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Rel’s Strip Club List: Catwalk | Memphis, TN


Ebony hotties abound at Catwalk in Memphis

Catwalk | Memphis, TN
Relampago’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16StarBW16

As regular TNMM readers will know, black strip clubs are typically held in high regard among those of us with hedonistic leanings. That’s especially true for those of us who enjoy the look and feel of ethnic women. The Editor of this humble publication maintains black strip clubs are the best you can find in America for legal bootylicious fun.


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Let’s first define what makes a worthwhile strip club. I am not into clubs that filch money from clueless Beta males who pay for pointless dances that leave them broke and with a bad case of blue balls. Most strip clubs are set up to take advantage of sexless and hopeless Betas, Gammas, and Omegas. Why men let themselves be treated this way, I’ll never know.

I approach strip clubs from a totally different perspective. The women in them are obviously attractive, promiscuous and already have their clothes off, it’s up to me to take advantage of this situation by gaming them. I maintain that if I can pull tail out of these clubs, men who study Game can do the same thing.

Whenever I wind up getting laid with a hot girl who works in one of these clubs, it gets a gold star. I never pay for sex unless it’s in a jurisdiction where it’s legal…so these aren’t pay for play experiences. To me, the good clubs are those rare ones that have the right combination of easygoing management, quality women, and girls who don’t hate the men they strip for.


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Which brings me to my experiences at Catwalk in Memphis. As usual, I found the most fun at a strip club on the bad part of town, near the airport.

From the minute I walked in, I was approached by a 7 who had a gorgeous ass. It was as is I had a gravitational pull and she couldn’t help grabbing me before another girl did. I guess confidence really shows, as I had just come back from Latin America for a visit home and I had been through more women that week than most unawakened men go through in a year.

After throwing around a few negs and turning on the charm, it wasn’t long until she was talking sexually with me. Long story short, we ended up exchanging phone numbers and she came over to my place to have a few drinks after she got off work. Meantime, I hung out for a few hours and enjoyed multiple hotties dancing around on stage. Granted, there were a few fatties mixed in the night I was there, but the fatty ratio was not that high especially considering the South has the highest obesity rate in the nation.

There was a lot of enjoyable eye candy, worthless conversations, and beer drinking until closing time.

Anyway, back to my sexual chocolate story. She came over, I poured some wine. We talked, chilled out a little while, then the clothes started coming off. She looked great totally nude, perky titties and the classic black girl ass along with sexy thighs. I couldn’t wait to get inside this girl.


Ethnic strip clubs are more fun than white girl strip clubs if you know how to hang

Long story short, she didn’t even bother getting a condom as she climbed on top and rode the hell out of me. She was very into our lovemaking session, which isn’t unusual in my experience with strippers. I dated one about a decade ago, and in addition to sharing the money of the Beta males she got dances from she would always come home in the mood for love.

She ended up falling asleep on my chest.

This particular stripper did tell me right before she left the next morning I reminded her of the late Paul Walker appearance wise, so having good looks does help grease the skids with women.

I’ve since returned I was able to pull another 7 out of this club using the same play book. The dances are reasonably priced and the drinks are also very reasonable. Overall, Catwalk gets a Recommend. It’s a fun place to hang out, and a guy with even modest skills in Game will have no problem taking a stripper from Catwalk out to breakfast the next morning.

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Are American Women Really The Worst on the Planet?


How dare you have an opinion that differs from mine!

As 2016 draws to a close, I’ve been thinking about goals for 2017. Both personal goals and goals to push an agenda for Red Pill men.

Most of the goals I’ve been dreaming up are positive ones, like continuing to grow this outpost for men, visiting new places, having new cultural experiences and of course banging new chicks. (By the way, I maintain WE are the true multiculturalists in the manosphere, as we respect other cultures who don’t think feminism is the gospel, etc. The fake multiculturalists want all cultures to adhere to Anglo-American norms like feminism.)

