Women’s Unrestrained Sexual Instincts Lead to Dystopia


Women’s desire to marry someone of higher status than them, if not restrained, ultimately leads to meaner men and large numbers of alienated men dropping out of society

Primitive sexual forces detailed by Freud and unleashed by feminism have released the hounds of hell on Western civilization by ending restrictions on female sexuality. Sexual forces stemming from the limbic or “reptilian” brain inside all of us, no longer constrained by culture are changing the lives of everyone in society, and changing them in de-civiling ways.

This infographic illustrates how hypergamy, or women’s biological desire to date and mate with men of higher status has eliminated large numbers of men from sexual consideration once The Law of the Jungle returned, i.e. patriarchy was abandoned. To become top dog in this skewed sexual market, an undesirable (for civilization) set of traits must be honed by men who do not wish to become genetic dead ends.


Hypergamy means the majority of men are just not good enough anymore, and men must turn into monsters or imitate them to get into the upper quintile of the sexual pyramid

Sexual Market Value

The Sexual Market Value (SMV) of women and men is of vital importance to both sexes but the equation breaks down differently for each side. Men’s sexual market value is based on wealth, social status, and power. More than anything else, this determines if a man is going to be In Like Flynn or clicking onto porn to rub one out.

Women’s sexual market value is based on hotness, youth, and fertility. Men want hot women who are young and fertile – those in their prime childbearing years.

There are biological reasons for each of these mating strategies. In the wild, a weak Beta provider will not provide the best genes for survival of the female’s offspring. A male that dominates other men (i.e. an Alpha) shows his genes have what it takes to be a winner. Since reproduction has been the prime directive for all life on the planet since it formed, a pretty, young, fertile woman is appealing to the male because she will give him the highest number of, most attractive, and healthiest offspring. However, while men will often settle for a female of lower SMV than them, for women only the best will do. The reason: eggs cost more than sperm.


When most men are not good enough, men have no incentive to remain civilized

Only the Best Will Do

Women want dominant men, and to become dominant in today’s society a man must possess a Dark Triad personality type. Possessing a mean, ruthless personality makes panties wet and allows ascension into the upper quintile (top 20%) of males is a trait that women select for by virtue of the fact women reward men who have it with a sexual cornucopia while leaving other men to wallow in miserable, incel lives.

The problem with this strategy is over time as more and more men turn mean to get women, to stay in the upper quintile men must become meaner and meaner to thwart competition. Thus, Dark Triad men fathering the offspring in the society pass on their traits to the next generation, while nice guys become genetic dead ends by virtue of women choosing men with the following traits:

  • Machiavellianism: The employment of cunning and duplicity in general conduct.
  • Narcissism: Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration as characterizing a personality type.
  • Psychopathy: Characterized by low fear and stress-tolerance, toleration of unfamiliarity and danger, high self-confidence and social assertiveness, poor impulse control including problems with planning and foresight, lacking affect and urge control, demand for immediate gratification, and poor behavioral restraints. Other traits include meanness, lacking empathy and close attachments with others, disdain of close attachments, use of cruelty to gain empowerment, exploitative tendencies, defiance of authority, and destructive excitement seeking.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize when the only men who are reproducing in statistically significant numbers possess these personality traits, over time society is going to become uncivilized and more vicious. (The fact women get hot and bothered over men who have these traits also tells us a good deal about female psychology). Over time, positive male traits that build civilization up rather than exploiting it for personal gain begin to disappear from society. In effect, under patriarchy women settle and civilization benefits. Post patriarchy men settle (or go without) and civilization weakens.


Having sexual, familial, and friendship needs satisfied allows man to progress to higher being – notice sex is at the base of the pyramid and sexual intimacy, such as that with a regular partner is in the middle

Positive Male Traits

Male traits that are positive for a civilized society flourish only under patriarchy. When men do not have to fight to the death with one another over women who are monopolized by a few top dogs, a wonderful change happens. The society becomes more cooperative, it moves from low trust to high trust, and with men’s sexual desires satiated by the bonds of monogamy that women cannot break for fear of being shamed and excommunicated, the sexes can go on to pursue higher ambitions.

Sex is very important to psychology, especially male psychology. Sex appears at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy along with other physiological needs. Sex alone does not fulfill a man, however. Studies consistently show that sex is more satisfying with a regular partner than it is with many different partners. So, sexual intimacy appears higher up in the pyramid, in the middle, along with other needs for belonging. In a society where most men get no sex at all, basic physiological needs are not being met, and higher needs of belonging are certainly not being met, so men cannot ascend the pyramid properly and do not develop a sense of belonging, self-esteem, or self-realization. This deprivation turns them into efficient consumers but it does not make them happy men,nor is it good for the flowering of culture and civilization.

