Dominate Your Women, Or They’ll Destroy You


Some painful lessons are about to be learned the hard way in the West

Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Or 10,000 words. Or even a library filled with Red Pill knowledge. You know the end is near when women are ready to throw over a cliff their own fathers, sons, male relatives, and the very men who made their cushy lives possible.

Subversive forces in the West have succeeded in lobotomizing from the public consciousness the old lessons about the sexes known since time immemorial, many of which were written down during the Bronze Age. Near the top of the list any wise man should hold this wisdom in high regard: Dominate your women, or they will destroy you.

The Holy Bible portrays women the way it does for a reason. Countless cautionary tales across diverse cultures have been written about men who assume submissive roles in society, including an ancient tale about the Kukeri told in Eastern Europe that was recently made into a very Red Pill music video by Till Lindemann of Rammstein. The video’s plot? Dominate your women. Figuratively crack the whip on them. Or they’ll cut your fucking head off.

Anglobitches are about to cut their men’s heads off as they not only refuse to bear their children in numbers sufficient to maintain the culture but insist on their nations opening the gates to let invaders assume the reigns of control.

Stupid, fat, sports worshiping, pickup driving, masturbating white guys have brought about their own demise by absconding to the Anglobitch. As someone who has had experience with women around the nation and around the world, I can assure you white women have ice running through their veins. Eons of evolution in cold climates in which having less than the best mate meant starvation or conquest from marauding neighbors turned her into a superpredator amongst already predatory females.

It’s natural that when her men allowed themselves to become pariahs, rejects, and disrespected, financially exploited losers in their own lands she not only abandoned them, she is demanding they be destroyed by other wolves. (The reference comes from the Father of Psychology himself. Freud knew well man hunts man, just like a pack of wolves.)

Failing a 180-degree turn in the course of events now underway, I expect white women will destroy white men within the century if not the next few decades.

Here are the Cliff’s Notes on how it all fell apart. Social engineers were amazingly successful in inverting reality as they took down the pillars that supported the foundation of the West. They convinced Anglo women to become paper pushers and kitchen slaves in pointless jobs – abandoning the most important job of the human species – fostering the next generation. Feminism obliterated one of the most crucial load-bearing walls of Western culture.

The force that shaped white men into entities that would come to dominate the entire world – namely the ruthless Anglobitch and her demands – will also pulverize Anglo men into dust unless they gain the upper hand on this situation, and quickly.

But, I don’t think this generation has it in them. The men now currently inhabiting America and Europe have been carefully stripped of their survival instincts. Namely, by aptly named media, education system, and cultural programmingThe West dies with limp-wristed soy boys, not brawny men. It goes out with a whimper, and not a bang.

The catastrophe theory of evolution first introduced by none other than Oswald Spengler looks more than just plausible, it looks likely. It took little more than a century for women to call for the extermination of men who lost the upper hand in their nation after women’s suffrage was granted.

May future civilizations learn from our devastating mistakes. I sincerely hope I will be proven wrong, but I just feel it in my bones that the time has come for an extinction-level event, and that feminism will have played a crucial role in assisting a ruthless and maniacal elite to bring about a genocide to tighten their grasp over this world.

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Ethnic Cleansing is Underway as The Purge Begins


“Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.” -Heinrich Heine

A Socialist revolution is happening right under the noses of clueless Americans, a once proud people reduced to consumeristic cattle on a human fiat money farm. I believe it will succeed.

A covert revolution has been underway for at least several generations. The revolution is about to become overt. Kicking off the downfall of the republic, Silicon Valley has busied itself silencing libertarian and conservative voices and even denying them banking services.

Blacklists are being created of such thought criminals. Even neutral, free speech oriented services like BitChute have been shut down by the likes of PayPal. Gab has thus far survived a character assassination attempt, but I fear the free speech platform will ultimately succumb to monopolistic thuggery from the usual suspects i.e. Zuckerface, Dorsey, Thiel, et al.

