Why MGTOW is So Important


MGTOW represents men collectively riding off into the sunset, ignoring the demands of women and society and focusing on themselves

Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW, is an important group connected with the ongoing male awakening and enlightenment of the early 21st century. It is a men’s movement with an admirable and moral objective, as defined by MGTOW.com:

MGTOW is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t.

As women craved liberation, so do men crave liberation in the 21st century. With the rise of feminism disguised as women’s liberation, women didn’t just walk out the door on traditions and family, they collectively broke the door off its hinges and threw it away. But, they left men behind and told them don’t you dare walk out same door.

Fifty years later men do not enjoy self-ownership, we are for all intents and purposes owned by women and society. Traditionally, for our peaceful participation in society and going along with its schemes, men have been awarded control and decision-making status over women, family and society. This has been loosely defined as a social contract in civilized societies from Greece and Rome to present day Western society. The crucial part of this “social contract” that statists are so fond of referring to, was that for participating in society, being subjected to its legal demands, and supporting it, men received certain incentives. These incentives include:

  • Culturally and legally enforced female monogamy
  • Guaranteed paternity
  • Decision making authority as the head of the household
  • Exclusive sexual access to a wife, i.e. a virgin bride
  • As house-band (husband) culturally and legally enforced obligation for wives to remain in the relationship (i.e. no flightiness or “finding herself”)
  • Culturally and legally enforced responsibility for women to be good mothers
  • As defined in the Christian bible, the responsibility of a woman to respect and obey her husband

In exchange for these accommodations, men were expected to give their lives and their labor for the protection and benefit of their wives, families, and communities. However, since feminism the incentives for men to go along with the deal have been removed, while the demands for men to sacrifice their lives and their labor for the benefit of society have increased. For example:

  • Men are naturally minimalists but we are expected to labor for a waste economy that is 80% fueled by female materialism
  • Women can walk out of marriages at any time and for any reason, but men must bear the financial burden of their decisions in the family court system
  • When divorcing, women are viewed as being destitute by the court system and not the archetypal Strong, Empowered Woman™
  • Feminism and carouseling has made the ideal of a virgin bride laughable
  • As women push men out of the workforce they are destroying male utility value, making them undesirable to women because of Briffault’s Law
  • Women do not respect and obey men, in fact feminism has made this concept laughable

These terms of the social contract and others were altered without asking men if they agreed to the terms. The liberation of women from the terms of the deal outlined above is today taken for granted, but men are still expected to adhere the old terms. This is an untenable situation. This mistreatment of men is what led to Men Going Their Own Way.


Women abandoned their obligations to men, it’s time for men to abandon their obligations to women

Breaking Up with Society and Its Demands

Today, the remaining rights men have are being steadily dwindled down to a choice between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, McDonald’s or Burger King, and Republicrat or Demican. This is why MGTOW is admirable. Men who have no incentives to go along with a social system that has thown them overboard have the option to:

  • Refuse to allow women or society to define male worth
  • Refuse to compete for careers that favor women and feed materialism
  • Opt out of dating
  • Pursue only sexual pleasure from women
  • Take care of only themselves, often downshifting to a minimalistic lifestyle
  • Shun society as a whole (ghosting)

These ideals are the equivalent of writing a breakup letter to society, and the beginning of men pursuing their own goals and happiness in life, without asking permission. Men are deciding to live for themselves, as women have already been doing for 50 years. Many in society are not going to be happy with this decision, but ultimately the people condemning MGTOWs do not have to life a man’s life, he does, and they’re being hypocritical if they believe women have the right to be empowered and men do not.

The shunning society aspect of MGTOW I totally identify with, and I understand why men are acting on the other bullet points, too. I was totally adrift in Anglo America in my 20s and 30s, and found chasing women to be aggravating after a while since I knew the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. First off, I would not allow myself to be taken advantage of by her or the court system. Second, women are not suitable for marriage or family in Anglo America anymore. Third, I got tired of being a clown and the male equivalent of a traveling troupe of entertainers just to spark her interest. Picking women up amounted to a lot of work for a wet hole, and that kind of life was not very fulfilling after a while even though I was successful at it. For this reason, I understand why so many MGTOWs give up on women even though I never could. My best friend tries to quit women but he often regresses back into pump and dumps with them.

