Trucking Offers the Ultimate Minimalist Lifestyle


Many regular readers may know I embarked on a new goal to become a professional truck driver half the year to finance my exciting adventures abroad and my residence in the Caribbean. I’m happy to report the new venture is going well, and especially happy to report it offers a fantastic lifestyle for the minimalist.

I live in the sleeper of my semi 3 weeks, travel the entire United States, then get a week off each month to make a trek out of The Matrix all while saving money for living abroad 6 months to a year or more with each stroke. As long as I keep a clean driving record there will always be a job waiting for me, as this industry has serious shortages of experienced drivers.

When I get pissed off and pissed on by society, I come up with a plan.

I abandoned the talking head industry in 2015 because an industry that hates white males is no place for a white male to be. In its madness, they’re destroying a nation, an economy, and are complicit in genocide. After leaving that filthy business that has such an unjustified high opinion of itself, I spent what was undoubtedly the best year of my entire life on the lush Samaná Peninsula. I built the foundation for this blog and a writing career that’s in progress while I was there.

This area of the world is the exactly opposite of greedy, materialistic, hateful Anglo culture. Warm, welcoming people, a laid back lifestyle, and beautiful, feminine women everywhere. I am truly happy when I’m there. In fact, I can become quite emotional thinking about how it gave me the life I was denied for half a lifetime.

But it must remembered a rolling stone gathers no moss. I love my life in the Caribbean, but I wanted to push myself to explore more of the world. New boundaries. New adventures. Helping lead other men out of the hell they’ve been socially engineered into.

Taking my minimalist philosophy on the road was to be my next adventure. Similar to my minimalist lifestyle abroad, I’m riding up and down the Interstates, highways, and biways of America with nothing more than a WiFi box, a laptop, a tablet, and a carry on bag of clothes.

I don’t eat out the way many truckers do. I pass right by the bread and circuses that lure so many in order to strip them of their cash. My motivation to skip out on these petty entertainments is partly the happiness and freedom I feel abroad and partly my utter contempt for the way I was treated by Anglo society the first half of my life.

All my money is stashed so it can be used to live a much better life outside The Matrix, with an eye on making a permanent exit as quickly as I can. In fact, I live pretty much like a monk when I’m in the States. The MGTOWs definitely have a point when they tell men to ghost. I have no desire to participate in this “culture” in any way except to visit landmarks, pick up the occasional stripper, and go mountain climbing once in a while.

I told you all that to tell you this.

This trucking adventure is a lifestyle many men can adopt to maximize their satisfaction with life. But first, a man must be out of debt before he can do anything outside the sleep-work-spend paradigm that keeps the masses chained to their jobs and their bankers. The evil that is consumer debt must be purged.

The next step is getting rid of all that crap that is tying you down. Throw away, sell, or give away all that junk that keeps you from living the adventures you want to live. Possessions are a prison unto themselves – remember that. They’re selling you chains with credit cards and all the junk you charge on them.

After purging the materialism and consumerism and Anglobitches from your life, you’re then a free man. With the chains off, you are free to do whatever the fuck you want to do with your life. As the minimalists say, why not have a life that’s yours with some occasional work involved rather than being a slave to things?

And, a slave to the world’s worst women. Trust me on that, as someone who has visited nearly every state and every major city in America.

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American Woman Want What’s in Your Wallet Without Giving Anything Back


Transactional sex has become totally one-sided in a gynocentric culture

Let’s cut the bullshit and the pretenses.

Just like other animals, human sexual bartering basically amounts to a sophisticated form of prostitution. Women exchange sex for resources or social status. It’s just that simple.


Nature’s credit card

As detailed in TNMM’s transactional sex article, every woman has her price. And human females are not the only females to exchange sex for resources, the animal kingdom is full of examples from penguin females exchanging sex for rocks to chimp females exchanging sex for meat. Females use their sexuality to get what they want. That’s just the way it is. Except, in Anglo culture and especially in modern times women just want the resources without actually giving men sex.

Strip clubs are a perfect example of this. Unless you know how to game strippers, and most Betas who populate these clubs don’t, the entire business model is based on cheating men out of their hard-earned money. The poor bastards walk away with an erection and blue balls as some chick rubs on them for the length of a song, and she walks away with $20 to $50 or more for 3 minutes of work.

What kind of culture would support a business model like that? Men giving women money to be rubbed on? What?

Only in a sexually repressed, female-worshipping culture would an injustice like this be permitted. I don’t play that game. When I walk in a strip club and they start asking for dances I tell the “dancers” straight up, “No. What do dances do for me? Nothing. I want to find a fuck buddy.” They’re usually stunned that a man will even say a thing like that in this day and age. That line has served me well, as the ones who don’t walk away often end up taking me home with them.

