Eye Candy of the Week | March 26, 2017

Zhou Weitong completes this month’s tour of Asia as she poses in all sorts of alluring positions. She is our Eye Candy of the Week as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.



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Have a Drink: Dark ‘N Stormy


A storm is moving in this weekend

Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail | Relampago’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16StarBW16

Popular with sailors, this cocktail gets its name from its appearance, which is similar to a dark storm cloud overhanging the sea. It uses ginger beer and rum, and is a simple cocktail to throw together once you’ve located the beer. Ginger beer is similar to ginger ale, but ginger beer is stronger and spicier than ginger ale.

Jim Sabataso gives us the history of the drink. There are several accounts of how the Dark ‘n Stormy got its name:

Bermuda, 1860. The Gosling family begins experimenting with rum, as families do. The result is a dark, distinct, full-bodied “old rum,” which would become Gosling’s Black Seal. Elsewhere on the island, the British Royal Navy, satisfied with having conquered the known world, does the next logical thing: they start brewing beer. Ginger beer. It’s unclear why exactly, but one theory suggests it may have had something to do with ginger’s effectiveness in combating seasickness. Another posits that is was an effort to wean sailors off rum.

At around 20 square miles, Bermuda’s not a big place so it wasn’t long before these two beverages ended up in the same glass. According to a legend, the name Dark ‘n’ Stormy was coined by a sailor sometime after WWI who, while enjoying the cocktail, commented that it was the “colour of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under.”

Here’s what you will need to make a Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail:

  • 2 oz. dark rum
  • 4 oz. ginger beer
  • A dash of bitters (if you have them)
  • 1/2 cup ice

Once you have all the ingredients, combine them in a old-fashioned glass. Add ice and stir. That’s it! Ride the storm this weekend with this vintage (and tasty) cocktail.

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5 Music Videos Showcasing the Libertine Latin Lifestyle


Imagine a place in the world where women like men instead of trying to humiliate them

Regular readers may know I have been in Thailand since the 1st of March, and that I will be descending on several other exotic locales this year. As wrap up a month spent in SE Asia chasing sexy girls, eating delicious Thai food, and relaxing on the beach my thoughts now turn to Latin America, a place I love so much.

I just spent what was the best year of my life in the Dominican Republic, and as I soon venture back across the pond from Asia I will be headed back down to the lush Samaná Peninsula before returning to The Anglo-American Matrix to finish up my remaining 4 months of work for the year in my big rig. (I now work 6 months a year to finance my goal of traveling and banging the world.)

As I book my plane ticket and prepare to descend on the Caribbean once again, these hits are never far from my mind. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite music videos from that part of the world. These snapshots of the libertine Latin lifestyle aren’t just PR and fantasy – my life is pretty much like these videos when I’m there.

5. Plan B – Candy

In Latin America, women don’t mind dressing up like candy and prancing around in skimpy clothing to please a man. That’s exactly what we’re treated to in this Puerto Rican hit. Rather than rubbing their sexuality in a man’s face but not sharing any of it with him as is the case in many Western countries (clearly evident in today’s music videos), Latinas are always seen playing along and having a good time with men in music videos like Candy.

In short, they don’t pedestalize themselves.

What’s amazing to me is this wild, sexy world has been going on right under our noses, and yet very few people know about it. I only know about it because I took Spanish in college and my first job in the television news industry was in a bilingual market. Needless to say, seeing what was going on south of the border was my ticket to a completely new life.

Cotton candy panties…mmmm.

4. El Super Nuevo – Cuando Bebo

El Super Nuevo is a Dominican Dembow artist you’re sure to hear in almost every discoteca you visit on the island. This new hit features his harem of sexy Dominicanas in skimpy clothes getting drunk with him as he details “When I drink, I always get crazy and step in it…” Yeah, that details my life when I’m in the DR.

The video is filled with curvy ladies typical of the ones a PUA can find and hook up with virtually any night he goes out.

