3 Dining Experiences Not to Miss in Cartagena, Colombia


Some of the best steaks you’ll ever find, cooking on the grill at Quebracho Parilla Argentina

Colombia has been a real adventure. In fact, one of the best travel experiences I’ve had yet. In addition to world class nightlife, and personal freedom that makes America look like the police state it is (small amounts of cocaine and marijuana have been decriminalized here) Cartagena offers some unforgettable culinary experiences.

From the street vendors who offer tasty meals (like delicious skewers and corn on the cob) for the humble sum of $5 or less, to four and five star restaurants, Cartagena delivers the goods. Rel spent a lot of time exploring the walled city, and tasting the different delights cooking at various establishments.

Here are 3 of Rel’s recommendations for those about to embark on an adventure to the Queen of the Caribbean Coast.


Look for the cow out front at Quebracho

1. Quebracho Parilla Argentina. Quebracho is an Argentinean steakhouse that’s not far from Plaza Santo Domingo inside the walled city. My steak dinner at Quebracho ended up being one of the best meals I’ve had in my life.

I started the evening off with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and some water. Then, came an Entrada/Appetizer that consisted of some delicious chorizo and sauces I could spoon onto the fabulously prepared sausage.

Up next, was my Argentenian steak and mashed potatoes. The steak was prepared right before my eyes on a fiery grill located by the bar. When it came out, it made me realize all the flavor I’ve been missing from corporate chain steakhouses back in the States. From the marinade to the gentle, smoky notes from the grill, the tender and juicy steak made me want to savor every last bite. Similarly, the mashed potatoes were packed with flavor.

I ended up having a tres leches cake (my favorite) for dessert. Quebracho made the cake with passionfruit inside, and to compliment it the pastry came with a complimentary orange flavored liquor shot. Very tasty.

The bill came out to around $60. Reasonable for such a carefully prepared, enjoyable meal. Quite simply, it doesn’t get much better than Quebracho.

Rel’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16Star16


Cuzco is a worthwhile stop in Cartagena

2. Cuzco Cocina Peruana. Another good place to visit inside the walled city is Cuzco Cocina Peruana, featuring cuisine of Peru. While known for its seafood, I opted for steak once again. My plate was the Lomo Saltado. It came with yellow bell peppers, onion, cilantro, and tomato, poured over top seasoned potatoes. And of course, some white rice. Another unforgettable meal. While it was fresh, it wasn’t as hot as I would have expected for a gourmet restaurant. The bill? About $40, including an ample amount of vino.

Rel’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16StarBW16


Those ladies aren’t Anglobitches – they’re light skinned Latinas

3. El Bistro. I first wandered into El Bistro looking for Caipirinhas. While the Caipirinhas are good but not the best you’ll find in Cartagena, the food in El Bistro is what really makes this establishment stand out.

I ended up taking a sexy Venezuelan chica on a date to El Bistro one night. (She was amazing in bed. More on that in another article.) Our salad came with an obviously homemade dressing, and importantly the lettuce was green and fresh. (As were the other ingredients.) It was the first salad I’ve had that included beets – and to my surprise – the beets really made the salad pop.

We both ordered steak, the Lomo fino Cordobés to be exact. Once again I was surprised at how flavorful and delicious it was. I’ve spent far more money at establishments like Ruth’s Chris in the States and enjoyed the meal less. El Bistro also offers paellas and other popular dishes, which I didn’t try. But considering how excellent the salad and steak I had were, no doubt their other dishes will knock a man’s socks off, too.

The bill for 2 at El Bistro came out to about $50.

Rel’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16Star16

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Modern American women are drunk on their own power, as men are crushed under their high heels. Not only do they want to flaunt their sexuality, but they only want to share it with men at the very top of the socioeconomic pyramid. Other men are not even to look at it, let alone make sexual advances towards them. Additionally, Anglobitches want to be able to destroy the few men they do fuck and suck on a whim once they have shared the Golden Vagina with them, in true Predatory Female fashion.

#MeToo was an illustration of this predatory disposition.

This is why women have been known as destroyers of civilization since the Bronze Age (and probably before that – but that’s when their propensities were codified in the foundation of the world’s three major religions).

