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America is Not a Nation Anymore, It’s a Business


It’s the battle of culture vs. consumption. Currently, consumption is winning

There’s no culture anymore. It was sold out in a clearance sale last week.

There’s no fun or wonder about life anymore, either. Sure, people put on pretenses that they’re happy and having fun. But one only need visit any town in America (I’ve been to nearly every state) and the illusion is quickly destroyed.

People just grunt when you greet them on the street as they mindlessly work 40, 50, or 60 hours a week to line the walls of their own personal, materialistic prisons.

Families are breaking down. The government is becoming tyrannical. Politicians betray their voters every election cycle. Women become faker by the year with everything from Cloroxed hair to ass implants to well-practiced personalities. Feminized manlets are almost as into gossip and intrigue as the women at your local hair salon. The national obsession is the next gadget or overpriced meal.

It seems the Holy Bible was right. Money is the root of all evil. If a culture shifts to worshipping it, that is. TNMM commenter Tony200 puts it this way: As for America; it is like Seinfeld – a show about nothing. Except Seinfeld was funny.

What else is there in dystopian America other than consumption? Shopping for shit we don’t need and eating excessive amounts of food – that’s making us the fattest sons of bitches in the history of the human race. And yet we are told by the media how lucky we are to be living here on a daily basis.


What about those of us who crave culture, female companionship, and personal freedom? Those of us who don’t want to be job slaves? Those of us who want to live in a community and a nation rather than a business?

This sellout culture is literally selling out its humanity so it can produce more crap. Never is a thought given to judging quality of life in non-economic terms. This is due in part to the foundation of Western society being the Faustian quest for infinity, as explained by Spengler in TNMM’s Decline of the West series. The West is pursuing an infinity of money and material goods, and that is killing it.

Nothing matters except the Puritan-derived work ethic, sexlessness, and cyclical consumption. A man comes to realize America is not so much a nation anymore as it is a 24/7 business. One might say all nations are businesses at the end of the day, and that opinion has some validity to it.  The problem is America is making every interaction between humans more and more transactional as each year passes by.

Want lettuce and tomato on that burger? It will cost you extra. Want to drive on the Interstate your tax money supposedly pays for? Those are electronic toll roads now. Coming soon…want to have a child? You have to get a permit for that.


The concept of “enough” money doesn’t exist in an avaricious culture


Greed and its cousin materialism are destroying the nation and the Caucasian race. Primarily because of female lust for material goods and gutless men refusing to tell them to stop acting like children, stomping their feet on the floor demanding material goods now, now, now!

The New Modern Man logo represents the ongoing battle between Justice and Greed. As described by Carl Sagan, this sculpture inside the Royal Palace of Amsterdam has a deeper meaning.

It depicts Justice flanked by Death and Punishment triumphing over Greed and Envy, the gods of the merchants; the unrestrained pursuit of profit poses serious threats to the soul of a nation.

America has no soul anymore. It is a profit producing machine that’s putting humanity through the meat grinder. Of course, major problems arise when a nation is unduly imbalanced on the greed side of the equation.

By the way, when it comes to materialistic women, don’t hold your breath for men to grow a backbone. If there’s one thing the trucking world has taught me, it’s that white men like to act tough but most of them are quite weak these days.

The solution for the man who wants out of the madhouse before it takes them to hell along with the rest of the sheeple? Thoughtful men should shift to the margins of society. When a man shifts from a life of consumption to a life of minimalism, life transforms from a mind-boggling ordeal to a fulfilling journey. Happiness and satisfaction with life will increase. Charles Bukowski said it best:

The less I needed, the better I felt.

Thoughtful men should also travel to experience the world untainted by a century of mass consumerism and get their share of femininity while supplies last. There’s at least a chance the beast of materialism will take over the world and put the very survival of the human race into doubt as there’s never enough money or power for the psychopaths who brought us to these dire straits we now find ourselves in as a nation.

Trashing the illusions society has programmed into men from birth is not a simple thing to do. In fact, most sheeple will never reach this plateau of existence. However, for those men who do, their lives will be given back to them. This begins with trashing the illusions the Anglo media gives us about the fat, bitchy, and materialistic women in our nation.

TNMM commenter Erik gives us an eyewithness report from the Rockies:

I had to go downtown for business today. Denver area. Ran into you-go-grrrrls, a fattie who scowled when I said hello, old post-menopausal women cackling amongst themselves, and one particularly manly woman who whistled nonstop. Dystopian nightmare. Gods…

As has been said before, feminism has made modern women worthless beyond their anatomy. And greed has consumed the average American’s humanity and dignity.

