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The Ongoing Suicide of America: Leftists and Neocons Move to Annul the Vote


The Land of the Free? Globalists and their media marionettes are moving to annul the vote of tens of millions in service of their agenda

Politics indeed makes for strange bedfellows. Proving they’re hardcore authoritarians to the core, people who absolutely hate and despise White America and working class people – the Marxist left in America/Racial Bolshevists – are now teaming up with Neoconservatives in a desperate attempt to crucify the Whitey, anti-Establishment President they hate so much.

They’re shrieking from their crumbling ivory towers the narrative that Trump’s ascendancy to power is illegitimate in a desperate attempt to debase him. Both factions are also pushing for a new Cold War style conflict with Russia, if not a hot war.

Make no mistake, the Marxist/Neocon/globalist faction, often referred to as the corporate-government complex and the Deep State, are attempting to annul the votes of the “deplorables” who elected him in service of this agenda. In other words, they’re telling Main Street America to shut the fuck up, sit back and don’t question anything we do and accept your new status as third-class citizens in your own country. Dummy up while we destroy the President you elected and start a new war our paymasters can profit from.

Showing how vicious the Left really is when the self-righteous facade they hide behind is revealed, there are already calls from some corners to impeach Trump before he even gets sworn in. Infowars recently reported on the continuing “It’s the Russians!” narrative being promulgated by the military-industrial complex.

A Democratic Congresswoman has called for Donald Trump to be impeached on the grounds that he coined the term ‘crooked Hillary’ in collusion with the Russian government, even suggesting that the Kremlin was feeding Trump such lines to use during his campaign.

The decrepit, even treasonous John McCain is also pushing for conflict with Russia. As reported by Sputnik News in an astute article entitled The Coup Against Trump:

The Rome of our time is Washington, Russia is Carthage, and today’s Cato the Elder is none other than US Senator John McCain, whose quest for conflict with Russia is unbounded. Indeed for Mr. McCain the belief that Russia must be destroyed has been elevated to the status of a self evident and received truth.

McCain recently leaked a false story about Trump (the one stating Trump had sexual escapades with Russian hookers) and has been attempting to debase him even before he was elected to office. McCain has been pushing for conflict with Russia for years, since the nation is one of the only forces that could stop the globalists’ plans for worldwide domination.

Beyond this collusion of interests singing from the same figurative choir sheet proving both sides of the political aisle are nothing but whores for globalists and the corporate-government complex, Neoconservatives have been pushing phantom enemies for generations to allow the military-industrial complex to continue to gorge itself on the tax money supplied by the very people whose vote they’re trying to annul.

This agenda kicked into high gear in the 1970s and 1980s with Neocons turning Russia into much more of a threat than they really were, then as the Berlin Wall fell Neocons shifted to creating a phantom enemy of a worldwide group of terrorists that never really existed. Neocon and globalist attempts to prop this narrative up with fake videos of ISIS and possible false-flag terrorist events conducted on their own citizens is failing.

In short, the people who profit from never-ending war are becoming increasingly desperate to continue the “good vs. evil” narrative. It seems they’re now going back to the tried and true method of villainizing Russia, a nation which in many ways is more democratic than the USA in 2017.

What both the Neocons and the Left don’t seem to grasp is Trump is a man who doesn’t bow to their wailing when they shout racism in service of an agenda of Racial Bolshevism, and Middle America isn’t listening to their commands anymore for them to commit ethnic and economic suicide.

The friction created by the Neocon war mongering combined with the Left’s attempts to cut the legs out from under traditionalists, rural Americans, and conservatives does not bode well for the future of the country, and the rift between the Establishment and the rest of the nation will only grow wider in the coming years and decades.

The saggy-faced Al Sharpton poured fuel on the fire of the anti-Trump agenda with an appearance on MSNBC, in which he echoed John Lewis, civil rights leader turned race racketeer.

There’s no question that the process that elected him was not legitimate.

Sharpton and Co. might as well call Trump a bastard, since shrieking an “illegitimate President” narrative has obvious overtones echoing that term.

Predictable rabble rouser Michael Moore and two washed up actors, Alec Baldwin and Mark Ruffalo, will also be out trying to further silence the Silenced Majority as they protest with other fellow travelers on Inauguration Day.

