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Quitting Relationshits, A Personal Story


Women are fickle by nature, the cost-benefit and risk-benefit analysis does not work out in favor of associating with them in today’s legal climate

The cost-benefit and risk-benefit analysis for relationships no longer works out in Anglo America. Seriously, it doesn’t. As men, we are expected to give up the fruits of our labor and our fortunes for women who could care less about us. Real Sexism ran the calculations and women spend an outrageous 90% more than they earn, and even though men make 62% of all income we only account for 20% of domestic spending – women make up 80% of the consumerism machine. We are minimalists by nature, and women are lavish spenders and wasters. Why turn yourself into a provider module that gets put through the meat grinder to power female consumption and waste when flings will accomplish the same thing that most men want – fulfilling their sexual desires? Especially if you like having a variety of women.

In talking with a man I deeply respect who is the epitome of the “good guy” who is now approaching retirement, the same guy who gave me the timeless “it doesn’t take much for a man to live on” advice, I was disturbed to find he has never had a relationship with a women in which he wasn’t taken advantage of in some way, and/or the woman he was dating hadn’t cheated on him. But, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I must say, I also have never had a relationship that ended well, usually because cracks in game of deception the woman I was dating began appearing as soon as I started paying attention to women’s actions and not their words.

As I approach my fourth decade on this planet, I look back in horror at what a lifetime of dating women yielded. Lots of heartbreak and abuse when I was in my “good guy” Beta years. However, I’m lucky as I’ve been on both sides of the coin. I am also lucky I didn’t get married and get enslaved by the court system paying alimony like many a poor bastard. Many men never get to see what it’s like on the other side – being an Alpha rather than a simping Beta begging for scraps off the sexual table. (I’m really more of a Sigma than an Alpha and have the notch count to prove it.) I find that the less and less I care about what I say and how I act around women the more they love being around me. Some days I believe they are truly hamster-rationalizing sadists to the core.

They’ll tell me, oh, you’re a bad boy when I suggest going to smoke and drink and fuck. But, more often than not, when I’ve zeroed in on a girl who I know is game for a good time they jump on the opportunity. A lifetime of hard knocks with women and emotional pain has sharpened my instincts. Beta “good guy” no more. An asshole they want, an asshole they’ll get.


Women will probe men to see which role to play from their actress archives

Female Psychology

What’s most humorous about studying women’s psychology, after we’ve started talking and established repertoire, or agreed to go have some fun, they try to get inside my head by seeing which actress role to take on. I have literally been in the car with a girl who turned on a dime from the “good girl” act to the “wanton slut” act all because of the way my best friend and I started talking to her. She had zeroed in on me as a good guy at the time (this was nearly a decade ago) because I had a suit and tie job and a nice car and blah blah blah and she saw me as a meal ticket she could consume. The act continued until my best friend, who is in a rock band and I started our usual debaucherous discussion. She then shifted tracks and suddenly I wasn’t interested in this girl anymore when she started talking about all the slutty things she did. Guys, never believe a woman’s act. All women are the same. Trust me on this.

The great philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer knew of this tendency of women to become instant actresses, and to tailor their act to whatever manipulation they have in mind:

It is natural for a feeling of mere indifference to exist between men, but between women it is actual enmity. This is due perhaps to the fact that odium figulinum in the case of men, is limited to their everyday affairs, but with women embraces the whole sex; since they have only one kind of business. Even when they meet in the street, they look at each other like Guelphs and Ghibellines. And it is quite evident when two women first make each other’s acquaintance that they exhibit more constraint and dissimulation than two men placed in similar circumstances. This is why an exchange of compliments between two women is much more ridiculous than between two men.

As Schopenhauer knew, this is why women often don’t like each other because they know how deceptive they are. Star Trek: The Next Generation even did an episode which strongly hints at the true nature of women, when the accidental emergence of a metamorph female caused the male crew to start falling in love with her. She changed herself to bond with whatever male she happened to be around. The entire episode centers around the character Kamala using her feminine wiles to lure men, wiles that adapted and changed every time a new man walked in the room. Dating women is a lot like this episode, oddly enough.

The moral of this story is I really don’t like being an asshole to women, but a lifetime of being kicked around by them and flat out used has taught me to act otherwise. I love walking in a bar here in the Caribbean and suddenly a girl feigns interest in me to get into my wallet with a barrage of free drinks then I just walk off and leave her ass sitting there. The look on their faces is priceless.

So, I have sworn off relationshits, I don’t need deception in my life and anything more than a fling with a woman puts too much at risk in my emotional and financial lives as well as too much at risk time wise. Even the Holy Bible warns men about female nature. I can be much more productive if I just limit my interaction with women to good times and nothing more. I’ve finally accepted it: There are no unicorns. But there’s also no shortage of suckers who want to believe in unicorns. Which side do you want to be on?