I decided being a clown for women so I could get laid just wasn’t good enough, emboldened by the idea of going my own way in life. Since leaving the poisonous culture of Anglo America for more traditional Latin America I can both assure you the culture has a lot to do with the decline of the quality of women, and inform you it was worth leaving, at least for me. In fact, I made this observation on a message board:

This small island I am on has not been infested with the hemlock of feminism yet. In many ways, it reminds me how men and women used to act when I was growing up. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Things make sense to me here. Comparing and contrasting between here and present day dystopian America makes me violently angry at what has been done to us as a nation and a people.

I decided to say hell no to a game that had so manipulated the odds there was no possibility for me to get anything out of it than exploitation of my labor and my life. But, we are only beginning to realize the power a decision like this brings to men.


Women can still be a fun part of life, but they are side ventures for the MGTOW

Taking the Next Steps

Without the bold message of saying “No!” to women and society MGTOWs preach, I would have never realized the freedom and happiness I have now. Here are some other ways we can apply the wisdom of MGTOWs to society to level the playing field so men are not regularly taken advantage of. If women want to get equality on, let’s not play around, let’s get it on:

  • Custody: Eliminate female preference in the family court system, with either a 50/50 chance of custody in all cases or shared custody and the end of forced wealth transfers i.e. child support
  • Education: Abolish co-ed schooling, adopt single-sex schooling so boys can be turned into strong men rather than weak manlets
  • Employment: Demand women share the responsibilities of society by imposing quotas requiring them to participate in dirty, hazardous, and physically demanding jobs
  • Violence: Violence against men is often depicted as humorous the media, this form of sexism must be ended. Men must be able to file suit for emotional and physical duress in court, just as women enjoy today.

At the end of the day, what MGTOW is ultimately about is male empowerment. It is about the freedom and the power to do whatever we want, female and societal expectations be damned. In other words, women told men they can do whatever the hell they want with women’s lib. Men must do the same to balance the scales, and we must be ruthless about it.

After learning it is not up to women or society to judge my self-worth but it’s up to me, my life changed in ways I never would have imagined. I’m out of debt, I have freedom, I left the corporate plantation to pursue work that is more satisfying but doesn’t make as much money such as running this blog, and I am off the materialism treadmill for the first time ever. I also refused a man-hating culture and defected to a culture that still affords men a role in society.

I never completely gave up on women as I enjoy the physical side of life too much…I mean what is there to live for without sex is my personal philosophy. I just got better with manipulating women instead of being manipulated by them, and better at controlling my emotions with them, as well as knowing when to walk out when the situation is not working to my advantage. As simple as all this sounds, it goes against everything men are conditioned to do by Anglo society. That is why MGTOW will always be important to me. I changed courses and now it’s all about me, which is how a lifetime of experience and misadventures with women taught me to be.

There is nothing wrong with a man living his life as he see fits, free of the impositions and demands ungrateful women and society make on him. For me, MGTOW meant going my own way right on outside the Matrix with a one-way plane ticket into the arms of Latinas.

This brings us back to why the movement is important. The most concise definition of MGTOW is the refusal of male slavery. No longer will we be faceless, nameless drones whose only purpose is being utilities to be used and consumed by women.

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  • MGTOW The Safe Way

    MGTOW is the real safe way to go for many of us very smart men with the kind of very pathetic loser women that are everywhere these days unfortunately. And most women now have a very big list of demands that they want from us men. Men must have a very full head of hair, be very good looking, in very excellent shape, a very excellent career making a lot of money, has his own home, and drive a very expensive car as well. Quite a list that these women want from us men now considering that the great majority of the women now are so very obese and not all that attractive either which tells the whole true story right there. Get a cat for a pet ladies and grow very old all alone with it. Have fun.


