the prohibition of alcohol.

In short, any War on Normal Human Activity (whether you view that activity as good or bad) is really about:

  1. Creating problems with people’s lives to create profit
  2. Passing laws to create businesses/bureaucracies
  3. Extending the government’s control over your personal life
  4. Conditioning the populace using B.F. Skinner’s techniques

Be careful the smiling faces and crooked lies of the political class. They’re the wolves, and we are the sheep.

Bringing the discussion full circle, banning fucking for money is also aimed at achieving the same above objectives for social engineers and human farmers. End the War on Sex. Selling sex should absolutely be legal for two consenting adults in a free society. End the War on Drugs. Portugal did, and the results speak for themselves. The only problem is…what to do with all the unemployed government thugs after freedom is given back to the citizens?

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Red Pill Money: The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Legalized Prostitution


From Mesoamerica to India all societies in the history of the world have had prostitution, and in most of them it has been legal until modern times

“If you expel prostitution from society, you will unsettle everything on account of lusts.” -Augustine of Hippo, early Christian philosopher.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession for a reason. Think of it as a safety valve for men who either don’t want to put up with women (Charlie Sheen famously said he doesn’t pay whores for sex, but to leave after it’s over) or are one of the 4 out of 5 incels, the sexually frustrated men in today’s skewed sexual market. How many hardworking men’s lives have been destroyed by an overbearing police state entrapping them for solicitation of prostitution and slapping them with a criminal record for trying to get some nookie? This is one of the many ways I cannot abide by the growing tyranny in Anglo America.

There have always been whores throughout history, and the argument can be made that marriage is merely sophistry applied to prostitution. The economic nature of the transaction is still there. Women “marry up” in economic status, not down. And, men are expected to be “providers” in marriage. Providers of what? Money and resources, of course! Regular old prostitution just takes the pretenses out of the deal.

Going back 5,000 years into the Old Testament, prostitution was commonplace as Genesis depicts the practice. From Jericho to Babylon there are prostitutes in the Bible, making women selling sexual favors far from unusual during the Bronze Age. Across the world, in Mesoamerica the practice was also common amongst the Incas and Aztecs. The practice of “controlled” areas where whoring is allowed remains to this day as there are “zonas de tolerancia” in Mexico where one pays a small fee ($2 to a police officer no less!) to enter and partake in the debauchery going on inside.

In Greece women engaged in prostitution, and these whores were sometimes influential women. There were brothels in Athens, however pimping was strongly prohibited. Prostitution in Rome was legal and widespread. Japan, India, and even Europe has a long history of the practice. The Catholic Church was even tolerant of prostitution because it said it prevented the greater evils of rape, sodomy, and masturbation. The church merely encouraged prostitutes to “repent.”

Interestingly, Communists have always opposed prostitution! Marx himself wrote it is “only a specific expression of the general prostitution of the laborer” and considered its abolition necessary to overcome capitalism! This is yet another way the American Empire plays it from both sides when it comes to Communism – it led a Cold War against it while adopting many Marxist tenets over the last 50 years!

In the United States, prostitution was originally legal, that is until the Women’s Christian Temperance Union came along and pushed laws outlawing it (and thus elevating the price of puss) between 1910-1915. It is still legal in parts of rural Nevada. The prohibition of the practice has led to the cluster of police hunting down Johns as public enemy #1 and often filming their entrapment by undercover police and arrest.


“I don’t understand why prostitution is illegal. Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal? You know, why should it be illegal to sell something you can give away?” -George Carlin

Cost Benefit

What if the United States were to follow the lead of many countries in Europe and legalize prostitution or at least allow a few Red Light Districts? Legalizing prostitution does go against the advice of Cultural Marxists and Karl Marx himself, but in today’s society of supposedly empowered women not legalizing it because women are still victims is the height of hypocrisy.