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5 Signs You Are a Walking Wallet

Women have evolved to extract resources from men

Women have evolved to extract resources from men

In my going on 4 decades on this planet, I have dated and bedded a lot of women, especially after I learned the Red Pill truth about them. However, in darker days I was nothing but a walking wallet to women. After having been stewed and basted in a gynocentric Anglo American culture and school system which encourages men to be weak, approval seeking Betas, and having the disfortune of my father dying when I was 12 of a heart attack from being overworked, thereby being forced to learn about women and the world on my own, I was ripe for the picking for Predatory Females.

Generally speaking, they hung around until my money ran out. This happened time and time again, yet I could not see what was happening to me. I would deny it, and resolve to work harder, run faster on that treadmill, and make even more money. After all, that’s what marketing and indoctrination teaches men. They have to make themselves into a wealthy prize, then offer themselves up as a meal ticket to be consumed by the first female that will have them.

That’s all a load of bull. As I have discovered, women want a strong man who is not a weak Beta. One that will stand up to them, one that will not allow himself to be taken advantage of, and most importantly, one who knows how to firmly say no. Here are 5 things I learned after studying why I was being used by women, then making changes to the way I deal with them. These are changes which serve me will to this day.


Taking women on expensive dates is the wrong tactic, no matter what they say

The List

5. You often buy drinks for women. Never, ever buy a drink for a women. Not only does it waste your money but nothing says (figuratively) slip a $100 out of my wallet, I’m a thirsty Beta more than buying a drink for a woman. Better to have a cocky, funny come back when she asks. Like: But wouldn’t you like to buy a handsome guy like me a drink? Or, I would but I just got out of prison and I’m broke. The object is to deflect her request and substitute something that’s either entertaining, challenges her in a humorous way, or both.

4. You always pay for dates. At my worst, as a broke freshman in college I took a girl with a kid out for a $75 dinner to show what a nice, understanding guy I was. After all, I thought, it wasn’t her fault that mean old guy that got her pregnant just ran off and left her. I now cringe at having just typed that. What did she do? Did she invite me in her apartment on the bad part of town for a night cap and a piece of action? No, I was sent home as soon as she had extracted the money from my wallet. Lesson learned.

Be bold and be funny, but do not pay for anything. This idea goes back to the cardinal rule: Alpha fux, Beta bux. Say it once. Say it 10 times. Say it 100 times until it sticks in your long-term memory. Women let Alpha bad boys wear them out until they come out walking funny from the bedroom, but once her limbic brian (the residence of the infamous Rationalization Hamster) has zeroed in on you as a nice guy Beta, she will perform every mental gymnastic known to mankind to extricate the maximum payout from you while giving you little, to most likely zero vaginal or oral return.

3. You take women shopping. Idiocy. There is no other way to put this. Women love to shop and buy useless crap. If you let her get you into the mall or department store, good luck, buddy. Refuse to go, and again do it in a cocky, funny way. Tell her you are not one of her girlfriends. Again, as counterintuitive as this seems, women do not respect men who have to resort to buying them things to get into their panties. Being a walking wallet screams I am a man who is not valuable enough to women to get sex just for who I am. I have to buy them tokens of appreciation and hope for the best. Wrong tactic. Bad move. Stay out of the store, and keep your money in your wallet.

2. Women only seem interested when you have cash. We all know the fair weather friend, those who just magically pop up out of the blue when we have money, status, or power, and everything is coming up roses. They just love us to death until our back turns and/or storm clouds gather in our lives. Well, women always operate this way. They are the fair weather friend you have sex with. If you are a Beta, she will give you loving until your bank account runs dry. However, if you are Alpha, she will hold your hand through even the worst storms of life, and give you sexual delights most men dare not dream of even when you are broke.

If you have money and have a girl or girls, cut off the money supply and see how long they stay around. If a girl is really into you, she will stay no matter what. If you are the human equivalent of a toiletry item in her mind, she will flush you down as the drain soon as you cut her off. It’s a simple as that.

1. You are financially insolvent, and don’t know why. So, you make a decent salary but you are always broke. Let’s take a look. This is most likely because you have bought into the Great Marketing Machine’s line that you will be attractive to women if you buy this, this, this, and that. You need a nice car. You need $100 cologne. You need to have designer furniture and the latest flat screen and other tech gadgets. Ask yourself…are you buying these things for yourself or because deep down, psychologically you think you will be more valuable to women by virtue of having these things? If you are a true badass, women will come to you no matter what you own.

Beyond living a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption so as to try and raise your social status to women, many men’s money seems to draw legs and walk out of their wallets whenever women are around. If a woman is calling you cheap, it’s because she has targeted you to pay for things and sees you as a Beta meal ticket. If she swoons after you tell her get that other guy to buy you something, you’ll know she sees you as an Alpha.