As usual, President Trump (put into office to distract Heritage Americans while their nation is stolen from them) is doing absolutely nothing about it except blowing hot air to heat up the imaginations of his base about a day of reckoning that will never come. Trump screwed Americans on his promise to Build The Wall inasmuch as his fantasy to Lock Her Up never came to pass. Even his NAFTA renegotiation (so-called) still cedes American sovereignty in its details. (Once demographics have reached a tipping point and Democrats have a lock on electoral power or supersize their election stealing schemes, expect a North American Union – one of the “kingdoms” of the unelected New World Order.) Trump is also running the national debt up at a remarkable pace, apparently unnoticed by supposed fiscal conservatives.

Trump’s coup de grace will come as the economic system is plunged into chaos in much the same manner as the engineered theft of the treasury that took place in 2008. Those destroying freedom spin many plates, and there are stories everywhere about an economic collapse on the horizon. Those stories aren’t a coincidence. Once the farce of an American economy is “collapsed” Trump will no doubt be ushered out of office in 2020.

My money is on the Verichip or so-called “Mark of the Beast” being forcibly introduced after the next financial crisis. A long-term agenda of the elite is to get every human on the planet “chipped” then tie all money, personal identity, and social scoring to microchips that will be placed in the right hand or forehead.

Trump’s betrayals are merely the beginnings of ethnic cleansing and a purge of opposition to The American Socialist Revolution currently underway. Romanticist movement poet Heinrich Heine knew the score even in the days when the American republic was a fledgling experiment:

Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.

What are conservatives doing about digital book burning? Mewing and hemming and hawing. “They can’t do that to us. It’s illegal. It’s immoral.” In case you haven’t noticed, idiots, the left doesn’t play by the rules.

Worse, even as the Establishment forbids you from having an opinion that differs from the Marxist world view, other agents of the left are busy stealing an election in Florida with ballot boxes that pop up days after the election in Avis rental cars of all places. Alternative media is also breaking a story about ballots illegally handed out to felons by leftist lawyers working for Democrats the day after the election.

Once again, libertarians and conservatives assume submissive roles, voice their outrage like whiny bitches then bend over the barrel for the next anal assault. They seemingly never realize they’re continuously ceding ground to the left, day after day, month after month, year after year. The masses seemingly always only see the scandals placed right in front of them, and never the big picture.

Stealing the election is much more than about restoring the left’s power. Because once the left has power, the migrant “caravan” of invaders being sent north will be only the first volley in a massive wave of population replacement that’s no doubt coming when open borders are declared. Senator Charles Schumer is already setting the Democrat power base up for their next narrative, saying all votes should be counted. Of course, the implied narrative is all votes should be counted whether they were placed legally – by American citizens – or not.

Once Democrats reign supreme at the ballot box, expect the mass hysteria being whipped up by the media to be kicked into overdrive. The left has been busy for decades dehumanizing whites. The next step will be to commit genocide against them if the history of socialist revolutions is any guide. A common thread of all such revolutions is this: A group of people is scapegoated for all the ills of society and then targeted for elimination.

Unfortunately, most people are idiots and I can see how brainwashed they are by corporate media each time I step out into the American populace. The problem is the gullibility of the idiots is dragging those of us who know what’s happening into the abyss with the sheep. It’s stunning, and honestly, horrifying to me to bounce from one culture to another, witness a healthy psychology among people in far off lands then come back to this socially engineered monstrosity of a nation.

In any case, the world is about to see the true face of the left. And it will stand in stark contrast to their messages of “love” and “peace” and “tolerance” they’ve hidden behind for so long. Freud knew the true nature of all men when he wrote:

Homo homini lupus [man is wolf to man]. Who, in the face of all his experience of life and of history, will have the courage to dispute this assertion?

White guys, you’re too weak, you’re too fat, you’re too cucked and now the wolves of the left have surrounded you. They’re about to go in for the kill. Your women abandoned you long ago for a check from Aunt Sam, your posterity was stripped from you, and now you are losing your nation and your future. A predictable outcome of allowing yourself to become a target in your own land.

The smell of death surrounds you. You first lost your women in the cultural dog fight, then your families, then your pride, now your nation and quite possibly your life as you are bled out by the very system you created.