Above is a photo collage that illustrates the odd “look but don’t touch” nature of sexuality in Anglo culture. The same Hollywood that denounces sexual advances also dresses like this, with legs, thighs, breasts, and buttocks exposed, and in one case, a chick’s vagina literally flapping in the breeze. Rihanna’s nipples and crack are exposed in her dress. Of course, this makes the #Hypocrisy of the #MeToo movement all the more astounding. Why would women dress like this if they’re so averse to sexuality?

It’s as if women want to rub their sex in men’s faces in a sadistic fashion, then deny them the sexual release they both crave and need biologically and psychologically. Only a society that has allowed women carte blanche and totally gelded men will see them behaving in this fashion.

We know sex sells, but why must this culture always tempt with sexuality then stolidly refuse to whet the appetite created by its displays? Quite frankly, it’s just cruel.

And, it won’t be long before a society like this implodes, as the vast majority of men realize they’re to be given no incentives for their participation in society other than a tempting whiff of the Golden Vagina, but never a taste. Women’s natural propensities lead to a society of male slaves for 80% (or more) of the populace, and brief sexual dalliances with the top 20% (or less) of men.

This is where we’re headed. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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Eye Candy of the Week | January 21, 2018



Thin is in, even if it means some women don’t have as much to offer in the cleavage department. This week’s brunette has an exotic countenance, and is dressed for success in her black lingerie. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for January 21, 2018 as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.

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The Need For The Mentorship of Young Men

Disposable dads are the new norm in today’s dystopia

Titanium Vulture is an author, filmmaker, and contributor to The New Modern Man.

Sons need their dads.  Despite what many single independent woman that don’t need no man” moms might say.

I was real lucky.  When my mom left my biological dad we moved to the Bronx from New Jersey.  Around that time I had several “father” figures in my life.

Starting with my step-dad.  He hooked up with my mom after we left NJ and they made my beautiful baby sister.  The princess of princesses!  Although the parents had a rocky relationship, at least HE was around, unlike my biological dad who did not put up much of a fight to be in my life.

Aside from step-pops, I also had two of my uncles living close by…and I spent a lot of time with these younger brothers of mama-eagle.  She would plop me in their laps and put them on baby sitting duty.

So many positive childhood memories involved being around these men and learning things like how to shave, work on a car, and the proper way to hold a New York slice of pizza.  I never thought much of it as a child….I just was hanging out with pop and Tio’s (Spanish for “uncle”).

To this day I still look to these men as mentors and advisors.  As far as I am concerned, I won the damn lottery.

Growing in NYC in the 80’s and 90’s, there were thousands of kids running around the streets without ANY adult supervision.  Many instances I observed the mom leaving the apartment to go work because dad left them, then the older brother or sister had to play parent and watch over the younger siblings.

These were kids raising kids….before that term became synonymous with teen pregnancy.

When kids are unsupervised and BORED they do dumb shit.  Running from roof top to roof top.  Fighting.  Stealing.  Making babies.

In today’s age fathers are repeatedly bullied by the media and population at large.  It has come to my attention that the idea of being a dad is now a bumbling fool who must be rescued by the all knowing super mom.

Meanwhile, young men are going through childhood without positive male figures.  Certainly there are dead beat dads, but a lot of good men are being ripped from their son’s lives by the pro-mom court systems.

I have countless acquaintances that are not allowed to spend time with their sons.  This shit is fucking barbaric!  

I’ve resigned to opt out of marriage already.  And given the state of affairs here in the Matrix, I probably won’t have kids either.  However I still feel a responsibility to pass on my knowledge to the next generation.

Last year, I volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.  It was fun.  I mentored this young man whose dad split up with the mom.  I took him to the movies, fishing and we played video games in my apartment.

He was only 11 at the time, but I managed to nudge a couple of red-pill traits into his mind.  It’s never too early to learn a fundamental truth.

If you’re like me and don’t have hell-spawn of your own….perhaps consider bringing a young man under your wing.  We are fortunate to have survived this long in life and we can take the lessons we’ve learned the hard way and help someone avoid the BS in the first place.

The job of the new generation is to surpass the previous generation…but these young men won’t make it if they don’t get help.  Even if you’re just making youtube videos and sharing it with the world you’re doing more than so many shit-bags in this country can account for!

