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Photo: The Goosenecks and Utah Desert


I continue uploading pics from my spring backpacking journey across the American West. This pair is from Goosenecks State Park (not far from Monument Valley) and a free, BLM campsite not far from the Grand Canyon.

I met two Australian campers at this camp site who regaled me with stories about their adventures to Patagonia in South America. My own adventures in South America began last winter with a month long stay in the beautiful coastal city of Cartagena. Who knows where they’ll lead me next?

More to come soon. The posting pace of photo highlights from my journey has slowed a bit because I’ve been somewhat demotivated to post by censorship and by my 70 hour workweek. That said, I just finished a 10-day escape from the matrix that left me refreshed and happy again. Although, it doesn’t take long for the toxicity of this dying culture to bring me down once I return.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the photos. I enjoy posting photographs of my camp sites because some people I meet in real life don’t believe me when I tell them I took a 10,000 mile, 75 day camping adventure on a motorcycle all by myself over the spring. Showing The New Modern Man motorcycle at all these destinations never fails to illicit surprise in these acquaintances.

The past few years – that have led me to Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Asia and 48 out of the 50 states are only the beginning – I hope.

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Photo Gallery: Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park near Moab, Utah didn’t disappoint. I ended up camping out here for a couple of days in free campsites just outside of town. The scenery was nothing short of spectacular, as you can see from the photos I took above.

Unfortunately, the nightlife in Moab was not that exciting despite numerous events going on around town. I stumbled into Woody’s Tavern hoping for a good time. I did find a good locally brewed beer, but the atmosphere was typical Anglo-America. People looking at each other without speaking or acknowledging one another, Anglobitches marching around like they were goddesses, and locals talking nonstop about their careers and what material things they wanted to acquire. I excused myself early to retire to my tent, and enjoyed some awesome sleeping weather with lows in the 50s.

Word to the wise: Don’t get sand in the zipper of your tent. It was easy to do in the sandy soil here and it destroyed the entrance to my little “home” on the road. I couldn’t zip up the front door anymore. So, I had to spring for a new tent at one of the outdoors shops in town.

My Ninja 650 continues to perform flawlessly as I ghost my way across awe-inspiring landscapes in the remotest stretches of the nation. The problems of a dying America seem so remote even though I’m right here in the States. When you stop paying attention to the media and isolate yourself from this diseased culture, nature has a way of finding you, cleansing your mind, and making you forget the dystopia you’re living in.

There’s a whole other world out there, outside the insane world of man. I like that world. It’s my home outside the matrix when I have to be in the matrix. As always, you can help me continue my pioneering MGTOW, ghosting, nomadic travels through the Wild West by donating through PayPal or GoFundMe.

See you soon, from the road and the uncivilized parts of the world.

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Rel’s Nomadic Adventure Begins: San Antonio to Monument Valley, UT


Rel’s epic spring adventure has begun

Hello, brothers.

I’ve been away from The New Modern Man for a couple of weeks getting myself mentally and physically prepared for a solo, nomadic journey around the sparsely populated Western states of the U.S. I’m happy to report my spring motorcycle camping adventure intended to put into practice and expand the core TNMM philosophies of minimalism and ghosting has begun, and the first leg of the trip from San Antonio, TX through West Texas into the sands of New Mexico and the heart of the American West is complete.

My first destination was Monument Valley, UT. It’s a place that has long captured the imagination of the adventurous man. Monument Valley exceeded expectations, and the ride up to this famous Western landscape was cleansing for the soul to say the least. The weather was nearly perfect with temperatures in the 60s and 70s for most of the day. Of course, as you can see I photographed some stunning vistas.

While most people got their selfie and scurried away, I sat there staring in awe of this epic landscape long after I had taken some photos.

I prefer to stay in free campsites, however I found some bargains with pay campsites in both Red Rock State Park, NM and Gooseneck State Park, UT. Both featured camping for only around $10-15 a night. It feels good to stay off the grid and go “primitive” camping with just a tent, some very basic camping gear, and a steel horse (my bike) joining me for the journey. I have intentionally distanced myself from the raging dumpster fire that is America’s political, social, and cultural landscape. I only check headlines for a maximum of 30 seconds each day and avoid all social media.

