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Nature Saves Heredities That Work, Rejects Those That Don’t


Shielding any organism from reality only makes it weak

If there is one constant on this 4.5 billion year old rock we find ourselves inhabiting, it’s that nature saves those heredities that work, and rejects those that don’t. The game we are playing is one of survival. If one is searching for the meaning of life, this is about as real as it gets. Survival is what our entire lives are about, for life exists to propagate life.

This is why modern liberalism and feminism are a blight and abomination on the human species. They’re both suicidal. These ideologies push the insane ideals that life isn’t worth living, that certain ethnic groups are evil while others possess superior virtue, and that babies are nasty stumbling blocks on the road to living a gluttonous and avaricious lifestyle.

Remember, gluttony and avarice are two of the seven deadlies in Western myth and religion for a reason. Together with other so-called “deadly sins” they’re killing the West. Incidentally, the West also has pride and sloth in spades.

As a result of the total disregard for the importance of family and the continuity of the human species it represents, the West has devolved into a death cult in that it believes acquisition of useless material possessions and conspicuous consumption of everything from meals in a restaurant to box cutter sedans to iPhones is the be-all, end all of human existence.

Meantime, the flower of procreation wilts and dies away, like the eggs in so many Anglobitchs’ wombs. White people are literally fading away, dying off the planet. Let that be a warning to other ethnic groups who would follow in West’s vaingloriousness.

Feminism is destined to go extinct, and it will take all those who practice it or even tolerate it along with it. Designed as a population control technique in the 1960s, it has morphed into a metastasizing cancer.

Only the fittest will survive this latest shit test of nature.


Every animal on the planet has the will to survive, except modern day Westerners who are willingly committing suicide

Survival of the Fittest

Rather than follow the rest of society into destruction, some of us realize the intrinsic happiness family will bring and the biological imperative reproduction is.

The real reason feminists are marching in the street in the Trump era has more to do with mass female hysteria brought on by childlessness than it does any grievances that have merit. The Anglobitch is among the coddled individuals in human history, and her exorbitant, Empowered™ lifestyle means she now has the power to destroy not only herself but the very family her mother and grandmother cherished.

And that is exactly what she is doing, for in no country on the planet where there is a historical white majority are there enough babies being born to sustain the population.

This is the root of her misery. For women exist to create and nourish the next generation of human beings, not to mindlessly shuffle bureaucratic paperwork around or labor in vain like a man for resources. She knows not why she is miserable and unfulfilled with the things the world told her would make her happy. But this is why. She is missing the glory of motherhood.

That said, rather than try to save them from themselves, we must let the fools’ gene pools die with them, and be content with the fact we are the men who will survive this latest shit test from nature. We will find the women who have not succumbed to the sicknesses of the West to be the propagators of our genes.

The future belongs to those whose children will be in it. The future belongs to us. Herbert Spencer, who coined the phrase “Survival of the Fittest” knew the game well:

The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future. The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools.

Spencer would no doubt be mortified at mass scale cuckoldry being placed on the backs of literally millions of would-be fathers, and the propagation of fools and weaklings the ensuing welfare state causes.

Disturbingly, the mindless blob of protoplasm that makes up most of America, the unthinking and unquestioning Beta males who are the tax base the slave masters at the apex of the corporate-government complex depend on, trudge on through mediocre, increasingly sexless, and statistically sterile lives.

The gynocracy gorges itself on the largesse created by these unwanted men. Spencer knew what this system really represents.

All socialism involves slavery. That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labours under coercion to satisfy another’s desires.

Indeed, the modern Beta male labors to satisfy the demands of a massively bloated government, of feminists who benefit from his labor and the tax money a gynocentric beast steals from him, and yet he lives an existence as a loathed individual. He is the subject of contempt of those who exploit him.

For no one respects a slave.


Throw off the chains that would make you a lesser man than your ancestors

Be Bold, Be Bold, and Everywhere be Bold

Let no one tell you having a family and having continuity is outdated or no longer important. Those are words sold to slaves.

A man without posterity is a man who lives a dead-end lifestyle, and he betrays the death-defying survival instincts of better men than him who found a way to survive and thrive in such catastrophes as wars, plagues, famine, natural disaster, and heartless women of centuries and millenia past.

The modern man is much too coddled, and perhaps that is the problem to begin with. His survival instincts have been dulled by his success in the battle with nature. He has plenty of eat and a plethora of comfort maximizing gadgets, but his spirit is empty. He’s lost his mojo. He must realize this is a battle that never ends. He not only must fight the bitch known as Mother Nature, he must also fight other men who only see him as a tool to use for their own self-aggrandizement and glory. Being an obedient slave, although one that is treated decently, is not the life of a real man.

What a shame it truly is that a magnificent 4.5 billion year old epic of genetic survival ends with weak men and brainwashed women. But the strong amongst us will survive, and even thrive in this environment.

