The 10 Laws of the Mating Game


The Ten Laws of Game help protect you from the risks of dealing with women

Men and women play games with each other on a regular basis. Men try to secure easy sex from women without commitment, and women try to score financial and emotional commitment without giving sex to men. That’s just the way things are, and they way they will always be. In short, this is the mating game. Manipulating the rules to your favor is collectively known as learning Game in men’s circles.

Knowing the foundational principles of tight Game will get not only get you laid, they will give you an advantage over other men in your dealings with women. They will also help minimize the risks of dealing with a partner evolutionarily designed to exploit male utility value to the fullest.

Having sexual choice and avoiding the doldrums of incel (involuntary celibacy) are probably the biggest motivators men have to learn Game. Game techniques are designed to successfully short circuit the wiring in the primitive, limbic brain (unaffectionately referred to as the Rationalization Hamster in manosphere circles) women use to justify their often horrible life and sexual partner making decisions.

Using Game towards this end is a fantastic choice for a pleasure seeking, pussy pounding lifestyle. In many ways, learning how to successfully pull off pump and dumps is the best bet for the awakened man in today’s Law of the Jungle sexual market, as the predatory nature of women and half a century of feminism make dealing with them in any other way foolhardy.

Game is also essential even if your intentions are just to learn what women really want, because the chasm between what they say they want and what they actually want is a mile wide.

However, be advised using Game is a very risky proposition for forming a family in today’s legal and cultural climate. Lose frame or violate the Laws of Game one too many times and you may just find yourself getting divorce raped and turned into a child support slave, especially in America. And remember gents, 4 out of 5 divorces are initiated or caused by women. You are playing with fire until the legal and cultural climate drastically changes.

Whether a man’s aims are living a life of hedonism or nobler purposes, here are Ten Laws of The Mating Game to keep in mind at all times.


Your success in the mating game depends on learning hard truths about women

The Laws

10. Do not fall in love. Falling in love will leave you in a compromised position with women, ready to be taken advantage of. Women do not love men the way men love women. This is based on both a 5,000 year history of marriage and Briffault’s Law which studied male-female relations cross culturally and across human history. A woman will be in love with your money, social status or power, but not you as a person.

Also, love is a fickle emotion, and people fall out of love all the time. The hottie you think you are in love with now may not be so lovable 10 years from now when she is older, bitchier, wrinklier, saggier, and fatter.

Additionally, author Charles Bukowski also provides us with these cautionary words:

The male, for all his bravado and exploration, is the loyal one, the one who generally feels love. The female is skilled at betrayal and torture and damnation.

These words helps us segue into the fact the human female is a skilled predator, and men are her prey as pointed out by Rev. Lawrence Shannon is his classic The Predatory Female. This is why she is skilled at the personality traits elucidated above by Bukowski. You must keep your wits when dealing with women!

9. Be calculating. Women are very calculating in relationships. If there is nothing for a woman to gain, she will not associate with a man. Women will never admit this and will go through great lengths to hide it, but it is the golden rule governing all sexual and romantic relations.

Remember, as an awakened man you have to learn to start looking out for number one and learn to maneuver for what you want out of any romantic entanglement (sex) for she will be maneuvering to get what she wants out of the arrangement: resources, feels, and status.

8. Women do not think like men. Women put emotions before logic. They’re also extremely cunning, manipulative, and deceptive.

Men often make the mistake of thinking women are rational and logical, when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth. Something can make perfect, logical sense to you, but because she feels a certain way she will never accept it.  You have to learn to communicate with the language of emotion, and to be dominant in your dealings with women rather than submissive.

Women are also extremely talented at lying and deceiving, a fact the philosopher Schopenhauer went into great detail explaining. This is in many ways like entering a parallel universe for the male mind. Do not expect reason nor truth from women.

7. Do not let women separate you from your money. This is the biggest mistake of today’s Western man. He thinks his wallet will buy him access to the female amusement park, and wastes much of his life on a treadmill trying to appease women with more and more shiny things.

The ugly truth is women are shameless exploiters of male utility value and resources, and will suck the lifeblood right out of a man before tossing him in the garbage without a wit to the destruction she brought upon him.

Beta males are nothing but walking wallets to be exploited in today’s sexual market. Women have absolutely no qualms about spending the money of a Beta male while letting an Alpha male breed them.

Again, the concept of The Predatory Female comes into play.

6. Women shit test. Get used to it. Shit tests are nature’s way of women testing male boundaries to see what kind of man you are, and what kind of crap you will put up with. She will try to get under your skin in myriad ways and shit tests never really end, even aftera man has successfully completed his sexual conquest of a woman.

Do not bend to female shit tests and emotional vacillation. When she challenges you or insults you, you must put her in her place even if it is in front of her friends but you also must do it in an endearing, and preferably humorous way.

A show of strength, self-assurance, and a strong frame are the orders of the day when dealing with unrelenting shit tests.

On a related topic, when picking up women, learn how to neg and learn how to deliver backhanded compliments with ease and aplomb. This will deflate her ego a bit, and make her more malleable. Negs takes practice and experience, but nobody ever said being a man was easy.

5. Maintain yourself mentally and physically. Put bluntly, don’t be a dumbass or a fatass. Workout both your mind and body on a regular basis, and do not let women stop you from pursuing your own ambitions and goals in life.

Read, exercise, and eat well.

Cut down on television watching (eliminate it if possible) and find work in a career that satisfies you, not her. The key here is being sharper mentally and physically than men around you, and being in charge of your own life rather than sheepishly following orders of women.

4. Always have options. Oneitis is a fatal disease for your love life. A man who is desired by women has options, and lots of them.

Never be the first to commit, and always leave her with the assumption that you might just walk out the door at any time. Never admit to infidelity, but make her suspicious without making your intentions obvious.

