KShatriya’s Critique of Anglo-American Women


Anglo women tend to view themselves as princesses, and are pedestalized by Anglo society

Today’s recommended reading starts off with a very interesting article from KShatriya at Anglobitch about what happens to Anglo women when their pussy pass expires.

Despite the feminist rhetoric about ‘strong, independent women’ there are still plenty of females whose dependence on men is so absolute that they would rather die than relinquish their sexual leverage over the male sex.

Anglo-America has already all but neutered its men in the name of controlling their sexuality, and thereby controlling their resources. Figuaratively, they are already neutered – supporting governments that hate them with their labor and paying for single moms who have kids with degenerate men with their tax dollars. This is not boding well for the society, and is one of the many reasons it is in decline.

Some of us ran off to friendlier cultures that don’t scapegoat men. There is indeed a long history of this from among men of imagination and realism like D.H. Lawrence, D.G. Rossetti, Crosby, Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Lord Byron, and Henry Miller who all deserted Anglo-America for more libertine cultures. This is pointed out in Kshatriya’s book Havoc: How Anglo American Feminism Ruined Society.

The Anglo-American predilection towards figuratively gelding men is an interesting and peculiar one. The Anglobitch site accurately points out why homosexuality has become ubiquitous in a society that does not value its men, and how the Anglosphere has a long history of hidden homosexuality because of frigid, domineering women. The article, The Anglo Vice: Why Homosexuality is So Prevalent in Anglo-Saxon Countries is quite a read. I would attribute some of today’s marginalization of heterosexual men to social engineering of the degenerate left, but it is interesting that gay pride originated with such fervor in Anglo-America:

To gain:

  • Unlimited sex
  • Financial security
  • Ready made status – gays are lionized by the media
  • Upward mobility (high status gays often form relationships with working class men. High status females never do)

To Lose:

  • Sexual disappointment and frustration
  • Financial chaos, insecurity and penury associated with divorce
  • Negative status – straight men are vilified in the media
  • Downward mobility (Straight men nearly always marry down)

Other interesting observations at the Anglobitch site:

Anglo Saxon nations seem to assume that their culture is ‘better’ than that of other cultural blocs, and that it should be imposed on other regions such as the Islamic world or continental Europe.

Feminism in Anglo Saxon cultures has a strident, misandrist undertone entirely lacking in continental countries. It has little to do with improving life for women and a lot to do with persecuting, hating and excluding men, something it has been singularly successful in achieving.

Aside from this, the social damage caused by Anglo Saxon pandering to women is apparent everywhere:

•    70% of divorces are initiated by women in Anglo Saxon societies, with untold damage to children and society in general.
•    Children reared by lone females are many times more likely to become delinquent.
•    Children reared by lone females are 6 times less likely to escape poverty.
•    Children reared by lone females are many times more likely to exhibit behavioural difficulties at school
•    Every 3rd child conceived is aborted; uniquely, Anglo Saxon women selfishly view the life or death of an unborn child as a political fashion statement

We are on a roll here:

Many Anglophone women seem, in fact, psychologically aberrant. Only women with deep [psychological] wounds could delight in the systemized liquidation of their own offspring via factory abortions. Whatever one’s view of abortion, it seems to have become a political fashion statement in anglophone cultures, even a boasting point. We have reached a point beyond which this practice has assumed a self-indulgent, wanton quality.

And, finally, we will close with a paragraph that sums everything up:

Anglosphere feminism wants the best of all possible worlds: rights without responsibilities; privileges without obligations. As we have seen, Anglo-American feminism emerged among upper class English women in the late Nineteenth Century. It embodies all the faults associated with that type.

Hence the Anglobitch issue is economic as much as it is cultural or political. Anglo-American Governments must necessarily inhibit the sexual or marital options open to males in order to sustain themselves. A sharp drop in the Divorce rate would have enormous repercussions on the US economy and its rapacious ethos of ‘infinite growth’.

