The Skies Darken, A Storm Brews as Socialism Descends on America


A storm is brewing, a storm I knew was coming for years – hence the name Relampago Furioso or “Raging Lightning”

I have tried to run from what’s coming, to run from encroaching tyranny, but the day may come soon when a man will have to take a stand. To come out from behind the curtain writing mere Samizdats, and to start yelling in the faces of tyrants. For if Socialism descends on America, it will infest the totality of this world turning it into a true prison planet.

I know full well what’s happening. I hope you do, too. There is a Socialist Revolution unfolding before our very eyes in America. It is the culmination of The Long March through the institutions and decades of social engineering. It’s like being in the middle of an awful dream. I literally got sick to my stomach tonight watching the carefully crafted propaganda being disseminated from the tarnished world of local TV news, catching the show by pure accident, no less. Watching it gives a man insights into the aims of those spinning narratives for simpletons to read out loud.

We are in deep, deep, deep trouble. And intentionally marginalized as men before the deed is done.

We’ve stood idly by as our nation’s history is taken apart piece by piece. As race is divided against race, gender against gender, class against class, sexual preference against sexual preference, Republican against Democrat. But before the dust has settled from one affront to the body politic, here comes the next volley doled out from the plexiglass perches of the nation’s media, the whores of the Establishment. From CBS Chicago:

A Chicago pastor has asked the Emanuel administration to remove the names of two presidents who owned slaves from parks on the South Side, saying the city should not honor slave owners in black communities.

A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive, at the northwest entrance to Washington Park.

The pastor also said President Andrew Jackson’s name should be removed from nearby Jackson Park, because he also was a slave owner.


Socialists always scrub history before a revolution – the Khmer Rouge famously set the calendar to the year zero

As a former functionary of the mainstream media, I knew when the Confederate statue narrative started what the real aim was. Tearing down the Founding Fathers and therefore the foundation of this constitutional republic. You pick the low-hanging fruit first, before going for the big apples. Make no mistake this is what the Confederate statue narrative is intended to lead to.

Those who think they will benefit from destroying the foundation of this republic are fools. They condemn slavery but are destined to be slaves once again once Socialism descends on the land. It’s total idiocy.

The Founding Fathers were far from perfect, but I ask you – what man is perfect? The reality is the gifts they bestowed on the people of this once free country were unrivaled in human history. And we have almost squandered all of them, lulled into complacency, and put to sleep by generations of institutional brainwashing. To throw those gifts away because of sins of imperfect men will be one of the most colossal blunders of all time.

The media have also been masterful in marginalizing white men as who don’t want their nation’s history scrubbed “raaaaaaaacist” and every other name under the sun. This is ALWAYS what happens before a Socialist revolution. History is destroyed, scapegoats made, and and division ramped up.

We are in so much trouble I almost don’t know where to begin. Except with what I have diligently documented here at TNMM as a watchdog, someone who loves humanity and doesn’t want to see it become nothing more than pawns in profit-making schemes of sociopaths in ivory towers. I knew in my heart of hearts this was coming years ago which is why I became so disgusted by the media and clawed my way out of parroting narratives of Racial Bolshevism and globalism. I will die before I get turned into a slave of the New World Order.

Whereas the Bolshevists of Russia blamed the Kulaks for all the ills of the time, today’s Racial Bolshevists blame whitey.

The jig is up. And I’m not going to be silent very much longer. (This is why I started writing under a pen name. But I may have to come out and start yelling truths soon.) I’ve been pushed about as far as I’m going to be pushed. Our biggest enemy right now is dividing and subdividing ourselves into so many different groups. We all – black, brown, white, yellow, purple, green, gay, straight, bi, fat, skinny, American and non-American alike – all have a common enemy. And that’s the elite and too much power in too few hands, and global totalitarianism via a so-called planned economy.

Thunder rumbles on the horizon, the sky flashes with light, and the wind picks up. It seems a helluva storm is on the way soon.

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Revisiting Challenger: How Long Have Psyops Been Going On?