The thought occurred to me this evening that I might try to quantify what makes for good and bad women, and then use observations from my travels to answer the question that most of us already believe to be true: Are American women really the worst in the world?This would be a two-pronged approach – quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitatively the quality of women would reflect the demographic viability of an ethnic group and/or nation along with other important measures like outcomes of any offspring they have; and qualitatively I could also ask men around the world what they view as a good and bad woman.

Obviously, manliness, whorishness, bossiness, Penis envy, and all the other issues American women have would score low in most world cultures.

I’ve been to three continents so far, North America, South America, and Asia, and nowhere have I found women who are quite so low-quality as the females we must live with in the USA. Either way you look at it, they’re low-quality. I don’t want to make any investment in them whatsoever beyond getting a pump ‘n dumps from them.

They’re not reproducing in numbers sufficient to keep the population from dying off for Anglo whites, children who are reared by single moms end up addicted to drugs or as drop outs at a much higher rate, and they’re generally a pain in the ass to deal with or be around. They’re also not very good financial investments or life partners as they can – and often do – financially rape men at will.


In search of the world’s worst women: quantitatively and qualitatively

Really the Worst?

My goal would be to search for women who would be even worse than the women in America, as daunting a task as that might be.

I’ve already found women who are much better than they are, one only has to hop on a plane and leave the country to find that out, but I’d like to see if I could find an ethnic group that is even more entitled and even more coddled and pedestalized. And, I’d like to see if there’s a group of women who hate men more and are more ungrateful than the females we share a nation with. Hell, one could even rank them with regards to how they perform in the sack.

So why do it?

If there are women who are worse than American women a man could compare and contrast the two groups, and then rank them along with women who score higher in terms of demographic viability, outcomes of offspring, male opinion, etc.

The research would also blow even more holes in the feminist narrative as different world cultures’ opinions about what makes good and bad women would give us a truly multicultural (heh) perspective on the estrogen-fueled train wreck we are witnessing before our very eyes.

Besides that, it’s fun to meet new people, get different perspectives, and bed foreign hotties while doing some occasional blow. That said, as I do my part, feel free to post your personal experiences with non-American women so we can get a dialogue started while I continue some hands on research this year. I’ll be headed back to Asia and to Africa for the first time.

Look for reports from the field, along with my own photography from around the world coming in 2017. This is only one of the ways The New Modern Man will be enhanced and improved in the coming year.

Stay tuned, as the search for the world’s worst women gets underway.

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Passions: Possibly the Best Strip Club Experience in the States


Black strip clubs are always more fun than white strip clubs

Passions | New Orleans, LA
Relampago’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16Star16

Let’s be honest. Most strip clubs in America suck. This is especially true for strip clubs where the majority of the dancers are white girls. Men go in, empty their pockets and get little more than some tepid dancing from girls with entitlement and pedestal complexes. Worse, the girls often talk down to the men as if they’re supposed to be carrying some sort of piss bucket for them. My recent visit to one only confirmed this.

Call it a product of Anglo culture and women who have been told from birth they’re betterer than men, men are evil, sex is evil, straight sex is really evil, etc. Bad strip clubs are just another piece of evidence pointing to a fucked up, sexually repressed, and increasingly socially engineered, androgynous society. So naturally, the girls are going to have prudish attitudes.

So, first piece of advice: Avoid white girl strip clubs since white chicks are the origin of and the purveyors a Puritanical attitude in America. It shows, trust me.

Make no mistake about it, and take it from someone who has been around the block and around the world – ethnic strip clubs are where it’s at, and they’re the best you can get for legal, sexy fun in the States. In the Southwest, Latin strip clubs are the place to go. In the South, black strip clubs are where it’s at.

The white girl clubs up north or anywhere else are really a waste of time for a guy looking for a genuinely good time. You know, going home with happy memories instead of an empty wallet and unrelieved erection.