We are sending a message to Washington that we will fight, at every step, discrimination and harmful policies, today, tomorrow, and every day.

It’s interesting to point out Trump was never labeled a racist until he opposed the globalist agenda. The race-obsessed left creates the very racial problems they claim to oppose by labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with their Marxism a racist.


The military-industrial complex cannot function and cannot profit without perpetual war

A Nation Destroying Itself from Within

Pollsters with the dying, shameless mainstream media are also putting out more fake polls intended to convince us Trump is unpopular, except a cursory look at who they polled shows the numbers are skewed with heavy Democrat sampling biases. Zero Hedge exposed this tactic:

ABC/Washington Post and CNN are out with a pair of polls on Trump’s favorability this morning that sport some of the most egregious “oversamples” we’ve seen.  The ABC/Wapo poll showed an 8-point sampling margin for Democrats with only 23% of the results taken from Republicans.

This is only the beginning of the globalists’ effort to destroy a democratically elected President. Trump hasn’t even entered the Oval Office yet and everyone from the globalists to race racketeers to the disgraced media are seething and looking to draw blood.

Pat Buchanan’s prescient book Suicide of a Superpower warned of the implosion of the nation happening before our very eyes, brought on by the conflict between degenerate leftists, war mongers and everyone else.

There has been a precipitous decline in the character of our people. We are not the people our parents were. We are not even the people we used to be. This is not the country we grew up in. This is a different country. And given where America is headed morally and culturally, we are not far from a day when traditionalist Catholics will be saying, “This isn’t my country anymore.”

Indeed, upon having that very realization among others, including learning that Anglo women’s predatory female tendencies to demonize men, use men as nothing but utilities, then leave them sexless and alone were indulged by Deep State social engineers pushing feminism and the welfare state for 50 years – and that I cannot fix these problems alone but I can fix my own life by leaving this toxic cultural and national stew – pushed me to expatriate.

Other men are going MGTOW and checking out of the economy for lives poolside for the same reasons, whether they realize who destroyed their families and sex lives or not. The same factions are now moving to destroy the president they elected.

History echoes itself once again, and the prescient wisdom stating a nation cannot be conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within certainly is representative of the ongoing decline and disintegration of America.

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Two Skills To Become The Master


Stoicism and the Way Forward will help you become a better man

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

No matter how the weaklings of the west like to dress up their realities with flimsy facades and rainbow colored draperies. The cold, hard truth is that life is all about survival, competition and outlasting the rest.

Life is a battle of your will that burns inside you versus the motherfucking world.

The fire that compels you to wake up every day and face an uncertain world. A new day riddled with possibilities of loss, suffering, and even death are lurking everywhere.  The pampered Fag O Trons of the west have spared no expense in covering up these nasty truths with as much obfuscation and cognitive dissonance possible in their malignant brains.

Truthfully all of life is a battle of wills.  Since the west embraced long ago the ideals of lassiez faire capitalism, a radical individualist ideology has marinated in our minds for generations.  What this means is that for the white man, he no longer possesses his natural faculties to out compete and outlast the rest of the world.  We are all atomized individuals.  Compartmentalized within the “melting pot” of the American dream.

The only things the masses share in common are which corporate brands they like/consume the most.

The truth is that dream is a fucking nightmare.  A murky soup of elements that will never go together until we all have been engineered into the Morlocks of the modern age.  All of our efforts and labors will go to feed the vampires whom you may call “globalists” and such.

Western civilization is like a black hole imploding for us.  The types of peoples who lived, worked and died to create what we have are now being replaced.  The whites of the west have had their natural instincts socially engineered out them.  The level of technology and massive government bureaucracy have achieved total control of the youth and young adults.

By embracing the radical individualism promoted by so many in the past few centuries the white man has helped to destroy his nations, his peoples and his families.  By embracing an ideology that relegates a man to an economic unit he has destroyed his future.  From allowing his daughters to be unashamed whores and accepting all manner of filth and degeneracy into their gluttonous bodies.  To marrying road worn skanks that fleece them for all their worth.  We are living within a massive death cult who embrace their biological demise.

Growing up in suburbia I remember distinctly the idea from my parents and friend’s families as well, that at 18 years old its time for you to get the fuck out of the house.  Go to college.  Get the steady job and then go have your own consumer driven lifestyle of abject consumption just like everyone else.