A counterview to the pedestalization Anglo men STILL give their women, even avowed PUAs and other sorts of self-proclaimed Alpha males is interesting. These guys still cling to the notion that somehow their women are “better” than the rest of the world’s women. This, in spite of:

Above all, the latent homosexual Anglo culture deifies women in a cloud of candy-floss. In recent years, this deranged tendency has reached psychotic proportions, culminating in the neo pagan cult of Lady Diana Spencer. After her death, British politician Gordon Brown seriously wondered whether the anniversary of her death should be declared a national holiday. Prime Minister Tony Blair dubbed her ‘The People’s Princess’. Some responses surpassed even this. One man told the BBC that he cried more at Diana’s funeral than at his own father’s. (Of course, any man, even one’s own father, is less worthy than a woman to the Anglo Saxon hive mind).

Of course, as we have seen all along this tendency arose in response to the latent homosexuality and puritanical repression that characterises Anglo Saxon culture. It is certainly not new: the English have a long-standing obsession with sentiment stretching back centuries, a close corollary of their cultural effeminacy.

The key to salvaging Anglo Saxon culture lies not in sabotaging its proud tradition of intellectual freedom and concise rationality. It is no surprise that the dominant technological nation is Anglo Saxon; or that the minor Anglophone nations like Britain have a disproportionate role in scientific discovery. The trick is to retain these achievements while stealthily correcting the social problems that threaten to engulf the Anglophone world. It does not bode well for any cultural bloc when half its citizens no longer vote, male suicide runs at record levels and an vast, trans-generational underclass spreads like fungus. Whatever Charles Murray suggests, the intrinsic tone of anglophone culture does not favour economic eugenics and his remedial suggestions are unlikely to be realized. On the other hand, something has to be done if Anglo Saxon civilization is not to collapse under Welfare claims, crime, male self-exclusion and falling birthrates.

Add all this to the list of reasons I have given up on Anglo women, especially those from a Caucasian background. No matter how strident the white knights become, I just don’t think they are worth saving. It is amazing to see what poison lurks beneath their increasingly blubbery exteriors. After all, they were the driving force behind ongoing collapse of the U.S. and Western Europe, by challenging and hating their men with increasing passion for over 100 years. Men who did not forcefully stop them only were their enablers – the impetus to destroy society and dominate men was already there, stronger than in other current societies on Earth.

Western men are letting themselves be pushed around from all sides in their gelded state. All the while, their nations fall to political corruption, feminism, leftism, and are invaded and taken over demographically, they really aren’t doing anything to stop their destruction except writing screeds in dark corners of the Internet and putting their ballots in the box, begging for a new “Alpha male” leader. This new leader will somehow prop up the current system or even reform it somewhat in their minds.

That said, trying to save Anglo women from themselves may be the ultimate death wish for the Anglo-American male. There has to be a genetic component their behavior, the predisposition for the strident male hatred they exhibit now, and have exhibited throughout much of history.

My first thought is it is part of a k-selection strategy. After pushing their men so hard they quite literally took over the world, there is literally no where else for Anglo men to go. The drive to appease the Anglo female id drove the society to greatness. But, it has now reached a point of diminishing returns because there is no more world to be taken over. Thus, societally the Anglo female goes insane and destroys her men.

It’s an interesting idea.

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  • Interesting last paragraph, it could be possible that the Anglo women are destroying their male counterparts since there is nothing left to conquer.

    It is called as a “When the work (ruling the world) is over, kill the worker (the Anglo man)”


  • Well I would like to point out that is not just the Anglo countries that follow this pattern but the Nordic/Germanic countries in general or as some would call them the NWE (Teutonics). I’m also curious just where the Celtic periphery fits into this whole situation. It has been my experience that Irish descended girls in Boston and even Italian ones are worse than their WASP Anglo peers. Americanized Slavs from Russia/Ukraine are also notorious for their shit testing and frigidness from my experience. I feel its not so much an Anglo thing as it is a huwhyte thing. Rushton and before him Coon noticed that pigmentation and personality are linked.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Interesting comment. I have long thought there might be connection between women who evolved in colder climates where resources were scarce and their calculating and often misandrist cultures vs. those who evolved in areas where resources were not as scarce who are merely indifferent to men. I will check out those authors you listed.


      • You might want to read The Iceman Inheritance by MIchael Bradley.



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