Female Expiration Dates: Women Only Offer Baggage After Age 35


Women’s power in the sexual market lasts about 10-15 years when not bolstered by makeup, prosthetics, and Beta male thirst

Ah, the firm breasts, luscious thighs and tight, yet plump ass of a 20 year old. The female body is simply a wonder of nature and a work of art to behold. A woman at her sexual peak is like a ripe piece of fruit just waiting to be tasted. Few can resist the temptation, even though tasting the fruit comes at an enormous price for a man.

However, this isn’t a station in life or a position of power that lasts forever. As the metaphorical Buddhist wheel in the sky keeps on turning, women realize this power early in life only to see it completely disappear by the time they’re middle-aged. Their body betrays them, and male attention shifts elsewhere.

In the past, a more lucid society recognized that a female’s value to a potential partner was concentrated within this fleeting moment in her life. Over the period of only a decade or so out of an average 75 year life span, a female enjoys the peak of her youth, beauty and fertility. For the other 65 years or so, she’s either too young to be valuable – or too old.

Society made accommodations for men and women to invest in the next generation rather than living lives of pointless and empty hedonism. This model worked for literally thousands of years. In the traditional world, a man would willingly give his entire life to take advantage of this decade or so of a woman’s life. He, as well as families on both sides would expect offspring as a result of their relationship, and a woman would begin a happy life as a homemaker rather than an unhappy life as a corporate cog as in today’s world.

The problem came when women started expecting men to accept the lifetime of baggage with no reward, as they retire from a successful career on the cock carousel at age 35 or so. At this time the modern Western woman is finally ready to finally settle down as she sees her SMV and prospects waning. Modern men are understandably walking on such a one-sided deal. For once a woman’s fertility starts to decline, and her chances of conceiving indeed crash around age 35, she then offers nothing of biological value to a man for the rest of her life. And most women are not much company either as they constantly nag, gossip and covet possessions of other women. (This is what drives the consumer economy.)

What’s left is the Spruce Goose: Men may visit, and play with the controls, but her womb will never really “fly” again.

It’s often said a man offers his entire life for the 10 best years of a woman’s life. This is absolutely true from both a biological and economic viewpoint. Women now want to give the 10 best years to an Alpha asshole or Sigma bad boy and stick Beta boy with the bill and baggage they accumulate. This is totally selfish and disrespectful to men. And it’s time we said NO.

For this reason, men need to adopt a new strategy in which they view a woman in terms of an expiration date. If she offers nothing in return for the ensuing baggage beginning after her expiration date, men need to either refuse to have any romantic entanglements with them or make any rendezvous purely sexual in nature.


Smack dat ass: Men should start considering women in terms of SMV expiration dates

Expiration Date: 35 Years

Women “expire” at age 35 for numerous reasons. Their fertility declines sharply at this age. Their beauty declines, no matter how much makeup they cake on. If not already married to her, from this moment forward she offers nothing to a partner but a well-used piece of anatomy and a manipulative, even predatory disposition towards men and their finances.

The expiration date may fluctuate around age 35 for a couple of reasons, i.e. good genetics or a sweet personality (usually being faked) but this age is a good baseline for the “expiration date” for females.

The expiration date proposal comes in response to men needing to turn back to their own rational self-interest rather than the irrational desires of women.

Women, the soft targets for social engineers that they are completely threw men and society overboard when feminists promised them the Have It All™ lifestyle without the disposable male. Why have one of those meat bags hanging around wanting sex and love when you can Have It All™ girls? And they truly did get more than they ever bargained for. Women have lost their families and their direction in life as they try to be just like men instead of just like women. Now they toil at meaningless Joe and Jane jobs paying nannies to raise the children they should be raising themselves, if they bother reproducing at all.

It has left women practically worthless to men who have their shit together and aren’t ready to risk their entire financial lives and freedom on a used up wet hole. In modern times, as so brilliantly pointed out by MGTOW.com women only offer the following after age 35:

  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Palimony
  • False accusations
  • Gossip
  • Venereal Diseases
  • Not interesting
  • Superficiality
  • Mental disorders
  • Manipulation

What kind of man wants a woman around who has given him nothing except occasional sex? Especially if he can get younger, tighter, more fertile women by investing in himself and being an asshole.

Indeed, the gynocentric system worked for a while, kept afloat by Beta male taxpayer money. But in modern times we are beginning to see economics and biology do not work in a vacuum. You cannot sexually and economically disenfranchise men by both taking their money and not giving them any nookie, or even human affection and expect them to continue rowing along like good little slaves, pushing along the Ship of State. Why? The sexual market is the grandaddy of all the other markets of mankind. No matter how sexually repressed Anglo society may be or how taboo it tries to make heterosexual sex, the simple fact remains sex is the prime motivator in virtually every aspect of life. That’s true for both women and men.

So, in the current system which is debased from reality, as radio host Tom Leykis knows, women start out happy and end up bitter cat ladies. But the tragedy is they bring it on themselves by listening to feminists. Rather than having kids and family they “empower” themselves by taking on massive amounts of debt for college, missing out on the greatest fulfillment of their entire lives.