Just watching how these women act around a man compared to the way female artists in America rub their sexuality in men’s faces while telling them “put a ring on it” if you want to have it is enough to make a man fly away and never come back.

3. Pitbull Ft. Don Miguelo – Como Yo Le Doy

Como Yo Le Doy is oldie but goodie. Literally translated, the lyrics in the song mean “She loves how I give it to her.” There’s some English mixed in with the Spanish here, so even those who don’t know the lengua franca can follow the lyrics.

Once again, as is the case with many Dembow and Reggaeton hits we find the Cuban Pitbull and Dominican Don Miguelo surrounded by a harem of hot Latinas of almost every skin color. Again, for an attractive American guy who can sling some Spanish around and knows how to carry himself like a man this isn’t just a music video fantasy, it can easily be reality.

See why I am proud to call this place home and have a house here?

2. Secreto El Famoso Biberon – Mi Vida es Mia

In Anglo America, motorcycles are considered rolling death traps. Abroad, they’re daily transportation and a good time on the weekends, too boot.

This video from Dominican artist Secreto El Famoso Biberon showcases a typical weekend of motorcycle and dune buggy riding in one of the many lush locales on Hispaniola. Again, notice how the women act in this video. They are having fun with men rather than putting themselves up on a pedestal.

“I do what I want because my life is mine” is the hook in this enjoyable song. I’m so totally with that message, as I work to design an accessible lifestyle plan for other men to follow who want to see what the world buffet of women has to offer.

It’s easy to see in Mi Vida es Mia to there are a helluva lot of good times going on in the DR, and why it was so hard for me to break myself away from the island when I started going there 5 years ago. I could go anywhere in the world, but yet I chose to keep going to the DR. My passport book is full of DR stamps, I have a home there, and plan on starting a business here in the next few years. (P.S. The DR currently has the fastest growing economy in the Western Hemisphere.)

1. De La Ghetto, Arcangel, Ozuna, Anual Aa – La Ocasion

As this hit opens, we see a bunch of guys sitting around, smoking hookah, counting money, and smacking “mami” on the ass. Could you imagine the fire and brimstone that would result if a white guy came out with a music video like this back home? Why it would be seeeexist. Around the Caribbean, this is just another night out.

This is another video that will make you love Latin women, because beyond being beautiful and sexy, they’re accessible to the average man.

I also think a lady who is confident in her sexuality is much sexier than a lady who is embarrassed by her sexuality and tries to be like a man rather than embracing her femininity. Again, take your pick as there are sexy ladies of every skin color available in this video – and in reality.

Meanwhile, In Anglo America…

Contrast this with mainstream music in the States. A video representative of the YouGoGrrl matriarchy is “Dear Future Husband” in which plump tart Meghan Trainor, who apparently needs a personal trainer, makes astronomical expectations of the unfortunate Beta male slave who gets stuck with her and her food bill.

She brags “I never learned to cook” but she obviously learned to eat. Not surprisingly, she has nothing else to offer her “Future Husband” other than a laundry list of demands and what’s sure to be a future of her “getting bored” and ending the marriage with frivorce rape. This is the current state of women in the West.

Guess which kind of women I’d rather be around? I’ll take the chicks dressed up in cotton candy panties rather than the chick that looks like she ate all the cotton candy. And the machine.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little glance into what’s going on down in the Caribbean. I will add these videos revolve around the good time girls. If you want a wife, you can find that, too. But why get married and miss out on all the good times? Why not enjoy a decade or so of decadence and then focus on building your legacy? Especially when many men like us were so deprived of good times in our youth.

I must say learning Spanish was the best life move I ever made. A lot of people think all Latin countries are like Mexico, and I’m here to tell you that’s just not the case. I’ll add I’ve honestly been treated better by Latinos than I get treated by most Americans. Don’t let the media’s negative headlines about this area of the world confuse you.

There is a lot more going on down here than most people realize. Just don’t let too many people in on my little secret, I don’t want them to destroy this place.

