Anglo American Women Are Risky to Your Wallet and Your Freedom


Women pose grave financial risks in Anglo America

Since the sexual revolution unleashed the Law of the Jungle on the West, today Anglo American women generally do not make very good girlfriends, wives, or mothers. In most cases, men are seen by them as little more than meal tickets to be consumed and discarded. This is due in part to the fact the majority of men are Beta providers and the sexual market has skewed towards the 80/20 rule. (80% of women being monopolized by 20% of men).

Beta resource providers have been rendered practically worthless by women moving into the workforce, a social safety net men pay for with their taxes, and thirsty incel men. So, women pursue the top one-fifth of men, as their instincts compel them to and the rest are left to fight for scraps of attention and affection.

This can lead to disaster. In addition to emotional well-being, there is another area of men’s lives that is at risk if they become entangled with a woman in Anglo America, and that is perhaps the most important one: their financial lives.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but money buys freedom and it’s hard to have either if you have a predatory female and a court system that caters to her whims in your life. Let’s go over a few of the biggest risks to your financial well-being and independence that women present in our society.


Child support is big business in the U.S.

Child Support

Having a child with the wrong Anglo female is a one way ticket to a life of court-enforced indentured servitude. The court does not care if you can’t find a job, if you become disabled, or if you rightfully protest a system in which there is no accountability on the “mother’s” part (I use the term “mother” loosely) to show the money is being spent on her offspring. The court system only cares that you hand the money over to her and that you hand it over on time, every time. It does not care how the money is spent.

Resources must flow from you to her no matter what for 18 years. As the average child support obligation is around $500 a month, and men who do not kiss the State’s ring are thrown into the gulag by a metastasizing police state. Fulfilling your 4.5 billion year old genetic imperative then not writing princess a check every month could now cost you jail time.

If instead invested rather than forcefully taken by the court system, that kind of money turns in to a fortune assuming a reasonable 10% return rate on a good growth stock mutual fund over 18 years. A whopping $300,000 is at stake for one broken condom or lie about her birth control status!

Lawyers pour gasoline on this fire. As the excellent documentary Divorce Corp points out, child support has turned into a $50 billion industry in the U.S. Glenn Sacks, Family Law Reform advocate who contributed to the film points out:

It’s very difficult to get child support modified downward. If you live in a major city, the wages are high the cost of living is high and the person who gets primary custody of the kids realizes, “Hey, I can move out of the city and my expenses will be far less. But I will still keep getting that high child support amount from the parent who is left behind in the major city.”

Very often the parent who is left behind in the major city will go to the court and say, “Hey, I love my child, I want to be with my child. I’m going to give up my good paying job to go move to this small town so I be with my child more. And all I want you to do, Your Honor, is respect the fact that of course I can’t make as much income living in this little town as I could living in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or a major city.” And the vast majority of the time the judge will say, “Tough luck!”

Women win custody a whopping 84% of the time, which flies in the face of a supposed fight for equality. (That ratio should be 50% of the time in an equal society.) Child support incentivizes the breakup of the family in the U.S. and forces you to pay for your reduction in status from being a father to being a sperm donor. It gets worse as Sacks points out:

A lot of these people end up racking up a big child support debt. A lot of states have interest on the debt,  sometimes that interest is as high as 10% to 12%.

Those who do not pay can be jailed. This is obviously a system of indentured servitude in which women hold all the cards. The legal system in the United States has taken the father out of the home by force, and replaced him with Government Check Dad. There is perhaps no bigger risk to a man’s financial life or his freedom than having children.


Slavery still exists in the United States: pay your ex or go to jail

Pay Your Ex For Life or Go to Jail

After divorce, in many states alimony can last longer than the marriage did! Sometimes, these payments can last for life! Steve Hitner of Mass Alimony Reform details how alimony was set up:

Your responsibility based on the law, is to maintain your ex-spouse in the same lifestyle of the marriage. We have people who were married for 4 or 5 years that are paying 25 years of alimony. No matter how much I tried to prove I couldn’t afford $865 a week, it didn’t matter. The judge says, “Do you have the money?” and you say no, then they cuff you and shackle you and take you right off to jail.

