Allianz Class Action KPMG: Lawsuit Notice 2024 Disclosed! 

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Read this post to learn about the Allianz Class Action KPMG lawsuit procedure and the best way to verify the specifications of the products people buy.

Review the Allianz Class Action KPMG data to find out why the Supreme Court of Victoria directed to the Allianz group members.


  • The communication sent by KPMG that the Allianz class action mentions the marketed add-on insurance.
  • Prospective Alliance group members in Timor-Leste, Australia, and neighboring areas recently received registration notices from the alliance class action via text message, regular email, or email. 
  • The Allianz Class Action KPMG message, including the text and email, was sent on behalf of the Supreme Court of Victoria. 
  • The alliance group also mentions that if users receive any notification through an email address, text message, or regular email they can safely view the product details and open the attached file.

Allianz Class Action KPMG:

Many individuals and Allianz group users are entitled to reimbursement if they bought a motor vehicle, bike, motorcycle, or car from June 1, 2006, to September 27, 2021. You do not require any Bank information. For this procedure, the registrants must not separate or disclose their bank details.

Let us reevaluate the details provided by KPMG in the next section to learn more about the insurance items used in this process.

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Allianz Class Action Lawsuit Wiki:

The process includes the title of the specific terms that users Allianz group members must know. Let us check all the terms mentioned in the points here:

Lawsuit name Allianz Class Action Lawsuit
Insurances Rim and tyre insurance, Extended motor warranty
Loan protect insurance It is is also called consumer credit insurance or the repayment insurance.
Motor equity insurance It is also called Purchase price insurance, value protect insurance,or  GAP insurance, guaranteed asset protection insurance.
Date for enrolment July 15 20 24

Supreme Court Message Details:

Allianz Life, or the Allianz itself, has recognized this class as possible group members. According to the Victoria Supreme Court tools, eligible Alliance group members will receive a registration Notice from KPMG.

Another message sent by KPMG will remind qualified Alliance group members between June 11, 2024, and June 25, 2024, through regular email address text message or Email address to the users and Alliance group members during their worker’s or business hours.

Registrants are the users of the Alliance group, or Allianz Insurance members can check the details of the enrollment process through the official Alliance group or Alliance Insurance portal.

A note is sent through the MTA class action and AI Class Section that these two are separate matters, and registration for them is compulsory for a user to attain them.

The Facts of Allianz Class Action KPMG:

  • Victoria Supreme Court recently issued orders for soft class closure and orders on me to 2024, which include the following: 
  • The plaintiff’s Attorney must direct KPMG to submit a registration notice to every individual associated with Alliance Life or Alliance Alliance.
  • Alliance Life or Allianz Group sends these notices to KPMG users via postal mail, text message, or email.
  • All this information was sent from May 13, 2024, to May 27, 2024, along with sending them during working hours.


If you are a group member in the Allianz class action regarding marketed add-on insurance, the Supreme Court of Victoria has directed a notice to you. The enrollment deadline to avail of Alliance group lawsuit and claim for reimbursement is only at 4:00 p.m. (AEST) time on July 15, 2024. click here

Please return to the web page here and read the detailed process of Allianz Class Action KPMG. We will explain it thoroughly very soon.

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