Family?  Ah who cares?  Mom and pop are divorced now and have other spouses.  They want to go have their own happy time.  Away from those terrible shitbird kids who are so annoying!

So they can eat all their turd sandwiches in peace and watch all their turd tv shows with no interference!

As the western male cucks himself for his women and every other ethnic group, his females were busy making sure they don’t EVER have the misfortune of those icky babies to deal with.  Or they just hired a contract assassin to murder their children for them.  Children who might now lift them up and be their future.  No.  We are on the demographic eclipse and it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

You know something else?  Everyone who embraced these things and taught them to their children fucking deserve it!  It’s absolutely pathetic to see the degeneration of once great peoples devolve to such caricatures.

Such slimy creatures and spineless invertebrates! 

For those who still have the fire.  The will to power which burns bright inside, there may be hope for you yet.  A man has to accept the cold winter, the dark night.  The brutal call of horns and wild enemies at his gates.  To rise above the shit pile of human entropy requires dedicated and constant training of mind and body.  Two major methods of achieving these goals is through Stoicism and Sublimation.


Stoicism was one of the philosophical movements which grew out of the Hellenistic period.  A defining tenet of it’s philosophy is that emotions, especially strong ones like fear, envy, even strong sexual attachments are a result of false judgements.  Stoics held that the sage, the stoic who has achieved intellectual and moral perfection would make no false judgements and even be free from all misfortune.

I knew very little about this philosophy and never really considered myself one.  Even though others would describe me often as “stoic”.  Once I learned about the history I realized that much of the teachings had already been internalized throughout my life.  I was in agreement on some core principles.  I have spoken of the Master/slave dichotomy before and I was amused to see that stoics even suggested that only the sage was free(the Master) while everyone else were slaves.

This parallels exactly with conclusions I have came to.

A man must have no urges that he cannot control.  He must first become a master over himself before it is possible to dominate others.  Stoicism incorporates something I call pleasure delaying.  I have withheld various things from myself simply to harden my mind and will.  I have written about a man’s hunger before.  Today the males of the west no longer have this hunger.  Their fat bellies are filled with every corporate mass produced turd available.

Since they aren’t hungry they won’t ever strive or compete in anything.

Which means they are fucking losers.

Disgusting dead weight which should be cleansed from the earth and never allowed to propagate again.  Regardless they will all be replaced within a few generations.

I would fast for a few days at first for religious reasons but later because I had to cut weight for fights.  Starving myself while getting beat up day in and day out made me so god damn ferocious I honestly felt that no man could stop me.  I wanted to fucking kill the guy I was fighting because I had to go through this shit for him.  I was going to make him pay a dreadful price.

That is the kind of hunger I needed to awaken within myself and rise above the complacent hordes.

The Way Forward

It has been proven that the kind of man who will survive and thrive in this New World is the one who has a suite of traits.  These are found to encompass what is called the dark triad.  Psychopathy, Machiavellianism and Narcissism.

It is said that you must be born with the psychopathic trait or suffer severe trauma early in life.  While those without this trait may have some levels of empathy, through stoicism one can suppress and ultimately sublimate this energy into something else.

When a man’s logical and thinking faculties utilize the raw energy of his emotional responses through sublimation, he can become a god damn powerhouse.

If a man says he is logical thinking yet is swayed in the slightest by emotion, that man is a liar.

In the next part I will discuss Sublimation and wrap it all together using Stoicism for becoming The Beast.  A vicious terror to enemies or provisioning hands of sustenance to whom he chooses.

Brutal honesty with oneself and the fierce drive of a man who hungers for more is the only way you should be thinking.  Your stupid feelings don’t mean shit to anyone but you.

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Big Pharma Caught Supplying Cartels with Ingredients to Make Meth


A real life Walter White would need to go no farther than big drug companies to secure meth cooking supplies

Proving reality really is stranger than fiction, and the oft-repeated maxim here at The New Modern Man the corporate-government complex intentionally creates problems to create profit, authorities in Belgium were charged with knowingly supplying Mexican drug cartels with the raw ingredients to make meth.

