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Known for the character Freddy in “The Alakdana Series, ” many people began looking at and exploring Alden Richards Age Biography to learn further facts.

Famous for playing Freddy in the popular TV series “Alakdana,” Alden Richards has many fans in the Philippines, Canada, Australia, the United States, and many other places.

This Filipino star was also honored in 2016 for television’s PMPC Star Awards. They named him the Guard Slam Best Actor during the 2016 event. His role as Freddy’s character in the “Alakdana” television series gave him tremendous recognition among the masses.

His many more contributions to the entertainment industry are miniseries, films, and other series. The achievements were made due to famous roles in various characters.               

Alden Richards Age Biography:

At the beginning of his career, he was a commercial model and gradually rose to fame when entering the entertainment industry. He built homes to mark his birthday celebration in 2015 when he made it together for Quezon City’s non-profit organization with several other volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines has made him their brand ambassador, while his pageant titles achievements were 2010’s Ginoog Laguna and 2009’s Ginoog Sita Rosa as the pageant titles.

The Philippine Walk of Fame awarded him the star of Quezon City, Eastwood City’s Walk of Fame on December 1, 2015. In 2011, Aiden also debuted his daytime television series. He performed the role of a disabled guy in the sitcom Alakdana.

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Alden Richards Family:

Aiden’s parents are Pampanga native Rosario Reyes and Ermita, Manila resident Richard Peralta Faulkerson, Sr. His paternal grandfather was from the American region. However, he could never meet his paternal grandfather.

His real name is Richard Reyes Fulkerson, Jr, while Aiden Richard is his stage name, and people and fans recognize him by his stage name. His siblings include two younger sisters and a brother older than him.

Alden Richards Family
Alden Richards Family

Alden Richards Crush:

Aiden has publicly admitted his crush on Pia Wurtzbach, the 2015 Miss Universe, and mentioned that she remained humble after winning the crown. Aiden also admitted that Pia’s heart is good and does not wear glamour.

Asia’s Multimedia Star also claimed on the “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” episode that he admired Miss Universe but had not told her how he felt. As per sources, her previous love partner, Maine Mendoza, was another person Alden acknowledged having a crush on.

Alden Richards Wife:

Although there are many rumors about Aiden and Maine, he officially declares that he will not get married to her as per sources. He also denied the claim of having a loving child together as per sources.

He had refused persistent rumors spread by some fans by clarifying that he and his former co-star did not marry. 

Although he admitted to having romantic feelings with Mendoza, the claims concerning their association, getting wedded, or having a child were falsely spread by many fans over almost every social media network.  To know more, click here

Aiden was always fond of becoming a chef, but his mother insisted he enter the entertainment world and opt for acting as his profession. He joined many beauty pageants organized for males after his mother’s passing as per sources. 

He wanted to fulfill his mother’s wish and provide financial assistance to his family after his mother passed away. His appearance was witnessed in several fast-food chains, multivitamins, apparel lines, and telecommunication company commercials, through which he gained considerable popularity.

His many ventures include television series, philanthropy, endorsements, and modeling. His present residential location is Laguana, Santa Rosa, and he has also declared his crush on Julie Anne San Jose and Winwyn Marques, the actresses, in the past as per sources.

His popular television series, endorsements, crush on actresses, Miss Universe, and other achievements made people explore more about him through Alden Richards’s Age Biography.

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