Consider being a mentor.  Peace and stay focused!

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Dresses for Men: Coming Soon to an Androgynous Anglo America


Men in dresses, the next “trend” promoted by fake news

A culture in rapid decline due to the effects of feminism and its wicked stepsister Socialism is doing its best to blur the lines between and eventually eliminate both of the genders. After all, what could be better for the corporate-government complex than bringing about its ultimate goal of producing interchangeable, sexless worker drones?

Witness this fake news report making the rounds on Yahoo. It reads as if it was written by a bunch of Yahoos:

Why should women get to wear all the pretty dresses? Why can’t men also flounce about in the feathers, lace or fine embroidery if they fancy? These are the questions being posed by the daring young Spanish label, Palomo Spain, whose flamboyant show kicked off the Paris men’s fashion week late Tuesday.

And….here it comes. More top-down Androgyny Agenda dressed up as grass roots social change:

Designer Alejandro Gomez Palomo told AFP he wants nothing less than to “liberate” men from the straitjacket of convention. The 25-year-old is one of a new wave of young designers for whom gender fluidity is not just a fashion statement but a way of being.

Get used to hearing that term. The freshly coined Newspeak phrase “gender fluidity” is the next nefarious term that will be foisted upon the populace by elites with nothing but contempt for those they rule over. Of course, “gender fluidity” is a but a stepping stone along the primrose path to completely eliminating the concept of gender.

Again, we find Rookh Kshatriya’s thesis that culture in Anglo America is driven by gay men fulfilling itself:

Palomo is, nevertheless, the most theatrical and extravagant of a growing wave of designers who are blowing away gender boundaries.


The Androgyny Agenda presses on

The so-called “growing wave of designers” is boilerplate language used to fill space by low-paid, interchangeable “journalists” at fake news organizations.

The term is meant to make it sound as if the wave of feminine menswear in fashion is inevitable, when in fact this “trend” is being manufactured out of whole cloth by social engineers working for the Deep State and other nefarious forces in the U.S. socioeconomic hierarchy.

The evil Anglo-American power structure wants to either turn men into homosexuals or limp-wristed, metrosexual soy boys. Putting men into dresses is an idea that once would have sounded beyond the pale, but now it seems disgustingly plausible to those of us who don’t want to lose an important part of our biology and humanity – our gender identity.

Notice how Palomo tries to make cross dressing sound perfectly legitimate for the masses, no doubt at the behest of his masters who gave him center stage to do their bidding:

“It is just a way of giving guys who might want to, the possibility to wear really sophisticated materials, and certain shapes and silhouettes that used to be associated with women’s wardrobes,” he told AFP before making his Paris debut.

Well, Palomo and fake news, it will be a frigid day in hell before you subject some men to your newly imposed cultural norms. The only dress I want to see is a skimpy one on a hot bitch with a big ass and big tits.

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Looking for Love


Women fake love to get what they want from men

As I sit around my hotel room and reminisce about my notch count which now sits somewhere between 150 and 200 women, and having gone through a dozen or so hotties (and a couple of ugly but fuckables) in the past few weeks I’ve come to realize much of the reason I become a cad was the fact I wanted one, just one woman to love me. I have yet to find that.

Being nice doesn’t help, it makes it worse. In fact, the more of a jerk I am the more women want to stay around until they solve the mystery of what makes me a jerk.

But, knowing what I now know about women I just don’t think it’s possible for them to love men the way we love them. Many if not most are adept at faking emotion, and faking love, but by virtue of having been through so many of them my senses have become keen. I can now see through each and every female facade that used to trick me.

Women can love what a man represents, his social status, finances, and power, but never the man himself because if he loses those things he ceases to exist in a woman’s eyes.

This is precisely what makes the equal pay myth, female “empowerment” and the diminishment of men in Anglo America so evil. Without holding something for women to reach upwards to, men cease to exist in the eyes of women. For they will never reach down to lift us up the way we have done for them since time immemorial. Men built the entire world for women, and our thanks will be repaid with women taking over the levers of control of the world we built and casting men into lives of abject bondage once feminism and its evil stepsister Socialism become the de facto social order.