  • Rookh Kshatriya

    Great article and commentary. One additional factor to consider is the ‘Brazilification’ of Anglo-American society since the 1980s. With a tiny elite of privately educated, narcissistic oligarchs possessing ever more wealth, status and power, many people now see little point in producing children. In the immediate post-War era, people expected their offspring to be more successful than they were; reproduction was synonomous with trans-generational progress. Now that has stalled, reproduction just seems a costly chore with no long-term reward or purpose. In this view, MGTOW represents the rational withdrawal of male reproductive labour from the social equation. With its relatively high popular expectations of upward social mobility, the USA is predictably suffering most from this ‘reproductive revolt’.


  • It’s all because dating…marriage…having children…and divorce…are ALL bad deals for men.


  • A man that is being ruled by his penis will be ruled by a female, and what you have between your legs makes you a male but not a man, men are enslaved to women because men are enslaved to lust, Lust is a need its not love, and need is weakness so if he doesn’t get control of it she will, men are born in lust and come out sex addicts.
    Lust is weakness, its physically and mentally depended on a female therefore before a man can save a female he must be saved from his lust/need for her, as long as a man needs a female he will not be able to correct her, she is the center of his recreation all men are born looking for a mothering masterbator because lust makes a man cowardly, and insecure and is why males need the support of females.
    Males have a need and females have a need to be needed, in other words if he doesn’t show signs that he needs her she will think he doesn’t love her, (female insanity) males have a need and females encourage that need and soon thereafter he becomes depended upon her, and he is domesticated and she dominant, a females lustfulness is expressed in her need to be needed as his in being in need.
    Very few females want to be loved, they prefer he need her and not correct her and put her in her place, but a relationship based on need and not love is based upon mutual abuse, and a man cannot out use a female.
    The only way a man can win is to not play her game, until a man knows what real love is he should not even look at a female, and here’s a clue that feeling in your penis pal that’s not real love its weakness!!!
    Find the truth that will set you free or remain a slave to lust and by extension mothering females, its up to you.


  • men are appreciating assets to women. our value to women increases over time. making more money when we advance in the job market. women are a deprecating assets to men. they lose value over time. losing beauty and fertility when they get older. it makes no sense to keep them around long-term. if this was a deal on the stock market no one would buy it and keep it long-term. you only lease a asset like this. since feminist have removed all the other benefits of marriage and the one benefit left (sex) is freely available. marriage and long-term relations make no sense anymore.


    • You know the old saying women age like milk men age like wine. Save yourself go Monk


      • i was a monk for 7,5 years. now i have one night stands occasionally and only with women from eastern europe. i was mgtow long before the label was invented. i saved money and invested it on the stock market. i’m moving to thailand soon. there is noting left here in the western word for men. best strategy is to save money and avoid women in your 20’s and get out in your 30’s. it will not solve all your problems but living in asia is a lot better for men. one tip for guys going to thailand. Never fall in love with a bargirl.


  • MGTOW tends to be on the extreme end of men redefining themselves. My own views, as a MGTOW, about relationships, marriage, women, societal expectations and materialism are as extreme as they are carved in stone. I will not submit. The import thing here is not that the majority of men are going MGTOW, I don’t think this will happen. However, I do believe that MGTOW and Red Pill philosophy is spreading like wildfire, especially among the younger generation of males just entering adulthood. Their experiences with young women and how they behave are being validated by generations of men who have gone before them. Basically, men know that unless you have specific value to women (looks, power, wealth) you’re really of no use to them, and working hard and being a “good man” and “good provider” is a really bad bet for a happy life in the long term. Men, like pretty much everything else now, are simply disposable and men are tired of being disposable (while those disposing of him still want his resources long after he’s gone). Women have let feminism take things too far, and now women’s expectations are as unreasonable as their behavior and glaring sense of entitlement. Men have always had to “date down”, but now even average women are expecting Mr. Perfect because, hey, feminism said they’re WORTH IT. I think women have set themselves up for failure and have priced themselves out of a market – the mating market. When women young and old whine there are “no good men” to choose from for marriage, I laugh and think “It’s been a long time coming.” Stay strong men. Get your needs met on YOUR terms. The way women manipulate men using their “charms” is not a more noble or “right” way, in fact it’s manipulative and deceitful. For the ladies demanding chivalrous men to “man up” and pursue them and date them and plan elaborate dates and shell out and make them feel special, well start acting like ladies again if you want a gentleman. Gentlemen are disappearing because hood-rats don’t want a gentleman they want a tattooed steroid-monkey thug. Ladies, men just go along with what you want, and the way things are now is the way you wanted things to be. If you’re unhappy, look in the mirror. This new “culture” is what you asked us men to adapt to. Problem is, men seem to be far better at adapting than you are. Enjoy your brave new world, and for many of you, your pointy-eared purring children.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I would call myself MGTOW but for its garrulous proponents who use the label to conceal their loser, incel status. Not Furioso, I’m talking about those YouTube whiners. Mind you, gotta respect Sandman just for sheer quantity. How does he manage to post every single day?
    Anyway, a modern man should choose his own path in life. One who gets his marching orders from a woman, from society’s mindless customs or from anywhere other than his own free will is not a man. He is a slave.