Some realize working for a thankless corporate master pales in comparison to working for a husband and children that actually love them, no matter how many contrived company picnics and free food they dole out at office parties. We are witnessing the beginning stages of a righteous rebellion by men who are being exploited by such a system. It is in men’s genetic and biological interests to return to the traditional sexual arrangement or not to play this stupid game at all.

Once a woman has reached her expiration date, a man should show her absolutely no loyalty since she showed him no loyalty when she was actually worth something. For that reason, men need to be educated on the grim realities of female expiration dates.

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It is Legally Impossible for a Woman to Rape a Man in England


Possession of a penis literally determines legal culpability in rape charges

Just when you think Anglo society can’t possibly be any more anti-male than it already is, along come facts which force you to downgrade your opinion of the situation. Apparently, it is legally impossible for a woman to rape a man in Merry Old England. Bastian Lloyd Morris, a legal firm in the UK shows us how the very sexist English legal system targets men, and specifically targets them for the crime of having a penis. Paging Dr. Freud…

Physically, a woman cannot rape a man because of the how the offense is defined in law. Rape, in English law, requires a penis to be inserted into a woman’s vagina, anus or mouth without her consent and knowing that she does not so consent.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, Freud’s Penis Envy theory is constantly proven correct by feminism and Anglo society’s treatment of men. How else can one explain insane legal codes like this? The penis itself is targeted by the law!

This requirement has caused some criminologists to describe the law as being ‘phallocentric’ or ‘phallogenic’. Whilst inserting an object or another part of the body into one of the aforementioned orifices is a serious sexual assault, it is not classified as rape.

Stick a dildo in a woman and that doesn’t classify as rape. Stick a penis in her, evil piece of anatomy that it is, and that does classify as rape. Get it?

Props to the lawyers for inventing a term (phallocentric) that is right at home with the leftist proclivity to invent word jumbles when marketing and whining over their “oppression.” So, what happens when gender confusion sets in and a transgender man decides to have his member chopped off or a transgender woman decides to have a rape device (i.e. penis) installed?

Only men can commit the offense of rape as a principal. Interestingly, preoperative male transgenders can commit the offense because they are still legally male, whereas post-operative female transgenders cannot commit the offense because they are still legally female.

Having a penis is a serious crime, but only if your born with it. When you live on Orwell’s Animal Farm some animals are more equal than other animals. Women > Men in Anglo Society.

It is not apparent why the law focuses on the requirement that a penis is needed to commit the offense of rape. It is fairly easy to construct a theoretical argument where a woman could use her vagina to ‘rape’ a man. If she, for example, tied his arms and legs to a bed and then placed his penis in her vagina against his will, it is difficult to see why that is less offensive than the converse.

Indeed, it is strange to think rationally about why a woman raping a man is less offensive in the justice system. Especially since the female “nature’s credit card” is often used to commit the worst, most life-altering form of rape there is – financial rape.

It is conceivable (no pun intended) a woman could literally tie a man down, rape him, get pregnant (literally physically raping him but not in the eyes of the law) then proceed to financially rape him as so many modern women do these days.


Is financial rape no less devastating to a person’s well-being than physical rape?

Financial Rape

Interestingly, a pamphlet from the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) warns women (ever the victims) about financial abuse from men. The irony that divorce in the modern day court system results in the same sort of “financial abuse” (financial rape is a better term) for men is apparently lost on those presuming to have the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed.

Financial abuse is a common tactic used by batterers to control and isolate their partner. It can have far-reaching and devastating consequences. 

If ever one needed proof every second of a relationship with an Anglo woman has become a legal nightmare for men, there it is. We now have a whole new narrative forming around financial abuse. In other words, open up your purse strings and let her waste your money or you are now financially abusing a woman, in addition to your other long list of crimes for existing.

In supreme irony, a Predatory Female can eat a man’s entire financial life for lunch and bring “far-reaching and devastating consequences” to his life. But of course, the society is incapable of seeing it this way, and this type of treatment will never been seen as financial abuse or financial rape by society.

The NNEDV pamphlet goes on to enforce the narrative that women are victims when men don’t turn themselves into check writing pushovers.

Financial abuse is a tactic used to control relationships by preventing access, use or maintenance of money or other financial resources. It might include: ˆ

  • Controlling all decisions of how money is spent
  • Withholding money or “giving an allowance” ˆ
  • Withholding basic living resources, medication or food ˆ
  • Not allowing their partner to work or earn money ˆ
  • Stealing their partner’s identity, money, credit or property ˆ
  • May justify behavior as cultural or religious

It can be difficult for couples to navigate the complexities of family finances and almost all couples have arguments about money.

Interestingly, all of the above bullet points termed “abuse” by the NNEDV occur when there’s financial rape in a divorce.