The new modern man must never succumb to the wishes of his masters, but remain loyal to his wishes and to the only constant that ever mattered on planet Earth. That constant is survival.

Men have moved heaven and earth in the past to ensure their genetic legacy does not die with them, a failure that would be totally disrespectful of his ancestors who survived the worst the universe had to throw at them with aplomb.

For I can tell you from experience there is nothing that lights a fire inside a man as looking into the eyes of his son or daughter, a new human being ready to take on all the possibilities and the pitfalls of existence anew. Knowing that he not only survived the test, but he passed it with flying colors as he captured a sexy woman of his choosing and she willingly carried his legacy in her womb for nine months.

That is a heredity that works. The ones that don’t will lay by the wayside of death. Creating beautiful and strong progeny is the most satisfying thing a mentally and physically healthy man and woman can ever accomplish in life.

There is nothing quite so beautiful in life, gentlemen, as your own children. Material possessions, money, and power are empty accolades if you have no posterity to look you in the eye with respect and love when you fade away into the blackness that pervades this entire universe.

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Men Should Be Living Aggressively

Living aggressively can lead men to more fulfilling lives

Living aggressively can lead men to more fulfilling lives

Snow is The New Modern Man’s fitness guru. He designs wellness programs for men and also helps them become mentally fit with his insights. You can visit him at Snow Training Systems.

When you wish to be aggressive you need to move forward.  You do this by putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple science. You shut up and you start working.  This is what works to move forward.

Moving forward doesn’t require you to be a genius.  It requires you to work and take action.  When you’re busy moving forward you’ll develop an aura about yourself that is hard for people to understand.  They’ll say that you just have it.  The “it” factor is what they call it in pro wrestling.

The “it” factor means that when you walk in a room people notice.  You have presence, you have charisma.  Charisma is something that can be taught.  Unlike most people I have learned this.  You’re charisma doesn’t have to be the greatest.

You just have to learn a few things and start doing things differently.

Unfortunately, people haven’t learned how important it is to develop charisma.  When you’re aggressive about pursuing what you want you’ll notice and understand that people don’t like the present moment.  Most people would rather be at work when they’re on vacation and they’d rather be on vacation when they’re at work.  Find a way to do the opposite.

Train yourself to want to be exactly where you are.  This along with developing your ability to concentrate are valuable skills to learn.  If you can’t concentrate you won’t succeed.  People know this and they still don’t care enough to learn how to concentrate.  Pick up your pieces and make it happen.

When you learn how to concentrate you’ll be able to shape the world.  This is due to the fact that concentration is a rare skill.  We all have it, some just concentrate on the wrong areas.  Concentrate on doing things that will bring you success and keep doing those things.

I will continue.  That phrase will help you with your level of determination.  I’ve been reading the book the power of concentration and that phrased is used a lot in one chapter.  People don’t understand that they can’t accomplish anything if they fail to concentrate.  Keep your attention on what you want to do and don’t stop until you accomplish it.

This single minded focus on a mission can teach you what you need to know about success.  Treating something as a mission will help with your levels of motivation.  When you’re learning to concentrate you’ll have numerous distracting thoughts.  It’s important to focus and then refocus on important and necessary tasks.

Keep moving forward and keep being aggressive.  Being aggressive works.  I don’t care what anyone says I have witnessed first hand how effective living aggressively is.  When you have the capacity and the discipline to think about what you want non stop, that is when it will come to you.  Just keep attacking each day and squeezing whatever you can out of each moment.

Once you stop and think about what you’re doing it will feel awkward.  Just power through and finish the task at hand.  People are experts at sabotaging themselves.  Instead, do the opposite.  Be your own coach and force yourself to get success.

Success comes when you’re busy and focused.  Get busy and focus on success.  Busy and success go hand in hand.  If you want something done give it to the busiest person in the room.  Keep moving forward is a great life philosophy that I got from Victor Pride’s book New World Ronin. This book is great.  I’m a Ronin in training right now.  A Ronin is considered to be a slave without a master.  We all need a purpose and a mission.  When you have a mission you’ll be able to help yourself succeed.

Just focus on taking actions that advance you and avoid actions that keep you stagnant.  Taking daily action is more important than dwelling and coming up with perfect details.  Over thinking will crush you.  Think just enough to come up with a good plan and then get to work on executing the plan.

No one has ever accomplished anything without a decent plan.  Life will punch you in the face.  It’s up to you to punch back and execute your vision/plan.  Plans only work if you do.  A good plan poorly executed is worse than an average plan violently executed.

That’s why focusing on what you want is the most important skill anyone can develop.  If you don’t focus on what you want, you’ll live your life focusing on what other people want.  That’s no way for me to live.  I refuse to do that and I won’t tolerate it.

Keep going forward and keep building your momentum.  The best businessmen in the world are the busiest.  Keep business first and everything else second.  In business take nothing personally.  This is easier said than done.