Doppelgangers for all but one of the Challenger crew exist – many of them with the same names or variations of the same names as the astronauts, now occupying top positions in U.S. business and government

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.

Thus said William Shakespeare, as he wrote of Machiavellian Intelligence half a millenia before the term was even coined. But how long has the American government been spinning propaganda and putting actors on the stage? How deep does the rabbit hole go? Must we begin what was one thought to be preposterous questioning of its agenda, and the information the ministers of government and pro-Establishment American media spin to the world?

Case in point: the Challenger “disaster.” Do a Google search and you’ll quickly find that Snopes says anyone who questions the official story has lost their mind. The “official” accounts are always to be trusted is the subtext. But Snopes was founded by two shady characters, as previously reported by Chateau Heartiste:

Our Snopes story took a darkly humorous turn, when news from America’s foremost paper of record recently surfaced that David Mikkelson divorced his first wife and is accused of embezzling $100K from his company to spend on prostitutes and on his second wife, a chubby ho who is (still!) an escort and a former porn star, (“star” being used loosely here… literally loosely).

It seems Snopes is nothing but yet another front for the Establishment, founded by a fatty and her manlet who tell you not to believe your own eyes or the fact backgrounds can be easily forged. (Google David Mikkelson of Snopes and get a load of that guy.) Undeterred by the Snopes stumbling block, let’s boldly ask the question: Did the Challenger disaster happen as the American government said it did? If so, why do all the “deceased” astronauts have twins who are still alive, and easily locatable using a Google search?

Before getting started, the Internet has been home to so-called “conspiracy theories” (a term coined by the CIA in 1967 to deflect from further introspection into the JFK assassination) since its inception. While it’s true many conspiracy theories are devised by total nuts, and don’t enter the realm of possibility to the rational mind, the fact remains mixing fact with outlandish fiction is a well-known tactic of propagandists and PR flacks to divert would-be truth seekers from their mission. Thus, anyone who questions official stories can be grouped in with the nutcases. It’s a brilliant strategy.

However, what is one to do when there’s concrete evidence to the contrary of “official” government accounts? Claims like these, even with credible evidence, are so far outside the Overton Window to even bring up the possibility of a psyop of this scale immediately places one at risk of being labeled a kook or crazy. But we must not let childish name-calling and irrationality deter us from seeking the truth.

Come along as we venture down the rabbit hole once again with Alice. We shall not be afraid to seek the truth, wherever it may lead, and how many ad hominems may be hurled our way.


The aftermath of the Challenger explosion

Why Do Such a Thing?

The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded January 28, 1986. What a horrifying spectacle it was. Especially when one realized there were 7 people on that ship! And a schoolteacher was among them, creating psychological trauma for the millions of schoolchildren who were rooting for her.

There’s little doubt the shuttle blew up, as the scene played out in front of millions on live television. But was the crew, including the much-ballyhooed schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe (the last name is important) on board the shuttle when it blew up? Or was it all a psyop to bring about the end of the Space Shuttle program once it had served its purpose? Let’s play Devil’s Advocate and say the American power structure did pull such a stunt on an admittedly low-IQ public. Why would they do it?

Leading up to the ill-fated day, American media had been playing up the shuttle launch, mainly because a civilian had been chosen to go into space with professional astronauts. Planners of such a psyop, sociopaths as many in the top echelons of politics and business no doubt are, knew the public would be paying close attention. As would millions of American schoolkids.

Having the shuttle blow up in front of millions, with an innocent schoolteacher on board would illustrate that space exploration is much too risky a venture for long-term investment. But, in the meantime dollars could be diverted – and dare we say – laundered by NASA for more nefarious purposes for a generation. Namely, research and development on today’s electronic dog collars slowly choking the mass public’s privacy and freedom of movement. (Note the Space Shuttle program ended after yet another “disaster” in 2003, when the kids in class January 28, 1986 were all grown up, and shortly after the global “War on Terror” had been launched and the usurpation of American sovereignty and freedoms had begun.)

