Real Objectification: Men Are Nothing But Utilities in Womens’ Eyes


Women are objectified for their sexuality because they bring little other value to the table for a man in Anglo culture

Women often complain about being seen as nothing but sex objects in men’s eyes. What few people realize is men are nothing but utility objects in women’s eyes.

As a man, you are not a human being in a woman’s eyes as much as you are a utility to be used for her convenience. Women prove this time and time again in their dealings with men. From the time they meet a man until he is disposed of female behavior towards the potential partner can be broken down into three major phases:

  • Meeting Phase: Male is invisible unless he has either more money, higher status, or more power than the female and surrounding male competition, or he shamelessly breaks the rules. Hypergamy is the most powerful force in the universe in the mating world, but bad boys short circuit this wiring.
  • Relationship Phase: Male is tolerated as long as he provides material and/or social benefits to the female. Bad boys are of course, excepted in most circumstances.
  • Disposal Phase: When the male’s resources have been consumed, his social status is downgraded, or the female wishes to “monkey branch” to a higher status male, he is then disposed of. The severity of the disposal depends on how Beta he is. Hardcore Betas will be dealt with most severely by females.

So, this is why men are pushed to become walking, talking utilities by society from a very young age. Men are regularly objectified by women and society in terms of:

  • Income
  • Earning capacity
  • Potential earning capacity
  • Job
  • Popularity (younger age)
  • Social status (older age)
  • Power (48 Shades of Grey)
  • Clothing (clothes make the man!)
  • Height/Looks/Muscles/Baldness

In contrast to what we are led to believe, men are perhaps the most objectified creatures on the planet. We are most often seen as nothing but provider drones for women to take advantage of at their will.

That said, in a society that is functioning properly objectification is really a two-way street as men want women who are young, pretty, fertile, and good in the sack. But women have so manipulated the playing field (they can objectify men, but men can’t objectify them) they now regularly push subpar merchandise on men with no shame and no apology.


Want some action with her? Better have one of the following qualities to bring to the table, utility man

Male Roles in Female Lives

Female objectification of men also extends down to the roles men play in female lives. Analyze any relationship objectively and you’ll find women either use a man to fill one of the following roles in her life, or said man is completely invisible to her.

Stabilizer. Emotional creatures that they are, women often want to have a strong, asshole of a man to stabilize their mood swings and general insanity. The lack of a male stabilizing force in modern Anglo society (fuck you very much feminism) helps one see why women have generally turned into massive train wrecks in modern times. (Three kids from three different baby daddies, tattoos from head to toe, totally out of control lives, etc.)

Resource Provider. There’s the male role everyone knows well – the good old resource provider. As long as his checks clear, she hangs around. These days however, women enjoy having the resources but don’t want the pesky male hanging around, which is why the modern court system has evolved to filch men of their hard-earned money.

The Clown. Yet another male role is that of the entertainer. As The Primal Male so masterfully noted, she is the Queen and he is the jester providing her with amusement. A woman will be drawn like a moth to a flame to a man who is fun or exciting to be around, but once his entertainment value runs out, she gets bored and continues her carousel ride.

Social Status. Just as with handbags and other accessories, women want the best man to show off to their petty friends. As when purchasing a handbag, if she has money for Micheal Kors, that’s what she buys. If she has money for a Gucci or Louis Vuitton she will purchase that handbag. So, with your social status you represent the best she can “purchase” with her SMV and anatomy.

The key to understanding this behavior is whoever or whatever she associates with is only to give her the edge over other girls in her clique, as women are intensely competitive. Just realize, that with social status you are the equivalent of a new handbag in her limbic brain.

Emotional Tampon. Beta orbiters fall into one of two areas. The first is the emotional tampon, listening to her concerns about other men she’s fucking while he faps hoping for some crumbs to fall off the sexual table. This is perhaps the most pathetic of the two Beta orbiting positions, but it’s a close contest.

