Santo Domingo: Best Seen at Night



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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Relampago’s City Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16StarBW16

  • Nightlife: Very good
  • Chance to score: Very good
  • Beer prices: 100 pesos, or $2
  • Food prices: Pica pollo for $3-5, pizza for $7-8
  • Lodging: From $25/night
  • Things to do besides chase women: Historical tours and Boca Chica beach, just to name two

If you decide to wing your way down to the Dominican Republic, there’s at least a chance you’ll end up flying into the capital city if you aren’t instead headed to overly-Americanized Punta Cana. (Puerto Plata is the other big tourist destination on the island.) Your destination, the modern Las Americas airport is just outside the main hub in Santo Domingo. Taxistas are rather expensive in this town, so word to the wise is learn to use a guagua or take a bus when possible.

Known by the locals as “El Capital” it is a 500-year old colonial city. Santo Domingo was the first European city to be founded in the Americas after Columbus landed on Hispaniola (near Puerto Plata) in 1492. The Zona Colonial is the heart of the history of this Latin American city, and is replete with colonial architecture. A taxi will take you there for the ripoff rate of $40 or so. Catch a ride on a guagua or “minibus” as it’s known by the locals to save your pesos.

Santo Domingo is a city of stark contrasts, contrasts that echo lines such as “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” from Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities. Indeed, in many says Santo Domingo seems to be two cities for the price of one. There’s the affluent side of town, and the struggling side of town. There are 500 year old buildings in the Zona Colonial, and soaring modern offices only miles away. There are street vendors selling clothes, food, and even electronics in the barrios and modern shopping malls. A visitor will often see these stunning contrasts side by side.

A similar contrast is how the city looks during the day versus how it looks at night. Most locals will tell you Santo Domingo is prettier by night, and this author would have to agree with that assessment.



As is the case with the rest of the island, if you find yourself in the right neighborhood, nightlife in the capital is a treat.

Without a doubt, pass by some bars and you’ll hear Bachata and/or Salsa music playing. You’re also likely to see Dominicans (and foreigners who know how to hang) actually dancing rather than standing around looking at each other while making glib, sarcastic comments like in Anglo America. This is a very social culture, which is part of the reason I have fallen in love with this small, island nation. Notice in the video above how much fun the dancers seem to be having, while gringos stand around and watch. (Yours truly gets in on the action. Especially if there’s a pretty morena like her to dance with!)

Part of the charm of El Capital is the fact you’ll see people from all walks of life here. You’re just as likely to see wealthy Dominicans out for a night on the town as you are to see streetwalkers…though few foreigners will know these working girls when they see them. After spending some time in the country, a man learns the difference. As in much of the world outside sexually repressed and shamed Anglo America, ladies of the night are not prohibited from practicing their trade here – nor should they be in a free society.

As someone who is experienced traveling in Latin America, I can have a fabulous night in El Capital on only $50-75. That price of entry includes drinks, dinner, and and other amusement I might come across. Of course, as a well-experienced traveler who is repelled by the prospect of being fleeced by American-style shoppin’ and eatin’ out, I enjoy hanging in places that would make most of my faint of heart countrymen jittery. Those types of travelers will spend more and have less fun so they can feel “safe” when they’re in a place like this. My advice: If you’re going to come here learn the culture and enjoy it. Don’t bring America here and expect everyone to adapt to you.

A word to the wise. Even though Santo Domingo is relatively safe, as is the case in any metro area my advice is don’t be an idiot. You can be robbed or have your valuables snatched if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. That said, I’ve been to El Capital many times and never had any issues.

Overall, Santo Domingo can be a blast as it offers plenty of nightlife, lovely, friendly chicas to socialize with, and affordable prices. Lodging only costs me around 1500 pesos or a little over $30 for a nice room. (Though, I have stayed in rooms for as little as $10-15 a night!) But, my Spanish and negotiating skills get me much more mileage than English-only gringos.

Don’t miss out on El Capital if you’re here!

