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City Review: Samaná and Surrounding Areas


Truly a slice of paradise

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Samaná Peninsula (Samaná, Las Terrenas, Las Galeras)

Relampago’s City Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16Star16

  • Nightlife: Excellent
  • Chance to score: Excellent
  • Beer prices: 100 pesos, or $2
  • Food prices: Pica pollo for $3-5
  • Lodging: From $20/night
  • Things to do besides chase women: Many options

If mocha and chocolate women are you bag, you will find yourself in paradise pretty much anywhere on the island of the Dominican Republic. They’re keen to meet Americans and Europeans, and are some of the best overall women I’ve found in all my travels. Many make great LTR prospects, but beware the actresses that only go for gringo money and have a papi chulo banging them when Beta Bucks guy isn’t around.

Come for the women, but stay for the culture and music. Bachata, Merengue and Salsa dancing abound, and you’ll hear those melodical musical forms wherever you may roam. Usually, eminating from cozy discotecas serving Presidente beer, Caipirinhas, and Santo Libres. Take the time to learn at least one form of dancing, because it will be worth it. This is a very social culture and dancing puts you in the middle of all the action.

One of the most secluded, but most unspoiled and beautiful areas on the entire island of Hispaniola is the Samaná Peninsula. About a 3 hour bus ride from El Capital, it’s off the beaten path. The town of Samaná (technically Santa Barbara de Samaná) is a quiet, picturesque bayside town that reminds you of the Good Old Days. A quick boat ride will take you to the barrier island of Cayo Levantado in the middle of Samaná Bay. The world-reknowned Playa Rincon is a short motoconcho ride away.

In many ways, this entire peninsula is paradise, defined. Palms line its lush, scenic mountains. There are no big box stores or Americanization to be found. Women are, for the most part, thin and very friendly. Whales inhabit Samaná Bay part of the year, and this is one of the best whale watching locations on the planet. Water is turqouise blue and crystal clear, and beaches are pristine.

Day trips can take you to slightly more cosmopolitan Las Terrenas, where French and Italian expats have become so numerous they’ve practically established a colony there. Then, there’s tiny Las Galeras which offers some of the most scenic beaches and ocean views anywhere. El Limon is about midway between Las Terrenas and Samana, and the waterfall – accessible only on horseback or mule – is a treat.

Be sure to try some pica pollo y tostones to eat while you’re here, and if you get really lucky you might find a girl who knows how to make you chuleta con ñame. You’ll need to brush up on your Spanish skills, because almost nobody speaks English here. That’s a very good thing, as it has insulated this part of Latin America from degenerate and materialistic Anglo American cultural influence.

If you prefer a pretty, promiscuous girlfriend, Puerto Plata, Sosua, and Cabarete should be your destination. Those locations are a 3 hour guagua ride from the capital or Samaná. You’ll be approached by numerous, sexy girls and will have your pick of hot dates, especially in Sosua. More of them will speak at least a little broken English there.

Overall, few places I’ve visited in this world bring me the pleasure and peace of mind Samaná does.

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Don’t Let an Anglobitch Strangle the Life Out of You

I just pulled off this awesome mini-vacation for around $500. That much money wouldn’t be enough to get started on if I had an Anglobitch tying me down. As I make my way through my last two months in America before returning to greener pastures abroad, I decided to head out West for my usual week off, after 3 weeks on the road earning “freedom money” in my semi.

I will say, on this trip and as a social observer, in Las Vegas and elsewhere I enjoyed watching guys who had one of these Anglobitch parasites attached to them suffering through their trips while I enjoyed mine, because I did whatever the fuck I wanted without the huge overhead expense that comes with having a snarky chick in tow. I’m convinced cutting these girls out of your life (except having a few friends with benefits) is the best thing a man can do for himself.

They just ain’t worth it.

YouGoGrrls and feminists enjoy parroting the line “I don’t need a man!” as they scurry off to jobs that exploit them on the corporate plantation. We hear it day in and day out, as women try so hard to put men in our place. But really, men need to start realizing the wisdom in the maxim “I don’t need a woman!” That simple statement is life changing. Why try to keep one around as a pet?

Become a “Naughty Nomad” as Mark Zolo and I have both done.

Learning the truth about females means realizing abundance mentality is where it’s at. Anglo women, unfortunately, aren’t worth much investment beyond the time it takes to get their clothes off. Women in America have become nothing but an albatross for today’s man. All risk, all demands, and no rewards.

Why get one-itis for someone who costs so much and gives so little back in return? The truth of the matter is there are just too many women and too many options and too many ways to get their candy without sacrificing one’s life and wallet and freedom for it. Don’t get emotionally invested in women. It’s a trap.

