Americans Can’t Vote Their Way to Greatness


Roy Moore goes down in defeat, as globalists win again

By now, you’ve heard that the reddest state in the nation has turned blue, as Democrat Doug Jones defeated MAGA Republican Roy Moore in this year’s special senate election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ seat. While this author loathes Republicrats almost as much as liberals, this loss is a yet another sign the corrupt American political Establishment is re-consolidating its power. Moore’s loss was a dissappointment.

Mooreover, the loss is damning for those who hope to vote their way to greatness rather than acknowledging the deep, festering cultural rot that has allowed America to decline to this point as the root cause of all the problems that lie before them. You can’t vote your way out of a culture. Liberals have been very methodical in reprogramming the mindset of Americans, taking the long approach rather than the short one. Hoping for a steady string of election miracles in the face of this goliath just won’t cut it when there are so many other forces pushing the nation leftward like a raging torrent.

Worse, expect the already vociferous pace of witch trials against heterosexual men to accelerate in the coming months, as this election illustrated Anglo America continues to display Puritan prudishness when it comes to sexuality. The sex allegations ultimately worked against Roy Moore.

The election marks a string of losses for strategist Steve Bannon threatens to knock the Trump train off its rails. That is, if The Don isn’t a Manchurian Candidate/controlled opposition to begin with. Yours truly is very jaded when it comes to political machinations in über-corrupt American poltics – lessons learned from over a decade inside the belly of the beast known as the MSM. You quickly learn the wisdom of FDR well in this world of smoke and mirrors: that nothing in politics – including the election of a supposed firebrand saviour of the American republic – happens by accident.

Make no mistake, this election was as much about defeating the entrenched GOP Uniparty Establishment (The Gobbler, Mitch McConnell, et. al.) as much as it was about beating an abortion-supporting, California-style liberal in the bastion of conservatism. The election shouldn’t have even been close.

Those hoping for a last minute, Hail Mary play to save Western Civilization over the course of 4 to 8 years apparently had no idea what they were up against. What we have, effectively, and assuming Trump really is the good guy, is one billionaire against a league of billionaires, who buy and sell the American political establishment like the cheap political sluts in business suits most of them are.

Here are additional factors that signal stormy skies ahead for those not interested in the grim specter of totalitarian globalism:

  • Demographics are changing: more white people are dying than are being born. This means states are going to trend bluer and bluer with each election. When Texas flips to blue, and it will…it’s over at the ballot box as TNMM has reported in the past.
  • Latinos are demographically conquering the nation, including the state of Alabama. (Personally, I say God bless them, as Anglos have been spiritually dead for quite some time. But, this group does vote for globalist candidates.)
  • Weak turnout among lazy, plump white people probably cost Moore the election. Black turnout was very high for this election. Like it or not, politics of racial division work. And Racial Bolshevism has made “whitey” (i.e. non self-loathing whites) the target.
  • The GOP is now declaring all out war on the MAGA movement, as they smell blood in the water because both Bannon and Trump have major egg on their faces, and a string of embarassing losses of candidates they supported.
  • Sex scandals are still king in a prudish, extremely sexually repressed culture.

Those who orchestrated the destruction of the American republic, population replacement agenda, and the brainwashing of the populace with 50 years of Cultural Marxism are masters at what they do. This is the fundamental problem most Libertarians have: We assume government is ineffectual and isn’t doing what it’s designed to do. Oh, but it is doing exactly what those who want to bring The Great Experiment to a crashing halt want it to do.

This election loss is just another link in the chain towards their successful conquest of America, Inc. and the world. I gave up on finding an electoral solution to what ails the nation a long time ago, once I realized what was destroying it was much more than the battle of red states and blue states. I have but one life to live, and I don’t want to waste it fighting a losing battle for a nation that excommunicated me and men like me a long time ago. As Aaron Clarey knows, it’s best at this point in time to Enjoy the Decline.

Meantime, I’ll expect the keyboard warriors to do what they do best, spit piss and vinegar, while they were too fucking lazy to go to the ballot box to actually support the screeds they type on on digital screens. As a result, the reddest state in the nation now has a blue senator going to join the other globalists on Capitol Hill.

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In the Female Mind, Everything is Someone Else’s Fault


Another adventure into the dark and dangerous forest known as the female mind

If you keep a woman around long enough, you’ll begin to notice that every problem she has ever had or currently has in her life is someone else’s fault. Women literally believe they are blameless for their own decisions and should be rendered free of any consequences their shit-poor decisions might cause.