    • Well, I don’t even blame the loser incels for being “MGTOW”, as long as they fully realize why they are. I personally don’t have an issue with getting laid, it’s just a shitload of hoops and other issues to jump through, and the payoff is getting worse every day with an increasing higher price. I did a cost benefit analysis, and women came up short. I’d rather spend that money hiking long trails across the country for 5 months than what I would on a woman.

      I still get laid, but it’s usually when the opportunity comes up and I take advantage of it, or run a little game now and then for amusement, and not caring about the results actually helps a lot.

      I knew 25 years ago that I had no interest in getting married, and that it was a terrible proposition. I have lifelong friends from childhood that got married, and when I visit them now, they look like they want to prop their head up with a shotgun. I’ve always been minimalist as well as being incredibly frugal. The red pill and MGTOW thing clicked when I started hearing about it, I’ve always been that way, but thought it was mainly me being “weird”, parents kept asking when I was going to get married and settle down, ect.

      Women I’ve dated in the past wanted to continuously “progress” the relationship, with the eventual goal of marriage, like the dating, girlfriend, thing was an assembly line. I broke it off when they pressed further, and plainly told them I have no interest in marriage at all.


  • FunkSoulBrother

    Was it Roe v. Wade? Women have the right to terminate an unborn life with no conscience, or carry the baby to term and hold a man responsible, all with out any consideration, protection of rights, nor even consultation of the man. I believe that was the real tipping point. At least for me. Equal protection under the law does not exist for men in this and other areas. Until men have something approaching equality under the law, it’s time to go Galt or whatever you want to call it. I have already made it a personal policy that I will not put myself on the line to protect any woman that is not a member of my personal family, especially if she espouses beliefs of female chauvinism, the disposability of men, drugs her male children for control, or otherwise demonstrates that she is better than a man. That’s sexist, a chauvinist, a supremacist, a bigot. Who needs that?


  • I believe what we’re witnessing in the modern MGTOW movement is an artificial inflation of an otherwise normal phenomenon. Men naturally go their own way throughout life when external forces aren’t trying to persuade them otherwise. Typically it is less extreme than it is now. Even married men will adopt MGTOW principles once the kids are grown up and more self-sufficient. With the burden of raising kids out of the way, their time opens up, allowing them to pursue hobbies and passions.

    Granted, this was in an era where the scales of power were more equal and women couldn’t ruin a man’s life with the blink of an eye. Now that women have the law and media on their side, this has inflated the MGTOW movement to a more extreme level. Many men are recognizing the danger of committing to a woman and are simply saying “no thanks.” The men that ARE in LTRs (myself included) must be very aware of the inherent danger to their financial lives. All of the elements of game must be practiced to keep a woman interested and chasing after you. As soon as you begin chasing after them, you lose. I look forward to the day when men go back to natural levels of MGTOW and begin building shit in their garages, going out to play poker with the guys every Friday night, and fish on the weekends instead of hanging onto their wife’s/gf’s every word.


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