As I made my latest sojourn across the Desert Southwest the past few days, I realized I wouldn’t be doing anything I’ve done this year  – like visiting a brothel, banging non-pro chicks left and right, spending a month in Asia, spending a week in Playa del Carmen, spending a week in Las Vegas, and coming soon, spending a week in Curaçao, a month in Colombia, and returning to the Caribbean to live for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years if I had an Anglobitch weighing me down with her incessant need to consume.

What would be happening instead? Let’s just analyze this recent trip without going into detail about the rest of my swinging, free-wheeling lifestyle.

She would be complaining about the fact I have constantly been in motion since parking my big rig last week. When I go, I go at my own pace as a man, which is about 100 miles per hour. I love to explore and “aprovechar el tiempo” as my Spanish friends say. She would be complaining about the cheap (but clean) motels I stay in. She would be pushing me to consume crappy, overpriced corporate food (like the ersatz Bubba Gump or Señor Frog’s at $70 for 2 people, i.e. something with a stupid brand name on it) rather than eating simpler meals. She would be complaining about me spending time in the natural world rather than the churches of consumerism she worships. She would be pushing to go shopping for worthless crap to waste money that could instead be spent on experiences.

If I didn’t supplicate to her demands, she would buzz off like a vulture and find another provider module to exploit. Or, I’d have to expend mental energy putting her in her place. What man has got time for that nonsense?! Until women can provide more value than just sex in a relationship, that’s all women in America will ever be to me. Sexual entertainment. And aggravating, pricey, demanding sexual entertainment at that.

Perhaps it’s the vantage point of having half a lifetime of experience with hoes that allows a man to adopt this attitude. Realizing women have done little more than strangle the life out of him as each one attempts to pull her pussy lips over his head and suffocate him by cutting him off from his interests, his need to explore and seek novelty in life, his friends, and spending his money rather than him spending it, a man is freed from his innate desire to keep a woman around.

The Anglobitch only oppresses masculinity, because in this culture the belief is she “deserves” every ounce of a man’s productivity for herself because she’s endowed with magic anatomy. That’s really pretty fucked up. And a product of Anglo culture more than any other culture I’ve experienced.

As time wears on, I am growing confident that an income of $20,000 a year is enough for the enlightened man to live a fantastic life on if he decides to live part time abroad, adopts minimalism, and rejects the life plan commanded of him by women and consumer culture. The typical Anglobitch would waste more than that on recreational eating, clothes, and other assorted materialism.

But, as TNMM has pointed out before, it doesn’t take much for a man to live on. There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little. Desiring little is where it’s at. Which is why the Anglobitch must be avoided like the plague she is. Don’t let the financial predator into your life.

The entire world will literally be your reward.

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5 Music Videos Showcasing the Libertine Latin Lifestyle


Imagine a place in the world where women like men instead of trying to humiliate them

Regular readers may know I have been in Thailand since the 1st of March, and that I will be descending on several other exotic locales this year. As wrap up a month spent in SE Asia chasing sexy girls, eating delicious Thai food, and relaxing on the beach my thoughts now turn to Latin America, a place I love so much.

I just spent what was the best year of my life in the Dominican Republic, and as I soon venture back across the pond from Asia I will be headed back down to the lush Samaná Peninsula before returning to The Anglo-American Matrix to finish up my remaining 4 months of work for the year in my big rig. (I now work 6 months a year to finance my goal of traveling and banging the world.)

As I book my plane ticket and prepare to descend on the Caribbean once again, these hits are never far from my mind. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite music videos from that part of the world. These snapshots of the libertine Latin lifestyle aren’t just PR and fantasy – my life is pretty much like these videos when I’m there.

5. Plan B – Candy

In Latin America, women don’t mind dressing up like candy and prancing around in skimpy clothing to please a man. That’s exactly what we’re treated to in this Puerto Rican hit. Rather than rubbing their sexuality in a man’s face but not sharing any of it with him as is the case in many Western countries (clearly evident in today’s music videos), Latinas are always seen playing along and having a good time with men in music videos like Candy.

In short, they don’t pedestalize themselves.

What’s amazing to me is this wild, sexy world has been going on right under our noses, and yet very few people know about it. I only know about it because I took Spanish in college and my first job in the television news industry was in a bilingual market. Needless to say, seeing what was going on south of the border was my ticket to a completely new life.

Cotton candy panties…mmmm.