This conundrum is yet another unfortunate reality created by the rationalization hamster. Here are just a few examples of how the causality loop gets reversed when it comes to taking blame:

  • Woman leaves iPhone on the bed where her child can easily get it. The child then proceeds to break the iPhone. She says to her Beta Bucks boyfriend: “Why didn’t you stop the baby from destroying my phone?!” Predictably, she remains totally oblivious to the fact it’s not wise to leave her iPhone where a baby can get his or her hands on it. Of course, Beta Bucks guy will be expected to quickly “fix” the problem by buying her a new iPhone, being sure to not criticize her poor decision-making skills.
  • Woman refuses to put gas in the tank of her car, then gets upset when it won’t start. She calls utility object/boyfriend/husband in for assistance, who quickly discovers the gas tank is drier than the Sahara Desert. “This thing uses too much gas!” is her excuse. It’s the car’s fault she didn’t put gas in it.
  • Woman chooses the YouGoGrrl path in life, only to discover it leaves her bankrupt, barren, and caring for cats in her old age. Why, that must be the patriarchy’s fault her life turned into a mess, rather than the consequence of allowing herself to be led around like a kitten chasing a laser pointer by Marxist social engineers.
  • Women can’t get dates because they blindly start following the #MeToo bandwagon. Why, it’s men’s fault for not “manning up” rather than their own fault for being willing sheep led to slaughter by feminist shepherds, and men are “wrong” for making a rational decision not to tango with hos that can destroy their lives, even decades later, with a single made-up sex charge.

The topic of women rendering themselves blameless isn’t discussed as often as it should be in the manosphere, so inexperienced men can be forewarned of one of the many consequences of dealing with them. However, a bodybuilding forum did broach the subject:

Never in my life have I ever heard a girl even be open to the possibility that they did something wrong. If it ever seems like something was their fault it was because reason x and y MADE them do it.

Yeah, neither have I. It’s always someone else’s fault, or “someone made me do it” type nonsense. Here’s an interesting reply to this thread, proving solipsism runs deep in the female:

My ex told me after an argument once that she would argue with me even though she knew she was wrong just so she wouldn’t have to admit fault. Very childish behavior. This seems to be how a lot of woman act. Even my mother acted like this when i was growing up. It’s a very frustrating and confusing thing to deal with.

And of course, where would any discussion about women be without the “victim mentality” they harbor:

There’s a reason why its called “being a MAN” when u take responsibility for your actions.

We are the natural born leaders of both genders, which means we make the major decisions – and thus if we make mistakes, we are held accountable, not the woman. This is evident anywhere from caveman times to today. Look at the marriages that have lasted over 40+ years…the man is the major decision maker.

I do dislike the overall “victim” mentality, as we are talking about girls who will make themselves feel sorry and others feel sorry for them when they don’t deserve it. This is different from taking responsibility.

It goes without saying it’s very easy for unscrupulous business and G-men to take advantage of women by sympathizing with their perceived “victim” status, then selling them either products or Socialist legislation as a result of this quirk of female psychology. A woman and a television or a woman and a smartphone and a voting booth are a dangerous combination for that reason.

Women’s preference to label themselves eternal victims is so obvious it rises to a self-evident truth. How else does one explain feminism’s effectiveness at turning every woman in Anglo America into a “victim” of the patriarchy, which in reality was a social construct that provided for them, protected them, and created the most prosperous civilization ever seen on planet earth for their benefit?

Incidentally, women are especially evasive with blame when it comes to the topic of infidelity, or providing reasons why their past relationships failed during dinnerviews, when they’re interviewing a potential man slave. Of course, a breakup or infidelity is always her ex’s fault.

Inside the mind of a creature that thinks it is perfect, jumping on another man’s erect penis happened not because she’s a cheating whore, but because one time 2 years ago her loyal boyfriend made some slight against her. (Related: Make no mistake, women keep a running tab of every slip-up or slight you’ve ever made against them running in their mind, usually with time and date stamps to go along with the story.)

So, just know going into any relationshit anything that ever happens will become your fault once your new master twists causality to fit her preconceptions. Or, it will be someone else’s fault, or an inanimate object’s fault. Your “perfect” (in her own mind) girlfriend is incapable of admitting fault, proving Schopenhauer’s thesis right: women represent an intermediate stage between child and man in the human species.

Aristotle also had something to say about this subject: The male, unless constituted in some respect contrary to nature, is by nature more expert at leading than the female. Putting women in charge is a surefire recipe for total disaster.

