The 5 F’s of a Happy Man


Men are pretty simple creatures, it is not hard to make us happy

In the increasingly isolated, demographically moribund existence individuals face in the Western world, men are regularly scapegoated for all the problems women and the world face. This “Women are Wonderful” effect is rampant in modern times, and it a symbolic of a culture that pedestalizes women. The Women are Wonderful effect is detailed here:

Research suggests that people associate more positive attributes with women compared to men. This bias reflects an emotional bias toward women as a general case.

Contrary to what the cultural mythmakers tell us, the conclusion can be made that society is actually sexist against men as the narrative turns women into eternal victims and men into the antagonists. This bias favoring women marginalizes men and feminism then pours gasoline on the fire. As Martin Daubney of Loaded magazine has observed The Grand Narrative of the Western world (and Anglo society in particular) disparages men, illustrated in this infographic:


Anglo society’s biases represent men as evil oppressors and pedestalize women

According to this distorted world view, men have no problems, men are the problems, we have all positive opportunities, and we control politics, the economy, and society while actively oppressing women. This caricature of men could not be farther from the truth in the present day, since men and especially white men are excommunicated from society.

Following The Grand Narrative, if society instead went back to a traditional model in which men manage politics, the economy, and society both sexes would be happier. However, one major clarification needs to be made: Men do not have all positive opportunities nor outcomes, and do not wish to actively oppress women. In fact, most men want to serve women in the traditional manner and for women to in turn serve us in a traditional manner. This delicate balance between the sexes has been upset by feminism and Cultural Marxism, which seeks rights and privileges for women without giving them responsibilities.

This bias against men is represented by the fact that never is the issue of female privilege discussed by feminists nor is handing women the blue-collar and grunt work responsibilities of society a topic of interest. Men overwhelmingly die in greater numbers in combat, in the workplace, at industrial jobs, they make up the majority of the homeless, and women win custody of children 4 out of 5 times. They are also subject to being turned into economic slaves of the child support and alimony system but get no say in the vaunted “women’s right to choose” as to whether or not their offspring will be killed by an abortionist after conception.

While returning to traditional sex roles sounds complicated, one must realize in reality what most men want is pretty simple. Our desires can be broken down to a simple list. And for that, we offer our lives, our bodies, our protection, guidance, and the fruits of our labor. Here is a list of 5 F’s which keep men happy.


Men are genetically and biologically wired to desire sex; all interaction and transactions are directed at bedding a hot babe; for the female the directive is getting an Alpha male to commit

(F)uck Us

Biologically, the meaning of life is to have sex and reproduce. It has been the Prime Directive on planet earth for over 4 billion years. All animals have sex, and humans are no exception. The sexual market is the granddaddy of all other markets. Like it or not, all other transactions humans make are in service or either raising their status or power for men, or women making themselves more alluring to Alpha males.

Sex is a biological and psychological need for both men and women, but especially men. Without it, all sorts of problems arise. The mass shooting craze in Anglo America only illustrates one of the psychological dangers of leaving a class of men completely sexless. (Of course, drugging them with brain-altering SSRIs does not help.)

The numbers of men who don’t get any are quite large, yet very few females (not surprisingly) ever have to go without. Here’s what one study found about how many involuntarily celibate (incel) men there are in Anglo society :

A whopping 40% of young men under 35 reported to be INCEL for the past 6 months (involuntary celibate), but only 3% of women. This was from a survey of 5,000 people. So 40% of men under 35 can’t get sex or have not had sex in the past 6 months, where as only 3% of women under 35 reported not having sex in the past 6 months. What does this tell you? To me it means 40% of men are rejects, not good enough for women, be it from being too ugly or socially undesirable or whatever. And it means that women are whores who get sex easily.