Beyond strip clubs, notice the profiles women make on dating apps. Almost every site features women who say, “I’m not looking for sex.” Then what are you looking for? You’re looking to spend a dumb Beta’s money without giving him anything back, aren’t you?

In short, women financially exploit men in this culture. What’s amazing is that men line up for the privilege of being abused this way. “Oh, I got close to her that time.” And what is sex, after all? Why is it such a big deal in this culture for a man and woman to have intercourse, yet it’s not a big deal for gay men to go through a dozen partners in a coke-filled escapade?

Women control men through sex, or even the promise of sex. Our overlords in the corporate-government complex know this which is why women get such vaunted status in the media and education system. It’s also why men who expect sex are labeled miscreants, deviants and predators. Sexually satisfied men are less likely to spend money like water running through a siv than those who are desperate to get off.

That is, until men wise up to how they’re being exploited.

The only way to beat the game is not to play it. Refuse to become a walking wallet for a women. Tell them with a stone cold attitude that if they can’t give you sex they’re worthless to you. Ghost and refuse to participate in the orgy of materialism and consumerism women have created with their vacuous lives of overspending.

Take the candy away from the baby and watch these women scream.

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Eye Candy of the Week | May 28, 2017

That’s right. Assume the position. Mmmm. Nice. Ah, if only Western women weren’t so crazy in modern times it might be fun to try and keep one around. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.

Sensual woman with perfect slim body posing in lingerie

Sensual beautiful brunette woman posing in sexy lingerie, looking at camera.

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Montana Congressional Candidate Body Slams Mangina Reporter


Montana Congressional candidate Gianforte should never have apologized for this incident

Attention, Marxist New World Order marionettes posing as journalists in the media: Being a corporate slave with a microphone in your hand does not give you the right to trespass into a private meeting, shove your mic stick in someone’s face, then grab him by the wrist (according to some accounts) when he doesn’t answer your setup questions.


The shitlib reporter who whined, “You broke my glasses” as he was taken down by Gianforte

Doing so might result in a body slam when you encounter a real man, not another of the manginas you’re accustomed to dealing with in your daily Office Space tedium.

That’s what happened to a low wage presstitute for the Guardian who tried to push one too many false narratives down Greg Gianforte’s mouth.

Expect to see more incidents like this one in the coming years as the media continue assailing traditional Americans with daily propaganda telling them what to believe and how to live. Some folks are getting quite pissed. When talking doesn’t work, situations often get escalated.

Apparently, the weakling reporter from the Guardian, Ben Jacobs has been attempting to set up Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte by connecting him to the fake news Russia, Russia, Russia narrative for some time.

According to this story in the Amazon Post (formerly known as the Washington Post until Jeff Bezos bought it) Gianforte took it relatively easy on the pushy pipsqueak. It could have been worse. Faux News reporter Alicia Acuna wrote for the Amazon Post:

As the crew was setting up, Gianforte was approached by the Guardian’s Ben Jacobs, who put a voice recorder “to Gianforte’s face and began asking if he had a response to the newly released Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act,” the Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

According to eyewitness accounts, the candidate was in the middle of a private interview which Jacobs barged in on, unwelcomed. I know from over a decade of media experience working alongside lowlifes in high places that reporters swarm like flies on a pile of shit to try and scoop one another over a story, so this isn’t surprising. However, what gives Jacobs the right to trespass?

Anyway, Acuna’s story continues:

“Gianforte told him he would get back to him later. Jacobs persisted with his question. Gianforte told him to talk to his press guy, Shane Scanlon.”

Of course, the badgering reporter didn’t listen. Jacobs is said to have proceeded to grab the Republican’s wrist when the Congressional candidate pushed the recording device away.

“At that point,” she wrote, “Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him.”

Hahaha. Awesome.

I guess the mangina Jacobs didn’t expect that one. I would pay serious money to have seen the look on his face when he was taken down.

Gianforte was later cited for misdemeanor assault. The sheriff’s department said the incident did not meet the state’s statutory definition of felony assault.

In a sane world, there would be no charges and this incident would be laughed off. But since Jacobs whined “You broke my glasses!” into the microphone (there was no video of the incident) and we live in a weak, feminized, litigious society, Gianforte was charged.

Typical media boilerplate continues:

Acuna and her crew “watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, ‘I’m sick and tired of this!’”

“Disbelief.” Oh, heavens! A man acting masculine and taking down a bothersome turd. The horrors!

Indeed, many of us are getting sick and tired of this when it comes to the media thinking they have carte blanche to run over those whose ideology they don’t agree with. The pretenses of objectivity have long passed.