Here’s a short list of costs, benefits and facts resulting from legalization of whoring:

  • Women wouldn’t have as much sexual leverage over men.
  • Spreading HIV by prostitution is a false argument, since the CDC’s own statistics say getting HIV through vaginal intercourse is nearly impossible.
  • It would reduce violence against women, i.e. no pimps and no shady business practices would be needed.
  • Prostitution is a victimless crime, i.e. everybody likes to fuck, so why not let them fuck.
  • Law enforcement would save resources by fighting real crime instead of policing everyone’s sex lives.
  • Prostitution will not end because of Prohibition.
  • Prohibition of prostitution only forces the practice underground into the black market.
  • Women get money, men get sex, both are happy.
  • Men can avoid unnecessary and often deceptive (on the female’s part) romantic entanglements with women, and get their sexual needs fulfilled without risk of alimony and child support enslavement, while becoming more productive and happier citizens by virtue of having sex on demand.
  • Most societies in history have been tolerant of the practice, but not Puritanical Anglo America.

So, there you have it. A starter in the argument for prostitution. The cost-benefit analysis clearly works out in favor of not criminalizing heterosexual behavior that has been part of the human species since biblical times and even before that. Marginalizing sex the way Anglo America does and pretending people are not going to do it anyway is evidence of just how debased from biology men and women are expected to become by their masters. Freud detailed in Civilization and Its Discontents how too much civilization and not enough biology would create problems for the West. Freud wrote:

It is impossible to overlook the extent to which civilization is built up upon a renunciation of instinct, how much it presupposes precisely the non-satisfaction (by suppression, repression or some other means?) of powerful instincts.

Sooner or later the suppression blows up when men are expected to be cucks and masturbators instead of virile males who enjoy sexual pleasure with women. Spengler also predicted the West would become increasingly detached from its life-giving biology as it tried to turn the entire society into a perpetual profit producing machine, ignoring its humanity. Clearly, the cost – having sex, the single most powerful driving force in the life of men and women – regulated and punished by the State is tantamount to insanity. The benefit, controlling sexual behavior, comes not to the individual but to the police and managerial state who profit from it as it forces many men into unhappy lives of incel simply because they don’t want to play the ridiculous games of relationships and marriage just to have sexual needs relieved.

Further, when it comes to money, men could save big if they didn’t have to support women’s materialism and consumerism under the guise of relationships and marriage. Women spend 90% more money than they make, and men only account for 20% of domestic spending even though we make nearly two-thirds of all money in the economy. Women get more money by playing the marriage and divorce game, which often ends in lifetime payments of alimony and 18 years of ridiculously high child support, which women are held unaccountable for when they spend it, or even ridiculously high divorce settlements as in the case of Johnny Depp and countless other used up men. That’s the real reason women will fight tooth and nail to keep prostitution from being legalized: It would mean they face real competition, and the relationship and marriage game would be rendered obsolete as women would actually have to bring more value than the Golden Vagina to the table.

In one example, a cucked Beta is being held responsible for $166,000 in fraudulent child support charges even though DNA testing proves he is not the father, and the mother’s actions show she likely knew he wasn’t the father the whole time. It would take a lot of whoring around to burn through $166,000 in prostitutes, which to this author would provide far more pleasure than being forced to pay $730 a month under threat of imprisonment to this fat pig. Clearly, rather than marrying the fat pig the man could have just hired some whores and done some lines of blow off their asses instead of letting a woman pretend to be married to him for 2 1/2 years, then walking away with a fortune in cash and prizes from the male-hating American court system.

This entire setup is ridiculous. It amazes me men put up with it. Some of us won’t put up with it, though. If we are participating in society’s ridiculous profit-producing games there better be some kind of reward and we better have some kind of autonomy to fuck when we want. End the Prohibition against pay for play. Remember this, American police state: “The highest result of education is tolerance.”

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Prostitution – Heinous Crime or the Government in Your Bedroom?


Buying sexual favors – a heinous crime?

In Anglo-America, prostitution is treated as an unthinkable crime and the third rail of civilized political discussion. Johns and sellers alike are regularly rounded up as public enemy number one and whisked off to jail by servants of the almighty state.

Is prostitution the horrible crime it is made out to be? Or is it another example of the government micromanaging human conduct and legislating morality?

If you haven’t ventured outside the Anglo American cultural matrix, it may surprise you to learn that prostitution is legal in many parts of the world. It’s even legal in 11 counties in the state of Nevada.