The modern man should purge the toxicity of both plagues from his life. By cleansing the dead weight of women (beyond casual sex) and materialism from life, a man regains his dignity. If enough men do this, we can return to having a nation rather than a coast to coast shopping mall.

Women will never be able to do the heavy lifting of the economy (in male-dominated fields like mining, etc.) because they only want jobs in which they can wear fancy clothes and have unwarranted authority. Without men willingly turning themselves into slaves by buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like, the plantation system will fall apart.

And we might just have a nation again.

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Statistics Prove Anglo Women Are Ravenous Materialists Who Are Destroying the Environment


Ladies, all those trendy Starbucks latte containers end up in a landfill

The media will never call the Anglobitch out on her astounding, breathtaking hypocrisy. Oh, but we will.

Anglo women claim to be concerned about the environment and “saving the planet” but never admit they probably should cut back on buying useless garbage in order to make a contribution to the effort. Some might call that the definition of insanity, wanting to keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

The plain truth is, American women are the most ravenous and wasteful consumers on the planet.

Statistics prove it’s women who are responsible for destroying the environment with their vain, empty lifestyles of conspicuous consumption and Keeping Up with the Joneses. American women spend money hand over fist, and as we’ve pointed out before spend 90% more than they earn over the course of their selfish lives. (So selfish, they have cut men and children out of their lives as whites are now demographically dead and disappearing. And this cancer is infecting other cultures who come to America.)

But wait, there’s more. Just take a look at some statistics compiled by minimalist Josh Becker, all gathered from “official” media outlets and newspapers:

  • An estimated two-thirds of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) comes from retail consumption.
  • The average American woman makes 301 trips to the store each year.
  • She spends close to 400 hours a year shopping.
  • She spends nearly 9 years of her life shopping.
  • The American woman spends 190 hours a year shopping for clothes, shoes, or window shopping. Women spend 95 hours shopping for food—only half the time of shoe, clothes and window shopping.
  • Americans spend more on shoes, jewelry, and watches than on higher education. All those are consumer items primarily consumed by women.
  • Shopping malls outnumber high schools in America.
  • When asked about hobbies, girls (age 13-18) identified shopping as their favorite pastime.
  • The average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing per year. (Women buy far more clothes than men.)
  • Americans now spend more money eating out than they do at the grocery store. (Since Anglobitches can’t cook anymore.)

As a side note, visit an online dating site and see how many of the catfishes of the day mention shopping as their hobby. They only want you as a man if you can become a utility object they can use to get even more junk than they already have.

So, you see, it’s women who are destroying the environment with their greedy, solipsistic natures. They’re also destroying the culture of America since they’ve abandoned having men and children in their lives so they can chase the mirage of the Have It All™ lifestyle.

As a result of catering to every female whim, the national pastimes have become nothing more than shopping and eating out every meal.

This, after its clueless consumers work like a slave to support a treadmill of materialism, but can’t figure out why they have to put in 70 hours a week keep the machine they’re on spinning.

Of course, the need to produce these items and further feed already obese people high calorie meals has a detrimental effect on the environment.

America, gynocentric and Puritan-based, is a nation that has completely sold out to the female imperative. It is not a nation anymore as much as it is a business dedicated to appeasing females with an infinite, never-ending supply of worthless crap. It sold out its entire culture to support consumption, and is attempting to socially engineer humans to become more efficient worker drones so it can produce even more garbage!

Are American women grateful for the lives they lead? No! They want even more!

Rampant consumerism is to blame, more than anything else, for the deleterious effect humans are having on the planet. And all fingers point to the Anglobitch when it comes to rampant consumerism. The numbers don’t lie.

And yet, this pussy-worshipping culture dare not call the goddess out to defend her breathtaking duplicity even as she destroys the world and the host culture. As long as someone can make a quick buck off the total corruption of female nature, turning them into figurative asses (both the animal and the more colorful use of the word) running on a treadmill of consumption chasing a carrot on a stick, it’s full steam ahead.

That is, until this cancer completely obliterates its host culture. Anglos are already dying off, so the monster wants to bring in other ethnicities to prop up the machine. But beware all you people coming into America, the monster just might eat your culture, too. As economist John McMurtry has written, this female-centered economy (a mixed capitalist and Communist economy at that thanks to the corporate-government complex) is behaving exactly like a metastasizing cancer.

