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Nearly 20 Times More Citizens Renouncing Citizenship Under Obama – But You Can Never Truly Leave


You can find girls like this in Eastern Europe instead of the bloated, entitled land whales that pass for women in the USA

As the gynocentric USA continues shitting all over its men and the producers of its wealth with a giant, Ponzi scheme welfare system more people than ever are saying “Fuck this shit, I’m leaving.” We are witnessing men Going Galt on a scale never seen before.

There are as many as 8-10 million Americans living abroad now, a number that is growing by the year and some are going the extra mile and renouncing citizenship altogether. A proto-Communist regime under Obama has not been helping the matter. Forbes lays out the numbers:

Yet to put this into historical perspective, there are now 18 times as many renouncers as in 2008, with Americans renouncing citizenship up 560% from their Bush administration high.

The advent of the Internet and subsequent disintegration of the corporate-government narrative spewed by the Alphabet networks for half a century, in addition to Obamacare soaking the tax farm cattle (i.e. us) has helped accelerate the process of evacuating the Titanic by those with the prescience to realize what’s coming.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times in conversations with close friends and family: Everything the founders of this country ran away from in Europe – oppressive government, excessive taxation, rulers using citizens for their own purposes rather than the citizens living their own lives – has grown back, and grown back even worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

While the number of expatriates is in the millions, those who officially break off their relationship with The Matrix (the USA) is only a few thousand people each year. The only reason I haven’t broken off my relationship with the country is the fact it’s my bank. I use it only for economic reasons even though the parts of my life that are worth living are now offshore.


Thought criminals that rebuke Freedom™ are tracked by the FBI and IRS even after they leave

You Can Never Leave

While fleeing is a ticket to a happier life for many, just know the USA has become the Eagles’ Hotel California as you can check out but you can never leave. Big Brother still follows those who don’t kiss the king’s ring and leave The Matrix. Here’s a creepy fucking fact:

Surprisingly, no one seems to know exactly how big the real number is, even though both the IRS and FBI track Americans who renounce.

Nothing says freedom like the fulfillment of Orwell’s worst nightmares.

It’s really no surprise to The New Modern Man why people are leaving, as we document the cesspool current Anglo society has become on a regular basis. But here’s Forbes’ reasoning:

Expatriations have historically been much lower than these figures. There is no single explanation for the increase, although some renouncers write why they gave up their U.S. citizenship. The reasons for renouncing can be family, tax and legal complications.

There is no family since Cultural Marxism and feminism, the serfs are buried with forced tax tributes, and the nation has morphed into Police State USA.

For those who officially renounce, there are of course fees and fines to escape the Land of the Free.

America charges $2,350 to hand in your passport, a fee that is more than twenty times the average of other high-income countries. The U.S. government has collected over $12.6 million in fees since the fall of 2014, after hiking its fee to renounce citizenship by 422%.

The bastion of freedom wants its cut of your money a second time even after you’ve already paid taxes on it, and is only one of two nations in the world – along with Eritrea – that charge its citizens income taxes on money earned while living abroad. It tracks every financial move its tax farm cattle make once they’ve fled the plantation and even after they’ve officially severed relations.

FATCA has been painstakingly implemented worldwide by President Obama’s Treasury Department. It now spans the globe with an unparalleled network of reporting. America requires foreign banks and governments to hand over secret bank data about depositors. Non-U.S. banks and financial institutions around the world must reveal American account details or risk big penalties.

On a personal note, I haven’t officially renounced but my heart is no longer of the USA. Perhaps that’s what really matters. Everything else is just formalities, bureaucracy and paperwork.

I feel betrayed in many ways by my nation. It took our families away and called it progress. It is working to criminalize heterosexuality and regularly jails and villainizes “Johns” for trying to get laid. It takes half of our money and gives it to people who contribute nothing to society except consumption. The litany goes on and on.

Creedence Clearwater put it this way in the 1970s.

Some folks inherit star spangled eyes
Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord
And when you ask them, “How much should we give?”
Ooh, they only answer More! More! More! yoh

More! More! More! is the battle cry as the producers of society are hung out to try to support a bloated, corrupt, and male-hating empire. It’s comforting to know I’m in good company when it comes to pulling the plug on this house of cards and doing what’s best for me. The numbers don’t lie, men are checking out of the insane asylum in droves.