Great things only come to you when you’re busy.  Stay busy and keep attacking each day with force and fire.  Use your mental will to get things done and direct the will towards important tasks.  If you can’t get the important tasks done, you will be a failure.  Focus on doing what it takes to be a success.

Being a success requires the same amount of energy as being a failure.  More people should be successful since they instinctively know this.  Keep your attention on what you need to do and do it.  When you clutter your mind with useless thoughts or on garbage that has nothing to do with you, you will forget about what you came to accomplish.  Keep the end in mind and make things happen.

Keeping the end in mind is part of Stephen Covey’s famous book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  If you want to learn how to be productive read that book.  That book is a personal favorite of many readers.  When you learn how to focus and pick the right activities that will move you forward great things will begin to happen.  Pick activities that benefit you and increase your value.

This in turn will increase your value as a person.  When you’re busy getting things done and moving forward you will never want to stop.  This will allow you to become the conqueror you were born to be.  Stay greedy and stay ruthless.  These two attributes and turn a failure into a success.

When you learn how to focus you’ll be able to attract anything you desire.  I’m in year 3 of this website and I will do what’s necessary to make it grow.  I want it to be big and have thousands of readers daily.  To do this I have to write more, produce more and kick more ass.  Sitting on the sidelines and waiting for things to happen isn’t my style and I refuse to play defense.

I will move this site forward and I don’t care how long it takes.  Like Victor Pride says “It takes as long as it takes.”  Worrying about the how will only push you further away from your goal.  Keep your mindset focused on what you need to do to accomplish your goal.  What, not how.

If you need to do a keto diet to get ripped do it.  The end is more important than the means.  Do whatever it takes to make it happen.


  • You need to be aggressive and constantly look for opportunities to advance.
  • Move forward relentlessly.
  • Think only about what you want.  If it’s something you don’t want or care for, banish it from your thoughts.
  • Keep your mind focused and on task.
  • The end is more important than the means.
  • Think about the end, not the how.

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The Life Changing Power Of Introspection


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” -Lao Tzu

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

The ability to look deep within oneself and objectively examine your strengths and weaknesses is something the modern world is sorely lacking in.  We live in  an advanced technological age.  An age where communication and gratification is nearly instant.  In such a world those on the extrovert side of the personality scale are highly favored.

Social status, money and artifice over substance is the candy coated turd which everyone seems to embody.  There seem to be very little if any rewards for those who dive head first into their deepest selves.  Uncovering what demons and phantoms torment them.

Know Thyself

Today a man must become an absolute expert of himself if he wishes to soar above the floundering husks of mediocrity.  Though the modern world seems to offer little if any tangible benefits for self awareness, the ability to deeply introspect is a quality worth more than any of the dip shit corporate brands you flaunt or the terrible nutritional content of the big business food you shovel down that pie hole.

What does it mean to become a master over oneself?

Well it is very simple.  It starts with asking simple but poignant questions about yourself.

What areas am I most insecure about?

What core desires motivate me to speak and act?

Which things really push my buttons?

In what areas am I ridiculously weak?

These are all questions one cannot find without a fearless jump in their deepest selves.

Indeed without knowledge of self you are the blank slate that corporations and governments wish you to be. This allows them to give you meaning through their products and services.

If you have ever noticed the highly shallow facade that most people exhibit these days it’s because they are cruising through life on auto pilot with nearly all of their behavior existing of programmed and conditioned responses.

Why So Shallow?

Why does the modern fuck boy and the New World Skank seem to have such limited knowledge of themselves?  Why do people find themselves chasing material carrots that never seem to materialize?

These questions must be asked of yourself and they must be searched deeply within the confines of your beleaguered souls.  For introverts, they must realize that even though it would seem they are not rewarded for their natural inclinations to introspect it is a highly valuable ability to have.

For extroverts they must realize that to spend some time alone and coldly assess themselves is something that can only give them a great advantage in all areas of their lives.  Neglecting this area will only target them as the prey for the predators.  Indeed without the knowledge of what truly motivates you there might as well be a bulls eye on your chest for every con man and the infrared dot of your enemies upon your backs.

Stop looking for validation from outside sources and competing with the rest of the fagged out hivemind.  All in a race to the absolute bottom of human consciousness.

Set Sail Over Dark Waters

Humans are the most complex creatures the earth has ever seen.  Self consciousness is truly a gift and we must find ourselves by searching long and hard within the ultimate labyrinth, ourselves.  Anyone familiar with my writing will know that I constantly talk about taking the boat down the river your own Heart Of Darkness.

I also highly recommend you read the book of the same name by Joseph Conrad.  It is a literary classic and the story is a beautiful metaphor of a man who travels down this heart of darkness and uncovers the demons of his own soul and of humanity itself within it.  The terror and the beauty of a world without the neon draperies of the modern world.  This same beauty.  This same horror lives within us as well.  We are a microcosm.  A world within a world.  So there is something to be said about the fact that knowing one of these worlds intimately will give you knowledge of the other.  It’s time to take that journey.  The only journey that matters.