Men are often broke or go bankrupt without knowing why. This is how skilled women are at extracting money and other resources from them. As soon as these men are dumped, having been consumed by the female, they suddenly notice their financial situation has improved 100%. The fact women drive 4 out of 5 purchasing decisions (marketers call the American economy the She-conomy because of this) confirms their spendthrift, recklessly wasteful and materialistic mentalities.

If you don’t have money despite working hard, be sure to take a long, hard look at your finances to determine if it is not in fact women, or trying to look good to women that is causing your malaise.


Women respect a man who respects himself


In short, women take advantage and men let them. It is the psychological weakness of the good guy women thrive on. They consider themselves entitled to money and shiny things because they are all princesses and damsels, and hold the keys to the Golden Vagina. All their talk about not needing a man is just parroting lines they’ve learned through their manipulation by feminists, and in no way means they will not take advantage of men at every opportunity, then laugh at you behind your back for being such a putz.

As always, look out for number one. It may be a difficult change, but women will either 1) come to respect you as a man who respects himself, or 2) they’re financial predators you didn’t need in your life in the first place. Never being or becoming a walking wallet is one of the most important Game and money tips a man can learn.

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The Hedonic Treadmill Explains Why You Can’t Buy a Woman’s Love


Money can’t buy love

If the timeless maxim Alpha Fux, Beta Bux has not shunned you from turning yourself into a walking ATM machine for women, the concept of The Hedonic Treadmill will explain another reason it is impossible to satisfy women with material things and why you are ultimately digging a trap for yourself by trying. Never try to buy love. There is a scientific, psychological reason it will not work, beyond the fact you cannot negotiate desire. It is called The Hedonic Treadmill. The textbook definition says:

The Hedonic Treadmill is the observed tendency of people to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes.

What the concept amounts to is no matter what expense a man goes through to make a woman happy, she will quickly get used to her new jewelry, house, or standard of living and expect even more from him. It is a four-step process which works like this:

  1. Becky’s husband works at a job he doesn’t really enjoy an increasing number of hours and with increasing demands on his psychological and physical health to afford her a material life that is comparable to that of her friends. Never mind she doesn’t really need all that stuff, competitive consumption is what women thrive on.
  2. After he buys her what she wants, or as in many cases a single income is not enough to feed this monster and she goes to work herself to be able to buy even more junk, she is temporarily happy showing off her new clothing, accessories, and other baubles to her friends.
  3. The excitement of the new purchases quickly wears off. Becky returns to her previous level of happiness despite the huge sums of money spent and debt accrued.
  4. Becky begins to dream about even more stuff, and bigger purchases. She needs a fancier car, a bigger house, and an exotic vacation at a 4-star resort. Which returns this cyclical process back to step 1, and the cycle repeats until either her husband falls off the treadmill (job loss, heart attack etc.) or she finds a more appealing meal ticket to power her life of vanity.

This infographic explains the concept in further detail.


The best advice: Stay off the treadmill!

Taken for a Ride

Hopping on The Hedonic Treadmill is a great way to waste the best years of your life, and much of your income and investment potential on someone who will never be grateful for the sacrifices you have made. She will expect more, and more, and more. The materialistic and consumeristic culture that has arisen as a way of feeding this monster is a blight on society and a waste of human potential. As Becoming Minimalist puts it:

No one is going to stand up at [Becky’s] funeral and say, “She had a really expensive couch and great shoes.”

Indeed, don’t make life about stuff. Not basing one’s life on the acquisition of shiny things is a difficult concept for women. However, once basic needs are met in Maslow’s hierarchy, more money does not equal more happiness in women (or men). In scientific studies of happiness, the difference in happiness between someone who makes $5,000 and $50,000 a year is huge; however the difference in happiness between a $50,000 and $5 million salary is not all that great. The idea of “mo’ money, mo’ problems” applies.


Today’s advertising appeals to base emotions instead of intellect

People Have No Idea Why They’re Doing What They’re Doing

Today’s advertising and marketing is designed to trigger emotional responses using Freudian psychology, which women are especially susceptible to. In addition to emotional manipulation, it is nearly impossible to get women to restrain their gathering instincts. After all, we are a species of hunter-gatherers and gathering is what women do. Marketers know this, and they abuse this evolutionary adaptation of women at every opportunity.

Consumerism in America is based on the successful manipulation of this quirk of female psychology, and indeed women make up a whopping 80% of purchasing decisions in this economy. However, The Hedonic Treadmill shows us the things women buy, or that men foolishly buy for them will never make them happy. Investopedia explains:

The hedonic treadmill theory explains the oft-held observation that rich people are no happier than poor people, and that those with severe money problems are sometimes quite happy. The theory supports the argument that money does not buy happiness and that the pursuit of money as a way to reach this goal is futile. Good and bad fortunes may temporarily affect how happy a person is, but most people will end up back at their normal level of happiness.