Friendzone. This is the other area Beta orbiters fall under. He becomes her friend hoping she’ll see what a great person he is and thereby let him visit the tunnel of love. But, this is most often a hopeless venture, and in the rare circumstances a female fucks one of her Beta orbiters it will inevitably turn into an awkward experience, and she’ll quickly dispose of him as both her friend and lover. Don’t become one of these used and abused men for a piece of ass, or as is most often the case, the vanishing mirage of a hope of a piece of ass.

These are only few of the ways women objectify men. Next time you hear a woman complaining she is being objectified because of her sexuality, remind her that men are objectified for our utility.

Some of us are sick and tired of being treated like walking, talking ATM machines and disposable meal tickets, ladies. When we can have that conversation, maybe I’ll be more willing to listen to some of your emotional hamstering about objectification of women. I feel pretty fucking objectified every time I come to the train wreck of a society known as the USA.

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If You’re Going to Use Cocaine, Get Some Viagra


Black girl + Cocaine + Viagra = Ticket to paradise

This crossed my mind this morning as I was doing my daily exercise. Now, I’m no expert on cocaine but I do like to do some blow when I’m fucking a girl who is fun to be around, but only if she likes to do it, too. If it’s with a girl who’s not into having occasional fun with powder, normal sex is just fine. I never force them because I can’t stand awkward sex and awkward looks afterwards.

But I must say, there is nothing quite like fucking when you’re high on cocaine. It doesn’t take much, as nobody wants to become an addict. One small bag usually does me and the girl I’m with the entire night if it’s a good batch and not cut with cheap shit.

What’s it like? When using some of the White Lady I find that I am in a state of euphoria for 30 minutes up to an hour. It’s really quite a sensation, especially if I am pumping a hot brown or black girl underneath me, or she’s on top of me, or sitting on my face. (Any regular here at this hangout will know those are my favorite two kinds of ladies.)

The experience is like a total release of inhibition as you become one with the hot piece of ass you just brought home. It really is other worldly. Now I know why “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” said “Cocaine is a helluva drug.” It really is.

There is one problem though. Cocaine makes my penis lazy. It doesn’t want to get stiff no matter how much coaxing the girl does. This has happened to me several times and I hear horror stories confirming this is a common problem with other men. So, I’ve learned that when using powder I have to balance the fun and sexy times equation with one 50 mg (100 mg is even better) tablet of Viagra.

Abroad, getting Viagra is no problem as it is readily available over the counter in many countries. In countries I’ve been to, it sells for $1 a pill. Then, it’s party on. No such luck in the police state known as America. Got to have a doctor’s prescription, and it’s pricey. But, it’s worth it for the occasional twosome or threesome when there’s blow involved.

Some of the best sex I had in my entire life has been when enjoying a mild high on the cocaine with some girl I just met.

My only question was, when it comes to cocaine why is this stuff even illegal? Disclaimer: I am NOT advising ANYONE to use cocaine, just telling you about my personal experience. So, you scuzzball lawyers go find someone else to sue.

For me, coke and a ho are so exciting the combo is definitely something I’ll be doing again soon with one of the regulars in my harem. Just hearing her go “mmmm…ufff….mmmm” as she slipped my penis inside her while we were both coked up was a powerful enough experience I will likely remember the first time it happened on my death bed. What made it even better is it is a girl who had been wanting to screw me for 6 months. (I had met her before…long story…)

It was that good. I just have to remember the blue pill every time I do a couple of rails.

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Cancer Center Founder’s Wife Demands $400k a Month in Divorce Case


Is THAT woman worth $400,000 a month for the rest of your life? I bang better looking chicks than her every day of my life

As often shouted from the rooftops here at your advocate for masculinity, marriage has been reduced to a sophisticated game of prostitution in Anglo America. If you ever doubt that, the old maxim watch what women do, not what they say applies. When is the last time you saw a Strong, Independent Woman™ turn down a large divorce settlement and refuse to turn her ex-husband into an economic slave because she Don’t Need a Man™ and wants to maintain her lifestyle on her own?