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Meantime, in Latin America

While Anglo America focuses on trying to scare people away from having sex with constant scandals and witch trials, this Farruko joint is getting regular rotation down in the Caribbean. “She’s a devil…she turns into one in bed.” This sensual slow jam is about making love to a woman that knows what she’s doing in bed and enjoys sex as much as a man does. The video is complete with two lusty women – one light skinned, one dark skinned chick.

That’s the crucial cultural difference between the Americas – women are considered asexual “goddesses” in Anglo America while “dirty” men try to defile these perfect princesses with their sinful urges. In Latin America, women enjoy sensuality as much as men do.

Latin America is the future as far as this author is concerned. Anglo America is dying of its own arrogance, prudishness, and apprehensive approach to living life: sleep-work-spend consumerism, extreme sexual repression and the “pickle yourself” or “wait until retirement to live a little” plan. As if the totality of human existence can be condensed down to a consumer purchase of some cheap, Made In China crap. Culturally, Anglo America really believes that shit.

Who wants to live like that? I don’t when there are other options.

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Anglo Chicks Have Officially Lost It: English Woman to Marry Chandelier


An English woman plans to marry a chandelier

How deep can the smoldering crater once known as Anglo culture go? We’re finding out as the hole plunges deeper each day. Check out this latest dropped shoe from Breitbart. An English woman is hopelessly in love with a chandelier she calls Lumiere:

A woman has become “engaged” to her favorite chandelier. 33-year-old Amanda Liberty from Leeds, England, reportedly proposed to the chandelier on Valentine’s Day, however she will be “continuing an open relationship with the rest of her collection of 25 chandeliers,” according to Inside Edition.

Granted, Amanda is a homely and porcine individual. And Anglo women are conssumate materialists. But maybe with a gym membership, a makeover, some counseling, and a purging of feminist doctrine from her mind she could land a real, flesh and blood man.

But, wait. Amanda doesn’t swing that way. It seems this will be a lesbian engagement:

“I couldn’t stop thinking about her and how beautiful she was — she has such a beautiful shape, and I could feel really amazing energy coming from her,” she proclaimed. “Although I knew it would be tricky to get her home, I knew I needed to find a way to make her mine.”


Breitbart reader Vail Bilby offered up this criticism of the engagement in the comments section:

That’s not right — Lumiere could not consent and therefore cannot be “married.” Free Lumiere! And get this individual to a psychiatrist — pronto.

Make no mistake, the reason this story came out in on Inside Edition was to continue the agenda of making a mockery out of marriage. Learn to read between the lines and don’t take stories that come out in the media at face value. There’s an agenda behind every story you see.

Women, unless kept under strict control by men and society, inevitably are destroyers of worlds. And their own lives. What further illustration does one need of their insanity?

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Feminist CEO Accused of Sexual Harassment – Crickets from the Misandrist Media


A feminist CEO quietly settled serious sexual misconduct allegations, while the story went largely unnoticed by mainstream media

While the misandrist mainstream media have been foaming at the mouth as they conduct one sexual misconduct witch trial after another from behind their benches in plexiglass studios, they’ve remained oddly mute about a feminist CEO doing some very un-feminist things at her company. One has to do some sleuthing to even find this article on CNBC:

Miki Agrawal, the founder, former CEO and now “SHE-eo” of THINX who aimed to take on the feminine hygiene industry, finds herself awash in allegations that she touched employees inappropriately and created a hostile work environment.

Oh, but her crimes are well beyond inappropriate touching. The listing of the feminist CEO’s transgressions is quite extensive. Imagine the screaming, flopping on the floor, and foaming at the mouth talking heads would descend into if a man did these things.

  • Inappropriate touching – fondling breasts of female employees
  • Workplace nudity – employees would be treated to views of Agrawal in the buff at her office, or she would “pee” while conducting video teleconferences
  • Raises were rare and reserved for men – the only two staffers who got raises were male (well, we do earn raises rather than considering ourselves entitled to them)
  • Agrawal expressed sexual interest in employees – at one point telling a lesbian how “hot” she found her
  • The company used “culture queens” rather than human resources

Of course, according to the way the geniuses in the media treat men, we have to believe all these allegations without questioning the motives of the chicks making them, because why would a woman lie?

What does this luminary in the fashion industry manufacture?

THINX makes “period underwear” and is known for its cheeky New York City subway advertising campaigns.

How innovative! Finally, women don’t have to wear tampons or maxi pads anymore! Agrawal responded to the allegations with a predictable denial in New York Magazine:

We spoke on the phone about the sexual-harassment allegations, which she called “baseless” and with “absolutely no merit.” Agrawal said her legal team has contacted third-party employment counsel. She noted that she was speaking for herself, not the company, and recorded the call.