If a valid account of history survives the Orwellian memory holes now being foisted on the populace – this very moment – the beginning of mass censorship, blacklisting, and organized invasions leading up to the ethnic purge of whites from the nation they founded will mark the turning point when America, Inc. began to eclipse the evil of Nazi Germany with a covert genocide.

America began as the great hope of humanity. It ends as the scourge of humanity.

The revolution begins with telling you to shut up or be unpersoned. Then, it progresses to unpersoning you anyway. Go along with the new, totalitarian Socialist technocracy. Or die.

Or, suffer a fate worse than death.

Closing thought: I’ve put a lot of mental energy into trying to figure out if most of the voices we hear from “conservatives” are little more than controlled opposition. I’ve come to believe Alex Jones is part and parcel of a massive disinformation program sometimes referred to as COINTELPRO. He’s the tip of the spear of other disinformation agents (Limbaugh, Hannity, and even Savage) working in high levels of the media and alt-media platforms.

While Jones in particular does deliver many truth bombs, notice how he and other mouthpieces talk conservatives farther and farther into a corner. Only weeks ago Jones was talking about a Red Wave to fire up the great distractor Trump’s base. Now he’s offering vicarious and ineffectual opposition to mass censorship and voter fraud. Jones and others (perhaps even Mark Dice) are put there to make you think they’re fighting the good fight for you so you’ll sit right there and do nothing as the nation is destroyed and the culture is reformatted like a hard drive.

Yes, I believe, it’s that bad. Call this vision “black pill” or whatever the hell you want to call it. I’ll cling to the wisdom that reminds me, “Optimism is cowardice.”

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Letting Go


What to do when you can see the indignities, injustices, and horrors on the horizon that so many others can’t? Live for the day

What to do when slavery is upon you? When life will soon no longer be worth living as electronic micromanagement and mediation of the totality of human existence casts itself upon the land like a plague of locusts?

When everything you say and do is surveilled by a dragnet spanning the globe? When all speech is censored, when it’s a crime to pursue women, when masculinity is illegal, and when social engineers have succeeded in not only brainwashing everyone around you but have turned them against you?

What to do when you can see the indignities, injustices, and horrors on the horizon that so many others can’t?

Live for the day. It’s in Ecclesiastes:

“Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry!”

Isaiah completes the thought:

“Let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die.”

Once again, those Bronze Age writers knocked it out of the park. The message: Enjoy life to the fullest before darkness falls on the world. In our case, before life ceases to be worth living at the hands of corporate-government complex micromanagers driving people like human cattle.

Beyond the excruciating pain of realizing there’s probably nothing that’s going to stop the world from being transformed into a grotesque parody of itself by incessant psychological reprogramming of the masses a la The Anglo American Matrix, the destruction of diverse cultures by Americanization, and the probable extinction of humanity at the hands of elite psychopaths – there’s the precious time a man has left in the interim.

Go out and live life in a hedonistic way. Throw caution to the wind, and don’t plan for a future that’s going to be so fucking miserable to live in you’ll wish you were dead anyway.

You’ve paid off that mortgage just in time for Agenda 21, South Africa style land grabs. Nice job! The matrix thanks you for your servitude. Now, sign over your house and land to the government representative, then move into the overpopulated Human Settlement Area and nobody gets hurt.

Better to live in the now.

That’s what I’ve decided to do. It’s Zero Fucks Given time. I earn just enough money to live out my wildest dreams.

After watching how fatcats not only got away with but profited from and broke the bank when they pulled of 9/11 right under a credulous public’s nose, then robbed the same flag waving ‘Muricans again in 2008, any remorse I had about not paying back the balance on my student loans disappeared. As long as I keep my income low enough, I can dodge them until the system (currently being bankrupted by a Cloward-Piven strategy anyway) writes them off.

Promise a comfortable life, and deliver debt slavery instead. It’s our responsibility to call the bluff.

Why not do lines with hot women? Why not jump out of an airplane? Why not take that camping trip to far off places? Why not have sex with any willing woman you can find? Why not become a layabout, a vagabond, a devil may care asshole?