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Statistical Proof Anglo Culture is Deadly


Census data prove Anglo culture (the most extreme offshoot of Faustian machine culture) is killing its hosts. Red-shaded areas indicate counties where whites are rapidly dying off

If there’s one fact that rings clear since beginning my adventures abroad several years ago, it’s that my instincts telling me something was wrong were correct. Anglo culture is deeply troubled. It is sick. And, it’s statistically deadly. This could be the reason I’ve been thinking, “Please don’t send me back!” since beginning my latest series of adventures abroad.

Anglo culture has become so mechanical and myopic it is literally killing its founding population. This is why legislators and the corporate-government complex have to bring in wave after wave of immigrants to keep machines running and money flowing. Anglos are dying off due to their anti-life, anti-living, anti-sex, technology-obsessed, shopping and eating out-worshiping way of life.

Of course, the fact white women have shunned family since feminism is also a factor as to why whites are vanishing at an ever-increasing rate. But, it goes deeper than that. As TNMM has reported in the past, another symptom of the deadliness of the culture is the fact drug addiction – chemical escape from the madness –  is killing more people annually than the Vietnam War and terrorism combined.

Even the mainstream Daily Mail has picked up on these trends:

While Latino, black and Asian populations continue to grow, soaring death rates among white middle-aged Americans – combined with the fact that white families are having less children – mean certain states are seeing falling Caucasian populations. 

White Americans are also reportedly dying faster thanks to a silent ‘epidemic’ of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning.

Faustian machine culture is killing its creators. German historian and philosopher Oswald Spengler predicted this strange world we find ourselves in nearly a century ago:

All things organic are dying in the grip of organization. An artificial world is permeating and poisoning the natural. Civilization has itself become a machine that does, or tries to do, everything in a mechanical fashion.

The corrupt media and Hollyweird have tricked the world into believing this lifestyle is the most effete, wonderful way of living life ever devised by humanity. When in fact, turning people into rats running in an endless financial wheel, chained to machines and a 70-hour clock – and in which the only outlet for the Freudian id is through consumption –  is killing foreign cultures the Faustian machine ingests almost as fast as it’s killing the host population. Those cultures that are assimilated into the American way of life are doomed to become just as nihilistic, demographically moribund, obese, and spiritually dead as Anglos have become.

Now, that’s a jagged little Red Pill if there ever was one. That said, America (and Western Europe and Australia) enjoy a marvelous quality of life if judging by material standards. But, this materialism comes at the cost of culture and the non-material quality of life. These societies are becoming bereft of culture and spirituality making their sleep-work-spend habits literally deadly.

Enter this crumbling kingdom at your own risk, immigrants.

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How Many Sexual Witch Trials are Fake?


Anglo culture is still having witch trials over 300 years after the tragedy in Salem, Massachusetts

Day in and day out we are treated to sexual assault witch trials of mostly heterosexual, white men in the headlines of the corrupt American media, mouthpieces of the globalist establishment. But how many of these accusations are false? How many men unjustly lost jobs or had their reputations destroyed by female lies?

Roy Moore’s senate candidacy ultimately failed because of made-up allegations first floated by despicable, feminist attorney Gloria Allred even though the primary accuser admitted she forged Moore’s signature in her yearbook. Worse, since the allegations worked, and his accuser suffered no consequences for her actions, we’re likely to see even more made-up sex charges. Trump will be targeted by the mob, make no mistake.

It seems sexual assault witch trials are the latest ploy to totally neutralize men in Anglo America. Did the MSM turn their cameras around at Beverly Nelson and look at her story with a skeptical eye after she admitted she “added notes” to her yearbook? Of course not. Due to rampant gynocentrism in Anglo media, a woman can admit to making false accusations that could destroy a man and still get off scot free.