Going back to monogamy and marriage would end this glut of males at the lower end of the spectrum, since females instinctually only chase the top 20% of men and neglect the rest. The result is not only violent outbursts from sexless males, but a mass checking out of society such as the MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way) are righteously doing. As one MGTOW put it:

  • Chasing women is stressful, requiring much deliberation, effort, and strategy.
  • Once you have a woman, she will invariably bring great stress into your life; power struggles, constant nattering and complaints, constant neediness and being demanding, drama, arguments, restrictions of your freedom to do what you want when you want, even what foods you put into your body.
  • When the woman leaves you, or you leave her, more stress and drama ensues.

The MGTOWs have a valid point. However, without the family society does not continue and those that remove themselves from the sexual market become genetic dead ends. This is a philosophy that is great for a certain segment of men, but someone has to carry the weight of society if we wish for the human species to continue.


Family is the foundation of a civilized society

Give Us a (F)amily

By turning the idea of family into an antiquated concept relegated to lowly “breeders” Western society is committing suicide. Here are a few reasons family is so important to men and society and general.

  • Family organizes society around the fact children are the future
  • Family makes for a more civilized society
  • Family gives men a reason to strive and work hard
  • People with supportive families are happier and more fulfilled as individuals

The documentary Happy, which features findings from the scientific study of happiness found:

Society tells us in order to be happy, we need to be successful, make a lot of money, and have a good job. Although having enough money to take care of basic needs (food, shelter, clothes) does increase happiness, an excess of money doesn’t necessarily make us any happier. Someone who makes $5 million a year isn’t necessarily any happier than someone who brings home $50,000 a year. In fact, people who are very focused on making more money and higher social status tend to be more depressed, anxious, and generally less energized. The happiest people are those who focus their time and energy on close, supportive friends and family, and community.

Family turns the focus of society from pursuit of extrinsic goals (money, image, possessions, shallow things) to intrinsic goals (personal development, activity, and community) that naturally make people happier.


Cooking is becoming a lost art since feminism

(F)eed Us

Cooking is becoming a lost art since feminism. According to feminism, the kitchen might as well be a dungeon and is the vortex of hell in the ongoing oppression of women. In reality, when women do traditional things like cooking and cleaning, they wind up happier than careerist shrikes who sell commit themselves to corporations who do not care about them instead of a husband that would.

The American Sociological Review found if men did all of what the researchers characterized as feminine chores like folding laundry, cooking or vacuuming — the kinds of things many women say they want their husbands to do — then couples had sex 1.5 fewer times per month than those with husbands who did what were considered masculine chores, like taking out the trash or fixing the car… the greater the husband’s share of masculine chores compared with feminine ones, the greater his wife’s reported sexual satisfaction.

This flies in the face of everything feminism tells women and men, and it is only one study among many that reinforce inconvenient facts that the sexes are fundamentally different. Another study in New Zealand also found this, even though its findings are cloaked in politically correct language.

Psychologists surveyed a representative sample of (6,000) New Zealanders and found that a man’s score on a test of ‘benevolent sexism’ – a view of women as ‘deserving of men’s adoration and protection’ – was directly correlated with his overall life satisfaction. Their results also indicated that women are happier in relationships with sexist men.

Benevolent sexism is an invented phrase for traditional sex roles that have existed for thousands of generations in our species for a reason. Traditional roles exist not because women are oppressed by men, but because traditional sex roles make both sexes happier. Women want to submit to a powerful man ( the 50 Shades of Grey insanity proved). So, guys stop being a limp-wristed metrosexual and start being a demanding asshole.

Sending women back to the kitchen may be the best thing we ever did for their happiness.


Ball busting women are a huge turnoff

Don’t (F)ight With Us

There is nothing more unattractive than a ball-busting woman. Unfortunately it is becoming more common as Cultural Marxism continues pushing an agenda of androgenizing the population, masculinizing women and feminizing men. As the excellent men’s blog Chateau Heartise puts it:

‘Manning up’ by secularized post-industrial women is prominent in both their physical features (fatter, manjaw-ier, bigger framed) and their personalities (bitchier, more entitled, less fecund, more prone to binge drinking).