Ironically, the scent of danger (and the hormones from the other women you’ve been in, I joke with a friend of mine) makes women want you much more than when you were a straight-laced, corporate bitch.

Keep in mind this abrupt course correction is coming from someone who carefully and painstaking planned and sacrificed during the first half of his life only to realize the sophisticated con game he had been placed into. Someone who realized the mainstream media that brainwashed him into becoming a servile man slave was the vortex of evil and not the harbinger of truth he once thought it was. Something he didn’t realize until he was on the other side of the electronic screen.

I’ve been inside the heart of the matrix in other words, what George Carlin called Bullshit Junction or the intersection of media, news, and advertising. Seeing the vapidness of that world and the designs it has to transform people into servile consumers fuels the fire in my soul to live the life that was to be denied me.

The alternative is to go hit “R” at the voting booth like a rat hitting a feeder bar to get a food pellet, then sit on my hands and wait for change that never comes, and reform that only strips what few freedoms I have left from me.

Alan Watts knew what I feel inside:

No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.

And he describes the realization I’ve had – the Eureka moment that propelled me across 48 states and several continents, into flings with well over 100 women, to master riding a motorcycle, to buy that Mustang GT, to jump out of an airplane from 15,000 feet, to live on an island for a year, to sleep alone in the forest with the howls of wolves echoing through the Grand Canyon, and to anticipate so many other avenues that are opening for me after what have been the 3 best years of my life.

The years since leaving my mainstream media job and winging my way through life on a nonstop adventure have been the lightest and brightest of my life. Watts’ sage wisdom has become a part of me:

My goodness don’t you remember when you went first to school and you went to kindergarten and in kindergarten, the idea was to push along so to get into first grade and then push along so that you could get into second-grade, third grade and so on, going up and up?

And then you went to high school and this was a great transition in life and now the pressure is being put on; you must get ahead, you must go up the grades and finally be good enough to get to college. And then when you get to college, you’re still going step by step, step by step, up to the great moment in which you’re ready to go out into the world.

And then when you get out into this famous world… comes… the struggle for success in profession or business and again there seems to be a ladder before you – something for which are reaching all the time.

And then… suddenly when you are about forty or forty-five years old, in the middle life, you wake up one day and say. “Huh? I’ve arrived, and by Joe, I feel pretty much the same as I’ve always felt. In fact I’m not so sure that I don’t feel a little bit cheated.” Because you see you were fooled. You were always living for somewhere where you aren’t.

And while, as I said, it is of tremendous use for us, to be able look ahead in this way and to plan. There is no use planning for a future which when you get to it and it becomes a present, you won’t be there. You’ll be living in some other future which hasn’t yet arrived. And so in this way, one is never able actually to inherit and enjoy the fruits of ones actions.

You can’t live at all… unless you can live fully, now.

This is something I never realized buried in the myopia of Anglo culture. But some exposure to Latin culture and what Watts so brilliantly stated about living now has clicked inside of me.

And I hope you’ll take away the same message as I write like a sine wave about both the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of life as a Red Pilled, MGTOW Ghost on a quest to live a life worth remembering as prospects for the future become dim.

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Make Me a Sammich


Tell her “Make me a sammich” then stand back and be amused

I’ve previously written about how corporate America and social engineers in the corrupt American government have tricked white girls into exchanging one kitchen for another. You see them populating corporate feedbag restaurants around the nation, thinking they’re “empowered” after they abandoned potential husbands and children for minimum wage, thereby breaking the back of Western civilization.

While this is aggravating, one can have fun with the situation as I decided to do at a restaurant in Ohio recently.

“Can I take your order?”

“Yes, I’m going to need you to make me a sammich. A Reuben with a side of fries, and a Coke Zero. Oh, and make it this way…”

Heh. You should have seen the look in that twenty-something’s eyes when I told her to make me a sammich. It was priceless. And, there was nothing she could do about it because that’s her job.

She at first looked peeved, then as her limbic system released a shot of endorphins she actually became flirtatious. Perhaps because so few men dare to call a spade a spade. A kitchen slave is a kitchen slave.