Never Forget This

A key distinction to be made when you finally say fuck it and dive into yourself is that you are not judging yourself here.  As an INTJ it is quite natural for me to introspect constantly.  When I was younger and dumber however I could never utilize it’s power because of my own insecurities.  If I looked deeply inside all I could manage to see was a failure and a weak person.  This filled me with fear and loathing about myself.  Why would I want to know myself when I felt so shitty for doing so?

The correct mind set to have is completely different.  Because you are actively deciding to look inside yourself and deal with your problems that takes a measure of bravery and courage.  So how can you be weak if that is true?  Indeed not many at all these days have that kind of courage.  So when you do decide to take that plunge remember you are the brave one.

Judging yourself is not ultimately a bad thing anyway once you understand what it’s for.  People, especially women are deathly afraid of that word Judgement.  They scurry away in fear at the mention of such monsters or the icky idea that yes consequences do exist.  The ability to judge yourself correctly will give you the necessary skill to see all other things and other people through the right lens.  You will choose relationships with others that benefit you both instead of leeching like a parasite off one another.  It will give you the right clues whenever making important financial decisions and effectively alert you to dangers.

Take time out for yourself in a quiet place everyday.  Sit alone and listen to yourself.  Make peace with who you are and work to improve where you deem it.

No one else is going to do it for you!

Final words from Lao Tzu, who says:

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

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Two Skills To Become The Master Part 2


A man who faces reality realizes the cold and heartless world before him

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

In last week’s article we discussed two methods to fortify yourself against the poz (cultural degeneration of the west).  First a philosophical system which is grounded in cold truths about human nature.  Stoicism.  Second is the art of inner sublimation as a means to channel negative emotions and experiences into a motivating fire which launches you out of your comfort zone and sends you hurdling face first into a dark world.

A cold and heartless world unmasked before a man who no longer weakly whimpers and scurries away tail tucked from the brutal reality a man must face.

There is something you need to know.  Something of grave importance which you should never ever forget.  Think of all the things which you like about yourself.  All the parts of you which is placed the most value.

Think of each piece of your puzzle intently for a moment.  Now understand this and never forget.

You are fucking expendable.

Your value is only in your utility to others.  As soon as you no longer offer any utility you will be replaced by someone who does.  You are meant to be the nameless cog in a machine which will grind you to dust.  When a man finally accepts this part of life, he must consistently strive to make everyone deal with him on his own terms.  To meet HIM on his ground.  I’ve said this before.  He must become the bright star that all other bodies revolve around.  This is only possible by becoming a man who is no longer deceived.

The greatest lies are the ones you believe about yourself.

You see my friends, the realization must come that it’s your life and it matters to you the most, doesn’t it?

If you knew there was a way to give yourself more options in life, more freedom and ultimately more happiness, wouldn’t you be highly motivated to learn it?

Nature Of Deception

The most crippling kind of deception is self deception.  I would be willing to bet that at this very moment there are many if not multitudes of lies you believe about yourself.  So follow me here.  You are the genesis of your reality.  In essence from your eyes, you are the the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega from which all of your thoughts, will and emotion emanate from.  When your idea of your Self is based on false assumptions, everything that is You (thoughts,will, emotions) will be at odds with itself.

This causes everything in your life to result in turmoil, unhappiness and failure.  A male at odds with himself is like someone who has handicapped themselves on purpose.

Why?  For what reason would someone do this?  Just so they can feel special about themselves?

It hardly seems worth it right?

If you are angry about all the lies.  All the constant propaganda in your tv’s and your media devices.  You should put them down and start wondering about YOU.  Start wondering about all the propaganda, delusions and fairy tale bullshit you tell yourself.  All the things you serve up to your tyrannical little ego who keeps that carrot stick dangling in front of those glazed over eyes.

Why Stoicism?

Stoicism is probably more useful to very passionate/emotional types of men since it will be a grounding force to center yourself amidst the turmoil of unwanted emotional responses.  People think they need more things to achieve success and happiness.  What they really need is less of them.  Much less.

Instead of looking without for external validations and material things you need to look within and connect the dots of just who and what you are.

What fires burn brightest inside your deepest heart?

Meditation is a key practice here.  Meditation and deep introspection allow you to burrow deep into the darkest corners where you’ve been hiding all those nasty truths about yourself.  Start with at least 15 minutes a day dedicated to complete concentration while diving into your deepest self.   Find a quiet place where you are completely relaxed and comfortable.  You must connect with the most fundamental part of yourself as a living breathing flesh body and a will to power which may grow or wane depending on your self delusions.

You must train your mind to be starved of whatever it is you feed to your ego.  Whatever is keeping you on the hamster wheel.  Starving yourself physically by fasting occasionally and purposefully delaying physical gratifications will start to build a raw energy from within yourself.  With this vast reservoir of emotional and mental power stored within, you then must learn to sublimate this power and channel it into your desired direction and outcomes.