I’ve noticed my mentality improves drastically when I disconnect from that alternate reality created by media spinmeisters and social engineers. I wrote in my travel journal: I wonder how long it will be before these idiots become totally irrelevant as the rest of us go about our business and stop giving a shit what they have to say about how we should live our lives?

One thing you learn quickly is how unforgiving these majestic landscapes and lonesome stretches of highway can be. Luckily, I learned logistics quite well in my time as a “professional driver” managing an 18-wheeler for a year. There have been some long distances where there’s nothing but a road and tumbleweeds around, which can be challenging with a 4-gallon gas tank. My 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 has been performing spectacularly, and averaging around 50 to 55 miles per gallon. I haven’t run out of gas on the side of the road. Good news, there.

Along the way I picked up a National Parks pass for $80, which gives me access to all national parks in the U.S. for a year. With free camping, my only expenses will hopefully be fuel and food.

Come along with me as I begin this nomadic journey. There will be updates from the road as I explore the great American West alone. As always, your contributions to help fund this pioneering journey are appreciated. You can help me by donating through PayPal or GoFundMe. See you soon, from the road and the uncivilized parts of the world.

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Boxy Pale Tails vs. Bountiful Booties on the World Stage


The butt don’t lie. Anglo chicks have the boxiest behinds and most boyish features but affection from them comes at an astronomical premium

It should come as no shock Anglo chicks have an overly inflated sexual market value (SMV). Even though they have some of the boxiest, most boyish physical features on the planet Anglo chicks use their presumed value to tease, taunt, and wreck the lives of men in America. Men who apparently are clueless that they’re now paying through the nose for an inferior product. Even if these guys aren’t getting any, they’re still paying through the nose thanks to the massive welfare state.

Men are allowing themselves to be treated like chumps as board-like women exploit them emotionally and financially. Perhaps because they think this is all they’ve got. No, my friends. Women with sexier features do exist. Boxy behinds do give way to bountiful booties. About all you have to do to find them is leave the matrix.

Anglo chicks aren’t just lacking anatomically, but behaviorally as they have become some of the most boorish, classless, inaccessible souls on the planet who consider men utility objects who exist only to be trodden upon. But, for the moment let’s focus on anatomy. Especially, comparing Anglo anatomical features to women on the world stage. TNMM reader John James sums up the situation:

Put her in Rio in a thong and watch her bone-protruding, overly flaccid, boxy Anglo hips get blown away by the legions of 18-25 year olds down there who come at 1/50 the expense/risk and have far more sexuality. The thong doesn’t lie. So many pedestalized, oneitis bait Anglo artsy/pretty girls really come down to earth in a thong. NAKED TRUTH.

It’s true. I see the occasional pack of white girls when I’m traveling abroad and I must say, there’s just no comparison. With the slimmest waists and fullest behinds, better bust to booty ratios, better hip to waist ratios, and features that aren’t marred by bleached, burned up hair, foreign women have got it going on. And, they come without the staggering price tag a self-anointed princess here will run you.

Imagine, some men mortgage their lives for a boyish-figured woman with a bad attitude and a heavy dose of penis envy. Typically, when I come back I am astonished at how unkempt women in this country are. It takes a week or so for me to mentally adjust to being back in this mess. A world in which every woman is “better” than ever man even if she doesn’t deserve her lofty social laurels.


Is a flat behind and ill attitude really worth mortgaging your financial future when sexier women are available?

Culture Matters

My personal feeling is spoiling women spoils them. In a world in which men’s roles have been displaced by Uncle Sugar, women feel they don’t “need” men anymore. A true testament to the fact women only see men as objects to be used.

Women in Anglo America have had it too good for too long, their success coming at a high price. Their materialistic lifestyles place enormous weight on the backs of the men they berate at every opportunity. Women abroad haven’t been spoiled with legions of Beta males scrambling to do their bidding, and this shows with their more down to earth attitudes. (Lesson: Never get on The Hedonic Treadmill.)