Jeanie Hitner, Steve’s current wife was told this by a judge on the case:

I have to work two jobs in order to keep him out of jail.

The nightmare stories of alimony also reach into high status members of society from such legendary institutions as the NFL. Bob Simms, an ex NFL linebacker told us how the alimony system has enslaved him:

My present wife of 26 years sends my ex-wife who divorced me 30 some years ago a check every [month].

Alimony is a financial obligation that could follow a man to his grave, which makes marriage a grave risk.


The mall might as well be church in Anglo America, since consumerism is the religion of the female

Wasteful Spending

Assume, if you will, as female spending makes up 80% of the economy that your expenses from dating her, or even more frighteningly from being married to her take up two-thirds of your take-home pay.

No, a simple studio apartment, simple used car or motorcycle, and meals prepared at home won’t be good enough. If you tie your fortunes to the wrong girl, she will fully expect to use your resources to keep up with the Joneses in your neighborhood.

Assuming you are a compliant corporate cog and do whatever your boss tells you no matter how ridiculous it is, working 50-60 hour weeks in the “new economy” sounds appealing to you for some reason, and you find a way to navigate the landmine-ridden HR department that wants to destroy you for the crime of being a male, you might be lucky enough pull down a median salary of around $43,000 year.

The average Anglo girl will not be satisfied with that salary, even though it affords her a better quality of life than 90% or more of the rest of the world. And, the hedonic treadmill will very likely cause her to look for a more affluent meal ticket someday. Therefore, you will need to run around with your ass on fire and get used to an empty bank account so she can live a life of consumerism.


A decade with an woman in Anglo America will likely cost you more than it takes to retire in a more libertine country

Invest in Yourself Instead

Instead of wisely investing half to two-thirds of your take home salary, having the wrong woman in your life will almost certainly cause you to instead increase your spending.

Suppose that because of her lavish spending you missed out on investing $1,000 a month. In only five years, you will have missed out on $82,000 of freedom. With the wrong woman at year five, if you have not applied the principles of Game properly she will become impossible to live with. She will complain constantly, denigrate you for not being a better provider, and swing you around by the balls with a legal system that heavily favors her. She will likely have a man on the side servicing her while you are at work, and legally she will still have the advantage over you rendering you with two choices: accept being cuckolded or accept slavery.

Moving ahead, after 10 years you could have had over $200,000 in the bank all while affording multiple trips annually to sunnier, more libertine countries and enjoyig the company of younger and prettier women. Your relationship with her has now cost you enough money to retire on, if you invest wisely and move to a country where the cost of living is lower than the U.S.

If you go full boat and have a kid with her, that relationship will have potentially cost you over $1 million dollars in 20 years. This assumes the average child support obligation and saving half your income as detailed in our articles on minimalism and in the recommended book Debt Is Slavery. The stakes are high if you choose to have kids in the West with an Anglo woman. For those who desire a family, it is much cheaper and safer to build your family in another country by using hypergamy.


Extreme caution is advised when dealing with women in Anglo America; as a man you have almost no legal rights in family court

Wrapping Up

This lesson in Female Economics 101 wraps up by advising you to wrap it up. Marriage is not advised because of the frightening legal implications. Be wary of considering any long-term relationship with an Anglo American female without extensive vetting.

Always remember women’s dual mating strategy of Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks. Women often compartmentalize relationships, and will have one man providing for her while her sexual needs are fulfilled by another. Many marriages end this way, and men are exploited by a legal system that stacks the deck against them.

If you choose unwisely, your wallet may never recover.

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  • Great article. It’s funny that you had to post a picture of a Latina in a bikini and not an Anglo. Ha ha. If it was a white girl than she is so aberrant that it’s the same diff.


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