Legacy media journalist John Stossel challenged conventional thinking on the issue when he went to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch just outside Las Vegas and talked to some of the girls who work as prostitutes there. The working girls unanimously agreed the state should not be enforcing morality or telling people what to do with their sex lives, and even went on to confront a prosecutor who regularly rounds up Johns and slaps them with criminal records. It is interesting to watch the verbal gymnastics the prosecutor performs when confronted by the girls who work at Bunny Ranch.

One girl even tells Stossel how she gave up a lucrative job because she enjoyed the sex work more. The full segment can be seen here:

Creating Problems to Create Profit

Inside the Matrix, such euphemisms as “human trafficking” are continuously invented by political puppet masters in order to repress sexuality for economic and political benefit. In modern times terms like “human trafficking” also serve to marginalize heterosexual behavior that has been taking place since time immemorial.

The human trafficking problem has largely been invented out of whole cloth by apparatchiks in the Anglo-American legacy media and the government. This truth of the matter was reported by none other than The Guardian in the UK:

The UK’s biggest ever investigation of sex trafficking failed to find a single person who had forced anybody into prostitution in spite of hundreds of raids on sex workers in a six-month campaign by government departments, specialist agencies and every police force in the country.

The failure has been disclosed by a Guardian investigation which also suggests that the scale of and nature of sex trafficking into the UK has been exaggerated by politicians and media.

Current and former ministers have claimed that thousands of women have been imported into the UK and forced to work as sex slaves, but most of these statements were either based on distortions of quoted sources or fabrications without any source at all.

As these facts show, the state often invents problems so it can give itself something to do. It also puts the government in the awkward position of being the judge of morality.


The Red Light District in Amsterdam is one of many places in Europe where prostitution is legal

Creating Problems the State Claims to Oppose

How can the government claim to want to enforce morality and when it is one of the most immoral institutions that has ever existed? In politics, one has to create problems to create profit and power. The prohibition on sexual behavior that’s as old as the human species itself causes the very problems that governments claim to want to eliminate. The irony is “human trafficking” would be reduced if the activity was legal. The secrecy and illegality is what causes problems.

We saw this with prohibition in the 1930s. As soon as alcohol was outlawed, buyers and sellers went underground and we saw the rise of bootleggers like Al Capone. Prohibition never works, it only creates criminals and crime.

All the while, the same puppet masters promote homosexuality by passing laws and giving the LGBT rights movement so much press it has arguably been elevated higher than heterosexuality in society. Homosexuality is widely regarded by the religions of the world to be an immoral behavior, but the U.S. now sanctions homosexual marriage and persecutes those who do not agree.

What about heterosexual rights? If the state cannot legislate morality for homosexuals, why is it legislating morality for heterosexuals? It is the ultimate in state hypocrisy.


Not worrying over people’s private sex lives frees up the state to focus on real crime

What Happens When It’s Legal

Prostitution is legal in many parts of the world. But in America, the “protect the puss and exploit the dick” Puritanical mentality still rules. Once a man begins traveling the world he notices that society does not fall apart if women can legally choose to sell sex to men.

Where I live prostitution is legal and I regularly see women who choose to perform this work, and they absolutely retain their biological advantage over men just as in countries where prostitution is illegal. The man must pay for play, and women often take full advantage of the sexual desperation of some Betas and Omegas who can’t get laid otherwise.

I regularly see women who leave Red Light zones with men twice their age. They all view sex as a normal part of life and not a sacred cow. In more libertine cultures both men and women benefit from legalized prostitution because it is easy money for the women and easy sex for the men. Most women later transition out of the profession as they age.

None of the women I have talked to who do this work view it as oppression, and none are coerced into doing it. Some women say just like to screw, and if they can screw for money all the better. This is hard to understand to a misandrist (man-hating) mentality like the one found in Anglo America. Cultural critic and scholar Rookh KShatriya points out the peculiar nature of sexual relations in Puritanical Anglo culture.

The Anglobitch Thesis broadly considers prostitution in the Anglosphere to be quite distinct from that which occurs in other cultures. This relates to the Disneyfied, Puritanical repression that undercuts sexual relations in the Anglosphere. Elsewhere, sex is viewed as a physical function, like eating, not some quasi-mystical sacrament bestowed by women on men. Hence, in the Anglosphere it is broadly in women’s interests to keep this high exchange value attached to sex, for any decline in its value means a loss of that princess status uniformly granted to women in the Anglosphere.