This is why women with boxy behinds, flat chests, or mounds of fat think they deserve to have a man furnish them with one of the unattainable lifestyles they see on fake reality TV. But, one good turn deserves another which is why men should exercise their right to use their own SMV to land a sexier women.

All it takes is fleeing the Anglobitch plantation. John James talks as if he’s a man who knows how much finer foreign women are from personal experience.

Untouchable, oneitis bait girls in the USA are mediocre when naked, on the international stage. If I ever have a son (unlikely), our summers will be spent with me touring him around the world so he knows what’s out there. Tits and ass are just what international women simply have on the regular, like purses and shoes. T and A is nothing to commit suicide over, like it is in fatass USA.

Yes, time abroad makes a man never want to come back to fatass (or boxy ass) USA. This once-great nation has become the textbook definition of dystopia.

Not only do women at home have inferior anatomy, but they have afforded themselves astronomical SMV value by torturing men with a lack of sex and affection for decades. It’s a bubble which is now in the process of bursting as feminist brainwashing is exposed for the travesty it is. Much as in finance, a “correction” is in the process of occurring because Anglo pussy futures are far overvalued.

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5 Crucial Items I’m Gathering for My Epic Cross Country Road Trip on a Motorcycle


Hitting the road on two wheels this spring as my new life as a world roaming nomad takes shape

When I was a boy, I used to fantasize about embarking on a journey with nothing but a tent and a map to guide me. I can still remember the intense urge I felt to see what was out there, and to see if I had what it takes to live like a true nomad. I wanted to see the world and live on the edge, even as a child.

As it would turn out, my journey from small town USA to the media ivory tower to world roaming nomad (that I’m detailing in an upcoming book) has put me in a position to finally live out the dream some 30 years later. It will be nothing but me, a motorcycle, a tent, my Nikon, and a handgun (for protection) as I embark on the journey.

I’ve already picked up extensive experience living on the road by driving a semi for 100,000 miles coast to coast. Before returning to that job to extract more money from the matrix and return to my adventures abroad, I’ll be two-wheeling it all across America to see how many experiences I can have.

As a consummate minimalist, I’m also working to see how little money I can burn through to realize my dream. Here are 5 items I’m gathering for this 30-45 day epic voyage on two wheels, coming this spring. Of course, I’ll be blogging about it here on TNMM.

Sundome1. Coleman Sundome Two Person Tent and bare bones accoutrementReviews on the Coleman Sundome are typically sparkling, especially considering it’s a tent a man can pick up for under $50. It should be the perfect tent to strap to my Kawasaki as I begin my journey. And, if it tears up somewhere along the way it will be cheap to replace with another just like it. Inside the tent will be an air mattress with hand pump, a sleeping bag, LED lanterns, an assortment of pocket and hunting knives, and little else.

Armscor2. Rock Island Armory .38 Special Revolver. Based on my research, it’s legal to transport guns and ammo nationwide as long as they’re unloaded, securely stored and locked in separate saddle bags. This is even true in National Parks since a law passed in 2010. (Check local laws and don’t take this blanket statement as something that is chiseled into a stone tablet.) I grew up around guns, so I’m ashamed to say I haven’t owned one in years. However, doing some research I found that I can pick up a well-made .38 special for under $250. This is for nothing more than protection and peace of mind, since I’ll be alone in a tent. It’s not the sexiest gun, but it’s well-made and that’s what a minimalist is all about: value rather than show. I’ll also have a couple of cans of Bear Spray for when I’m in Grizzly country.

Camp3. Wikicamps App. This is a great, simple little app to find free tent camping sites around the U.S. – and the world for that matter. (After my trial run in America I plan on motorcycle and tent road tripping abroad in the coming years. India is a destination I’ve already researched.) Wikicamps also offers a wealth of information on points of interest, where to find gas and entertainment, and even where to find the nearest Walmart.

Another feature of Wikicamps is the ability to find scenic campgrounds, motorcycle accessible campgrounds, and reviews from other campers. Wikicamps is a free app, and allows users to download offline maps for those times when cell reception isn’t available. This app will save an enormous amount of money and aggravation. If I had to stay in hotels or pay campsites every night this trip wouldn’t be possible on my minimalist budget. The power of keeping women out of your life and avoiding the many traps of the matrix is stunning!