This is why Psychopaths are so good at manipulating others.  The lack of empathy allows them to better assess reality and how to get what they want from others.  Though psychopaths are not free from self delusion, they are able to use their minds in more efficient ways.  They can more easily predict what motivates others and what thumbscrews to turn on their prey.

Emotional Responses

A weak, untrained person will react in obnoxious and often comical theatrics when you push their buttons.  Emotional responses are not “bad” and you should not fear them.  The anxiety you may feel when cold approaching a hot chick or the trepidation of looming confrontation that seems to frighten you stiff.

These are not bad or wrong things to experience and often it happens on no conscious part of your own.  You must realize that whenever you feel strong emotions there is immense energy drawing up within yourself.  All this power!  You are about to expend it all wastefully though.  Wouldn’t you hate for this fire of inner power to dissipate on a useless cause in a useless scenario?

So then you must embrace your emotional responses.  All of them.  Then as you become fully aware of what is happening, your mind and emotions can link up in perfect synergy.

People that think in this simplistic, binary pattern of positive and negative have it all wrong.

They say only think positive things!  Think positive thoughts and they will come into being!  While there may be a kernel of truth there, people then rank everything in their lives and within themselves as being positive or negative.  The negative is baaaad and should be shunned.


Emotions that many would call “negative”  are actually massive lodestones of inner power and motivation.  Hatred is not a bad thing, it’s a beautiful thing.

If you say that you love something and adamantly profess those affectations then you must HATE the opposite of that thing with just as much zealous fervor.

If you cannot hate then you cannot love either. 

So what is the point of saying you love if you don’t embrace the hatred of it’s antithesis?  Get rid of your self delusions!

You must be able to look at yourself the way a mortician would examine a vivisected corpse.  Coldly identifying your weakest spots, vulnerabilities and wasteful urges.  You must become the master over yourself.  Someone who has subjugated their own ego with the force of an Imperial Conqueror.

Whenever you feel strongly about something.  Don’t run from it.  Don’t hide it away and try to shove it under the rug.  Stop pretending!

Just embrace it.

Embrace the chaos and the uncertainty. 

With open arms and a vicious smile embrace a dark world.  Don’t be the hero everyone says they want.

Become the fucking villain they deserve!

The will to live.  Is it in you?

What lengths would you go to in obtaining all that you desire?  What earthly ends would you scour and how many rocks would you upturn to find that which is most precious to you?  How ferociously would you defend what is yours?

If you know the answer to these questions then I will say well met.  For you are a man who is intimately aware of both his light and dark sides.  A dangerous man.

You have conquered your demons.  You have put shackles on the useless and opportunity in the hands who do your work.  We see each other eye to eye and gaze down at a beautiful and terrible earth..   A pantheon of fucking Beast Gods.  The world can only tremble and lay prostrate before the feet of such creatures!

Tripartite Agreement

The mind, will and emotions are like 3 warring factions within the same tribe.  All vying to be heard, all poking, prodding and incessantly annoying one another in confusion, strife and disagreement.

You must be the ruthless warlord to unite them all.

Through a stoic mindset which sublimates emotional and mental power into a consuming fire of motivation.  You may achieve staggering power.  With deep introspection in dedicated meditation you can achieve the frightening alignment of 3 factions now united.

A warrior tribe corded together as a weapon of pure will.  Limitless fuel to light up the brightest fires in your heart.  To ignite the flames of explosive arrows.

Ripping loose and singing furiously a song of hellfire into a faggot filled New World.

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Two Skills To Become The Master


Stoicism and the Way Forward will help you become a better man

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

No matter how the weaklings of the west like to dress up their realities with flimsy facades and rainbow colored draperies. The cold, hard truth is that life is all about survival, competition and outlasting the rest.

Life is a battle of your will that burns inside you versus the motherfucking world.

The fire that compels you to wake up every day and face an uncertain world. A new day riddled with possibilities of loss, suffering, and even death are lurking everywhere.  The pampered Fag O Trons of the west have spared no expense in covering up these nasty truths with as much obfuscation and cognitive dissonance possible in their malignant brains.

Truthfully all of life is a battle of wills.  Since the west embraced long ago the ideals of lassiez faire capitalism, a radical individualist ideology has marinated in our minds for generations.  What this means is that for the white man, he no longer possesses his natural faculties to out compete and outlast the rest of the world.  We are all atomized individuals.  Compartmentalized within the “melting pot” of the American dream.

The only things the masses share in common are which corporate brands they like/consume the most.

The truth is that dream is a fucking nightmare.  A murky soup of elements that will never go together until we all have been engineered into the Morlocks of the modern age.  All of our efforts and labors will go to feed the vampires whom you may call “globalists” and such.