Not going to happen, don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

In the latest high-profile demonstration of the oddities and evils of the American family court system and the shameless, predatory nature of Anglo women, Richard Stephenson, founder of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and his ex-ho Alicia are duking it out in court and she is apparently salivating in anticipation of a VERY big payday.


$400k a month for that? What the actual hell?! Jesus! I could be having eightsomes with hot 20 year olds at cocaine parties for a fraction of the price

In the case, Alica’s lawyer stated she lived in a celebrity lifestyle with the man of her dreams. Even better, by virtue of her having Nature’s Credit Card i.e. a vagina she is entitled to live that lifestyle for the rest of her life at Mr. Stephenson’s expense. (My wording, not the lawyer’s wording.)

She is seeking $400,000 a month to maintain her lifestyle.

Now, a few of issues arise here. First, why the fuck would any sane man want to get married in a male-hating society in which women really believe they are entitled to money because they provided sexual services in a marriage?

Second, why the fuck would any sane man get married when lawyers are swirling around like vultures ready to help women financially rape men?

Third, would you want to pay that much money for this old battle-axe? I wouldn’t give you $40 a month for her let alone $400,000. I bang better ass that that on a regular basis. Men, ALL WOMEN END UP LOOKING LIKE THIS. No matter how firm and high her tits and ass are when you seal your fate by signing your enslavement agreement/marriage certificate.

The story in the Chicago Tribune serves as a perfect demonstration of the predatory, frigid Anglo female in action. I almost feel like the narrator on National Geographic describing the play by play and explaining how she positions herself to someday financially rape this man.

First, you have your May-December romance.

He was a 51-year-old divorced father of four, an investment banker who had recently started the for-profit hospital network. She was a 26-year-old model and fashion coordinator.

Every white girl wants to be a model these days. Funny, I never heard of this plump strumpet before this court case became public knowledge.

Moving on.

Do you think Alicia was interested in Mr. Stephenson because he was a sterling man of character and she was madly in love? Or was she searching for a meal ticket and male utility value when she attached herself to him and inserted her tentacles?

The couple had one daughter together and traveled the world, flying by private jet among homes in Michigan, Colorado and the Virgin Islands, with staff at each.

Multiple homes. World travel. The modern day equivalent of kitchen slaves. Women like this don’t play around. If the check isn’t big enough and the lifestyle accoutrement not the envy of her pack of female predators, you don’t exist.

But the relationship eventually soured — what precipitated the breakup did not come up in opening statements — and Alicia filed for divorce in 2009, two years after she moved out of the estate.

Translation: She moved in for the kill.

She a Gold Digger

This is a typical performance of the Gold Digger. Find a ripe, plump target (plump from a financial standpoint) then reel him in using your feminine wiles and gifts of what Schopenhauer called dissimulation, hang out long enough to live it up on his dime while crucially sealing his fate by getting him to sign a marriage certificate, then when the novelty of being around him is over, call a lawyer and proceed to extricate the target’s money. That way, you won’t have the displeasure of having to be around him, but you get to keep his money.

At least Stephenson’s attorney David Grund tried a Strong, Independent Woman™ defense in court.

Grund contended Alicia Stephenson, who had a high school diploma and associate’s degree when the couple married, failed to live up to her part of the agreement because she didn’t continue her education so she could be “self-supporting.”

It won’t work. It’s not a question of if Mr. Stephenson will pay, but how much he will pay. The bitch won’t get $400,000 a month if Grund is worth his salt, but she nonetheless probably will never have to work again when it’s all said and done.

And women have the audacity to stay they’re oppressed. ROFLMAO.

Some men never seem to catch on to this tried and true method women use to financially rape men. Whether it’s the girl in the trailer park marrying a guy with a well-paying blue collar job then taking half of everything he owns, or an actress marrying an A-List actor then taking half, this is the female playbook at both the high and low ends of society.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a hooker or a gold-digging hussy, the transaction is always the same between women and Beta males: Pay 4 Play. Yet another example that marriage is nothing more than legalized prostitution in the modern age.