That’s just one plausible motive. A place to start looking for the “why” in this twisted web. Another, simpler motive was for the power brokers in society to curb man’s higher ambitions, turning his focus downward to only the here and now. (Think Maslow’s Hierarchy, and debasing the human mind.) Space exploration captured the hearts and minds of the American public for half a century – just think Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. But now, the world’s richest nation doesn’t even have a manned space program anymore.

We can speculate about motive all day and get nowhere without exhaustive research. But let’s move on to the concrete evidence.

What’s all the more chilling about the Challenger explosion being a hoax is the fact 6 out of the 7 ill-fated astronauts have astonishing lookalikes that are thriving in the highest levels of our society today. In all cases, they have the same or very similar names. They’re the same ages. Have they been hidden in plain sight all along? Let’s examine the purported Challenger doppelgangers to see if the psyop theory makes any sense.


At least one of the “astronauts” has a sense of humor about the incident, as he used this logo for his business

The Doppelgangers


The two Richard Scobees, as discovered by Fellowship of the Minds

We’ll start at the top of the Challenger command structure. It is indeed odd that “deceased” Flight Commander Richard Scobee has a lookalike – with the same name, no less – who runs a PR venture called Cows in Trees. Both Richards have the same high forehead, the crooked and slightly larger left eye, the same ears, and the same nose and chin.

Even more perplexing, the web site of the advertising agency once featured a cow zooming high in the sky, with a rocket attached to its back as it spins out of control. Is the logo of the business a tongue-in-check reference to the Challenger psyop? Maybe it’s a way for Scobee to tell his clients, “If I sold this load of crap (i.e. the Challenger psyop) to a credulous public I can sell ice to an Eskimo! Use my experience in manipulating public perception!” Moreover, how convenient if Scobee segued back into public relations after the incident, a.k.a. manufacturing propaganda! His Linked In profile says he has been working in PR since 1982.


The two Ms. McAuliffes

Up next, Sharon “Christa” McAuliffe, the schoolteacher turned astronaut who seems to have dropped the “Christa” and added an initial as her middle name. How odd that she also has a lookalike! Her “twin” is teaching at Syracuse Law as a professor. A cushy, tenured position. The resemblance is uncanny.

We also find through public domain genealogy research that Sharon “A.” McAuliffe has cozy connections to the American power structure. According to Fellowship of the Minds, law professor Sharon is cousin to governor of Virginia and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe. We all know how trustworthy the DNC is.

What are the odds of finding another Ms. Sharon McAuliffe, who not only has the same name, age and appearance as the dead astronaut but also works in a teaching profession?


The two Michael J. Smiths

Then there’s Michael J. Smith, who, like Richard Scobee didn’t even bother to change his name! The Challenger pilot looks remarkably similar to the University of Wisconsin engineering professor! There’s the same smile, the same hair parting, the same color eyes, the same chiseled features. Both Michaels also have large ears and a smile featuring two big front teeth. What’s more, a public records search indicates both Michael J. Smiths are roughly the same age.

Up next we have Judith Resnick, who also has a doppelganger named Professor Judith Resnick at Yale Law school – home of the infamous secret society Skull and Bones. At Yale, we find a woman who sounds like and even closely resembles the astronaut Judith Resnick, but bearing the countenance of an older lady after 30 years of sand has passed through the hourglass. Watch and listen to this YouTube video sleuthed by those questioning the Challenger narrative. The tone and cadence of the voices of the supposedly two different women are remarkably alike!

Ronald (now Carl) McNair and Ellison Onizuka also have unbelievably similar “twins” still walking the earth. Onizuka works for alcoholic beverage control as a bureaucrat in Hawaii. Both astronauts are still alive and well, it seems. Only Gregory Jarvis is missing in action. Perhaps he decided to stay a little more low-profile than his fellow Challenger astronauts after “retiring” with their one-way rocket ticket to climb the stairway to heaven.

The statistical odds of stunning lookalikes of 6 of the 7 Challenger astronauts all “accidentally” having the same names and all occupying high laurels in society are well…astronomical. Imagine yourself and several of your friends. Imagine there are people out there who have the exact same name and age as you and your friends, who also look like you and your friends. What are the odds of that happening? Even in a nation of 300 million, it’s not bloody likely.