The air, soil and water cumulatively degrade; species become extinct at a spasm rate across continents; pollution cycles and volumes increase to endanger life-systems at all levels in cascade effects; a rising half of the world is destitute as inequality multiplies; the global food system produces more and more disabling and contaminated junk food without nutritional value; non-contagious diseases multiply to the world’s biggest killer with only symptom cures; the vocational future of the next generation collapses across the world while their bank debts rise; the global financial system has ceased to function for productive investment in life-goods; collective-interest agencies of governments and unions are stripped while for-profit state subsidies multiply; police state laws and methods advance while belligerent wars for corporate resources increase; the media are corporate ad vehicles and the academy is increasingly reduced to corporate functions; public sectors and services are non-stop defunded and privatized as tax evasion and transnational corporate funding and service by governments rise at the same time at every level.

Put simply, this is not an economy I want to live in, just so women can have shiny things to show off to their petty and equally empty-headed friends, and the corporate-government complex can enslave me using the force of my own tax dollars.

So, next time a woman starts bitching about the environment, tell her to shut the fuck up because she’s the one destroying it.

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That Shit You Own Isn’t Making You Happy


Nothing you can buy will make you happy, except life experiences

Ever bought something only to later realize having it didn’t make you as happy as you thought it would? Beyond a case of buyer’s remorse, there is a deeper realization to be gleaned from an experience like this once a man deprograms his mind from its indoctrination into a cult of materialism and stops chasing materialistic fantasies. Fantasies that what we own makes us better human beings and will bring us happiness are put into our minds by decades of mainstream media manipulation and edumacation system indoctrination.

There’s nothing farther from the truth. Psychological research is beginning to prove just what a farce the consumer economy is when it comes to actually making people happy.

First of all, possessions are a prison of their own. The things we buy are effectively paid for by lost experiences. Which will you remember most on your deathbed? A $2,000 flat panel TV or a $2,000 vacation to an exotic island where you banged twenty-something ass the entire time?

The things we own also own us back as they consume time, energy and even more money as we keep them up, maintain them, and buy larger homes to fit them inside of. Then there are the endless “upgrades” that also consume our money and our lives.

One of the best ways to see how much of our lives stuff is consuming is to look at all the things piled up in our homes. One of the best ways to do this is either to clean out the closet, or even better – to move. I moved several times during my career in the media (before I fled that industry in disgust to create this blog) and I can’t tell you what an eye-opener that experience was.

I had closets, boxes, and storage filled with material things. I wondered why I even bought many of those items as I began going through all that stuff, and I began to think to myself: Man, I would really like to have all the money I spent on this stuff back! I don’t need these things, but I do need the money!

I had to give away, sell (at a fraction of the cost I originally paid) or trash things that cumulatively cost me thousands of dollars when I bought them at retail in order to make everything fit into the moving truck. I slowly started to realize what a waste of money and effectively my life buying things really was, and over time realized the ingeniousness of the minimalist philosophy.

One of the realizations that comes with living the minimalist philosophy is that money buys freedom. And a man has a lot of freedom if he’s not chasing materialistic fantasies and instead uses his income as a wealth-building tool (i.e. saving and investing) and as a vehicle to have lots of interesting life experiences.

Adopting minimalism is one of the most powerful ways men can both take control of their lives and push back against a system that benefits from exploiting masculine utility. Living minimalistically is also an extension of the Going Galt philosophy.

Another important realization is for men to learn to make the distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic goals. Most people chase extrinsic goals by default, without even realizing what they’re doing.


Chasing extrinsic goals is like chasing the figurative carrot on a stick

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Goals

We are told, nay commanded to pursue extrinsic goals our entire lives. It’s as if social engineers know chasing them will drive infinite spending but will never deliver the contentment people seek in their lives. Buying things only brings fleeting pleasure, unlike setting other goals in life.

The key is realizing the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic happiness. What is the difference between these two kinds of happiness? Psychologist Tim Kasser, known for his work on materialism and well-being told interviewers:

We make a distinction between two different kinds of goals or values people might pursue in life. Intrinsic goals and extrinsic goals. So extrinsic goals are extrinsic in that they’re goals focused on something external to you. They’re focused on rewards, they’re focused on praise, and they’re focused on getting stuff.