The choice for the awakened man amounts to Enjoying the Decline a la Aaron Clarey, or leaving altogether for a better life somewhere the human spirit hasn’t been sold out for quarterly profits and the next fix of female-driven materialism and consumption.

Can Trump stem the tide when it comes to the nation bleeding off its best and brightest in exchange for state-dependent serfs? I doubt it. The pile of shit is just too high. But it will be interesting to watch the next four years.

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5 Things I’ve Learned From My First Year Abroad


Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are right here on Hispaniola

It seems like it was just yesterday I was running off the plantation in search of a life in a beautiful, sunny, libertine paradise.

Already, I’m just about to cap off my first full year of living abroad. I selected the Caribbean for my first experiment in living abroad for several reasons. First, it’s close to home, being only a two hour flight away from the U.S. Second, it’s Latin America so it’s still wild and free and I speaky the Spanish. Third, the women here are hot as hell and insatiable. Fourth, it’s warm and sunny with an average high of 85 degrees year round. And fifth, the island of Hispaniola has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

What are my conclusions after living here for a year? Am I homesick? Hell no. Am I happy? Absolutely. This without a doubt has been the best experience of my life so far. I’ve done more living and living on the edge in the past year than the previous thirty some odd years of my life before.

I have also been living on a fraction of the cost of my former corporate drone lifestyle. In all honesty, $500 covers housing, food, electric, and Internet, the basics. I will have to admit my partying budget for booze and other recreational consumables has soared. Here are five conclusions I came up with on the motorcycle ride back to my house from a hot girl’s apartment this morning.


Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. -Ghandi

1. I don’t want to come back to America.


Morenas (dark skin Latinas) abound on Hispaniola

I look at Anglo America as a figurative prison of sorts. The entire society is geared towards nothing but consumption for consumption’s sake, and creating problems with people’s lives to create profit. When I think of my future I always see myself either being here on an island or in any number of exotic locations. (Some more adventures in Southeast Asia are definitely on the agenda). The worst nightmare I have is going back to the lifestyle of working 50-60 hours a week to keep up a bunch of deadbeat bums and illegal aliens with my tax dollars and the sweat off my brow.

2. I have gotten used to true freedom.

I can do just about anything here. Literally, I have never felt this kind of freedom before. There are no checkpoints busting people for DUIs on Saturday night. The police by and large leave people alone. Many small infractions can be taken care of with a $20 bill. Quite simply, this island is a Libertarian’s paradise as almost nothing is illegal and those things that are illegal are loosely enforced. You have to be quite an asshole to win up in trouble with the law here.

I imagine the intent of the Founding Fathers was something like I enjoy here: freedom to do just about anything you want within reason. Where did this ideal get lost and a micromanaging nanny state become the norm? It’s totally insane and upside down.

3. I feel more masculine than ever.

Almost nothing scares me anymore. I don’t go around watching what I say or how I say it like I did when I worked in the news industry. I drive a motorcycle as transportation daily, as does most of the rest of the population. A man either sinks or swims here pretty quickly.

In contrast to rabid feminism, women expect me to tell them what to do. I was having a conversation with a neighbor just yesterday and she commented that she expects her husband to be “the man of the house.” Why the West felt the need to reinvent the wheel, changing a cultural and familial practice that has worked for thousands of generations is a mystery. Under men leading the family the human species has prospered. It was the blunder of all time to abandon this model, and women as well as men are happier when feminist boilerplate is not adhered to.

By the same token, I realize that I must be able to stand up for myself and carry myself like a man. A weakling will get taken advantage of in this environment. You can’t be a bitch here. If you are strong inside and outside you will get respect. If you aren’t, you will get fucked.

4. I have more women than I can handle.

I go through several women a week. It’s amazing to compare and contrast this experience with the experience of putting in so much effort for so little return back in Anglo America. A libertine culture is a wonderful thing in my opinion. Threesomes, all but unattainable back home are easy to come by here if you have the right connections and the reputation of being a bad boy.