As an aside, I have personally had sex with many women. However, I find I am happiest and do my best work when I have a single girlfriend who is supportive and gives me regular sexual attention. The importance of this very human need for bonding and belonging is underestimated in our society. A fling with a random sexy girl is exciting and brings momentary happiness; but it is not fulfilling like a regular partner is. A society that seeks fulfillment instead of momentary happiness is better off in the long run.


Sex is a basic physiological need for both men and women


Patriarchy curbs the influences of the sexual jungle by ending the rump of sexless males at the bottom of the hierarchy. It encourages male participation in society rather than male alienation. It leads to civilization, rather than catering to base instincts in the lower reaches of the human brain.

Under patriarchy, women are forced to settle for someone comparable to their SMV, but the alternative is a system in which a man has to settle for a female of lower status than him. By catering to hypergamous instincts, society leaves out a huge number of men who could contribute to it. Today’s society tells Betas (who build up society) they are not worthy of sex, but make sure to pay your taxes so we can give the revenue to women who have kids with criminals and other miscreants. This is a reason why the MGTOW movement is gaining steam, not because men are childish and refusing to take responsibility but because they are acting rationally to lack of incentives given to them.

Abandoning such a system was a dreadful mistake for Western Civilization. The passing of patriarchy has led women to chasing top men and even the formation of harems around Alphas (such as Leonardo DiCaprio’s well-known harem), promoted the rise of Dark Triad personality traits and bad boys instead of good, responsible men, and prevented both men and women from ascending Maslow’s hierarchy towards self-esteem and self-realization.

The definition of dystopia is a society that is undesirable or frightening. It is indeed undesirable and frightening to think about where these changes will lead us in the coming generations.

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  • Zan, on the other hand,
    You could take qwewqe’s advice.
    Get some assistance though.
    Then it is perfectly legal; other wise they will sue your parents for recovery efforts.


  • Then basically Betas are screwed because today’s women don’t need him. So what’s a Beta to do?


    • Contribute to society as little as possible.


    • Pay back a bitch with love.
      There are aphrodisiacs long known for effects produced in women. The further removed a woman is from being feminine the more dramatic and marked the effects. Contrary to popular understanding there is no need for desire of the effects nor a defense from the effects. Once a scent is sensed it is conveyed instantaneously to the brain and limbic system. The effects will be noted immediately. A woman has no defense at all…period. Sometimes it will take time and repetition to reach maximum impact.
      I have tested this directly on more than 1,000 women without invitation. Based on first hand experience and extensive study of eons of documentation I can confidently say that this will help any man get more sex with less crap than any other aid known.
      Any man desiring to use this weapon of love for balancing the shit out of emotional/sexual handicapped bitches, lesbos, feminazis, exs, virgins or just disoriented pussy’s then please let me know.
      I live for this. It is really a lot of fun.
      Full instructions provided. Easy as it gets.
      Relatively inexpensive and realistically affordable for anyone.
      Full money back guarantee on return of product remnants.


    • Become a sigma not an arrogant alpha asshole. Women want security and protection more than anything. Most believe that is accomplished by money when in fact the more money you have the bigger target you become. What idiocy. Many women are not idiots.
      The sigma, the lone wolf, is the recognized symbol for security around the world. Become a sigma and the women will come to you. How do you do that? Start by thinking really hard what a lone wolf must, has, to do. Then do it.


      • Well, you must not be talking about Anglo women… they don’t need you… they have safety and security in the form of jobs, alimony, child support, simps, Gov’t programs, house dog, house alarm, firearm, mase, family and friends…. and if you think for a minute they need your little member..they have dildos and vibrators…. so check your ego and delusions and wake the fuck up dude…. Anglo women don’t need you (anymore)… they will use you as a fool and a tool and throw you away.


      • Zan, you got a real problem and it is you not women.
        Read Tob, above, and reread what I wrote. A thousand times if you have too.
        As you are, right now, hopeless!
        Get a grip on yourself.


      • OK, Moriyah…. but are you and Tob NOT paying attention… fine use your little elixir. Given this culture and how delusional and damaged these women are … let’s see if you can get a grip when you and Tob are accused of sexual assault or rape. They can say ANYTHING about ANYONE from ANYTIME. I’m NOT here to argue… good luck with that drugging women for sex.


      • Zan, you fail to grasp the least of the facts.
        I suggest you spend some time at study in a quiet place.
        I am talking about the power of the universe expressed through the sun, air, water and earth along with the plants given to us by the creator for all proper and righteous things.
        You can, and have, misconstrued that into some warped concept that is the result of the fear you are presently under.
        The knowledge and understanding is in your face and you cannot recognize it for it is.
        Too sad for words.
        THEY, who is they? Demons playing with your mind!
        As I said; get a grip before you lose it entirely.
        Captain America indeed! Very funny…


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