Kasser’s research focused on extrinsic goals like:

  • Money – financial and material success
  • Image – looking good, having the right appearance and a good-looking Fakebook life
  • Status – social status and popularity

None of the above goals brought the subjects of the study lasting happiness, even though the consumer culture we are stewed and basted in from birth tells us these things are what matters and are what will make us happy, competent adults. Myths like these keep men and women toiling away on the hedonic treadmill while true happiness evades them. Extrinsic goals like these stand in direct opposition to intrinsic goals. Kasser continues:

Intrinsic goals are inherently satisfying in and of themselves, because they have to do with intrinsic psychological needs all people have.

So what are the intrinsic goals Kasser studied? They include:

  • Personal growth – trying to be who we really are
  • Relationships – having close and connected relationships with friends and family
  • Community feeling – a desire to help and make the world a better place

Here’s the conundrum.

We found that extrinsic goals are on the complete opposite side of value systems compared to intrinsic goals. They’re in opposition with each other. People who were more oriented towards money, image and status were reporting less satisfaction with their lives. They were more depressed, more anxious, and we found they felt less vital and less energized in their day to day life.

So, scientific evidence is mounting that being slaves to consumerism isn’t helping us as men as much as it is helping the corporate-government complex make fortunes off our backs. The consumer economy is a textbook example of the carrot and stick analogy. Kasser’s conclusion is that intrinsic goals are where it’s at when it comes to happiness.

Intrinsically oriented people were more happy. They reported more vitality, less depression and less anxiety.

The truth couldn’t be plainer than that. And I can testify to the veracity of Kasser’s claims as I have lived the transformation from consummate Beta male consumer in my 20s to minimalistic, laid back ZFG Sigma male in my 30s.

The key was realizing nothing I own was making me happy beyond my basic needs. I also realized some of the wealthiest people I knew were also some of the most miserable and conniving people I ever met. It may be that men like me will always be in the minority, but I can assure you I’m a happy motherfucker since throwing off the shackles of materialism.

There’s no doubt this wisdom could also help millions of other men.

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Black Friday is as Black as Consumers’ Souls


It’s the last TV on Earth! Everyone for themselves!

God help us. Black Friday really brings some of the nasty undercurrents of a materialistic, demographically moribund society to the surface. In America and now Europe, people fight each other to the death over material crap they’ll likely forget all about as soon as Christmas is over and then go on to look for the next “fix” of consumerism soon after.

Black Friday shows the ugly side of socially engineered human psychology, a psychology thoroughly manipulated by Freudian psychology for nearly a century. Fights regularly break out in the Churches of Consumerism, a.k.a. malls as people use money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.

Every year we see millions of programmed drones trying to by some happiness because they’ve been conditioned to believe buying material things reflects their social status among family and friends.

Sometimes shooting, sometimes trampling each other to death, acquiring some ultimately inane device turns into a survival of the fittest operation. Americans will fight to the death over a TV made by slave labor in Asia less than 24 hours after (supposedly) giving thanks for what they already have.

The New York Post details the rabid lust for crap gone wrong:

An Atlantic City man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded in the parking lot of a New Jersey mall – one of at least two fatal Black Friday-related shootings nationwide, officials said.

In Reno, a Walmart customer was gunned down during a fight over a parking spot just after doors were opened Thursday night.

And in Tennessee, a person also was shot Thursday at a Memphis mall while shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.

Make no mistake, this orgy of shopping and eating out is in many ways a direct result of a female-dominated society. Women prove time and time again in life and their dealings with disposable Anglo men that they’re only interested in material gain and utility value from males. (Even A-list actors are not immune, as this blog regularly documents with their high-priced divorces!) The fact women spend 90% more than they earn over the course of their lives and the fact large corporations don’t conceal the fact women influence or are directly responsible for 4 out of 5 purchases in this waste economy proves this point.

Women treat society similar to the way they treat men. They only want their “fix” of materialism no matter the personal and social costs to fill their gathering desires. (Women are consummate gatherers, and humans as a species are of course hunters and gatherers.)

Ironically, in being “empowered” to satisfy their innermost desires to gather things and out-compete their female friends, women have been empowered to destroy the very environment the claim to want to protect, by trying to use material items as palliatives to soothe the emptiness in their souls, an emptiness quite possibly brought on by the lack of a strong man and loving children in their lives. And of course, the emptiness brought on by a lack of a religion in their lives other than the Church of Consumerism.