Western civilization is like a black hole imploding for us.  The types of peoples who lived, worked and died to create what we have are now being replaced.  The whites of the west have had their natural instincts socially engineered out them.  The level of technology and massive government bureaucracy have achieved total control of the youth and young adults.

By embracing the radical individualism promoted by so many in the past few centuries the white man has helped to destroy his nations, his peoples and his families.  By embracing an ideology that relegates a man to an economic unit he has destroyed his future.  From allowing his daughters to be unashamed whores and accepting all manner of filth and degeneracy into their gluttonous bodies.  To marrying road worn skanks that fleece them for all their worth.  We are living within a massive death cult who embrace their biological demise.

Growing up in suburbia I remember distinctly the idea from my parents and friend’s families as well, that at 18 years old its time for you to get the fuck out of the house.  Go to college.  Get the steady job and then go have your own consumer driven lifestyle of abject consumption just like everyone else.

Family?  Ah who cares?  Mom and pop are divorced now and have other spouses.  They want to go have their own happy time.  Away from those terrible shitbird kids who are so annoying!

So they can eat all their turd sandwiches in peace and watch all their turd tv shows with no interference!

As the western male cucks himself for his women and every other ethnic group, his females were busy making sure they don’t EVER have the misfortune of those icky babies to deal with.  Or they just hired a contract assassin to murder their children for them.  Children who might now lift them up and be their future.  No.  We are on the demographic eclipse and it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

You know something else?  Everyone who embraced these things and taught them to their children fucking deserve it!  It’s absolutely pathetic to see the degeneration of once great peoples devolve to such caricatures.

Such slimy creatures and spineless invertebrates! 

For those who still have the fire.  The will to power which burns bright inside, there may be hope for you yet.  A man has to accept the cold winter, the dark night.  The brutal call of horns and wild enemies at his gates.  To rise above the shit pile of human entropy requires dedicated and constant training of mind and body.  Two major methods of achieving these goals is through Stoicism and Sublimation.


Stoicism was one of the philosophical movements which grew out of the Hellenistic period.  A defining tenet of it’s philosophy is that emotions, especially strong ones like fear, envy, even strong sexual attachments are a result of false judgements.  Stoics held that the sage, the stoic who has achieved intellectual and moral perfection would make no false judgements and even be free from all misfortune.

I knew very little about this philosophy and never really considered myself one.  Even though others would describe me often as “stoic”.  Once I learned about the history I realized that much of the teachings had already been internalized throughout my life.  I was in agreement on some core principles.  I have spoken of the Master/slave dichotomy before and I was amused to see that stoics even suggested that only the sage was free(the Master) while everyone else were slaves.

This parallels exactly with conclusions I have came to.

A man must have no urges that he cannot control.  He must first become a master over himself before it is possible to dominate others.  Stoicism incorporates something I call pleasure delaying.  I have withheld various things from myself simply to harden my mind and will.  I have written about a man’s hunger before.  Today the males of the west no longer have this hunger.  Their fat bellies are filled with every corporate mass produced turd available.

Since they aren’t hungry they won’t ever strive or compete in anything.

Which means they are fucking losers.

Disgusting dead weight which should be cleansed from the earth and never allowed to propagate again.  Regardless they will all be replaced within a few generations.

I would fast for a few days at first for religious reasons but later because I had to cut weight for fights.  Starving myself while getting beat up day in and day out made me so god damn ferocious I honestly felt that no man could stop me.  I wanted to fucking kill the guy I was fighting because I had to go through this shit for him.  I was going to make him pay a dreadful price.

That is the kind of hunger I needed to awaken within myself and rise above the complacent hordes.

The Way Forward

It has been proven that the kind of man who will survive and thrive in this New World is the one who has a suite of traits.  These are found to encompass what is called the dark triad.  Psychopathy, Machiavellianism and Narcissism.

It is said that you must be born with the psychopathic trait or suffer severe trauma early in life.  While those without this trait may have some levels of empathy, through stoicism one can suppress and ultimately sublimate this energy into something else.

When a man’s logical and thinking faculties utilize the raw energy of his emotional responses through sublimation, he can become a god damn powerhouse.

If a man says he is logical thinking yet is swayed in the slightest by emotion, that man is a liar.

In the next part I will discuss Sublimation and wrap it all together using Stoicism for becoming The Beast.  A vicious terror to enemies or provisioning hands of sustenance to whom he chooses.

Brutal honesty with oneself and the fierce drive of a man who hungers for more is the only way you should be thinking.  Your stupid feelings don’t mean shit to anyone but you.

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In 2017 Become A Fucking Savage


A new year, a new you

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Horror Of The Civilized

Today to be civilized means embracing weakness, degeneracy and suicide.  To get along within the puss dripping vagina of the cucked west a male must “disavow” his penis.  He must grab that flaccid little fucker, hold it with sincere and visible contempt.  Then lop it off with snarky pride at the altar of androgynous equality.