The “fake news” site The Free Thought Project – which incidentally does more true journalism than any of the fake ass alphabet channels – produced an excellent writeup on the scandal, which not surprisingly was virtually ignored by Establishment media.

Prosecutors in Belgium have recently announced that executives with pharmaceutical companies based in the country will be charged with knowingly providing drug cartels with prescription drugs that were used to manufacture methamphetamine.

So just how much meth cooking ingredients were they supplying?

Prosecutors spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt said that Ezio Figueroa Vazquez received large shipments of ephedrine from these companies between 2006 and 2011, which cost an estimated €360 million.

That’s the equivalent of around $383 million. What’s more, it wasn’t just one company, it was three companies involved in the dirty dealings. This proves corruption inside Big Pharma is widespread, it is occurring at the highest levels of these corporations, and it suggests more drug companies could be involved but are smart enough to evade getting caught – so far.

Prosecutors have said that there are seven executives who were charged with crimes, but they have not named these executives or the companies that they represent. Sterop and Andacon are two of the three companies involved in the charges. The companies are accused of providing the Mexican drug kingpin Ezio Figueroa Vazquez with several tons of ephedrine, knowing that it would be used in the production of methamphetamine.

The liberal Mother Jones has been following American drug companies using the exact same playbook.

Cops are waging two battles: one against meth cooks, the other against wealthy, politically connected drug manufacturers.

Big Pharma frequently lobbies their legislative prositutes (Congressman and Senators) to keep its pills and powders flowing. While new laws aren’t the answer, as decriminalization of drugs in Portugal has proven, one can see what those who seek changes to legal code are up against when they try to convince legislators to act in service of We The People rather their corporate paymasters. Do-gooder Rod Bovett sought legal reforms on behalf of the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association, and told interviewers:

The legislative response was to stick me in a room with a dozen pharmaceutical lobbyists to work it out. We got our asses kicked.

Indeed, the common man trying to get anything except trite lip service from politicians during campaign season and a figurative middle finger during their term in office is wishful thinking.

There is a long history of the United States government being implicated in creating the drug problem and fanning the flames of the epidemic in order to justify bloated law enforcement budgets and the promotion of ever more archaic laws over the sheeple. The Bushes and Clintons are said to have been deeply enmeshed in cocaine smuggling from South America in the 1980s and 1990s, centered around Mena, AR when Billy Jeff was governor. Even the CIA has been accused of involvement in that scheme.

Having a drug problem not only produces billions in profit for Big Pharma as seen in the above bombshell involving three European pharmaceutical companies, it also gives government bureaucrats something to do and a pretext to fund their offices, fat salaries and pensions.

One neuroscientist even went as far as claiming Big Pharma knowingly sells the equivalent of methamphetamine to children already. Dr. Carl Hart at Columbia University says the ADHD drug Adderall is the chemical equivalent of methamphetamine, and even calls it d-amphetamine in his literature.

Hart conducted a study which found some amazing findings.

Like d-amphetamine, methamphetamine increased our subjects’ energy and enhanced their ability to focus and concentrate; it also reduced subjective feelings of tiredness and the cognitive disruptions typically brought about by fatigue and/or sleep deprivation. Both drugs increased blood pressure and the rate at which the heart beat. No doubt these are the effects that justify the continued use of d-amphetamine by several nations’ militaries, including our own.

And when offered an opportunity to choose either the drugs or varying amounts of money, our subjects chose to take d-amphetamine on a similar number of occasions as they chose to take methamphetamine. These regular methamphetamine users could not distinguish between the two drugs.

What a world. Drug companies knowingly supplying cartels with the ingredients to cook meth – on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars worth – and then pushing meth-like drugs on our children.

Stories like these are yet another symptom of a Western society that has completely sold out to power an economy of gynocentric overconsumption and materialism. This incident also shows us the corporate-government complex creates problems for itself to solve, so the last thing society needs is more laws and more regulation. It needs less of both and a return to the Libertarian principles of men like Jefferson the nation was founded on.

The pendulum needs to swing back the other way, and it needs to swing back now.

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Eye Candy of the Week | January 15, 2017

How about some German chocolate? Model Jessyka Janshel really shines with her mocha skin and sexy gaze. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for January 14, 2017 as we enjoy the female form while remembering the truth about women.



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