This behavior powers the economy, but there are better things in life than being rich. That trite wisdom is something the West has definitely lost sight of as it sells out everything that makes life worth living so it can get another fix. It then uses that fix to make a payment on a McMansion, a box on wheels sedan, or its MasterCard – paying off an overpriced meal from last year and some Made in China plastic crap it didn’t like once it got home, anyway.

So, when you think of the horrors of Black Friday, think about feminism and think about how this orgy of waste would not be happening if men still instilled the values of thrift, intrinsic happiness, and family in society. Men waste, too. But the statistics of who wastes exponentially more don’t lie. Femininity will always sway a society towards materialism and overconsumption. Masculinity is supposed to step in and balance the scales.

But a society that hates men has no checks and balances on female behavior, so we get to watch a show like Black Friday every year.

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The Coming Cultural Singularity is Claiming Its First Victims


A perpetual growth, consumption economy is like a black hole that sucks the culture and eventually lives of those participating in it right out of a nation – if profit-seeking behavior is unrestrained

You will become one with the Borg. Your existence as it has been is over. From this time forward, you will service us.

Those words are more than just a great piece of writing in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series. They’ve become a chilling warning to the rest of the world (those who would dare to wish to see their culture remain intact) as a twisted game is now in play to see if CEOs can take American-style corporatism worldwide, with the end goal being the transformation of human beings into Adam Curtis style happiness machines. A game of world domination is now in play, in which humanity takes a back seat to quarterly profit seeking.

Make no mistake, the ambition of globalists and government bureaucrats alike is not only to micromanage the neo-tyranny known as the United States, but to push a culture of shopping, eating out, and creating problems with people’s lives to create profit on the rest of the world.

Nothing is too sacred to be sold out. This makes perfect business sense, but as Carl Sagan once said, the unrestrained pursuit of profit poses serious risks to the soul of a nation. America lost its soul at the alter of consumerism, which is why in the 21st century it is a nation that is materially rich but spiritually and demographically dead (at least for the founding ethnic group.)

After having spent a long period outside the consumption culture, coming back to visit a nation that revolves around getting and spending money at the cost of everything else that once made life worth living comes as quite a culture shock. What also comes as quite a shock is how isolated and detached from one another people are. The country is a coast to coast shopping mall and eatery in which there’s no sense of community and people have no sense of attachment to one another or need for one another beyond fiduciary concerns.

People live debased lives and further debase themselves as they become nameless, faceless strangers in the city. They become automatons who only think in terms of money and how to get and spend more of it. The idea of having children and propagating a culture in which people feel like life is innately satisfying to live has been lost.

Considering this general feeling of the culture one experiences once when he has been away for a while then comes back to a jarring juxtaposition of the Old World with the Consumer World, once coming to this realization a man does not wonder why the once mighty white race is going out with a whimper instead of a bang as it has been sedated and sold out by its own decadence, and individuals’ detachment from one another.

The demographic and cultural decline of Anglos in America also serves as doleful warning to those who would sell out their culture to live mechanical lives as profit seeking consumers in a consumption machine: selling out your humanity for “stuff” and fleeting material pleasure comes as a high price.

Is there anything that can be done?

One does not simply stop the wheels of an economy that have mercilessly decimated the nuclear family without facing serious repercussions as people have evolved to depend on it, but those who organized the world’s first consumption culture will be perhaps the first to disappear from the face of the earth as a result of it. Whites are now disappearing from the nation they created in astonishing numbers, and with an ever-increasing pace. It’s what demographers call an inverted population pyramid. Indeed, more whites are now dying than being born. Breitbart lays bare the results of a culture in love with material things rather than people. (As The New Modern Man constantly points out, feminism and Cultural Marxism – both products of monetary powers coming to dominate the political forms of the nation – haven’t helped, either.)

Racial and ethic minorities children under the age of five are now the majority as non-Hispanic white children make up an ever-smaller slice of the population, according to the Census Bureau. New population estimates released Thursday reveal a striking shift in the composition of America’s population as racial and ethnic minority births are also outpacing minority deaths. Meanwhile non-Hispanic whites are experiencing negative population growth, seeing 61,841 more deaths than births between 2013 and 2014.


See any red or pink on that map? All areas shaded those colors are where whites are losing population

Whites have a feeling something is wrong, but they haven’t quite diagnosed the problem yet. They see themselves becoming strangers in their own land, they see themselves being demographically and culturally conquered although semi-peacefully, and they know more whites are dying than being born as small towns wither away while they’re simultaneously seeing white population decline in the big city.