Women have never loved men. And they never will. They only feign love to get what they want until the Hedonic Treadmill can’t spin any faster. Then, they treat men as the slaves and utility objects they’ve always seen us as.

Only a fool expects love from a woman.

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Bukowski on Women

Bukowski House

Charles Bukowski knew the inconvenient truths now discussed in the manosphere

Known for his gritty realism, Charles Bukowski told the truth about women before telling the truth about them was cool. An excellent illustration of his grasp on the behavior of women came in this famous video clip of an argument he had with a whorish Anglobitch he was dating and then later married. (Unfortunately. My guess is she manipulated him into marriage so she could extract his fortune after his death.)

The Buck had this interchange with the skank in front of cameras interviewing him for Italian television. He was pissed about her staying out whoring around every night, and the simmering tension eventually boiled over. It ends with him kicking her off the couch. It’s a golden moment illustrating the reality of male/female relations in that we get to see both a Realtalk author giving us the play by play of Anglobitch behavior while watching her maneuver to manipulate the argument to her advantage.

It resonates with me because as a former good guy turned ZFG world roaming naughty nomad, I feel Bukoswki is absolutely right with everything he says. The truth comes flowing from Bukowski in the first paragraph out of his mouth:

BUKOWSKI: I’ve always been used because I’m a good guy. Women when they meet me, they say, “I can use this son of a bitch. I can push him around, he’s an easy going guy.” So they do it. But you know finally I get to resent it a bit.

This is exactly how women behave towards nice guys. It rises to a self-evident truth. As soon as he drops a truth bomb in her face, immediately her attempt at manipulation begins:

ANGLOBITCH: What do you resent?

BUKOWSKI: Just being pushed.


BUKOWSKI: Yeah. Just being pushed.

ANGLOBITCH: Why do you let yourself be pushed by this kind of shit, you idiot? Why do you allow yourself to be pushed by this sort of thing?

Notice the dissimulation here. She’s both denying she’s pushing him around (when that’s exactly what she’s doing) and conducting a shit test at the same time.

BUKOWSKI: I’ve told you a thousand times to leave, you won’t leave. I told you I’m going to get an attorney to get you to leave.

Women constantly change the subject to play cat and mouse during arguments. Consider it the equivalent of a squid squirting ink into the water to confuse its prey.

ANGLOBITCH: Now wait, that doesn’t have anything to do with it. Why do you continually allow yourself to be pushed?

BUKOWSKI: Because I’m kind hearted. I give the other person another chance.

Women love manipulating nice guys who have a fat wallet. They’re easy marks for The Predatory Female. But Bukowski was onto her game.


BUKOWSKI: Mmm hmm. I’ve given you dozens of chances, but you keep pushing and pushing. And you keep laughing at me. That’s why I’m gonna tell you, I’m getting an attorney and I’m getting your ass moved out of here. She thinks I don’t have the guts, she thinks I can’t live without her. I can have your ass out of here so bright and so fast with a Jewish attorney, you’re going to feel like your ass is skinned, baby. You think you’re the last women on earth that I can get?

Apparently her behavior, carousing around with different men and staying out until 3 a.m. each morning was something Bukowski was supposed to accept. After all, he was a big Beta Bucks prize after becoming a successful author, but she was still craving her Alpha Fucks. She goes on dissimulating:

ANGLOBITCH: I guess I’ve never thought about it.

BUKOWSKI: Yeah, well, you better start thinking. I’m turning you over to the next.

ANGLOBITCH: The next what?

When women start playing dumb they’re trying to slow down the momentum of the conversation and take control.

BUKOWSKI: The next guy. He can have you. I won’t be the least bit jealous. With your bullshit, all your goddamn staying out every night bullshit. I don’t need the kind of woman you are.

Indeed, women are, to average kind-hearted good guy opportunistic, parasitic infections. They want your resources but nothing else about you. Bukowski knew it, and he wrote in his book Women:

The male, for all his bravado and exploration, is the loyal one, the one who generally feels love. The female is skilled at betrayal and torture and damnation.

I of course, realized this too late in life to be redeemed. The nearly four decades of abuse from literally hundreds of relationships (me ending most of them) has made caring about women that way I used to irredeemable to me.

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