We need an army of men belittling such women for destroying not only their families but their culture in pursuit of corporate bait and switch McJobs, chasing CareerGirl™ and HaveItAll™ fantasies.

Women are sheepish followers, but maybe if enough men remind them they’ve merely switched cushy societal roles as housewives and mothers for shitty GloboWorldCorp jobs, we can effect societal change that flies in the face of the programming of the evil overlords currently running the U.S.

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Programmed Environments and The End of America


The horrifying future continues to come into view

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Thus said William Casey, head of the CIA during the Reagan Administration as the snowball started rolling on the creation of what’s known in these corners of the web as “the matrix” or the alternate reality created by Anglo-American social engineers and promulgated by the now-disgraced mainstream media.

The snowball has turned into an avalanche. Casey’s remarkable statement aptly describes the world of lies, damned lies, and mass disinformation we are now suffering in a dying Western culture.

Big lies like there are no genders, traditional sex roles are bad, sexual intercourse is rape, white men are evil, and the world will be a better place once white people have been removed from it.

The fulfillment of Casey’s statement illustrates why America has become the most evil country in the world in the 21st century, and why its leaders have bunkered themselves behind cleverly crafted legislation in a post-9/11 false flag world that turns resistance to their aims into a crime.

America is attempting to create a totally brainwashed populace, and a programmed environment for them to live in. A world where citizens think the way the ruling class wants them to think, say what the ruling class wants them to say, and act how the ruling class wants them to act. And of course, toil in the tedious jobs created for them while suffocating under a sea of debt and living in a socially atomized culture.

No humanity will exist in that coming world. Only human automatons. The aims of cultural Marxists describe the dystopia best. A world of no husband, no wife, no mother, no father, no brother, no sister, no nation, no gender, no God.

This move towards creating a programmed environment represents the dramatic final conclusion of what Spengler called Faustian machine culture. Western nations, led by the U.S. are attempting to reduce their citizenry to little more than lines of code in a computer program – who think, speak, and act only in ways determined by their social coding.

When psyops don’t work and sizable swaths of the populace don’t succumb to mass mind programming, it’s becoming clear bureaucrats will use force to coerce citizens. Already, those who don’t go along with the plan to displace whites from their homelands and the governments they created are being labeled nasty things by the fake news media. These are the first brush strokes of a totalitarian government now being painted into view.

As Huxley predicted, large numbers of people have already been conditioned to love their slavery. This claim is becoming self-evident as Democrats – the party of big business, the Deep State, and social engineers asserts itself in bolder and bolder fashion with each passing year.

Since Dems prevailed winning back the House, the already divisive, anti-white, anti-American rhetoric the party became infamous for leading up to the election has gotten much worse. Democrats have now gone so far off the deep end they now say white women are “racist” if they support tepid, gelded Republicans. From Breitbart:

The 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump in 2016 bear out “the conventional wisdom that white women would rather choose the racism espoused by the Republican party than join in the moral coalition represented by men of color and other women,” writes Guardian columnist Moira Donegan in an over-the-top essay.

Note the Racial Bolshevism – first detailed almost three years ago here at TNMM – implicit in the Guardian’s statement. Only men of color and other women can have virtue is the hidden narrative of modern leftists.

This is not only an attempt to further drive a wedge between white men and white women. It’s an attempt to turn white men into the 21st century’s new pariahs. Returning to the article:

The reason that no decent, intelligent woman should vote Republican, especially in the present context, is the “sadistic racism that is Donald Trump’s stock and trade” as well as the “peevish, racist cruelty” embraced by his supporters, Ms. Donegan confidently proclaims.

Any rational person knows President Trump is none of those things. But, politicians learned through the public relations industry emotional appeals carry much more weight than rational appeals.

White women need to “break with their historical loyalty to white supremacy and embrace a kinder, more sustainable model for the future,” she states, meaning, of course, a shift to the Democrat party.

Where does that particular narrative end? With the state telling white women they should refuse to marry and procreate with white men? That’s a stunning statement for a mainstream newspaper to be making, and proof positive America is in the midst of a Socialist Revolution foisted on the populace by families like the Rockefellers.

