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Michael Savage Was Realtalk Before Realtalk Was Cool

Savage Autism

The King of Realtalk on the radio, Dr. Michael Savage

Talk radio is widely seen as a medium geared towards men who support politicians Michael Savage would call check pants Republicans. You know, the type of guys who drive pickup trucks and drink Budweiser, or those who smoke cigars and spend leisure time around golf courses like talk radio’s most widely known celeb Rush Limbaugh. Stereotypical Republicans, in other words.

But, defying stereotypes, in comes a Ph.D. who grew up in New York “when the chrome was thick and the women were straight” whose mantra is Borders, Language, Culture. Even though it isn’t in his official description, Michael Savage is the King of Realtalk in mainstream media in America.

Nothing against Rush, but Savage offers a far superior show you might not have heard of (since the old boy network that runs the media ignores him on purpose) in which topics can range from an intellectual tour de force like an explanation of The Frankfurt School and how it relates to the modern American political malaise, to simpler fare like touching homespun stories about life in the Golden Age of America. Then a minute later the mood will shift to righteous white hot rage against the political machine that’s destroying the West, before shifting to food critiques and commentary. These are only a sampling of the topics touched on in a typical Savage Nation installment.

Dr. Savage is a modern day polymath and it shows with his grasp of so many different topics and his ability to discuss them in an intelligent manner. He is a master in several different subject areas, including political science, nutrition, epidemiology, and anthropology. His wisdom in these and other areas comes across on the show. A listener immediately knows he or she is listening to a very well-read individual. His shows are often as educational as they are political.

Yes, he can be a little self-congratulating a times, but that is part of his charm. Some people are turned off by it, but it’s rarely bothersome. Dr. Savage is closer to the mark of traditional masculinity than anyone else out there in the mainstream media. He has been credited with helping change lives of people indoctrinated with liberal propaganda as he brings reality to the national political debate.

Love him or hate him, agree or disagree, Dr. Savage tells you exactly what is on his mind. When he started in radio, Realtalk was a new phenomenon and it takes testicular fortitude to say what Savage does in today’s PC climate. What’s now widely promoted in manosphere circles was groundbreaking back in the 1990s.


Savage grew up in the days before television took over, listening to the radio with his father which is one reason he has a natural talent for it

Realtalk Combined with Homespun Nostalgia

At times, it’s as though the manosphere has taken over the airwaves. Dr. Savage has come closer to telling the real, ugly truth behind the corrupt political machine in the United States than any other host. After launching into a righteous tirade ripping both political parties as he often does, he will often pulls back from the edge of the limb into a default position of supporting conservatives instead of calling for a complete overhaul of the political system. One of the best characteristics of The Savage Nation is the utter contempt he displays for both sides of the aisle. He has referred to the two major political parties as the “Demicans” and “Republicrats” for over 20 years.

Then, there’s his humorous side. Dr. Savage has a gift for inventing nicknames for the major players on the political stage. Some memorable names include:

  • George Staphylococcus (George Stephanopoulos)
  • Dr. Evil (George Soros)
  • Big Sis (Janet Napolitano)
  • The Leprechaun (Bill O’Reilly)
  • Zuckerface (Mark Zuckerberg)
  • The Gobbler (Mitch McConnell and his massive turkey neck)
  • The Drunk (John Boehner)

Savage’s sarcasm and cynical wit also provides for occasional laughs, which lightens up the tone of the often dark themes discussing the realities of modern politics creates. A personal favorite is when he debates liberal callers or cranks who call into the show, blasting them with both barrels. These calls can be downright hilarious.

In addition to his characteristic sense of humor, he has the most impressive academic credentials of any talk show host, having a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkley and two Master’s Degrees, and this shows in his work.

Also, Savage will often tell colorful stories about his childhood growing up in Brooklyn with a demanding father, his excursions through the South Pacific in search of medicinal plants to help cure disease, and even talks about his time as a social worker on the Upper East Side. An experience in which he was forced to give out more money to people who did not work than he made in a year was one of the events in his life that changed his political philosophy to conservativism.

Savage has been in business since 1994, and is one of the last great mainstream bulwarks against liberalism, progressivism, and communism in the nation. It is remarkable he has survived as long as he has in the über-politically correct climate of an America that now leans towards leftist authoritarianism and restrictions on free speech.

He is also the author of best-selling books including Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture. Before becoming a political author, Savage wrote books on herbal medicine and Healing Children Naturally.

His show is highly recommended, even if one only agrees his political opinions half the time. If we had more men like him in the nation speaking their mind no matter the cost, rather than the nice little manlets that have facilitated our slide towards fascism, feminism, and communism, we’d find ourselves in a far better position than the prospect of self-destruction we are now facing.

You can find Dr. Savage on AM radio in your hometown, and his Podcasts are updated daily on YouTube.

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