It seems the “pussy pass” worked again, as Agrawal was spared the “raked across the hot coals” treatment high-level men in the business and media world have suffered. The allegations were “quietly settled” meaning she bought her way out of the mess.

What are we knuckle-dragging men supposed to think of the whole ordeal? “Andrew” on the Meninist web site offered his shocked commentary on the story:

This has to be a joke! How can a woman be behind sexual misconduct? The media told me that only men are monsters. What’s the deal here?!

Heh. Andrew is a shitlord if there ever was one.

So, we are left with several recurring themes in this story. Feminists think they can pursue sex at work while men cannot. Women think they own sex, and have turned it into a commodity that they offer only to men they think they can exploit for resources or social status. Media misandry is at an all-time high. Puritan sexual mores have morphed into secular feminism. And, there’s hypocrisy all around.

Anglo culture has gone insane.

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Feminist Logic on Display


Hmm. Could this be why women can’t be Strong and Independent™ without Big Daddy Government robbing Beta male tax money and giving it to them in myriad handouts?

This juxtaposition works on so many levels. It illustrates hamster logic so well. Inside the female mind, where causality is reversed, this feminist with a buzzcut can’t afford a 20¢ pack of noodles, but she can spend over $100 on some ugly ass boots. (That works out to over 500 packs of noodles she gave up for the ugly ass boots).

It’s like when women say they Don’t Need a Man™ but they do need Beta male tax money forcibly redistributed to them from the men they snub by an increasingly totalitarian government, or they’ll go broke. One study posted the lifetime deficit the average Anglo woman runs up over the course of her life to ring up to the tune of $100,000 to $250,000. Women, on average, spend over 90% more than they earn over the course of their lives.

In fact, women are so bad with money in many cities in America a man only need log on to dating apps to find Empowered™ women now offering sexual favors for cash. This, despite the fact 70% of all government revenue is extracted from men – and the vast majority of it is spent on women and their reckless lives.

Stop the government from robbing men to pay women and watch in awe as wannabe, sexually ambiguous feminazi bullies transform into kind and cuddly ladies within a generation’s time. If you want to know why relations between the sexes are so screwed in Anglo America and other nations which have instituted soft Socialism, it’s because forced wealth transfers have negated Briffault’s Law:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

Without Big Daddy Government paying for their temper tantrum-laced insanity, women will have to return to deriving benefit from the male rather than the state.

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Thirsty, Weak Men and The Downward Spiral of American Women


Stop massaging the egos of blimpy women

Titanium Vulture is an author, filmmaker, and contributor to The New Modern Man.

Men.  We need to talk.

We new modern men are aware of the downward spiral that American women are participating in.  And while feminism, the court system, and the overall march towards communism is a factor, I have to, at the very least, hold some of us fellas accountable.

Cover1267Thirsty…ass…lame…simpin’ men.

I have seen, time and time again, men willing to put their bazooka in just about anything with a heart beat.  Dudes chasing land-whales like they really have something special.

No wonder these girls out here are fucking gassed, man!

And by gassed, I mean so many of these chicks are ignorant, thinking they are just fine, when in truth they would not have a chance in hell if dudes actually held some kind of standard for themselves.

When men become weak, women get out of line.  If you, as a man, allow any woman to walk all over you, degeneracy is the result. I’m in a Facebook group for Puerto Ricans, and someone posted the above pic saying “thick ladies are gorgeous.” Okay, so perhaps the first two from the left are worth a shot. But the rest??? Check out some of these comments below:

Yes they are they are the most lovely sexy oh my God I love I love I love a real woman😍😙😙😙🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷💯💯💯💯.

Followed by:

Beautiful ladies God Bless.


Wow 😱 love them just like that.

Damn, son.  So men are actually thirsting over these land-whales?  REALLY? Gentlemen, it is time to account for ourselves.  We can critique the ladies all day long, but there are a bunch of White Knight Manginas ready to smash these chicks anyway. Why would a woman take care of herself when men have no standards anyway?

I propose a challenge for everyone in this man-o-sphere:  Hold yourself to a higher standard.  You are worth something in this fucked-up world.  You are the descendant of KINGS.  Always remember, modern society is wreaking havoc on our natural, masculine instincts.  It is up to you to don your armor, raise your shield and DEFEND yourself from all this degenerate fuckery.

Though we may not win our world back, at the very least we can set the example for the next generation of men to come up, be strong and demand more from these dames.

Peace, and stay focused!

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