I realize a lot of my success is due to not only game but hypergamous female instinct. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is my motto.

I have had so much success with women I can’t drive through town on my bike without some girl I’ve banged shouting at me or waving at me. It’s really incredible having this much access to twenty-something flesh, and a reminder that contrary to what we are told sex will often cure what ails ya. A man can even have so much sex he occasionally gets burned out on it. But too much is better than ain’t enough. Maybe Americans are angry and hateful online because they aren’t getting laid on the regular in a sexually repressed culture? The thought has crossed my mind.

5. I realize what it means to feel alive.

I have never felt more alive in my life. Whether it be playing pool and dancing with one hot girl while another hottie you’ve been banging walks in and both of you have to hide your feelings for each other, or learning how to have a backbone when conducting negotiations for housing or buying things (everything is negotiable here), this corner of the world has a way of bringing out the best in a man.

That’s what makes Latin America great to me. A man is still expected to be a man and can be a man. The rewards for a strong-willed man can be almost limitless. This can be summed up in two general themes: Possibilities and experiences. A man is not alive if he only exists to create profit for other people and has no life outside his job and career.  One of my idols, Charles Bukowski, said it best:

How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?

A man is alive if he wakes up everyday wondering which avenue of possibility he will pursue that day and what exciting experiences (and stories a man will carry to the grave) those possibilities will bring. The great Burgess Meredith flawlessly explains this concept in Grumpier Old Men:

Well, let me tell you something, Johnny. The first 90 years, or so go by pretty fast. Then one day you wake up and you realize that you’re not 81 anymore. You begin to count the minutes rather than the days and you realize that pretty soon you’ll be gone. And that all you have, see, is the experiences. That’s all there is. Everything! The experiences! You mount the woman, son. Or else…send her out to me.

Indeed, experiences, not things. That’s where it’s at.


…all you have, see, is the experiences. That’s all there is. Everything! The experiences!

Is Living Abroad is Right for You?

What do men do when their government turns into a tyranny and their women become repellent? They either look for greener pastures or overthrow such a system, or both. The critical mass has not yet been reached to overthrow the current tyranny. In the meantime, the man looking for adventure will surely find some, and in many cases it may be closer than you think. There’s a whole other world burning just south of Anglo America.

My advice for those who want to pursue this avenue of personal fulfillment: Get out of debt, stay out of debt, limit interactions with women to fun and games, become a minimalist, and dive in. You won’t miss the mall, McDonald’s and loud, obnoxious women as much as you might think.

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Sex, Drugs, Salsa


Salsa music and Salsa dancing is good for the soul

We’ve all heard the maxim sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. Except, in my case it has turned out to be sex, drugs, and salsa music. (Along with Cuban cigars and red wine). It’s an amazing change in fortunes for me, since I spent the first half of my life playing by the system’s ridiculous rules only to end up alone and a quickly on the road to becoming a used up crust of a man. The breaking point was when my boss told me my college degree and certifications and awards didn’t matter and that 50-60 hour weeks were the new norm in spite of the fact my salary was based on a 40 hour work week.

That’s when I figuratively echoed the words of Howard Beale, “I am mad as hell and I’m not taking this shit anymore.” The manosphere changed my life, and it saved me in many ways as I was just about to give up hope. Be it MGTOWs, PUAs, traditionalists, or other Red Pill men, this corner of the internet gave my life new meaning and new hope.

For as soon as I went to collect the reward promised to me since age 5 for a lifetime of studying and straight and narrow living, the globalists changed the conditions of the game. I walked away from the table, paying off all my consumer debt then developing a plan to duck the rest of the student loan debt I had while living a better life with less money abroad. I call the government taking the loss the price of deception and selling the middle class out, trying to turn the educated class into an enslaved class. Make no mistake, that’s just what five figure student loan debt is designed to do. My desire to not pay my student loans is as much philosophical as it is practical. Let’s just call it my middle finger to the system.

My original dream was to get married and have kids, but feminism and Cultural Marxism shit all over that plan. No man in his right mind is going to play Russian Roulette with a court system designed to turn him into check writing serf. Luckily, I made it out before 40, so I still have half my life to live pursuing all the pleasures we are told not to pursue.