In my travels around The Matrix, there are a few standouts as far as clubs that feature topless and nude ethnic girls dancing. So what’s the best strip club I’ve found in my travels around 40 or so States in The Matrix? Passions on the East Side of New Orleans is probably my favorite place in the States.

It’s on the “bad” part of town in a hole in the wall, and some guys may be intimidated by the clientèle and the atmosphere. But, I’ve never had a bad experience. That said, I’m a Don’t Give a Fuck kind of guy like Eminem, and I know how to carry myself, so your mileage may vary.


Get your fix of sexy chocolate at Passions

The Experience

Black strip clubs are without a doubt among the best America has to offer as far as a good time for the straight man. Latin clubs are also very good at times, but in my experience black girls go that extra mile and provide the best bang for the buck.

Here’s what to expect.

First of all, at Passions the dancers are all black girls from all around the South. If you like dark flesh, this is the place to be. You’ll have a veritable smörgåsbord of sexy ebony women in every corner of the club. Girls from all kinds of backgrounds. It’s not hard to find a stunner, and it’s not hard to find a hood chick if that’s your bag. Granted, this is America so there will be a few fatties and train wrecks but every time I have been there I have managed to hook up with a sexy girl with a stunning body.

And anyone with eyes knows just how amazing black girls’ asses can be. But, I digress…

Second, it’s all nude, all the time. The layout of the club features two large stages and stools lined up all along it. It’s not hard to get up close and personal with the merchandise as the girls walk by. It can also get very wild as the night goes on. Overall, being there is a blast and drinks are very reasonably priced. You WILL BE approached by sexy chocolate and mocha women with no clothes on.

Third, just about anything goes. A man can have a VERY good time here. There are numerous VIP areas – stalls, really – in which you and your favorite girl dancer (or girls) can go inside and enjoy some privacy.

Fourth, it’s relatively easy to “shore” (as Mark Zolo calls it) in Passions. Shoring is a term to get free sex by using the principles of Game from girls who work in the entertainment industry. Additionally, Passions girls can be fun to be with and fun to hang out with if you’re experienced with women and can avoid the gold diggers you’ll inevitably find anywhere you go. I have developed long-term friendships with some of the girls who work in Passions. When is the last time you heard that about a strip club?

Overall, I’ve never walked away unhappy from Passions, which is much more than what I can say for 90% of the other strip clubs I’ve visited in the USA. I highly recommend the black strip club experience virtually anywhere you go, but in a city already known for its nightlife like New Orleans is, the word to the wise is avoid spending all your money and blowing your load on Bourbon Street and come over to the East Side for the best strip club experience anywhere.

At least, the best one I have been able to find in my domestic travels thus far. That said, leaving the States for Latin America has been the best decision of my life thus far.

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5 Things I Love About Latin America


Some experiences can’t be unexperienced

I knew there was more to Latin America than meets the eye and more than the propagandists in the media tell us from the first time I set foot on its soil. From the minute I saw the reality of what’s on the ground from Mexico to the Caribbean, there was a splinter left in my mind that I never could quite forget.

I felt ALIVE inside every time I went. It soon became like a drug I never could quite quit, no matter how hard I tried to “do the right thing” and find an Anglo chick to settle down with and have a family. That, simply, is not in the fucking cards anymore for many reasons we discuss in the manosphere.

Little did I know a decade later I’d be running away from Anglo America, a refugee from a culture that has little to offer besides overworking until a man drops dead, micromanagement of virtually every aspect of a man’s life by an oppressive corporate-government complex, shopping, eating out and football.

I’ve been out of Anglo America a year, and a recent visit home was jarring to say the least. I saw a sad, sad place culturally. I did NOT want to stay long. Here are 5 things I love about my new home that I never would have had if I stayed put.


