What is Really Being Discussed by Governments at Global Warming Conferences


There is not a rainbow hovering over the global warming conferences, there is a dark cloud of tyrannical interests

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together. That is the image the press gives the world of the annual global warming conferences held by governments in cities around the world each year. Not only is flying to the meetings in carbon polluting jets hypocritical in the modern age of teleconferencing, which would save many millions of tons of CO2 from being emitted but the proposals being discussed at these meetings have more to do with establishing a world government than saving the world.

Lord Christopher Monckton, former Science Advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, climate change skeptic, and mathematician, attended these meetings annually until he was banned for calling their statistics into question. As Monckton has revealed and this infographic shows, what is really being discussed at the annual global warming meetings is not so sunny:


The aims are largely about crippling Western economies and establishing global bureaucracy rather than saving the planet

Proposals Explained

Most of the proposals supposedly aimed at “saving the world” will only strengthen the government’s hand in our lives, and hand decision making control of sovereign nations over to a global authority.

  • Right of legal personality given to Mother Earth to sue Western nations in a Climate Court. This is nothing more than a gigantic wealth redistribution scheme and a thinly veiled attempt at creating global welfare which will be funded by Western nations. It will give the right to developing countries to sue America and Europe, making each pay for its “climate sins” of the past such as using fossil fuels to move people and goods and generate electricity.
  • Cut CO2 concentration to 210 ppm. This is an unachievable goal, and total insanity since today’s 400 ppm CO2 level is one of the lowest in the past 500 million years. Carbon dioxide is exhaled by humans and other animals, and acts as plant fertilizer. Without it, plants would die as they cannot photosynthesize without CO2. Plants grow faster and heartier when CO2 levels are higher.
  • Create 1,000 New Bureaucracies to Manage the World Government. Thousands of bureaucracies will ultimately micromanage every facet of life of every human on the planet. Some of the colorful names of the proposed bureaucracies include: Body to Launch a Process to Further Define the Roles and Functions of the New Body to Assist the Conference of the Parties in Exercising its Functions with Respect to the Financial Mechanism. As if there wasn’t enough governmental control, the global warming polemicists now want to micromanage everything from driving to breathing with this proposal.
  • American and European CO2 Emissions Cut By More than 100%. This would immediately shut down and cripple the American and European economies. Driving gasoline cars would be out of the question as would most electricity generation in the United States. The majority of electricity comes from coal. Wind farms may seem like a solution, but with only 50,000 wind turbines in the U.S. 300,000 birds are already being killed every year by the blades of these monstrosities. Estimates say as many as 5 million wind turbines would be needed to meet our current energy needs, which means tens of millions of birds would be sacrificed for green energy. Solar plants are also burning birds alive.
  • Shipping and aviation fuels regulated by a world governmental body. This means business would have to submit to government authority in order to move anything from food to furniture to your Amazon purchase to flying you to your vacation destination. These fuels would be regulated, and taxed, by an unelected world government.

Creating mountains of legalistic, controlling bureaucracy and paperwork are the real aims at the global warming conferences

Carbon Taxes 15 Times More Expensive than Adaptation

Monckton has done the math of what these and other proposals, like a global carbon tax, will cost the world.

A carbon tax today would be at least 15 times more expensive and less cost-effective than adaptation to any adverse effects of global warming the day after tomorrow.

Of course, adverse affects of global warming assume the scare is right in the first place. Its effects have been underwhelming so far, which one should expect in realizing CO2 should never be classified as a pollutant as it is the basis for all life on earth. It is one of the weakest greenhouse gases, and makes up a tiny 0.039% of the atmosphere.

Taxing an element on the periodic table, the element all life on earth needs to survive is the height of government insanity. Humans are made of carbon, plants are made of carbon, and animals are made of carbon. What’s more, doomsday predictions made in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s for today have not come true, even though the media have shifted into overdrive playing up normal, if tragic weather events. Indeed, fear mongering is the staple of the climate scare.

In 2006, the Stern Report on climate economics absurdly assumed a 10 percent probability that global warming would bring the world to an end by 2100. Now, after at least 16 years without warming, this assumption looks quaintly overblown. Even if we were to accept Stern’s fanatical standpoint, no proposal to mitigate global warming would be cost-effective if it were to exceed his central estimate of the undiscounted cost of doing nothing, which is just 1.5 percent of global GDP throughout this century.

In other words, it would be far cheaper to respond to the threat than it would be to cripple economies trying to prevent it based scare that is based almost exclusively on computer modeling. Monkton knows there is a human cost to this religious crusade against the life-giving molecule carbon dioxide.

This is cruelty on an unprecedented scale, in that millions are now dying of starvation – not because of global warming but because of crass and cruel policies governments are implementing for the purpose of trying to save the planet. In every way this is going to cause huge damage to [the West’s] ability to compete in the world marketplace, and for absolutely no climate benefit. People have seen right through this, and seen right through it because they know that in the end they pay for it through their taxes and through their jobs.

Beyond levying taxes on the air people breathe, killing jobs, and establishing more government control, it is often forgotten plants need carbon to photosynthesize. CO2 is plant fertilizer more than it is anything else.


Photosynthesis cannot occur without carbon (CO2) and higher levels lead to a greener planet, making it perhaps the greenest gas in the atmosphere


The real reason the global warming agenda is being pushed is because it is the linchpin to the ongoing construction of the New World Order. A social hysteria has to be fomented so people act irrationally to “save the planet” when in fact all they will be doing is giving authoritarian control to an unelected body that will have the ability to tax every human being on the planet and control every aspect of people’s lives and the economy.

It is an underhanded trick, which uses elements of Judeo-Christian religion (as pointed out by bestselling author Michael Crichton) to bring about belief and submission without evidence.

It is a continuation of a century-long process of emotional manipulation by the puppetmasters in corporations and the government, which began with shifting Anglo America to a materialistic economy, then removing rational thinking from politics, and which now aims to remove all dissent from consolidation of power by an elite.

The proposals will not save the world, they will enslave it.

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