More Racial Bolshevism from the Socialist Left


“When you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor!” according to Comrade Bernie Sanders

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders once again used the tried and true tricks of a demagogue at the Democratic debate on March 6.

What a turd Bernie Sanders is for saying that. As a white man I will be happy to explain to him how my father died when I was 12, falling over dead at age 39 after working himself to death. I then went on to work one and sometimes two jobs to help my family make ends meet after his death. That is, until I was forced out of my career by wage-gutting management weenies and affirmative action quotas. The point is we know what poor is, believe me.

It is yet another example of Racial Bolshevism in the corrupt American political machine. This ideology has previous been highlighted here at TNMM:

That’s why contemporary Progressivism should really be called Racial Bolshevism. The psycho-political profile is identical: whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multi-cultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people – especially white men.

This is another reason I was so anxious to leave the US; the Socialist left loves scapegoating white people for everything imaginable.

In case they haven’t noticed, this is part of what is fueling Donald Trump’s meteoric rise and the splintering of the corrupt Republican party. It isn’t racism, Bernie, it’s people defending their own self-interests just as any ethic group that is attacked all the time would.

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  • Yeah my parents don’t understand why I am intent on leaving the good ol U S of A and going to a less crazy country. They still believe America is the greatest nation and cares about people like them. As for me I’m going where is best for me.


    • relampagofurioso

      A lot of people thought I was crazy until they saw me leave, and then saw that I don’t want to come back. The herd instinct is strong in our species. A lot of people have a “1950s Post War Economic Boom” image of America still in their mind, when the country from that era is long gone.


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