Everywhere you go, whites are fading because of the “advanced” and so-called “modern” lives they lead.

There is a growing sentiment of finality and dread that’s almost palpable. Comedian Bill Hicks even hints at the problem, although his voice is quickly drowned out by constant advertising and product placement.

I do not believe making money in order to consume goods is mankind’s sole purpose on this planet.

If only people realized their materialism is literally killing their posterity and consuming their lives in the pursuit of vanity and narcissism.

happy family walking on sun set time

The Culture-Materialism ratio has become seriously unbalanced towards the materialism side in late stage Anglo culture

No Easy Solutions

What is causing all this? It must be those immigrants is the initial thought. It’s not that. It’s the fact the cycle of life, i.e. having kids and raising them as the motivating force behind life rather than having careerism and consumerism as the motivating force has gone the way of the dinosaurs. That “antiquated” way of living life has been disrupted by gold-plated dreams of winning the conspicuous consumption prize when in fact the reality of any economy is there are 10 losers for every winner or else it could not function.

The family, the building block of any society or economy has been forgotten. A new electronic gadget or sedan has taken its place.

There are those who want to see the American model of consumption and the sacrificing of the world’s cultures at the altar of the shopping mall foisted upon everyone on the planet. The beast that is the perpetual growth economy that has been created must constantly be fed with a steady diet of human lives and human energy. It won’t stop with its voracious appetite until it has turned the entire world into the same perfect consumers Americans have become.

The only chance for finding a way out of this downward spiral for those who think human beings are more than “happiness machines” is through one of two options: if the monster consumes those who created it in such a manner the rest of the world learns a lesson from it, or more likely, it dies out before it can spread like the cancer it is to the rest of the planet as it suffocates those who created it.

If it doesn’t, the coming cultural singularity will mean the entire world, not just America, is one big shopping mall and eatery. I can think of no worse hell than a planet in which humanity has taken a back seat to corporate economics, and everyone goes into work 50 to 60 hours a week in a rent-seeking economy that consumes their entire lives, their culture, and their freedom. Standardized human beings,in which every tribe and ethnicity talks, walks, and acts just like Americans do today. An entire world just as bland as standardized hamburgers like the Big Mac.

Are you ready to become one with the Borg?

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The Culture to Materialism Ratio


Women drive 4/5 of the consumer economy in America, a materialism that is destroying culture

Western civilization has sold out. It has become an über-materialistic culture in which children are taught from birth the way to judge their level of success and their status among friends is by constantly comparing what they own with what their friends and family own. This is seen in numerous areas of modern life as these toy-seeking children turn into conspicuously consuming adults. From cell phone culture which now begins at age 8 to car culture which lasts until death, the modis operandi is competition through consumption.

What are you driving that old thing for? Don’t you have a good job? What are you doing with that brick or dinosaur? You need to upgrade to stay competitive is the message when one reads behind the lines. This insanity is reinforced by peer pressure and the need for people to “conform” in America.

For over a century, this mentality has led Western civilization to become the most materially rich in the world. That’s the good news. However, there is a dark side to having so much stuff. One might argue that Western civilization has lost its culture in the process of pursuing more and more junk. In fact, a going joke is what kind of culture do white people even have? And sadly, as a white person I don’t have much of an answer.

Sure, there’s still football and hamburgers on the Fourth of July with fries and turkey at Thanksgiving, but the overall culture can be described as one of nothing more than shopping and eating out, since that’s what most people spend their free time doing when they’re not adhering to the Puritan American work ethic. Once the careerism pill has been swallowed, life quickly becomes a vicious circle of work-consume-work-consume that most people never break out of.

America, and Western civilization in general has become a culture that looks for personal fulfillment through extrinsic goals, rather than intrinsic ones. Extrinsic goals make us look good, and they bring fleeting pleasure. But, they’re not “intrinsically” fulfilling like intrinsic goals such as spending quality time with family, having a close network of friends, and developing a sense of community.

This has led to accelerating spiritual and demographic death as materialism has come to dominate life in such a way people have become nihilistic, overly critical, and in many ways hopeless and helpless. Naturally, there is an equation that could be used to express this trade off a culture makes when it decides to pursue materialism vs. maintaining its culture. We will call this the culture-materialism ratio.


