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The Destruction of Masculinity and Family Are Nearly Complete


More “men” are now living at home with their parents than ever before

A stable marriage and a family were once considered the norm in America. But that has all changed since social engineers set out to destroy both.

Welcome to the decline. CNS News reports:

Four decades ago, in the mid-1970s, young American adults–in the 18-to-34 age bracket–were far more likely to be married and living with a spouse than living in their parents’ home. But that is no longer the case, according to a new study by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The government agency crows with glee.

There are now more young people living with their parents than in any other arrangement.

Notice the manipulative language. Age 34 is not “young people.”

Make no mistake, this didn’t happen by accident. The middle class “bourgeoisie” family is being systematically destroyed, along with the masculinity and traditions that brought it about. The ruling class wants adults living at home with mommy and daddy rather than forging the family they laud so much in political speeches but work so hard every day to undermine.

The elite don’t want to pay a man enough to support a family. They want both sexes competing with each other for a limited number of jobs. The ensuing buyer’s market means lower wages for both sexes but twice the tax base for their government servants to enslave us with the power of our own money.

What, you think greedy corporate CEOs are content to pay American workers a decent wage when they get by with paying slave wages abroad? This is why they’re flooding Western nations with third-world populations and reducing men to weaklings with one policy and one law and one social engineering scheme after the other. They don’t want you fighting back.

We are all being groomed to be androgynous, socially isolated serfs on the emerging, global corporate plantation as one pillar after another underpinning Western Civilization falls and a new social engineering scheme emerges in each’s place.

Meantime, the wrath of the post-feminism Anglobitch makes her a very unstable investment for any would-be Beta who wants to wife up one of these pale pieces of tail. Your government says:

What is more almost 9 in 10 young people who were living in their parents’ home a year ago are still living there today, making it the most stable living arrangement.

That should come as no surprise to regular TNMM readers, American women making for unstable living arrangements. They’re unstable in many ways, including mentally since they’ve forgone having families and children to become one of the boys. Penis Envy has gotten so bad they can even buy their own plastic penises at Walmart to pee out of. No, really. They can.

Let’s put all the pieces together.

It’s been said a great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. Liberalism, feminism, and corporate greed destroyed the West. Now Islam is conquering Europe and Latinos are conquering Anglo America. I say good riddance to it in its present, weakened, emasculated form.

We are watching the modern day Fall of Rome in slow motion before our very eyes and nobody seems to get it. It seems the West and the white race will go out with a whimper rather than a bang.

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Manosphere Philosophy: Lost in the Vastness of Space and Time


Looking outward from our tiny world with a Red Pill philosophy

Looking beyond our world for clues as to what the true meaning of life, if any, there actually is, we awaken to find ourselves lost in the midst of a vast universe on “a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.” The universe is much older and bigger than anyone ever imagined, and it seems at times hostile and at times indifferent to human cares and concerns.

Men know this instinctively, while women never realize it. They never have to, for they’re not faced with the same challenges to survive and procreate that men are. Men must learn how cold and careless the universe is for there wil be no safety net to save him, but there will be men lining up to be White Knights saving a damsel in distress.

Focusing on our tiny world for a moment, trying to make sense of a world in which everything is a myth or a lie, in which women claim to be victims when they’re actually users and abusers of male utility value, and in which those who claim to have the loftiest aspirations for mankind actually display the most repulsive human behavior (i.e. the elite and political classes) is not easy.

Many find religion to be a refuge. For others, religions are only palliatives to ease the pain of living in a world in which survival at any cost has been the prime directive for 4.5 billion years.

For others, only rationality will do. Here’s a look at the hard and inconvenient facts science has revealed about the universe we have found ourselves fighting to survive.


If the entire history of the universe happened over the course of one year, here’s how it would play out (click image to enlarge)

We’re New to the Scene

Humans haven’t been around very long at all. In fact, advanced life hasn’t been around long enough to be significant in the grand scheme of cosmic time. When one condenses the entire history of earth down into the equivalent of one year, the briefness of our existence is thus revealed. Carl Sagan pioneered this method with his concept of the Cosmic Calendar:

The Cosmic Calendar is a method to visualize the chronology of the universe, scaling its current age of 13.8 billion years to a single year in order to help intuition in for pedagogical purposes in science education or popular science.

In this visualization, the Big Bang took place at the beginning of January 1 at midnight, and the current moment maps onto the end of December 31 just before midnight. At this scale, there are 437.5 years per second, 1.575 million years per hour, and 37.8 million years per day.

We find ourselves making our brief appearance on the scene in the last minutes of the last day of the year of the 4.5 billion year Cosmic Calendar. Humans appear on the scene only in the last couple million years, or the last seconds of the last minute of the last hour of December 31.