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Weekend Reading | March 24, 2017


Here are some of the most politically incorrect, incisive, interesting, or original links from around the web for the weekend of March 24, 2017.


Why I Just Don’t Care About the London Attack

Before you accuse me of being cold, heartless, evil, or a psychopath, understand the point of this post is one akin to the Serenity Prayer.  A very important philosophical epiphany many people never realize, but should as it is vital to their psychological well being and mental health.  It is one of accepting reality and not getting worked up in the world of theory.  And the London attacks, like previous and any future terrorist attacks, are/will continue to make my point until the point in time something is actually done about Islamic terror.  And I strongly suggest you set aside emotions, politics, and even your own sense of self-survival to clearly see and hear the point I’m trying to make.

Desire and Getting the Sex Life You Want

There is a direct correlation between your success with women and your desire for them. Yes, I realize at first glance that’s like saying that water is wet but when you look deeper there is much to this. Alright so for example many guys especially in our modern Western society have problems having the sex life that they want. Now there are literally thousands of reasons for this (porn being a prime one) but one of the biggest ones is that most males do not have enough desire for women. They don’t have enough desire to go out and seduce women.

Unlocking the Man of Action Within

In this series I will be explaining in great detail certain aspects of what it takes to be a true man of action and how to develop these characteristics that lie dormant within yourself.  First lets go over what exactly is a man of action.  Being a man of action encompasses many things.  I use the phrase man of action because it’s more than just being an alpha male or having a warrior mindset.  Being a true man of action is so much more than that.  Those two things are just part of being a man of action.

Woman Fakes Sexual Assault Because…Trump

Look, whether you love or hate Trump, this is insanity. This may be the worst excuse for faking a rape charge I’ve ever heard of. I mean, everyone else in this country who didn’t support Trump simply woke up the next day, went to work or school, and moved on with their lives. You’re going to ruin someone else’s life just because you didn’t get your own way? How does falsely accusing someone of rape help anyone’s situation?

The Myth of the Bitchy Hottie

The Bitchy Hottie is another one of those pervasive sexual market myths that likely has its origins in the seared and stung egos of striver beta males who received polite rejections from hotties and later, reeling from the plugged up poison of their blue ball hallucinations, post hoc rationalized their loss as a victory over a bitch. Genuinely bitchy feminists are also likely candidates for fueling this myth, given that God’s miscreations have an incentive to blaspheme the good nature of Nature’s winning hands.



5G and IoT: Total Technological Control of the Grid Being Rolled Out Fast

5G is being rolled out fast right now, with Verizon testing it out in 11 US cities and ATT also conducting experiments. For those who don’t know, 5G is the latest wireless system that telecommunications companies are trying to implement to service wireless communication. It’s designed to allow faster downloads of more data. It uses the 28, 37 and 39 GHz bands, also known as millimetre wave (mmW) spectrum. 5G, which comes from the term 5th generation, is designed to work in conjunction with what former CIA head David Petraeus called the Internet of Things or IoT. The agenda is to hook every single material thing on the planet, as well as humans themselves, onto a vast planet-wide web where everything and everyone become nodes on the network – connected by microchips which are nano-size and can be inhaled (like smart dust).

Stealing From the Citizenry: How Government Goons Use Civil Asset Forfeiture to Rob Us Blind

In jolly old England, Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. In modern-day America, greedy government goons steal from the innocent to give to the corrupt under court- and legislature-sanctioned schemes called civil asset forfeiture. In fact, according to The Washington Post, “law enforcement took more stuff from people than burglars did.”

NSA Expected to Release “Smoking Gun” Proof Obama Spied on Trump

According to Fox News sources, congressional investigators expect that a potential “smoking gun” from the NSA establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, will be produced to the House Intelligence Committee as early as tomorrow.

Coulter: Trump Following Ryan’s Priorities

“They seem to be Paul Ryan’s priorities and also just the standard GOP corporatist stuff,” Coulter said. “What made Donald Trump stand apart from the crowd … was immigration, trade, infrastructure, building a wall.”

