Think You Know HIV/AIDS? Think again


Plague terror is what some groups are now calling the HIV/AIDS scare

One of the guiding truths here at The New Modern Man is summed up by astrophysicist Carl Sagan. This statement applies to all scientific pursuits and analysis of problems, while discarding the opinions of experts in search of reason. We must examine the HIV/AIDS scare with this skeptical eye, especially since the scare stories of the 1980s and 1990s never panned out the way we were told they would.

We wish to pursue the truth no matter where it leads. But to find the truth, we need imagination and skepticism both. We will not be afraid to speculate, but we will be careful to distinguish speculation from fact.

No matter where the truth leads…and no matter what it challenges, as long as it is based on sound facts and logical reasoning, we need to question authority. Dr. Christian Fiala has been challenging conventional wisdom about the disease along with other doctors from all over the world you have probably never heard of. Fiala told interviewers:

We have been told for the last 30 years that an HIV infection is the equivalent to a death sentence. So even if we know now that most people who have tested HIV positive will continue to survive, and most of them in good health for decades still the perception is that it is a death sentence.

His statement is only the tip of the iceberg. If you think you know the complete history of AIDS/HIV, think again. It never developed into the worldwide plague that was predicted. To this day, it remains confined to homosexual and drug addicted risk groups and has never become the heterosexual pandemic we were warned about. This documentary, Positively False, Birth of a Heresy goes all the way back to 1987 with its archives and travels the globe in search of the truth about plague that never materialized. In it you will hear from many well-established and respected medical scientists and doctors who challenge the official story about AIDS and HIV.

Birth of a Heresy

It is amazing to hear a side of the story we have never been told, a story medical experts from around the world have been trying – unsuccessfully – to tell us for three decades because they have been blacklisted from the mainstream media. Joan Shenton narrates the film and discusses the concept of plague terror, used by government and drug companies to drive mass hysteria over disease for profit and control of the population. The problem is the discovery of one possible myth leads to another and another and another. Perhaps AIDS is not the only example of plague terror to be used by Western governments and promulgated by Marxist media. There are others:

  • 2002, the media said West Nile will kill us all
  • 2004, SARS will kill us all
  • 2005, Bird Flu will kill us all
  • 2009, Swine Flu will kill us all
  • 2014, Ebola will kill us all
  • 2016, Zika will kill us all

Peter Duesberg, author of Inventing the AIDS Virus and AIDS/HIV heretic and molecular biologist and a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley contributed to the film and explains how the dominant treatment for AIDS works:

The method of action of AZT is embarrassingly simple. It is a terminator of DNA synthesis. DNA is the basis for all life on this planet. It’s the central molecule in every living cell.

Duesberg recommends patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS to stop taking this black box (very dangerous) drug immediately. There is reason to believe the “cure” is worse than the disease as numerous people have died only after they started taking AZT.

The film goes on to point out a number of historical precedents in which the causes of disease have been wrongfully diagnosed, often for decades or generations before a heretic comes along and rewrites the book. Also recommended is this presentation by another heretic Dr. David Rasnick, a chemist and biologist known for his work in the area of HIV/AIDS, who is a fellow heretic along with Dr. Duesberg, who is possibly the most hated of the duo by the establishment.

Evidence is starting to accumulate that AIDS is nearly impossible to transmit during normal heterosexual intercourse, contrary to the narrative we have been fed for 30 years. The CDC’s own statistics say there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of contracting the virus through vaginal intercourse. Meaning, a straight person could have unprotected sex his or her entire life and never contract AIDS even if they slept with an infected person every time they had sex. A darker view tells us plague terror is being used to mask problems of poverty and starvation in poor countries by tagging those with weakened immune systems with a “disease” they can’t get rid of.

That said, one of the HIV patients presented in the film as a wrongly diagnosed survivor died in late 2015, weakening the case of dissenters who question the official HIV hypothesis. Lindsey Nagel, who lived without treatment from the age of 9 months died at age 24 late last year. Her family says she died of pneumonia. It is important to note, however, other infants who were diagnosed with HIV and treated with AZT at the same facility died long before Nagel. She did seem to live a longer and healthier life without the AZT treatments. It also should be pointed out pneumonia alone has a high death rate, 30% for those with severe cases. So, this somewhat muddies the otherwise excellent claims and revelations made in Positively False.