Shopping and eating out have become national obsessions in America

Culture vs. Materialism

In short, one must sell out a little culture to get a little materialism. Since the time we have is limited on this planet, one cannot spend time enjoying other people and working to make the money to buy more shiny things at the same time. There is always a trade off.

To diagnose what has happened to American culture to make it one in which negativity leaps out from any cursory visit to a social networking site, one must start by looking at the anthropological definition of what culture is.

Culture is defined as a social domain that emphasizes the practices, discourses, and material expressions, which, over time, express the continuities and discontinuities of social meaning of a life held in common… As a defining aspect of what it means to be human, culture is a central concept in anthropology, encompassing the range of phenomena that are transmitted through social learning in human societies.

So, we see right away material expressions are included in the broad definition of culture. A little materialism is okay, and a sign of a healthy society. Unfortunately, material expressions have begun to overwhelm to other “practices and discourses” of American culture. People spend so much of their lives in pursuit of money and stuff that they’ve literally become bitter about life.

Careerism is inculcated into youth from elementary school onwards and females are taught to be ashamed of and forgo their femininity and maternity with the goal of making women more like men (i.e. interchangeable labor devices). In fact, the entire whole of American life can today be described at shaping children into becoming efficient consumers to keep consumption high.

This must end. Dr. James Roberts has studied materialistic people and knows there is never enough stuff to buy to fill that whole marketers put into people’s souls by manipulating their emotions.

As we amass more and more possessions, we don’t get any happier; we simply raise our reference point. That new 2,500-square-foot house becomes the baseline for your desires for an even bigger house. It’s called the Treadmill of Consumption. We continue to purchase more and more stuff but we don’t get any closer to happiness, we simply speed up the treadmill.

The “treadmill” he is speaking of is The Hedonic Treadmill, a figurative treadmill that functions as a sort of “highway to hell” The New Modern Man has written about in the past.

Modern Western civilization (with an emphasis on America) has become a culture that is so materially rich but spiritually dead it is literally disappearing from the face of the planet in pursuit of buying things.

People lumber into the malls, empty their pockets buying junk and junk food – most of which they don’t really need – then go home to giant homes via bulbous SUVs. The next morning they wake up, head down to jobs that most of them can’t stand and work an average of 47 hours a week.

This is time in their lives they will never get back.

As a result of a culture that neglects the cultural in favor of material things, God is dead in America and has been for some time. Religious people will protest this claim but if one looks at the way they live their lives rather than what they say they believe it doesn’t take long to discover people are not living according to tradition or religion. They worship at the church of the discount store and their gods are their career, credit score and things they own.


Oh, please Verizon, give me that cell phone upgrade. The church of the mall has replaced the actual church in many regards


Perhaps it’s time to start making another measure of human progress rather than Gross National Product. The tiny nation of Bhutan has started measuring human progress in terms of Gross National Happiness. As hippy as it sounds, it’s actually a good idea when one realizes there are indeed things money cannot buy.

It’s a holistic approach which looks at other measures than just economics to determine the overall well-being of a society.

But, there are other ways of acheiving the same goal: a happy and fulfilled soceity rather than one in which it’s citizens behave like braindead shoppers who are never fulfilled for very long no matter how much money they spend. One of the best moves people can make is to turn off the high preist of consumerism and materialism – the corporate media. Its culture and values sorely need to be replaced with human ones instead of economic ones.

Maybe then, American society can begin to heal itself spiritually and demographically. Importantly, maybe whites can begin to reverse trends that are leading them to extinction at the hands of their own selfish inner desires, emotionally manipulated by the puppet masters to maximize profit at the cost of everything else that makes life worth living.

The pendulum must swing back from rampant consumerism and towards things that intrinsically make life worth living.

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Stop Buying Things for Women


Putting yourself in the subservient role of gift provider weakens you in the subconscious mind of women

Women are consummate materialists, and statistics prove it (beyond the song Material Girl that made Madonna’s entire career 30 years ago). More than half of women in Anglo America would dump the man they “love” if he didn’t deliver a gift on a birthday or for Valentine’s Day. Attention Betas: A stuffed animal or a box of chocolates literally has more value than your presence in the majority of women’s lives. Let that sink in the next time you break your back and your bank account to run like a rat on The Hedonic Treadmill.

Even a female relationship coach calls women out on these warped statistics. Rachel DeAlto threw up a flag on this play, criticizing women for expecting constant gifting no matter what benefits men provide to them.

I think it’s a little irrational. I understand being emotional, and obviously there’s some expectations involved, but talk about it before you make any irrational decision.

