Getting a Chip Implanted as Normal as Using a Barcode to Local Reporter


Between insightful journalistic endeavors like fronting for hockey games, Melanie Michael says we should just accept being turned into human bar codes

A report pushing the acceptance of implanted RFID tracking devices aired on an NBC affiliate earlier this month tells the sheeple get ready to be chipped, and to expect government mandated dehumanization by electronic tagging “sooner rather than later.” The propaganda piece then goes on to sell implanted RFID chips under the banner of safety, when in fact the agenda is one of control. Of course, the typical bias of pushing any new electronic device as a sure sign of progress permeates the report along with many other typical local news biases.

The story presents a ridiculous case of hide and seek gone wrong as evidence of the “need” to get implanted with a tracking device. After Steffany Rodriguez-Neely’s 3-year old daughter hid behind some clothes, she realized that if only her daughter had a tracking device installed, she could have been spared looking for her. To the lightweight reporter Melanie Micheal, working for 8 On Your Side News in Tampa, this is an overwhelming case to run down to the local government office and prostrate yourself before tyrannical government officials, begging them to chip me, chip me now! Neely goes on:

If a small chip the size of a grain of rice could have prevented a tragedy, I think most parents would have said, I think I would have done it.

A daughter playing hide and seek is now a tragedy. Hmmm. She is entitled to her opinion. But other people are entitled to theirs, and many think being chipped represents the fruition of the warnings about Big Brother presented in the classic novel 1984. In cheesy local news fashion, the story then digs up an “expert” named Stuart Lipoff of Cyber Access Internet Communications, who says we should gleefully accept being turned into human bar codes. (Local news loves to toss around the “expert” and “authority” moniker rather than encouraging people to think rationally on their own). Lipoff told Michael:

When barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, people were appalled. They were wary of them and did not understand the concept. Today, it is so commonplace, we don’t even notice it. A microchip would work much in the same way. People should be aware that testing is being done right now. The military is not only testing this out, but already utilizes its properties. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when.

The “creepiness” of the entire proposition is lost on the blonde reporter. What is also lost in the rest of the mainstream media any sense of irony as they push getting chipped as a way for children to be safe, while sister outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and Salon are pushing for the legalization of pedophilia. The Times kicked off the agenda to normalize child molestation by publishing an article called Many Researchers Taking a Different View of Pedophilia. Here are some of its revelations as it encourages us to feel the pain of a man convicted of buying kiddie porn:

His desires remained stuck in time as he neared adulthood. Despite a stable home life in suburban Chicago, he was tortured by urges he knew could land him in prison. “For having these feelings, I was destined to become a monster,” he said. “I was terrified.” In 1999, Christiano was caught buying child pornography. Now 36, he said he has never molested a child, but after five years of state-ordered therapy, the attraction remains. “These people felt they could snuff out the desire, or shame me into denying it existed,” he said. “But it’s as intrinsic as the next person’s heterosexuality.”

Beyond an agenda-setting newspaper placing pedophilia on the same level as heterosexuality, leftist online magazine Salon is also publishing propaganda that labels pedophilia an alternative sexual choice with its new poster boy Todd Nickerson.

Let’s summarize: to the leftist media hivemind, microchipping your child, thereby turning them into the equivalent of human cattle to keep them safe – good. Taking a “different look” at pedophilia, and letting child molesters roam free – also good. The stunning contradiction in those views never occurs to the lightweight talking heads who pose as “journalists” at today’s low paying, low rated TV and newspaper jobs. After all, most of them are there because they need a paycheck, so they will spout whatever talking points are dropped in their lap by their superiors, and do it with a smile.

Properly balancing the story with those who do not believe getting chipped is a a good thing is an idea that never occurred to the editorial staff at WFLA before airing this story. To its credit, the story does offer at least one alternative view from Kerri Level of the Tampa Bay Moms Group:

You’re putting a battery in your kid, you’re putting a chip in your kid. And, where does it stop? Where? It’s going too far. This is a child we’re talking about.

However, the implications are far worse than its a child we’re talking about when bigger issues are examined.


Turning humans into the equivalent of tagged livestock is not an issue for the legacy media

Privacy, Personal Liberty, Tyranny

Neither privacy and personal liberty concerns, nor the tyrannical elements engendered by such a story received much attention, but the story did tug at the heart strings by digging up the death of a toddler and using Alzheimers patients to sell the supposed safety-enhancing values of getting chipped, even though a cursory Google search would have revealed the following Orwellian implications of telling people to go get microchipped:

  • Verichip RFID can be used to monitor an individual’s whereabouts and activity around the clock. You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide is an argument that pops up whenever concerns about tracking of people around the clock is brought up. However, flipping this argument around, if the government has nothing to hide, why does it classify information?
  • The elimination of cash is a goal of the Verichip RFID system, placing your financial life – and essentially your freedom, as money buys freedom – totally in the control of corrupt banksters and politicians.
  • Tommy Thompson, former Republicrat Secretary of Health and Human Services suggested tracking people’s medical history using the RFID chip. Everything from government mandated doctor visits to fines for bad eating habits can result, when combined with tracking every purchase one makes once all money is on the chip.
  • Dissent could be silenced as the chips of those who do not conform to the demands of those who control the chips (i.e. the demands of government bureaucracies) are switched off or dissenters are otherwise sanctioned.
  • Travel could be restricted when used in tandem with the expanding TSA, i.e. an electronic dog collar would prevent money on the chip from being spent outside a certain geographical area.

Beyond completely missing the possibilities of misplaced authority abusing the power the chips give them over great numbers of people, pushing an agenda of microchipping people because it will make them “safer” is an example of how the legacy media use and abuse the Hegelian dialectic. The Hegelian dialectic is often used to manipulate the masses. Here’s how it works:

  • Agenda: An agenda to microchip the population is set by corporate and government interests, and local news stations parrot what they hear about microchipping people from the agenda-setting media in New York and Los Angeles.
  • Thesis: Spurious safety concerns are raised, such as with the hide and seek scare above, along with other manufactured safety concerns.
  • Antithesis: A manipulated reaction to the Thesis is formulated by the media and public relations flacks in which some people demand to be chipped in response to the spurious security threat; those who reveal the real agenda is controlling the population by putting all identification, money, medical history, and GPS tracking history on the chip are labeled kooks and crazies.
  • Synthesis: The agenda of the removal of freedom and transfer of power from the masses to the elite is realized.

The public must stop falling for trumped-up security concerns, and the fear and consume model the media builds its empire on. Expect more contrived safety concerns to be raised more often as the agenda of chipping the population gets closer to being reality. The fact local news stations are encouraging people to accept getting chipped as the new reality while marginalizing or completely ignoring valid concerns tells us the specter of living under an electronic tyranny is closer than we think, and the people who are supposed to be protecting our freedom are instead mouthpieces for those in power.

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One comment

  • Υou have nothing to fear from goverment spying on you because you have nothing to hide… is a very dangerous logical fallacy that is based on the quite naive presumption that you know what the goverment is after.
    Smoking for example was perfectly legal and advertised behaviour… and someone somewhere decided to turn into a crime of a sort… (smokers are threated with prison sentances yet.. but they are pretty close).
    Just about any behaviour that has been recorted by your microchip may be criminalised in the future…
    And guess what.. the prison-industrial complex cannot survive without having most of its cells ful… (juat like hotels). With falling crime rates in the west (noone know exactly this happens but there are some explanations) expect just about any behaviour which is legal today.. turn into a crime tomorrow.


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