All my life I had played it safe, sublimating all my instincts and desires for a job. A job that didn’t give a damn about me. But, as what I see as the pinnacle episode in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, Tapestry so brilliantly illustrates, living a life playing by the rules ultimately causes a man to die of boredom and shame for a life wasted. Check out this fantastic scene, it has stuck with me for over 20 years.

Free at Last


Latinas have played a bigger role in my life than Anglo chicks ever will

So, what am I doing with my newfound freedom? Living the life of the carefree, no fucks given Sigma male. I am a lone wolf by nature. I am doing all the things they told me not to do. And it has been just wonderful. Whether it be doing blow of a sexy Latina’s ass or having threesomes with two black girls or toasting the sunset solo with wine and a cigar at the beach, I am loving every minute of it. I went through 5 women in just the past week, and managed to make friends with two of my newfound fuck buddies. I am having so much sex with so many women I actually have days where I am burned out on women, as I wrote in this piece featuring one of my idols, Charles Bukowski, and his views on the opposite sex.

I really love Latin America, let nodody convince you otherwise, this place is ALIVE for the man who learns a little Spanish and how to live here. I have got my mojo back, and I’m living a better life now at nearly 40 years old than I did at age 18. And, I’m doing it on a fraction of the cost of living in my former American city. Best of all, because I have taken care of myself most women think I am age 25-30. My possibilities are truly wide open.

Thanks to the manosphere, I have learned I am not the only man to run away from a frigid, gynocentric Anglo culture. The TNMM recommended book Havok by Rookh Kshatriya talks about these Savage Pilgramages and Why Free-Thinking Men Flee Anglo Culture. This quote from my favorite chapter in the book include this damning diagnosis from D.G. Rossetti:

The men of imagination in England have always been a persecuted sect.

Indeed, we are persecuted in the age of the sackless, deballed corporate drone. The first author in Havok’s litany of authors who fled Anglo culture is William Blake. As detailed in the book, Blake, who never escaped England “screams alienation from Anglo values” in his writings, and foreshadowed the coming exodus of many literary figures in the coming 200 years.

Living out the life Blake had predicated would come, Lord Byron became the first expatriate “pop star” of his time, as his exploits abroad became the subjects of extensive press coverage and his books became popular. Byron’s 19th century escape from turgid Anglo culture is more relevant than ever because “Anglo culture is inherently flawed by puritanical repression is more relevant than ever, with pedestal feminism and its attendant ills stalking the land” according to Shatriya. Byron’s casual sex and his more fulfilling life abroad in the Latin cultures of the Mediterranean to the Levant also exposes the sexual tyranny run by Anglo women.

Surrounded by a surfeit of casual sex, sex loses its novelty and women have to ‘try harder’ in order to impress or keep a man. When sex loses scarcity value, females are forced from their pedestals into sexual competition for male attention. In Spain, where sex was an omnipresent opportunity, women could not feign indifference to men.

Byron became so estranged from Anglo culture he wrote this, just before he died: “Let not my body be hacked, or be sent to England. Here let my bones molder. Lay me in the first corner without pomp or nonsense.” Then there’s D.H. Lawrence, also protesting against Anglo culture. Lawrence ended up in Italy and Mexico as he ran away from the insanity of England. I particularly identify with Lawrence’s life story:

Born in the English industrial town of Nottingham to a miner and a middle class woman who married down, from the outset Lawrence was an outsider in Anglo culture. This alienation was occasioned by his obvious intelligence and lowly social origins. Such a combination frequently creates an acutely critical social awareness, as in Byron’s case. Lawrence despised the hypocrisy of English institutions like class, puritanical religion and sexual repression. Following Nietzsche an other critics of Anglo society, he came to view Anglo American culture as myopic, denatured, and unfulfilling. His greatest novels often focus on the failings of Anglo women, constricted by class and incapable of unconditional love.


Dancing is still a big part of life outside the corporate plantation (i.e. the USA)

Then there’s even the weirdo Aleister Crowley, also running away from the Anglosphere, making his own Savage Pilgrimage. Others who fled the empty, materialistic, work-obsessed, sexless life that Americans and the Anglosphere in general take as the only way to live life include: Percey Shelley, Harry Crosby, Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, and Henry Miller. All these men deserted Anglo America for more fulfilling lives abroad.