Unfortunately, this sort of rampant hysteria that destroys innocent people is nothing new to Anglo culture. It has a long history going back to Puritan days. Think of the Salem Witch Trials in rural Massachusetts way back then. Only today, men are the “sorcerers” that have to be “purified” of their evil sexual urges. American Thinker took note of this narrative both TNMM and Anglobitch have long been discussing in an interesting article entitled #MeToo: From Salem to Now. Does this sound familiar?

Salem Village, 1692. Young girls, caught up in the frenzied hysteria of rampant devilry and witchcraft as explanations for the problems plaguing Salem Village, led to the accusation of more than 200 men and women of witchery, leading to the execution of 20 innocent people.

Feminists haven’t literally executed anyone yet, but they have executed quite a few men’s good names and bank accounts. The more things change, the more they stay the same:

Today, it is generally believed that these young women and the later accusers voiced their accusations for attention, personal gain, or to capture a moment of relevance in a popular wave of accusations that were then-thought “brave” by local religious leaders, who were both the media criers and political leaders of their day.

How many women are now “riding the wave” of false sexual assault charges today? Worse, the media are judge, jury and executioner in the current climate. And we all know how trustworthy talking heads in cheap suits scrambling for a sensational scoop are.

Here’s some hard data to consider with the accelerating pace of sexual witch trials in the media: 41% of rape accusations are fake, according to the government’s own National Institutes for Health. But why do women lie? Well, beyond what Schopenhauer knew was the innate talent women have for deception and treachery, NIH says:

These false allegations appear to serve three major functions for the complainants: providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and obtaining sympathy and attention.

Well, well. False sexual allegations result from the same female motivations that led to the Salem Witch Trials. I’m not surprised. Are you?

Here are other studies that serve as a testament to how baseless claims, usually made decades after the supposed “assaults” should be viewed with a skeptical eye. From the comments section of a popular men’s blog:

Other researchers have come up with similar numbers for false rape accusations: Gregory and Lees, 1996: 45%. Jordan, 2004: 41%. Chambers and Millar, 1983: 22.4%, Grace et al., 1992: 24%. McDowell and Hibler, 1985: 27%. Buckley, 1992: 25%. Washington Post, Virginia and Maryland, 1991: 25%. Even the lowest number is TEN TIMES the number of false rape allegations that feminists will admit to.

American Thinker rightly suggests rationality rather than media sensationalism and Puritanism reborn as secular feminism should rule the day. Revisiting the Salem Witch Trials:

Myriad lessons were learned from this horrific event. Chief among these is the realization that there is a distinct problem in weaponizing random accusations of wrongdoing amidst mass hysteria about the rampancy of a peculiar moral evil.  That is, innocent men and women are invariably punished when accusations grow from the passions of a frenzied mob.

Frankly, Anglo culture is entering dangerous territory as Socialist social engineers bring down load-bearing cultural walls, legal precedent, and pillars of cultural wisdom gleaned through centuries of experience, one by one. American Thinker’s conclusion should be one of the culture at large, but it isn’t:

Facts should still be stubborn things, and a dearth of convincing facts should still stubbornly presume innocence.  Accused men or women should still be presumed innocent unless it is proven otherwise.  If we lose our grasp on those simple principles because we excitedly get caught up in the zephyr of popular outrage against leftist targets of similar accusations, we cede centuries’ worth of costly-to-win ideological ground.

The longer feminists get by with destroying men on a whim, the harder it will be to reverse this cultural precedent. Soon, if a woman wants a man’s job all she’ll have to do is get in a room alone with them, then cry wolf. Presto! The dude is tossed out on his ass by HR.

P.S. Note to Anglo men: Get those crazy Anglobitches under control before they burn the totality of your civilization down and turn you into literal geldings.

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Want to Be a Minimalist? Do It Your Damn Self!

Afghanistan AEF 2012

You’re not a real man until you get rust under your fingernails!

Titanium Vulture is an author, filmmaker, and contributor to The New Modern Man.

What’s good gents! I hope you’re not scared of getting your hands dirty.  I’m not! I’m a big fan of finding ways to save money on things that most people complain about overpaying for.  A great example of this is the repair of your car.