The equalized number of the lowest common denominator.  Spinning like a turd down the toilet bowl.  Swirling, decaying, ingloriously dying.  Down, down, down to the mother fucking BOTTOM.

Who knows, maybe they will just call it the new circumcision?

As the modern male cuck watches his bloody penis burn away in the unholy fires, he pays homage to the real leaders now, the females.  At the dead baby skull temple he stands proud showing his great respect for the matriarchs who in their great wisdom decided to sacrifice all their children to their cannibalistic, child molesting death god and feed their blood to the rancid witch called equality.  As hordes and hordes of foreigners come crashing in, the cucks must make sure to keep their little bitch boy mouths shut and not offend anyone.

Merrily I say, swing open the doors of your homes to strangers and take after your daughters.  Whose gates have been flung wide since middle school.  For the whores of the west have declared that pussy schengen territory long ago.

Now on your fucking knees little bitch boys.  She cometh.  Tremble before the Matriarch!

She’s gonna pull out her golden phallus which she lecherously lusts after and seethes malicious with black envy.   She straps it’s leather around her perspiring pig flesh. In a hellish gaze of death and misery she fucks your little boy butts one at a time while the fapping masses cheer.  Hooray!  Progress!

The Last Boat Is Here

This is for the ones who yet can feel that dim light smolder within.  Where boundless love runs hot like a torrent of flame.  Where endless hate and furious violence await the the awakening of your soul.

Those glowing embers you can’t seem to rid your grief stricken conscience of.  The light is low and distant.  Listen closely and you might hear.  A thousand beats inside a savage heart still pumps the spark of life throughout your veins,

The blood.   The blood is the life.

It is not only your own life force but with it runs wild generation after generation of motherfucking barbarians.  MEN who lived wild and free.  Men who took risks and paid the prices.  They survived.  They slaughtered their enemies.  They raised up glittering thrones atop mounds of corpses and crowned themselves in the Sky.

You owe EVERYTHING to them! 

Your blood is a bright river coursing through time.  Screaming out of the past and blasting forward with vengeful power into a dark and savage night.

You must smile O man!  For with  treacherous terrors and unspeakable horrors there is frightening power to be obtained.  Glory awaits the brave and fearless!

A thousand trumpets sound from the horns of your ancestors calling out within your psyche.  A million tears from ten million sorrows.  A thousand hearts beating as one.  In triumph, tragedy and overcoming.

Hear their cries rise like mists from the earth. From dust and bones and blood and soil.  Lay yourself down in the tombs of their sorrows.   Weep for their struggles and loss.  Then lift yourself up to the glories of their victories and shining light of legacy.  What they gave to you is a beautiful and terrible gift.



Become a savage man, free from the oppression of the matriarchy

The Elixir Of The Gods

If masculinity could be whittled down to a biochemical essence.  It is the hormone testosterone.  Males have less and less these days.  Our society has been starving us of this vital hormone so that we may be more easily controlled.  You need to make sure yours is as high as motherfucking possible AT ALL TIMES.

For guys under 30, working out, eating lots of whole food and generally staying active can be enough.  If you feel that your test levels are low you should get them checked.  If so you can easily get a prescription for testosterone and do it the legal way.  There is also the black market to find what you need(really not that hard to find info on).  Supplementing your hormones with exogenous testosterone may be the only answer for a lot of males to make them men again.  From personal experience I can tell you that this kind of supplementation was probably the single smartest thing I ever did for my body and mind.  We have the technology available.  It’s on you to do your due diligence.

Do not delude yourself with some flaccid  moral argument about how it is cheating.  Cheating at what?  Life?  Well that means I’m a fucking winner.  I’m getting that trophy motherfucker.  No trophies for losers.

This is a game of life and death.  I will do absolutely EVERYTHING to rise to the top.  To crown my sons with history’s remembrance while your aborted babies cry out from graves never dug and sterile incompetents are my heir’s competition.

You don’t need a lot either.  This isn’t about being a “roid head”.  It’s about evening the odds.  Tipping the scales so you can come out on top.  That you may know the fire of your ancestors.

Testosterone regulates focus and critical thinking.  I never felt as alive than when having loads of testosterone roar through me like a wild bull.  My focus became like a laser.  My already instinctual cues seemed to go into overdrive.  Even my skin glows.  It’s like being born again.  Seeing the world with savage eyes.  The neon draperies of the fagged out hive melt away and you hear the pulsating fury of your heart open the valves of ectoplasmic fuel and violently spill out.

Powering an altered god damn BEAST.

Ascend The Throne Of The Beast God

Within the savage man’s heart of darkness, the vast tributaries, flowing red streams and crimson rivers converge at the center.  This is the throne of the Beast God.  The savage man of old.  Resurrected for new life in a world of pathetic weakness and plastic conformity.  Feel him breathe and burn within you!

Hear the world tremble.