So, I am in good company it seems. Intellectual and literary references aside, I think I’ll go pour myself a drink and mosey on down to the beach to watch some scantily clad women prancing around. Who knows? I might even pick up one and go Salsa dancing, then get fucked up and then bang the shit out of her. There’s nothing quite as intoxicating as being inside a hot girl you just met.

I know this much. I now see coming back to America as coming back to a sexless prison. Some experiences in life can’t be unseen. To me, Caribbean Life in Latin America is truly the last great bastion of freedom and limitless possibilities in the world. My chapter on life in Southeast Asia is coming in the months or years ahead.

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Living Expenses Abroad Are Less Than a U.S. Child Support Payment


A life in the tropics does not cost as much as you might think

Ever dreamed of living in the tropics? It may surprise you to found out it costs less for a man to live a comfortable life abroad than the average child support payment. This is yet another piece of evidence which points to the grave risks Anglo American women pose to the average man’s finances. He can literally be enslaved for 18 years per child or worse, enslaved for life with alimony payments if he marries her.

I know it costs less because I have been living on $450 a month in the Dominican Republic for 6 months. Here is a breakdown of my monthly expenses:

  • Rent: $200
  • Utilities: $0 (included with rent)
  • Internet: $27 for High-Speed MiFi
  • Food: $200
  • Gas for cooking: $10
  • Skype for calls: $3

That monthly budget breakdown is a testament to the power of minimalism. Throw in $500 to buy a decent motorcycle, $10 a year for insurance and $3-5 a week for gas and you have wheels, although most places in Latin America are conducive to walking and indeed walking is excellent exercise. Buses and guaguas will also take you anywhere on the island dirt cheap.

The average child support payment back in the United States will run you around $500 a month. Insane? Yes.


Living a simple life is a strange concept to materialists


A simple life free of constant shopping and eating out is a strange concept to those who have swallowed the Kool-Aid of the propaganda ministers in the media and government. Judging one’s success in life by who has the most toys has come to define the entire culture of Anglo America.

Understandably, a lot of people criticized me before I left. “Oh, but it must be dangerous there.” That, or they would try to insinuate people are not civilized or are somehow backwards because they don’t live their lives in pursuit of stuff. Or, to the horror of über-materialistic Americans, “They have poor people there!” In reality, there is a lot of richness in the poor neighborhood and a lot of poverty in the rich neighborhood based on my life experience.

To the chagrin of the doubters, the standard of living I enjoy now is quite comparable to the apartment I was paying $600 a month for (with nothing included!) back in the States except now my rent with utilities included is a third of that. Yes, I have running water, electricity, high-speed Internet and indoor plumbing.

There are American-style supermarkets within walking distance of the house I rent, and I have always felt safe here. That said, one cannot be stupid and wander drunk and alone down a dark alley at 3:00 AM if he does not wish for trouble. But one has that same danger in any city in America.

People tend to have a warped view of reality when it comes to Latin America. Thanks to constant media propaganda, Latinos are often views as criminals or drug dealers of some type. This is not the case, as anyone who has spent time here can tell you. There certainly are drug dealers and miscreants here, but you can also find those types of people in any city in America.


Freedom is a very important concept to most Red Pill men; true freedom not sloganeering


Living a simpler life has freed up my time to work on creative projects like this blog. I also have a lot of time to enjoy lounging around at the beach, drinking, and chasing the pretty women here. I feel more at peace. Not only that, but thanks to a society that does not insulate women from poor life choices with government bennies, I have a fantastic Latina girlfriend who cooks, cleans, and happily does all the things women in Anglo America used to do before feminism told them it was oppression. (Women here laugh at household chores being considered oppression.)

All in all, on $450 a month I am afforded an overall quality of life that I consider superior to what I was offered in the States even though there I was making $50,000 a year. The $450 figure is for basic living, I allow a couple hundred dollars more  for clothing, drinking, and other recreation.