Assuming a feminine posture is more desirable than continuing to prove Freud’s penis envy theories right on a daily basis.

Men also need to realize women operate on the hedonic treadmill principle, and stop putting up with constant complaining. Find a way to end it by being an asshole (chicks dig jerks) and tell her to shut the fuck up. The hedonic treadmill is an important concept:

The hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation, is the observed tendency of [women] to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes.

This means that no matter what men do for women, what men buy for them or the sacrifices they make, once a new car, wardrobe or home is purchased women will return to the same overall level of happiness. Meaning, her feels from that huge purchase won’t last long. Consumerism and materialism is driven by women and it is not making people happier. Rammstein actually highlighted this tendency in their excellent song Rosenrot (translated to English).

The boy climbs the mountain in torment
He doesn’t really care about the view
Only the little rose is on his mind
He brings it to his sweetheart

She wants it and that’s fine
So it was and so it will always be
She wants it and that’s the custom
Whatever she wants she gets

At his boots, a stone breaks
[He] Doesn’t want to be on the cliff anymore
And a scream lets everyone know
Both are falling to the ground

Don’t be the boy who climbs the mountain of her materialistic desires in torment just because she is bitching only to end up falling off the edge. And women, stop being so demanding and be thankful for what you already have as world religions tell you to do.


Fucking around is perhaps the worst thing you can do to a man

Don’t (F)uck Around

There is nothing more devastating to a man than female infidelity. In addition to the supreme slap in the face cuckolding him is, unknowingly raising a child that is not biologically his offers no greater disrespect. Estimates vary but anywhere from 3% to 10% of men are raising a child that is not biologically theirs and are ignorant of the fact.

In the Western world, female infidelity is encouraged if not rewarded with cash and prizes by a family court system that actively practices misandry (male hatred).

Paternity guarantees are why marriage evolved in all societies on earth. Ditching this disincentivizes men from participating in society and turns them into nothing more than sperm donors. Offering men a seat at the table of the human family with guarantees of female fidelity was one of the best features of patriarchy. As Female Misogynist put it (yes, a woman who criticizes other women!):

Patriarchy, to begin with, gives males purpose. A man who is hoping to achieve great things, to build something, to discover something, has to restrain his violent impulses.

This ownership gives the man a motivation to protect his wife and daughters (and sons) from threats, chiefly other men.

In unpatriarchal societies, which are invariably either primitive tribes or else rapidly collapsing civilizations, women are raped or robbed frequently. Men have no reason not to do these things; their sole purpose is to act as sperm donor and gratify their own whims. Such tribes have no real concept of paternity, so mothers are free to raise their sons as they wish, without interference from those pesky fathers. According to feminist propaganda, these women will raise their sons to be peaceful and nonviolent and respectful to women. In reality, these fatherless boys grow up violent, rootless, and with no reason not to do whatever they feel like.

All civilized societies on earth have practiced monogamy. This is why not fucking around is so important.


Like it or not, patriarchy, marriage, and family are the building blocks of a civilized society

Not So Hard to Do

We often hear what women want but society fails to ask what men want. The 5 tenets of  making men happy are very little ask. Following this outline will make society more civilized and benefit it in the long run. The alternative is to continue along the primrose path the West is now taking towards genetic, cultural, and demographic extinction.

The West is continuing to trade what works for what sounds good. Having women in the workplace benefits the government by providing 50% more taxpayers and  benefits corporations by cutting labor costs in half, but does not benefit civilized society nor the family.

The failure to conform to this simple model is the product of a society that has lost touch with the traditions it was founded on. As Spengler put it, in the Winter of a society people analyze everything to death and life is no longer a thing to be lived but a problem to be solved. Intellectuals arrogantly criticize the life-giving traditions of the society and moneyed interests profit from tearing these traditions apart. Fertility declines, families break up, and society falls apart.

Meantime, nobody ever asks how can we serve both sexes better, only how can we serve women better.

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