One of the most successful marketers in the 21st century, Clotaire Rapaille, who was a psychologist before realizing he could make much more money manipulating people psychologically for advertisers than helping people, explains how disconnected from reality people are when it comes to buying things:

My experience is that most of the time, people have no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing. They have no idea, so they’re going to try to make up something that makes sense. Why do you need a Hummer to go shopping? “Well, you see, because in case there is a snowstorm.” No. Why do you buy four wheel drive? “Well, you know, in case I need to go off-road.” Well, you live in Manhattan; why do you need four wheel drive in Manhattan? “Well, you know, sometimes I go out, and I go—” You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is disconnected. This is nothing to do with what the real reason is for people to do what they do. So there are many limits in traditional market research.

Rapaille works for 50 of the Fortune 100 companies helping them sell their wares, and his specialty is using Freudian psychology to sell luxury items. He sold the Hummer to women by appealing to their limbic or “reptilian” brain as he calls it.

The campaign for the Hummer—the Hummer is a car with a strong identity. It’s a car in a uniform. I told them, put four stars on the shoulder of the Hummer, you will sell better. If you look at the campaign, brilliant. I have no credit for it, just so you know, but brilliant. They say, “You give us the money, we give you the car, nobody gets hurt.” I love it! It’s like the mafia speaking to you. For women, they say it’s a new way to scare men. Wow. And women love the Hummer. They’re not telling you, “Buy a Hummer because you get better gas mileage.” You don’t. These are cortex things. [The key is to] address the reptilian brain.

So, advertisers are screwing with our minds and the minds of women in ways we don’t even understand. In addition to not buying lasting happiness, a life of consumerism contributes to huge amounts of waste, and keeping the materialism machine running exploits men who turn themselves into Beta providers.


Do not be exploited to feed women’s lust for consumerism

Male Utility Exploited

A mistake men often make is attempting to be the resource provider for women they are romantically or sexually interested in, only to find themselves caught in a trap they cannot get out of. Thus, they have to work harder and harder and sacrifice more and more of themselves only to end up used, broke, and alone when their utility value has been totally exhausted. The Predatory Female, a Red Pill men’s classic book, offers this sage advice:

Any combination of money, romance, and excitement – the scent of these accommodations will have [a woman] rising like a cobra in a wicker basket. The provider of such diversions occupies center stage in her life, but his identity is unimportant to her, and it’s a temporary position. Nobody can amuse her forever. All pied pipers eventually fade into the past.

You will fade from her life once your provisioning capability has been taken past its limit. Attempting to satiate women’s desire for useless crap is the wrong strategy. It is much better to be the man who challenges her and stands up to her rather than the man who gets exploited. Men should consider walking out on, or reducing their participation in a system that is rigged to take advantage of them in this way. Continuing from The Predatory Female:

The matriarchal system could never operate efficiently without the hordes of male drones it has created. These men, preconditioned by their mothers and suffering from a self-imposed order of chivalry, consistently front for the system and its predatory female masters.

If you allow her to become your master, women will readily use sex or even the promise of it without delivering to extract the resources they want from men:

In the advanced stages of sexual hypnosis, the male may subconsciously want to crawl into the vagina and live there. Most normal, healthy men are capable of becoming total slaves to a well orchestrated sexual enticement and the predatory female is acutely aware of this. If necessary, she will stretch that vulva right over his head and smother him to get what she wants.

So, what action can men take to keep from being turned into a walking wallet?


Women naturally gravitate towards a confident man who invests in himself rather than in women

Look Out For Number One

The best advice for men is to adopt a philosophy of continuous self-improvement by investing in themselves instead of women, and to Learn Game in a sexual market that no longer provides any modicum of respect for the Beta provider. Men will be much better off this way; the alternative is working themselves into an early grave only to be discarded once a more affluent meal ticket comes along for the woman he is providing for, or he becomes overextended and can no longer maintain her shopping and eating out lifestyle after a job loss, injury, or disability.

Another alternative is to give up on women completely as many MGTOWs have done. For the man who enjoys sex or female companionship, this may not be an appealing option.

Men do not naturally look out for themselves in the same calculating way that women do. Call it a genetic weakness built into male psychology. After all, reproduction is job one biologically speaking and in the past a man who could provide served a crucial niche in the sexual market. Since an abundance of material things and money are floating around in today’s society and sexual restraints have been lifted from women, this tactic has been rendered virtually useless.

It is time for men to put their own self interests above those of women. Women will naturally gravitate towards a self-confident man who invests in himself rather than a man who lets women shamelessly exploit his finances and self-respect. If men do not put their self interest first, they can find themselves either caught up in the unforgiving machinery of the hedonic adaptation, bankrupt, alone, or all three.

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