Still, a great life comes out to only slightly more than I was paying for my apartment alone before. And that figure includes everything it takes for a man to be happy and free. There is no police and surveillance state as of yet crushing people under its heel as there are where people’s activities and conduct are monitored 24 hours a day. Getting tickets is unheard of and the police are not the militarized, jack-booted storm trooper types America is gravitating towards.

The economy here is definitely freer than back home. Instead of corporate goliaths owning everything, most stores, shops and restaurants are mom ‘n pop owned and operated. This makes for a much more personal interaction and I enjoy patronizing people who I know, rather than the profits from my transactions being shifted up a giant pyramid to help buy some nameless, faceless CEO’s fifth Ferrari.


Women are a product of their culture, a degenerate culture produces degenerate women; in many countries society is much more traditional


In closing, I can think of no other word than “ridiculous” to describe what the relations between the sexes have become in the 21st century. Rather than couples enjoying their lives together and enjoying the children they create together, much like everything else a child has been reduced to another economic transaction. It is as sad as it is tragic, and is a testament to a culture that worships materialism and consumerism over all else.

A child with the wrong woman winds up being an economic transaction that will cost a man more than his entire existence would have if he left The Anglo American Matrix. And that’s just for a child support payment! Not including the other high costs of living in Anglo America.

That is definitely food for thought, especially when corporations talk of globalization and outsourcing. Maybe single men in America should consider outsourcing their lives, too. I am getting a far better deal with not only the cost of living but the superior quality of non-feminized women, too.

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Postcards from Paradise: Caribbean Life Pt. 2

Here’s another postcard from the Happier Abroad: Caribbean Life series. These scenes are from La Playita in Las Galeras on the Samaná Peninsula.

Other than the incredible scenery and undisturbed beauty, this area also offers freedom that you won’t find in many other places in the world with a minimum of government intrusion. The cost of living is also very low.

A great pica pollo con tostones meal (fried chicken with fried plantain slices) can easily be found for under $3 if you venture outside the usual gringo tourist areas.

The Latinas here are also very sweet if you know how to play the hypergamy game. You too, can enjoy a lifestyle like this when you extricate yourself from The Matrix of consumerism, debt servitude and pedestalization. Speaking of the ladies, there are a lot of young morenas like her to choose from. All the better if you learn a little Spanish before coming down.


Exotic (and feminine!) women like her abound in my neck of the woods

As far as transportation, I picked up this motorcycle for $500 and it costs about $5 a week to put gas in it.


Reliable wheels for $500, and gas for less than $5 a week can’t beat that

That’s it for this week’s postcard from paradise. Look for more weekly postcards from outside The Matrix right here at The New Modern Man.

Until next time,


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Meanwhile…Life Outside the Matrix

Action Jackson seems to be having a great time.

Click image to enlarge. See more Politically Incorrect Comics by Relampago.


Free your mind, delete the indoctrination file in your mind

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Caribbean Life

This is where deleting my cultural indoctrination has led me so far. My adventures in the Caribbean have been six of the most fulfilling months of my entire life. Just look at how beautiful and unspoiled this place is! The women are also unspoiled by feminism (which is a product of Cultural Marxism). I have become so accustomed to the gentle manners of Latinas that I literally cringe every time I hear some gringas (American female tourists) shrieking in the distance.

I would have never experienced this paradise if I had done what the system told me to do. If you feel something is not right about life, you are not alone. As a man I was completely lost when I lived in America. It took me years of reading and exploring to piece together what I really wanted to do with my life.

America likes to market itself as the ultimate place to be. While it may well be the world’s biggest shopping mall and restaurant, for the 95% of the world’s population that lives outside its borders life still somehow manages to go on. Little did I know that in many ways life outside The Matrix (as it’s known in the manosphere) is better.

After doing everything the vaunted “up by the bootstraps” Puritan work ideology told me to do from a very young age only to wind up with anxiety issues; overworked and disrespected by employers and society, and go home to an empty apartment every day I asked myself – is this really as good as it gets?

I got the good grades, went to the good college, worked at least one and sometimes two jobs from age 16, got the certifications, did the time and paid the price only to be kicked to the curb twice by legacy media employers because white males need not apply for promotions or advancement in the new America.