But wait, there’s more.

Newspapers now tell us Germans are also racist because they say they’ve been made into strangers in their own country by mass migration. Propagandists have gotten so far they now equate expecting Germany to consist of ethnic Germans with “right-wing extremism”:

Citing figures which showed that 36 per cent of respondents believe Germany has been “dangerously watered down” by mass migration, researchers at Leipzig warned in a press release: “We are seeing high levels of approval for the attitude that has been considered an ‘entry-level drug’ into right-wing extremism.”

Once again, the scourge of Racial Bolshevism is found in a Western nation. And, any white person who doesn’t self-immolate is a “racist” or “white supremacist”.

Let’s peer through a glass but darkly to see what is on the horizon for the crumbling Western world.

What this over the top rhetoric now passing for mainstream “news” represents is a numbers game. Those who aim to control the entire world know they can topple Western democracies if they can just get rid of those pesky whites who happen to inhabit those nations. Whites can be reduced from a mere 7% of the world’s population today to 0% by 2100 if social engineers keep pushing.

Of course, toppling the governments of America and Western Europe is crucial to any plan for world domination. The elites who fund this sort of mainstream media propaganda and leftist politicians will most likely realize their nefarious aims of destroying the American republic, perhaps as soon as the next presidential election.

Florida is about to flip to blue and stay that way. This will mark the end of any viable opposition to the Democrat party, which continues to radicalize. GOP candidates have been winning by the slimmest of margins in The Sunshine State  and other battleground states but have had their victories rescinded by such spectacles as ballot boxes that magically appear days after the election and other sorts of electoral chicanery.

Both the 2018 Florida senate and gubernatorial races could be decided by electoral fraud, in which Senator Nelson and Gubernatorial Candidate Gillum are openly calling for non-citizens’ (read: illegally cast) votes to be counted. The situation gets worse for conservatives in the next election as convicted felons will be allowed to vote in that election thanks to a referendum that passed this month. That, combined with changing demographics mean Florida will likely shift from being a battleground state to solid blue perhaps as soon as 2020. Texas will follow sometime in the next decade.

No GOP candidate can win the presidency without Florida. That goes double without Texas. Once Democrats have a lock grip on the electorate (as TNMM previously predicted could happen) the remnants of the American republic will be destroyed. That the First and Second Amendments will be nullified is a foregone conclusion as the left has been chipping away at both for years if not decades with cleverly crafted word soup phrases as “hate speech” and “common sense gun control” which are actually moves to both silence the citizenry and render them defenseless against the state.

Worse, any opposition to this New World Order of state-sponsored Socialism will be relentlessly crushed as the vitriolic propaganda now spewing from mainstream media outlets becomes even more toxic. We’ve already seen how the narrative is being cast that white women who don’t abandon white candidates for office are “racist” and how citizens of any Western nation who don’t welcome the displacement from their homelands are “xenophobic” and any other slur leftists can create.

After that comes The Purge. If history is any guide, those who resist will be rounded up and sent to reeducation camps, or worse. And America will proceed to speed up the genocide it is already conducting on its founding population, once and for all proving the evil leftists are capable of even as they preen with pretenses of moral superiority.

President Trump is, if anything complicit in all this. He wasted his first two years in office, not accomplishing anything other than writing up some feel-good executive orders which are easily erasable by his successors and convincing those who might push back against the trap they’re being placed into to live vicariously through him rather than fighting back.

Americans have become mere spectators in their own destruction, truly one for the history books. Rather than marching through the streets as nationalists are doing in Poland, Americans go to work and lick the boot, swing by the drive thru on the way home to order a double cheeseburger, come home and watch TV to see which football team is winning, the Red Team or the Blue Team, then masturbate to porn before falling asleep that night.

What an anticlimactic end to the 1,000 year long arc of Western civilization. Similarly, it appears humanity will follow suit as it goes out with a whimper rather than a bang once the entire world becomes a programmed environment via insidious Americanization. Globalism is really about conquering America and Western Europe first, with other nations of the world falling behind them like dominoes.