Expectations? Sounds like lot like female entitlement mentality to me. I’m worthy of gifts because I have the vagina and you do not! Nothing says “you’re a disposable meal ticket” than irrational ultimatums on useless consumer items that will either be dead in three days (i.e. flowers) or thrown into the garbage or closet. The money must be spent or you don’t love her!

Much like the classic Simpsons episode Trash of the Titans, marketers are constantly pushing for this type of wasteful holiday spending, even for made up holidays. All they have to do it get “x” number of women to participate in or expect gifts because of the holiday, and then social forces drive everyone to conform to the new ideal. Marketers have been using this playbook, pioneered by Edward Bernays for over a century. Trash of the Titans beautifully illustrates the insanity of making people spend billions on “assorted gougeables” and other crap:

Costingtons Manager: Okay, people, we need to cook up a new holiday for the summer. Something with gifts, cards, assorted gougeables.

Costingtons Woman: How about something religious? We had great penetration last spring with Christmas Two.

Costingtons Man: Oh, I know. Spendover, like Passover, less talk, more presents.

Costingtons Manager: No, no, no! No, it’s gotta be warm and fuzzy. Something like, um, “Love Day”, but not so lame.

Marge Simpson: Happy Love Day, everyone!

Think of Valentine’s Day as the real-world equivalent of Love Day. Never mind the fact women already receive 80% of the benefits of the consumer waste machine economy in the United States since they drive 4 out of 5 purchasing decisions, that’s just not enough. Men also pay 70% of all income taxes but the vast majority of government handouts benefit women. Yet paradoxically, Anlgo women claim to be Strong and Independent™ but they would be powerless without a massive government propping them up. Real Sexism presents more shocking statistics that show women spend, on average, 90% more than they earn. Women have it made at male expense but like the consummate gatherer (or hoarder – there’s an entire A&E TV series about it) there’s always something else that makes her eye sparkle. And, there’s never enough.

You must not fall into the trap: Stop buying her things! Or best of all, never start buying her things (even drinks) so there’s no expectation set. Buying women things puts you as a man in a submissive role! She is your master and your are her slave with this type of arrangement. It’s basic economics and psychology.


You’ll never make enough to keep up with her expectations, don’t even try

Spend Less, Earn More Respect

Save yourself the expensive lesson rather than trying to buy love, save and invest your money, and learn how to manipulate women’s emotions rather than letting them into your wallet. Use the money to invest in yourself instead and you’ll attract women like moth to a flame. If you look great with nice clothes, a nice car, trips to exotic locations, and money to burn there will be women orbiting you just as they orbit other high-status men. The trick is, never let them into your wallet. Use your money for you own self-aggrandizement, not theirs.

Importantly, realize women will never return the favor of buying things to you. It’s a one way street. As radio host Tom Leykis says, women are the cheapest creatures on earth, but only when it comes to their own money. Yet, they expect exorbitance from men in their lives.

The funny thing is, the less you spend on women the more respect you will earn from them. (Remember – are you the master or the slave in the relationship?) Spending and respect from women are inversely proportional. Don’t try to make sense out of the matter. Women’s behavior when it comes to gifting makes no logical sense whatsoever because women are not logical creatures, they’re emotional ones. You would think women would be grateful to men who go out of their way to please them – but they’re not. An astute manosphere commenter who calls himself John Doe sums up the play by play:

Women are adult children, read Schopenhauer, when you give everything to a child they become spoiled and uncontrollable. The reason a women loses respect for a man who gives them everything is just like a spoiled child who always gets their way, they feel like they have outsmarted their parents, and someone she can outsmart on a regular basis is deemed as inferior, thus they lose respect for them. In fact this can be applied to relationships with females in general. Married men who give into his wife’s demands trying to keep the peace are eventually deemed as inferior, followed by the wife losing respect for him. There’s no logic in this situation, it’s all about perceived feelings.

So, to summarize, spend your money on yourself and on your real friends, not strangers who you hope to bed, and not in ways that make you subservient or “pussy-whipped” to use a old maxim. Always consider any money you spend on women a loss, because that’s exactly what it will be someday, unless you have found a NAWALT magical unicorn. Gifts and spending will only curry short term favor with women, and in the long run being a “provider” puts you in a subservient role. With women, it’s never what have you done for me it’s always what have you done for me lately? Don’t fall into the trap. Stop buying things for women, and start buying them for yourself.

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