Who is Edwin Chiloba Wife, Parents, Education, Career, Death And More

Latest News Who is Edwin Chiloba Wife, Parents, Education, Career, Death And More

Edwin Chiloba Spouse:- Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo, here and there known as Edwin Chiloba, Edwin Chiloba is a notable gay privileges dissident and style fashioner. From the city of Eldoret, where he likewise advanced the freedoms of the LGBTQ+ people group in his country, he ran Chiloba Plans, a plan firm. Chiloba, who was in her 20s, moved to Eldoret from Nairobi’s capital in 2019 to look for a lifelong in style, as per the BBC.

Edwin Chiloba Spouse

Kenyans are interested about the lady in the generally coursed photo of Edwin Chiloba and Jackton Odhiambo. The essential suspect in the homicide of model and LGBTQ freedoms advocate Edwin Chiloba, Jackton, alludes to her as family in the pictures he posted on the web. It has likewise become known that Edwin Chiloba and Jackton dwelled in Eldoret together for about a year. As per a BiggestKaka investigation of the relationship, Jackton and the unidentified lady are guardians to a kid by the name of Garvey Armani.

Guardians And Schooling

Elgeyo-Marakwet Province is where Chiloba was conceived. He lost both of his folks at an early age. He went through his early stages moving starting with one relative then onto the next prior to signing up for the instruction program at Moi College’s West Grounds to get his college degree. To concentrate on design, he migrated from Nairobi to Eldoret in 2019.


Chiloba, who was in his mid-20s, moved from the country’s capital, Nairobi, to Eldoret in 2019 to seek after a lifelong in design, as per the BBC. Because of the generally safe culture of Kenya, by far most of Kenyans have pessimistic feelings with respect to LGBT individuals. It is “for the most part viewed as untouchable and hostile to [the] regular principles and profound quality” in Kenya that homosexuality is off-base. Indeed, even By the by, there has been a little ascent openly support, and a great many associations are attempting to shield and upgrade LGBT freedoms.


Chiloba was found on January 6, 2023, 40 kilometers (25 miles) outside the Break Valley in a metal trunk by the roadside close to Eldoret in Uasin Gishu Province. His eyes had been gouged out. A motorbike cab driver who saw the bundle being disposed of by a unidentified driver and cautioned police made the revelation. Subsequent to being perceived as Chiloba, whose body was accounted for as being wearing ladies’ clothing, the body was taken to Moi Educating and Reference Medical clinic to decide the reason for death.

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