Comment Winners | May 1, 2016


We will slip a $20 in your pocket when you win our Comment of the Month competition

Comment of the Month | $20 Cash Winner

The New Modern Man commenter charlessledge001 wins the inaugural Comment of the Month competition gets a cool $20.

In the Prostitution – Heinous Crime or the Government in Your Bedroom comments section he knew women always play the victim card, and they play it well.

No matter what women are going to be seen as a victim. This has been ingrained in Western society for thousands of year now it has just hit peak insanity since the rise of Feminism and such in the 60’s, at least in America. Never has a society coddled women like Western society which may be why they act out, because they’ve been spoiled for so long…Both Liberals and Conservatives in America worship women just in different ways.

The victim role women assume to maximize their leverage in society is further detailed with the Women Are Wonderful infographic in The 5 F’s of a Happy Man.

He also touches on the fact many issues are created by the legacy media out of whole cloth, and then shoehorned into the water cooler narrative.

Whenever something is pushed hard by the media and the mainstream (such as sex trafficking and the Superbowl) I know that it’s either one bullshit or two misconstrued.

The old saying goes: you have to create problems to create profit. The legacy media is very good at creating problems.


We will slip a $5 in your pocket when you win our Comment of the Week competition

Comment of the Week | $5 Cash Winner

Commenter charlessledge001 also wins our inaugural Comment of the Week competition and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. In response to the Antidepressants Are Dangerous Drugs article which details some of the risks of SSRI medication, he said:

Damn I knew that stuff was bad for you but didn’t know it was that bad. It’s crazy how blatantly society is given poison in so many different forms and every one just keeps marching along.

Indeed, the power the social engineers and the medical-pharmaceutical complex wield is as astonishing as it is ghastly.

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