If You Don’t Like America, You Can Get Out!


The number of people leaving the U.S. is rising rapidly

“If you don’t like America, you can get out!” That classic admonishment has been floating around most of my lifetime. Well, Jack, these aren’t the 1950s and America is not the bastion of freedom with a burgeoning middle class that it once was. An increasing number of people are doing just that – getting out.

The number of people who are renouncing their American citizenship each year has surpassed 4,000 and is still rising. While that number might seem small, it has increased nearly twentyfold since the 2008 coronation of Barack Obama. The numbers are record-breaking.

While a record number of people are going the extra mile to completely renounce their citizenship, the State Department estimates there are as many as 6 million Americans living abroad for various reasons, and that number is also increasing.

As the middle class continues to suffocate, entrepreneurship turns into a pipe dream, personal liberties are curbed one by one, the FBI openly kills people who do not bow down to government authority, the political class licks the asses of the elite, and illegal immigrants are coddled while the TSA and U.S. Customs puts their hands down grandma’s dress, I guess ‘Murica just isn’t the draw it once was.

The Tax Man Still Cometh

Even if one lives outside the United States an entire tax year and makes all of their money abroad, they are still subject to heavy taxes and paperwork. The United States and the small African nation of Eritrea are the only nations in the world to tax money their citizens make while living in other countries. In the rest of the world, taxes are levied based on residency, not citizenship.

The United States, bastion of freedom that it is, also levies a heavy tax on people to even let them call it quits and renounce their citizenship.

More Freedom Abroad

My personal reasons for leaving and seeking residency elsewhere are the increasing leftist social engineering directed at atomizing the traditional nuclear family unit even further; feminism designed to turn women and men against each other, competing for crumbs off the corporate table; and the increasingly tyrannical laws and regulations from both the left and the right that govern virtually every facet of life from cradle to grave. The growing grasp of an overbearing police and surveillance state are also reasons I left, from bullying law-abiding citizens at the border with illegal searches and seizures to writing tickets left and right on the roads to generate revenue on the backs of the taxpayer.

I am quite literally seeking refuge from a tyrannical government. I guess that also makes me a refugee, but the media and left hate the white man so I guess I don’t count.

Get Me Outta Here

As The Free Thought Project puts it:

If history is any indicator, the American empire will continue to expand and as a result so will domestic tyranny and taxation. This mass exodus of people out of the US is the canary in the coal mine for what’s to come.

As politicians and their supporters push to close the borders, remember one thing. A wall big enough to keep them out, is also big enough to keep you in.

I decided to get out while the getting is good, before Marco Rubio or another Establishment candidate implements their visa tracking system and takes yet another freedom, the freedom of movement, away from the hapless American citizen.

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