America was not living up to the promises it made me. So, when it reneged on the contract, I decided to walk out on a system that targeted me as its enemy.


Sailing away from safety of the harbor presents risk, but it also offers reward


I had to break out of the monotony and careerism that had become my existence. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t force myself into a cookie cutter life of getting a mortgage, marrying a girl who decided to get off the carousel and look for a provider – one who would likely cheat on me and divorce rape me, and while the rest of my years away waiting for a Social Security check that likely wouldn’t be there for me anyway.

No, I was a free thinker, an explorer, and a risk-taker. As Mark Twain said:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

I had always had a deep curiosity about far off lands and far off peoples but no money to travel since I was living the typical life in which people spend their entire lives in debt and without focus. I decided to get myself out of debt and make changes to such a sorry state of affairs at any cost.

The first step was attaining freedom. I could not be free with car payments, credit card debt, eating out all the time, and buying shit I didn’t really need. I discovered minimalism, and decided to let that philosophy work for me. Men are by nature minimalists I believe, we have only been trained by society to think we need things we don’t.

I learned debt is a powerful system of social control, and I had to get rid of it. I fought off and killed the beast of consumer debt that held me down over several years, with much personal sacrifice I might add. Dave Ramsey showed me the way. His principles are not easy to follow, but they absolutely will get you out of debt!

Once free of those chains of bondage, I decided I was going to jet off to those far off lands I dreamed of. I finally had opportunity to live out the dream of many a thirtysomething single guy.

Once I finally started to travel abroad regularly, I started noticing I did not want to come back home. While I had no trouble finding dates in America, when I was abroad women abroad just seemed sweeter, more innocent, and purer since they had not been indoctrinated with careerism, feminism, and a misandry as in America.

Suddenly, two weeks at a time just was not enough! I would find myself constantly waiting in anticipation of my next journey.


“This bird’s gonna fly!” People leave tyranny, oppression, and lack of incentives

Freedom As a Reality, Not a Slogan

I began to see that outside America people’s lives were not as regulated or controlled, and most importantly there seemed to be a lot more opportunity for risk and reward. Everything the U.S. tells us it stands for, the ideals of freedom, personal liberty, individual choice and responsibility, seem to be vanishing like the sunset currently falling over the West.

As John Stossel points out in his brilliant piece on how overregulated the American economy and its citizens’ lives are in Illegal Everything, there are very few choices one has left in life except to work, pay taxes, and follow orders. As the idea of any lasting, true freedom in the U.S. becomes laughable, many of us have decided to roll the dice, take a risk and try living somewhere else. As the minimalists say, once we give up our attachment to material possessions, we find the time and freedom to pursue bigger dreams


I make no secret of my affection for Latinas; in most Latin countries they are the antithesis of masculinized Anglo women

Early Results

As I pointed out earlier, I am 6 months into this experiment. I literally quit my job (I was being mistreated by my employer anyway) then sold, gave away, or threw away everything I owned in order to make this happen, and saved every penny I could scrape up for a few years.

My first chosen long-term destination on my world tour is the Caribbean. I came with 3 suitcases and my laptop, because as I pointed out in a previous article, it doesn’t take much for a man to live on. It feels good to get rid of the baggage! The minimalists know this ancient wisdom from the philosopher Democritus, and it has served me well:

Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.

I not only happily get by with fewer possessions, the cost of living is much lower here than in the U.S. which reduces stress. Here is a breakdown of my monthly expenses:

  • Rent $200 (furnished apartment)
  • Food $200
  • Internet $27
  • Utilities $0 (included with rent)
  • Gas $10
  • Skype phone service $3
  • Fuel for motorcycle $10
  • Total = $450

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting

My Advice

As I highlight life in the Caribbean, I hope it will enlighten you to the fact that as St. Augustine said:

The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.

Break the mold. Venture out. There is a whole world burning out here, free of the myopia of the materialism, nihilism, and tech gadget worship in America. Look for more updates about the culture, food, good times, and of course – the ladies – as my adventure continues.

To quote an old song from the BH Surfers: Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain that is pouring like an avalanche, comin’ down the mountain. I ran off the corporate plantation, and I’ve never been more in love with life!

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