Is Flint Mints Legit (Oct 2021) Read detailed Reviews!

Is Flint Mints Legit Online Product Reviews

This guide below has the details on Is Flint Mints Legit or not, which gives the readers clarity on the website, so keep reading this blog till the end.

Mouth-watering mints are such an eatable thing which we all or most of us prefer, and sometimes we tend to change the taste by popping in pleasant and flavourful mints. Also, if such mints are offered at the most favorable prices and flavors on any website, then it’s a cherry on the cake situation.

Today, we have tried to analyze one such website, one of the United Statesbased sites, and here we will provide you all the subsequent details on  Is Flint Mints Legit  or not.

Is Legit or not?

  • Domain Age- The domain age is quite old, which was registered on 30/12/16.
  • Trust score- The trust index score of this site is good, which stands to be 76%.
  • Alexa rank- The online mint shop has got a medium Alexa Ranking.
  • Plagiarism content- 50% of the content on this site is plagiarised.
  • Policies- Overall the all the policies are well stated on this website.
  • Address’s originality- The contact Address provided is misleading.
  • Social media Icons $ connection- The Social media Icons present on this site is fake.
  • Owner’s Information- Details of this Website owner are missing.
  • Flint Mints Review – Several positive reviews of the customers are present on its official social media pages.
  • Unrealistic Discounts- No discounts are offered for now on this website. 

The above legitimacy checkpoints state that this site is legit based on its domain registration date, its trust score, and the positive customer reviews. Still, for more clarity on this website, keep reading till the end.

What is

Flints is an online mint store where customers can get mouth-watering flavourful mints available in different flavors such as:-

  • Cool watermelon
  • Cinnamon ginger
  • Strawberry magic and many more.

These mints are available in a pack of three at $15:00, and the packs look quite attractive. So before purchasing, the customer should know Is Flint Mints Legit or not. Each pack contains 27 to 30 tables approx, which can make your mouth sparkle after having it.

Specifications of the Website:-

  • Domain name- The domain name was registered date is 13/12/16, which is more than 4years ago from now. 
  • URL- The website link is
  • Category- The online site sells only television sets at a low price.
  • Email- The contact email id for contacting the site is [email protected].
  • Address-The address provided seems misleading, which is 67 West St., Suite 712, Brooklyn, NY 11222.
  • Contact no- No contact no. is present on this website.
  • Payment Modes- Payment gateways mentioned on this site for to know Is Flint Mints Legit or not are Amex, Gray, visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Discover, etc.
  • Return Policy- Only Dural items such as Apparel, Artwork, Yachts, etc., can be returned within three business days after the receipt of the product. Consumable items have got no returns.
  • Refund Policy- Consumable items have got no refund.
  • Exchange Policy-No exchange can either be made on any consumable items.
  • Shipping Policy-The orders will be shipped within 3-4 business days.
  • Delivery Policy- No exact delivery dates are specified on this website.
  • Social Media Presence- The site has received a medium social media presence. 

Few Positive sides of the website:-

Before purchasing any product, the buyers should know the positive sides of Flint Mints Review:-

  • The website offers a wide variety of flavourful mint tables at a very affordable rate, and the pack looks quite attractive and colorful.
  • All the details of the product are mentioned clearly on this website.
  • The website offers international shipping too, which is a plus point for international buyers.

Few Negative Sides of the Website:-

The buyers should also be aware of the negative points:-

  • The About us section is missing on this website, so that the buyers won’t get the necessary details and owners’ information from this website.
  • The contact address mentioned on this website is misleading and leads to a moving and storage service company address when clicked on it.

Customer Reviews on Is Flint Mints Legit or not

The website has got plenty of customer reviews present on its official social media pages to let’s check a few of those. One of the customers recommended this website and said these mints are worth buying. Another customer also seemed satisfied with the purchase and stated that this mint works wonderfully with dry mouths. Few customers didn’t like the taste of these mints and said they didn’t like the taste or the feeling of these mints. For more details, the readers can go through the review section on  official Facebook page. Also, if you are a Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Then click here to learn more about it.

Bottom line

Hope Is Flint Mints Legit or not has been cleared by far to the readers. This website looks legit from the customer reviews and the other details present on this website. Though, deep research is always mandatory by the customers before purchasing anything from this site. Also, you can Get Your Money-Back From Scammers by clicking here.

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