The rest of the film stands up quite well to the test of time. The diligent work of the journalists, scientists, and doctors who contributed to Positively False have raised very important and disturbing questions about the virus, and the industry that is pushing DNA-terminating drugs on those said to be infected. It also calls into question the validity of HIV tests, especially since a patient featured in the film tested both negative and positive on different occasions with different tests. At the end of the day, most people will come away with the conclusion that they are not at risk for contracting the virus, and there is at some credible doubt that HIV even exists in the way we have been told it does.

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  • I don’t buy this silly “the aids virus is a myth” thing. This quackery is only possible now that 20 years have gone by with the poofs now all on the anti-retriviral designer drugs. I’m old enough to remember 30 years ago all the ass bandits and cackpipe astronauts were dropping like flies. The nightly news was awash in stock footage of emaciated dudes with mustaches laying in hospital beds covered in purple spots.

    That being said, the entire thing was completely overblown, if you didn’t let queers cum in your ass or stick needles in your arm you basically had nothing to fear. This is a very difficult to transmit monkey virus that sat dormant in the jungle until international homosexuality popped into existence in the cultural revolution after the 60s. The idea that straight men need to worry about aids is preposterous. You don’t get it from dipping your schlong in some pussy juice. You get it from letting some queer ejaculate his aids ridden semen into your torn up asshole (the homo’s dick is just a big fleshy hypodermic needle making gay sex more akin to I.V. drug use than ordinary pussy drilling.) What is also not well understood outside of medical specialists who treat them, is the condition of the typical gay man’s rectum, chronic inflammation and bleeding from unnatural acts and pathogens acquired from sodomy or “rimming” (called gay bowel syndrome.)

    For those who try to terrify High School Harry from dipping it into Sally the Homecoming Queen the dynamics of the homosexual lifestyle must also be hidden from the rubes your trying to scare. Unlike straights who only have sex in their natural masculine or feminine roles, the gays will engage in both the hight risky “bottom” receptive role in which they acquire the infection, and then engage in the masculine “top” role in which they can then pass the infection on. We’ve been bombarded with false images by liberals trying to portray gays as monogamous couples who just want to get married like everyone else, but the reality of the homosexual lifestyle is just what you’d imagine from male minds with arrested development, sex, sex, and more sex. They would go to bath houses and start the night off by offering up their bums to get buggered by a series of strangers. Once they became particularly hot and aroused from all the buggering, they then would seek out some other stranger to “top” and finish off their night by finally busting their nut in some strange dude’s asshole. Even in the most extreme playboy mansion straight promiscuous lifestyles the dudes never also have all kinds of bodily fluids shoved up their torn inflamed asses. Even if some sexual terrorist on the downlow brought it into the party and infected one of the girls, the nature of straight sex would probably mean the infection would end there, not passed on to anyone else. With the gay lifestyle it spreads like wildfire. Then there is the radical difference in sheer number of partners and encounters between straight and gay men also largely hidden by liberals from the general consciousness. Your typical gay will rack up more partners in their first six months out on the town “in the life” than a cool frat boy jock will in a whole lifetime. Nope, this whole aids thing was just a big excuse the Anglobitch was looking for to not put out. These prudes, preachers, and Anglobitches running high school health classes have succeeded in terrifying way to many Anglo men into vastly overestimating the risk of “diseases” to the point most have practically as much guilt about sex as girls. Seriously, the idea that High School Harry needs to put on a rubber before banging Homecoming Queen Sally in the back of his Buick is preposterous, yet the prudes and feminists have helped ruin sex by pushing those awful rubber things on straights as mandatory as seat belts. If these square prude preachers gave air travel the same treatment they do sex they’d have the whole public terrified to fly expecting imminent disaster the moment they stepped on an airliner.


  • >The CDC’s own statistics say there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of contracting the virus through vaginal intercourse.

    You can look at this a couple of different ways.