The Reaper sits with his scythe ready to cull the weak from the earth.  Rivers and rivers of blood cascade down forming pools of red.  From those crimson lakes he rises.  Vicious, beautiful and free.  Hearts aflame with savage fire.

Ready to rip this motherfucker apart.


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Piercing A Paper Thin Veil


The facade most people disguise themselves under is paper thin

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

When you live in a world which is highly socialized and technologically dependent, most people rely on a paper thin facade they wear over their true selves to get by.  Now that the numerous tentacles of technology reach deep into the blackest corners of our lives, a pervasive sense that you are constantly on display permeates our minds.  In order to cope, the average person learns quickly to pretend that everything is A ok and their lives are happy and merry. Just like everyone else.

The problem for these types is that after awhile they forget their facade is all made up, that their lives are a projected image and the projector is just about outta juice.  It does not take much scrutiny to see the cracks rippling out of the paper thin veil everyone drapes over their nastiest, most despicable selves.  The thought of being uncovered and those loathsome fears to be exposed bring torturous waves of fear to electrify their most frightening insecurities.

Unique And Special Like Everyone Else

While everyone is in a frantic race to prove to the world they aren’t a loser, they fail to notice that everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  As if hypnotized everyone seems to be fumbling forward in blind fear and willful helplessness, hoping and praying no one takes notice of the horrors underneath their smiles.

That you aren’t special.

Your thoughts and ideas aren’t unique.

Absolutely no one cares.  Especially you.

Indeed the thought of having to endure such shattering realities causes the masses to go into anaphylactic shock.  Symptoms from severe allergic reaction to truth.

Form Over Substance

The West is a people in decline.  The feminine mindset has become the de facto state of thinking for the masses.  They cannot see past their own toes,  yet wallow in the petty, relentless criticism of others.  The feminine mind loves form over substance and artifice over authenticity.  Thie West is a people who love delusion and loathe self improvement.

To improve they must first be able to admit they aren’t perfect, complete or all knowing.  But to mention this fact would cause the feminized swarms to convulse violently and foam at the mouth.  As the murky froth of their ego and self indulgence give birth to a demoniac form emerging from their empty souls.

Truly, a man whose eyes are open is handsomely entertained watching the little goblins rise from the depths of such great and wonderful people.

With all this fakery, posturing and self deceit among the many, there is great power in the ability to pierce the facade of others.  Often this is necessary to move through the throngs of pedestrians.

Pierce The Heart, Shatter The Moon

A man, a savage man can with his primal eyes, peer deep beyond the obnoxious facade others use to hide within.  To do so is quite simple yet most people do not have this skill because they are too focused on themselves.  On covering up themselves and hiding from the truth.

The Sun represents light and Truth.  To live in the light is the brave road a man must travel down.  He must not fear the light to shine in his darkest heart and uncover his demons.  The fire of this light refines him and causes his own soul to shine beautiful and terrible.  A man of fire.  A force which causes division in the world.  Division of light and darkness.

A feminized world loves the moon and the dark night.  They must hide away from the revealing truth, the penetrating light.  They have become lunatics unable to think or see clearly.  A man must prick them, pierce them and shatter their reality.  To do so requires you see beyond the paper thin veil and pierce it completely and without remorse.

The Slithering Underbelly Of Projection

Fear is such a powerful emotion people will spend their entire lives attempting to avail themselves of it.  In so doing they dedicate themselves to the chains of it’s control.

What does someone fear most?

That which they hide the most or make every attempt to appear it’s opposite.  It is in these opposites to which is projected that one can see this slithering underbelly.  Does a man puff his chest and act tough often in obnoxious ways?

He is a coward that has never been tested. 

Indeed he fears most this trial.  It would only take a minimum of leaning on this person and they collapse.

You know there are so many fields of study in every facet of life that we forget the most important study of all.  Studying people.

Especially those around you.

Dark emotions churn and overlap within the cauldron of other people’s minds and hearts.  Often you can sense this bubbling to the surface when you have pierced through their little masks.  It is not the words themselves which others say but how they say it which betrays everything about them.

Remember this.

Beware of those who appear as nothing and reveal nothing under scrutiny.  These are the most dangerous foes.

The Master Key To Unlock Others

What is the one most powerful tool you have to understand those around you?

It is you.  Your own self.

To know yourself, your fears, lusts, dreams and hopes with cold accuracy and brutal honesty is to know all of mankind.  To test yourself constantly and put yourself through the fire of the Sun, you shall rise above the rest.  You are a microcosm.  A world within a world.  To know yourself is to know the safeguarded secrets of mankind’s darkest dreams.  The phantoms lurking in the shadows and the uncomfortable truths buried under all that fancy debris.

Search the boundless expanse of your own black soul and traverse the wild rivers which coarse through your own savage heart.  Open the crypts of your own demons and face them down like a fucking man.

Then the jeweled thrones of the world can be yours to lay hold.

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