What do you think? Do you think people who discuss this conspiracy theory are nuts? Or do you think there’s solid evidence the American power structure has been playing the public for a mass of fools for at least 30 years? As Mark Twain once famously said:

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.

It does seem the power of lies, told over and over again is well beyond the power of truth telling in our society. Goebbels knew that, which is why the German propaganda machine was the best in the world. Until the American propaganda machine defeated it, and surpassed it.

One thing is certain…trust and government are oxymorons. But if they pulled this off, this means the Deep State, the power structure, whatever you want to call it, knows no depth to which it won’t plunge to manipulate the mass public in shocking and terrifying ways. This was 30 years ago. Imagine what they’ve pulled off since then. When did mass psyops on the public begin? It’s hard to tell. But certainly the art and science of psyops had been perfected by the time of the Challenger incident.

That’s a Red Pill that’s hard to swallow.

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Eye Candy of the Week | August 13, 2017

Who wouldn’t enjoy finding this caramel-complected cutie in their bedroom, posing as she does with hot red lipstick and black lingerie? Many men feel women are sexiest when they’re “A lady in the street and a whore in the bedroom” to use a common expression from Latin America.



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This is the Latin America I Love

Check out this fun music video about getting high on the weekend. You’re liable to see a scene just like this on any random street in parts of Latin America on Saturday night. Or any other night of the week. The great thing about this video by Dominican artist Mozart La Para is that it’s not fake.

Notice what you see that you won’t see in Anglo America. Women who are happy and smiling and not acting superior to men. Everybody getting along. Camaraderie. No social climbing or comparing clothes or plotting to climb the corporate pyramid or careerism. Young people (under age 21 in some cases since the legal drinking age is 18 in saner nations) tossing around bottles of champagne. An electric party scene. Guys clowning around. Thin, pretty women with sweet attitudes. Living for the moment. No YouGoGrrls or feminist posturing.

This is a culture that still functions.

Are people poor in Latin America? Hell yes, some are very poor. But it isn’t the scary, sinister, miserable place Anglo media makes it out to be. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, most Americans are just getting by, there are poor neighborhoods aplenty in every city and every state in this “rich” country, the middle class is being squeezed out of existence, and almost no American’s life matches the glossy image Hollywood broadcasts to the world in which a $100,000 a year income and plenty of leisure time is the “norm.”

The reality is most Americans work long hours and barely get by. So compare the fantasy of what America is to the reality, and you’ll see quite a different picture from the one you see on TV or in a movie. (Are you paying attention, potential immigrants? You’re being sold a false bill of goods!)

This video summarizes so much of what I love about Latin America and why I break my back saving 95% of my income from trucking in America to take abroad with me. Once you’ve been enveloped in the warmth, functionality, and normalcy of an Old World culture, The New World Order Anglo-American Matrix starts to look like a pile of shit by comparison.

I can’t wait to go home. Videos like this keep me motivated and my eye on the ball of what I’m working for.

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Fake Rape Claim + Female Privilege Nearly Destroy Another Man’s Life


Only surveillance video saved Arman Premjee from an Anglobitch’s fake rape claim

Fake rape claims are becoming an epidemic in a YouGoGrrl America. They’ve become a cheap and effective way to gain social notoriety and attention for unscrupulous women, and a revenge tactic par excellence. Still, other women may destroy what they see as Beta males just to feed the female need for drama. Motives aren’t always clear.

But, the simple fact is, women in Anglo America remain free to destroy a man’s life with impunity just by yelling the sexual equivalent of “Fire!” in a theater. There’s little recourse, as men are immediately outed, their identities drug through the mud as suspect sex offenders while women – even when they make up lies – enjoy the cloak a pussy-worshiping culture provides.

One such case is at least receiving a passing glance from the moronic American media, namely the news/gossip magazine Inside Edition, but only because it pits two protected classes against each other: “perfect” women and “perfect” minorities. If it had been a white guy falsely accused of rape, make no mistake this case would never have gotten the national attention it now has. That bit of wisdom comes from from Yours Truly, someone who worked in news for 15 years, and knows how it operates. In any case, let’s examine the following story to find out what it teaches us about both women and this sick culture.