A single human life equates to one blink of an eye when cosmic history is condensed down into a year for illustrative purposes.

We are just now making our brief appearance on the cosmic stage, on a planet in which well over 99% of all species who ever lived are extinct.


Social engineering schemes designed by elites are just one of many ways our species’ time on earth could be limited

Are We a Flash in the Pan

Some call it evolutionary baggage. There is reason to believe our existence in the world could be abbreviated, thanks to a number of factors. Perhaps the most troubling of these is social engineering, which has reached a troubling level of manipulation of human behavior in the early 21st century.

We now have a state that seeks to groom worker bees and sexless androgynes from birth, as Cultural Marxism moves to break up the human family permanently and subjugate men eternally. This will no doubt weaken the human species, perhaps beyond the point of repair.

None other than Nikola Tesla warned against this troubling possibility, which modern social engineers working at the behest of the elite are foisting upon the West with rabid fervor.

Our civilization will sink to a state like that which is found among the bees, ants and other insects – a state wherein the male is ruthlessly killed off. In this matriarchal empire which will be established the female rules. As the female predominates, the males are at her mercy. The male is considered important only as a factor in the general scheme of the continuity of life.

Men indeed have become nothing but sperm donors and laborers rather than stakeholders in society over the past century. Male incentives and male ingenuity are also being extinguished by this plague upon humanity. Tesla continues:

Woman’s independence and her cleverness in obtaining what she wants in the business world is breaking down man’s spirit of independence. The old fire he once experienced at being able to achieve something that would compel and hold a woman’s devotion is turning to ashes.

We often hear violence will end the saga of the human species from liberals, but the threat from authoritarianism – which abuses science for personal profit and gain rather than using it to advance the human condition is perhaps an even bigger and more insidious threat to our long-term survival.


“What is your advice to young writers?” Bukowski responds: “Drink, fuck and smoke plenty of cigarettes.”

Best to Enjoy What Time We Have

As we consider these grand ideas, realizing the odds are stacked against us as we strive for long-term survival, perhaps another way to glean philosophy from science is to realize the fact everything dies. Even the sun will die someday, as it becomes a Red Giant and fades into White Dwarf status.

The message I get from the cosmos is that it is best to enjoy what limited time we have on this planet, while trying to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I do this by attempting to tell the truth about things, rather than promulgating the myths that robbed me of half my life – that women are perfect angels, men are evil sexual predators, that the government is god and has all solutions to the ails of humanity.

The West takes life way too seriously, as it reaches out towards an infinity it likely will never reach. Spengler knew this when he wrote Decline of the West. Author Charles Bukowski sums up a worthy men’s philosophy when realizing the reality of our circumstances on the cosmic stage:

We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.

More inspiring words I cannot find. Bukowski perfectly summed up the philosophy of the manosphere a full generation before it came about. Let’s endeavor to live those awesome lives, even in the face of a world and a universe not made for us.

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Progress: What Are We Progressing Towards


Turning people into corporate-government controlled happiness machines is the goal of social engineers

The all important code word progress is a regular feature of saccharin political speeches and hypnotic language used by the puppet masters that run the United States, Inc. The word progress comes from Progressivism, which has been called the New Communism in some circles. Representative Allen West spoke about how these New Communists influence Congress before he was drummed out of his seat by his “friends” in the RINO party.

I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party who are members of the Communist Party. They don’t actually hide. It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

It’s no surprise the Democrat party has been infiltrated by globalists and far leftists. They constantly bellow about what they think is progress, but it’s important to ask the question what are we progressing towards? Because not all progress is good progress. One can be progressing to a lower level of hell, for instance. It largely depends on whether you agree with the direction our corporate-government complex is taking us, and for many with common sense and a desire to retain their humanity and not be turned into a unit on the corporate profit farm and government tax farm, the direction of the country and world have become very worrisome for many.

Here are a few ways progress will play out, given current trends.


There’s more to life than consumption, despite what you’ve been told


No Culture Except Shopping and Eating as Expressions of Ourselves. America has already been following this path for the better part of a century, thanks in large part to methods devised by Edward Bernays, and still used today to manipulate desire by marketing gurus like Clotaire Rapaille. Notice that in modern times the only acceptable pastimes in America are ballgames, with a good dose of shopping and eating in between that vicarious form of recreation, and the now average 47-hour work week for full time employees.

Going back in time to illustrate the beginning of today’s pervasive culture of profit-producing Happiness Machines and how it developed such a lock grip on us, we find a vintage advertisement in which Bernays used a 1920s female aviator, Mrs. Stillman to push this idea of consumerism on the women of the day. This was a fundamental change in advertising as it went straight for the limbic, emotional brain rather than appealing to reason in the higher cerebrum.