We know which side the media is on. And it’s not on our side. I don’t advocate others doing what Gianforte did. However, I would bet we haven’t seen the last of this as the dam of outrage at the Marxist press begins to break. People have been taking a lot of shit from the left and the media for a long time.

You can only kick a dog so many times before he bites back. Or body slams your ass.

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Why You Should Never Help Women


A bitch in need is no friend indeed

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Unless you are a rapacious refugee just plopped down on the shores of the cucked west looking to score some easy snatch, a man should never do a fucking thing towards helping the women around him.  As men it is a very natural instinct to want to help those you feel are weaker than yourself.  Indeed it is only our biology which kicks in at the sight of a helpless tart fumbling about in vain.  But, as a white man living in the West it is extremely important that you understand.  You must face the hard reality and accept the cold truth of your existence.

Here’s the truth.


Your Women Hate You

Ever since those STUPID FUCKS at the turn of the 20th century gave a bunch of ugly crones the right to vote, men have been losing big time at the game of life and civilization.  Now, why would any person in their right mind grant an equal legal status to grown up children?

Would you allow a 5-year old to have an equal say as you in the matters of your country?  You wouldn’t even allow that in your homes would you?  I sure hope not!

Some have said that feminism and all the rancid garbage that came along with it was simply a giant “shit test” which men fabulously failed at.  Our great grandfathers must have been stark raving mad!  Have you ever wished that you could time travel back to the pinnacle of women’s suffrage and beat the dog shit out of every fucking bitch male who disenfranchised themselves and EVERY generation of their own sons afterwards?

Just give me a bat and a time machine.

Yes, helping women usually means doing so at your own detriment and the defilement of everyone’s future.  All these “Christian” men talking about doing the right thing and making everyone an equalized Fag-O-Tron.  Apparently, our great grandfathers did not read the book they so fervently claimed to believe in.  You know, that book called the Holy Bible.  The book that says women need to shut their fucking mouths?  The book that says a woman is never ever to teach a man anything.  Yea, that book!

The one where it says there is not a SINGLE wise woman on this entire goddamn earth!

Any man with half a brain knows women are solipsistic children and empowering them was at the cost of everyone’s future and even millions of innocent lives murdered at the fickle whims of dish rag whores who loathe the fruit of their own blackened wombs.

Yes, weak males of the West, your women do fucking hate you and I don’t blame them!


“When I think about you, I touch myself,” says the woman who is thinking about an asshole of a man

Get Angry, Get Violent

Most men who have swallowed the Red Pill know some heart crushing truths about women.  They know that women get Slip ‘n Slide wet at the thought of serial killers littering their homes with heads on pikes while tying them up and fucking their brains out.

Anders Breivik was probably not looked at twice by the women of his own country.  Not until he ran out of ammunition splattering the brains of drooling Marxist children across an entire island did the women begin to take notice.  Ever since he indulged in a massive orgy of murder, slaughtering poor and pathetic  “innocent” children, women can’t get enough of this guy!  His prison cell is flooded with letters from young women pleading and confessing their undying love for a COLD BLOODED KILLER.

Wake the fuck up guys.  Stop helping women!

Not only do they hate you for it, they will only keep asking demanding for more.

It will never be enough! 

Not until that little wee wee is chopped off and a swarthy bull stud from a 3rd world monster dump is cuckolding you on camera for an amateur porn site.


Never do nice things for women you want to keep


Realize today that males, even yourselves, your parents, grand parents and nearly every dude around you is a weak bitch.  Accept the cold truth my friends. 

Then get really furiously angry at the deception you have taken as truth.  Stop this very instant being a passive observer in the direction of your life.  It takes aggression to get what you want.  It takes balls and no remorse or apologies.

The wolf devours the sheep.  Can you blame him?  He’s hungry and the stupid sheep just sit there waiting to be ripped apart.  When you help a woman today, you personally ram the butt plug inside your own bitch boy butt. 

You say to the world “Rape me”.   Just like Kurt Cobain.  Smells like Teen Spirit ya’ll.

Realize that everything about the society you live in, the pop culture you suck down like a fat lipped knob slobber exists to humiliate and destroy you.  A woman is going to take everything you give to her and excessively demand more.  She’s got Big Daddy State Corp, Mr. White Knight himself watching her six at all times.  You don’t wanna play ball?  Better get that asshole ready for penetration.

Let’s face it.

You’ve been taking it your entire lives.  Just getting absolutely ram rodded.  Unless you truly desire upheaval within your mind, body and spirit I want you to say “Thank you!”  every time women, the government or anyone viciously hate rapes your punk ass.  It’s just not polite to take a furious pounding without the enthusiastic thanks of an ass freshly fucked.

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