Book of the Week

In recent years, Google’s autonomous cars have logged thousands of miles on American highways and IBM’s Watson trounced the best human Jeopardy! players. Digital technologies―with hardware, software, and networks at their core―will in the near future diagnose diseases more accurately than doctors can, apply enormous data sets to transform retailing, and accomplish many tasks once considered uniquely human.

In The Second Machine Age MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee―two thinkers at the forefront of their field―reveal the forces driving the reinvention of our lives and our economy. As the full impact of digital technologies is felt, we will realize immense bounty in the form of dazzling personal technology, advanced infrastructure, and near-boundless access to the cultural items that enrich our lives.

Amid this bounty will also be wrenching change. Professions of all kinds―from lawyers to truck drivers―will be forever upended. Companies will be forced to transform or die. Recent economic indicators reflect this shift: fewer people are working, and wages are falling even as productivity and profits soar.

Drawing on years of research and up-to-the-minute trends, Brynjolfsson and McAfee identify the best strategies for survival and offer a new path to prosperity. These include revamping education so that it prepares people for the next economy instead of the last one, designing new collaborations that pair brute processing power with human ingenuity, and embracing policies that make sense in a radically transformed landscape.

A fundamentally optimistic book, The Second Machine Age alters how we think about issues of technological, societal, and economic progress.

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What’s Your Evolutionary Strategy


Fight, flight or adaptation: These are the three options for a man who has discovered the toxic cultural stew into which he has been placed

TNMM commenters are ahead of the curve. It’s enjoyable reading the responses from astute gentlemen who bring the Wisdom of the Crowd to this humble publication. In this case, John Smith knocks one out of the park with his observations on why men are going MGTOW even if they’ve never heard of the acronym.

He discusses three evolutionary adaptations men have when it comes to dealing with the Decline of the West.

In a toxic environment all organisms will find a way to survive by fight (if there is a chance to win), adaption (if the toxin is not immediately lethal), or flight (when neither of the first two strategies is feasible). Fighting a winning battle against the toxic gynocracy is impossible, simply career and social suicide in a doomed cause. The toxic stew of the gynocracy in the past was slow death (adaption) whereas now it can be immediately lethal with a Tinder date gone bad, a drunken hook-up morning after regret rape charge, or a misinterpreted Tweet. Flight from the toxic environment is simply a rational choice demanded by self preservation, the ultimate life goal. And that is all MGTOW is.

This both an valid scientific and social commentary.

Fighting is what the traditionalists claim to want to do, even though they do little more to encourage reform other than hurling insults and posting polemics from their cybernetic keyboards.  Adaptation to a matriarchal society of female masters and male slaves is not surprisingly off the table for any man with an intact scrotum. That leaves flight, which is exactly the strategy adopted by the editor of this publication.

Flight is what freedom-seekers the world over have done since time immemorial. The United States was founded by those seeking freedom from an unjust political system. Unfortunately, everything these brave souls ran away from hundreds of years ago has grown back with a vengeance as we once again find ourselves in the clutches of an unjust government.

Incidentally, getting out while the getting is good – with a practical game plan for the average man is also going to be the subject of an upcoming book. I recently floated the idea on social media with a few guy friends and they loved it. The premise is: How to escape a system that has fucked over men so many times, while pursuing a life of leisure, freedom, and hot bitches abroad.

Whether a man goes his own way, or tries in vain to plug the damaged keel of the Titanic even as it takes on water by pushing for a Renaissance of traditional values while society’s downward spiral accelerates, the differences don’t really matter as much as what unites us: knowledge that we are sacrificial lambs for the assembling New World Order agenda of electronically enforced Communism.

The day will come the flight mechanism won’t work anymore. The fight option will be all that’s left. Until then, there are those of us who will be waiting for critical mass while enjoying the limited days we have on this planet the best way we know how: beachside, away from the insanity and toxic cultural stew.

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