CNN’s Fake News Narrative Continues to Backfire


The lush Don Lemon, who we’ve reported on in the past here at TNMM couldn’t take the heat so he had to leave CNN’s fake news kitchen

What a gift the mainstream media gave us when it coined the term “fake news” after the election didn’t go the globalists’ way last fall. We now have a term to beat them over their collective, Marxist heads with since they are the purveyors of fake news.

There is nothing faker than the fake news on the failing alphabet channels.

Laughably, CBS has even started branding themselves “Real News” in a desperate ad campaign intended to salvage a modicum of their sullied credibility.

The latest hilarity involving the “fake news” phrase ensued when CNN’s resident lush Don Lemon, a 15-watt bulb at best, the guy who gets drunk and embarrasses himself every New Year’s Eve, got so upset at a panelist for using the network’s term against him in a debate he had to walk off the set.

Check out this interchange that occurred when the network’s sudden interest in White House travel expenses – intended to portray Trump as an out of touch elitist after 8 years of the press ignoring the Obamas’ exorbitance – went over like a lead balloon:

Don Lemon: “Paris, what do you think?”

Paris Dennard: “I think this is fake news. This is not…this is not a news story.”

Don Lemon: “What about it is fake, Paris? Are we going down this road again?”

Paris Dennard: “Yeah we are! The President is not breaking any laws.”

Don Lemon: “…Please stop with that stupid talking point that this is a fake news story!…”

Paris Dennard: “Don this is a fake news story in my opinion….”

This interchange is epic on so many levels. Not only does the drunk Don Lemon get flustered, but it confirms the mainstream media’s attempt at labeling everything but their propaganda as “fake news” has severely backfired.

Of course, the issue of Trump’s expenses as a resident of the White House is obviously a contrived one, no doubt cooked up at one of CNN’s editorial meetings as they sip Starbucks lattes, invent “news” stories out of whole cloth, and watch the ratings of their network sink to new lows.

In effect, the modern media has become a parody of itself, as nobody is buying the shit they’re selling anymore. The talking heads have become a laughingstock, and everyone seems to know it except them as they put on heirs that they’re still credible and respectable. They think people still believe their propaganda and that their voices matter. That’s how out of touch people like Don Lemon are.

Note to CNN and Don Lemon: You all are a fucking joke to those of us living out here in the real world. But by all means, continue to entertain us with your clown show.

There’s nothing that will be worse to media narcissists than someday realizing their trite opinions don’t matter. Keep giving ’em hell.

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Is MGTOW Feminism for Men?


Jack Ronin offers his views on a segment of the manosphere known as MGTOW

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Since the birth of the manosphere and the conglomeration of dissenting voices to newspeak, we have seen several differing strains of thought come up against the zeitgeist.  Today we are going to focus on one of those, MGTOW.

What Is MGTOW?

MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way is a subset group within the manosphere which claims to be all about males regaining their sovereignty.  A brief overview based on the wiki entry is here.


MGTOW use the word “gynocentric” to describe conditions that favor women to the detriment of men, and are opposed to such circumstances. MGTOW believe there is a systemic gynocentric bias against men with some examples being double standards in gender roles, bias against men in family courts, the lack of concern for men falsely accused of rape and lack of consequences for their accusers.

Views on heterosexual relationships

According to columnist Martin Daubney, members of the MGTOW community believe that legal and romantic entanglements with women fail a cost–benefit analysis and risk–benefit analysis. Jeremy Nicholson writing for Psychology Today similarly described MGTOW as men frustrated with the lack of incentives to date who choose to opt out of dating and focus on taking care of themselves. Kay Hymowitz has stated that some self-identified MGTOW express discontent because they see women as hypergamous and manipulative. Business Insider reporter Dylan Love wrote a “fully-realized MGTOW (there are levels to it) is someone who shuns all relationships with women, short-term, long-term, romantic, and otherwise. He eventually shuns society as a whole.” Some MGTOW have many short-term relationships or engage in sex with prostitutes. Celibacy, however, is also an option. A MGTOW that chooses celibacy over relationships is said to be “going monk” and some embrace maintaining their virginity.

While there is a lot I agree with here.  Especially for younger males, this opting out of cultural norms can be very important so they can focus on improving themselves.  The problems which arise when someone fully embraces this ideology, is that ultimately it’s just a form of feminism for men.

As per the quoted text we see that MGTOW eschews all relationships with women and they generally have a vocal disdain for men who practice game or otherwise still want women in their lives.

A Weak Ideology

Taking time for yourself to gain personal strength, knowledge and understanding is very important.  MGTOW goes to the extreme however in insisting that all women are these evil creatures which will cast their magic spells on them at even the slightest interactions.  This mentality views the problem from a powerless and irredeemably weak position.  Indeed the blanket aversion to all women is a surefire recipe to never understand women or how to communicate and have any sort of functioning relationships with them.

Simply blaming women for all that ails them is a piss weak way of handling adversity.  Like the shrieking feminists they claim to hate, MGTOW guys end up behaving exactly like them.