Oh, and just because somebody is rich doesn’t mean they’re not a Beta male idiot. This case reeks of Beta male stench. For $400,000 a month I could have 9s and 10s sitting on my face and wriggling in hourly rotation and multiple baby mamas and multiple homes abroad. Jesus, some men will never get it. No matter how much money they make. All that money for that pale and worn out piece of ass. Idiocy.

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Comment of the Week | October 23, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter Kaminsky wins comment of the week with his comment confirming my bad experience in a white strip club in America wasn’t an anomaly. In response to Stories from the Road: Visiting a White Girl Strip Club he wrote:

Ditto here. I travel and have expatriated many times. I made it a tradition to hit a strip club, alone, the night before I shipped out. I used to love strip clubs. Loved the white girls (then). Really loved nude Asians while in America. Something about that really got me going. Anyway, I’m saying I used to LOVE strip clubs. The last few times I went, it was stupid. One girl (a 6) sat with me unasked and immediately called me ‘mediocre’ right off the bat. I wasn’t rude back to her but I wasn’t enthused at all about talking to her. She got the hint and very sarcastically said, “Well, I’m suuurree the girls will just love you,” then she stormed off. I’m not that bad of a guy. I lift etc but I’m very much the boy next door. Another girl did her set on stage and I was watching her jiggle around as she put her (two) pieces of clothing back on before making her rounds at the tables. She (despite being a stripper) was apparently very offended that I would watch her as she sat there naked. She barked at me. So, no lap dance from her. Another white girl with amazing naturals came up to me. I asked if I could touch them during a lap dance (strict-style NW laws). She agreed but said I couldn’t kiss them because she “didn’t want to spend the whole night being everyone’s mom.” The sullenness and outright hostility was such a turnoff. Those three stories accrued over two or three visits. I can’t remember. I no longer go. Strip clubs from 94-2002 used to be heaven for me. I was a major incel and just watching hot girls asses for 3-4 hours as they walked around was the greatest heaven on earth. ‘Stripper’ used to be synonymous with ‘hot with a great ass’. No longer. The girls were fun and slutty and actually did their jobs back then. Now they ooze feminist indignation while making 1000 bucks a night for sitting down and moving around a little bit. It’s not worth the 70-300 dollars anymore. I no longer get that horny at my age where just getting 3-4 lap dances means that much to me. Not worth it especially since I’m a career expat and get waaaayyy more for that same amount of money by waaaayyy better women, younger, cleaner, waaayyy better bodies. Another thing is that the quality in the US had lowered significantly. Strippers used to have great bodies…because…well, duh….but the last few times was full of 5’s. Only the foreign girls had anything to offer. A strip club habit and poor impulse control is a mistake. A few misguided trips and you will burn through 3 times more cash than a quick jaunt to Guadalajara for the weekend or something.


I would have nuclear negged the ho that called you “mediocre” when she’s the one taking off her clothes for cash. I would have asked her how she got a job there because I didn’t think they hired ugly bitches. But, that’s just me. I don’t give a fuck anymore.

The cost-benefit doesn’t work out when you’ve got man-hating strippers who barely know how to dance and most of them either: have no ass, have no tits, are fat, are ugly, don’t know how to move, or all of the above. You want my cash for basically nothing in return for me except a stiff dick (if I’m lucky because most of you girls are boring as fuck and have no sex appeal) and for you to treat me like nothing but a cash machine you hope to vacuum dry.

Fuck that shit. At least the Latin and black strip clubs I go into leave me wanting to come back again. And that’s when I have to be “slumming” it by coming to America to visit family. I’d rather not be in that fucked up country, anyway.

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Eye Candy of the Week | October 23, 2016

Don’t know about you, but I never get tired of chocolate. Here’s Miss Ksyn, a sexy ebony model who looks simply delicious in all her poses. She can swing by and let me put some cream in that coffee anytime. Here’s our Eye Candy of the Week for October 23, 2016.




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