I don’t like other men touching my women. I don’t like them touching my car either. There seems to be this air of mystery surrounding automobiles and how they are repaired.   Look, that’s a bunch of hype to separate you from your money.   Here’s what happens whenever I fix my car.

I open shit up….take out the thing that’s broken….grab the new thing…put it in….rinse and repeat.

Although there are more complex tasks that should be delegated to a professional, I am confident that with some research and a delicate hand, you…yes YOU…can accomplish most, if not all, the tasks required to keep your vehicle in good operating condition.

Here in the matrix, it feels as if no one wants to work any more. And when we discuss the importance of minimalism to combat the bullshit of our society, we absolutely must take control of our lives and become more self sustaining.

You have your two hands.

Mow your own lawn.  Build your new pool deck.  Swap out that old ass 5200 rpm hard drive for a super fast SSD.  It’s possible if you do your research.

I think the reason so many people are strapped for cash is that we just don’t do things for ourselves.  It’s like we’re a nation of lords….who refuse to lift a goddamn finger for menial tasks like changing our oil.

If we’re going to take back our lives as men, live a minimalist lifestyle and have the financial prosperity to truly enjoy the good things in life, then we need to roll up our sleeves and put this work in.  It is time for us, as the leaders of the new modern men, to demonstrate that we have the skills and guts to do anything our heart desires.

The next time you’re on the hook for an expense, such as a home repair, car or even your PC.  Consider the option of foregoing the tech support and just popping the hood.  I guarantee, with utmost certainty, you will find you have more talent than you think.

Peace, and stay focused!

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Americans Can’t Vote Their Way to Greatness


Roy Moore goes down in defeat, as globalists win again

By now, you’ve heard that the reddest state in the nation has turned blue, as Democrat Doug Jones defeated MAGA Republican Roy Moore in this year’s special senate election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ seat. While this author loathes Republicrats almost as much as liberals, this loss is a yet another sign the corrupt American political Establishment is re-consolidating its power. Moore’s loss was a dissappointment.

Mooreover, the loss is damning for those who hope to vote their way to greatness rather than acknowledging the deep, festering cultural rot that has allowed America to decline to this point as the root cause of all the problems that lie before them. You can’t vote your way out of a culture. Liberals have been very methodical in reprogramming the mindset of Americans, taking the long approach rather than the short one. Hoping for a steady string of election miracles in the face of this goliath just won’t cut it when there are so many other forces pushing the nation leftward like a raging torrent.

Worse, expect the already vociferous pace of witch trials against heterosexual men to accelerate in the coming months, as this election illustrated Anglo America continues to display Puritan prudishness when it comes to sexuality. The sex allegations ultimately worked against Roy Moore.

The election marks a string of losses for strategist Steve Bannon, mounting losses that threaten to knock the Trump train off its rails. That is, if The Don isn’t a Trojan Horse/controlled opposition to begin with. Yours truly is very jaded when it comes to political machinations in über-corrupt American politics – lessons learned from over a decade inside the belly of the beast known as the MSM. You quickly learn the wisdom of FDR well in this world of smoke and mirrors: that nothing in politics – including the election of a supposed firebrand saviour of the American republic – happens by accident.

Make no mistake, this election was as much about defeating the entrenched GOP Uniparty Establishment (The Gobbler, Mitch McConnell, et. al.) as much as it was about beating an abortion-supporting, California-style liberal in the bastion of conservatism. The election shouldn’t have even been close.

Those hoping for a last minute, Hail Mary play to save Western Civilization over the course of 4 to 8 years apparently had no idea what they were up against. What we have, effectively, and assuming Trump really is the good guy, is one billionaire against a league of billionaires, who buy and sell the American political establishment like the cheap legislative sluts in business suits most of them are.

