Gary Owen New Wife: Know Gary Owens Twins & Family 2024!

Know some interesting facts about Gary Owen New Wife through this article and find out if the famous actor and comedian has declared his second marriage or not.

The insights into Gary Owen New Wifethe private life of the comedian, and his relationship status with his new partner are shared here.


  • Gary and Duke, his ex-wife, divorced in 2021. Although the comedian is not yet married to Bri Johnson, people consider her as Gary Owen New Wife or partner.
  • The news of the twins in the United States and other places that Gary Owen welcomed was unveiled. He said in an interview that he looks forward to raising the children once more after his divorce.
  • Gary expressed his excitement about becoming a parent in his twins’ lives, even though he was skeptical that he would like to be a father anymore.
  • Johnson and Owen are engaged and have welcomed their twins. Their names are Rome and Royal.

Gary Owen New Wife:

Bri Johnson is engaged to the famous comedian Owen Gary; they are yet to get married. The welcoming of their twins made Gary come into the spotlight, as the comedian has not shared much about his new wife.

About Gary Owen New Wife

Gary has two kids with Kenya, his ex-wife. His biological children are Austin, his son, and Kennedy, his daughter, while Emilio is his stepdaughter.

The comedian has not shared much about his private affairs and is associated with Bri Johnson, his new partner. He only shared the news of welcoming his twins.

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Quick Wiki of Gary Owen:

Real name Gary Owen
Age 49 years
Nationality American
Profession Actor and comedian
Birth date and year July 26, 1974
Birthplace Ohio, Cincinnati, U.S.
Ex-wife Kenya Duke
Gary Owen New Wife (Present partner) Bri Johnson (Marriage not yet declared)
Children Four
Children with Kenya Duke  Two- Austin and Kennedy
Children with Bri Johnson Twins- Rome and Royal

When Owen was stationed in San Diego, California, in 1995 with the Navy, he began comedy. He mentions that initially, his fans were not positive of his stand-up performances, but gradually, he succeeded in his profession and became well-known in the industry.

Gary Owens Twins:

Even after a contentious divorce from the woman he divorced, Kenya Duke, the comedian, is apparently a father once more of twins. The twins are Rome and Royal.

His connection with the kids from Duke has also become strained after the divorce. However, his decision to move on so swiftly has left his many admirers amazed. A photo that appeared in 2023 showed the actor and comedian embracing the twins’ expected mother and young girl, which was shared on social media sites. 

Gary Owens Family with Gary Owen New Wife:

Gary Owens Family with Gary Owen New Wife

Gary, the famous comedian’s family includes his two children and Bri Johnson, whom many sources declare as Gary Owen New Wife. 

Although a picture posted on social media where Bri is wearing a ring indicates that they are engaged, it would be their wedding ring.

The couple does not publicly share their private affairs and has not shared if they are married or yet to be married. They have welcomed their twins, and their birth news is publicly unveiled, but whether they are tied or not remains uncertain. 

Interesting facts about Gary Owen Kids: 

  • Owen Gary, the comedian from the American region, has two kids with his ex-wife and twins with Bri Johnson, his new partner. 
  • A few Instagram posts suggest that the couple is already engaged, but wedding news remains covered.
  • Gary is presently not connected with his two children, Austin and Kenned, after his divorce from Duke in 2022. 


Gary Owen’s welcome of his twins made people learn more about his new wife. Bri Johnson and Gary are reportedly engaged, but their marriage details have not been publicly shared or announced officially. Therefore, Bri Johnson, with whom the comedian has twins, is reportedly Gary Owen New Wife. Click Here

Check for more details about Gary Owen’s private affairs and his new wife, as we will add more information shortly.

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