I weep for the future of humanity.

P.S. There is one caveat. In my reading of Spengler (whose prophetic writings are a cornerstone of this blog) there are ways out of this calamity. Spengler predicted the following societal trio would arise in a post-democratic Western world:

  • Anti-Intellectualism
  • Second Religiousness
  • Mercenary Armies

These events were expected to coincide with the arrival of a Caesar who would crush the rotten edifice of our democratic republic once and for all. The people, sick to death of being lied to and manipulated by their elected representatives and the “elite” ruling class that comes to rule every democracy would develop a deep disdain for so-called intellectuals – which have become little more than servants of the moneyed class in modern times. The people would also return to religiousness in such a crumbling world, and armies would shift allegiance from the state to the sway of individuals.

We can only hope this is the ultimate outcome of what has become obvious is the largest social engineering and brainwashing experiment conducted by a state in the history of mankind.

If only the Founding Fathers could see what would someday be the end result of their handiwork – a Leviathan government bent on not only micromanaging its citizens’ lives but constructing an artificial reality for them to live in, completely divorced from their biology. Man’s hostility to man, it seems, will never end. When Western man started trusting his government it marked the beginning of his demise.

Truly the stuff of nightmares.

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Back from a Week in Paradise


This humble smartphone photo was the only pic I snapped during my recent 10-day escape to paradise.

I’m currently driving again to save money for my cabin in the woods and to finance my next series of adventures. Driving a truck is the perfect way to ghost and earn money at the same time while suffering the matrix. Most days, I don’t even leave the truck except for coffee, or a humble meal once or twice a week. (I make sandwiches most days in my sleeper.)

While I was in paradise, I remembered what draws me there. It’s not only the great scenic beauty and the women – who like butterfly’s wings have not been touched by social engineers – it’s the sense that there’s a future on this island. I don’t feel there’s any future for me in America, anymore.

I’ll elaborate on it another time, but this country has taken everything from me over the course of my life. It took women away from me by poisoning them with feminism, it took my sister away from me by poisoning her mind with YouGoGrrl-ism and the Don’t Need a Man™ narrative (she soon fell into drug addiction), it took my father away from me by using him as a work horse until he died at age 39 then told me he had White Privilege because he owned a shanty house and eked out a living, it took my career from me by instituting a White Males Need Not Apply policy, it took sexuality and masculinity away from me through pervasive shaming, and it’s taking my hopes for the future away with an emerging totalitarian technocracy.

Within a day of setting foot here, getting some of the good medicine of nature, some caipirinhas + Cuban cigars, and some hot sex all was right in my world again.

Pity I had to come back to this disaster in the making. I hate Anglo America and its infernal machine culture with every fiber of my being.

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Photo: The Goosenecks and Utah Desert


I continue uploading pics from my spring backpacking journey across the American West. This pair is from Goosenecks State Park (not far from Monument Valley) and a free, BLM campsite not far from the Grand Canyon.

I met two Australian campers at this camp site who regaled me with stories about their adventures to Patagonia in South America. My own adventures in South America began last winter with a month long stay in the beautiful coastal city of Cartagena. Who knows where they’ll lead me next?

More to come soon. The posting pace of photo highlights from my journey has slowed a bit because I’ve been somewhat demotivated to post by censorship and by my 70 hour workweek. That said, I just finished a 10-day escape from the matrix that left me refreshed and happy again. Although, it doesn’t take long for the toxicity of this dying culture to bring me down once I return.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the photos. I enjoy posting photographs of my camp sites because some people I meet in real life don’t believe me when I tell them I took a 10,000 mile, 75 day camping adventure on a motorcycle all by myself over the spring. Showing The New Modern Man motorcycle at all these destinations never fails to illicit surprise in these acquaintances.

The past few years – that have led me to Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Asia and 48 out of the 50 states are only the beginning – I hope.

Like this article? Has the blog helped change your life in a positive way? Buy one of my books from The New Modern Man Originals section of the Recommended Reading and Viewing page or buy anything from Amazon using this link. You can also sponsor The New Modern Man or make a donation for as little as $1.

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