4. El Super Nuevo – Cuando Bebo

El Super Nuevo is a Dominican Dembow artist you’re sure to hear in almost every discoteca you visit on the island. This new hit features his harem of sexy Dominicanas in skimpy clothes getting drunk with him as he details “When I drink, I always get crazy and step in it…” Yeah, that details my life when I’m in the DR.

The video is filled with curvy ladies typical of the ones a PUA can find and hook up with virtually any night he goes out.

Just watching how these women act around a man compared to the way female artists in America rub their sexuality in men’s faces while telling them “put a ring on it” if you want to have it is enough to make a man fly away and never come back.

3. Pitbull Ft. Don Miguelo – Como Yo Le Doy

Como Yo Le Doy is oldie but goodie. Literally translated, the lyrics in the song mean “She loves how I give it to her.” There’s some English mixed in with the Spanish here, so even those who don’t know the lengua franca can follow the lyrics.

Once again, as is the case with many Dembow and Reggaeton hits we find the Cuban Pitbull and Dominican Don Miguelo surrounded by a harem of hot Latinas of almost every skin color. Again, for an attractive American guy who can sling some Spanish around and knows how to carry himself like a man this isn’t just a music video fantasy, it can easily be reality.

See why I am proud to call this place home and have a house here?

2. Secreto El Famoso Biberon – Mi Vida es Mia

In Anglo America, motorcycles are considered rolling death traps. Abroad, they’re daily transportation and a good time on the weekends, too boot.

This video from Dominican artist Secreto El Famoso Biberon showcases a typical weekend of motorcycle and dune buggy riding in one of the many lush locales on Hispaniola. Again, notice how the women act in this video. They are having fun with men rather than putting themselves up on a pedestal.

“I do what I want because my life is mine” is the hook in this enjoyable song. I’m so totally with that message, as I work to design an accessible lifestyle plan for other men to follow who want to see what the world buffet of women has to offer.

It’s easy to see in Mi Vida es Mia to there are a helluva lot of good times going on in the DR, and why it was so hard for me to break myself away from the island when I started going there 5 years ago. I could go anywhere in the world, but yet I chose to keep going to the DR. My passport book is full of DR stamps, I have a home there, and plan on starting a business here in the next few years. (P.S. The DR currently has the fastest growing economy in the Western Hemisphere.)

1. De La Ghetto, Arcangel, Ozuna, Anual Aa – La Ocasion

As this hit opens, we see a bunch of guys sitting around, smoking hookah, counting money, and smacking “mami” on the ass. Could you imagine the fire and brimstone that would result if a white guy came out with a music video like this back home? Why it would be seeeexist. Around the Caribbean, this is just another night out.

This is another video that will make you love Latin women, because beyond being beautiful and sexy, they’re accessible to the average man.

I also think a lady who is confident in her sexuality is much sexier than a lady who is embarrassed by her sexuality and tries to be like a man rather than embracing her femininity. Again, take your pick as there are sexy ladies of every skin color available in this video – and in reality.

Meanwhile, In Anglo America…

Contrast this with mainstream music in the States. A video representative of the YouGoGrrl matriarchy is “Dear Future Husband” in which plump tart Meghan Trainor, who apparently needs a personal trainer, makes astronomical expectations of the unfortunate Beta male slave who gets stuck with her and her food bill.

She brags “I never learned to cook” but she obviously learned to eat. Not surprisingly, she has nothing else to offer her “Future Husband” other than a laundry list of demands and what’s sure to be a future of her “getting bored” and ending the marriage with frivorce rape. This is the current state of women in the West.

Guess which kind of women I’d rather be around? I’ll take the chicks dressed up in cotton candy panties rather than the chick that looks like she ate all the cotton candy. And the machine.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little glance into what’s going on down in the Caribbean. I will add these videos revolve around the good time girls. If you want a wife, you can find that, too. But why get married and miss out on all the good times? Why not enjoy a decade or so of decadence and then focus on building your legacy? Especially when many men like us were so deprived of good times in our youth.

I must say learning Spanish was the best life move I ever made. A lot of people think all Latin countries are like Mexico, and I’m here to tell you that’s just not the case. I’ll add I’ve honestly been treated better by Latinos than I get treated by most Americans. Don’t let the media’s negative headlines about this area of the world confuse you.

There is a lot more going on down here than most people realize. Just don’t let too many people in on my little secret, I don’t want them to destroy this place.