Here are additional factors that signal stormy skies ahead for those not interested in the grim specter of totalitarian globalism:

  • Demographics are changing: more white people are dying than are being born. This means states are going to trend bluer and bluer with each election. When Texas flips to blue, and it will as Anglos now comprise only 25% or so of the population being born in Texan maternity wards…it’s over at the ballot box as TNMM has reported in the past.
  • Latinos are demographically conquering the nation, including the state of Alabama. (Personally, I say God bless them, as Anglos have been spiritually dead for quite some time. But, this group does vote for globalist candidates.)
  • Weak turnout among lazy, plump white people probably cost Moore the election. Black turnout was very high for this election. Like it or not, politics of racial division work. And Racial Bolshevism has made “whitey” (i.e. non self-loathing whites) the target. Moreover, if whites can’t even bother themselves to go vote, how are they supposed to stop the country from going totally Socialist?
  • The GOP is now declaring all out war on the MAGA movement, as they smell blood in the water because both Bannon and Trump have major egg on their faces, and a string of embarrassing losses of candidates they supported.
  • Sex scandals are still king in a prudish, extremely sexually repressed culture.

Those who orchestrated the destruction of the American republic, population replacement agenda, and the brainwashing of the populace with 50 years of Cultural Marxism are masters at what they do. This is the fundamental problem most Libertarians have: We assume government is ineffectual and isn’t doing what it’s designed to do. Oh, but it is doing exactly what those who want to bring The Great Experiment to a crashing halt want it to do.

This election loss is just another link in the chain towards the globalists’ successful conquest of America, Inc. and the world. I gave up on finding an electoral solution to what ails the nation a long time ago, once I realized what was destroying it was much more than the battle of red states and blue states. I have but one life to live, and I don’t want to waste it fighting a losing battle for a nation that excommunicated me and men like me a long time ago. As Aaron Clarey knows, it’s best at this point in time to Enjoy the Decline.

Meantime, I’ll expect the keyboard warriors to do what they do best, spit piss and vinegar in the virtual world, while in the real world they remain too fucking lazy to go to the ballot box to actually support the screeds they extol on digital screens. As a result of their laziness, incompetence, and complacency, the reddest state in the nation now has a blue senator going to join the other globalists on Capitol Hill.

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In the Female Mind, Everything is Someone Else’s Fault


Another adventure into the dark and dangerous forest known as the female mind

If you keep a woman around long enough, you’ll begin to notice that every problem she has ever had or currently has in her life is someone else’s fault. Women literally believe they are blameless for their own decisions and should be rendered free of any consequences their shit-poor decisions might cause.

This conundrum is yet another unfortunate reality created by the rationalization hamster. Here are just a few examples of how the causality loop gets reversed when it comes to taking blame:

  • Woman leaves iPhone on the bed where her child can easily get it. The child then proceeds to break the iPhone. She says to her Beta Bucks boyfriend: “Why didn’t you stop the baby from destroying my phone?!” Predictably, she remains totally oblivious to the fact it’s not wise to leave her iPhone where a baby can get his or her hands on it. Of course, Beta Bucks guy will be expected to quickly “fix” the problem by buying her a new iPhone, being sure to not criticize her poor decision-making skills.
  • Woman refuses to put gas in the tank of her car, then gets upset when it won’t start. She calls utility object/boyfriend/husband in for assistance, who quickly discovers the gas tank is drier than the Sahara Desert. “This thing uses too much gas!” is her excuse. It’s the car’s fault she didn’t put gas in it.
  • Woman chooses the YouGoGrrl path in life, only to discover it leaves her bankrupt, barren, and caring for cats in her old age. Why, that must be the patriarchy’s fault her life turned into a mess, rather than the consequence of allowing herself to be led around like a kitten chasing a laser pointer by Marxist social engineers.
  • Women can’t get dates because they blindly start following the #MeToo bandwagon. Why, it’s men’s fault for not “manning up” rather than their own fault for being willing sheep led to slaughter by feminist shepherds, and men are “wrong” for making a rational decision not to tango with hos that can destroy their lives, even decades later, with a single made-up sex charge.