There’s a psychology of dress, have you ever thought about it? How it can express your character? You all have interesting characters but some of them are all hidden. I wonder why you all want to dress always the same, with the same hats and the same coats. I’m sure all of you are interesting and have wonderful things about you, but looking at you in the street you all look so much the same. And that’s why I’m talking to you about the psychology of dress. Try and express yourselves better in your dress. Bring out certain things that you think are hidden. I wonder if you’ve thought about this angle of your personality.

Even today this is the method used to push products on the masses: a celebrity product placement with a good dose of emotional manipulation. Everything we buy is connected by marketers to an emotional drive inside our limbic brains rather than rationalizing the usefulness of each purchase, as in the days before Bernays.

No Heterosexual Sex. The year by year, gradual, straws on the camel’s back approach to the marginalization of heterosexual behavior is not by accident. It is becoming ever more dangerous to deal with females by the year in Anglo America for a reason. It will further cut birth rates and isolate people even further. Without families, people become the human equivalent of silly putty in the hands of big government. Whether it be false rape accusations, YouGoGrrlism, slut culture, misandry, child support penury, or alimony slavery, there are cultural and legal obstacles to getting laid and forming a family everywhere. Every sort of degeneracy is lifted up by the media as having a superior virtue to the old-fashioned penis in a vagina of your parents and grandparents. Pop music regularly pushes the LGBT agenda, and paints men as ready made slaves who exist only to power female shopping power. It may be a stretch of the imagination to think of a world in which heterosexuality is outlawed, but the intent of feminism is to blur the lines between the sexes so there is no basis for attraction.

Being Chipped and Controlled (Cattle Tag). Expect RFID chip propaganda to take off in the years ahead. Already, a few mainstream media outlets are pushing the idea as a way to be “safe” without bringing the worrisome privacy issues and threats to liberty to the forefront. This is the linchpin in a system of centralized control of the masses of people. Like many changes, it will be instituted by degree rather than all at once. First, we started chipping dogs. Next, we need to chip our kids so we can find them if they get lost. Next, why don’t we just go ahead and put your MasterCard on that chip. After that, let’s just get rid of cash altogether so your entire financial existence is in the hands of banksters and friendly agencies like the IRS. The road to hell will be paved with continuous levels of permission seeking from government masters until the entire world is one big electronic collective. Slaves best not step out of line if they want to stay on the good side of the grid.

No Individuality. This is the true meaning of collectivism and true democracy. A true democracy means 51% of the population can boss the other 49% around. The U.S. was supposed to be a republic for this reason, but how often do you hear that anymore? Were you part of the 49% who voted against making heterosexual intercourse illegal? Well, tough. The social engineers were able to manipulate the 2% of people they needed through the Phallic Penetration is Sexual Abuse campaign. No longer can men insert their phallus into the sacred shrine. This example is a bit hyperbolic, yes, but it is to illustrate a point. The individual no longer will matter, only the decisions of the collective will be important. We are becoming the equivalent of the human batteries that power the Matrix, a people who exist only to produce profit for corporations and government. The stated goal of many in Silicon Valley is for man to become one with machine. This is dehumanizing and damns our biology in search for an unattainable Utopia, which will actually be more of a dystopia than the society we are already living in.


Stormy cultural waters are here

One Degree of Separation

These nightmares are on the horizon, one can see them playing out daily in the media. These ideas are not figments of the imagination as much as they’re extrapolations of current trends that have already been set in motion by social engineers and those who manipulate the sheeple that believe in the power of authority more than their own sense of self-awareness.

When steering the ship of state, only one degree of separation over the course of time will lead to the society going thousands of miles off course over a long period. Progressives and other Marxists have steered Western Civilization into a cultural Category Five Hurricane. They got us here because the left is patient as they shove one small change in our face at a time. Traditionalists and conservatives have gotten so used to bending over the barrel and telling the left please use a little lube as you rape society that resistance and pushback against this agenda is not being seen on a large enough scale to make any meaningful course correction. Soon, all those little changes wind up being a severe deviation from the course intended by society over a long enough period of time.

There are two paths the ship can take as it progresses. It can progress towards a cultural singularity, a black hole in which the ship will fall and never be seen again. Or it can immediately reverse course and pray like hell is reaches a modicum of normality. We may be progressing, but progressing towards hell is no kind of progress for the man who thinks the new ways are not necessarily better than the old ways just because they’re new.

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Our Choices Are Limited in Life


Social engineering and social control are pervasive in Anglo America

“You live in a free country.” I constantly hear this, but I have never felt free.