Keep multiple plates spinning, as practice makes perfect when it comes to dealing with women. Develop an abundance mentality rather than letting the scarcity mentality sabotage your love life.

3. A cocky/funny asshole attitude holds the keys to the cave of love. A devil-may-care confident air is an intoxicating musk to the human female. It communicates success in professional and sexual matters.

Cultivate a cool, calm, confident, and aloof attitude. Give the impression that nothing bothers you, and that you are on top of the world, even if the world is on top of you.

Women do not like introspective, self-doubting, or weak willed men. But, they absolutely love bad boys of every stripe. Nice guys really do finish last.

2. Always remember women’s dual mating strategy. Do not be the Beta provider or ever become the Beta provider in her life. You are the Alpha Fucks guy, and she is lucky that you stay around.

This is the mentality you must develop to have success with women. Alpha fucks, Beta bucks is not just a phrase, it is a Red Pill fact that ranks right up there with Newton’s Law of Gravity.

Women will spend one man’s money while walking around with a cooch full of seed from another man. Which one do you want to be?

1. Your self-interest is paramount. This one is difficult for most men, but your have to put your interest over hers. Failure to do this will get you burned every time. Never, ever expect loyalty from a woman.

With women, it’s never what have you done for me. It’s what have you done for me lately.

Rationally look at the decisions you are making with women. Are you doing what is best for you, or best for her? If you stopped providing benefit to her, would she leave you? Who is gaining more from the relationship? An Alpha does what is best for himself, not for women.


Society will become less civilized the longer feminism rules

What to Expect From Game

These succinct and sage laws provide a foundation for a new philosophy that will yield incalculable rewards in your love life. While they stand in opposition to the myths society tells men, it behooves the Red Pill man to throw away everything the media, society, and the public education system told him about women.

You came here looking for truth, and you have found it.

Ultimately, Game is male adaptation to a drastically altered sexual market. It is a response to a society that foolishly removed all constraints on female sexuality.

Another option men have to increase their successful plunder of poon is to leave a declining culture for another culture that has not yet abandoned monogamy and “empowered” women to destroy themselves and society.

How to make hypergamy your bitch is explained here.

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  • All my life I bought into the common ideal of romantic love as expressed in our culture as “true love”. (The noble knight giving his all for that one beauty and she rewarding his effort with love and pussy in return). The thing is, I didn’t have to struggle with it or force myself to adapt or fake like i really cared. When I found a girl that was really sexy and she fucked me, i would ask her to be my girlfriend and thereafter blow off options and be naturally loyal. In short, I would really fall in love (just like they said I should).

    Of course you all can guess how this worked out every time. The more real and passionate my love for them was, the less pussy time I got. I would try to correct this by proving even more how real my love was…cause it was. And then I would get less. Total Beta right? But this was before terminology like that even existed. When I was confronting this TOTAL CONTRADICTION BETWEEN WHAT GIRLS SAID THEY WANTED AND HOW THEY REALLY BEHAVED, (80’s and 90’s, early 2000’s), there was no one who even seemed to see this as anything more then an isolated incidents or poor choice in women. Yet I watched happen to even the sweetest girls. The more I loved them the less they loved me back. But, I also found the converse to be true. The ones that i didn’t really care about were always on my jock….wanting nothing more from me than to fuck. This led me to develop what I called, IDGAF. (I dont give a fuck). It simply means what it looks like. Dont fall in love with a woman if you want her to want to fuck u. If you felt these feelings for a hot girl, hide them…fake it…RUN GAME.

    Buit I found it very difficult keeping my passion in check when I’d hook up with a really hot girl. When I see that naked body on a woman that is my fucking dream come true, I aporeciate it so much and i find that feelings of love come up directly correlated to how hot she is. How can this have evolved to be a part of the male experience (the idealistic real love) unless women wernt fucking and having offspring from guys who loved the like this?


  • Another option men have to increase their successful plunder of poon is to leave a declining culture for another culture that has not yet abandoned monogamy and “empowered” women to destroy themselves and society.

    Where is this place?


  • You trumpet the value of being your own man and seeking out choices in life which are satisfying to you and to not give in to those that make you a slave to the desire for women.

    But read on… and what do we get… we see the underlying priority in the authors mind… which was the all along…… “do these things……. and …. it’ll make women want you.”. Right. That’s the priority goal.


  • charlessledge001

    Agreed women are completely controlled by emotions. If you know how to make them feel emotionally how they want you can have just about any woman you want. It’s hard for a man to comprehend at first how true this is. As well as it’s hard for men to understand that they are the loyal ones and that women are the Machiavellian ones, especially with the portrait of women as goddess that is pushed by most religions as well as modern political movements. Then again perhaps this portrait was pushed exactly for that reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Relampago Furioso

      “As well as it’s hard for men to understand that they are the loyal ones and that women are the Machiavellian ones, especially with the portrait of women as goddess that is pushed by most religions as well as modern political movements. Then again perhaps this portrait was pushed exactly for that reason.” Excellent point.

      I have been going into a larger hypothesis on this, Reinhold Niebuhr is particularly interesting since he believed the masses need “necessary illusion” created by a class of mythmakers. Indeed, if you check out my article Why Politicans are Liars, and Why People Believe Them, it goes into some of the psychology behind why people are so willing to believe authority instead of believing logic and reason. I believe those of us who see reality are, and will remain a minority. But, once in a while we have a victory over the mythmakers and society corrects itself.


      • charlessledge001

        Will check out the articles as well a Niebuhr. Agreed reminds me of Plato’s “Noble Lie” while I have no illusions that the masses will achieve consciousness they can still be led by good leaders for the benefit of their people and country instead of elites who simple wish to use them as pawns in their schemes for power and domination.


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