The topic of women rendering themselves blameless isn’t discussed as often as it should be in the manosphere, so inexperienced men can be forewarned of one of the many consequences of dealing with them. However, a bodybuilding forum did broach the subject:

Never in my life have I ever heard a girl even be open to the possibility that they did something wrong. If it ever seems like something was their fault it was because reason x and y MADE them do it.

Yeah, neither have I. It’s always someone else’s fault, or “someone made me do it” type nonsense. Here’s an interesting reply to this thread, proving solipsism runs deep in the female:

My ex told me after an argument once that she would argue with me even though she knew she was wrong just so she wouldn’t have to admit fault. Very childish behavior. This seems to be how a lot of woman act. Even my mother acted like this when i was growing up. It’s a very frustrating and confusing thing to deal with.

And of course, where would any discussion about women be without the “victim mentality” they harbor:

There’s a reason why its called “being a MAN” when u take responsibility for your actions.

We are the natural born leaders of both genders, which means we make the major decisions – and thus if we make mistakes, we are held accountable, not the woman. This is evident anywhere from caveman times to today. Look at the marriages that have lasted over 40+ years…the man is the major decision maker.

I do dislike the overall “victim” mentality, as we are talking about girls who will make themselves feel sorry and others feel sorry for them when they don’t deserve it. This is different from taking responsibility.

It goes without saying it’s very easy for unscrupulous business and G-men to take advantage of women by sympathizing with their perceived “victim” status, then selling them either products or Socialist legislation as a result of this quirk of female psychology. A woman and a television or a woman and a smartphone and a voting booth are a dangerous combination for that reason.

Women’s preference to label themselves eternal victims is so obvious it rises to a self-evident truth. How else does one explain feminism’s effectiveness at turning every woman in Anglo America into a “victim” of the patriarchy, which in reality was a social construct that provided for them, protected them, and created the most prosperous civilization ever seen on planet earth for their benefit?

Incidentally, women are especially evasive with blame when it comes to the topic of infidelity, or providing reasons why their past relationships failed during dinnerviews, when they’re interviewing a potential man slave. Of course, a breakup or infidelity is always her ex’s fault.

Inside the mind of a creature that thinks it is perfect, jumping on another man’s erect penis happened not because she’s a cheating whore, but because one time 2 years ago her loyal boyfriend made some slight against her. (Related: Make no mistake, women keep a running tab of every slip-up or slight you’ve ever made against them running in their mind, usually with time and date stamps to go along with the story.)

So, just know going into any relationshit anything that ever happens will become your fault once your new master twists causality to fit her preconceptions. Or, it will be someone else’s fault, or an inanimate object’s fault. Your “perfect” (in her own mind) girlfriend is incapable of admitting fault, proving Schopenhauer’s thesis right: women represent an intermediate stage between child and man in the human species.

Aristotle also had something to say about this subject: The male, unless constituted in some respect contrary to nature, is by nature more expert at leading than the female. Putting women in charge is a surefire recipe for total disaster.

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Meantime, in Latin America

While Anglo America focuses on trying to scare people away from having sex with constant scandals and witch trials, this Farruko joint is getting regular rotation down in the Caribbean. “She’s a devil…she turns into one in bed.” This sensual slow jam is about making love to a woman that knows what she’s doing in bed and enjoys sex as much as a man does. The video is complete with two lusty women – one light skinned, one dark skinned chick.

That’s the crucial cultural difference between the Americas – women are considered asexual “goddesses” in Anglo America while “dirty” men try to defile these perfect princesses with their sinful urges. In Latin America, women enjoy sensuality as much as men do.

Latin America is the future as far as this author is concerned. Anglo America is dying of its own arrogance, prudishness, and apprehensive approach to living life: sleep-work-spend consumerism, extreme sexual repression and the “pickle yourself” or “wait until retirement to live a little” plan. As if the totality of human existence can be condensed down to a consumer purchase of some cheap, Made In China crap. Culturally, Anglo America really believes that shit.

Who wants to live like that? I don’t when there are other options.

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