Before delving into the details of this story involving the dangerous duo of fake rape stories plus female privilege, it needs to be said that making up a fake rape story is all it takes to provoke a gynocentric Police State USA to come down hard on men these days. Why women would never make up a false rape charge, goddesses that they are! At least, that’s the totally insane cultural narrative in Anglo America. That’s literally the way the law is written and enforced in this society.

Statistics, however, show that many rape claims turn out to be false. Let’s chalk another one up under the “fake rape claim” column. This time, on the receiving end of the fury of a woman’s scorn is an Indian-American college student. Milo reports:

Arman Premjee, 20, was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old fellow student in her dorm room after meeting her at a nightclub in Los Angeles on April 1. Security footage, however, showed the girl kissing Premjee, leading him out of the nightclub and making sexual gestures towards him.

It seems the unnamed Anglobitch started acting sexual around Premjee almost as soon as she saw him.

Security footage shows the girl pulling Premjee outside the nightclub before making a sexual gesture to a friend, poking a finger through a circle made with her hand, behind his back.

Yeah, we used to do that “fucking” gesture even back in grade school when I was growing up. So, we know what was on the girl’s mind. Premjee told interviewers:

She put her arms around my neck, she started kissing me.

Sluts gonna be sluts. Unfortunately, this one had the kiss of death in mind.

This case is at least one example of a positive outcome spontaneously arising from the negative position of living in a surveillance state. The injustice system could only verify his claims because Premjee and the ho were both caught on video surveillance.

After sexually assaulting Premjee with impunity, she then lured him into her trap, as predatory females tend to do. Milo writes:

Security footage from the college dorm shows the girl signing Premjee in.

So, she dragged him into her lair. He didn’t force his way into her room, or her eager beaver.

(By the way, making the assertion that the ho sexually assaulted Premjee is important, because this narrative turns the tables to expose yet another cultural bias – if Premjee did to the ho what she did to him…grabbing him, kissing him, making obscene gestures, etc. this is how the story would have played out with the altering eye that alters all in American media.)

The anonymous skank then sprung the trap, lying her ass off as women are famous for. Adding fuel to her newly created fire, she plays The Female Victim Card as part of her crooked hand at the poker table.

The girl told detectives that she had no memory of what happened that night but Premjee disagreed that she couldn’t consent.

Premjee fired back.

She knew what she was doing. She was able to stand on her own two feet. She led the way.

Only surveillance video and the girl’s brazenness saved Premjee’s ass. Also, the previous plot twist lets us know there’s yet another double standard when it comes to sex in Anglo America – a woman can be too drunk to consent to sex, but a man cannot!

The good news is a judge saw through the treachery of this girl after seeing the way she acted in public and on video. The judge in the case said:

I believe there was consent. There is a very strong indication that the alleged victim in this case was the initiator.

The case was dismissed. Still, Premjee could be thrown out of college over the incident.

And the malicious Miss still walks free. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, Inside Edition blotted out the girl’s face in their news report to “protect” the identity of a woman who nearly destroyed a man’s life, reputation, future, and freedom based on a tissue of lies. This is how deep female pedestalization runs in Anglo America.

The stunning act of making a premeditated false rape claim, and lying about it from start to finish proves many of the narratives we discuss in the manosphere about women to be absolutely correct, especially Schopenhauer’s postulations on female dissimulation.

Fake rape claims are far from unusual. There’s also the tragic case of NFL player Brian Banks, who’s life was nearly destroyed by some bitch screaming rape, with her accusations landing him in prison for 5 years before she finally admitted – on Facebook of all places – she made the whole thing up. That’s just one example. There are many others.

What will be done about women being exposed for the lying, deceitful, malevolent individuals many of them are? Nothing. This dying culture still has blinders on. It offers no end to the scorn heaped upon men, sex, and masculinity, but when women are doing dirty deeds, the legal system and the mass public look the other way.

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