P9004. Nikon Coolpix P900. I picked this camera up near Yellowstone National Park last fall. It’s a solid camera, and since then I’ve also adorned it with accessories like a polarizer, gradiated ND filter, and tripod. It takes good quality, professional photos which I then tweak slightly in Corel Aftershot Pro 3, which is a cut rate (but solid) version of Adobe Lightroom.

I’ll be able to relay incredible scenes from the road as the trip takes shape in mid-April through the first of June via my laptop and Verizon MiFi account. My tentative route takes me from Texas to San Francisco, then up and around the Cascades back across to North Dakota and down through the Great Lakes into the Appalachians. I plan on spending extensive time in the western states. Needless to say, photo ops galore.

Hero5. GoPro HeroWhat motorcycle and tent camping road trip would be complete without a GoPro strapped on to the bike showcasing the journey?

This camera seems like a good deal at $199, but in all honestly I may opt for a knockoff since money is the lifeblood of my entire operation. There are highly-rated knockoffs available for under $50. As a man the American system threw away, my life often consists of knockoffs as I have been pushed to the margins of society. (But, I’m starting to like it here on the edge!)

I’ll be taking the journey on my new Ninja 650, which by all accounts from owners who use them for these types of journeys should make a reasonably comfortably touring bike. I’ll also be breaking the trip up into bite-size tidbits with no rush to do anything. At over 50 miles per gallon, the fuel efficiency will be a big reason this extended road trip is possible. If you’d like to help finance part of my journey, you can make a donation here. Every little bit helps.

Needless to say, my sense of adventure will also be coming along for the ride. I’ll be seeing how many chicks I can bag along the way, too. That is, when I’m interested in being bothered with them. Stay tuned for updates as the warmth of the spring season approaches, and your host Rel heads out on the road in true nomadic fashion.

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My Visit to the Red Light District in Amsterdam


A visit to the Red Light District

It’s a section of town that all major cities should have. A small area in which there’s carte blanche for women to ply their trades if they decide to become professional whores. A place for men who are down on their luck or find themselves sexually invisible in a world that increasingly marginalizes them where one can drop by for a quick, and affordable sexual release with a pro. An area of town where sexuality – an essential part of the human condition – isn’t shamed or scorned.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District, well-criticized by prudes in the Anglo-American press, is actually underwhelming to the open-minded individual. There are strip clubs, clubs with full nudity, and even clubs that advertise live porno shows for a modest entrance fee. And then, there are the hookers dancing in windows under red lighting (hence the name Red Light District) waiting for the next customer to come by. Prices range from about 50€ to 100€ for full service.

Most of the working girls were average-looking, although there were some hotties interspersed throughout, waving at me as I walked by from rooms illuminated by a red hue. For those who are interested, I only sampled three women during my entire trip. (I spent the rest of the time in museums and other cultural centers.) I banged a Russian chick, a Dutch chick, and a South African chick. The South African chick was my favorite, since she treated me with respect and was the most fun to talk to out of the three.

The Red Light District is teeming with people, especially on the weekend. I heard languages and accents from all over the world, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. It didn’t seem seedy, and it didn’t seem like anyone was ashamed or should be ashamed for being there.

Anglo media frequently discusses the largely fictional human trafficking narrative and the so-called “humiliation” associated with sex work as it heaps nothing but scorn upon areas of the world where prostitution is legal. But, in my nightly walks through the district, I found no evidence of anything remotely resembling human trafficking, and as I stopped to chat with a few of the working girls none of them seemed like they were there for anything except of their own volition.

Nearby, there are stores full of pot brownies, paraphernalia, and product. As I walked through each of these stores in a thriving neighborhood I had the sinking feeling that any of those items would have me sent to prison for possession in America. As would renting some sex for an hour. And then my country has the audacity to tell me I’m free.

My experience in Amsterdam showed various sex businesses and even the recreational drug trade can be handled in such a way that they become practically invisible. They’re hardly the moral crusades deeply repressive Anglo culture makes them out to be. I was totally underwhelmed – as I was the first time I took a hit of cocaine years ago – and asked myself: That’s it? Why is this even illegal?