Everything we do is controlled in some way, even from a young age. Freedom of choice in America has been reduced to what consumer products one will buy, where we will go eat out, which ball game we’ll watch, and which car and home we’ll strap themselves into decades of debt for. (Mortgage literally means until death.)

All the important decisions have already been made for us, like these:

Age 5-18. Your choices are to go to school and get indoctrinated by the state education system or your parents will be arrested. You are trained to follow instructions closely, to identify resistance to groupthink and make those people social outcasts, and that school administration (much as government administration later in life) are all-seeing and all-knowing. They have all the answers in life.

Bertrand Russell, a Fabian Socialist, wrote about this philosophy which originated at Prussian University in Berlin in the 1800s, and has since become the M.O. for our modern education system:

Education should aim at destroying free will so that pupils thus schooled, will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished…Influences of the home are obstructive; and in order to condition students, verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective…

Cultural Marxism has been successful in breaking up the family and curbing these dreadful “influences of the home” which basically says mom and dad do not matter. Russell continues:

It is for a future scientist to make these maxims precise and to discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.

Age 18-25. Your choices are to go to college and get some more indoctrination or take a low-paying wage slave job flipping burgers or serving coffee. Or, sell drugs and go to jail or get shot. At college, you will accrue $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt (on average) that will ensure your compliance to whatever employer becomes your master after graduation. A Master’s Degree is now required for even the most menial jobs.

As a young man, you will be sitting alongside beautiful young women while attending these mostly worthless (in real life) classes, but you will not be able to approach them as college campuses are increasingly becoming anti-male. In addition, the YouGoGrrl and careerism ideologies mean you are persona non grata. You are the male oppressor! Dr. Helen Smith details this issue in her book Men on Strike:

The “women are victims” and “men are perpetrators” dogma of many progressive instructors [is] a perfect storm driving male students away from college campuses.

You are also at risk of false rape accusations, which carry little to no consequences for the female but could land you in hot water. Smith continues:

Deans at institutions including Yale, Stanford, and Brandeis Universities and the Universities of Georgia and of Oklahoma are already rushing to change their disciplinary procedures to meet the Education Department’s decree. Now, on campuses throughout the country, we face the prospect of academic committees — armed with vague definitions of sexual assault, low standards of proof, and official sanction for the notion that sex under the influence is, ipso facto assault or rape — deciding the fate of students accused of a serious crime.

Just as in Animal Farm, it is two legs good, four legs bad.

The new regulations should be seen for what they really are. They are not enlightened new procedures for protecting students from crime. They are a declaration of martial law against men, justified by an imaginary emergency, and a betrayal of the Title IX equity law.

Age 25-65. The Police State will now keep your ass in line in the off hours when you aren’t working 50-60 hours a week. (Salaries are wonderful things aren’t they, especially since you are no longer protected by the 40 hour work week labor laws when you get a salary!)

John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute elaborates on growing authoritarianism:

We have indeed reached a crossroads. History may show that from this point forward, we will have left behind any semblance of constitutional government and entered into a militaristic state where all citizens are suspects and security trumps freedom.

Certainly, this is a time when government officials operate off their own inscrutable, self-serving playbook with little in the way of checks and balances, while American citizens are subjected to all manner of indignities and violations with little hope of defending themselves. We have moved beyond the era of representative government and entered a new age, let’s call it the age of authoritarianism.

And Psychology Today elaborates on the overworked, under pleasured life of the corporate cog:

The daily stress of American life is not your garden variety stress – deadlines and annoying in-laws. It is something more fundamental. It is how we live today. We log long hours at work with the fear of losing our jobs through downsizing hanging over our heads. Then we fight rush hour traffic to get home in time to be super parents, putting dinner on the table, helping our kids with their homework, and checking in with friends and family members we feel we have neglected because we are so overwhelmed. Some days, we’re so tired we just want to sit in a corner and cry. And so we get fatter. And sicker.

(About 10 years into this lifestyle, increasingly loathed and targeted for being an evil white male I checked out and ran off to the Caribbean to try something new. I do not want to come back.)

Age 65+. Hope like hell Social Security lasts long enough to allow you to stop working before you die. Since the money paid into the Social Security trust fund was misappropriated by our government, put in the general fund and spent, the entire program is now living on borrowed time.

That is a rough outline of the plan your corporate and government masters have laid out for you. It’s up to you to find a way out.


The law was made for one thing alone, for the exploitation of those who don’t understand it, or are prevented by naked misery from obeying it. -Bertolt Brecht

P.S. George Carlin helps sum up how many choices we get to make. 16 Corporations control nearly everything you buy and everything you get to see in the media. He elaborates on choices in this classic interview.

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