I Don’t Want to Come Back to the U.S.


Life is good outside The Matrix

I have been away from the United States for about 6 months now, and I have come to a late night realization. I can’t sleep so I decided to write.

The thing that terrifies me more than just about anything is having to leave Latin America and go back to the United States. I have discovered a life worth living here in contrast to the 35 years of emptiness I had before.

A little background…my family has been in the country nearly 200 years. Growing up I considered myself very patriotic. I made the mistake of believing the myths I was fed in public school. When I went to collect what I was promised for “doing the right thing” and staying in school until age 24, as well as working one and sometimes two jobs from age 16, I was told white males are no longer wanted in our new America.

However, that blow actually turned out to be a blessing because I began to see success through another lens other than the lens of conspicuous consumption.

It all started with some excursions into Mexico when I lived in a border state. Something began to change inside of me. There was more there than those “poor brown people” the media warned me about…that would rob me and then leave me for one of the drug gangs to kill. No, there was a society that hadn’t completely thrown its men to the wolves. There were people whose culture had not been taken from them and they had not been shamed into thinking a McMansion, a new sedan, and a nice meal in a restaurant and were the ultimate achievements in life.

Then later, with excursions to other countries, I began to realize something – I was questioning myself if the American way of life was truly the best one I could be living.

Giving Up the Mall

I later realized we have been socially conditioned into becoming consummate consumers, at the expense of everything else worth living about life.

Life for me here is so much better when it comes to the things that really matter – freedom, opportunity, finding a quality, traditional woman, being allowed to live a full life that doesn’t revolve around a Puritanical work ideology and Puritanical prudishness about sexuality and consumption. I just don’t think I could ever be happy again living in the land of corporate-owned everything.

I have realized freedom is nothing but another empty corporate marketing slogan in the once great United States. There few (if any) real freedoms left, misandry (male hatred) and white male scapegoating have rendered me persona non grata, and political slicing and dicing of the populace has left the country deeply divided for the benefit of the puppetmasters.

In this day and age, humans are so successful with producing food, clothing, and shelter that we should have been freed from 40 hour work weeks a couple of generations ago and a reasonable standard of living could be afforded anyone who put in some effort at keeping society running. But no, all the excess production has been shifted up the pyramid to make demigods out of CEOs and the elites. It’s never enough, now they are coming for our leisure time, our privacy, and control over our lives.

There is something that is missing from the sacred economic equation that runs life in America – that is the human part of the equation.

Life is More than a Paycheck

We need to start measuring our success in the happiness of our citizens, not just with consumption.

I can’t go blindly back into a system like that and accept it as reality, especially after knowing there are better ways of doing things out here among the 95% of the world’s population that lives outside America.

I don’t hate the place, nor do I hate the people, I just hate the control corporations and the government working together assume over our lives and the micromanagement of our conduct and choices.

A lot of great men wrote about dying for freedom when they founded the U.S. I am realizing we now live under everything they feared, the biggest, most intrusive government in the history of mankind.

To my corporate and government owners I only have one quote to pass along, written by Oliver Wendell Holmes:

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

I have experienced freedom. My mind can never go back to the dimensions of the cookie-cutter life you have designed for me on the tax farm.

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