Much as John Locke fled the thought control, censorship, and intolerance of Anglo society for Dutch society in 1683 by relocating to Amsterdam, I find myself fleeing Anglo society thinking the same thing Locke wrote:

Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself.

I could feel that spirit here, and wondered why it has faded away after once illuminating the world as it emanated from Amsterdam – the bastion of tolerance. I don’t feel like I have property in my own person in America. I’ve never felt that way. That I own myself. That my mind and my body are my own. And, the situation is becoming ever worse as the nation lunges towards collectivism in various guises – namely, feminism and socialism.

The fact men are shamed for what goes on in the Red Light District day in and day out, and people are shamed and put into prison for possessing a drug which flows like water in Amsterdam enrages me inside. This is the rift between me and the U.S.

I don’t give a damn about pot, and I don’t rent whores that often. But, if I choose to do so, and I’m not harming anyone else, what makes my personal life the state’s business? Some might call that slavery.

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Impressions of Amsterdam

After taking a week off from writing to enjoy my first foray into Europe, I’m on my way back from Amsterdam to the Caribbean.

Amsterdam has been a travel goal for quite some time because the model of social tolerance the city pioneered and has long enjoyed inspired intellectuals to flee thought control and censorship by moving there – in much the same way I’m fleeing thought control and politically correct censorship in America. What’s more, freethinking authors like John Locke inspired the Founding Fathers to try and create a similar, free society in America. I wanted to experience a city that could spark that kind of revolution in philosophy.

Obviously, things didn’t work out that way in America as the nation has morphed into a giant police state and social engineering experiment in the early 21st century. But, it was interesting to see and experience the genuine article – a city and culture that inspired various experiments in freedom and tolerance during its Golden Age. To enjoy its 17th century architecture, cobblestone streets, and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Some highlights of my journey include:

  • Visiting the Royal Palace of Amsterdam to see in person the sculpture that The New Modern Man adopted as its logo. There is a reason this particular sculpture was chosen. As explained on the TNMM sidebar:  The site logo is Artus Quellijn’s sculpture inside the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. It depicts Justice flanked by Death and Punishment triumphing over Greed and Envy, the gods of the merchants; the unrestrained pursuit of profit poses serious threats to the soul of a nation.
  • Visiting the Rijksmuseum, to take in the works of the Great Masters Rembrandt and Vermeer in person.
  • Visiting the Ludwig Museum of Modern Art in Cologne, Germany to view modern art from artists like Picasso. (The museum visits were intended to supplement a theory I am working on which will advance Spengler’s theory of Faustian machine culture and explain why Anglo culture is committing suicide as it sacrifices its humanity to turn itself into a machine.)

Of course, there was some fun, too.

  • Nightly drinking and awesome Dutch fries. (Although my partying wasn’t as balls out as Cartagena, Colombia because Amsterdam is a very expensive city.)
  • Spending time in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District. I’ll have to admit, while it was cool it was also a bit disappointing and underwhelming. The Red Light District only encompasses a rather small area. While the prices are reasonable the chicks are average looking, for the most part. And the hos are cold fish compared to pros you’ll find in other cities.
  • Visiting Amsterdam’s Museum of Prostitution. Yes, while American jurisdictions will throw you in jail for renting some sex, a highly-rated museum shows you what it’s like to work in the Red Light windows in Amsterdam.
  • Browsing all the marijuana-related items for sale throughout the city. While I’m not a pothead (rare dalliances with recreational coke are better, IMO) it was interesting to see a city that’s embraced a model of recreational drug tolerance, and much to the chagrin of prudes like Jeff Sessions that attitude towards drugs will not destroy the world.
  • Visiting Europe’s biggest brothel, Pascha in Cologne, Germany. It’s 7 floors of whores from all over the world. Pascha charges a modest 5€ entrance fee.
  • I ended up banging a pretty Russian girl. Good times.

All in all, this was a week that once again confirmed to me both how far the West has fallen and how far gone America is down the primrose path of tyranny. Even though northern Europe wasn’t as fun as Latin America, it certainly has its own appeal and reminds us of the greatness our society once exuded.

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