    Statistically, this means a man would have to have vaginal sex with a different woman every day for more than 27 years to find one who is HIV infected and who infects him with HIV. That man would have to bed 10,000 different women.

    It also means a man could have sex with an HIV infected woman every day, that’s EVERY SINGLE DAY, for 27 years, before she finally infects him with HIV.

    How many men do you know who have had sex with a different woman every day, that’s EVERY SINGLE DAY, for 27 years?

    How many men do you know who have had sex with their wives every single day for 27 years?

    Do the math. The average man has sex maybe twice a week. That’s 104 sexual encounters a year. Let’s say he starts that at age 15. In order to make it to 10,000 sexual encounters, he would have to live to the age of 111 years.

    Or look at it another way. Take again the average man but now he’s having sex three times a week. That’s 156 sexual encounters per year every year. Let’s say he continues that for another 60 years, to age 76. Sex thrice a week, every week, without fail, for 60 years. Our hypothetical “average” man has had 9,360 sexual encounters.


  • AIDS seems to be a psyop that worked on multiple fronts. has links to a bunch of papers by Duesberg and other “AIDS dissidents”. The mostly gay victims of the epidemic which never came close to actually reaching epidemic proportions seem to have died of a combination of “murder by pharmacy” through DNA chain terminators like AZT, and the hard partying lifestyle which young gay men in those days were notorious for. Heavy use of hard drugs, including stuff like poppers which has been directly linked to Kaposi’s sarcoma, combined with lots of promiscuous sodomy, is not actually a healthy lifestyle. Jon Rappoport has a bunch of excellent articles exposing the dark nature of the medical cartels at . Cool to see the alt right waking up to this scam. Normally, only the media fakery researchers at places like touch on stuff like this. Great post.


  • charlessledge001

    Part of this has to do with pretending like regular male to female sex is just as dangerous as homosexual sex when that’s not the case at all. When you look at the statistics there are certain groups that have much higher rates of these things than others. However nothing can ever be let out that homosexual (or any degenerate sex) can be bad or unhealthy as that would go against the narrative. Also I’m sure pharmaceuticals/hospitals etc. all have their part to play. Bottom line is something’s up (as always). Everything in our society is a carefully constructed narrative, nothing just happens anymore (if it ever did). There is a game being played and we are pawns in it.

    One thing I really appreciate about this site is the questioning the commonly held narrative. For example the articles about the degeneracy of the music industry and the music itself. This is also done for a reason and has a purpose. And it goes beyond just making money. Its going for control. We are like rats in an experiment. Being fed certain things for a purpose, being stimulated to see what our response will be. We are kept in perpetual motion going from the newest rights, craze, or scandal never stopping to see whats going on.

    Of course those who reads this site and those like it are going to be able to see whats going on. It’s kinda sad when you look around and people are pretty much zombies checking the right boxes shuffling from work to home to be sedated by the media or porn. We live in a constructed society and not in a good way. Things that are happening in our society do not happen by random chance. We haven’t gotten to where we have gotten without the “helpful guidance” of those at the top. Its not really a conspiracy either as those who have power obviously want to keep this power and expand this power however they can. This was true of the Pharaohs and it’s true of the Rothschilds, Soros, and other globalists. Great article Relampago another plank pulled up.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Oh, yes, your analogy about lab rats in an experiment works out very well. I am finding troubling things across a wide variety of scares of the last 50 years. I have to expose them a little at a time because to put it all out there on the table at once would be too much for most people to accept. They’d have an overload like Neo did and almost die like in The Matrix. AIDS was something we all worried about, and that I was TERRIFIED of as a kid because of all the propaganda. Now, I don’t worry about it at all. The CDC’s own statistics say I could fuck someone with AIDS 10,000 times and never contract the virus. Needless to say, only a very small proportion of the population has it anyway. And that’s if it even exists the way the backroom dealers Montaigne and Gallo say it does. There’s reason to doubt that. So when we start adding all this shit up, EVERYTHING is a damn lie in the West from top to bottom. I plan on exposing this piece by piece here and at ROK. The elite have literally been fucking with everybody’s head since the days of Edward Bernays 100 years ago. Plague terror is no different.


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