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City Review: Pattaya, Thailand

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Pattaya, Thailand
Relampago’s City Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16Star16

  • Nightlife: Excellent
  • Chance to score: Excellent
  • Beer prices: About 70 baht, or $2
  • Food prices: Can’t afford NOT to eat out, from $5 for a quality meal
  • Lodging: From $15/night
  • Things to do besides chase women: Many options

Las Vegas uses the marketing slogan “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” That city should be so lucky as to be Pattaya, Thailand where there is far more to do than piss money away at casinos, shop, and eat out. “Whatever happens in Pattaya, stays in Pattaya” is a loftier ambition for the single Red Pill man.


American strip clubs can’t compare to Thai Go Go clubs

Quite frankly, as someone who has been to Bourbon Street in New Orleans numerous times, that famous venue also has nothing on Walking Street in Pattaya. Bourbon Street should aspire to be the balls-out good time that Walking Street is.

Incidentally, if you’re into gambling there are casinos here. But who has time for that nonsense when this is a city crawling with hot chicks? I’m talking naked Asian women in every GoGo club, plenty of beer bars with hot chicks hanging around, and plenty of places for men to practice day game. There are even a few bars where you can meet up with and have a beer with some African chicks if dark skinned women are your bag. I won’t even detail the infamous “soapy massage parlors” some men swear by down around Soi 2.

This is sin city central. There are few things that compare to a voyage to Pattaya for the single man. A PUA will have no problems scoring with top-quality women. Thailand is often called the Land of a Million Smiles. I guess it’s hard not to smile when so many thin and feminine women are available to any almost any charming farang who takes the time to get to know them.

Other than the top-notch nightlife, there are many interesting ways to spend your day in and around Pattaya. My top five would be:

  • Getting wet at Ramanaya Water Park
  • Touring The Big Buddha at Big Buddha Mountain
  • Visiting The Temple of Truth
  • Taking a boat trip to Koh Larn
  • Visiting either Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens or Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Taut Thai women make American land whales look sick by comparison

Beaches are okay on the mainland, but if you take the boat trip to Koh Larn you’ll find much better looking water and scenery.

If you’ve never had Asian food in Asia, you’re really missing out. The ersatz food that passes for “Asian” food back in the States can’t hold a candle to the culinary delights that cost $5 for a meal here, versus $30 or more at the craptastic American chains like P.F. Chang. One of the best things about Pattaya is the fact there are also many excellent Indian restaurants (Taste of India is highly recommended by Rel) and many excellent Turkish Kebab houses.

I can also recommend Thai barbecue. It’s a real treat. Most Thai barbecue places are all you can eat. The best part is your new Thai girlfriend will cook the barbecue for you (and likely feed it to you) at the table. That’s an experience that’s hard to forget for men who regularly have to slop the American hogs on dinnerviews back home.

This place would be a fatty’s dream. (Incidentally, speaking of fatties have you read my article detailing the hilarities I saw on Walking Street?)

Another must see is the Turkish Ice Cream guy on Walking Street, who has been featured on World’s Most Amazing videos because of all the tricks he performs as he serves ice cream. The Snowcap Bingsoo Korean Dessert Cafe is also a worthwhile stop.

As alluded to above, beers are dirt cheap. Chang, Singha and Tiger beers are the staples, but there are many bars that carry Heineken and a couple of other Eurocentric brands. Thankfully, there’s no Budweiser in sight. The Singapore Sling cocktail is also worth a try. Quality of ingredients in this cocktail varies from bar to bar, but The Windy Inn on Walking Street makes top notch Slings.

Hotels range in price, but I normally stay in quality guest houses that cost me around $15 a night. I’ve always had excellent service at guest houses in Pattaya with clean rooms, good air conditioning, and comfortable beds.

Scooters rent for around $10 a day, but the police like to give tourists a hard time when they’re driving around town. I personally got pulled over and had my license yanked out of my hand on the spot. What was my license yanked for? Not having some bullshit AAA International Driving Permit. What a crock. That was the one dark moment in what was otherwise a very sunny trip. I had to go pay a 400 baht bullshit fine to get my CDL back. That’s less than $15, but it seems to me the police could work out a deal with the guys renting these scooters.

At just over an hour south of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, a trek to this tropical paradise is a must for every TNMM reader. I would recommend a bare minimum of 2 weeks here to even begin to take in all the city has to offer. Best option would be to spend a full 30 days here, budgeting $50 a day for entertainment and food. Want personalized travel advice from Rel? It’s available through the RF Life Coaching Service.

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Scenes from Around Pattaya, Thailand

While the haters fling shit from their keyboards, I’ve been having the time of my life chasing tail, eating Thai barbecue, drinking Singapore Slings, sightseeing, swimming, and playing pool.

Here’s a sampling of my photos…with more to come soon.

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