I never experienced a “real woman” until I came here

The List

5. A culture oriented towards family and friends. You can live beside someone for a decade back home and never know anything about them. It’s simply not like that in Latin America. First of all, most towns are laid out so that you WILL run into people you know in the course of the day. Human interaction is commonplace, rather than the constant isolation people suffer in Anglo America.

People are isolated from one another from the time they wake up until the time they drive to work in their car to the time they play one-upmanship at work, afraid to trust anyone until the time they come home and microwave their food. Anglo culture is a very isolating culture, in contrast to the family and friends oriented culture of Latin America. Family is still central to life in Latin America, and this is a VERY good thing. A walk through town is more than just exercise, it’s fun because you always meet someone interesting and you always run into friendly and sexy women along the way.

4. Dancing and drinking. Any night of the week, you can go out and see people drinking and dancing and having a good time in contrast to a horde of zombies waddling their way in and out of Target, Walmart and Starbucks trying to buy some happiness. Any decent looking guy can grab a chica and start dancing Salsa or Bachata with her, and before you know it your worries and problems fade away. Some of the happiest moments of my adult life have been spent drinking and dancing with a group of Latinas all night until early the next morning. I consider it therapy for the soul. I have literally been at the point of tears of happiness sometimes just thinking about how lonely my life was and how full and rich it now seems in comparison.

3. Laid back work ethic. The media likes to portray Latinos as little elves that keep America running. That is true on some level, as they do all the hard work in the nation in which white people have become too effete to even reproduce. But in many Latin countries, there is still a two-hour long siesta. The work ethic is still strong but it is much more laid back than the here and now demands that have become inhuman in modern day America. Schools let the kids out for two hours, parents come pick them up, and mami has a nice meal made for everyone when they get home. There’s time to eat, take a nap, and relax a little before heading back to work. In contrast to the gotta do it right here and right now! Puritan work ethic that has made people very productive but miserable back home, people still have an Old World view of labor here. Whatever needs to be done will get done in its own time. It’s PEOPLE before THINGS. A very important differentiation.

2. Freedom. I always laugh at the U.S. calling itself the bastion of freedom in the world. Nothing is farther from the truth. I never experienced freedom until I left the so-called “freest nation on earth.” Fewer things are illegal here and those that are illegal aren’t enforced with an iron fist and a stiff cock up your ass. There is nothing like the feeling of having unfettered possibilities laid out before you each day.

The contrast between the Caribbean life of freedom I enjoy and the creepy police state I felt the weight of when I lived in and visited America are as stark as the contrast between night and day. It’s been said when people fear their government there is tyranny, and when the government fears the people there is liberty. Who fears who in America?

1. The Chicas. I am a spoiled man since leaving. Very spoiled. Traditional women who are fit, not fat and love to “be good to their man” abound. I never experienced a “real woman” until I came to Latin America. Frankly, they make their Anglo sisters look sick by comparison. By no means are Latinas pushovers – they’re just confident in their sexuality and their femininity unlike Anglo women who constantly try to be like men and displace men from their traditional roles in society. I find Latinas very sexy on many levels, and there is nothing like a confident but feminine women who also has a plump (not fat!) ass and pair of tits.

It’s gotten to the point I am generally repulsed by the sad, sad disposition of Anglo chicks. They’re truly some of the most lost souls I have encountered in my travels.


Competitive consumption is not the life for me

Keep My Ass Outta The Matrix

So, it’s needless to say I do not want to come back. Leaving repeatedly over the past decade and then becoming emboldened enough to take the big leap and try to build a life here has been the most risky and yet rewarding move I have ever made.

Little did I know the college classes I complained about so much – Spanish I through IV would be more life-changing than the degree I was awarded. Those classes and my later experiences in Latin America literally changed the entire course of my life.

I imagine I would be just like many of the men I now feel sorry for when I go home if that hadn’t happened to me. They’re working their asses off, most of them are lonely, and most of them have never experienced a real woman in their lives.

For that, I will always be grateful to this part of the world for giving me a life I would never have had in Anglo America.

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