Interestingly, a man’s social status or financial power also considerably changes how people view prostitution.


Pretty Woman glorifies a high status male saving a damsel whore in distress, while if a low status male did the same thing he would be condemned

High Status Males Vs. Low Status Males

When a high status male buys sex it is portrayed a hero saving a damsel in distress as Richard Gere did in Pretty Woman, and it makes for a hit movie. When low status John Q. Citizen buys the same piece of ass he is reviled and punished to the full extent of the law.

Moral of the story: if you are going to buy sex in America it is okay if you are a billionaire. But if you are the average corporate cog in the wheel, it is verboten. High-status actors from Hugh Grant to Charlie Sheen have admitted to buying sex in the past. Hugh Grant got arrested for getting a blowjob from a whore and later went on the laugh about the incident on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Sheen told a judge he didn’t pay his hooker for the sex as much as he was paying her to leave afterwards.


When sex is criminalized, people still find ways to do it

Prohibition Does Not Work

The War on Prostitution runs parallel to the disastrous but profitable trillion dollar Drug War the United States has been waging since the 1970s. This Drug War has not reduced drug use but has led to the formation of dangerous cartels, corrupt police officers who seize drugs and then resell them, prescription abuse, and provided yet another piñata for lying politicians to swing at with oppressive laws. The prohibition of prostitution only forces the activity into the darkness.

You may be surprised to learn many American legal scholars agree that the government should keep its nose out of a sexual transaction between two consenting adults. However, this would mean that men could not be as easily gulled into supporting a tax farm and family law system that exploits them. Translation: it would cost the state hardworking Beta male provider tax money.

Cathy Young, Contributing Editor as Reason magazine says:

Prostitution is perhaps the ultimate victimless crime: a consensual transaction in which both parties are supposedly committing a crime, and the person most likely to be charged—the one selling sex—is also the one most likely to be viewed as the victim.

Billy Long, Professor of Criminal Justice at Ferrum College says:

For too long, many in the United States have considered sex work to be demeaning toward women. Women sex workers are typically viewed as ‘billiard balls’ helplessly propelled into prostitution and being degraded by their male customers. These hapless victims are viewed with pity while the evil male oppressor is castigated for stooping to the depths of depravity by paying for sex with cash. This is a fallacious and wildly inaccurate allegation. Quite the contrary, after legalization and normalization of private prostitution, more women will feel empowered to perceive their activities not as degrading or demeaning but, rather, as uplifting and beneficial.

Sherry F. Colb, Professor of Law at Rutgers also agrees with legalizing normal human sexual behavior:

Prostitution should not be a crime. Prostitutes are not committing an inherently harmful act. While the spread of disease and other detriments are possible in the practice of prostitution, criminalization is a sure way of exacerbating rather than addressing such effects. We saw this quite clearly in the time of alcohol prohibition in this country.

Sue Bradford, member of New Zealand’s Parliament touched on why the state should not be involved in enforcing morality. (Especially, since politics is perhaps the most immoral institution ever conceived by man.)

We believed, and still do, that it was completely wrong to go on living with an archaic law which criminalized generations of sex workers, mainly women, for a victimless so called crime in the name of antique moralities shared by only some of the population.


Anglo America is not likely to get over its Puritanical views on sex anytime soon

Towards Legalization

It is very unlikely that this activity will be legalized in Anglo America anytime soon. (Australia and New Zealand are notable exceptions in the Anglosphere.) However, one need look no further than Backpage to see that it goes on each and every day.

The state acting as if it should be the moral judge over your life and taking control of what you do in your bedroom is symbolic of the biggest, and most intrusive government in the history of mankind.

For now, men who choose to stay in Anglo America will have no other choice than to learn Game. The law says one night stands are okay as long as you don’t leave a $100 bill on the nightstand. Learning Game isn’t a bad solution. However, if a guy gets into a dry spell or really needs some female attention it’s would be nice to have an alternative available that wouldn’t lead to public shaming, and the destruction of one’s life and reputation for wanting to screw around for a few minutes.

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