  • All decisions of how a many’s income is spent come under the discretion of a judge.
  • He is “given an allowance” to live on, which can be less than he needs to avoid bankruptcy and living under a bridge if the alimony payments + child support payments are high enough.
  • Basic living resources and access to medication and food can be crippled by alimony and child support payments, but nobody gives a damn when this happens to a man.
  • A man’s ability to work or earn money at another employer or at a lower paying but less stressful job is crippled by indentured servitude in the court system. It’s either pay or go to jail in the current system of male slavery.
  • A man’s money, credit and property can be seized by a judge even if a woman was having trains run on her by the local football team leading to the divorce.
  • Anglo culture justifies this behavior with the fallacious reasoning that woman are morally infallible.

To top it off, women constantly pat themselves on the back for being Strong, Independent Women™ who Don’t Need a Man™ while literally cleaning a man out financially. Well-off women routinely accept obscene divorce settlements, because they’re holders of the Magic Vagina.

Even amongst the proles, we don’t see too many women turning down divorce settlements or cash and prizes handed out by a judge at the expense of their discarded meal ticket. (It’s often said women have no sense of justice or no sense of remorse for a discarded Beta male.)

Making the financial rape situation more hilarious and sickening at the same time, only 3% of woman pay alimony nationwide. But those women are so enraged by paying it they’re making more waves than the 97% of provider module males have. Ken Neumann of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators told the press:

It’s unfair for men to pay it, and unfair for women to pay it. But women are much more outraged by it.

These women are demanding an end to this payments. And it should come as no surprise that 3% of women are being listened to while the 97% of men are ignored.

As always, whether it be physical rape or financial rape, when women get a taste of their own medicine they get outraged by it. But that inhuman bag of meat that’s subject to punishment for a crime you can’t commit under the eyes of the law, or paying your bills to the detriment of his own well-being, well that kind of treatment is just fine for him.

Once again, as we scratch the veneer of a society that seems balanced and like one the rest of the world should aspire to from the outside, the facade crumbles to reveal a society that has a deep chasm between its treatment of the sexes. It displays remarkable biases against men and towards women, but nobody gives a fuck as women benefit from it. It is a society that is fundamentally hateful and disrespecting to the male gender. After all, who told you to be born with that penis?

Support this bullshit with my tax money and my life savings? Ummm, no.

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Comment of the Week | September 25, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter TheSavageLifestyle wins Comment of the Week with a sentiment that echoes among many men when it comes to the decline and fall of Europe.

I alternate between sadness for Europe and contempt. On the one hand I think to myself “you get the world you asked for”. On the other I realize the level of indoctrination and propaganda Europeans and virtually everyone have been exposed to since WW2.

Those who can resist need to band together and fight it out on their feet. Better than dying on their knees.

While many want to blame governments and invading “refugees” many of the problems that led us here have been prompted by white people becoming too effete to reproduce. Population decline in an economy that needs infinite growth means the whole system crashes unless there’s a constant supply of warm bodies for it to consume. The demographic decline of whites in their own lands is the root cause of so many of our present day problems.

Comment to Win!

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Eye Candy of the Week | September 25, 2016

This week is a two for one special on Arabian belly dancers. If only we got to see the beauty of Middle Eastern women more often, rather than having them hidden all the time. Here are two stunners: Anna Lonkina (best we can tell she has Kazakhstan origins) and Alexandra Pianka (known as the Princess of Dubai). Simply beautiful and exotic, the both of them. They’re our Eye Candy of the Week for September 25, 2016.



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Have a Drink: Mamajuana


Mamajuana is a Dominican tradition

Mamajuana shots | Relampago’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16StarBW16

Widely available in the Dominican Republic, if you’re elsewhere in the world you’ll likely have to special order the “aphrodisiac” Mamajuana. It’s a mixture of honey, wine, and rum which have soaked with a special type of wood inside a bottle. The taste is similar to port wine and it makes for some tasty shots. Or, it can also be drunk straight from the bottle if you enjoy being uncouth like me.

Here’s a quick history of the drink:

Mamajuana was invented as a local herbal medicine and aphrodisiac in the 1950s by Jesus Rodriguez, a native of San Juan De La Maguana. Rodriguez would commute with others in trucks to Barahona, Azua, Pedernales, and many other provinces in the Dominican Republic to collect the stems needed to create the medicinal drink. He would often use Carne De Carey (Tortuga) which was the active ingredient that made the aphrodisiac. Rodriguez eventually would be known under the moniker “Mamajuana” by many of the locals, Tatico Henriquez and other merengue típico artists such as Trio Reynoso and El Cieguito De Nagua, who were close friends of Rodriguez.

Even though it sounds like “marijuana” it has nothing to do with the recreational drug. It is rumored to have legendary aphrodisiac qualities among locals but to me that just comes from the alcohol. Everyone gets in the mood when they’re drinking.

If you’re in the Caribbean visiting or even if you have to special order it, I recommend this unique island experience when you get the chance. Oh, and to set the mood here’s a hit song highlighting some of the top destinations on Hispaniola and “drinking Mamajuana in Punta Cana.”


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