Also ridiculously weak is the allergic reaction some of these types have to any suggestion that they aren’t living up to any of the qualities which make a real man.  Use this wording on some of them and watch the hilarious meltdown they have.  What does this remind anyone of?

You guessed it, the very same childish, infantile reactions sjw’s and their ilk vomit out at any critiques of their beloved narrative.  Feminists loathe the idea that they must change themselves.  I have seen the exact same responses from MGTOW types when I dared to insist that much if not all the problems associated with current female behavior is due largely to weak men themselves.

Who do you think allows women to behave this way?  Who cast their votes to allow the weaker, solipsistic sex the right to vote in their disenfranchisement?  You guessed it.  Males did!


Ultimately, men are responsible for the behavior of women in society

Sack The Fuck Up

Until these types of males accept the responsibility of their own actions and the choices of other males around them in creating an environment for disgusting weakness, I will regard them just like I do feminists.  People who have no accountability to themselves and the world around them.  In other words completely fucking useless and worthless sacks of flesh just waiting for the Reaper’s scythe to avail a bloated earth of inferior creatures.

With the dissemination of game knowledge and learned charisma we all know within the sphere that AWALT.  This does not mean you completely give up on ever associating with them however.  Any man who just runs away from his problems and doesn’t accept the brutal reality of our existence is not someone I would ever want to be around.  Basically I see them as just another female.

Ultimately it’s a loser’s mentality.

To improve one’s lot in life, you must first come to the realization that you indeed are weak.  Running away to cry in a corner is not the answer.  Facing the odds and standing up to the degeneracy is the only way to change things.  If we men do not have the power to change the world around us, then who does?

The MGTOW guy will say, who cares?

That is the problem.  The abject apathy helps no one.  Least of all themselves.  Improve yourself?  Who cares.  Women suck.

For anyone who still possesses the ability to think critically this is a blatant coward’s move.  Something you’d expect from a female.  Instead males with supposedly functioning genitalia are making these assertions.  Just an excuse to opt out of the game and become herbivore men.  Good riddance I say to them all.

Don’t Be A Fucking Cry Baby

We were all put here through no choice of our own.  The strong did not pout and complain.  They brought the elements to heel and the earth itself so that they and their posterity might survive.  Not idle by indifferently while a savage world continues to rain down it’s viciousness without mercy.

Men who do not reproduce and at some point gain a family for themselves are unquestionably a biological and evolutionary FAILURE.

The way forward for men is one of action.  Weaklings and naysayers will always be content to hurl their insults from the sidelines.

Take no thought of them.

After you have conquered your demons, laid waste to your enemies and rose up like the phoenix from the ashes, these same losers will be exactly where they are right now.

On the sidelines whining and complaining about an unfair and unjust world.

Do not be this type of male!

Become an absolute terror to your enemies.  A guiding light and hand of provision to those whom you choose to care for.  Rise up to all these inferior genes and wipe away the detritus from your table.

With cold eyes and a heart of fire rise up to this disgusting culture which loves decay, entropy and biological suicide.  Rise up like a fucking Beast unchained out of the Abyss, a Man.

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The 2017 Relampago America and World Tour

What could be better for the ZFG awakened man than a year of travel, exploration, and debauchery? Since I defected from the gutless mainstream media, I’ve decided to let it all hang out. This year, I plan on saying “Fuck the world” with a couple of different meanings behind the phrase.

Living in the Caribbean as an expat and dissident fleeing Cultural Marxism and a growing tyranny in America was only the beginning. My latest adventures have taken me to Las Vegas and Seattle as I pump and dump America participating in the economy as the equivalent of a migrant worker, saving up enough money to travel the world the second half of this year.

I’m spending the first half of 2017 driving all across America, visiting everything from brothels to strip clubs to SWPL coffee shops and city parks along the way. Already, I’ve reported first hand from the field on such eclectic topics as:

The second half of the year, my tentative schedule takes me to:

  • Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
  • Uganda
  • Colombia
  • Back to the Caribbean

That will be a total of 4 continents this year: Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. And I’m just getting warmed up. Expect to see photos from my adventures (there’s a new Relampago Furioso Flickr account created just for the occasion) and of course interesting stories.

It’s an adventure I’ve dubbed the 2017 Relampago America and World Tour. If you want to help contribute to making my journey even better, I’ve opened up a Patreon account where I hope to raise about $250 monthly to help cover expenses. I am self-financing most of the journey, and may be the only Emmy-award winning newscaster who holds a valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License (license to drive a big rig) in America. More on that angle soon.

As always, your comments and support are appreciated. It doesn’t take much for a man to live on, and a man who is free of the Anglobitch has the ability to live a world-wandering, sexually fulfilled, awesome life.

Come along for the journey right here at TNMM. Hopefully it will inspire other men to walk off the plantation.

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Eye Candy of the Week | February 19, 2017

Hawaiian model Mahina Garcia poses for San Lorenzo Bikinis in these boner-inducing shots from the island chain. She’s a definite hottie, as sweet to look at as the ice cream and donuts she’s modeling with as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.



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