Roger Stone, Political Operative for 40 Years Drops Bombs on Clinton and Bush Dynasties

The fall of the Bush dynasty, major dirt on the Clintons, the furious corporate-government complex (Establishment) chomping at the bit to destroy Trump; major truth bombs were dropped by Roger Stone in this interview. Stone is a long-time political operative going all the way back to the Barry Goldwater days. Stone was deeply embedded in the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I White Houses.

Here is some of what he had to say:

This is why the insiders, the DC/Wall Street cabal are so upset. The rise of Trump is a repudiation of 40 years of bipartisan treason. It is a complete repudiation of the fiscal policies that have left this country broke, the immigration policies that have taken away our security, the foreign interventionist policies that have made us spend blood and treasure for nothing, the trade policies that put us at a giant disadvantage to China, to Japan, to Mexico. Trump is naming names and he understands the Clintons and the Bushes. The Republicans and the Democrats are in it together, and he scares the daylights out of the Establishment because normally, as sadly was the case with Reagan, when an outsider is elected they’re immediately co-opted…Trump cannot be bought, he cannot be bullied…and that is why the Establishment is literally wetting their britches over the radical reform that Trump would bring.

This is a highly recommended interview with a political operative, amoral as he may be, who is deeply connected to the Washington Beltway.

In addition to the claims above, Stone also touches on Trump’s willingness to question the government’s official account of what happened on 9/11.

Stone also talks about the Clintons’ mistreatment of the women who Stone claims Clinton sexually abused, and also touched on his bombshell claims about Clinton’s secret biracial son Danney Williams.

A lot of inside information here! This information would not have been available when we all lived through the first reign of the Clintons, except to those closest to the seats of power. But, thanks to the miracle of the Internet we can now hear from elite Washington insiders about some of the jawdropping truth of what is going on in our government.

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